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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

At Dural, Gordon tells Wayne that everything he needs to know is in the file, and he suggests that he might like to read it on the 'plane. Wayne packs his briefcase and says, "Sure." Gordon adds that, that way, Wayne will know what Stephen is talking about in the meeting. He tells his son that the best thing now is to concentrate on work and keep his mind occupied. Wayne sighs. Gordon says he knows what he's been through, but Wayne just says he'd better get going. Gordon says he's there if Wayne needs to talk. Wayne goes. The 'phone starts ringing, and when Gordon answers it, the STD pips sound before Fiona comes on. She tells Gordon that they've had trouble up at Woombai, and she had to fire one of the chaps Wayne put on. Gordon asks who, and Fiona replies that it's Terry Hansen, but he's refusing to go; he said the Hamiltons put him on and the Hamiltons will have to fire him. She asks Gordon for his support, and Gordon tells her that of course she has it - if she thinks the man has to go, he'll back her to hilt. He adds that he was going to ring her about coming up to fill her in on what's been happening while she's been away, so he might as well make it now: he'll sack the man personally. Fiona thanks him. Gordon tells her that he'll see her in a few hours. Fiona hangs up, looking upset.

In the grounds at Woombai, John tells Terry that Fiona is off her tree. He asks what reason she gave, but Terry replies that there was nothing that made sense - he doesn't know what got into her. John says he does: she's in a stinking mood and had to take it out on someone. He adds that she's not going to get away with it. Terry says it was his fault, but John ignores this and says the other blokes will have something to say about it. Terry says he doesn't want a fuss, but John tells him he doesn't have any choice: the boys will have something to say. Terry looks annoyed.

A short time later, Terry is inside, where he tells Fiona that Alan Pascoe said he's doing well, and John is a good mate. He adds that if Fiona has something against him, he'd like to know what it is so he can do something about it. Fiona looks incredulous and tells Terry that he knows very well what it is. Terry, apparently surprised, asks if Fiona's still on about Jill. Fiona asks, "Why shouldn't I be?" Terry replies that he's never met anyone in his life who holds a grudge like Fiona. He asks if she'll never let him off the hook, and Fiona says she won't. Terry suggests that they do a deal then, to which Fiona angrily says, "You'll do a deal?" Terry tells her that he'll leave without any trouble if she promises one thing. Fiona snaps that she hardly thinks he's in a position to start spouting conditions at her, but Terry points out that he could cause a lot of problems with the men - all he has to do is tell them that he got sacked unfairly, and they'll be out before she can blink. Fiona replies that all she has to do is tell them why, and she doesn't think he'll get much support after that. Terry asks her if she thinks the men will believe her over him. He points out that Jill didn't go to the police, and he can't see her going now, so Fiona hasn't got any proof. Fiona looks annoyed. Terry tells her that his idea is that he leaves there, no fuss, if she promises not to tell John about Jill and him. Fiona asks what's so important about John. Terry replies that you don't make many good friends, and John is one of the best he's made, and he'd like it to stay that way. Fiona asks Terry if he'll definitely leave immediately, and Terry tells her that she has his word. He holds out his hand but Fiona refuses to shake it, telling Terry that he has her word. Terry replies that he might be old-fashioned, but he believes in shaking on a deal. Fiona looks at his hand and then reluctantly shakes it. Terry says that, with any luck, they won't ever have to clap eyes on each other ever again. He goes, leaving Fiona looking upset.

Terry arrives home as Enid Hansen is serving lunch to Warren. Warren asks Terry what he's doing there, and Terry replies that Mrs. Thompson has given him the sack. Enid says, "Oh, Terry, no." Terry says he doesn't know why - she's had it in for him since he started there. Enid tells him that he's better off away from there. Terry says he's the best mechanic in the district, so he shouldn't have any problems getting another job.

At Woombai, Fiona snaps, "I beg your pardon?" John tells her that she heard: Terry comes back or the men go on strike. Fiona snaps, "How dare you interfere," but John says he's not going to watch her sack someone for no good reason. Fiona replies that there's a damn good reason for Terry going, but she has no intention of standing there and talking to him about it. She angrily asks if John stirring up the men has something to do with her not telling Jill about Wayne, but John says it doesn't. Fiona tells him to mind his own business, then, and let her run the property. She adds that, if he can't, he'd better pack his bags and get out. John snaps, "Boy, when you turn, you go the whole hog, don't you." He adds that he'll be glad to see the back of the place. Fiona tells him that if that's the way he wants it... She offers him a lift to the station, but John snaps, "From you? I'll hitch to Sydney - wouldn't want to have to thank you for anything." Fiona looks shocked.

