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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

At Toorak, Martin tells Patricia that he didn't know how to handle it; he kept wanting to shout at her, and tell her what an idiot she'd been; he couldn't, though - she was so upset. Patricia asks him what he did say, and Martin replies that he wanted to know who the father was, whether he knows and what he's doing about it. Patricia asks who is the father, but Martin says Jennifer wouldn't tell him; she said it wasn't important. He then shouts, "Of course it's ruddy important. I want to know who my grandchild's father is." Patricia calmly points out that he can't force Jennifer to tell him, and Martin reluctantly admits that this is true. He then adds, though, that she wants to get rid of it. Patricia looks taken aback, and asks if Jen actually said so. Martin replies that it all came out in the jumble - whoever the kid's father is, Jen obviously isn't too keen on him - she kept saying she couldn't have his baby; she didn't want it. When she asked him to arrange something, he nearly hit her; he kept thinking of Patricia and how keen he was to push her into the same thing; it's funny how you change. Patricia tells him that age works wonders... She then adds that she's proud of him for not wanting to take easy the way out, and for supporting her. Martin says he loves her - and he loves the baby - he just has to convince her that it's the right thing to go along with it. Patricia says that if there's any way she can help... Martin replies that that's what he came to talk to her about, actually.

At the Healy house, Peter bounces into the kitchen and says good morning to his sister, who's sitting at the breakfast table, looking glum. She asks Peter where he and Kevin ended up last night, and Peter replies that it was the Banana Lounge - it was packed. Jen says she supposes Kevin met a lovely girl there, but Peter says he didn't - he was a bit of a slacko last night. Jennifer asks, "Didn't he dance much?" Peter replies that he said he didn't want to - he's still hung-up on his wife. Changing the subject, he indicates some photos he's holding, and asks Jen why she didn't show them to him. Jen immediately snaps and asks Peter what he was doing poking round in her room. Peter laughs and tells his sister that she knows him: he just went in there to get something. He looks at the photos and comments that Adam and Gran are looking well. Jennifer snatches the pictures and snaps that she doesn't want Peter going in her room unless he asks her. She storms off, leaving looking Peter flabbergasted and saying, "They're only photos, for God's sake."

At the boarding house in Sydney, David comes downstairs holding a key to open Fiona's room, having retrieved it from Bunty and Thel. Beryl jokes that, for one horrible moment, she thought they'd be spending their second honeymoon stuck in the corridor! David opens the door, picks up his and Beryl's cases and takes them inside. He then looks back at Beryl and asks if he could still carry her over the threshold. Beryl warns him that he'll put his back out if he's not careful, but David says he reckons he'll risk it! He steps back outside the door and lifts Beryl up, saying as he does so, "Who says we're past it?!" He carries her into the room, and Beryl tells him that it makes her feel like a new bride! She then tells David that she loves him, and they kiss; David tells Beryl that he loves her. He then suddenly spots a bottle of champagne on the table, and Beryl laughs, "Trust Fiona!" David opens the card that accompanies the bottle, and, as he's doing this, Beryl notices a telegram on the floor by the front door. She picks it up and reads it out - it's from Doug and Kevin: "Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding anniversary." She smiles happily, and then asks what Fiona has to say. David reads, "Happy second honeymoon. Don't do anything you couldn't do on a bicycle!" He then laughs that she doesn't change! He asks Beryl if she had a good few days with her, and Beryl agrees that it was lovely - and it was good seeing Jill again, too. She then says they should have thought of a bottle of champagne themselves. David immediately goes to his bag and says, "Bottle of 1978 good enough for you?!" He takes out the bottle, and Beryl says, "You didn't lash out...?" David points out that it's a special occasion! Beryl suggests that he put it in the 'fridge to chill while she makes the lunch, and David agrees that that's a good idea - but first things first; he puts his hands around Beryl's head so that she has to look straight at him, and he tells her that he missed her the last few days. Beryl replies that she missed him, too. She then adds that it's good to be like a bit of a kid again! They laugh and kiss passionately.

Wayne is sitting working at the table in the living room at Toorak, when Patricia comes in and asks him to do something: drop into Angela the list she's holding of decorators for the coffee shop. Wayne remarks that he didn't know they had the go ahead, and Patricia replies that they haven't, but it'll give them an idea of how much it's going to cost. Wayne asks Patricia why she can't deliver it, and Patricia explains that she's having lunch with Martin - she's meeting Jen, his daughter. Wayne says he never thought he'd see the day: someone else's brood taking first place over her precious Angela. Patricia sharply says Angela is married and has a life of her own - she doesn't need her mother dropping in every five minutes. Wayne remarks that it sounds to him like it's getting serious... Patricia says it sounds to her like Wayne is imagining things. Wayne smiles to himself as Patricia leaves the room...

