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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

A short time later, John snaps at Matt that he shouldn't have trusted him. Matt asks if Angela remembered everything and Fiona asks if she was alright. John snaps at Matt that he's got no idea what she could do, and he suggests they search the grounds. The others agree. Matt tells John to have a go at him after they've found her.

The front door opens at Dural and Barbara and Gordon walk into the hallway. Barbara happily says, "Home..." She adds that she can hardly believe it. She limps into the lounge room, where a broad smile crosses her face as she sees that Gordon has arranged vases of flowers all over the bar and the tables. Gordon explains that he didn't want her missing the country. Barbara smiles as she says she was breaking her neck to get back there. Gordon takes out a bottle of champagne from behind the bar, and tears suddenly fill Barbara's eyes. She tells Gordon that she's missed him, and Gordon walks round from behind the bar to hold her. Barbara smiles through her tears and says she's so happy!

Paul is sitting, waiting, in the living room at Woombai, when John and Matt come in. He tells them that he wants to help, but John tells him to stay out of the way. Matt, though, snaps at John to stop it. Paul snaps that it's not his fault Angela is missing. John angrily points out that it was Paul who started the affair in Melbourne. Paul ignores this and asks whether, now she's remembered, Angela will remember everything. John snaps that he hopes so, as then she won't want to know Paul.

Barbara and Gordon are sitting on the settee in the lounge room at Dural, and Barbara says it was so boring being sick. Gordon remarks that the nurses seemed sad to see her go. Barbara smiles and tells him that the nurses called her, 'Lois the Limp'! She adds that the nurses were also placing bets on whether she'd make it down the aisle! She then tells Gordon that she's glad they're alone tonight. Gordon replies that Wayne can be tactful when he wants. Barbara comments that Gordon and Wayne seem to be getting along splendidly, and Gordon replies that they're following her example with Wendy. Barbara says she hopes Gordon doesn't mind her telling Wendy to take the job in Hong Kong. The 'phone starts ringing, and Barbara sighs as she realises it's not going to stop. Gordon gets up to answer it. It's Stephen, who explains that he's 'phoning to see if Gordon and Barbara got home. Gordon tells Stephen that Barbara is dying to talk to him, and he puts her on. Barbara mock-annoyedly asks Stephen why he's bothering them on her first day home. Stephen replies that he wanted to tell her about the new lady in his life - it's the real thing this time. Barbara suggests he tell them at breakfast tomorrow. She hangs up and tells Gordon that her brother is in love again. She adds that they could invite Stephen's new lady to their wedding.

Stephen, Gordon and Barbara are at the breakfast table the next morning, and Stephen raises the subject of his new lady, saying he'd like to invite her to the wedding. Gordon tells him that she's very welcome, and Barbara adds that they would like to meet her. Stephen replies that they know her, actually: it's Patricia. Gordon and Barbara look at each other in shock.

At Woombai, Fiona puts a large pot of coffee down on the living room table. John comes in and Fiona asks him if he had any luck finding Angela, but he says he didn't. He then says he's going to call the police, but Fiona suggests he wait until Matt and Paul come back. She pours him a coffee. John says he wonders where Angela spent last night. Fiona says she doesn't understand Angela not coming back, but John replies that she was disgusted with him when she ran off. Fiona tells him that Angela needs to talk to Matt and then she should be fine. She tells John not to worry - Angela's sure to try to contact Matt, as she trusts him. She adds that, in the long run, no real harm has been done.

Angela is walking along, aimlessly, a dirty, ripped old sack wrapped around her to keep her warm.

At Dural, Stephen snaps at Gordon that he doesn't understand him: he thought Gordon would be more civilised. Gordon curtly replies that he doesn't want Patricia in his house, full stop. Barbara adds that Patricia made Gordon's life a misery when they were married. Stephen retorts that Gordon and Patricia weren't compatible - she just needs someone who can handle her. Barbara snaps that if Stephen was smart, he'd forget all about Patricia. Gordon announces that he's going to the study to work, and he gets up and leaves the sparring siblings. Barbara remarks to Stephen on him putting his foot in his mouth like that. Stephen remarks that anyone would think he was involved with Dracula's daughter. Barbara snaps that he's not far wrong. She continues that Patricia is bad news - he should thank his lucky stars that there will be thousands of miles between them soon.

Paul gets out of a jeep in the grounds of Woombai. He starts walking along the path, fairly aimlessly, when he looks up and suddenly sees Angela in the distance. He runs over to her; she still has the ripped sack wrapped around her. He asks her what she was doing, but Angela distantly just says she didn't think. Paul asks her where she was, but she replies that she was all over the place - when she got cold, she went to 'The White T-Shirt'. Paul points out that that's miles from there. Angela explains that she had to be by herself. Paul tries to give her his jacket, to keep her warm, but she snaps that she's alright. She throws off the old sack and tells Paul that she has to talk to Matt: she's remembered everything.

