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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John D. Holmes   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Patricia asks what Margaret wants her to do. Margaret replies that she wants Patricia to find a house for her. Patricia says she'd like to, but she can't because all her money is tied up at the moment. Margaret sourly remarks that Patricia still manages to live rather well. Patricia replies that she doesn't mean she's on the breadline, but she recently gained controlling interest in a company and had to put herself in debt to do it; she doesn't have any spare cash. She draws on her cigarette as Margaret says it's just her luck that it's the first time she's asked Patricia for anything and she's not in a position to help. Patricia says she would if she could; as soon as she can, she'll buy Margaret a place of her own. Margaret snaps, "Do you honestly expect me to believe that?" Patricia replies that she said she would. Margaret snaps that Patricia promised to keep in touch the night she ran away with David, but that was 21 years ago, and even then, it was only John that brought them back together again; she didn't keep her promise then, so why should she keep it now? Patricia repeats that she said she'd help and she means it. Margaret asks when, as she has to move out of her house rather quickly. Patricia pauses and then asks Margaret why she doesn't move in there until she can buy her a place of her own. She adds that there's plenty of room; the decorators have just finished a bedroom upstairs; the place is big enough for them to have as little to do with each other as they please. Margaret thinks for a moment and then says, "Why not?" Patricia looks surpised, and Margaret remarks that she didn't expect her to say yes. Patricia says the offer was genuine. Margaret says she has to move somewhere, so why not there? She looks at Patricia and says it's only until she can get her a place of her own. Patricia says, "Exactly."

Angela joins Rob in the lounge room at their house. She's obtained another list of decorators fom Patricia and tells Rob to have a look. Rob reads the names on the list and asks Angela what he's supposed to be looking for. Angela points out one of the companies listed and says she's sure the number is Darren's. Rob asks Angela if she's got Darren's number, and Angela says it's somewhere. She goes into the kitchen to look. She finds it, and Rob holds the sheet of paper next to it so that they can compare numbers. They're the same. Rob remarks that Darren never said his father was a decorator. Angela points out that it can't be his father as he's out of work; it must be his mother. She adds that it's funny: when she mentioned getting a professional in, Darren knocked the idea - she got the feeling that he thought they're all rip-off merchants. Rob suggests that some kids don't want to know about the job their parents do. Angela says, "Why not try her?" adding that, if the quote's good, it'll be nice to give her the job and to help out if Darren's father is out of work. Rob tells his wife that he doesn't want her giving the job to somebody just because she feels sorry for them - it's going to cost a lot of money; they want the best job for the best price. Angela says she knows! Rob tells her that, when it comes to being an old softy, she's worse than Beryl! Angela says that, if she's the right person for the job, she'll get it. She picks up the telephone receiver.

At the Palmers', Doug arrives home. David and Beryl are in the kitchen, and Beryl remarks to Doug that she thought he'd be having a liquid lunch - she knows what he's like when he goes to the RSL! Doug indignantly replies that he only had two! He apologises for being late, explaining that he ran into an old army mate of his - Les Davies - who told him that there's another army mate of theirs in town - Billy Woods - who's down there for the march; Les rang him and suggested they get together and have a few beers. Doug continues that he's asked them both over this arvo, adding that he hopes Beryl doesn't mind, as it's short notice. David and Beryl look at each other. Beryl replies that of course she doesn't mind. She offers to do some baking, but Doug tells her not to go to any trouble. She then asks who this Bill Woods is - she doesn't remember Doug mentioning him before. Doug admits that it's a funny thing - he doesn't remember him, but Les reckons he knows him pretty well. He adds that it'll probably come back when he sees him. He goes off to get changed, leaving David to comment to Beryl that he'll be glad when Anzac Day is over. Beryl says the war was very important to Doug, and David can't blame him for wanting to remember. David reluctantly says he supposes so...

