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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Stephen tells Patricia that he supposes that, if there's any one key to what makes him or Barbara tick, it's their mother - the last of the matricarchs, with everyone under her thumb - him included. His father died ten years ago, and there was a huge family row; for six years, neither he or Barbara had anything to do with her. Patricia asks what happened, and Stephen replies that he decided it was all a bit silly, and he made an effort to bridge the gap; he has quite a lot to do with her now - he does her business for her, and there's Amanda and Samantha - she doesn't want to lose touch with her grandchildren. Patricia asks why she's getting the whole story now, and Stephen tells her that his mother has been living in Europe for the last few years. Patricia interjects and says, "But she's coming back..." Stephen tells her that it'll be in a few months. Patricia asks if she wouldn't by any chance disapprove of their marriage. Stephen tells her that his mother doesn't know about it. Patricia remarks that surely his mother can't expect to rule his personal life, but Stephen replies that, while he was in Europe, she moved heaven and earth to try and get him to marry a woman she approved of. He, though, was just as determined that his second marriage would be for keeps. He knew he'd be happy with Patricia - he never would have asked her to marry him, but he could see she'd be strong enough to stand up to his mother if she made waves. Patricia asks if he still thinks so. Stephen replies that, after seeing her and David, he thinks she'll give his mother a run for her money. Patricia comments that Amanda's singing telegram is starting to make sense. Stephen says he's glad he got it off his chest. Patricia asks if there's anything else she needs to know, but Stephen says no, that's it. Patricia asks if Amanda will throw a spanner in the works and let her grandmother know about them before they can. Stephen replies that Amanda has pulled some crazy stunts, but even she has more sense than to muck around where her grandmother's concerned.

John, who's still driving, tells Amanda that they're just about there. Amanda says she's tired, and John tells her that that comes from waving all those credits cards round in Albury! Amanda points out that they wouldn't have got on a flight without them. John says he still thinks they should have waited for the car to be fixed, but Amanda says there was no way she was going to hang around in a dump like that. John says Albury is a good palce. He goes to turn into the drive leading up to Toorak, and almost runs down a young man who's walking past the front gates. It's Tony, who mutters, "Sorry," and walks off. The car moves off again, up the drive.

Outside the house, John gets the bags out of the boot as Patricia and Charlie watch by the front door. Amanda asks John which one's his Mum, and John replies that it's the lady with the silver hair. Amanda immediately walks over to Charlie, says, "You must be my new mum - you're just Dad's type!" and hugs her! Charlie tells Amanda that she's sorry, but - indicating Patricia - this is the new Mrs. Morrell. Amanda says, "Aren't I a dill?! John told me you had grey hair!" Patricia curtly tells Amanda that it's nice to meet her. Amanda asks where her father is and Patricia replies that he's inside, taking a business call. Amanda says he'll give it up when he sees her. She goes in. Charlie asks Patricia if she's going in, but she says she'll leave it to Stephen, as he'll take the wind out of his daughter's sails.

Inside, Stephen asks what the idea was of the singing telegram. Amanda says she thought it was funny. Stephen snaps that it wasn't, considering some of things mentioned. Amanda asks her father if he has secrets from his wife, and adds that she thought he'd understand why she didn't like him getting remarried. Stephen says he does, and he thinks Amanda's loyalty to her mother is admirable. Amanda says she loves her, and she doesn't like the way Stephen treats her. Stephen tells Amanda to sit down. He then tells her that he and her mother split up a long time ago, and there's no chance of them getting back together; the best thing he can do for Caroline is let her get on with her own life - it's the fairest thing, so Amanda shouldn't blame Patricia for what went wrong between them. He adds that Amanda's had a bit to say about love; well, he loves Patricia. Amanda says, "Enough to keep secrets from her?" Stephen replies that he's told her everything she needs to know. Amanda asks him if he's told her about his money. Stephen looks guilty, and Amanda says she thought not. Stephen snaps that he'll tell Patricia the whole truth when he sees fit, "...and if you try beating me to the punch, you'll be a very sorry girl. Get it?"

A while later, Patricia, Charlie and John are in the lounge room, and Patricia wonders if the others are ready to join them. John says he thinks they're still upstairs - Stephen's showing Amanda her room. Charlie remarks that he'll hopefully teach her some manners at the same time. John says he thought she was a pain at first, but she's OK. Patricia dourly says she'll take his word for it. John tells her that they had a good talk on the drive - she talked a lot about her Mum - she must be really fond of her. Patricia asks if she talked much about her parents' break-up. John says no, but he doesn't think she's just a spoilt brat. Patricia again says she'll take John's word for it. She offers him some tea but he says he's going out, to drop over home. Looking worried, Patricia asks why he wants to see David and Beryl, and John asks what's wrong with it? Charlie explains that David and Patricia had the most dreadful row - David came over acting like a madman. John asks how come, and Patricia warns, "Charlie..." Charlie, though, points out that John will find out. She goes on to tell him that David accused Patricia of destroying evidence that would have got him out of jail. John looks taken aback. Patricia chips in that it was in front of Stephen, too. Charlie warns John to steer clear of David. John asks if it's true, and Patricia says that of course it isn't. John says he has something to sort out with David, and he doesn't want to know about any more rows and arguments. He goes, and Charlie asks Patricia if she's going to stop him. Patricia just says she can't keep him away from the Palmers indefinitely. Charlie says she hopes for Patricia's sake that David doesn't make it sound too convincing...