Inside, Angela tells John that she knows now why he let her think she was married to him. She continues that, when she realised the truth, she freaked, and that's why she ran; she's sorry for scaring everyone. She adds that she understands now why she blocked everything out - she's not very proud of what she did...; she remembers losing the baby... Matt tells her that she has to make some decisions about her future. Angela replies that she's spoiled everything with Rob - she can't go back to him because he'd never take her back. She then turns to Paul and tells him that he's been a really good friend to her, and she's realised she still has feelings for him. Paul hugs her.

Kevin, Peter and Beryl arrive at the Palmer house, talking about the fact that Kevin has taken the afternoon off to collect Lynn from the airport and also about the fact that they've just come from David's appeal hearing. Kevin remarks that as soon as the police catch up with Margaret... Peter chips in that he knows it looks bad for her, what with her offering the money for David's defence, but why should she destroy the note from Martin? Beryl points out that that's what the police will be asking her. She then turns to Kevin and asks him to get Davey's cot out of the shed. She leaves Kevin and Peter to it, and Peter immediately asks Kevin when he's going to tell his mother about the fact that he's moving in with Rob. Kevin says she's bound to be upset, but Peter replies that he's sure she'll be OK about it.

A while later, in the lounge room at the Palmers', Beryl snaps that Kevin should have told her before she fixed up his and Lynn's room. Kevin tells her that he only just got it fixed up with Rob. He adds that he's doing it to please Lynn, as she always wanted them to have a place of their own. He continues that Lynn always said he never considered what she wanted, but she's his wife, and she has to come first. Beryl tells him that she understands. Kevin adds that they'll be staying at the Palmer house tonight, and they'll move to Rob's in the morning.

Matt brings his packed bags into the living room at Woombai. John is there, and he immediately asks Matt if he's going to let Angela go off with that creep. Matt points out that it's Angela's choice. He then adds that some people could take John's attitude to Paul to be jealousy. A furious look appears on John's face, and he threatens Matt that if he repeats that to anyone, he'll flatten him.

Beryl goes into the kitchen at the Palmers' and tells Peter that he can come out now! Kevin tells Peter that it was heavy for a while, but Peter replies that at least Kevin can talk to his parents; if only Martin could have told him how he felt, instead of writing it down. He then adds that Martin always wanted one of his sons to join the airforce; Adam didn't want to, and now John's dropped out, so he's going to have a bash at joining.

Fiona, Paul, Angela and Matt are in the living room at Dural, and Paul says to Angela that they'd better make a start. Fiona tells Angela that Gordon and Barbara will be glad she and Paul are going to see them. Angela thanks Fiona for everything, adding that she knows how difficult it was for her. Fiona replies that she could see Angela needed help. Angela says she knows she's disappointed Fiona too many times - and now again... Fiona replies that it's always sad to see a marriage break up - especially when you know and like both the parties... She then calls out to John, who comes in. Angela tells him that she's been looking for him everywhere, and she asks him if he's going to Gordon's wedding. John says he's not sure if he can make it. He then turns to Paul and tells him to take good care of his sister...

Gordon, Barbara and Stephen are at Dural, and Gordon remarks that Angela getting her memory back couldn't have happened at a better time. Barbara suggests that maybe they could get Matt to talk to Stephen, and use aversion therapy on his interest in Patricia! Gordon points out that Patricia will administer the therapy herself if Stephen sees too much of her. He leaves Barbara and Stephen to it, and Stephen tells his sister that he has to go to London after the wedding and he wants to spend as much time with Patricia before then - and he's missing her already. Barbara replies that Gordon will never agree to Patricia being at the wedding, and she doesn't want her there, either. Stephen says he'll be there all day, and if Patricia makes trouble, he'll throw her out himself.

Fiona and John are in the living room at Woombai, and Fiona complains that her eyes are burning a hole in her head. John suggests that she needs some sleep. He then asks if she has a job going, as Patricia has a lot of financial problems and he wants to start sending her some money. Fiona points out that she's sure Patricia would rather have him at Toorak with her, but John replies that she'd just end up leaning on him. Fiona tells him that she'd love to have him on the payroll, but there's something he should know. She tells John to listen to her, because when she's finished, he'll wake up to what a wonderful girl Jill really is.

In the study at Dural, Barbara tells Gordon that she thinks they should let Stephen invite Patricia to the wedding. Gordon looks surprised, and points out that Patricia will go all out to upset them. Barbara replies that Stephen is a sucker for a beautiful woman - plus he has money... Gordon asks if Barbara is suggesting that Patricia might be after him for his wealth. He then realises that it might calm Stephen down if he sees Patricia at her worst. Barbara tells him that Patricia can't spoil their day, but if she can put Stephen off her, it'll round the day off beautifully. She hugs Gordon as she continues, "I'm going to give Patricia just enough rope to hang herself..."


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