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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Patricia is sitting with Martin in the back garden of the Healy house. She tells him that if Paul's gone interstate until the case comes up, there's nothing she can do. Martin replies that, if Patricia has a problem, he wants to know about it. Patricia sourly says she thought he wasn't interested in Ramberg business, but Martin replies that, if Paul came after her and she was home alone... if she doesn't see how that concerns him... Patricia quickly says that of course she can. Martin tells her that it wouldn't have been a problem if she'd been living there. Realising what he's implying, Patricia tells him that she's taking his proposal seriously, but she doesn't want to be rushed into it. Martin asks why not. Patricia replies that she's very independent - she doesn't know if she could cope with another full-time relationship. Martin says, "Want a bet?!" Patricia says she'll see. She tells Martin that she loves him, and Martin replies that he loves her, too.

Inside, Jen says to Peter, "Talk about a letdown - first Kevin backs out because his parents coming home, and now you can't go." Peter is working at the table, and he tells his sister that he'll get the boot from TAFE if he doesn't start doing a bit of homework! Jen says she really felt like the movies, too... Peter suggests that, if she's not going out, how about organising some tea? Jen says it's already on. Peter then tells his sister that Kevin's parents may not make it back tonight, so why not give him a call? Jen admits that it coudn't do any harm - he should be back from work by now.

Beryl and David have arrived home and Beryl finds a note on the kitchen table, from Doug, saying that Kevin's had to work back, so he's popped out to get some takeaway. The 'phone starts ringing, and Beryl answers it. Jen comes on and asks if Kevin's there, but Beryl explains that he isn't, as he's having to work back. She asks if there's a message, and is asked to tell Kevin that Jennifer rang, and she'll call him tomorrow. Beryl asks if that's all, and Jen says it is. The calls ends, and Beryl immediately tells David that it was a girl: Jennifer. David says he doesn't like the idea of Kevin running around with another girl; Lynn did the wrong thing, but it would be stupid of Kevin to run around as if their marriage is over. Beryl tells David to try and convince him of that...

At the Healy house, Jen tells Patricia that she doesn't want to talk about it - it's between Martin and her. She asks Patricia if her father asked her to say something, and Patricia admits that he did. She adds, though, that Jen can't blame him - it's a difficult thing for him to accept. Jen says she's not going to change her mind. Changing the subject, Patricia asks her if she enjoyed her trip to Point Cook, and Jen says she did. Patricia asks her if she liked John, and Jen replies that she liked him a lot. Patricia then says that there are a few things Jen should know about her - she can understand how Jen feels, and she thinks what she has to say is important. Jen reluctantly says, "OK." Patricia continues that, when she found out that she was carrying Angela and John, she faced the same choice: go through with it or terminate; she went through with it; if she hadn't, well... She tells Jen to try and think of the child as what it's going to become, not as the result of a stupid mistake; she wouldn't be without her two for the world. She then tells Jen that the lecture is over - it's up to her. Jen, looking upset, says there's so much more to it. Patricia asks her if she wants to tell her about it, but Jen indicates that she doesn't. Patricia tells her that if she changes her mind... She adds that, whatever the problem is, she's sure Jen would regret not having the baby. Jen looks upset.

At the Palmers', Kevin gives Beryl a bunch of flowers, and David jokes that he'd better not overdo it or he'll have them thinking he missed them! Kevin asks if there's any takeaway left, but Beryl says she'll make him something. Kevin asks about Sydney, and David says it was good. Beryl chips in, "Except for the flood!" Kevin says he didn't hear anything on the news, but Beryl tells him that it was a local one, and she goes on to explain about Bunty and Thel! David adds that they still had a good time. Changing the subject, Beryl asks Kevin how the world has been treating him, and he replies that work is still a pain in the neck, but otherwise, he's been having a good time. He gets up to go and put his work things away, but Beryl stops him, saying that, before she forgets, Jennifer rang; she'll call back tomorrow. David asks Kevin if she's someone he met through Peter. Kevin explains that she's Peter's sister; he's been seeing a fair bit of her. He leaves the room, and David grimly says to Beryl, "Don't say we've got another Healy to put up with." Beryl looks at David, in concern.

