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    Written by: Christine Schofield    Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

The next morning, Beryl asks Jill if she's feeling better. Jill says she is, and adds that it must just have been delayed shock. Beryl pours some tea and Jill yawns. She jokes that noone would guess she'd had ten hours' sleep! She then remarks on Beryl being up early this morning, and Beryl explains that she went to see 'Rosie's Hope'. She adds that it's a lovely horse. Jill asks if Fiona was there, and Beryl replies that she's still down there. Jill tells Beryl that she laughed when Fiona first bought the horse, as she never thought Fiona would get as interested. Beryl says she thinks she had her reasons... Jill says, "Like what?" Beryl asks her if she hasn't noticed Fiona and Bert. Jill exclaims that Fiona is interested in the horse, not in Bert. Beryl, though, says Fiona's a different woman when Bert's around. At that moment, Fiona comes in and says there's nothing like an early morning to give her an appetite - but only Bert could get her to do that! Beryl remarks that Fiona is looking pleased with herself, and Fiona explains that she just had a talk to Bert. Upon hearing this, Beryl smiles slyly at Jill! Fiona continues that she couldn't help noticing how well Brian and Bert got on last night, and so she took Brian to the track, and by the time the training had finished, Bert asked for Brian as a helper. Beryl says she thought Alan Pascoe gave Brian a job, and Fiona replies that that job was created specially - but it's all worked out now. She adds that she's glad to be able to help Brian - anyone sho saves her girl - she looks at Jill - deserves the best. She then asks what Beryl and Jill were smiling at when she came in. Jill says to ask Beryl. Beryl hurriedly says it was just her being silly. Jill smiles at Fiona.

Martin asks Peter how things were while he was away. Peter says he did all the washing-up first thing this morning! Martin asks if there were any calls, and Peter replies that there were dozens - all women! He asks if his father means anyone in particular, and Martin replies that he means Patricia, of course - she knew he'd be back by today at the latest to pick up Jennifer. He then says he hopes Peter hasn't got anything else lined up. Peter says as if he would! He adds that he's looking forward to seeing Jen again. He tells his father that some airfreight arrived the other day - it was a bike, in bits. He jokes that maybe she'll actually ride it, as it'll help her lose weight. Martin tells his son not to start. He decides to 'phone Patricia. When he gets through, he tells her that he's just got back. Patricia sarcastically thanks him for keeping her up-to-date with his plans, and she adds that his calls were appreciated, too. Martin asks her if she's mad at him, as it was only a couple of days, and he was tied up with work. Patricia says that's too bad. Martin continues that he's tied-up at the moment because he has to pick up Jennifer, but he'll come round later. Patricia asks what time, and Martin says five o'clock. Patricia says she'll expect him then, shall she. Martin replies that he said five so he'll be there at five. Patricia hangs up and Wayne asks her if lover boy is giving her hard time. Back at the Healy house, Peter serves up breakfast and jokes that Jen is probably making the most of her airline breakfast. Martin warns his son not to start, and he suggests that maybe Jen has lost weight. Peter asks him if he's kidding. Martin replies that she's not a kid anymore, and she probably won't appreciate the cracks. He adds that it will be nice to see her again. Peter says he reckons he can manage a smile for old podge! He then remarks that it's funny her coming home early. Martin says he supposes she's sick of moving around. Peter asks if they should stock up the 'fridge on the way home from the airport. Martin tells his son to get dressed or they'll be late. Peter says he's just getting the last of the jokes out of his system!

Sometime later, Martin and Peter return from the airport, accompanied by Jennfier, who's asking what they're like. Peter says they take after Martin's side of family. Jen says, "Poor things!" Martin asks how the trip was, and Jen says she can't follow a story like that - a new brother and sister out of the blue! She asks when she can meet them, but Martin reminds her that she's only just got through the front foor! She asks why Martin didn't write to tell her - was it in case she didn't understand? Martin explains that he was worried about Jen's grandmother, and Jen agrees that she'd have hit the roof. She then asks about Patricia - is Martin seeing her? Martin replies, "Now and then." Peter chips in , "Is he what?!" Jen says she can't wait to meet her. She asks if her bike arrived, and Martin asks why she couldn't have bought one in Australia. Jen explains that it was her gran's idea - she was encouraging her interest in riding. She adds that the bike is lightweight and asks if they can imagine her on it?! Having heard this, Peter indignantly says he was told not to make jokes, and Martin explains that he didn't want Peter embarrassing Jen. He suggests they put the cases away. He and and Peter leave the room. Jen looks worried...

