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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

A while later, Patricia stubs out a cigarette while one of two policemen who have arrived, takes notes. He asks if Paul Sheppard is spelt with an 'e' or an 'a'. Patricia impatiently snaps, "A." Wayne is sitting in a chair , looking subdued. Patricia continues that Paul could be God knows where by the time the police finish asking all their questions. The policeman calmly replies that they have to get all the details. Wayne snaps that he told them everything that happened. The policeman asks Wayne if he did anything to defend himself. Wayne snaps that of course he did. The policeman then asks if there was any injury to the other party. Wayne angrily snaps that he wasn't exactly in a position to tell. The policeman looks at Patricia, who snaps that she doesn't know - he might have had a scratch on his face or something; the important thing is that they charge him. The policeman, though, says he's not too sure about that - no permanent damage seems to have been inflicted on Mr. Hamilton; it looks like a domestic incident to him. Wayne angrily snaps, "Domestic? I nearly get myself killed and you fob it off." The policeman calmly tells him that he's not fobbing him off. Wayne tells him to charge Paul, then, adding that he's threatened him before - this isn't the first time. He asks what will happen if Paul comes barging in, adding that he's likely to - he's mad as a hatter. The policeman replies that, if he does, to let them know. Wayne stands up and says that's great: they'll arrive just in time to cart him off to the morgue. The two policemen head for the front door, and the one who's been doing all the talking says they'll have a word with Paul and suggest that he not trouble Wayne again. Wayne snaps that they need to do more than that - Paul nearly had a crack at him with an iron a couple of days ago. As the three men leave the room, Patricia walks out to the 'phone in the hall, and dials a number. Angela comes on the other end, and Patricia tells her that something terrible's happened. She asks her daughter if she can come over straight away.

Paul is sitting in a chair in Jill's Melbourne apartment, staring into space. There's a knock at the door, and Paul immediately looks worried; he stares at the door, but doesn't get up. After a few seconds, he finally moves and answers the door to find the two policemen standing there. They ask to come in; Paul agrees. One of them tells him that a complaint has been laid against him: Wayne Hamilton has claimed that Paul attempted to strangle him this evening and Mrs. Hamilton has backed him up. Paul bitterly says, "Yeah, she would." The policeman asks Paul if he did attack Wayne, and Paul replies that there's not much point in denying it. The policeman asks him why he went there, and Paul replies that he went there, Wayne went too far and he attacked him. The policeman asks Paul if he attempted to strangle Wayne. Paul replies that he got a bit carried away. The policeman tells him that he thinks he should come to the station with him and tell the the sergeant about it. Paul says he thinks Wayne and Patricia have a hide bringing the police into it, and he adds that they should be locked up - the pair of them.

At Toorak, Patricia tells Angela that she thinks it was her he was after, and she hates to think of what may have happened if she'd been there on her own. Wayne sourly says that, instead, Paul got him. Angela tells Wayne that he's only got himself to blame - if he'd been more understanding of the way Paul feels, this might not have happened. Wayne annoyedly repeats, "Understanding of how he feels?" before ranting that Paul tried to kill him and asking what would have happened if Patricia had copped it. Angela, though, says Paul has no reason to touch Patricia, whereas Wayne has been riling him. Wayne sarcastically says, "Good old Wayne's fault." Angela says she should have guessed Paul would crack and done something. Patricia tells her daughter that she can't blame herself. Wayne nastily says he hopes Paul has a hefty charge laid on him, adding that he thinks it's about time Paul got what's coming to him and he's going to do everything he can to make sure he does.

A while later, Angela has gone and Wayne and Patricia are sitting at the table. Wayne tells Patricia that the police are holding Paul overnight and he's appearing before a magistrate on an assault charge in the morning. He adds that he can't wait to seem him standing in court. Patricia, though, asks if it's a good idea to bring it all out into the open, as she doesn't fancy being splashed round the papers. Wayne snaps that he deserves it. Patricia points out that Paul will probably learn his lesson from spending a night in the cells, but Wayne says he wants to see him squirm - and as much as possible. He tells Patricia that he's got Paul right where he wants him and he's not going to get off lightly if he can help it. Patricia says she only hopes Angela doesn't find out the real reason why he acted like that.