The next morning, Beryl asks David if there's anything interesting in the paper. David says there's nothing as interesting as what's happening round there. Beryl warns him to watch it, as Kevin will be out of the shower in a minute. David says he still thinks they should talk to him - he's a married man and he's running around with Peter's sister. Beryl asks David if he thinks it's serious? She adds that he sees a lot of Peter, so it stands to reason that he'll see his sister. She then reminds him that he said in Sydney that he'd take things easy. At that moment, Kevin comes in and Beryl gives him some breakfast, while telling him that she hopes Victor doesn't want him working back again tonight. Kevin says, "Me too," adding that he's going to a party with Pete and Jen. Beryl looks at David, who asks his son what Jen is like. Kevin replies that she's good fun. Beryl asks if she's got a boyfriend, but Kevin says he doesn't think she's all that interested. Beryl asks if she's attractive, and Kevin replies that she's not bad - a bit on the porky side. Beryl and David laugh, and Beryl says, "Good!" Kevin then tells them that he's not interested in her, if that's what they're worried about. Beryl and David laugh embarrassedly, and Beryl says, "Course not!" Kevin says, "Yeah, sure! Talk about obvious!" Beryl looks at David and says she thinks they must be slipping! David tells Kevin that they're not trying to tell him how to run his life; they just... Beryl interrupts and finishes the sentence: "...worry about you, love." Kevin says he knows, but he'll be fine.

Paul arrives at Woombai, and asks Jill where he should put his gear. Jill tells him that she'll show him after they see Fiona. Paul remarks that he didn't think she'd be up by now, but Jill snaps at him that Fiona is making an effort - it's up to him to do the same. Paul snaps that he's just there to work. The two of them go inside.

At the table in the living room, Bert tells Fiona that she should have come and watched Rosie's Hope run this morning. He then adds that he hasn't tasted such good cooking since he left home! Fiona laughs and says no one's complimented her on her cooking before! She asks how Rosie's Hope is going, and Bert replies that she took five seconds off her time. Jill suddenly calls out, "Here we are," and Fiona's face immediately drops. Jill and Paul come in, and Fiona and Paul exchange curt greetings. Fiona introduces Paul to Bert, and explains that Bert is training Rosie's Hope. Bert tells Paul that it's good to have him working there. Fiona turns to Paul and tells him that he'll be working for Bert. Jill invites Paul to sit down, and Fiona asks Jill to organise some more breakfast, but Paul says he ate on the train - he's ready to start work straight away. Bert laughs that that's what he likes to hear! He tells Paul that he'll show him where to put his stuff and introduce him to Brian. The two men go out, leaving Fiona to remark sourly to Jill that Paul thinks he's doing her a favour by being there. Jill optimistically says he'll settle down, and Fiona says he'd better - she won't keep him on if he doesn't.

Outside, Bert tells Paul that he thinks he'll like it there. He starts to explain about the horses and the quarters and, when they reach where Brian is working, he introduces Paul to him as Brian's new offsider. Paul and Brian shake hands, and Brian tells Paul that he now knows what he's in for - Bert is a pretty hard boss! Bert laughs. Paul sourly says he'll go and put his things away. He walks off, and Brian sarcastically remarks to Bert, "Looks like he'll be a lot of fun." He asks Bert if Paul knows anything about horses. Bert replies that Paul is one of Fiona's good turns, if he's not mistaken. Brian asks what his story is, and Bert explains that Fiona is helping him get back on his feet - apparently he got into some trouble down south. Brian asks what kind. Bert says Fiona didn't say and he didn't ask; she's the boss - if she says they're to put up with him, they put up with him.

Later, Paul is standing talking to a couple of other guys by the stables. He eventually tells them that he'll see them later, and he wanders over to Jill, who's nearby. She asks him how his first day has been, but Paul sourly asks if Bert didn't put in a full report. Jill, infuriated at Paul's attitude, tells him that he's got a chip on his shoulder, and asks what he's being unpleasant at her, for - they're supposed to be friends, aren't they? Paul admits that he supposes he owes her. Jill asks him if he wants to have dinner with her, tonight, but Paul says he can't, as he's booked up. Jill tells him that Fiona won't be there, as she's going to the drive-in with Bert - to see two horror films! Paul says he's going out with the two guys he was talking to - he's more in the mood for that sort of thing; he'll see Jill tomorrow. He walks off, leaving Jill looking annoyed. Brian come over and sarcastically remarks that Paul is a charming fellow. Jill says he's got a few problems, but Brian says that's no excuse. He asks Jill if she knows Paul very well, and Jill replies that they're pretty good friends - but she'd be just as unimpressed as him if she met Paul now. Brian says Paul is lucky to have a friend like Jill... Jill says she had her bad times too; she can understand - just.

