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    Written by: Greg Stevens, Jennifer Compton   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Stephen's car pulls up outside Toorak, and he, Patricia, Charlie and John get out. Charlie is laughing, and she says it's only 10:30 - she never goes to bed that early; they should have gone dancing! John jokes they only have old-time dancing on Saturday nights! Charlie tells him not to be cheeky! She then asks Patricia if she doesn't think they should go. Patricia tells her that she can go if she likes! John says he'll take the car round the back. Charlie thanks Stephen for a wonderful dinner, and the three of them go into the house, which is in darkness. Stephen puts the lights on in the hall; there are broken plant pots and earth on the hall floor. He stops in his tracks, and Patricia cries, "Oh no." Stephen says they've been done over. He then walks into the lounge room - it's empty except for a lamp on the carpet and a few bits lying around. Charlie says they've only been away for a couple of hours. Stephen says it was enough. He shouts for Amanda and runs upstairs. Charlie asks how they got in, and Patricia snaps, "How the hell should I know?" Charlie says she's sorry. Patricia asks her to call the police. She then calls upstairs to ask how Amanda is, and Stephen calls back that she's fine; she's sleeping. Patricia looks relieved. She asks what the situation is up there, but Stephen says nothing's missing from Amanda's room; he'll check the other rooms in the morning. Patricia returns to the lounge room and tells Charlie that Amanda is alright. Charlie gets through to the police and tells them there's been a burglary at 42, Belfield Avenue, Toorak. Patricia picks up the lamp on the floor as Charlie tells the police that she has no idea how they got in. Patricia, though, suddenly spots the broken window, and Charlie passes this on to the police. She then hangs up and sighs, telling Patricia that the police are coming right over. She remarks, "What a mess." John comes in saying, "All the rooms in the back of the house have been..." He sees the empty lounge room and stops in his tracks, before saying, "...stripped!" Patricia tells him that so has the front. John says they must have had a really great truck to cart all that lot away. Charlie says that at least they know they're dealing with professionals. Patricia sarcastically says that's a great consolation! John says he thought the place had alarms. Stephen, who's out in the hall, says it has - but they didn't switch them on. He walks in with Amanda in front of him, his hand on her shoulder. Amanda looks shocked! She says it's terrible. John asks her if she's alright, but Amanda says she didn't hear a thing; she took a sleeping pill. Patricia asks about the rooms upstairs, but Stephen says there's nothing missing up there - he'd say they came in, cleared out the ground floor and panicked when they saw Amanda. Charlie tells Amanda that she's very lucky - you never know what they might have done. Patricia glares at Charlie, but Charlie says she was just being realistic. Stephen is still holding Amanda, and Amanda says she knows what Charlie means. Stephen remarks that his daughter's shivering, and Amanda says, "It's shock, I guess." She adds that, if she'd woken up, she could have... Stephen tells her not to get upset about it. Amanda says it's hard not to - she shouldn't have taken the sleeping pill; she could have scared them off, otherwise. Stephen says, "Forget the furniture - I'm just glad you're safe." He cuddles her. Amanda says she knows - it's just that she wishes she could have done more...