At Rob and Angela's, Rob tells Wayne that Angela isn't there - she's out talking to some decorator. Wayne asks Rob to give her the list when she gets back. He looks round and, indicating the open area next to the hall, asks if that's the room they're turning into the coffee shop. Rob asks Wayne if he'd like to look over the place, and Wayne says yes. He wanders off. There's another knock at the front door, and Rob opens it to find Paul standing there. The two men exchange curt greetings, and Paul asks to speak to Angela. Rob tells him that she's not there. Paul asks if he can wait, then, and Rob reluctantly says he supposes so; he adds that she could be a while, though. Paul says he really needs to talk to her. He asks Rob if she told him he called, but Rob says she didn't. Paul says she said she was going to - she didn't want to talk to him unless she got Rob's OK. He adds that he hopes Rob doesn't mind - she was the only person in Melbourne he could think of calling. Wayne, having completed his tour of the house, joins them and tells Paul that he shouldn't have bothered: this is the second time he's tried to hassle her. Paul says he came there to talk to her. Wayne says, "Talk. Hassle. Same thing." He adds that, last time, it ended with him having to go round and warn Paul to lay off. Paul says it was nothing like that, and he turns to Rob and snaps that if he doesn't believe him, he should ask Angela. Wayne says, "Obviously can't take 'no' for an answer." Paul goes to lunge for him, but Rob gets in the way and pushes him back, saying he doesn't want any arguments. Paul insists that he wants to see Angela, but Rob replies that, from the sound of it, she may not want to see him. Paul asks Rob how he can believe Wayne, but Rob just says he doesn't want to argue, and he tells Paul to go, adding that he'll talk to Angela when gets in, and then maybe have Paul around. Paul bitterly asks what's the use: Wayne and Rob really make a good pair. He goes. Wayne remarks to Rob, "The boy's not well."

At the Healys', Martin and Jennifer are preparing lunch, and Jennifer asks her father if he told Patricia about her. Martin says he did, and he asks if it bothers her. Jennifer says she rather Pete didn't know... Martin points out that he's going to find out eventually, but Jennifer says he won't if she gets rid of it. She then adds that she doesn't want to talk about it at lunch, and Martin assures her that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to. Jennifer goes to take a tray outside when there's a knock at the door, and Martin tells her to wait and meet Patricia first. Jennifer, though, says she'll wait outside, and she tells Martin to bring Patricia straight through. Martin goes to answer the door, and Patricia apologises for being late, blaming it on the traffic. She asks if Jennifer's not there, but Martin explains that she's out by the pool. Patricia asks how she is, and Martin replies that she's suspicious; if Patricia is going to talk to her, she's going to have to pick her moment, as Jen said she doesn't want it brought up. Patricia says, "Oh just leave it to me - you're talking to an expert." Martin smiles.

Paul is sitting in Jill's flat, looking annoyed and fed up. He stands up and goes to look out of the window. There's a sudden knock at the door, and Paul looks round and stares at it for a couple of seconds. He then goes to answer it and finds Angela standing there. He sourly asks her what she wants, and Angela, surprised at his attitude, says she came around to see him. Paul snaps, "Rob not object? Or doesn't he know?" Angela replies that she hasn't seen Rob since this morning. Paul snaps that she's risking coming there without approval, but Angela says she forgot to bring it up with him - she was passing, so... She then asks if she's going to stand out there all day. Paul tells her that he thought her mother would have turned her against him by now. Angela enters the flat and asks why should she? Paul tells her to ask Wayne - he's the expert. Angela says she promised to come and talk things over, and here she is, but until he starts making sense... Paul tells her that she must have known Gordon would resign once Patricia bought his shares. Angela asks what that's got to do with anything? Paul continues that Wayne and Patricia certainly did - they planned the whole thing from the start. Angela says that, from what she knows, Paul is the one who decided to sell. Paul snaps, "They forced me." Angela asks, "How?" Paul yells, "Well, Patricia would have to be one of the lowest--" Angela yells at Paul to stop it - she came there because he said he needed company, not to hear him put down her mother. Paul growls, "She deliberately set out to ruin me." Angela tells him to stop blaming other people for the mess he's in. She then continues that this is pointless; until he starts getting his act together, there's not really any point in her being there. She tells Paul to call her when he does get his act together, and she starts to head out, but Paul quickly says, "Don't go - please?" Angela stops in her tracks and says she doesn't think there's any point... Paul holds her and tells her that he really is lonely; he's been thinking about her a lot. Angela tells him that he's being silly, but he replies that, in the last few weeks, he's been thinking about what it would have been like if they'd-- Angela interrupts and says it would have been a mess; they've got over all that. Paul tells Angela that she might have... He then tells her that she still feels something too. Angela denies this, and says she shouldn't have come. She leaves. Paul looks upset.

