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    Written by: Christine V. Schofield   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

The 'phone is ringing at the Morrell Sydney apartment, but the place is in darkness. The caller, Stephen, hangs up and snaps, "Damn!" Patricia asks if there's still no answer and Stephen replies that Amanda is obviously keeping out of his way until he's calmed down. Patricia says it's probably Amanda's idea of a joke, and Charlie asks where Amanda gets her sense of humour from: Stephen?! Stephen just snaps that Amanda needs putting in her place. Patricia says she thought it was quite harmless, and Charlie chips in that she thinks it's a case of the green-eyed monster: no girl likes to hear second-hand that daddy has a gorgeous new woman in his life. Stephen says that's no excuse for plain rudeness. He rhetorically asks where his daughter could be, and Charlie tells him that she's probable crowing about it where she'll get a good reception. She points out who the obvious person is to appreciate a joke at Patricia's expense: Aunty Barbara. Stephen realises, "Of course." He goes to the 'phone and dials Dural, where Angela answers. Stephen asks her if Amanda's there, and Angela replies that she was, but she and John headed off a couple of hours ago. Stephen says he's sorry he missed her. Angela tells him that he'll be able to catch up with them tomorrow: when they headed off, they said something about driving down. Stephen asks Angela if she means to Melbourne, and Angela says yes, as far as she knows. Stephen thanks her and hangs up. He tells Patricia and Charlie that Amanda and John are travelling down to Melbourne by car.

John and Amanda arrive back at the Sydney apartment, and John remarks that that wasn't a bad meal for $20. Amanda asks what they do now, and John suggests they throw some clothes in a bag and head for Melbourne. Amanda says, "At this hour?" John tells her that he likes driving at night, but Amanda says she can think of better things to do. John asks, "Like what?" Amanda flirtatiously tells him, "Come on...". She then adds that they can go to Melbourne tomorrow - they'll be more relaxed after a good night's sleep... John says he'd better hit the sack, and he wishes Amanda goodnight. Amanda, though, says, "John..." John asks if there's something she wants, and she makes pleading eyes back at him. John remarks that she's not backward in coming forward! Amanda replies that if she left it to him, they wouldn't get anywhere. John tells her that she's right there, and he adds that he'll see her in the morning!

Stephen says that, at least with Amanda driving down, it'll give him time to think of a suitable punishment. He asks to be excused, as he has work to do in the study. He walks off, leaving Charlie to comment to Patricia that she's being very sweet about Amanda's effort; if she had a stepdaughter like that, she'd do something about her. Patricia says, "Give me time, Charlie..." Charlie replies that that sounds more like the Patricia she knows and loves! She asks Patricia what she has in mind, but Patricia replies that she doesn't know yet - but if Amanda tries to get her claws into her, she'll realise she's made one dreadful mistake. Charlie says it sounds like it's going to be handbags at fifty paces!

John walks into the lounge room at the Morrell apartment, dressed in just his underpants. Amanda is sitting on the couch and she asks him if he's changed his mind. John tells her that he's just getting a drink - hot milk. Amanda thanks him for reminding her that she's back in Oz, where real men drink hot milk! She asks John what he does for fun: curl up in bed with his football boots?! John laughs sarcastically and tells Amanda that there's no need to get nasty. He adds that he can't turn his feelings on-and-off like a tap. Amanda asks who's talking about feelings? John asks, "Why make things complicated?" but, in reply, Amanda asks what's complicated about two people having a good time together. She stands up and asks if there's something about her that turns John off. John says, "No." Amanda asks what's wrong, but then answers her own question, saying, "I get it: 'You're a nice girl, and I like you as a friend, but there's someone else.'" John remarks that she's a mind reader, but Amanda just says she's heard it all before. She adds, "Better luck next time." She moves and stands to face the half-naked John close-up, and says it's a pity. She then puts her arms round his neck, kisses him and asks if that helps. John says, "Mmm..." Amanda goes to walk away, but John tells her, "Hey, I've changed my mind." He pulls Amanda back to him, and they start kissing, passionately...

The next morning, John is having breakfast when Amanda comes out and says it's a good day for travelling. She kisses him, but when he fails to respond, she asks what's up, adding that it looks like an attack of the guilts. John tells her that he wasn't really fair with her - she was right last night about there being someone else. Amanda asks what she cares - she had a good time last night and thought John did too. John says he did. Amanda suggests they leave it at that, then: a good time last night. John agrees. Amanda asks if there's anything in the 'fridge for a picnic lunch.

Later, John is driving and Amanda is trying to locate a decent station on the car stereo, but can't find anything that plays music. She sarcastically asks John if he can't go a bit slower, but John replies that he's at the speed limit. Amanda says she could get them there in half the time, but John tells her that it's not his car. Amanda asks to drive, but John says no. Amanda tells him he's a chauvanist, and adds that cars like the one he's driving are built for speed and he's not even interetsed in finding out what it's capable of. John thinks for a second and then puts his foot down!