The next morning, Stephen and John are putting out the old tables and chairs in the lounge room; it's the furniture that was previously in the back room. John says he knew the stuff would come in handy - it's just as well they didn't get rid of it. Patricia says she was hoping she'd never see it again. Stephen says it's not so bad - at least they have something to sit on. John jokes that they'd get awfully tired standing up! Stephen says it should do them for a while. John goes off to get one more chair, leaving Patricia to ask Stephen if they could meet in town later and choose some new furniture. Stephen, though, says he doesn't think they should bother about that just yet - the police might find out who did it. Patricia snaps that, in the meantime, she has to put up with this - and she furiously indicates the old chairs. Stephen suggests he ring up and rent some furniture, and Patricia says, "Today?" Stephen says he'll do it this morning. He tells Patricia that they'll get over it, and he then heads off to get ready for work. Patricia follows him out to the hall, where she asks him if he thinks the police will be round again. Stephen says no - they did all they had to last night. Patricia then asks about the insurance people. Stephen replies that he'll report the robbery, but he won't put in a claim until he sees what the police come up with. He goes upstairs. John comes in with another chair and jokes that he has another piece to add to the collection! Patricia snaps that he might find it funny, but she doesn't. John tells her not not to lose her sense of humour, but Patricia says it's difficult not to; she's sick of everything always going sour on her. She walks off. Amanda joins John in the lounge room and offers him some coffee. He declines, though. Amanda asks if she's the last one up, but John tells her that she beat Charlie! He then asks her what she thinks of the new furniture! Amanda sits down on a bean bag and says she hopes they don't have to put up with it for too long. John, who's sitting on an old chair, remarks that Patricia isn't too impressed, either. Amanda comments that she's taking the robbery pretty badly, and John agrees that she's not exactly on top of the world. Amanda looks pleased. John then says he's amazed she didn't hear anything last night - there must have been a hell of a racket going on down there. Amanda replies that it's those sleeping pills - they're dynamite; that's why she takes them. John stands up and says he's been thinking: he reckons he's got an idea who did it. Amanda asks who, and John says, "The kid we saw watching the house yesterday." Amanda asks, "What kid?" John tells her that he was at the gate when they drove up to the house. Amanda says she'd never remember what he looked like, but John says he does - and the funny thing is, he thinks he's staying with his mum and dad. He sits down again, and quickly adds that he means his other parents. Amanda says Stephen filled her in on the family history yesterday; it took quite a while! John says, "I bet!" He then continues that the kid's name is Tony; apparently, he got to know David in jail. Amanda asks about Tony living with John's parents. John says he didn't get the full story, but Tony could have found out from them how much the stuff at Toorak is worth. Amanda says anyone only has to look at the place to know that. John says, "I guess... but it's a bit suspicious." Amanda tells him that he can't go round suspecting everyone who walks by the house. She then jokingly asks what about the milkman?; she saw him hanging around this morning! John says maybe he should tell the police, but Amanda asks why - he's got no proof. She asks him if he's absolutely positive it's the same kid. John says he thinks so, but Amanda tells him that he's got to be a lot surer than that, certainly, if he doesn't want to go causing a big stink over nothing. John says that may be so - and after that argument he had with David, David would probably think he was just throwing it back at him. Amanda says she doesn't know anything about that, but she'd worry about making a fool of herself with the police, if she were John. John says he supposes she's right, and Amanda laughs that of course she is! John walks out, leaving Amanda looking worried...

At the Palmers', Beryl is writing a cheque when Tony comes into the kitchen. Beryl says she'll probably be late getting to The Terrace this morning. Tony laughs and tells her that she'd better watch out: she'll be getting the bullet if she's going to make a habit of it! Beryl looks at him, unimpressed, and Tony says it was a joke! Beryl says she should hope so! She then apologises and explains that, if she doesn't get some of the bills paid, they'll have debt collectors at the door. Tony tells her not to worry - he'll rough them up for her. Beryl says she thinks she can manage without that! Tony tells her that he'll see her at The Terrace and he goes. David suddenly calls out to ask if his lunch is ready yet, and Beryl says it's on the sink. The 'phone starts ringing and Beryl goes to answer it in the lounge. The caller is Amanda, who's kneeling on the floor in the hall at Toorak. She asks to speak to Tony Parker, but Beryl tells her that she's just missed him. She adds that she'll be seeing him at lunchtime, and asks if she can take a message. Amanda asks if there's another number where she can contact him, and Beryl says there is: 690 7391 - but he won't be there for at least half an hour. Amanda says that's alright - it can wait 'til then. Beryl asks whether, if she does see him first, she can tell him who called. Amanda says it's OK, and she thanks Beryl for the number. She hangs up. Beryl does the same, and smiles. David asks what's tickling her, and Beryl says it's young Tony - she thinks he's a bit of a dark horse: that 'phone call was from a rather well-spoken young lady - it looks like Tony's hanging out with the social set! David laughs and says he doesn't wish that upon them - he's had the social set up to here! He indicates his neck. He then kisses Beryl, says goodbye and goes.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Rob is buttering some bread when Lynn comes in and says she thought it was his day off. Rob says it is, but with Angie coming down for the counselling session... Lynn says she forgot. Rob tells her that at any other time, he'd be happy to babysit. Lynn tells him not to worry - it's not his responsibility. Phillipe comes in and asks what's not Rob's responsibility. Lynn tells him that they're talking about Davey, and she adds that it looks like they won't be able to go sightseeing 'til this afternoon. Rob explains that they've just run out of babysitters! Lynn says she would have left Davey with her mum, but she's away. Phillipe asks why they can't take Davey with them, but Lynn says he's got 'flu, and she doesn't want it to get any worse. Phillipe says the Opera House will still be there after lunch! Rob and Lynn look at each other and smile. Rob says "Wrong city, mate!" and he and Lynn say together: "Sydney!" They both burst out laughing! Rob remarks that it's a pity Beryl's not coming in 'til later this morning. He then suggests Tony, but Lynn says no. Rob says it would only be 'til Beryl got there, but Lynn says Kevin would be furious. Rob tells her that she's being a bit hard on Tony; everybody else gets on with him. Phillipe points out that Tony is very fond of little Davey - he's sure he wouldn't hurt him. Lynn says she knows, but... Rob tells her that Tony would be thrilled to bits if she asked him - he'd feel like she trusted him. Phillipe adds that if Kevin doesn't know... Rob agrees: it can't hurt. Lynn says she doesn't know about that. Rob says it would only be for a couple of hours. Lynn uncertainly asks him if he thinks it will matter, but Rob says of course not. Lynn says OK!

