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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Jill pulls away and says, "Don't... It's wrong..." Brian points out that they love each other, but Jill replies that she's married to Wayne, and Brian's just complicating things. Brian tells Jill that she's not being honest with herself. Jill says Wayne came up with a plan, and it's perfect for all of them. Brian says it's perfect for Wayne. Jill pleads, "Please..." Brian tells Jill that she doesn't love Wayne. Jill replies that Wayne has been good to her, and she owes him something. Brian, though, says she doesn't owe him anything. He tells Jill, who has turned away, to look at him. He says they love each other, and they shouldn't mess up their lives now. He holds Jill's face and says, "You do love me, don't you?" Jill gives in and puts her arm round him. She kisses him passionately...

At Woombai, Fiona tells Wayne that he promised. Wayne replies that he did no such thing. John is sitting on the arm of Fiona's chair, listening as Fiona says the agreement was that, if she kept Beth's letter from Jill, Wayne would tell her where she could find Scott. Wayne replies that Fiona must have misunderstood. Fiona snaps, "The hell I did." Wayne tells her that he said that, if she showed Jill the letter, she'd never find out where Scott is. Fiona asks what the difference is. Wayne says it gives him a few more bargaining points before he tells her who he is and where he is. John suddenly explodes that he can't believe all this: agreements, bargaining, talking about people's lives... Fiona says she has to find Scott, but John yells that she's doing it by making some sort of sick deal with Wayne. He then snaps that she can do as she likes, and he storms off. Wayne snidely remarks to Fiona that he thinks John doesn't like her, anymore. Fiona ignores this and asks Wayne what else he wants. Wayne replies, "Time." He tells Fiona that first he has to find Beth and make sure she keeps her mouth shut; then he and Jill will need time to settle down; he wants to prove to her that he can make her happy. Fiona asks him if he'll tell her where Scott is then. Wayne just laughs nastily and says, "Beth's letter, please?" Realising she's about to be found out, Fiona asks, "Why?" Wayne says he needs to know her address. Fiona gets the envelope out of her handbag and gives it to Wayne. She tells him, "There is no letter." Wayne smiles and says, "Well, well, well..." He continues that Fiona and John got together to fool poor old Wayne - and they almost got away with it. Fiona tells him that there was a letter, but when John crashed the ute... Wayne finishes the sentence, saying, "...The letter went up in flames, too." He asks if John remembers Beth's address, but Fiona says there wasn't any. She quickly adds that that's the truth. Wayne looks at the envelope and comments that at least there's a postmark - that should make tracking her down easier. He adds, "All things being equal, I should be able to tell you where 'Scott' is pretty soon." Fiona looks at him, upset.

Gordon is on the 'phone at Dural. He hangs up and tells Barbara that Brian is staying at Jill's. Barbara remarks that it's a bit strange, but Gordon tells her that, after all that's happened today, nothing surprises him anymore! He then comments that he would have thought John and Fiona would have stayed around to say hello. Barbara tells him that Angela said they were there for quite a while. Gordon says there's no message from Wayne about Woombai - he gets the feeling that there's something going on that they don't know about. Barbara says that, on a day when a man rises from the dead and interrrupts his wife's wedding, she thinks anything's possible!

The 'phone rings at the Morrell apartment, and Jill answers it. The caller is Wayne, and Jill immediately looks guilty. He asks her how it's going, and Jill says, "Fine." She looks at Brian. She then asks Wayne when he's coming back, and he replies that it'll be tomorrow morning. He asks Jill if she's OK, and she replies, "Sure." Wayne remarks that she sounds a bit worried, but Jill assures him that she isn't. Wayne says he'll see her for breakfast, then. Jill hangs up and Brian tells her that it'll be alright - he'll be there. Jill, though, says she thinks she should do this by herself. She tells Brian to leave first thing, and have breakfast at a coffee lounge. Brian says he doesn't like leaving Jill alone with Wayne, but Jill says nothing will happen - she wants to let Wayne down gently, and it'll only make her feel worse if he's there. Brian tells Jill that it's up to her. Jill says it's the only way - she'd feel rotten if she wasn't fair to Wayne; he deserves that much.