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Tony says it was a good movie last night - Humphrey Bogart wasn't bad! David looks at Beryl and tells Tony that she used to have a soft spot for Bogart! Beryl puts a bowl of washing on the table. Tony finishes his breakfast and says he'd better go and have a shower. He puts his dirty bowl in the sink and starts to head to the bathroom. Beryl, though, snaps that she's just finished washing up. Tony returns to the sink, starts washing his dish and, half-jokingly, says, "I'd better pull my socks up, eh?" Having finished that, he goes to bathroom. Beryl says to David that if Tony's going to live there, he'd better pull his weight, as she's not running after him. David tells her that no one's expecting her to, but it does take time to get used to how a place runs. Beryl says she expects Tony to do the same things as when the kids lived there. David snaps that Kevin got everything he asked for, but Beryl yells back that the most stupid thing David's ever done is throw Kevin out. David yells that he can come back any time he wants - as soon as he realises he's not boss cocky round there. He adds that it got Kevin and Lynn back together, but Beryl snaps that that was no thanks to him. David asks Beryl what's wrong with her today, and Beryl replies that she's sick and tired of being taken for granted - if she's going to play Mum, wants to play Mum to her own children first.

Kevin and Rob enter the kitchen at The Terrace. Phillipe is humming. Kevin and Rob ask what's for breakfast, and Phillipe gives them croissants. Rob asks if that's it, and Phillipe tells him that that's what they have in France! Rob says that may be the case in France, but not there - he'll drop dead if he has to do a day's work on that! He gets some more food out of the 'fridge and offers Kevin eggs and bacon. Kevin declines, though. He says he'll take a cup of coffee to Lynn, as she's been awake for most of the night. Lynn comes downstairs at that moment, though. Kevin tells her that she thought she'd still be in bed. He asks how Davey is and she tells him that the child has his father's cold, and she thinks they should take him to the doctor. Kevin says he can't get off work until lunch, and so Rob offers to take him, as he's not doing anything today. Davey starts crying upstairs, and Phillipe offers to go and check on him. By the front door, Kevin asks him if he's changed a nappy before, and Phillipe says he hasn't. Kevin tells him, "Boy, have you got something coming up!" In the kitchen, Lynn says to Rob that it's good to see Kevin and Phillipe getting on so well. Rob asks her if she thought they wouldn't. Lynn replies that she thought Kevin might get the wrong idea about her and Phillipe. Rob says he got the same sort of feeling when Phillipe first arrived, but he was wrong though, eh? Lynn uncertainly says, "Yeah..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Paul tells Angela that he doesn't see why she wants to go on with the counselling. Angela replies that it's only fair on Rob - if she can work out where she went wrong with him, she won't make the same mistakes with Paul. Paul says he reckons Patricia's glad to have Angela down in Melbourne so she can tell her what a bad influence he is. Angela suggests Paul come and play golf with them, and relax. Paul admits that he supposes he is a bit insecure. He goes. Angela makes a call.

Beryl gives David a shirt she's ironed, and, she then puts her hand to her head. David asks her if she has a headache, and Beryl says she has. The 'phone rings, Beryl answers it, and, after the STD pips have sounded, Angela comes on. She tells Beryl that she's coming down to Melbourne tomorrow, for more counselling with Rob. Beryl says she's glad. Angela says she felt awful last time, but Paul isn't coming down on this occasion. Beryl admits that she did come on a bit heavy, but Angela replies that she deserved it. Beryl says she appreciates the call and she tells Angela that David wants to talk to her. David takes over the call and Beryl goes into the kitchen, where Tony has just finished a cup of tea and is putting his dirty cup in the sink. He goes to walk away, but Beryl gives him a dirty look and he quickly starts washing up. Beryl says she has a migraine, so she hopes they can manage without her at work this morning. Tony says he reckons they can manage with Phillipe there. David comes in and says Patricia's back in town: she's got married again. Surprised, Beryl remarks that it didn't take her long. Tony asks if Patricia was the one who hung David up on the murder charge. David starts putting his jacket on and replies that if it wasn't for Margaret spilling the beans on the letter, he'd still be there. Beryl asks David where he's going and David replies, "To have it out with her." Tony tells him to give it to her, but Beryl looks at the kid and says, "For God's sake, shut up."

Patricia is writing some letters in the lounge room at Toorak when Stephen says he has to leave for a meeting in a moment. Patricia decides to go and do her writing outside. As she heads out, Stephen asks her to put Amanda's telegram in the bin. Charlie comes in, sees Stephen reading the paper and asks if there's any gossip in there. Stephen curtly says, "Not in the financial pages." Charlie comments that he only makes the news; he doesn't read about it. Stephen asks her what she means, and Charlie replies that there was a time when you couldn't pick up the paper without reading about Stephen Morrell and his latest flame. Stephen snaps that she shouldn't always believe what she reads - he's now a happily married man and the gossip columns will have to find someone else to go to town on.