At Angela and Rob's house, Angela tells Doug that she could have done something to stop Paul if only she'd realised how bad he was. Doug points out that Angela's had enough on her own plate. Angela says she doesn't know why Paul felt so strongly about Patricia and Wayne, as she never let him explain. Doug says a real man can sort things out for himself - he shouldn't need to go crying on other people's shoulders. He adds that he reckons Paul is round the bend and says he reckons it's a good thing he's there to keep an eye on her. Angela says she knows. Doug adds, though, that he should really be with Kevin, but Angela reminds him that, if Kevin's a man, he should be able to look after himself! Doug says Kevin needs cheering up, but adds that at least he has Peter to keep him company - he may be a larrikin but his heart's in the right place!

At the Palmer house, Jen is looking at TV listings, and Kevin calls out from the kitchen to ask her if she wants tea or coffee. She asks for coffee. She then remarks that it was a drag of a party, and adds that Peter is really easy to please! Kevin says it was only because of that girl! Jen asks him where his room is, and Kevin points towards it. Jen then thanks him for inviting her back, and she asks him if he wants to watch the late movie. Kevin asks what's on, but Jen admits that there's not much. She spots a photo of Lynn and tells Kevin that he's lucky, as Lynn's good looking. Kevin, though, sourly says that if she wasn't so good looking, she might be there now. Jen says Kevin shouldn't worry with his looks - he'll always have someone running after him. Kevin says, "You reckon?" Jen replies, "With clubs and knives...!" Kevin says, "Very funny!" Jen then asks him about Davey and Kevin explains that he's with Lynn. Jen asks him if he misses the child, and Kevin says he does - Lynn just took him; didn't ask him or anything. Jen says she's sorry. Kevin says Davey is a beaut little kid - the worst thing will be missing watching him grow up for six months. He adds that it's great seeing kids change, and the things they do. Jen remarks that Kevin and Lynn were both very young to have kids. Kevin says he's glad they did, though - things might have worked out badly with Lynn, but he loves Davey. Jen looks thoughtful.

The next morning, at the Healy house, Peter calls to Jen to tell her they haven't got all day. He then tells Martin that it's a pity he can't come with them. Martin comments that everyone doesn't have it as easy as Peter does. Peter sits down to eat his breakfast and says John is probably pretty busy too, although he adds that he could have lunch with them so Jen could meet him. Jen joins them and Martin asks her if she had a nice night. Jen says Kevin is a nice guy, and Martin tells her that she'll like John, too. He then asks his daughter if she's been thinking about the problem. Jen tells him that she thought he'd go through the roof when she told him. Martin admits that he was tempted. Jen says she'd love to have the baby - a few things Kevin said last might made her realise how much; it's just... she can't. Martin assures his daughter that they'd stand by her. Jen says she knows, but she adds that Martin doesn't understand; he couldn't. Martin says he'd like to try. Jen says she's sorry.

Patricia is sewing up a skirt and Wayne asks her if she's trying to save some money. Patricia snaps that a hem came down. She asks about Paul's court appearance, and Wayne tells her that he's all safely tucked away. Patricia asks what Wayne means and so he says Paul is in the remand section of Pentridge. Patricia asks how it got that far, and Wayne explains that Paul was in the dock feeling sorry for himself, the charges were read, a solicitor was appointed and bail was set, but noone appeared to pay it, so Paul was carted off - he has no money and is very short on friends as well. Patricia says she hopes Wayne is satisfied, but Wayne replies that he'll be satisfied when a conviction is recorded against him. Patricia points out that there's a danger that the whole sordid background of Ramberg could come out, and that wouldn't be very good for business - plus, she doesn't want John and Angela to find out. Wayne, though, snaps that he's having it his own way this time, and he doesn't care what John and Angela think. He adds that it's too late now - it's gone through the courts, he's been charged and he can't change the law.