At the Palmers', Tony is painting the front door frame. Beryl tells him he doesn't have to do it, but Tony says he doesn't mind - he's got to earn his keep. John arrives and Beryl asks him where he sprang from. John explains that he had the chance to get a lift down. He hugs Beryl, who tells him that he's looking well - although he took his time getting in touch. John says he's been busy. Beryl says it wouldn't have taken long to ring David after he got out of jail. John says he knows, but he's there now. He asks if David's home, and Beryl says he is. She then introduces Tony as a friend of David's. John looks at him and asks him if they've met before. Tony says he doubts it, and adds, "Why? You got a record?!" Beryl explains that Tony shared a cell with David. John asks Tony if he was in Toorak at lunchtime, but Tony asks why he'd be there. Beryl asks John if he can stay for dinner, but he replies that Patricia is taking them all out. Beryl sourly says she wouldn't expect him to break a date with her. They go into the lounge room, as Tony watches.

In the kitchen, David sees John and angrily asks if Patricia sent him over to have a go at him. John says he knows something went, on but he doesn't want to know. David snaps that it's easy for him, being on Patricia's side. John immediately tells David to hold his horses - he's come to apologise for not believing him when he said he was innocent. David rages that it took John long enough, but John just asks what else can he say? Beryl tells them to keep their voices down, and David snaps that that's no problem as there's nothing else to say. He adds that John doesn't want to to know what happened between Patricia and him, and John agrees that no, he doesn't - he's sick of all the fighting and rubbish that's gone on. He snaps that he came to apologise, and if David can't accept that, it's David bad luck. He makes to go, and angrily says he's sorry he even tried. David snaps that if John wants to believe Patricia's story over his, then he can go right ahead. He adds that John is her and Martin's kid through-and-through. John storms out and almost knocks Tony off the ladder. Tony goes inside, where he hears Beryl snapping to David that he could have given John a fair hearing. David yells that John didn't want to hear his side of the story. Beryl asks David if he can't see that he's driving both his sons away from him. David tells Beryl to give it a rest, and he goes out. Beryl yells that walking away from her won't solve anything. With no one around to hear him, Tony makes a 'phone call to Daryl and tells him that he's checked out the place and figured a way to get inside. Daryl asks when Tony wants to do the job, and Tony says tonight, if it's OK with Daryl and the other guys. Daryl says, "No worries." Tony tells him that he'll see him outside at half past seven. Daryl says the truck will be waiting.

At Woombai, Fiona is on the 'phone, and she tells the person at the other end that that's great - she'll make sure a room's made up for both of them. She hangs up and Jill asks who it was. Fiona replies that it was Gordon - he and Barbara are driving up the day after tomorrow. Jill asks if Wayne will have to go back and look after the business, but Fiona replies that Gordon didn't say. Jill says that's good news - she'll tell Wayne when he gets back. Fiona asks where he is, and Jill replies that he didn't say - he just went out. Fiona sternly repeats the question: "Where did he go?" Jill reluctantly replies that he went to see Terry's parents. Looking angry, Fiona snaps, "Oh that stupid boy." Jill asks if Fiona wants Terry to get off scott-free, and Fiona remarks that that's a bit of a change of tune from her. She asks Jill if she knows what petty things Wayne's got in mind. Jill says Wayne is going to tell Mr. and Mrs. Hansen what Terry did to her - at least they'll know what sort of son they ended up with. Fiona angrily says it'll hurt them, more than Terry, in the process.

Wayne approaches a man working in a yard and says, "Mr. Hansen?" The man says that's right. Wayne introduces himself and Mr. Hansen says he thought the Hamilton family had moved out of the district. Wayne replies that they did. Mr. Hansen calls his wife, Enid, and introduces Wayne as Nancy and Gordon's boy. Enid hugs him. Wayne says there's something he'd like to discuss. Warren Hansen tells Enid to put the kettle on, but Wayne says he can't stay long. Enid asks him if he's on holiday, and Wayne replies that he's staying with Fiona Thompson, at the riding school. Warren, suddenly appearing nervous, asks, "Is she a friend of yours?" Wayne says yeah - he knows her well. He goes on that he has something difficult to talk about - Fiona's mixed up in it, too: it's about Terry. Enid asks him what he means, and Wayne replies that there are things that are best kept secret, but when they affect other people, it's time for them to come out. Enid aggressively says, "How did you find out?" and she snaps that anything to do with Terry is none of Wayne's business or Fiona's either - he's their boy, and Fiona has no claim on him - he's their son. Astonished, Wayne says he's not with them. Warren says he thinks Enid misunderstood. He asks what Wayne has on his mind. Wayne says it's rather unpleasant, and he wouldn't be telling them unless he thought they had a right to the truth. Warren tells him to stop beating round the bush. Wayne continues that, the fact is, a young lady has been staying at the riding school and working with Terry at the garage. Enid asks what of it. Wayne says, "The other evening, your son attacked her." The Hansens look at each other.