Amanda is sitting on a giant bean bag in the lounge room at Toorak, while Stephen is standing up. He asks her if she's sure she'll be alright there, by herself, and Amanda says of course. She asks her father if he shouldn't be going to work. Stephen suggests Amanda go into town with the others, but Amanda tells him to stop fussing. Stephen tells her not to be afraid to call the police, but Amanda says, "As if they'd come back... they got everything the first time round." Stephen says, "Everything downstairs - they could've got a lot more if..." Amanda asks how much the stuff was worth, and Stephen says, "About $120,000." Amanda remarks on all those heirlooms, and she asks Stephen what he'll tell her grandma. Stephen says he'll deal with that if and when he has to. Amanda remarks that she won't be very pleased when she finds he took them out of storage and they got stolen. Stephen repeats that he'll cross that bridge when he comes to it; hopefully it will all be found and returned and her grandmother will be none the wiser. Amanda makes a face and says she hopes so - otherwise they'll hear her from Paris, and Patricia just might find out the truth. She adds, "Wouldn't want that, would we...?"

At The Terrace, Lynn comes downstairs and tells Tony that she's left the window in Davey's room open; the doctor said it shouldn't get too stuffy, but it should be closed in about ten minutes. She adds that Davey is due for his medicine at 11am; it's on the chest of drawers, and Davey should be given one spoonful. Tony asks if there's one of those plastic spoons, and Lynn says it's next to the bottle - and there are spare blankets on the chair if it gets a bit cold. She then says that's about it, and Tony says he'll take good care of him. Phillipe asks if they can go now, and Lynn says yep: the first stop's the art museum. As they walk to the door, Phillipe tells Tony what food needs preparing, and Tony says there are no worries. He tells them to just enjoy themselves, and Phillipe says they will! They go. Tony goes into the kitchen and puts an apron on. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and he answers it. It's Amanda. She explains that they met last night, and Tony asks her what she wants. Amanda tells him that something's come up - she thinks they'd better meet somewhere and talk. Tony says he can't - he's working - babysitting. Amanda says it's a bit more important than changing babies' nappies; someone could be on to him. There's silence, and Amanda says, "Tony?" He looks shocked, but says he heard. He tells Amanda to come round there - there won't be anyone round for an hour or so. He asks her if she's got a pencil or something so he can give her the address.

Rob is standing outside the counselling centre when Angela's cab pulls up. She gets out and Rob tells her that he's glad she could come. Angela says it's alright, but Rob says she didn't have to. Angela says she's there, isn't she? Rob says yeah. He asks if Paul came along this time, but Angela replies that she asked him to stay at home. Rob suggests they might as well go in, and Angela agrees, saying it looks like it might rain.

Amanda arrives at The Terrace and, seeing it's empty, asks if the place doesn't get any customers. She takes off her wet coat and she and Tony go into the dining area, where Tony asks who's onto him. Amanda says it's John: he remembers seeing Tony hanging around the house yesterday. Tony asks what does that prove? Amanda says it proves nothing - but John knows Tony spent time in jail, and is just putting two and two together. Tony asks if John's said anything to the cops, but Amanda says she thinks she managed to talk him out of it. Tony says it's just as well. Amanda says it was stupid to tell John that he'd done time, but Tony snaps that he didn't tell him anything; it was someone else. He then tells Amanda that she can't be that smart herself - only a nutcase would say 'go on, rob the place or I'll call the cops'. Amanda protests that she had her reasons. She adds that if the police do come round and question him, he'd better keep her name out of it. Tony asks why should he, and Amanda threatens that she'll make sure they never believe him; she'll say she saw him steal the furniture, but he threatened her if she said anything. Tony protests that he didn't steal anything - it was all the other guys; he just gave them a tip-off. Amanda asks if he thinks they'll believe that. She adds that her only suggestion to him is that he'd better not end up jibbing on his profits - John might get even more suspicious. Tony repeats he's not getting any money; he told her last night: he was only getting back at her mum for her upsetting Davo. Amanda snaps, "Patricia's not my mother." Tony says, "Whatever she is..." Amanda says she's only there to tell him that John's suspicious, so he's not to do anything stupid. Tony snaps, "As if I would." He then looks at his watch and tells Amanda that she'd better get going - he has to open up and they don't want people to see them together. Amanda agrees, and puts her coat on. As thunder rumbles outside, she says she'll be drenched by the time she gets in. Davey suddenly starts crying, and Amanda, not knowing about the baby, looks upstairs. Tony cries, "Oh, God, no." He races upstairs and yells, "Oh, hell." Amanda asks what's wrong, but Tony just shouts that he should be shot. He carries Davey downstairs and Amanda asks who he belongs to. Tony ignores this and says he was too close to the window - he told Lynn he'd shut it. Amanda feels Davey's hair and says he's soaking wet. Tony says he knows. He then says he has to get him dried off; Beryl will be there in a tick, and if she finds out what's happened, all hell will break loose.

