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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Brian stands and asks "What's going on here?"

Sometime later, at the Morrell apartment, Brian is with Barbara and he says, "Poor Jill." He adds that it must have been a terrible shock. Barbara replies that it was for everyone. Brian says, "If only I'd known... Jill must have thought she was seeing a ghost!" Barbara jokes that she doesn't think Jill's hair will turn white just yet! Brian jokes that it would be terrible if it did! Barbara tells him that Jill is a sensible girl, and she'll be alright in a day or two; it'll take her time to come to terms with the fact that he's alive. Brian says he guesses he ruined the day for everyone. Barbara admits that it did turn it on its ear! Brian says he hopes Gordon's not having too hard a time back at the church, trying to explain. Barbara assures him that Gordon will cope. Brian asks about the reception, and Barbara replies that a few people might be there already, so they'll have to go on with it. Brian says he's sorry, but Barbara tells him that she's glad he turned up when he did, as there could have been legal problems if Wayne and Jill had signed the register. Brian says, "I suppose..." Barbara then says she has to go, and she points out to Brian that he and Jill have some sorting-out to do. Brian says it's confusing. Wayne suddenly emerges from the bedroom and says Jill will be OK. Barbara says, "Good." She picks up her bag and says they'll go ahead with the reception as an informal get-together. Wayne looks at Brian and, through gritted teeth, tells Barbara to do as she likes, but give his the guests his apologies - he's sure they'll understand why he's not there...

Doug and Rosie leave the church, and Gordon kisses Rosie on the cheek. Rob walks over to him and comments that you wouldn't read about it! He asks what story is, and Gordon replies that it seems that whoever was killed in the car stole Brian's backpack and papers shortly before the accident; the first Brian knew that people thought he was dead was when they told him. He adds that it must be strange to find out you're supposed to be dead! Rob asks why Brian didn't report his stuff stolen, and Gordon replies that he was worried he'd be deported; he only turned up there today because he saw Wayne and Jill's photo in the paper. Rob laughs that Brian must have wondered what his wife was doing getting married! Gordon agrees that he was a bit puzzled! He asks to be excused, and walks off. Amanda approaches Rob and asks him if found out what's going on. Rob tells her that it's a long story and he'll fill her in on the way back to Melbourne. Amanda asks if they're going soon, and Rob says, "Yeah." Amanda says she'd like to say goodbye to Barbara, and she asks if she has time. Rob says sure they have - he'll just have a word with Angie. Amanda, looking annoyed that he's still thinking about his wife instead of her, asks if it's the right thing to do, but Rob says he'd like to. Amanda asks what the point is, but Rob just says he won't be long. As he walks over to his wife, Amanda looks disappointed.

Gordon tells Angela that they can't keep everyone hanging around for much longer. Angela tells him to suggest they all meet up at the restaurant; people might as well enjoy themselves now they're there. Rob joins them and remarks that this is a bit of a turn-up. He then asks Angela if they could have a bit of a talk. Angela comments that she thought he'd said it all, but Rob says he's sorry about last time. Angela suggests they leave it at that. Sensing that Rob wants to be alone with Angela, Gordon says he has couple of people to say hello to, but Angela tells him that it's alright: she and Rob have nothing more to say to each other. Rob reluctantly says, "Fair enough," and he walks off. Angela tells Gordon that she'd like to go home. Gordon says he understands.