At Woombai the next morning, John says to Fiona that he never thought he'd see the day she gave into Wayne's blackmail. Fiona tells him that he'd understand if he was a parent. John snaps that there's no chance for him and Jill now. Fiona replies that she doesn't want to be cruel, but he messed things up with Jill so many times through his own stupidity... John says that all he wants Fiona to do is tell the truth, but Fiona says she's sorry - this time she has to think of herself first. John offers to help her find Scott, but Fiona asks him if he can guarantee finding him. She answers the question herself, saying, "No - but Wayne can." John asks what's to stop Wayne from going back on his side of the bargain. Fiona says there's nothing; that's a risk she'll have to take. She then tells John that she doesn't know why she's suddenly the evil one: Jill married Wayne of her own free will. John tells her to stop making excuses. They suddenly hear a voice calling out, and Rosie and Doug come in. Rosie is surprised when she sees Fiona there. Doug tells Fiona and John that they should have come down for the wedding - a real turn up for the books, it was. Fiona says she came down. She looks at John.

In Sydney, Jill opens the apartment door to Wayne and asks him if he had a good flight back. Wayne says, "Yes." He then asks Jill if she missed him. Jill doesn't answer this, though, saying instead that they need to talk. Wayne asks what's up. Jill tells him to listen, and not interrupt. She then says, "I can't marry you, Wayne. It would be a big mistake for both of us." Wayne angrily asks if Fiona's been around, but Jill says she hasn't. She explains that, when Brian came back, she realised she loves him and wants him; they're going to try to make their marriage for real, rather than something to keep him in the country. Wayne angrily asks when Jill and lover boy decided that. Jill says it was last night. She asks Wayne not to be angry - with her not loving him, it wouldn't have worked out for either of them. Wayne snaps that it would have if Brian hadn't turned up. Jill points out that she said it might, but she was wrong; she realised that as soon as she saw Brian. Wayne says, "After everything I did for you." Jill asks him to please not say that - she's sorry, honestly. Wayne sarcastically snaps, "Yeah, you look it." Jill says she wants them to be friends, and she reaches out and puts her hand on his shoulder. Wayne, though, yells, "Get away from me," and he violently pushes Jill so that she crashes into the shelf against the wall. He then yells, "I should have known after the first time: once a trollop, always a trollop." Jill cries, "Wayne..." Wayne ignores this and yells, "Me yesterday, Brian last night... Who's next?" Jill, who has a cut lip, sits on the floor, crying.

A car pulls up at Woombai and Terry gets out. He sees John and remarks that he thought he'd still be in Sydney. He asks if they didn't get there in time, but John says it didn't make any difference - Jill and Wayne still aren't married. Terry asks what happened, and John replies that it's a real mess-up - but they only postponed the wedding. Terry asks John why he's so down in the mouth, then, as it still gives him and Fiona time to work out what to do about Wayne. John says it doesn't anymore: Fiona's stuffed it up good and proper. Terry asks what John's going to do about Jill, but John says there's nothing much he can do; without Fiona to back him up, he doesn't stand a chance. He tells Terry that Jill is making the biggest mistake of her life, and he can't do a damn thing about it.

Brian is tending Jill's wound, when he suddenly asks her why she didn't tell him that she's pregnant. Jill says that because then she'd have had to have told him about the rape, and with everything else... Brian says he understands. As he cleans up the blood, Jill cries, "Ouch!" Brian says he's sorry. He then tells Jill that, once he's got her settled, he'll go up to Wayne and see how he likes a split lip. Jill, though, says, "Don't you dare." Brian says a man shouldn't hit a woman, but Jill says it's all over and done with now. She picks up Snuffles, who is lying by the chair, and she tells Brian not to go near Wayne. Brian reluctantly agrees. He then asks what Gordon and Barbara said. Jill replies that they understood, but she feels sorry for Gordon, as he must be upset for Wayne. Brian says he'd be even more upset if he knew what Wayne did to her. Jill starts to say, "Brian..." but Brian interrupts and offers her a brandy. He tells her not to go feeling bad about Wayne, as it should be them she's thinking about now. Jill says she is; she just doesn't like hurting people, that's all.

A sports car drives up the road to Woombai and someone waves. Terry says to John, "Hey, mate - get a load of that!" John just says, "Yeah." Terry asks if John knows them, and John replies that he knows Charlie - the one driving. Terry says he wouldn't mind taking that little beatuty for a spin. John asks him if he means the car! Terry asks John what he thinks he means! Terry asks if Charlie would let him if he asked her. John says, "Probably!"