A prison warder escorts Paul into a dingy cell, where another prisoner is already lying on the top bunk of the bunk bed. The warder introduces Paul to Ray Williams, and he tells him to make the most of it until someone turns up with his bail. Paul asks what there is to say anyone will, to which the warder replies that it's easy to see Paul isn't used to this. He tells Paul that there's an exercise period in an hour and he leaves, locking the door behind him. Paul throws his pillow onto the bottom bunk and looks out of the window of the cell door.

At Rob and Angela's, Patricia tells Angela that it's all a bit nasty - Paul is in remand at Pentridge and there's noone to pay his bail, so he'll stay there until the case goes to court. Angela says that's awful. Patricia says it's going to be rather unpleasant when it goes to court again, as some embarrassing things could come out about Ramberg. Angela says she doesn't understand - including why Paul is so against Patricia. Patricia tells her daughter that, when she was ill, she unfortuately let slip to Wayne that James Sheppard's money came from rather questionable sources - mainly prostitution - and when Wayne and Paul had a set-to, Wayne said too much, Paul couldn't handle it, and he gave his money away and sold his shares, so she bought them and now Paul blames her for everything. She adds that if Wayne had kept his mouth shut, this wouldn't have happened. Angela says Paul can't stay in there, as he's not a criminal, but Patricia replies that she can't think of anything they can do. Angela points out that they can get him out on bail, but Patricia hurriedly says she thinks it's better not to become involved. She adds that she knows what's best for Angela...

In the cell, Ray asks Paul what he did, and Paul replies that he attacked a man. Ray asks if it was at work. Paul says no. Ray asks if Paul reckon he'd get a bit of money. Paul again says no. Ray says, "Educated, eh?" Paul snaps, "If you say so." Ray says he was only trying to be friendly - there was no need to be smart. Paul says he's sorry. He then calls out to the warder and asks if he can speak to a priest.

Angela dials a number and the 'phone rings at Woombai. Fiona answers, and when she hears Angela on the other end, she says it's a pleasant surprise. Angela, though, tells her it won't be when she finds out why she's ringing. She then explains about Paul being in jail, and Fiona asks why he's there. Angela tells her that he attacked Wayne and has been charged. Fiona asks how serious the attack was, and Angela replies that she doesn't really know, but it must have been quite bad for him to end up in Pentridge. Fiona remarks that she can't say she's surprised - Wayne has been asking for it and Paul hasn't exactly been stable. Angela says she knows now why Paul sold his shares and gave up Ramberg, and she can't help feeling sorry for him. Fiona says he brought it on himself. Angela tells her that Paul really does need friendship, but Fiona says it's a little late for her. Angela then says she's getting Paul out on bail, and she needs to get him out of Melbourne, and wanted to know if Fiona can give him a job at Woombai for a while. Fiona asks if Angela if she knows what she's asking. Angela tells her that she's the only person who understands. Fiona says it goes against her grain. Angela pleads with her, and Fiona gives in, but she makes it clear she's doing it for Angela, and not for Paul. She adds that she doesn't know why Angela's wasting her time on him, but she admires her for it. She adds that Angela shouldn't have to foot the bail as Patricia should be doing it - it's not as if she can't afford it.