At the Morrell apartment, Wayne pours Brian a drink and asks him if he still wants to wait. Brian replies that Wayne knows he has to see her. He remarks that Wayne seems pretty calm all-of-a-sudden, after the way he carried on at the church. Wayne says he can't change anything - plus he has a lot to thank Brian for. Brian asks him how he works that out, and Wayne tells him that he and Jill would never have got together if he hadn't 'died'. He adds that Brian showing up today wasn't the nicest surprise for him, but it saved a lot of legal hassles later on. He tells Brian, "She's mine now - nothing's going to change that." Jill comes in from the bedroom and Brian asks her if she's feeling better. Wayne helps her to a chair. Jill says she's still really confused, but Wayne tells her that it's nothing to worry about - he's worked out what they're going to do. Surprised, Brian says, "Have you, now?" Wayne tells Jill that, if she listens, he'll explain. He continues that Brian doesn't have to worry about the immigration department: there was no need to run off in the first place. Jill confirms to Brian that she would have told him, but there was no way to contact him. Wayne says they can pretend Brian is still married to Jill for a few more months and then he can stay in the country for keeps. He adds that he knows it's important to Jill - she wants to keep her end of the bargain and he can live with that. He then continues that, as soon as he and Jill are back from their honeymoon, he'll find them a place they can all move into. Brian stares at Wayne as the latter says Brian and Jill are still legally married, but they all know they score - as far as he's concerned, today was Jill's first real marriage. Brian asks Jill what she thinks. Jill looks at Wayne and says that at least it solves all their problems. Brian sighs and says he guesses so. Wayne says it seems fair on everyone, if you ask him. Jill says it is.

A mechanic is fixing John and Fiona's hire car engine as John watches. He asks how much longer it's going to take, and the mechanic replies that he'll just be a tick. John angrily asks Fiona what else can go wrong, but Fiona tells him to calm down; they're late now, anyway; they've lost. John asks the mechanic to hurry it up. Fiona says to John that they're married and there's nothing they can do about it. She suggests that, as soon as they get the car on the road, they should go to Gordon's to wash off the grime and then go to the reception. John snaps, "What, and wish them luck?" Fiona calmly says, "Yes." John doesn't look happy.

Angela goes into the flat at the back of Dural and Paul suddenly emerges from one of the bedrooms, carrying a box. Surprised to see her, he asks her what she's doing there, adding that he only came back because he thought she'd be at the reception. Angela tells him that there's been a bit of a mix-up, and she explains about Brian turning up and about how they're still trying to sort it all out. When he's finished listening, Paul then says it's probably the wrong time to ask, but has she done anything about them? Angela looks upset. She tells Paul that it's over - she doesn't feel anything for him anymore. Paul asks if it's because of Christine but Angela replies that it's more than that. She admits that, when Paul left with Christine, she wanted to run after him, but it wouldn't have worked. Paul asks why not, and Angela replies that they didn't trust each other, and without trust, there's nothing. Paul suggests that Angela loves him. Angela replies that she did - well, she thought she did. She tells him that it was one of those things: it worked on a physical level, but after that... She points out that, if they had to buy a baby to keep their relationship going, what hope was there? Paul nods. Angela tells him that he was so good to her when she was sick; she thought she owed him something, but not her life. She tells him that she cares about him a lot, but she doesn't love him. She adds that she hopes he understands. Paul says that of course he does. He adds it wouldn't have worked anyway - there was too much guilt and family interference. He picks up the box. Angela tells him not to let Christine pull the wool over his eyes - she's only out to get what she can from him. Annoyed, Paul snaps that Angela just had to say something... Angela snaps back, "It's your life." Paul walks out, saying, "Bye, Angie." Angela sits down and looks upset.

Wayne hugs Jill and says it won't take him long - his bags are all packed. Jill replies that hers aren't! Wayne jokingly orders her to get in the bedroom and start packing at once, then - they're not putting the honeymoon off for anyone! She walks off, and Brian angrily says to Wayne that he's got everything under control. Wayne replies that he's spiked Brian's guns, anyway. Brian says, "We'll see." Wayne tells Brian that he's in a no-win situation - he's the good guy and Jill's happy with the arrangement; if Brian makes waves, he'll be the one she'll be down on. He nastily adds, "Looks like the best man won, eh?" He goes out. Brian looks annoyed.