At Toorak, Patricia tells Martin that she's really happy for him. She asks when Jen decided, and Martin says she 'phoned him at work - today. Patricia tells him that he's going to be a grandfather! Martin says it must have been last night that did it. Patricia asks him if he's been home yet, but Martin says he hasn't yet - he thought he'd thank her, first. Changing the subject, he asks Patricia if she's read the morning paper, but she says she hasn't had a chance yet. Martin says he was browsing through it at work, and he opens the paper on the table and shows Patricia a story. Patricia says, "Funeral section - charming reading." Martin jokes that he's the morbid type! Patricia asks what she's looking for, and Martin points out, "Mary Louise Dunne. Now isn't that your Aunt Mary?" Patricia reads the obituary and says it is. Martin explains that he remembers how she used to prattle on about her when they first met - they seeemed very close. Patricia says Aunt Mary was very good to her parents - and to her. Martin says the funeral was this afternoon; it's unfortunate Patricia didn't know. Patricia says she wouldn't have been very welcome anyway - she hadn't been in touch with her since she left home. Martin, looking surprised, says, "Oh." He adds that it's a pity she missed her chance to pay her respects and meet the family. Patricia says, "I've already seen Margaret." Martin looks surprised again, and Patricia explains about her coming when she was ill, and about John pestering Margaret for information about him. Martin suggests that, if she's broken the ice... Patricia, though, says Margaret made it very clear that she doesn't want to see her again; she thinks Margaret is hurt at the way she just 'cut off' when she left - so, there wouldn't have been much point in her going today anyway; she doesn't think that side of the family gives a damn about her.

At the Palmers', Beryl looks at photos of John when he had long hair before he ran away a year earlier, and then of him in his airforce uniform with short, smart hair, and she comments that it's quite a change. David laughs and says she can say that again! Beryl says she wouldn't have thought it possible two years ago. Kevin comes in, sees Beryl holding the photos and says, "Yuk," adding that at least there's one good looking bloke in the family! Beryl laughs. Kevin says he might go down on the weekend and see John. He asks Beryl what she's going to do with the older picture of John, and Beryl explains that she's going to put it with the other photos. Kevin suggests that she should leave it out: before and after! David and Beryl laugh. Beryl then says that that's not such a silly idea - they can get a new frame for the new photo, rather than exchanging them. Kevin tells his mother that she can use the frame from his and Lynn's wedding photo, if she likes. Beryl, though, says she can't - it should be there; it was a happy day - it's nice to be reminded of it. Kevin tells his mother that it might be for her... He then suggests that they shouldn't argue - they sorted it out this morning. Beryl says the photo stays where it is, and Kevin says, "Fair enough." He then suggests that he'd better get going, and he heads off. David asks Beryl what she reckons will happen when Lynn gets back. Beryl says she doesn't know- but at least John's got himself a nice girl...

At Woombai, Jill is looking upset when Brian comes into the room with drinks. He pulls out a chair for her, and she jokes that he'll have her thinking she's Lady Muck. Brian tells Jill that she's a lady so he treats her like one. Jill jokes that she can tell he's not Australian; she thinks it's nice, though! She sits down and takes the lid off the soup tureen in the middle of the table. As she does so, she suddenly realises that she had an appointment this afternoon to have her hair cut; she completely forgot about it - she was too worried about Paul. Looking surprised and disappointed, Brian remarks that he thought she was going to let her hair grow long. Jill points out that that was his idea! Brian points out that it'll save money, to which Jill jokes that she thought it was the Scots who were supposed to be stingy! She starts serving the soup as Brian continues that she looks good with long hair. Jill asks him how he knows, and Brian, suddenly looking slightly shifty, says he's got a good imagination. He then adds that it's up to her, though. Jill says, "Thanks very much!" She pauses a moment, and then says she supposes she'll give it a go. Brian smiles and says that's good - she'll be a knockout with long hair! Jill says, "They're right about you Irish with your blarney. You should be a salesman: you could talk anyone into anything!"

