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    Written by: Billie Morton    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

Kevin tells Lynn that she's not making any sense. He also tells her that she's not having Davey. Lynn replies that that's fair enough; she's had him for three months, so now it's Kevin's turn - as long as she can still see him. Kevin points out that she's Davey's mother. Lynn tells him that they'll still be able to see each other, but they just need time to sort things out. Kevin angrily asks her how they'll be able to to do that when they're not together, but Lynn replies that they will be. Kevin asks Lynn if she'll at least stay tonight, but Lynn says she can't. Kevin bitterly says he doesn't know what to think anymore. Lynn says they'd better let everyone know what's happening.

A short time later, the Palmer lounge room has been filled by Victor, David and Beryl. Victor rants at Lynn that it's the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard. Lynn tells her father that she loves Kevin; their marriage isn't over, but she's not going back to a life of changing nappies - she needs time to work out what she wants from the marriage. She continues that she'd feel trapped; she'd grow to hate Kevin and she doesn't want that. She then tells her father that she wants to move home until she's sorted herself out. Beryl chips in that it won't hurt to let Lynn stay at home for one night. Vic snaps that she can stay for one night only - no longer.

Gordon opens a bottle of champagne in the lounge room at Dural. Rosie, Barbara, Angela, Paul and Wayne are all sitting in the chairs, and Gordon goes round and pours them each a glass. The talk initially is about tomorrow's wedding, but Gordon then asks Paul what he and Angela propose to do. Paul replies that they plan to set up house there in Sydney. Gordon tells him that they can use the flat, as Fiona's effectively moved to Woombai and John and Jill will soon be joining her. Paul looks wary, but Angela says they'd love to. Wayne looks angry.

Sometime later, out in the hallway, Wayne angrily asks his father what he's supposed to think: Paul walks back in and he gets shoved into the back seat again. Gordon retorts that he's not shoving Wayne anywhere, but Wayne asks why Paul's moving in, and he adds that Gordon is treating Paul like a long lost friend. He then issues an ultimatum: it's either him or Paul. Gordon backs down and says he should have thought - he'll talk to Paul. Wayne, having got his way, apologises for the timing, but adds that he's just trying to be up-front, like they talked about. Gordon says he's glad.

Beryl arrives at The Terrace the next morning and apologises to Rob for being late. She explains about the trouble with Kevin and Lynn and adds that Lynn was going to come over to the Palmers' this morning to talk things through, but she never turned up. Rob asks how Kevin is, and Beryl replies that he's upset. Rob asks what Lynn's hoping to achieve. Sensing the tension, Beryl tells him that it isn't the same as him and Angela - Lynn still loves Kevin. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl answers it. It's Lynn - she tells Beryl that she'd like to come over and talk to Rob.

Kevin is in the kitchen at the Palmers' with Victor, who snaps that it's annoying having to spend a Saturday morning waiting around for Lynn. David comes in from the garden, and Victor continues ranting about Lynn's absence and about her treating their house like a hotel. Kevin eventually snaps at Victor, telling him to shut up. He adds that Victor may be his boss at work, but not at home. Victor tries to tell Kevin that he's on his side, but Kevin snaps that it's not a question of 'sides'. Victor takes offence at this and storms off, snapping as he does so that he only wants to see Lynn happy.

Lynn arrives at The Terrace and Beryl asks her what happened to her this morning. Lynn blames jetlag and explains that she forgot she had to go and see Mrs. Collins. Rob comes in with a tray, and Beryl offers to take over waitress duties so that he can talk to Lynn. Lynn remarks to Rob that she didn't realise the place would be so busy. She offers to help out while she's there, and Rob accepts. Lynn says to him that he's probably heard about her and Kevin, and she adds that she's sorry about him and Angela. Rob mutters that the blokes in his family don't seem to have much luck picking women. He then asks Lynn about living by herself for a while, and Lynn replies that she has to - otherwise she and Kevin will end up with the same problems as before. She then asks Rob if she can move into The Terrace. Rob tells her, "No way," and adds that he doesn't want to get dragged into it. Lynn tells him that this isn't a silly plan that she's just dreamed up; she's had the last three months to think about this. Rob reluctantly agrees that she can stay.

Barbara is admiring the display of flowers decorating the lounge room at Dural, and she tells Rosie that she's done them beautifully. They hear a car pull up outside, and look out the window. Rosie remarks that Fiona's arrived. She then notices that Patricia is also out there as well...

Stephen and Patricia get out of Stephen's Rolls and Patricia walks over to Fiona and says a curt hello. She introduces Stephen. Fiona remarks that she's surprised to see Patricia there. Stephen explains that it was a last-minute decision. Fiona takes the opportunity to tell Patricia that John and Jill are coming to live at Woombai - permanently. Patricia looks annoyed briefly, but then says she's just delighted that the two of them are together again. She and Stephen go inside.