Sitting at the dinner table in the Healy house, Patricia tells Jennifer that it's the sort of opportunity she'd have killed for at her age; she didn't travel 'til she was 25. Jennifer is staring at her food, playing with it, as she says she supposes she was lucky. Patricia asks which city was her favourite, but Jennifer says she didn't really have one. She gets up, goes into the kitchen and returns with the coffee pot. Patricia asks her how she enjoyed travelling with her grandmother, but Jennifer just mutters that it was OK. Martin warns, "Jen..." Jennifer looks up and says she's not trying to be rude; she knows what Patricia's thinking - she wishes she'd just come out and say it. Patricia looks at her in surprise, and asks, "What am I thinking?" Jennifer retorts that she wants to know about the baby - who the father is, right? Patricia says no - she's there because she loves Jennifer's father and Jennifer's part of his family; she may be making a lot of smalltalk, but she's really very interested; if Jennifer does want to talk about the baby, it's up to her to choose the time; in the meantime, she just wants to hear about her holiday, so why not tell her all about it? She smiles, and Jennifer smiles back at her. Martin also smiles, looking pleased at how things are going.

In the kitchen in Fiona's apartment, David asks Beryl if she remembers when they were first married - they couldn't afford champagne then. Beryl points out that things aren't all that different now. David agrees, but adds that they've had lots of fun in between! He starts pouring the drinks as Beryl says she wouldn't have missed it for the world. David says, "Me neither." Beryl raises a toast to a Happy Anniversary. They sit down and David says the dinner looks good. Seeing the expression on his wife's face, he asks what's the matter, and Beryl replies that she was just thinking about the time she spent there while David was in Melbourne... David says they were silly. Beryl tells him that it would have been wrong for them if it hadn't turned out the way it did. David says they're all alright now - that's the main thing. Beryl says they're lucky, and David replies, "I reckon!" A drop of water suddenly splashes onto the table, and Beryl asks what it is. David looks up and says the water is coming from the ceiling. Beryl says it must be from Bunty and Thel's, and David says they must have let their bathtub overflow. Beryl tells him that he'd better go and check they're alright. David says they'll have the whole building flooded if they're not careful!

At the Palmers', Doug is cleaning the 'fridge when Rob surprises him by coming in the back door. Doug says he probably didn't hear him out the front, because he's got the wireless on loud - it's a bit quiet with David and Beryl away. Rob asks where they are, and, as he goes to the sink, Doug explains that they're up in Sydney, on a second honeymoon. He asks Rob if Angela didn't tell him, but Rob says it must have slipped her mind... He sighs, and Doug asks what's the matter. Rob explains that he was going to ask David a favour, that's all. Doug suggests that maybe he can help, but Rob says he doesn't think so. Doug tells him that he can ask. Rob explains that he's going away on a trip, and he's a bit worried about leaving Angie by herself. Doug, looking surprised, says it hasn't been a problem before, has it? Rob says it hasn't, but there's been a bit of bother with some bloke who doesn't want the coffee shop to open - and an old boyfriend of Angela's has turned up, making a nuisance of himself. Doug asks if Rob wanted David to keep an eye on her, and Rob admits that he would have felt better about going away, yeah. Doug tells Rob that he'll do it for him. Rob tries to say that it doesn't really matter, but Doug tells him that that's what families are for. Rob looks bemused...

At Fiona's, Beryl is mopping the kitchen floor when David comes in and tells her that he was right: Bunty and Thel were sitting watching TV without a care in the world! He comments that it's a great start to their second romantic honeymoon! Beryl points out that it's one they won't forget! David says it feels good, laughing again - what with Kevin and Lynn and Martin Healy... Beryl says they should make sure it's not a flash in the pan. David tells her that he's going to sort out a few hassles when he gets home; make life simpler. He hugs Beryl tightly.