Wayne returns to Woombai and Fiona snaps that she hopes he's proud of himself, knocking the stuffing out of a poor old couple. Wayne says it may make them wake up to themselves. Fiona tells him that he may have conned Jill into believing he's acting on her behalf, but the only reason he went to Terry's parents was because Terry flattened him. Jill comes in and asks Wayne if he told them. Fiona snaps that he did a marvellous job. She tells Wayne, "When you leave with Barbara and Gordon, you be sure and take a last long hard look at Woombai, because you won't be back as long as I'm around." Jill starts to say that it was just as much her fault, but Wayne tells her to ignore Fiona. Fiona leaves and Jill asks Wayne what the Hansens said. Wayne replies that there was nothing much they could say; he felt sorry for them, really - they were a lot older than he expected, so it probably hit them harder, but that was the idea. Jill says that's an awful thing to say, but Wayne says it's too late now. He adds that there was one strange thing: when he first mentioned Terry, he got the feeling that they expected him to talk about something else. Jill asks why, but Wayne says he's not sure - it's just a feeling.

Outside the Hansens', Enid asks Warren what good it is pretending they're sure Terry didn't do it - they'll always be wondering unless they ask him. Warren asks if Enid if she's crazy; she knows what sort of turn Terry would put on - he'd be out of the house for good. Enid says she'd like to hear his side of it, but Warren says it would be stirring up a hornet's nest on the say-so of someone they hardly know. He adds that they've done too much to lose him now; he just wishes Enid had been careful, as she almost gave the game away. Enid says she's sorry - she thought he knew. Warren says he hopes Wayne didn't make sense of what she said, but Enid says she doesn't see how he could have - not if he doesn't suspect anything. At that moment, Terry's car pulls up and he gets out and tells his parents not to worry about tea for him. He goes indoors. End asks Warren how well they really know Terry - she can't help wondering about that poor girl. Warren tells his wife that she can wonder all she likes, but they're not doing anything - the last thing they want is Terry crossing paths with Fiona Thompson.

Patricia is sitting outside Toorak when John gets back. She explains that she's been gardening. She asks how things went and John replies that David went off his brain. Patricia asks what he said, but John replies, "Not a lot." Patricia asks if David mentioned the argument, and John replies that he tried to bring it up. He continues that he told David he's not interested in any more fighting, but he still carried on, and just wanted him to pick sides. He snaps that he's fed up with the whole stupid mess. Patricia asks him what he'll do. John replies that he's getting to the stage where he could very easily take off - go up-north or something; spend the rest of his life on a beach somewhere. Patricia says that won't achieve much, but John says it would be damn peaceful. He adds that one thing's for sure: he'll stay away from David and Beryl. He goes inside and Charlie comes out. She remarks that it sounds like Patricia was worried for nothing. Patricia, though, says it's hardly nothing - David obviously wanted to tell him the truth, and she's lucky John didn't want to listen. Charlie points out that, if John meant what he said, David won't have much chance of telling him now. Patricia says she supposes not.

Later that evening, Patricia is dressed up to go out, and, in the lounge room, she tells Amanda that she's sorry she's not joining them for dinner - she thought it would be a good chance to get to know each other. Amanda doesn't say anything - she just flicks through a newspaper and then starts to walk out. Patricia says ignoring her won't make her go away. She adds that Amanda could make an effort. Amanda says she has. Patricia says she meant an honest effort. She tells Amanda that she knows she's close to her mother and it's hard for her to measure up. Amanda just says, "Really?" Patricia says, "Oh come on - Stephen marrying me is a fact." Amanda says there's so much Patricia doesn't know about Stephen, it's a joke. Patricia is standing in the hall as Stephen comes downstairs, and she innocently asks Amanda if she's sure she won't change her mind. Amanda says to her father that she was just telling Patricia how she'd like to go, but she'd be terrible company as she's so tired. Patricia tells Stephen not to pressure her - she's sure there'll be plenty of opportunities to go out together before too long. Charlie joins them and asks if they're ready to roll. Amanda wishes them a nice time. Stephen snaps that they won't let Amanda's antics spoil the evening. When the front door has been closed, Amanda turns off the lights and goes upstairs.

Stephen's car pulls out of the drive. Tony, who's watching, approaches a van parked near the end of the drive and says they've all gone. He adds that he'll get inside, and and if there are no problems, he'll signal with his torch. He tells the driver to back the truck up to the house as quickly and quietly as he can. He then walks up to the house and flashes his torch through the window. He walks round a few windows and eventually smashes one. He reaches inside, opens the catch and climbs in, treading on and crunching the broken glass in the process. Once inside, he has a quick look round and then flashes his torch to his accomplices in the van. He then starts having a proper look round, and he goes into the lounge room, where he opens the TV cabinet. Suddenly, though, the lights come on and Amanda, yells, "Don't move!" Tony looks shocked.


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