In the lounge room, Rosie tells Barbara that if Patricia spoils the day, she'll have her to deal with. Barbara replies that Patricia won't be staying long enough to spoil anything. Patricia and Stephen enter the house, with Fiona following behind. Fiona hands Barbara a present, which Barbara graciously accepts. Patricia then turns to Stephen and tells him that they left their present in the car. He goes back out to get it, and Fiona heads off to find Rosie. Alone with Barbara, Patricia says to her that she does hope Barbara will like her and Stephen's present. Barbara frostily replies that Stephen has impeccable taste - in most things... Patricia retorts that it's nice to see Barbara coping so well - she thinks Barbara is very brave to go through with the wedding when she's not fully recovered. Barbara looks annoyed.

A while later, Patricia is outside talking to Angela, and she tells her that it's good to see her looking so well. She asks Angela if she's going to come down to Melbourne, but Angela explains about her and Paul deciding to stay together in Sydney. When Patricia tries to protest, Angela tells her that the subject is closed. Patricia comments that she really is going to be on her own, but Angela points out that she and John aren't leaving the country. Patricia says she supposes she'll survive... Angela tells her to stop trying to make them feel guilty.

In the flat, Patricia is talking to John and Jill, and she tells them that it's so good to see them back together again. She then adds that she wishes she could say the same about Angela and Paul. John tells his mother that he and Angela will do whatever they can to help her. There's a knock on the door: Matt is standing there. John introduces him to Patricia, and Matt, looking at her intently, remarks that this is a very pleasant surprise. A gleam in his eye, he adds that she's not exactly as he pictured... Turning to John, he asks to have a few moments with him. Patricia and Jill leave them to it. Matt says to John that he thought he might like to talk about Angela. John replies that he's pleased to see she's better again, but he's not too happy about Paul. Matt then asks John how he is, and he replies that he hasn't felt so happy for months. He apologises to Matt for the way he behaved at Woombai, and he then suggests they join the others.

In the lounge room in the main house, Wayne is standing with a drink as Rosie says to him that it's time he left to pick up Barbara's former mother-in-law. Out in the hall, Paul and Angela are coming downstairs talking about Gordon having told Paul he can't stay there. Paul tells Angela not to make a scene in front of everyone. Wayne listens as they argue and Paul says they can find a place close by. Angela snaps that she's going to have it out with Wayne: she's sick of the spoilt brat always getting his own way. The two of them go into the study and Angela tells Gordon, who's already in there, that they have to talk. Gordon responds that he doesn't think this is the time, but Angela ignores this and continues that he caves in every time; Wayne has got him twisted around his little finger. Wayne is listening outside the slightly-ajar door as Angela continues that Gordon's only acting out of guilt. Seeing the look of worry on Gordon's face about Paul standing there, Angela tells him that Paul already knows. Gordon snaps that she had no right to tell Paul, but Angela tells him that no one's going to judge him; she can understand how he felt. Gordon replies that it wasn't Wayne's fault Nancy died - but he was prepared to stand by and let him die too; he saw it as some sort of revenge. Angela tells Gordon that it was a long time ago, and he can't go on making it up to Wayne forever. Wayne, having heard every word, looks shocked.

The wedding guests have gathered outside the church, and John and Jill are talking to Patricia and asking where she met Stephen. She explains about him buying Toorak. Gordon joins them and asks if anyone has see Wayne. Everyone says 'no'. Stephen explains that he's just spoken to old Mrs. Armstrong and Wayne hasn't turned up. Stephen offers to go and collect her, but Gordon tells him that he may be needed as best man if Wayne isn't there. John offers to go, and Gordon gives him directions. He heads off. The remaining guests go into the church.

Wayne is sitting on a seat by the edge of the swimming pool at the back of Dural, staring at his reflection in the water and looking upset. He slowly loosens and takes off his tie and undoes his top shirt button. He then stands up.

The organ is playing in the church as John escorts old Mrs. Armstrong to a seat next to Matt. With Wayne absent, Stephen is standing next to Gordon.

Wayne slowly walks, via the front door, into the hallway at Dural. He then slowly approaches the lounge room.

Barbara begins her approach to the altar, accompanied by a gentleman of unknown identity.

Wayne walks slowly towards the table that has been set up in the lounge room. It is laden with food, including the wedding cake.

The congregation stands as Barbara limps down the aisle.

Wayne looks bitterly at the wedding cake, which has a mini bride and groom on top.

As Barbara takes her place next to Gordon, he tells her that he's very proud of her. The vicar starts the ceremony.

Wayne stands by the table.

The vicar pronounces Gordon and Barbara to be husband and wife. They turn and kiss each other tenderly.

Wayne swipes a plate of food off the table and onto the floor. He then pulls the wedding cake towards him, looks at it for a few seconds and starts punching it, reining down blow after blow. The two tiers collapse as he destroys it completely. He then sits down on a chair and breaks down in tears.


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