Inside, Rosie explains to Fiona that they only dropped by to see how John was. Doug says he'll get over it. Fiona, who's miles away, vaguely asks, "What?" Doug says he means John will get over Jill marrying that Wayne fella. Fiona says, "Yes... right..." Rosie says it's a pity John and Wayne both love the same girl. Doug tells her to stop going on about it, and he suggests Rosie tell Fiona about putting in a good word for the riding school. Rosie excitedly says she almost forgot: she met a young man at the wedding reception: Greg Flynn - Wayne's best man. Doug chips in that Greg was hanging round with that Charlie character, adding, "Stupid name for a woman if ever I heard one!" Fiona tells Rosie to go on, and Rosie explains that Greg is a travel agent, and he sells tours. She suggested that he sell holidays to the riding school. Doug says, "She never shuts up." Rosie looks at him, and he hurriedly says he means Charlie - "Someone should put a gag on her. Yap, yap, yap, yap!" Fiona asks if Greg Flynn is interested, and Rosie says, "Very!" Fiona says she hopes something comes of it. Doug says he had to sit next to her at the reception - "She's enough to put a man off his food, I can say!" They suddenly hear Charlie calling out, "Fiona, darling." Doug says, "God strike me, the woman's haunting me! " Charlie comes in and smiles at everyone!

A short time later, Greg says to Fiona that he hopes she doesn't mind them barging in. Fiona says, "Not in the least." Rosie explains to Greg that she was telling Fiona that he might be interested in selling holidays to the riding school. Greg says that's why he's there. Charlie chips in that Greg wants to look over the place and see for himself. Fiona offers him a guided tour. Greg says it looks like they have quite a set-up there. Fiona tells him to wait until he sees the riding facilities. The two of them head out, and, looking at Charlie, Doug says he might go for stroll with them. Rosie, though, tells him that he won't, as they might want to talk business. Doug looks infuriated! Rosie remarks to Charlie that she must be tired after the long drive. Charlie, though, says she isn't, as they drove up from the motel they stayed at last night. Rosie looks shocked at Charlie's apparent lack of morals, but Charlie doesn't notice, and explains that they drove halfway down after the reception. Doug suggests Charlie go and say hello to John, and Charlie says she was planning to, as she saw him with another nice young man, working on a tractor, on the way up; she doesn't think she's met him before! Doug looks bemused!

Outside, John introduces Terry to Charlie, and Terry asks her if she's up from the city. Charlie explains that it's just for the day. Terry says it makes a nice change, and, flirting, Charlie says she's liking it more and more! John explains that Terry is a mechanic, and Charlie says she likes a man who's good with his hands! Terry says, "Yeah?!" He then tells her that it's quite a sports job she drives. Charlie says, "Pardon?" and then quickly realises he means the car! Terry says it goes like a rocket, and Charlie replies, "If you know how to handle it properly." Terry says he reckons he could manage - he knows a fair bit about cars. Charlie tells him that, if he'd like to, he's more than welcome. Terry says he'll take her up on that, and he adds that John can manage for a while without him. John says he supposes so, and he asks how long they'll be. Charlie replies that that depends on Terry, "...Doesn't it, darling!" She and Terry walk off, and John smiles to himself.

Wayne arrives at Dural, and as he steps into the entrance hall, Barbara comes downstairs and says she and Gordon are very sorry. Wayne ignores this, though, and asks if Rosie's still there. Barbara explains that she and Doug left before she and Gordon were even out of bed. Wayne walks into the lounge room. Gordon emerges from the study, and Barbara tells him that Wayne isn't good. The two of them join Wayne, who's pouring himself a scotch. Gordon starts to say, "Wayne..." but Wayne snaps, "Please - spare me the hearts and flowers. I wouldn't believe it anyway." He asks who filled them in on the gory details, and Barbara replies that Jill 'phoned earlier. Wayne looks at Gordon and says he must have got a good laugh out of that - 'Wayne cops it in the neck again'. Gordon sternly says that's not true. Wayne says, "Isn't it?" He then looks at Barbara and says he bets it is for her. Barbara assures him that it isn't. Wayne says the only reason he came there was that he thought Rosie might still be around - she's the only person he's interested in seeing. Gordon says he's there, but Wayne snaps at his father not to start pretending he cares. He says he knows how Gordon feels and Gordon knows how he feels, so they can just leave it at that. He walks out. Barbara tenderly says, "Gordon..." Gordon replies, "Please - don't tell me he'll get over it."