Rob and Amanda arrive back at The Terrace, and, standing by the front door, Lynn remarks that she didn't expect them so soon. Amanda says that, if Rob had let her drive, they'd have been there for breakfast! Rob heads off to see Beryl in the kitchen, leaving Lynn to comment to Amanda that she seems on top of the world. She asks how it's going, and Amanda replies that, when Rob saw Angela, he was a bit funny, but once they got away from the place and onto the road, it was good. Lynn smiles. In the kitchen, Beryl tells Rob that it's good to see him smiling. She adds that she thought about him a lot while he was away, and she asks how it was, seeing Angela. Rob tells her that it wasn't easy - he thought it might be different, but... He then adds that it did make him realise one thing: if he ever gets involved in another relationship, it won't be for a long time! Beryl asks if Amanda realises that, but Rob says she's only out for bit of fun, and that suits him fine. He then tells Beryl that there's one other thing: he can't say it's not because of Angela, because being there reminds him of her all the time, but he just quit his job - he's going back up north. Beryl looks shocked. She asks him if he means to Sydney, but Rob says no: as far north as he can get. He asks Beryl if she thinks he's being stupid, but Beryl says of course not - he probably needs some thinking time away from what's happpened. She tells him that she wants a letter every two weeks. Rob indignantly says he used to write before, and Beryl suggests that perhaps he forgot to post them! Rob says he'll try and do better this time! They hug.

Wayne arrives at Toorak. Patricia lets him in and says he looks terrible. Wayne snaps, "Thanks." Patricia tells him that she's really very, very sorry, but Wayne tells her not to be, as he's better off without a tramp like Jill anyway. Stephen emerges from the dining room and asks Wayne how he's feeling. He replies that he's fine, and asks why shouldn't he be? He tells Stephen that he'd like to get their business out of the way as soon as possible. Stephen guides him to the study. Patricia asks Stephen if she can have a word with him first, and so Wayne walks on to the study while Stephen stays in the hall. Patricia tells her husband that she feels almost sorry for Wayne - it was a rotten thing to happen. Surprised, Stephen says, "Come on..." Patricia continues that Wayne's vulnerable state could be to their advantage. Stephen asks how, and Patricia tells him that they have to set up a dummy company - it's the only way to get at Dee. Stephen incredulously says, "Not Wayne?" Patricia points out that they need somebody playing at being the head of that company; Wayne's devious, so they'll have to watch him, but providing they do, she thinks they've found the perfect dummy!

David and Beryl are at The Terrace prior to going to the shops, and Rob jokingly asks if they're spending all that hard-earned cash! Beryl asks Phillipe if she can have some of his lovely cake, and she heads off to the kitchen to cut a slice. In the dining area, David asks Rob if he's going to stay at the same place when he heads up-north. Rob says it's as good a place as any to start. Amanda and Lynn are standing just behind the two men, and they both look at Rob in surprise when they hear what he's saying. He tells David that if they don't have any work for him, he'll move on. David says he hopes it all works out good for him. Amanda and Lynn look at each other. Beryl comes back and tells David to hurry up, as it's not late night shopping! David jokes that he doesn't know what they're going to come home with! He and Beryl leave, and Rob turns round to see Amanda standing there, looking upset. He asks what's up, adding that she looks like she lost ten bucks and found two bob. Amanda says it's nothing - she's a bit tired, that's all. She says she'll be off, too, and Rob tells her that he'll see her later. When Amanda has gone, Lynn says to Rob, "Honestly." Rob asks what's up. Lynn looks at Phillipe and says he knows. Rob, still totally ignorant, asks what he did. Lynn asks him how he could be so dumb in front of Amanda, talking about going up-north like that? Rob points out that he is going up-north. Lynn asks what about Amanda - dropping it on her out of the blue, after telling Beryl? Rob looks surprised, and asks why it should worry Amanda.

