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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Later, when all the guests have gone, Barbara is in the lounge room, where she curses that Patricia was so damn well behaved. Rosie tells her that men just see the pretty face; she adds that Patricia was a right little minx when she first met Gordon: she was after money then, and she's probably after money now. Barbara recalls being told that Patricia was totally broke. Rosie asks her if she thinks Stephen will do anything silly. Barbara asks her if she's implying that he might ask Patricia to marry him. She then adds that she doesn't think her brother's that crazy. They change the subject, and Rosie tells Barbara that Gordon's a lucky man. Barbara says she wonders how he's getting on with Wayne, but Rosie tells her that there's no news yet. She worriedly asks Barbara if she holds what he did against him, but Barbara replies that everyone has bones in their closet. She adds that Gordon is a fine man. Rosie says she hopes Wayne feels the same when he calms down...

Gordon is on the 'phone in the study, and when he hangs up, he tells Paul, Angela and Matt that Wayne's car has been found dumped in a 'No Standing' zone. Matt asks why Wayne would do that, and Gordon explains that he gave it to his son as a gift. Angela says she and Paul will go and collect the car once Gordon and Barbara have set off, but Gordon tells her that they're not going on their honeymoon now. Angela looks shocked, and she tries to change his mind, but Gordon is adamant. She and Paul then leave the study to go and collect the car. Gordon remarks to Matt, "What a mess." Matt tells Gordon not to make it a bigger one...

Out in the hallway, Angela says to Paul that it's all her fault. Paul tells her that it isn't, and he points out that it's all down to Gordon originally, and then Matt making Angela remember, and then Wayne listening in. He tells Angela to stop agonising. They go upstairs to get changed before collecting the car.

In the study, Gordon tells Matt that it's difficult to pretend nothing happened. He adds, "Where the hell is he?" Matt replies that he's off licking his wounds. He then comments that Wayne is very fond of Jill, isn't he? Gordon says he is, and he adds that he's already spoke to Fiona before she, Jill and John headed up to Woombai, and they're going to let him know if Wayne turns up there. Matt says he thinks Wayne might go back there because it's the scene of the crime. As he pours himself a drink, Gordon bitterly asks why Matt had to make Angela remember. He then apologises immediately, and adds that alcohol won't help. He appears to think of something, and tells Matt that he has an obligation to Barbara now.

Rosie is cleaning in the lounge room when Gordon comes in and asks for a few minutes alone with Barbara. Rosie is only too happy to leave them to it. Gordon tells Barbara that he's realised that it's the first day of their marriage, and he's already putting something ahead of her. He continues that she's the most important thing to him now. Barbara smiles happily, and they hug tightly.

Sometime later, Angela, Rosie, Paul and Matt wave goodbye to the happy couple and then walk back into the house. Angela says to Rosie that she's glad they went. Rosie decides to turn in, and she heads upstairs. Matt announces that he thinks he'd better head off; he then adds that Angela's got his number if she needs him. Angela jokes that she hopes she can remember it! Matt tells her and Paul that they seemed happy today, and the couple agree that they were. Angela suggests the three of them should have dinner sometime, but Matt suggests waiting until Patricia returns, and then inviting her as well. He goes, leaving Angela to remark to Paul that Patricia is fighting the men off, what with Stephen Morrell and now Matt. Paul tells Angela that he loves her, and they hug and kiss.

Kevin and Lynn arrive at The Terrace after a night out. Lynn goes upstairs and Kevin joins Rob in the kitchen. Rob asks where they went, and Kevin replies that it was a little French restaurant. He adds that Lynn certainly learnt a lot overseas, as you would have thought she was French, the way she rattled off the menu! Rob tells Kevin that it's good that he's getting a second chance. Kevin, looking sympathetic, asks Rob if he thinks about Angela much. Rob replies that she's got her memory back - although he heard that second-hand from Beryl - and she's decided to stay with Paul. He tells Kevin that at least Lynn loved him enough to come back.

The next morning, Lynn is posing in a garden somewhere, while a photographer takes photos. They call a break, and Lynn walks over and sits down next to Kevin, who's watching. Kevin tells his wife that she should be in the movies! Lynn tells Kevin that she's glad he agreed to come. Kevin replies that he's interested. He then adds that it's good that they can relax again. Lynn replies that they're happy. Kevin asks how long it will be before they can live together again. Lynn says she's not sure: it'll be when she knows she can trust him not to take her for granted, and when the modelling doesn't get in the way.