There's a knock on the door at Woombai - it's Brian, who asks if anyone's seen Bert. Fiona replies that he's gone to get some special fodder. Seeing the sweat on Brian's shirt, she jokes that it looks as if he's been working too hard! Brian explains that it's the heat - he's been there six months and he's still not used to it. Jill suggests they go for a swim before lunch in the old swimming hole. Brian says he'd love to, but he doesn't have a costume. Jill tells him that his shorts will do. She invites Fiona, but she declines.

From the swimming hole, Jill calls to Brian to race him back to the bank. Brain, who's on the bank, does a Tarzan swing into the middle of the water and he and Jill then race back to the bank. Jill wins, and gets out and lies on the ground. Brian flops down beside her. Jill remarks that Brian doesn't sound very Irish, and so he puts on a deliberately strong accent and says, "I have those wild Irish ways about me, and don't you be forgetting it!" He raises himself up on his arms to look at Jill. Jill smiles at him. She asks if something's wrong. Brian says no, but he then asks her why she doesn't grow her hair long. Jill replies that she did once, but she hated it, and she looks dreadful with long hair. She gets up and tells Brian that she'll race him back. They both return to the water. Bert and Fiona approach and Bert says he thinks they stand a damn good chance of winning. Fiona says that's good. She asks how this morning went with Brian, and Bert says he's great. The two of them watch as Jill and Brian splash water over each other. Brian then ducks under the water and pretends to drown. Bert asks Fiona what he's up to and Fiona replies that he's playing around. Bert suddenly snaps that it's no laughing matter: Brian won't be much good to him if he just wastes time skylarking. Fiona looks flabbergasted as Bert calls to Brian that it's time to start again, and walks off.

Peter and Kevin are putting Jen's bike together on the Healy living room floor. Peter tells Kevin that he wants to get it put together by the time Jen wakes up. Kevin asks if she's changed much since she's been in Europe, but Peter says she's still the same old motormouth, although he didn't realise how much he missed her until he saw her again. They look at the instructions and realise they're in French! Peter says they have a French dictionary somewhere, and he goes to find it. Just as he leaves the room, Jen comes in in her nightdress, and she and Kevin introduce themselves to each other. Kevin asks Jen if she had a good time, and Jen replies that it would have been better if she hadn't been tagging along with her gran - she only got to one disco the whole time! She then asks if the bike will collapse when she gets on it. Peter returns and says he couldn't find the dictionary, but he then realises that Jen must know enough French from her three months there. Unfortunately, when Jen tries to read the instructions, she can't remember whether 'droit' means left or right, meaning Kevin and Peter are none-the-wiser about how to put the bike together!

Patricia is pouring herself a drink when Wayne comes in and tells her that Martin is just driving up. Patricia tells Wayne to leave them alone then, to which Wayne replies, "Yes, boss." He lets Martin in and disappears. Martin tells Patricia that it's five o'clock on the dot. Patricia offers him a drink. Martin notices that she's dressed up and asks her how she guessed he'd invite her for dinner tonight. Patricia replies that she didn't guess anything - she didn't know when he'd be back so she accepted another invitation. Martin replies that he can't win them all. Patricia remarks that he'd like to. She asks what she's supposed to do: sit and wait for a call? She tells Martin that she expects consideration. Martin replies that he doesn't think Patricia should get so het-up about it. He asks her if she's free for lunch tomorrow, as he's keen for her to meet Jennfier. Patricia replies that she's not sure what she's doing tomorrow. Martin tells her that the offer still stands, and to give him a call if she can fit it in. Patricia asks if him if he's walking out. Martin points out that he thought she had a date, and he wants to see his daughter. He tells Patricia to enjoy herself tonight and he leaves. Wayne comes in and asks Patricia if she won or lost. Patricia glares at him.

Peter and Kevin say the bike looks pretty good. Jen asks if she can take it for a test run, but wonders if it'll collapse when she sits on it. Peter says they can't go out tonight as he and Kevin are going for a rage. He invites Jen to join them, but Jen says she doesn't know. Peter tells her that they can't leave her alone on her first night back. Jen says Martin will be there, but Peter says he's not taking no for an answer - he hasn't seen her in months and he knows a beaut new place. Jen gives in. Peter suggests they see a movie first and then go onto the club. Jen goes off to change. Kevin tells Peter that he likes Jen, and Peter agrees that she's great. Kevin says he can tell Peter and Jen are brother and sister, and Peter asks how come. Kevin says they look alike, but Peter says there's no reason why they should, as Jen is adopted: her father was a mate of Martin's who died in Vietnam when Jen was eight, and her mother died a couple of years later, so she came to live with the Healys.

