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    Written by: Christine Schofield    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Kevin reads the note and then screws it up. He says Lynn can't just take Davey like that, and he asks his parents what he should do. David tells Kevin that he'll just have to wait. Kevin says he's not going to let her take Davey. Beryl points out that Lynn said in the note that she'd call tonight. Kevin says he can't wait that long, though, and he points out that they'd talked for the last three days. He storms out.

Jill is getting ready to go out when there's a knock at the door, and she opens it to find Peter standing there with a bottle of wine. Jill explains that she can't stay, but Peter says he'll come in anyway! Jill tells him that John will be there soon, and so Peter says he'll be able to help them polish the wine off! He then tells Jill that he's not trying to take her from John, adding that John is a lucky bloke. He asks how John is getting on in the airforce, and Jill replies that he has a whole lot of exams coming up. There's another knock at the door, and Peter answers it to find Kevin standing there. He comes in and says he's looking for John. Jill explains that he's not there yet. She then says she's going to have a shower, and she heads to the bathroom, leaving Peter and Kevin alone. Peter tells Kevin to take a seat and asks him if he's having more wife troubles. In reply, Kevin says he has to get some money fast, as he has to get to Surfer's in a hurry. Peter asks him why, and Kevin tells him about Lynn taking off with Davey. He adds that he was hoping to tap John for a loan so he could fly up there. Peter suggests to Kevin that he ask his parents, but Kevin replies that David has trouble just paying the bills. Peter then asks Kevin if he has enough money for petrol. Kevin says he has, and so Peter tells him that he has his wheels, so why don't they just take off? Kevin says, "You're kidding!"

When Kevin gets home, David asks him where he's been, and Kevin replies that he went for a bike ride. He asks if Lynn rang, and David confirms that she did, and was sorry to have missed him. Kevin then asks if she left a contact number or an address, but David says she didn't. He adds that she sounded somewhat nervous, and said she'd call back in the morning. David asks Kevin if he wants some tea, but Kevin declines, and heads out the back door.

Jill tells John that they're 15 minutes late, but John says he's sure the table will have been held for them. They both agree that Peter and Kevin can be very annoying, and Jill jokingly tells John that his brothers take after him! They go out.

David is asleep in front of the television when Kevin creeps along the hall towards the front door, carrying a bag. He opens the door and steps out into the darkness. He puts his bag down on the path and then goes back inside, quietly closing the door again. He then wanders into the lounge where he disturbs his father to say that he thinks he's ready to have some tea now. David switches off the television and says it's a load of rubbish! He joins Kevin in the kitchen, and they suddenly hear a vehicle pull up outside, loudly. David says it sounds like Nelson's old bomb, but Kevin says he doubts it, adding that it sounds more like the Thompsons' car. David says he'll just put the milk money on the doorstep and then go to bed. Kevin hurriedly offers to do it for him, and David lets him. He heads off to bed, and Kevin picks up the money on the worktop. He goes into the lounge, takes an envelope out of a drawer and puts the money in. He is about to head out into the hall when David wanders past, on his way into the bathroom, so he darts to hide behind the wall of the lounge. When he's sure the coast is clear, he goes outside. He puts the milk money on the side, picks up his bag and heads down the path.

The next morning, Beryl surfaces and David asks her what she's doing up so early. Beryl replies that she didn't want to miss Lynn's call. She asks if Kevin's around, but David says he's still in bed. There's a sudden impatient knocking at the door, and David goes to open it. The knocking continues, and David snaps, "Hold your horses." When he opens the door, he finds Martin Healy standing there, and he asks him what he wants. Martin tells him that there's something he should know. At that moment, Beryl rushes to the door, holding out a note, which she says is from Kevin. Martin explains that he got one from Peter, too. David asks what's going on. Beryl tells Martin that he'd better come in so they can talk about it.

A short while later, David snaps about Kevin being a stupid damn kid. He adds that it must be Peter's fault, as Kevin would never just run off like that. Martin defends his son, though, and David concedes that it must have been a joint idea. He adds that the two lads hardly know each other, but Martin explains that, according to Peter, they've been hanging around together for a couple of days. Beryl anxiously asks what they're going to do, and Martin replies that they should just let the two of them get on with it. Beryl exclaims that they're only 18, but Martin says Peter can look after himself. Beryl tells him that, from what she's heard, they'll be lucky if the car even makes it. Martin replies that if it doesn't, then they'll call, and he tells her that there's nothing to worry about. He then says he has to get to work. He tells David and Beryl that he's sorry Kevin and Lynn are having problems, and he hopes it's sorted out. When Martin has gone, David snaps, "As if he cares." He tells Beryl that Kevin deserves a thick ear. Beryl says she's just worried he's alright.

Peter is driving his old bomb along the highway with Kevin in the passenger seat and the stereo blasting away. Kevin says he's worried about the radiator overheating, but Peter tells him they can fill it up at the next stop.

At Jill's, Jill tells John that if she'd known what Kevin and Peter were up to last night, she'd have tried to stop them. John asks how David and Beryl took it, and Martin asks him if they always get that het-up. He then remarks that it's a funny thing for Lynn to do, but Jill points out that there are two sides to every story. Martin says he thinks Kevin's doing the right thing. John says he never thought Lynn would do anything like this. Martin tells him that a lot of marriages fall apart in the airforce, although he adds that there are a lot of happy marriages, as well. He warns John, though, that it can be hard on your wife, so it's important to find the right woman. Jill is listening to this conversation from the kitchen, and she begins to look increasingly worried. When Martin tells John that he's a long way from marriage yet, Jill looks even more upset.

