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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Kevin looks out the window of the Palmer house as he spots Lynn making her way back home. He hurries and sits down on the sofa as she comes in the door, and pretends to be surprised to see her. He says, "G'day," and Lynn replies, "Hi." She asks how Davey's been, and Kevin tells her that there've been no worries. He also tells her about getting his exam results, and he shows her the letter. As Lynn reads it, a broad smile comes over her face, and she tells Kevin that it's fantastic, adding that she's really proud. Kevin tells Lynn that he loves her, and Lynn tells Kevin that she loves him.

At Dural, Fiona tells Gordon that she can't possibly stand up to Patricia on her own, although she doesn't think too many of the board will back her, either. She adds that the company needs him - even Wayne and Patricia can see that. Gordon points out that they rather pulled the rug from beneath him. Fiona says, "Not only them." Rosie chips in that Paul is to blame for this, but Gordon warns her about saying things like that. He tells her that Paul cares too much, but he sees things in broader, moral terms. Rosie says Paul is just being stubborn, and she tells Gordon that if he stays, Wayne and Patricia won't get things all their own way. Gordon just says he's sorry. He then tells Rosie and Fiona that he has to go to the hospital - he adds that Fiona is welcome to stay at Dural for a while. Rosie asks Gordon to tell his fiancée that the flat is all prepared for when she comes home tomorrow. Gordon tells Fiona that he's sorry to leave her in the lurch, but he has Barbara to worry about. Fiona says she understands. Gordon invites her to come over tomorrow to see Barbara, and he then leaves. Rosie asks Fiona if she thinks Gordon's doing the right thing. Fiona says, "For himself, yes."

At the Palmer house, Lynn says she's glad Rob and Angela have found a nice place, and Kevin replies that they were lucky they were able to get so much for the block of land in Sydney. Lynn says Rob and Angela have a real headstart, and Kevin agrees, saying Beryl and David only paid off their mortgage last year. Lynn tells Kevin that they could be in the same position soon. Sensing what's coming, Kevin says he doesn't want to argue, but Lynn persists, and tells him that she could earn more in three months than he'll earn in a year. Kevin tells his wife that he's not changing his mind, adding that three months apart won't do their marriage much good. Lynn points out that that won't be a problem if he comes with her, but Kevin says he'd just end up doing all the chores. Lynn says she wants to do it, adding that it could be a chance for them both. Kevin says he doesn't see it like that. Lynn says, "Then what are we going to do?"

Paul arrives back at Dural, and Rosie immediately remarks on him finally coming home. Paul explains that he spent the last couple of nights on the yacht. He asks if Gordon's home, and so Rosie explains about him going to the hospital. She then accuses Paul of causing a lot of upset since he came, what with Gayle, Wayne and now this. Paul says he just wanted to get rid of anything to do with his grandfather's past, but Rosie tells him that he shouldn't have sold the shares. Paul says they shouldn't cause Gordon any trouble, but Rosie asks him if he knows who bought them. Without giving him a chance to answer, she reveals that it was Patricia and Wayne, and she tells him about Gordon tendering his resignation. Paul meekly says he didn't realise that. He asks what he should do, and Rosie suggests that as he's been causing problems ever since he's been there, it would be best if he packed his bags and moved out. Paul heads off upstairs.

A short time later, Paul comes back down again. Rosie is mopping the floor of the entrance hall, but Paul walks straight past her, to the front door. He pauses, looks round and then walks out.

At Ramberg, Wayne asks Patricia what's taking so long. Patricia tries to ease his impatience, but with little success. One of the board members, Ted, approaches the two of them, and he tells Patricia that he was sorry she was too ill to attend the last few meetings. He then turns to Wayne and says he expects he'll be asked to join the board. Patricia asks Ted if Wayne can sit in at this meeting in anticipation that he will be asked, and Ted agrees. He apologises for Gordon having been delayed, and walks off. Patricia remarks to Wayne that Gordon's probably doing it on purpose, but Fiona, who's hovering nearby, angrily tells them that he's gone to pick up Barbara. Wayne asks how she is, and Fiona tells him, "A long way to recover." She adds that if Gordon quits, the shares won't be worth the paper they're written on, but Patricia sarcastically asks her if she's been reading the tea leaves again. Fiona retorts that she's learnt enough about business to get by. She asks who's supposed to replace Gordon if he quits, and Patricia replies that she was thinking of Richard Coleman, the Melbourne manager. Fiona tells her that if she thinks he's any good, she's a bigger fool than she thought she was. She walks off, and Wayne tells Patricia that Coleman isn't really up to it. Patricia snaps that she'll find someone who is.

Wendy, Barbara and Gordon arrive back at Dural, with Barbara wearing her wig. Rosie tells her that it's good to see her. Barbara jokes that it's good apart from the phony hair! Rosie says she'll get some tea and a cake she's made, and Barbara says that sounds wonderful! Gordon tells Rosie that he can't stay, as he has to get to the board meeting. He asks her if she's heard from Paul, and Rosie replies that he's been and gone, having packed his bags and left. Gordon sourly remarks that that's par for the course. Wendy offers to go and fetch her mother a rug, but Barbara says she's fine. Gordon apologises for having to rush off. Barbara tells him that the sooner they're married, the better. She asks what the meeting's about, but Gordon, looking slightly guilty, says it's just one of those endless little business details. He tells her that he's glad she's moving into Dural at last, and Barbara replies that so is she - although she didn't expect it to be like this!