Rob runs down the stairs at The Terrace, goes into the kitchen, picks up a few things and runs out of the house. He goes to his car, unlocks it and gets in. As he does so, a taxi pulls up in front of him and a woman gets out. It's Angela. Rob looks at her.

Inside, Rob snaps that he's already late for work. Angela tells him that she's come a long way to see him. Rob snaps that he already knows about her and Paul, and he sarcastically thanks her for not telling him herself. Angela insists that she was going to tell him, but she had the wedding yesterday. Rob snaps that she's put him last again. He then rants that he doesn't care about Paul. He tells Angela that she's too damn common to stay with one man - she wants Paul because of his money and because he's the type of creep that Patricia wanted her daughter to be involved with, because he can give Angela everything she wants. He then adds that he loved Angela, but it wasn't enough. Angela tells him to stop it; it's nothing like that.

In the main house at Dural, Rosie asks Paul if Angela is in the flat, but Paul says she isn't - she's in Melbourne. Rosie asks if she's seeing Rob, and Paul sourly says she is. Rosie says she hopes the girl wakes up to herself. She then tells Paul that Rob is ten times the man he is. She continues that Paul hurts people: Gayle, the shares business which upset Gordon and Fiona, Wendy Armstrong... She tells Paul that if Angela stays with him, she'll regret it.

At The Terrace, Angela tells Rob that she didn't fall in love with Paul and out of love with him. She continues that, when she found out she was pregnant, she broke it off with Paul - that's what she was doing the day that Rob sprung them. She tells Rob that it was his baby, but Rob points out that she can't be sure. Angela replies that she wanted it to be. She then continues that, when her memory came back, she knew he could never really forget what she'd done - he's not the sort of man who could - and she's not going back into a marriage with no chance of working. Rob listens, but doesn't respond. Angela remarks on his silence, but Rob tells her that he doesn't have much to say. He asks Angela what he wants her to do with her share of The Terrace. Angela, shocked at this blunt response, tells Rob that she just tried to explain how she feels, and she asks if there's nothing he wants to say. Rob tells her that she's right about how he feels. Angela gives up, and tells Rob to let Patricia have her share of The Terrace, as she needs the money. She gets up and says goodbye, before telling Rob that she's sorry she hurt him. She goes, and Rob stands there and sighs. He suddenly realises what he's done, and he runs outside after her. He tells Angela, "I love you." Angela tells Rob that she loves him too; that's what makes it so hard.

At Woombai, John is on the 'phone to Peter, and he remarks that it's a bit of a turnaround. He then turns to Jill and explains that Peter has applied to join the airforce. He then asks Peter what he thinks his chances are, and Peter replies that he thinks they're really good. John tells him that, if it's what he wants, then good luck. Peter sends his love to Jill and hangs up. Fiona, who's also sitting there listening, remarks that she thought Peter was the anti-airforce side of the family. John comments that it's crazy - he was all gungo-ho, and now he's up there, at Woombai! He puts down the cup he's holding and announces that that's the end of smoko, and he has to get back outside to get the men cracking. He goes, leaving Fiona to comment to Jill that John was treating the men like he was on a parade ground, this morning. Jill says she thinks leaving the airforce got to him more than he's letting on. Fiona smiles and says she's got a feeling that things will be on the up and up from now on. She gets up and goes outside. As she comes out the door, though, she sees Wayne standing there, still wearing his wedding suit and looking quite dishevelled. She tells him that he shouldn't have come there. Wayne says he wants to see Jill, but Fiona tells him that Jill has her own life, and she suggests that he talk to Gordon. Wayne ignores this and asks if Jill is inside. Fiona curtly says it's her house, and he's not going inside unless she says so. Realising he's not going to go away, though, she says she'll talk to Jill first. Wayne asks Fiona if she's going to warn Jill off. Fiona snaps that she doesn't see Wayne has much choice. Wayne says he only wants to talk to her.

When Fiona tells Jill what she's done, Jill angrily asks how low Fiona can get. She adds that Wayne must be a mess. Fiona replies that Wayne's type are at their most dangerous when they're down. Jill starts to say that she wouldn't be much of a friend if-- but Fiona interrupts her and snaps that she doesn't know why Jill is his friend. Jill replies that he's changed - he was good to her when she had her troubles. Fiona asks what if she doesn't want Wayne there. Jill snaps that she can't do that. Giving in, Fiona tells Jill not to come running to her if Wayne comes between her and John.

Jill runs outside. Wayne is still standing there, and Jill runs up and hugs him, telling him that she's so sorry. Fiona stands in the doorway and watches, looking upset.


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