The marriage counsellor asks Rob and Angela if losing the baby was a major factor in the break-up of their marriage. Rob says it must have had something to do with it. Angela adds that they both wanted a child more than anything; she would have done anything to keep it. She sighs and says she was going to tell Paul it was over for good - she wanted her, Rob and the baby to be a family. The counsellor raises with Rob the fact that he said he never wanted to see Angela again after she left him following the miscarriage. Rob says he was upset; the state he was in... "I guess you don't mean to say the things you do when something like that happens." Angela sits with her head bowed. The counsellor asks why they didn't consider adoption after Domine was taken away from them. Angela looks at Rob and says they were told they had to be married for three years before they could apply. Rob says it seemed such a long wait; they were upset over losing Domine and just put it in the back of their minds. Angela adds that she still wants to adopt - once she's got herself settled again. The counsellor tells her that she's in for a long wait: by the time the divorce comes through and she marries Paul, it'll be five years before they even get on the waiting list. Angela looks upset. There's a rumble of thunder outside.

Beryl walks into the kitchen at The Terrace, carrying a tray. Tony asks if Davey's still no better, and Beryl says he isn't; you can hear him coughing from out in the hall. Tony suggests that perhaps they should give him more cough mixture, but Beryl says no - not on top of the stuff he's already taken. She says she thinks she might call the doctor. Tony says that surely it's just a cold, but Beryl says it's a bad one - his temperature was well and truly up when she checked it before. Tony says that maybe he shouldn't have put those blankets on him, but his feet were so cold. Beryl assures him that he did the right thing. She says she will call the doctor; she'd never forgive herself if anything happened and Lynn wasn't home. She dials the number.

Rob and Angela leave the counselling centre and Angela remarks that it looks like they won't get wet after all; the rain's stopped. Rob says they may even get a bit of sun. He jokes that they'd think that, after counselling, they could talk about something other than the weather. Angela laughs and agrees that it's stupid. She says the only time nowadays they seem to have a sensible conversation is when there's someone else around, refereeing. Rob suggests they could go it alone, and he invites Angela to have lunch with him. Angela says she'd like that. Rob says that's good. They go to the car and Rob tells Angela that he'd like her to come back to The Terrace later on, as there are a few business things to talk about. Angela reluctantly asks if they have to... Rob says he just wants her to see he's not diddling her out of her share of the profits. Angela assures him that she trusts him! Rob says, "A fool and her money...!" Angela says she'll come!

The doctor comes downstairs at The Terrace and says he's called for an ambulance; it'll be there shortly. Beryl, looking concerned, asks if Davey's that bad. The doctor replies that the child is very ill - he's developed pneumonia. He adds that there's no need to panic - the main thing is to get him to hospital as soon as possible. Beryl says she'll close up as soon as the last of the customers has gone. The doctor then asks how long the child was in the rain, and Beryl asks him what he means. The doctor says, "He did get wet, didn't he?" Beryl says, "Not as far as I know." The doctor asks her if she's sure, as obviously something aggravated his condition. Beryl asks why he thinks it was getting wet, and the doctor replies that he told Lynn to make sure Davey got some fresh air; he thought she'd have enough sense to close up the room when it started to rain. Beryl explains that Lynn's not even there. The doctor says that whoever did look after Davey should have taken more care; when he was examining him, he dropped something and noticed the carpet under the window was sodden. Beryl turns and looks at Tony, in the kitchen.