Paul is sitting with the prison priest, who tells him that he understands his problem, but it really isn't as bad as it seems at the moment. Paul asks why not. The priest tells him that the surroundings won't convince him that life is a bed of roses, but he knows what's outside. Paul, though, says there's a bunch of lies and cheats outside, and he asks what difference there is between them and the people in the prison, except they got caught. The priest tells Paul that everything happens for a purpose, and he adds that, with his background, Paul should know that. Paul suddenly snaps that he spent his whole life trying to live by the Good Book, and look where that got him. The priest says he thinks Paul is feelng sorry for himself, and Paul snaps back, "Damn right I am." He angrily says the priest talks about God - He sees all, and looks after all, but if He's out there, Paul's not too impressed with the job He's doing at the moment. The priest tells Paul that he must have faith. Paul says sure - he agrees - but how does he get his faith back? The priest tells Paul to pray - he knows He's there. Paul, though, says "Do I?" He then adds that he supposes He is - he can't say he doesn't believe in God anymore, but he can't believe in the way He's going about things, and if he can't believe in that, he can't see what anything he stands for has for him. The priest tells Paul that that's a very selfish way of looking at things. Paul says perhaps, but that's the way he feels.

At Toorak, Angela says she's going to try and get Paul out of jail. Patricia asks her daughter if she didn't listen to a word she said, and Wayne snaps about good old samaritan Angela to the rescue - trust her to stick her nose in. Angela says she doesn't want to argue. Wayne snaps that it's typical, Angela taking sides against him. Angela replies that she's not taking sides - Paul is entitled to be out on bail. Wayne asks Angela if she's doing this because it's the right thing to do, or if it's because it's Paul. Angela, though, says she'll ignore that. She adds that she's surprised someone didn't have a go at Wayne a long time ago - she thinks he got what he deserved, and he's lucky it wasn't worse. Wayne sourly remarks on the charming sisterly love, and Angela asks him if anything sensible ever came out of his mouth. She says it's a pity Paul didn't manage to shut him up for at least a few months. Patricia watches the slanging match, bemused, as Angela carries on to say she can think of a lot of people who would have cheered. Wayne snaps that he's not staying to listen to this. He goes, and Patricia wryly says it was just like old times for a minute. Angela says she's sorry, but Wayne has the worst effect on her. Patricia tells her daughter that it's perfectly obvious she can't change her mind, so she'll pay the money for Paul's bail. Angela says she'll pay, but Patricia tells her she'll have none of that independent nonsense. She adds that she thinks it's a good idea to get Paul out of Melbourne, but if she pays, Angela has to agree to have nothing else to do with him, as he'll mean nothing but trouble for all of them, if she stays in touch. She then adds that perhaps Wayne wasn't so far off the mark. Angela asks her what she means, and so Patricia asks her why she was so vehement about it all - is she being a good samaritan or does she still feel something? Angela indignantly says, "Oh, what?" Patricia tells her daughter that she can be as outraged as she likes, but that's the way it looks to her and Wayne and it could look the same to Rob, too. She adds that Angela should make sure there's no cause for talk - unless it's true... Angela looks thoughtful.

The warder approaches the cell and tells Paul, who's lying on his bunk, "You're on your way out." He adds that the bail has been paid. Paul asks if he can go, and the warder tells him that they're waiting for him.

At Jill's apartment, Paul angrily says he didn't ask for anyone's help - not Angela's and certainly not Fiona's. He asks if he's Angela's latest project - 'Rehabilitation of Paul Sheppard'? Angela ignores him and asks him if he takes sugar. She adds that she's trying very hard not to shout back at him. She gives him his coffee and tells him that he hardly has a friend in the world, so he shouldn't spit in the eye of people who still care. Paul says Fiona can't be one of them, and he doesn't want her charity. Angela says Paul is only brooding until his court case comes up, and she adds that he'd be better off away from Patricia and Wayne, he'd have a job and he might even work off his rotten attitude towards everything. Paul looks at her and tells her, "I want to be here - with you." Angela replies that she can't spend much time with him - it would cause problems with Rob, plus she has her work cut out to get the coffee shop underway. She points out that Jill is at Woombai, and Paul has always got on well with her. Paul, though, says he doesn't give a damn about Jill. Angela remarks that that attitude won't help. Paul walks out onto the balcony and Angela follows him. Paul tells her that he cares about the two of them, and he thinks it's about time they work out what the hell is going on between them. He puts his hand to Angela's face and pulls her towards him. They kiss...


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