At Woombai, Fiona asks Brian how his first day was, and Brian replies that it was good to be working with horses. Fiona tells him that Bert is glad of the help, to which Brian remarks that Bert is a strange guy who changes like the wind - this morning he couldn't do a thing wrong, and this afternoon he couldn't do a thing right. Fiona says that doesn't sound like him. Brian suggests that it's probably indigestion, and he goes off for a shower, leaving Fiona looking concerned. She goes outside to see Bert approaching. She offers him a drink and they go back inside. Fiona tells Bert that she she bets he could use a beer, but, to her surprise, Bert asks for something softer. She gives him lemonade. She asks how Brian went today, but Bert just says, "Alright." Fiona tells him that, if he doesn't think he can work with Brian, she'll find him something else. Bert replies that he's alright really. Fiona remarks that Bert was upset with Brian at the swimming hole at lunchtime. Bert says he doesn't like it when a man doesn't know where to draw the line. He asks if Fiona's ever see anyone drown. When she says she hasn't, Bert replies that it's not a pretty sight.

Martin has returned to Toorak, where he tells Patricia that he's glad he caught her before she went out. He explains that the kids had gone out when he got home, and it looks like Patricia has been stood-up, too. Patricia says it was a last-minute cancellation. Martin says he thought there might be... Patricia retorts that she was trying to teach him a lesson. Martin says he's sorry - he was thoughtless and inconsiderate. He adds that he's a typical chauvanistic pig until someone pulls him up, stops him and makes him take a look at himself. He tells Patricia that he's lucky to have her around. He says they're bound to have arguments, but it's worth it.

Peter and Kevin help Jen into the Healy house, and Peter asks Jen if she's sure she's alright. Jen says of course she is. Peter tells her that she looks seedy, but Jen says it's just jetlag. She tells the boys to stop fussing and go out and enjoy themselves. Kevin says it could be suss airline food, but Jen says she didn't eat much on the 'plane as she's been dieting. Peter laughs and tells her she must be joking, as it looks like she's put it on if she asks him. Jen suddenly snaps to Peter to leave her alone - she's tired and feels like some time alone, so why don't he and Kevin go where they're going and leave her in peace? Peter subduedly says he didn't mean to upset her, but Jen says he did. She says she's going to go to bed. Peter suggests to Kevin that they check out the pub down the road. Kevin asks Jen if she's sure she's alright, and Jen tells them to get out of there. She goes to her room, leaving Kevin to say to Peter that he thought Jen's weight didn't worry her. Peter says she seems different.

As they sip champagne, Martin tells Patricia that it's lucky she had it on ice. He repeats the invitation for her to come to lunch tomorrow for Jen to meet her. Patricia asks Martin what he's told Jen about her, and Martin replies that he hasn't told her the full story, but he's sure Peter will fill her in with the details. Patricia remarks that Jen is out with Peter and Kevin, and she wonders what effect that will have, as Kevin's not going to sing her praises. Martin says Jen is no fool - she can make up her own mind. He then says he has to go, and Patricia jokes that she's sure Martin is anxiously waiting for Jen to return by midnight. Martin says Jen can take care of herself. He adds that he used to wonder how he'd cope with her growing up but there haven't been any problems yet. Patricia points out that it's early days. Martin says he hopes there aren't any - he managed the boys' problems, but he doesn't know if he'd be too good with hers, though.

Jen is sitting at the table in the Healys' living room, looking worried and staring into space. Martin comes in and remarks that he didn't expect her home yet. Jen explains that Peter and Kevin brought her home early - she thought she was tired, but she can't sleep now. Martin sits down next to her and asks her if she had a nice time. Jen just dismissively says, "Oh, yeah." Martin tells her that they'll be having lunch with Patricia tomorow. He asks if anyone said anything about her, but Jen says, "Not much." Martin asks what Kevin said, and Jen replies that she got the impression that he didn't like her, but she'll make up her own mind. Martin says, "That's my girl." Jen tells her father that Kevin is fun to be with - not like Peter, who treats her like one of the boys. Martin says he hopes Jen isn't interested in Kevin, as he's married and has problems with his wife. Jen says Kevin's not even interested in her. Martin says Kevin is a mate of Peter's, and Jen will be seeing a lot of him, and he adds that she's a soft-hearted kid, and he doesn't want her to get hurt. Jen, though, says it's the last way she's going to get hurt. Martin tells her that it's better to give a warning now than be sorry later. He adds that nothing might even happen. Jen stands up, hugs Martin and says of course nothing will happen. She then suddenly cries, "Oh, Dad, I'm so unhappy." Martin asks what the problem is. Jen replies, "You've got to help me, Daddy. I'm pregnant." Martin looks shocked.


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