At the Sydney apartment, Jill is on the 'phone, and Brian is standing behind the bar, listening. Jill is calling Patricia, and she asks her if she wants her to leave the keys. Patricia tells her that she and Brian don't have to leave straight away - they're welcome to use the apartment until Dee comes out of the nursing home. Jill, though, says thanks, but with all that's happened, they felt like getting a place of their own. Patricia says she wouldn't want them to think she's throwing them out, and Jill assures her they won't. Patricia tells her to leave the key with the building manager. Jill says they'd better get going, as they're checking out Brian's citizenship today. Patricia says she hopes it works out for both of them. Jill thanks her and hangs up. She turns to look at Brian, and says Patricia's nice - she said they could stay there if they liked. Brian asks what Patricia said about Wayne, and Jill replies that she seemed to understand. Brian says, "Fair enough." Jill says they have to get going, as they don't want to keep the immigration people waiting. Brian mockingly salutes and jokes, "Alright, boss!" They walk to the door, and Brian asks for a kiss for good luck. Jill says he won't need it, but Brian says he thinks they'd better be on the safe side! Jill kisses him!

Stephen gets into Toorak and calls for Patricia. She's in the lounge room. Stephen immediately tells her that he thinks he's got it - he's worked out a way to get his hands on Dee's money. Patricia unenthusiastcially says, "Oh good." Stephen tells her not to go overboard with excitement! Patricia says she's sorry - she's got something else on her mind. She asks Stephen what he's come up with, but Stephen says it can wait. He asks what Patricia knows and looks so smug about. Patricia smiles and tells him that Wayne has been left at the altar; Jill phoned and said Brian wasn't killed after all - he turned up in the church in the nick of time, leaving Wayne high-and-dry. Stephen says, "And you're pleased about it? Must have been the most humiliating experience of his life." Patricia replies, "Yes!" Stephen asks her if she doesn't feel a little bit sorry for him, but Patricia replies that Wayne didn't give a damn for her when she was down; as far as she's concerned, it serves him right. Stephen says he hopes she'll be civil to Wayne in anything to do with business, as he works for Gordon. Patricia replies, "Of course - it's purely personal!" She asks how they're going to fix Dee.

John, Fiona, Rosie and Doug are walking outside Woombai, and Doug jokes that Fiona will have to pay Rosie commission! Fiona laughingly agrees! Rosie says she's glad it went well with Mr. Flynn. Fiona says she hopes it goes as well with the people he sells the holidays to! John says it's a pity Rosie and Doug can't stay longer, and Fiona agrees that it's been wonderful having them round. Rosie tells John to take care, and Doug tells him that the next time they see him, he'll probably have a pretty lass in tow. John looks upset, and Rosie warns, "Doug..." Fiona hugs Rosie. Rosie and Doug then get in their car, and Fiona tells Doug to drive carefully. Doug says Rosie won't let him go over 50! He starts the car and drives off. Fiona and John wave, and Fiona thanks John for not saying anything to Doug and Rosie about Wayne. John says he was only thinking of them - there was no point in spoiling their holiday. He walks off.

Inside, Charlie tells Greg that the food is marvellous, and she's dying to try it. Greg says that as long as it doesn't make them late back to Sydney... Fiona comes in and asks them if they're leaving. Greg replies that Charlie's determined to sample the counter lunches at the local pub before they leave. Charlie explains that, according to Terry, it has quite a reputation. Taken aback, Fiona asks, "Terry who?" and Charlie replies, "Terry something-or-other. He works here." She suddenly remembers, "Hansen. Terry Hansen." Fiona looks shocked. Greg says he'll be in touch about the holiday ideas - he'll put a few programmes down on paper and see what Fiona thinks. Fiona, though, is miles away. Greg brings her back to reality, and Fiona quietly says, "Yes, you do that." She adds that it'll be interesting to see what he comes up with. Charlie and Greg go.

Outside, as they drive off, Charlie waves to Terry, who calls out, "Thanks for the drive!" He suddenly sees Fiona and he tries to walk past her by just nodding, "Mrs. Thompson". Fiona stops him, though, and says she's just been told he's working there. Terry says, "That's right." Fiona replies, "Wrong." She tells him that he's not working there anymore, and she wants him out of there. Terry asks why, and Fiona snaps that she's surprised he's even got the gall to ask a question like that. Terry says Wayne hired him, and he does the work. Fiona says she doesn't care: she wants him to leave - now. Terry, though, says no - the Hamiltons half-own the place, and they hired him, so they can fire him. He tells Fiona that she can hold onto her grudge for as long as she likes but he's not leaving until they say so. He walks off, leaving Fiona looking flabbergasted.


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