At Toorak, Patricia tells Margaret to give her a call when everything's packed, and she'll get Wayne to come and collect her. Wayne, who's sitting at the desk in the living room, looks annoyed. He asks Margaret if she has any idea what time it'll be. Margaret suggests that it'll be around 5pm. As Margaret goes to head for the front door, Patricia tells her to come out the back way, as it's quicker. Margaret goes, leaving Wayne looking thoughtful. When Patricia returns, Wayne tells her that she's mad, adding that Margaret's just using her - it's probably one of those 'You've got to look after me, I'm one of the family' routines. Patricia harrumphs and points out that that's the pot calling the kettle black; Margaret's her sister. Wayne says, "So what?" and adds that Patricia's ignored her for twenty-odd years. Patricia tells Wayne that he doesn't understand. Wayne tells her to try him. Patricia replies that, apparently Margaret looked after their parents for years; she did nothing and should have; Margaret needs help now and she wants to do what she can - it's as simple as that. Wayne snaps that Margaret didn't have to move in there, adding that Patricia could have put her in Jill's flat. Patricia says she didn't want to fob her off - she feels she has to make it up to her for all those years. Wayne snidely tells Patricia that playing the good samaritan doesn't suit her. Patricia snaps back that Wayne will just have to get used to it because Margaret's right - she does owe her - and she wants Wayne to be civil to her. Wayne relucantly says he'll try. Patricia says, "Don't try - do it."

Mrs. Brooks is looking round Rob and Angela's house and says she thinks it has great potential. Rob asks about the price, and Mrs. Brooks replies that it shouldn't be any problem with the amount they have to spend - just cut a few corners and make sure they disguise them. Angela chips in that they thought the walls might need to be replastered, but Mrs. Brooks suggests that they use heavily-patterened wallpaper, as they won't notice the bumps then. She suggests something dark brown with orange birds, to get away from tradition. The three of them go into the back room, which Angela says doesn't get much light; she points out that brown might be depressing. Mrs. Brooks tells her to wait until she brings the sample books round - that'll give them a better idea. They go into the kitchen, where Mrs. Brooks says the floor should be something in the cork tile variety - if they drop something, it's more liable to bounce. Rob announces that he has to go, as he has something to do. Mrs. Brooks says she'll take some measurements. She adds that she likes old places - you can do so much with them; she can walk in and the ideas just start flowing. Angela offers her some coffee, which Mrs. Brooks accepts. Angela puts the kettle on, but looks worried.

A while later, Rob enters the kitchen as Angela pours the coffee. Angela tells him that Mrs. Brooks is upstairs. Rob complains that Mrs. Brooks keeps asking him questions, adding "What do I know?" Angela points out that she's a saleswoman and they're a client she's out to impress; she certainly seems to know her job. Mrs. Brooks returns and says it's a good sized room for a kitchen. Rob says he has to go over to Beryl's, and he tells Mrs. Brooks that he'll see her later. Angela goes to see him out, while Mrs. Brooks starts measuring the kitchen. Outside the front door, Rob tells Angela that she can handle people like Mrs. Brooks - he can't. He kisses Angela and says he'll see her later. He goes. Angela shuts the door.

Doug is polishing his medals on the kitchen table at the Palmers' when David opens the front door to Bill and Les and introduces himself. Doug calls out that he'll just wash his hands. The guests come into the kitchen and David introduces Les and Bill to Beryl. They shake hands. Bill asks where his old mate, Dougie Palmer, is. Doug comes in, looks at Bill and, recognition crossing his face, exclaims, "Cairo Bill!" They shake hands enthusiastically and Doug says, "Blow me down!" There's laughter, and Doug tells Les that it's no wonder he didn't recognise the name. Les laughs that he didn't reckon anyone used Bill's proper name in those days! Les sees Doug's medals and comments that he's getting an early start! David tells them to sit down, and they head off into the lounge room. Bill stays behind and quietly says to Doug, "You still got that commendation medal, have you?" He adds that that's one of his favourite stories. Doug asks Bill not to go bringing that up. He gives Bill some beers and Bill takes them through. Beryl returns to the kitchen and Doug thanks her for making some savouries. Beryl says it's a pleasure. Doug then closes his medal case and puts them on one side. Beryl asks what he's doing, adding that she thought he'd be chinwagging about them. Doug says there are plenty of other things to talk about. Beryl smiles, bemused!