Rob and Angela are in the kitchen at their new house, and Angela, looking annoyed, asks Rob if he couldn't have talked him out of it. Rob says he couldn't - once he got the idea in his head, that was it. Angela sourly says she doesn't need him hanging around. Doug comes in the back door and says that that's the new lock fixed on the back gate. Angela reluctantly says that's great... Rob says he'd better be hitting the road, and he asks Angela if she's OK. Angela says that of course she is - she's just a bit tired, that's all. Rob points out that it's a big job, getting the coffee shop off the ground. He then tells her not to get too involved in Paul Sheppard's problems if he calls again. Angela says she doubts he will, the way Rob and Wayne were with him. Rob asks Angela if she's angry about that. Angela reluctantly says, "Not really..." Rob tells her that the guy's all messed up - he'd rather she had nothing to do with him. Angela says she won't. Rob kisses her goodbye and he goes, leaving Angela looking upset.

Patricia, Martin and Jen are washing up in the Healy kitchen, and Patricia is talking about her first attempt at skiing. Jennifer sympathises! She finishes cleaning up, but Martin reminds her about the glasses outside, and she goes out to get them. While they're alone, Martin tells Patricia that she needn't have worried - she's a hit. Patricia says, "Good!" Martin then tells her that he was going to leave her and Jennifer alone, but Patricia says it's silly to bring it up now - it's better to have Jennifer relaxed with her, and trusting her. Martin tells her that he's lucky to have her around. Patricia says, "The motherly influence, that's me!" Martin then asks how she'd like to make it official - the motherly influence. Patricia asks Martin if he's proposing. Martin says he supposes he is; he wants her around. He asks, "Well?" Patricia says she doesn't know; she really doesn't know! Martin tells her that it's OK - it's a big decision; she can think about it. Patricia says she will.

Paul is sitting at the table in Jill's flat, staring at the 'phone. It doesn't ring. He gets up, goes to the 'phone and dials.

Doug sticks the number for the local police station on a cupboard in the kitchen at Rob and Angela's. The 'phone starts ringing, but Doug manages to get there before Angela, who watches in concern. When Paul hears the male voice on the other end, he doesn't speak. Doug says 'hello' a couple of times and then snaps that Angela's not alone - there are people there looking after her, and if the caller knows what's good for him, he won't ring back; they'll have the police on him, otherwise. Paul hangs up, picks up his jacket from the back of his chair and goes out. Angela asks Doug if the caller said anything at all. Doug says, "Not a word - cowards. Probably that Bert bloke - or your old boyfriend." He then says he'll go and check that there's no one hanging around the 'phone box down the street. As soon as he's gone, Angela goes to the 'phone and dials. The 'phone at Jill's flat starts ringing, but there's no one there to answer it. Angela hangs up, looking upset.

Paul barges into Toorak, and Wayne tells him that if he doesn't leave, he'll call the police. Paul snaps that he wants to see Patricia. Wayne retorts that he's already told him: she's not home. Paul says he'll wait, then. Wayne asks Paul what he wants to talk about, and Paul accuses, "You and Patricia have been working hard to keep me away from Angela, haven't you?" Wayne 'innocently' says, "Not that I'm aware of." Paul snaps at him to come on: he was chatting with Rob, and now some bloke is taking Angela's calls and warning him off... Wayne stands there looking annoyed, and asks why anyone would keep Paul away from Angela. Paul snaps, "Because she doesn't want Angela knowing the truth about my shares." Wayne tells Paul to come off it - no one forced him to sell. Paul snaps, "As good as." He continues that Patricia knew how he'd react when he found out about his grandfather. Wayne smiles nastily and says, "My my... everyone's fault but his own; aren't we pathetic?" He continues that it's a bit different now: no money, no power... He adds that Paul doesn't know how good it makes him feel seeing him like he is. Paul warns, "Shut up, Wayne." Wayne ignores this, though, and continues that he bets Angela's thanking her lucky stars that she broke off with him - Rob's not much of a catch, but he's even less of one - she'd really be up the creek now, if she was Mrs. Paul Sheppard. Paul stands there looking angry, and he then snaps and lunges at Wayne, saying he told him to shut up. They start struggling, and Paul pushes Wayne to the ground. He manouevres on top of him and puts his hands around Wayne's neck, strangling him. Wayne starts gasping as he finds himself unable to breathe. As he lies there, going redder, the front door suddenly bangs shut, and Patricia comes in. When she sees what's happening, she shouts at Paul to get off Wayne. He doesn't move, though, and so Patricia grabs him and pulls him away, shouting as she does so that he's going to kill Wayne. When he's off, she asks him what the hell he's doing, and repeats that he could have killed him. Paul looks at Wayne, shocked at what he's done, and just mutters, "Didn't think..." Patricia orders Paul to get out before she calls the police. When he doesn't move, she angrily repeats, "Get out." Paul runs and goes. Patricia looks at Wayne, who's still lying on the floor, and asks him if he's alright; she also asks if she should get the doctor. Wayne angrily snaps, "To hell with the doctor - get the police."


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