John and Fiona have finally arrived at Dural, where they go into the lounge room with Angela. Fiona incredulously says, "They're not really married..." Angela explains that Brian turned up before they signed the papers. John says he thought they finished the service, but Angela tells him that it still doesn't make it legal. She asks if she can leave them to it, as she's not feeling her best. John says, "Sure," and she goes. Fiona tells John that they're still not too late to talk to Jill. John quietly says, "Of course." Fiona says they'd better get over to the apartment quick-smart. John seems disinterested, though. He asks Fiona what she think's wrong with Angela. Fiona suggests that there was probably some nastiness at the church, between Wayne and Brian, and it probably upset her. She suddenly hears a car pull up and says it could be Gordon and Babara. She looks out of the window then turns back and says "It's Wayne." John asks how they're going to handle him. Fiona says they'll just have to bluff it out...

A short time later, Fiona is waving Beth's envelope at Wayne and saying it's all in there - the whole stinking business: how he hired Beth to pass herself off as Jill's mother and how he used her to split up Johnny and Jill. She angrily adds, "The lengths you went to to get that poor girl to trust you..." John chips in that Wayne isn't saying much. Fiona asks what can he say - it's the truth and he knows it. John asks if Wayne isn't going to tell them that Beth's letter is all a pack of lies; it would be his usual form. Wayne cries, "For God's sake - I love Jill - it was the only way." Fiona asks if he's referring to telling lies. Wayne says no one got hurt, and Jill's happy. John snaps, "For all the wrong reasons." Fiona then asks Wayne if he's going to tell Jill, or whether they have to do it for him. John says he reckons Wayne should do it, as it's the only way of saving face. Wayne cries that it's not fair - Jill's the best thing that's ever happened to him. Fiona sternly asks Wayne if he's going to ring Jill or not. Wayne says he couldn't. John sourly says, "Gutless wonder." Fiona says to John that it looks like they'll have to do it for him. Wayne says "You're killing me," but Fiona tells him that it's all of his own making. John picks up his jacket and he and Fiona head towards the front door. Wayne snaps, "Alright then - go ahead. It must give you a real charge to get at me." The door slams and Wayne sits down. He stares into space for a few seconds and then suddenly appears to think of something. He gets up and heads for the front door. Out in the driveway, John reluctantly comments to Fiona that it didn't go too well. Fiona says she should have known he wouldn't have the courage to tell her. The front door suddenly opens and Wayne calls out, "Hang on." He runs over to them and tells them not to go yet. He asks them to come back inside and John asks him if he's changed his mind. Wayne looks at Fiona and says they might be able to work something out. The three of them go to head indoors, but Wayne tells John that he's not included - he just wants to speak to Fiona. The two of them go back inside. John watches and then wanders down the driveway to the car. Inside, in the hall, Wayne tells Fiona that he'd like to do a deal with her. Fiona tells him not to waste her time, but Wayne replies that, if she goes ahead and shows Jill the letter, she'll never find out who her son is...

At the apartment, Jill's bags are packed, and she says to Brian that it shouldn't be long now. Brian says, "Jill..." Sensing what's coming, Jill tries to ignore this, and says Wayne has been terrific - she doesn't know how she'd have handled today if he hadn't been there. She then says Brian must have heaps to tell her, and she asks him what he's been doing since he's been away. Brian says there's plenty of time to talk, but Jill says she wants to know now. Brian takes Jill's hand, but Jill pulls it away. Brian says there are other things to talk about, but Jill replies that she thought Brian was happy with the arrangement. She adds that it's what they all want. Brian reluctantly says, "Yeah, alright. I won't make it difficult for you."