At Toorak, Patricia tells Margaret that she's glad she didn't have much to bring, as it's only a small wardrobe in her room. She pours some tea for her sister. Margaret explains that she only brought the bare essentials - it was a good chance to have a clean out. Patricia says she must do that when she has the time. Margaret continues that she didn't have much to throw away. Patricia recalls that Margaret always had twice as many dresses as she did when they were kids, and she asks her sister if she remembers how they used to love dressing up. Margaret says it was a long time ago; the last few years, she hasn't been able to afford all that much - she just had a part-time job when their father first took sick, but then, when their mother fell ill too, she had to give up work altogether. Patricia asks Margaret how she supported herself. Margaret replies that it was Aunt Mary's money - if it wasn't for her, she doesn't know what she'd have done; their mother and father had nothing. When they died, she went back to work full-time, but she never had much money for clothes after paying for food and living expenses; it took her quite a time to pay off the funerals, too. Looking upset, Patricia says she's let Margaret down rather badly. She explains that it's her pride - it always got her into trouble: when things didn't work out with David, she was damned if she was going to let anybody know - she didn't want to give their parents the opportunity of saying they told her so; then, when she married Gordon, it was so long since she'd had any contact that she just couldn't; she used to think about them all and feel guilty about not getting in touch. She then remarks that she always thought Margaret would have married. Margaret says that's a long story - she'll tell Patricia about it sometime. Patricia realises that Margaret's had a hard life, and she says she's sorry. Wayne, who's standing unseen on the stairs, listens angrily as Patricia says, "From now on, things are going to be different."

In the kitchen at the Palmers', David thows Rob a beer, and Rob says he's glad he decided to come over, as it's been a good afternoon. David says he wasn't looking forward to it much, but that Bill Woods is a bit of a laugh! Rob says it's better than being at home at the moment, as Angela's being flaky about something or other. Laughter suddenly emanates from the lounge room, and David and Rob smile. Rob comments that those stories are getting close to the knuckle! They return to join the others, while Beryl leaves them and heads for the kitchen. Bill asks Doug if he remembers the night in Cairo when he missed out with the belly dancer because he couldn't pronounce her name! There are gales of laughter, but not from Doug! Bill wipes his brow with a hanky and asks Rob if he heard how Doug got his special commendation medal. Doug looks at Bill, stony faced, and asks not to talk about that now. Bill asks why not, adding that it's a good story! Doug gets up and closes the kitchen door, explaining to Beryl as he does so, that it's not for ladies' ears!

Angela and Mrs. Brooks are sitting talking. Mrs. Brooks tells Angela that she's glad her mother recommended her. Angela replies that she's glad Mrs. Brooks got the job! Mrs. Brooks points out that Angela hasn't seen the quote yet, but Angela says she doesn't think there'll be any worries there. She adds that she's pleased it all worked out. Mrs. Brooks says she is, too. Angela continues, "In more ways than one." She then explains that she knows Darren. Mrs. Brooks, looking surprised, says, "Do you?" Angela tells her that they got chatting in the street, and he pops in from time-to-time after school. She adds that he's been a great help - they've had trouble with vandalism, and Darren spent a few nights there; he really helped her relax with her husband away. Mrs. Brooks' smile disappears, and she says Darren told her that he'd been studying at the library most nights. Angela suggests that, what with the family problems, maybe Darren wanted to keep out from under his mother's feet. She adds that she doesn't mind him coming. Mrs. Brooks, though, asks, "What family problems?" Angela asks if Mrs. Brooks' husband hasn't just been retrenched. Mrs. Brooks looks surprised and she says she's divorced - she doesn't see her ex-husband now - he lives interstate. She tells Angela that she thinks Darren's been feeding her a pack of lies...

Doug enters the Palmer kitchen and tells Beryl that the boys are going now. Beryl joins them and says it's nice to have met them. Bill and Les thank her, and Les tells David not to let Doug have too many beers before the Anzac March! The men go to the door, leaving Rob with David and Beryl. Beryl asks what this story was that she wasn't allowed to hear. David laughs that he can't tell her - it's not fit for a woman! Beryl looks at Rob, who shakes his head and says, "Oo, no, no, no!" He adds that Doug would kill him if he found out he'd told! Beryl, amused, says it looks like the chef is going on strike! David gives in! The three of them go into the kitchen, where David tells Beryl not to let Doug know he said anything. Beryl says that of course she won't. David puts down his beer and explains that there was one night in Cairo: the General was at this 'nightclub for men'. While he was there, some smart aleck set fire to the place, and Doug happened to be there the same night. Meanwhile, the General was upstairs with his lady friend. Doug saved him and got the General away without him being noticed! He also got some Arab's clothes for him to wear! Beryl laughs. David continues that, later, the General gave Doug a commendation medal for services above and beyond the call of duty! There's laughter from all three, and Beryl jokes about 'the old devil', adding, "Fancy him going to a place like that!" She says she'll tell him so when he comes back inside! David quickly says, "Don't you dare!" Beryl laughs that she was only joking - after all, if he thinks it's a story a decent woman shouldn't hear, she wouldn't want to shock him by not being shocked! There's further laughter!