Amanda storms into Toorak and goes into the lounge room, but it's empty. Stephen comes out from the study, looking at a paper. He absent-mindedly asks his daughter how her trip to Sydney was. He doesn't hear her say, "I really got on well with Rob," though, and suggests they talk abut it later. He then asks Amanda if she thinks it's cold in there, and adds that he must get the damn thermostat fixed.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Angela is looking at photos of her and Rob, taken at their wedding. She looks sad, as the photos show the two of them looking happy. She closes the photo album, goes to the 'phone and dials.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Rob asks Lynn why she didn't tell him before. He adds that it looks like Phillipe knows, too. Lynn says he's not blind. Rob asks Lynn if she's suggesting he is, and Lynn replies that he must be. Rob tells her that, if he'd known sooner, he wouldn't have let it get that far. He says he'll have to let her down as gently as he can. Lynn warns him to be careful. The 'phone starts ringing, and Rob answers it. He hears STD pips and says hello a couple of times, but no one speaks. He eventually hangs up and tells Lynn that, if it was important, they'll ring back. At Dural, Angela hangs up and looks upset. At The Terrace, Lynn asks Rob when he'll tell Amanda. Rob says it'll be soon - when he sees her. He adds that he doesn't want to make too big an issue out of it, as it'll only make it worse. Lynn tells him that Amanda takes things to heart, and she thinks he's in for a rough time. Rob remarks that he's been getting used to that, lately...

At Woombai, Fiona tells John that he doesn't have to go. John says he thought he did. He adds that he's told the men that he's been kicked out, too - he won't be bothering her, anymore. Fiona tells John that he never bothered her - he's upset her; he's made her very happy; he's made her very sad, but he's never bothered her. She says that much of what is happening now is her fault. John says, "Not all of it." Fiona says she could change the way she feels, but John says he doubts it - although she should try. Fiona says she can't, and John says, "Then that's it." Fiona pleads with John to not - adding that she means would he mind not - telling anyone about her giving into Wayne. John suggests that Fiona's friends wouldn't like it very much - knowing how far she's prepared to go. Fiona asks how she can make him understand. She then continues that she needs to find her son, and asks if he doesn't see how important that is. She tells him that he was once a son to her; can't he remember how important it was when he came back to her after all those years?; she's only seen her son as a baby, and she thinks she has a right to find him now. John listens, and then says he won't tell anyone. He nastily adds, "I wouldn't waste my time talking about you." He goes outside with his packed bag. Gordon is just arriving and John snaps, "Fiona brought in the cavalry, has she?" Gordon says, "I beg your pardon?" John tells him that if he backs up Fiona over sacking Terry Hansen, he's making a big mistake. He suggests to Gordon that he check it out properly before doing anything. Gordon says he doesn't see that it's any of John's business. John snaps that Fiona doesn't have one good reason for doing it, and all the men know it. He adds that he wouldn't like to be in Gordon's shoes trying to get them to work for him. He storms off, leaving Gordon looking surprised.

Inside, a short while later, Fiona tells Gordon that that's where they stand. She asks him to talk to the men, adding that, now Terry has agreed to leave without any fuss, it shouldn't be so hard to get them on-side. Gordon agrees to do his best. He asks what Hansen did to get the sack in the first place. Fiona replies that she can't give him the details but it's serious. Gordon sternly says, "Oh, come on, Fiona. You know better than that." He tells her that he can't go out there and soft-soap the men if he doesn't know what it's all about. Fiona asks him to believe her - she wishes she could tell him, but she can't - she promised Terry that she wouldn't say anything that might be embarrassing in front of his mates. Gordon says he's sure he can get around that, but he needs to know, otherwise there's no way he can talk to them with conviction. Fiona asks Gordon if he can't take her word for it. Gordon replies that he takes her word that it's serious, but he still needs to know. Fiona tells Gordon to believe her - it's much harder for her than he thinks. She adds that she's just had the most awful experience with John about it, and she might have lost him forever. Gordon says it can't be that serious, but Fiona tells him to believe her: it is. She repeats that she promised Terry she wouldn't say anything to John about it, and that goes for anybody else. Gordon asks Fiona if she trusts him, and Fiona replies that of course she does, but if he knew what it was, he'd want to take it further - she knows him too well - and if he did that, the whole thing would come out in the open. She tells him that she wishes she'd never agreed to keep her mouth shut, but now she'll have to take the consequences.

John is at the Hansens', where Enid Hansen tells him that Terry left not long after lunch, and he won't be back until late. She adds that she reckons he's gone with his mates, to drown his sorrows. John says he's sorry he missed him, and he asks the Hansens to give Terry his regards. Warren says they will. John adds that if Terry's ever in Melbourne, he should look him up. Enid asks John if he's leaving too, and John explains that he stood up for Terry and got the boot as well. Enid says she's sorry. John says it's not worth staying if Fiona's going to treat people like that. Warren chips in that he's sure Terry appreciates John speaking up for him. John says he'd better get going, and Warren asks him how he's getting to Melbourne. John explains that he's hitching. He goes. