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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

The radio is on in the kitchen at the Palmers', but no one is out there listening to it. Someone suddenly starts knocking on the front door, but there's no answer. The visitor is Tony. He knocks again, but still no one answers, and so he decides to climb into the house through the open lounge room window. As he does so, though, Beryl walks into the house through the back door with a basket of washing. She goes into the lounge room, sees Tony climbing through the window and drops the basket on the floor. She angrily asks him who he is, and he introduces himself, adding that he didn't think anyone heard him knock. He continues that she must be Dave's old lady, and, looking around, adds, "Nice place!" He then looks at the photo on the sideboard of Kevin and Lynn on their wedding day and asks if Dave's home. Beryl, slightly flabbergasted, says he isn't. Tony says he'll call back later then. Beryl tells him that David will be sorry to have missed him. She asks him if he'd like to wait, and she offers him some lunch, which he accepts.

Stephen and Gordon are sitting at the dining table at Dural, looking over some figures. Stephen adds them up and comes up with a different total to Gordon, and they realise there must be a mistake somewhere. Wayne comes in and Gordon points out the freshly-brewed coffee on the table. Gordon then asks where Barbara is, and Wayne replies that he left her in town, making arrangements for her wedding dress. Gordon asks him if she told him that Stephen wants to bring Patricia to the wedding. Stephen snaps that he likes to make up his own mind, and he starts to head out to the study to call her. Gordon reminds him that if there's any trouble... When Stephen has gone, Wayne remarks to his father that he never thought he'd see Patricia back at the house...

On the 'phone, Patricia tells Stephen that he has got to be joking - there's no way she'd be welcome. Stephen tells her that she'd be there as his partner, but Patricia replies that she thinks it's in extremely bad taste. Stephen tells her that he's not taking 'no' for an answer. Patricia replies that she hardly knows him, and she's not going to embarrass herself for a total stranger. Stephen tells her that he hopes he won't be that for long... Patricia says she's not going to change her mind.

At Dural, Wayne says to Gordon that he can't imagine Patricia not stirring up trouble. Stephen comes back and says Patricia doesn't think she can make it. Wayne goes out, and Gordon comments to Stephen that things aren't quite as clear-cut as he thought. Stephen admits that they're not. He then suddenly appears to think of something and announces that he has to go out.

Jill is on the 'phone in the flat, smiling happily and saying it's wonderful and she can't wait. She hangs up and goes to the front door to head into the main house. As she opens the door, though, she finds Wayne standing there, about to knock. He asks her if she'd like to go for lunch, but Jill says she can't; she excitedly tells him that John is coming - he still loves her! She continues that she wanted Wayne to be the first to know, as he's been such a good friend to her. She heads off to tell Gordon the good news as well, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

Beryl and Tony are sitting at the table in the Palmers' kitchen, and Beryl is telling Tony about how Peter is joining the airforce, meaning there will be a job at the coffee shop. Tony is saying it sounds great when Kevin comes in. Beryl introduces the two young men to each other, and Kevin sits down for some lunch. Beryl explains to Kevin that she's been telling Tony about the coffee shop, but Kevin snaps that Peter hasn't even joined the airforce, yet. Beryl asks why wouldn't he join, and Kevin replies that he's going to try and talk him out of it. He turns to Tony and tells him that there may not be a job after all. Tony comments that he didn't want the job anyway. Beryl then tells him that she and David were taken in by an ex-prisoner a while ago and they lost a lot of money; they got it back, but they're just a bit wary now. Tony replies that he can't blame them. Beryl continues that David is a good judge of character, and if Tony wants a job, then it's his. Tony looks happy as he tells Beryl that most people aren't honest like that. He adds that he'll take the job!

By the front door at Dural, Gordon hugs Angela as Paul stands and watches. Angela tells Gordon that it's so good to see him again. Gordon replies that he's glad she's there. Angela continues that she's got so many people to thank: Matt, Fiona, Paul... She then tells Gordon that she and Paul have decided to stay together. Gordon looks taken aback momentarily, and he asks about Rob. Angela tells him that Rob won't forget about what happened - and she loves Paul. Gordon holds out his hand to Paul and Paul gratefully shakes it and thanks him. Angela asks Paul to take her bags upstairs, and she then tells Gordon that she needs to talk to him.

A short time later, in the study, Gordon tells Angela that Barbara is looking forward to seeing her. Angela smiles, and then says they need a father/daughter talk. She continues that she remembered what happened in Wayne's room that night - but she's not going to hold it against him. Gordon tells her that it doesn't forgive what he did. He continues that he's been ashamed of it all his life; he loved Nancy so much, and he made Wayne's life a misery for seven years for something that wasn't his fault; he farmed Wayne out to his parents and to boarding schools - anything so he didn't have to have him around; it was only that night that he made the effort - he was so ashamed, he had to. Angela remarks that that explains why he's put up with so much from Wayne, and she asks if they're alright now. Gordon explains that when he first approached Wayne in Melbourne, he was doing it out of a sense of duty, but now he's really started to care about him. Angela promises that she won't tell anyone about what happened. She then says she has to call Patricia. Gordon leaves her to it.