As Patricia goes outside, David is approaching and he yells that he wants a word with her. Patricia asks what about and David replies, "Destroying evidence." Patricia tells him that she hasn't got the faintest idea what he's talking about, but David yells, "Like hell you haven't." Patricia tells him to keep his voice down, and David angrily asks her if she's scared her new husband might overhear them. He then says he's going to make sure Stephen knows what a two-faced bitch he's married to...

As David forces Patricia into the lounge room, Stephen asks David who he is. David just replies, "So you're the lucky bloke." He angrily says he hopes Stephen knows what he's getting himself into because, the first chance she gets, Patricia will stab him in the back like she did him. Patricia tells Stephen not to listen to this, and Charlie asks if she should call the police. David snaps at her to stay out of it. He then yells that Patricia let him sit in jail on a murder charge when she had the evidence to get him off, and if it wasn't for her sister blowing the whistle, he'd still be there with a life sentence. Patricia snaps that Margaret and David cooked this up, but David looks at her and warns her that she should get worrried - she knows what the punishment is for destroying evidence. Patricia tells him that, if there'd been a shred of evidence, she'd have heard from the police by now. Stephen suggests to David that he'd better leave. David yells that anyone can see Patricia's lying. He wishes Stephen 'good luck' and then venomously says to Patricia, "I suppose I got off light really - I could've married you." Patricia looks at Stephen in concern.

Outside, David gets in his car, slams the door and roars off. Inside, Charlie says she's sure Stephen understands - it was only an affair, and it was over and done with a year ago, but some people never know when to give up. Stephen just says they'll talk about it later - he's late for his meeting. He heads out, but Patricia chases after him and tells him that David is unstable. Stephen, though, assures her that only one thing matters: he loves her. He goes, and Charlie remarks that that was close. Patricia agrees, "Just a trifle..." Charlie then comments to Patricia that she seemed stuck for words, and Patricia admits that she was thrown. Charlie remarks that that's not like her, and Patricia replies that she's never been this much in love before - she has a lot to lose if Stephen believes David.

At The Terrace, Phillipe gives Tony a meal to serve to table three. Tony looks at it and asks what it is! Phillipe carries on preparing vol-au-vents, and Tony says it's supposed to be chicken mornay. Phillipe tells him to try it, but Tony says, "Not on your life!" As Tony walks into the eating area, Beryl arrives. Tony asks her if she's feeling better, and she says yes. She asks how Lynn's coping, but Tony says she's not there. He adds that the frog's going alright! Beryl asks where Lynn is, and Tony explains that she and Kevin took Davey to the doctor. He gives the plate to Beryl to serve. At that moment, David comes in and asks Beryl if she has a moment. Beryl serves the customer, and David then tells her that Patricia tried to talk her way out of it, with Charlie throwing in her two bob's worth and Patricia's stupid husband not even listening. Beryl suggests they go into the kitchen. In the kitchen, David snaps that Stephen couldn't even see she was lying. Beryl introduces David to Phillipe and Tony asks David if he's talking about Patricia. David says she's hooked another poor sucker; he doesn't understand why she gets away with things all the time. He and Beryl go outside. Phillipe asks Tony if David's in trouble, and Tony replies that he is, but he doesn't deserve it. He adds that Phillipe wouldn't find a better bloke than David, and then suggests that someone should give that Patricia a shove - do her over. He adds that David won't, but someone ought to...

Patricia is reading when she hears Stephen's car pull up. She tells Charlie to make herself scarce. Stephen comes in and Patricia asks how his day was. Stephen replies that it was boring, and he's glad to be home. Patricia offers him a drink before lunch, and then says she's really sorry about the scene this morning - she's not sure what David was trying to achieve. She rhetorically asks who on earth would believe a story like that. Stephen replies, "I did." Patricia looks at him in shock as he goes on to say that David doesn't seem the type to make up something like that - he's too honest; not enough imagination. Patricia asks Stephen if he thinks she was lying. Stephen says, "Weren't you?" Patricia tries to laugh this off, saying Charlie was right about his sense of humour, but Stephen snaps that he's not a fool - anyone could see she was lying. Patricia asks how he could think she'd do something like that, and Stephen replies that she hates David - it's obvious. He then tells her that he didn't marry her thinking he'd get a sweet young thing who wouldn't hurt a fly. He wanted a woman with steel in her, and today proved he made the right choice. Patricia remarks that he's full of surprises. Stephen says he's been thinking since this morning: he's been wondering just what she's capable of. Patricia tells him that she never does anything by halves - whether it's hating someone or loving them. "...And I love you." Stephen tells her that that's good, as he thinks it's finally time she learnt the truth about the man she's married to...


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