At Dural, Fiona tells Gordon that she hopes Richard Coleman can handle the job. She then thanks him for letting her stay overnight, as she wouldn't have liked to have been picked for a random breath test. Rosie comes downstairs, and Fiona asks her if she's busy today, as her horse is running, and she'd like Rosie to be there. Rosie says she's too busy to go gallivanting about, but Gordon tells her that there's nothing that can't wait. Rosie asks him if he's sure, and Gordon replies, "Of course." Rosie says she'll have to go and get changed. She asks if Barbara will be alright, and Gordon assures her that Wendy will be able to manage. He asks Rosie not to mention this to Barbara, though, as he doesn't want her to feel she's missing out.

Jill calls at Rob and Angela's new place, and remarks to Angela about it being some place to buy! Susan says she has to get going, as she wants to get home and see if there's any more news on her transfer. Angela asks Jill if she's heard about Kevin and Lynn, and Jill says it's awful. Angela tells Susan that she's had experience of being separated from her husband, and says Lynn will soon find out what it's like. Susan leaves, and Angela asks Jill what she thinks of the place. Jill says it's nice. She asks Angela when she's going to get some furniture, and Angela replies that she's going to go out today. Jill asks her if she'd like some company. Sensing problems, Angela asks her if there's something wrong, and Jill replies that it's John - she thinks he's going to change when he's in the airforce because of what Martin said. Angela asks what he said, and Jill tells her that she wants to marry John, but after what Martin said, she can't see it happening, as what he said made sense. Angela assures Jill that John wouldn't split up with her because of the job. Jill points out that Kevin would have said that two days ago...

Peter and Kevin are still driving along with the stereo blasting away when Peter suddenly spots a very attractive female hitchhiker thumbing for a lift at the side of the road. He hurriedly pulls over and asks her if she's going far. Kevin gets out to give her a hand. As he stands by the car, though, he looks down and notices a flat tyre at the rear on the passenger side. He tells Peter to get out of the car and come and have a look. Peter does that, and on seeing the flat tyre, jokes, "Far out!" He asks the girl if she'll give him a hand, but she says, "No way!" Kevin gets the spare tyre from the boot, but doesn't look impressed at its quality, either. They are about to start changing the tyre when Kevin looks up and sees the girl is back at the roadside. Another car pulls up and she gets in. Peter jokes that she doesn't know what she missed out on!

Fiona tells Barbara that her life will soon be back to normal, and Barbara says she hopes so. She adds that, with all the time Gordon is spending with her, she hopes the business isn't suffering. Fiona looks slightly guilty. Rosie comes in and Barbara asks her if she's going out. Fiona explains that she's going out with Rosie, as 'Rosie's Hope' is running, although she adds that she's not really in the mood. Barbara gets up to get her bag, but, much to her annoyance, Rosie passes it to her. She struggles to undo the catch, but eventually manages, and says that she may not be able to go, but she can at least lay some bets. As she hands the money over, she says she hopes to see a very good return! Fiona says the horse's trainer is full of tips. She and Rosie go out. Barbara sighs, and throws a cushion onto the settee.

Peter and Kevin are speeding along again when a police car starts following them. A short distance further on, its siren starts sounding and the car pulls up alongside Peter's car, forcing him to pull over. A few minutes later, the policeman sticks a 'Defective Vehicle' sticker on Peter's windscreen, and he tells Peter and Kevin to follow him to the nearest town, where the car can be towed. Peter protests that they have to get to Surfer's, as Kevin's wife is there, and she's having a baby! The policeman says Kevin doesn't even look old enough to be married, but Kevin snaps that he is. The policeman repeats that the car is unroadworthy, and he suggests the two lads call their parents from the nearest town. He also warns them that they'll be in trouble if they try to drive the car again.

Angela and Jill arrive back at the new house, and Jill asks Angela if she's really going to turn it into a coffee shop. Angela replies that it's going to be a long time before she and Rob reach the head of the queue to adopt, and she has to do something until then. She offers Jill a cup of coffee, but Jill says she has to go. Angela tells her she hopes she feels better. Jill says she wishes John would tell her how he feels, but Angela reminds her that he's a Palmer, and they'd rather choke than express their emotions!

Beryl tells Susan that she doesn't understand why Kevin hasn't rung, but Susan points out that he and Peter are probably still on the road - plus they're probably scared of getting a blasting! Beryl asks David if they can't call Martin, but David snaps that Martin said he'd ring if he heard anything. Susan goes into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Beryl pleads again with David to swallow his pride, but David refuses.

John is staring out of the window at Jill's when she arrives home. She remarks that she didn't expect to see him so early, and adds that she had a terrific day with Angela. John tells her that he has to talk. As he indicates that he'd like her to sit down, Jill looks really worried. He asks her if she remembers the talk this morning with Martin, about marriage and the airforce. Jill unhappily agrees that she does. John explains that the talk got him thinking, and this afternoon, he made a decision. Jill starts to say she'll understand, but John interrupts and says, "I want you to marry me." He takes a small case from his pocket, and opens it to reveal a ring. He hands the case to Jill, who looks at it in bewilderment. John says, "I hope you like it." As Jill stares at the ring, John asks her, "Will you?" A broad smile suddenly crosses Jill's face, and she says, "Yes!" She and John hug and kiss excitedly.


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