The next morning, Brian, Fiona and Bert are sitting at the breakfast table, and Brian asks if it was a good film. Bert says they don't make them like that anymore! Fiona indicates that she didn't really enjoy it, but she adds that she saw enough to know that the creature bore a distinct resemblance to Paul on a bad day! Brian says he wishes he'd seen it, now! Everyone laughs. Brian then asks if Fiona heard the racket Paul made at about two this morning. Fiona sourly says she thinks the whole district did. She adds that, if he's going to be as noisy as that, she'll tell Alan not to lend him the bike anymore. Bert chips in that it seems as if Paul is going out of his way to annoy her. Fiona replies that, if she doesn't react, he's wasting his time. She then says that, when Jill gets back from her ride, she'll tell him what she thinks about him turning over a new leaf.

Outside, Jill walks over to Paul, who's doing some hosing. She tells him that it would serve him right if he had an accident, and she asks him what he was trying to prove. Paul replies that he was just letting off steam. Jill suggests that he buy a punching bag - it's much safer. She continues that he must have ridden in there at 100mph last night - and he woke up the whole place. Paul tells her that she's exaggerating just a little bit. Jill snaps back that, OK, if he wants to break his neck, she's not going to stop him - but there is other damage he could do himself: he's out on bail, and if he gets a record up there with the police, he'll be history when he goes to court. Paul walks over to turn off the tap, and Jill follows him, adding that he could get arrested for riding like that. Paul reluctantly admits that maybe she's right - it was stupid. Jill tells him that she knows how rotten he must be feeling, but this is his chance to turn everything around; it's important that he keeps his job - she's sure the court decision will be influenced if they know he's held a steady job since he left Melbourne. Paul says he guesses so; he hadn't thought of it that way. He continues that there's no way he's going to give Patricia Hamilton the satisfaction of seeing him in jail - he won't be able to make sure she gets what's coming to her if he's stuck in there.

Patricia is watering plants at Toorak, and she removes a bunch of dead flowers from a vase and puts them on the table, where the newspaper is still lying open on the obituary page. She looks at it again, and reads the 'Funerals and Deaths' section. She then picks up the dead flowers, drops them onto the paper and scrunches the whole lot up to throw away.

Outside, Margaret approaches the house and knocks on the door. When Patricia answers it, Margaret looks at her in surprise, and then comments that she's obviously recovered. Patricia says she's been better for some time. Margaret tells her that she needs to speak to her. Patricia invites her in.

In the lounge room, Patricia tells Margaret to sit down, and she'll get come coffee. Margaret, though, tells her not to bother - the sooner she gets this over and done with, the better. She sits down as Patricia says that, if it's about Aunt Mary, she saw the notice; she would have gone to the funeral, but she didn't see it 'til last night, and she probably wouldn't have been welcome anyway. Margaret agrees, "You wouldn't have." Patricia then asks how Val is taking it, and Margaret replies that she managed to shed a few crocodile tears, but she can't wait to cash in; she... that's why she's there: Mary left everything to Val - including the Dunne house. Patricia, looking surprised, says, "Mummy and Daddy never ended up buying it?" Margaret says they couldn't afford to - Aunt Mary always kept the rent very low, so there didn't seem any point, and when they died, she let her go on living there; she thought Mary would let her have it eventually, but she left it to Val; she's being thrown out. Patricia remarks that she thought Val was very well off, and Margaret bitterly says she is. Patricia says she's being very selfish, then. Margaret snaps that that's good, coming from Patricia. Patricia asks Margaret if she's tried discussing it, but Margaret says she wouldn't be there if she hadn't tried everything else. Patricia asks her if she wants her to talk to Val. Margaret says, "As if you could do anything." Patricia says she knows she was wrong, never writing, but there were very good reasons... Margaret snaps that she's not interested in Patricia's excuses. Patricia stands up and walks over to the mantlepiece to get her cigarettes. She asks Margaret if she has a family - a husband and children. Margaret says she hasn't; it's just her. Patricia remarks that she thought she would have by now. Margaret says she never had the chance for a life of her own - she was too busy nursing mother and father; there was no one else. Patricia lights her cigarette and says she's sorry. Margaret says it's a little bit late for that. Patricia says that if there's anything she can do to help... Margaret stands up in annoyance and says, "Look. I've just been thrown out of the only home that I ever had - and I've been given a week to find somewhere else. You have ignored me for the last twenty-one years. Well, now I am here to collect what's owing to me - and I'm damn well going to get it." Patricia stands there, stony-faced.


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