It's nighttime, and Patricia tells Margaret that she's sorry she has to go out on her tonight, but it's unavoidable she's afraid - it's a formal dinner and she promsied to be there. She adds that the kitchen's full of food. Margaret says that's fine - just because she's there, it doesn't mean they don't go about their own separate lives; she'd prefer it if they did. Wayne comes in with the newspaper and tells Patricia that she'll be late if she doesn't get a move on. She goes off to have a shower. Wayne sits down and opens up the paper. He looks at Margaret and says, "How about a drink - I'll have a scotch and water, thanks." Margaret looks at him and says she's not thirsty. Wayne nastily replies that Patricia has being very good taking her in - the least she could do is make herself useful. Margaret looks angry, and she tells Wayne that she's a guest, not a servant. Wayne says, "We'll see how long that lasts. I don't particularly want you around, and mother listens to me a lot. If you know what's good for you, you'll get that drink." Margaret glares at Wayne for several seconds, then stands up and goes to get the drink. Wayne looks pleased with himself.

Angela is in the kitchen, washing up, when Rob comes to the back door and asks if he's forgiven and is allowed in. Angela doesn't answer, though, and Rob tells her to come on - he hasn't been able to do a thing right all day. Angela says it's not him - she had a rotten time with Mrs. Brooks. She explains that she mentioned that they knew Darren; apparently, he's been telling them lies. Rob asks what she means, and Angela tells him that, for one thing, there isn't a husband - she's divorced - and he's been telling his mother lies, too, about where he's been going at night. Rob points out that he always said there was something strange about that kid. Angela says she doesn't want him coming round there anymore. Rob says he won't say no to that - it sounds like Darren is trouble anyway. Angela, though, says she doesn't think so. Rob asks why Darren would make up stories, and Angela replies that it might be a way of getting attention, or hoping that they'd come true; she doesn't know. She adds that, from some of the things Mrs. Brooks dropped, though, she gathers she's not a very good mum; she'd say work comes first. She tells Rob that she feels sorry for the kid. Rob says Darren isn't their worry. Angela says she knows, but she can't help wondering what happened to him. Rob points out that it's between him and his mother, not them. Changing the subject, he asks about food, and Angela says she's making tacos. Rob says, "Again?" Angela snaps he can't expect to go drinking all afternoon and then have a roast the moment he gets in. Rob looks surprised at the outburst.

A while later, Rob is opening a beer in the kitchen as Angela serves up. She remarks that she thought he'd have had enough to drink. Rob replies that if she makes her tacos as hot as she normally does, he'll need something to cool him down! He adds that Angela could do with something too. Angela looks at him, and Rob tells her that it must be something more than Darren and Mrs. Brooks; she's been sniping at him since yesterday. Angela says she's sorry - it's just - nothing - she's tired, that's all - she just wishes she knew what to do about Mrs. Brooks. They go into the dining room. Angela says she told Mrs. Brooks she could have the job, but after what's happened, it might make it a bit awkward. Rob suggests Angela tell her that they've decided to get someone else; it's not as if she's started work or anything. Angela says she supposes he's right; she doesn't want to, but it might make the working relationship a bit strange if she knows her son prefers to be there than at home; Mrs. Brooks might resent her. Rob agrees. He adds that they haven't signed a contract or anything. He starts to fill his taco as Angela asks him if he can tell Mrs. Brooks. Rob half jokes that he has to do all the dirty work. There's a sudden hurried knocking at the front door, and Rob goes to get it. He finds Darren standing on the doorstep. The kid announces, "I've left home." Rob looks at Angela.

At Toorak, Margaret is sitting reading a magazine when Patricia comes in, dressed up. She asks where Wayne is, and Margaret tells her that he decided to go out for dinner. Patricia angrily says he should have known she wanted him to keep Margaret company. Margaret says she's used to being on her own. Patricia says she's sorry - she'll try not to be too late. She suddenly realises that she's forgotten her bag. She drapes the fur coat she was carrying over the back of the settee and heads back upstairs. Margaret watches her go. She then puts her magazine down, stands up and crosses to the settee. She starts stroking and smelling the coat, enviously.


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