A short time later, Beryl snaps, "You left the window open; Davey got soaked to the skin." Tony protests that he wasn't wet for that long; as soon as he found him, he dried him off and wrapped him up warm. Beryl says it wasn't soon enough. Tony says it can't have hurt him that much, but Beryl asks why the doctor wants to put him in hospital, then. She snaps that Tony knew the window was open, so why didn't he shut it when it started to rain? Tony retorts that he was busy. Beryl asks, "Doing what?" Tony, realising he can't admit the truth, says he doesn't know - he was in the kitchen, he supposes; he didn't think. Beryl snaps that it should have been the first thing he thought of. Tony says he didn't mean him to get wet. Beryl says that, even so, it's not going to help Davey. She adds that Kevin was right: Tony's nothing but trouble; she wishes she'd never laid eyes on him. The doctor comes into the kitchen and says the ambulance is ready. Beryl starts to say she'll go with them, but she then changes her mind and says she'll stay and tell everyone what's happened, and then make her own way there. She tells the doctor that she'll see Davey to the ambulance and bring his things with her. Tony asks if it's OK if he comes, but Beryl snaps, "No it is not." Tony protests that he's just as worried about the kid as Beryl is, but Beryl snaps that it's a pity he wasn't worried about him before. Tony mutters that she can't stop him from going to the hospital.

Beryl and Lynn are sitting in the corridor at the hospital and Beryl tells Lynn not to worry - she's sure it'll be alright. Lynn cries, "Why didn't I stay home, instead of traipsing round Melbourne with Phillipe?" Beryl says they weren't to know this would happen. Lynn says it doesn't matter - she shouldn't have gone - Kevin's going to kill her. Beryl says he isn't. Tony is sitting just round the corner when Kevin arrives. He stands up and starts to speak but Kevin snaps, "What are you doing here?" Tony says he thought he'd better come in, in case anything happened. Kevin snaps, "Yeah. Well if anything happens, you'll hear about it, 'mate'; you can bet on that." He storms off. Round the corner, he hugs Lynn, who starts crying. Kevin tells her that it's OK. Lynn says she's so sorry, but Kevin tells her that he's not mad at her. Lynn says he should be. Beryl tells her son that Davey's in with the doctors now. Kevin asks if they've said anything, but Beryl says no. Lynn says she should never have left Davey with Tony - it's all her fault. Kevin tells her, "No it's not. There's only one person to blame..."

It's evening, and Stephen is on the 'phone to his mother. He tells her that the place is looking great; he's sure she'd approve. He adds that he's glad things are working out for her over there. Patricia comes into the lounge room and Stephen tells her he won't be a tick. He then tells his mother that there's nothing much more to say at the moment; he'll keep in touch. He says goodbye and hangs up. Patricia says to him that she gathers it wasn't the police. Stephen tells her that it was business. Patricia says she wishes they'd come up with something - it's getting so she hates coming downstairs. Stephen snaps that he wishes she'd stop going on about it, but Patricia asks what he expects, every time she sees the pile of junk; she can't help it. Stephen says that, if it makes her feel better, the rented pieces arrive tomorrow. Patricia snaps, "They couldn't bring them today?" Stephen snaps back, "No, they couldn't." Patricia says she wanted them to be there by the time Angela arrived, but Stephen snaps that they aren't, so that's all there is to it. Patricia calms down and says she's sorry- she doesn't mean to be boring; it's just that it reminds her of what it was like before he came along. Stephen says he knows, and he holds her. Patricia tells him he doesn't: it was awful, scrounging enough money to get through the day; going cap-in-hand to people just to survive. Stephen tells her that that's over, and Patricia says she should hope so - she couldn't go through all that again. She tells Stephen that she doesn't know what she would have done if she hadn't met him. Stephen tells her she'd have survived, but she's safe with him. They cuddle.

At the hospital, Tony is still sitting in the corridor when David arrives. He stands up and tells him that there's something he wants to say. David, though, is impatient to find out about Davey, and he asks if it can wait a minute. He starts to walk off, but Tony calls him back, and says it was his fault, and he feels really terrible about it. David tells him that it was an accident, but Tony says it wasn't; he left the window open. David says it could have happened to anyone, but Tony says it couldn't; it was his own stupid fault. David says they'll talk about it later. Tony tells him not to go sticking up for him - he'll only get himself in strife. David says they'll understand, and he tells Tony that he's worrying about nothing. He walks round the corner, says hello to the kids and kisses Beryl. Kevin stands up and snaps, "You happy now?" He rants that that no-hoper David dragged home from jail might be responsible for Davey dying. David tells his son to hang on, but Kevin snaps, "No, you hang on. No one wanted him in the house, but you knew better than everyone, didn't you." Beryl starts to say, "Kevin..." but Kevin continues, "No, I'll tell you what." He points at David and angrily says, "If anything happens to Davey, the blame comes right back to you, and Lynn and I will never forgive you for as long as we live."


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