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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

Gordon and Barbara stand outside the church and kiss each other as rice is thrown at them! There's lots of noise and laughter from the guests. Angela comes over and kisses the happy couple before returning to Paul's side. Paul remarks on the fact that Angela threw rice, as it's not something he thought she'd do. Angela explains that Rosie gave it to her. They then realise that Rosie is still inside, upset about the fact that Wayne didn't turn up. Angela asks Paul anxiously if he thinks Wayne heard them earlier. Paul suggests that Angela should go and get Rosie while he gets the car.

At Dural, three of the caterers are trying to clear up the mess caused by food having been flung around the floor in the lounge room.

Outside, a car pulls up and Angela, Paul and Rosie get out. They go into the house and, when they see the mess, one of the caterers immediately tells them that they're clearing things up. He adds that it was the young man - they couldn't stop him. He tells the group that Wayne is now out by the pool, and Rosie runs out to him.

Wayne is sitting, leaning against a wall, looking shattered. Rosie sees how upset he looks and murmurs, "Oh, my poor baby..." She walks over to him and sees that he's covered in bits of food. She tells him that they'll have to get him cleaned up, but Wayne resists. Rosie pleads, "Please. For me?"

In the flat, Rosie tells Wayne that he'll have to apologise to the caterers. She then continues that he mustn't blame Gordon; Wayne was so ill that night - he cried and cried and Gordon couldn't take it any more. Wayne looks at Rosie and says, "You were there?" Rosie tells him that Gordon loves him, and he couldn't bear to see the boy suffering. Wayne snaps that his father couldn't bear having him around, more like. He continues that it all makes sense now: Gordon bringing him into the business, the new car - he was just trying to ease his conscience since Angela found out. Rosie tells Wayne that Gordon will regret that night for the rest of his life. Wayne snarls that he and Gordon have such a terrific relationship. He then gets up and storms outside. Rosie follows him. Wayne gets into his car and tells Rosie that Gordon will never see him again. He roars off down the driveway, leaving Rosie standing there, crying.

In the study, Gordon asks Rosie if Wayne took anything such as clothes. Rosie replies, "Nothing." Barbara tells her that she's not to worry, and Rosie leaves the room. Gordon asks Barbara if she's going to go and join the party, but Barbara replies that she wants to be with her husband. Gordon tells Barbara that he's ashamed of the way he behaved. Barbara replies that she's not there to pass judgement. Gordon continues that he didn't like Wayne from the day he was born - it was OK for the four years that Wayne was with his grandparents, but after he came back following his own marriage to Patricia, he disliked him more than ever; when Wayne had diptheria, he didn't feel a thing for him. Barbara gently suggests that it's time Gordon stop punishing himself. Gordon curses that if only Wayne hadn't heard. Barbara tells him that he can talk to Wayne when he comes back. Gordon smiles and asks Barbara where he'd be without her. Barbara replies that she learnt a lot from Matt; she then suggests that she could be Gordon's analyst! Gordon tenderly replies, "No, just my wife." They kiss and then go to join the party.

As they emerge from the study, Angela comes downstairs, and she tells them how sorry she is. Gordon tells her not to blame herself, and he adds that Wayne will come back. He continues that they'll go ahead with the reception as if nothing has happened. He and Barbara head into the lounge room to applause from the guests.

Wayne is driving along at high speed. He suddenly pulls to a halt at the side of the road, the brakes squealing as he stops sharply. He stares into space for a few seconds and then looks at the 'No Standing' sign that he's stopped next to. He gets out of the car and walks off.

At the Palmers', Peter shows Kevin a sketch of Kevin and Lynn sitting back-to-back with Davey above them, drawn as Cupid, firing arrows down on the couple. Kevin says it's good! Peter tells him to have it, adding that he probably won't be doing any more if the airforce takes him on. David comes in from the garden and Peter leaves for the coffee shop. Kevin thanks him for the sketches as he goes, and he then shows David the drawing. David laughs, "Not bad, the old Pete!" Kevin asks if he should show the picture to Lynn, but David says, "Maybe not." He then suggests that if Kevin wants Lynn back, he has to follow the suggestion in the picture: make her fall in love with him again - stop treating her as his wife, but think of her as his girlfriend all over again.

A while later, David is outside in the Palmers' front garden. He's looking down at the ground when a voice suddenly says, "Hands up, Palmer - you're under arrest!" David looks up and sees Tony standing by the gate! Tony explains that he's there about the job, and he asks about the pay. David tells him that it's not great, but it's regular. He adds that he'll take Tony over to see Rob. They're about to head off when Victor walks along from next door and asks David for a word. David explains that he's about to go out. Seeing Victor looking at Tony, David introduces the kid, and Victor asks him if he's one of Kevin's friends. Tony replies that he and David were inside together.

In the Palmers' kitchen, Kevin is sitting at the table as Victor rants that if a convicted felon is going to be a regular visitor there, he thinks Davey would be better off with the Hardys. Kevin snaps that Davey is fine where he is. Victor says he's concerned about Lynn's safety as well, as the boy is an unknown quantity. Kevin retorts that Tony is going to be working at the coffee shop, so Lynn will see him every day.