On the 'phone, Patricia looks happy as she says it's wonderful. Angela tells her mother that she can't wait to see her - she'll be down as soon as the wedding's over to tell her her plans for the future. Patricia tells Angela to tell her over the 'phone, but Angela says she'd rather do it face-to-face, adding that a few days won't make any difference. The two women both say they love each other and then hang up. Patricia looks very happy. She picks up her bag to head out, but as she leaves the house, a car pulls up in the driveway. It's a Rolls. Stephen gets out and says, "Surprise!"

Inside, Stephen tells Patricia that she's coming to the wedding even if he has to pick her up and carry her! He gives her a bag containing the dress he wants her to wear, leading Patricia to remark that he's very sure of himself. Stephen repeats that he doesn't expect 'no' for an answer. Patricia tells him that, seeing he's gone to so much trouble, she'd better call her hairdresser to see if she can fit her in. Stephen tells her that he'll be her chauffeur for the afternoon!

Jill and Angela are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Jill is excited because John will be there in a minute, but Angela asks about Brian. Jill replies that she hasn't seen him since he took off, and she's got no way of contacting him - he's paranoid about being found out. Angela asks Jill if she's told John what's happening, as he can get jealous. Jill says she doesn't see why, as she's just helping Brian out. Angela points out that it's dangerous being involved with two men... Gordon comes in and tells Angela that he's going to collect Barbara. Angela, who's going with him, heads off to freshen up. Jill tells Gordon that she's pleased Angela's back to her old self again. Gordon agrees, and then adds that he's glad things are working out for her.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl is brushing Kevin's jacket. Kevin complains that he'll be late if he doesn't hurry up, and Beryl remarks that he's really looking forward to seeing her. Kevin says he is. He then add that he hopes Lynn is OK about Tony being at The Terrace, as she was quite uptight about Noel Devlin. Beryl points out that she's the one who's got to work with him! She then tells Kevin that she'll be with Muriel when he and Lynn come home. Kevin smiles happily.

John pulls up in the driveway at Dural. Jill is standing outside the house, waiting for him. John gets out of the car and walks over to her. He comments that he didn't think he'd make it. Jill looks at the state of the car and realises what he means! The two of them then hug. Out of sight, Wayne pulls up in his car and watches, looking angry.

Paul joins Gordon in the lounge room and tells him that Angela will be down in a minute.

Wayne gets out of his car.

Paul tells Gordon that, while Angela was sick, he didn't bother about his money, but he'd like it to work for him, and this time he wants to listen to Gordon's advice. Gordon asks him if he wants to become one of his and Stephen's clients, and Paul says he does if Gordon doesn't mind. Wayne comes in and says he hopes he's not too late. Gordon tells him that they're all going to go and pick Barbara up, and Wayne curtly says he wouldn't have rushed back if he'd known. Gordon tells Wayne that Paul is going to be one of their clients. The 'phone starts ringing, and Gordon goes out to the study to answer it. Alone with Paul, Wayne tells him that he's got a nerve turning up there. He adds that, if Paul sticks around, he'll do everything he can to make trouble for him.

Kevin carries Davey into the Palmers' lounge room and asks him if he remembers it. Lynn, who follows, looks around and says, with a hint of resignation in her voice, that she does. She asks where Beryl is and Kevin replies that she must have gone to the shops. He carries Davey over to where Beryl has marked the kid's height on the door frame and holds him against it; the mark is in exactly the right place. Lynn tells Kevin that Davey is tired, and Kevin goes to put him in his cot. When he's gone, a worried look crosses Lynn's face, and she sighs heavily.

In the flat at Dural, John and Jill are kissing passionately. When they manage to pull themselves apart, Jill tells John that they can't get married straight away. John points out that, now that Brian has taken off, Jill can just get the marriage annulled, but Jill tells him that she can't - Brian's too nice a guy. She continues that, when she can get in touch with him, she'll tell him to go to Immigration, and they'll help him stay in the country. John asks how long it will be, and Jill replies that it will be until they get a divorce - at least twelve months. John tells her that, as long as they're together, that's all that matters. He tells Jill that he loves her. Jill replies that she loves him.

Patricia and Stephen arrive back at Toorak, and Patricia asks what time the restaurant is booked for. Stephen replies that it's booked for 8pm, but he adds that he'd like to go somewhere else for drinks first. He then tells Patricia that he didn't have time to book into a hotel - his overnight bag is in the car. Realising what he's implying, Patricia smiles and tells him that he'll have to use the 'phone then!

Lynn is looking at her and Kevin's wedding photo on the sideboard when Kevin comes back in and says it should be really good when they move into The Terrace. Lynn, looking unhappy, tells Kevin that there's something they have to talk about. She continues that they've both changed: he used to hate the idea of working in the bank, and now he's talking about making it his career; she's seen a lot of the world and she's not prepared to go back to being a housewife; she won't be happy; she can't just pick up the pieces where they left off. Kevin asks her what she's trying to say. She tells him that she's not ready, yet, to come back to him as his wife. Kevin looks shocked.


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