Wayne gives Fiona a scotch and nastily says it's amazing how quickly the tables turn. Fiona says she still thinks Wayne is lying - how could he know anything? Wayne just says he does, and that's all that matters; he knows who Fiona's son is, and he knows where he is, and if Fiona wants proof, all she has to do is come to Woombai with him tonight. Fiona asks if Scott lives at Woombai, but Wayne replies that he didn't say that: the proof's there, though. Fiona suddenly realises that Wayne set up the whole business about Perth. Wayne smiles nastily and says he had to get things moving with Jill; if Fiona had been around, she'd have made things difficult for him. Fiona angrily says, "Why you contemptible..." Wayne just tells her that unless she wants to die without seeing her son again, she should keep her mouth shut about Beth's letter. He adds that it's up to her - but he wouldn't fancy her chances of finding him without his help. John comes back in and asks Fiona how much longer she's going to be. Wayne asks Fiona what it's to be - does she still want to talk to Jill, or does he have to tell her that he has to go to Woombai on urgent business? Fiona looks upset. She murmurs, "We'll fly up there tonight." Wayne starts dialling a number on the telephone.

That night, at Woombai, Wayne tells Fiona that he won't keep her in suspense for much longer - he'll be back in an hour-or-so. Fiona asks him if he'll prove he's telling the truth, and Wayne assures her that she'll be satisfied. He tells her to sit down and relax. He then asks if he can take the car, and Fiona says the keys are on the small table. As Wayne goes, he warns John not to bother trying to follow him. He leaves, and John immediately tells Fiona that she's being conned. Fiona, though, says they've been through that - Wayne knows; she's sure. She tells John to stop looking at her as if she's just cheated him out of an inheritance. John angrily says he can't believe Fiona is letting Jill down by protecting a creep like Wayne. Fiona snaps at John to grow up. She says she's sick to death of worrying about him and Jill and their problems; what about her? She adds that Jill had her chances - she's been warned about Wayne a hundred times, but she's gone ahead anyway, and she'll just have to live by that decision. She asks John if he doesn't see: she has to find out what Wayne knows; maybe it is selfish of her, but she's got to find Scott.

Gordon and Barbara are at the apartment, and Jill asks them if they're sure they won't stay for dinner. Barbara replies that they won't - not after all that food at the reception! Brian asks how the reception went, and Barbara says it was fine, adding that it was nice catching up with old friends again. Gordon asks Jill if she has any idea why Wayne had to go to Woombai, but Jill says she doesn't - Wayne just rang from Dural and said he'd be back as soon as he could. Gordon says he can't imagine anything requiring such urgent attention. Jill says it'll only be for a couple of days at the most. Barbara says she and Gordon had better make tracks. Gordon tells Brian that it's good to see him again, and Barbara chips in, "Looking alive and well!" Brian replies, "I'm alive alright!" Jill suddenly asks if Brian can stay at Dural, and Gordon says of course he can. Barbara suggests they go. Brian looks at Jill, who just sits there watching him leave.

Fiona runs her fingers across her picture of baby Scott. John comes in and says it sounds like Wayne's back. He adds that he hopes he's got what Fiona wants. The door bangs, and Fiona says they'll know soon enough. Wayne comes in and gives Fiona a couple of photos, explaining that the top one was taken at about the same time as the one Fiona's already got. John asks if Wayne's saying it's the same kid. Wayne says he's a bit older in the second photo - it was taken on his first birthday - but there's no doubt: -they're definitely both Fiona's son. Fiona holds the photos next to one another. John asks if Wayne couldn't have got a photo from when the child was more grown up; what's to say he's even still alive? Wayne replies that they'll have to take his word for it. He asks Fiona if she's made up her mind: do they have a deal or not? Fiona reluctantly says, "Alright, Wayne, you win. I'll go along with what you want." Wayne smiles, nastily.

There's a knock on the door at the Morrell apartment, and Jill calls that she's coming. When she opens the door, she's surprised to see Brian standing there. She asks him what he's doing there. He comes in, and Jill asks him if he forgot something. Brian says he didn't - although that's what he told Gordon and Barbara. Jill turns away, but Brian says there's no reason to be frightened. He tells Jill that she can't ignore it - she has to admit it - she loves him. He starts stroking her hair and he tells her that he let her get away once, but it's not ever going to happen again. They start kissing, passionately...


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