Rosie is cleaning, and she tells an impatient Wendy that her mother will call if she needs them. Wendy says she just wants to keep an eye on her, but she realises that she doesn't want to feel dependent. She then asks Rosie about the flat, and queries the fact that she heard that Paul used to live there. Rosie confirms that he did, until she and Gayle moved in, at which point he took a room in the main house, where he became like one of the family - or, as far as she's concerned, a viper in the nest. Wendy defends Paul, telling Rosie that he's basically a decent person, but adding he expects too much from himself and from other people. She asks if he's coming back, as she heard he left some clothes behind. Rosie says, though, that they were just suits, and he probably won't want them. Wendy says she supposes he'll go back to bumming around now. Rosie conjectures that if he does, he won't have a grandfather to call on now if he gets into trouble. She adds that she feels sorry for whoever Paul gets mixed up with next.

Paul is speeding along on his motorbike.

At Rob and Angela's new house, Angela finds a tea urn in the kitchen, and suggests to her husband that the previous occupants must have had quite a few parties. Rob looks at it and says it probably still works. Angela says they could use it when they hold a housewarming party! There's a knock on the front door and David walks in. He explains that he and Beryl called in at Susan's, and she told them about this place. Angela asks him what he thinks, and David says it looks better from the outside! Rob asks how his parents are, and David says they're fine. Angela asks him if he knows his father's gone back to Brisbane to sort a few things out, and David confirms that he does. He says he's also heard about Susan and Bill, and he adds that he never thought his daughter would stand by him like she has. Rob says he's very proud of her. Angela asks where Beryl is, and David explains that she's having a gossip with the neighbour! Angela then gives him a quick tour of the ground floor, and David remarks that it's good enough for a party! At that moment, Beryl comes in and says the neighbour is a tartar. She explains that she was told the place used to be a drop-in centre for young kids on the street, and adds that she had to promise the neighbour that Rob and Angela are very quiet. Rob immediately picks up a box and drops it on the floor, explaining that they can't let the neighbour think she's got to them!

Kevin calls in at home en-route to a delivery, having brought some herbs for Beryl. Lynn is in the kitchen, and when she finds out the real reason her husband's there, she sullenly says she thought he might be there to talk. Kevin says there's not much to say, but Lynn tells him that Mrs. Collins rang, and she had to give her an answer, because she would need to be at Surfer's tomorrow - and she said she'd go. She tells Kevin that she'll be in Surfer's Paradise for a week, and will then fly overseas. Kevin tells her that if that's what she's decided, then he and Davey will be there when she gets back. He adds that he hates her going, but, if she has to, he'll still love her. Lynn, though, says she can't leave Davey. Kevin snaps that there's no way he's going. A car horn is sounded, and Kevin says he has to go. He tells Lynn that they can talk tonight. He heads out, and Lynn wanders into the lounge, where she looks at Davey in his bassinet. She appears to be very upset.

Beryl and Angela finish tidying the new house, and David jokes that if he knew they'd get roped in like this, they'd have stayed at Macedon! Beryl points out that she had to get back for her job. Angela says she gets really bored, spending all day at home. Beryl remarks that it's a pity Angela can't get a job she can run from home, but Angela says she isn't really the cottage industry type. She suddenly realises that there is something she can do: she could turn the place into a small restauarant. Rob asks where they'd live, but Angela points out that there's plenty of room upstairs. Rob sarcastically says, "Terrific." David warns Angela about biting off more than she can chew, but Angela says the space is perfect for something. She says that, if not a restaurant, then maybe a coffee shop. Rob doesn't look keen. David and Beryl announce that they have to go. Beryl tells Rob and Angela that she's happy for them.

Lynn is on the 'phone, and she tells Mrs. Collins that she wants to do the right thing. She says she'll be packed and ready to go when the cab gets there. She hangs up, and stands, looking around the Palmers' lounge. She then sits down in an armchair and sighs heavily.

At Dural, Gordon says to Fiona that he can't tell her how good it is to be out of it. Fiona tells him that she wishes he'd reconsider, but Gordon replies that it's too late now. Fiona gives in, and satisfies herself that at least Gordon gave a month's notice. Barbara comes in and Gordon whispers to Fiona not to say anything. He then helps Barbara sit down, although she assures him that she can manage. Fiona tells her that she's looking better than she expected - and she adds that she's worn worse wigs! Barbara asks how the meeting was, and after glancing at Gordon, Fiona says it was fine. Gordon adds that it was just a routine meeting. Barbara asks if all the board was there, and Fiona replies that there was a full turnout. Barbara asks about Patricia, and Fiona comments that she was her usual charming self. She then asks Barbara how she is, and Barbara says she'd like to be completely better by the time she and Gordon marry. Gordon tells her that she'll be fine by then.

At the Palmer house, Beryl is reading a letter addressed to Kevin, but she puts it down as he gets home. He comes in and asks how Macedon was, and is told that it was fine. He asks his mother if she saw the herbs he brought home, but Beryl ignores this, and tells him that Lynn has gone, and left a note. Kevin asks his mother what she means. David replies, "She's shot through, taking young Davey with her." Kevin looks horrified.


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