Standing by the dining area, Rob welcomes Tony aboard at the coffee shop. David goes into the kitchen, leaving Rob to ask Tony whether he wants to be a cook or a waiter. Tony says, "Neither, really." Rob comments that if he doesn't want the job... Tony replies that he just wants to know what he's got himself into, that's all. Two attractive young women suddenly come in, and Tony remarks, "Check the spunks!" As Rob indicates to them to sit down, Tony says he thinks he'll make a good waiter!

In the lounge room at Dural, Rosie takes a glass of champagne. John, Jill, Stephen and Patricia are making smalltalk, with Stephen commenting that he has to look after Patricia now that he's bought her out of house and home! Patricia wonders aloud what's happened to Wayne. Elsewhere in the room, Barbara bitterly says to Fiona that Patricia has been on her best behaviour all day; she could kill her! She then asks rhetorically why Stephen had to get involved with her. Fiona points out that Patricia does have a certain glamour. Barbara comments that her glamour is 'rather obvious'! Jill is talking to Patricia, and she remarks that Stephen is a bit of a smoothie! She adds that she doesn't think Patricia could find anyone much dishier! As she says this, Patricia looks over at Matt, standing the other side of the room... Paul comes over and asks Patricia for a word. Patricia snaps that she's busy, but Paul tells her that it's rather important. They go into the study.

Paul tells Patricia that they'll never be friends, but he thinks it's time they called a truce. Patricia snaps that she hopes Paul doesn't expect her to play 'happy families'. Paul tells her that he wants them to make an effort - for Angela's sake. Patricia reluctantly agrees, but she threatens Paul not to try and turn Angela against her, as it won't be worth his while... Paul leaves, but as he goes, Matt walks in and shuts the door behind him. Patricia asks him if he wants to use the 'phone, but Matt points out that there's one in the hallway. He then continues that he wanted to see her. Patricia asks if it's about Angela, but Matt replies that they have things to discuss other than Angela. Patricia, a bemused smile on her face, says, "Really?" Matt tells her that she's been staring at him all afternoon. He then adds that she's very beautiful. Patricia says, "Can I go now?" Matt asks if he can see her sometime, but Patricia says she doesn't think so. Matt suggests dinner tonight. Patricia again declines, and Matt suggests they make it some other time. Patricia just smiles at him. Matt leaves the study.

Out in the hallway, Stephen is walking towards the study, glass in hand, as Patricia comes out. He asks her what she and Matt were talking about, and she replies that they were talking about Angela - it was the first time she's heard the full story behind her miracle cure. She then asks Stephen what he thought they were talking about. Stephen smiles and says he thought they were talking about Angela... Changing the subject, he then tells Patricia that he has a proposition: he wants her to come to London with him for two weeks; she can pack tonight and the 'plane leaves tomorrow at 10am. He continues that he knows how she feels, and they can make their relationship as platonic or as involved as she wants. Barbara watches from a short distance away as Patricia agrees that a change of scene might do her good. She adds that she's very flattered he asked.

Fiona suggests to Jill that they should be leaving. Jill replies that it was nice to see everyone getting on so well for a change. She then adds that she's glad the two of them are friends again, as she hated them fighting. Fiona tells Jill that she's very happy to see her and John together. A short distance away, Angela asks Patricia how long she's going for. Patricia replies that it's for two weeks. She adds that she hasn't had time to absorb it yet! She then asks Angela if she's happy. Angela says she is, before adding that she's going to Melbourne tomorrow to talk to Rob.

In the hallway, Barbara angrily asks Stephen if he's out of his mind. Stephen admits, "Maybe." Barbara insinuates that Patricia is after him for his money, but Stephen tells her that it was his suggestion that she come to London, not hers. He adds that she wasn't even keen at first. Barbara snaps that she was probably holding out for Paris and Rome. Stephen asks Barbara why the song and dance, and Barbara tells him that Patricia is no good for him. Stephen points out that that's for him to decide. Barbara snaps that he only likes Patricia because she's the spitting image - in terms of personality, not looks - of their mother. Stephen snaps that he hoped they could get through the day without mentioning their mother. Barbara tells him to deny that that's the reason he's attracted to Patricia. Stephen retorts that he may have his share of hangups, but an Oedipus Complex isn't one of them. Barbara asks him why did he patch things up with their mother when they vowed never to see her again. Stephen replies that ten years is a long time to hold a grudge; he calmed down. Barbara snaps that she hasn't. Stephen remarks that that's obvious. He tells Barbara that she dislikes Patricia because of her resemblance to their mother and nothing else; he suggests they leave it at that. Barbara glares at him.

In the hallway, Patricia hugs John and John tells his mother to send them a postcard from Pommy-land! Patricia goes into the study to retrieve her coat from the rack in there, and Barbara follows her. Barbara tells Patricia that she must feel very clever, getting her claws into Stephen. Patricia bemusedly remarks that Barbara has been lying in wait for her. Barbara snaps that Stephen is no fool, and he'll find out what she's up to soon enough. Patricia snaps that she's not up to anything - she and Stephen are just good friends. Barbara tells her that that isn't what Stephen thinks. Patricia retorts that she hasn't encouraged him. Barbara snaps that she doesn't have to tell Stephen what sort of a woman Patricia is because Patricia will do that without her help. Patricia snaps that Stephen is old enough to look after himself, and she tells Barbara that she's got Gordon to look after now. She continues, bitchily, that she hopes they can be friends, as Stephen's very fond of her, and there's nothing Barbara can do about that. She then smiles and says, "Oh, lovely wedding," before leaving the room. Barbara stands there looking furious.


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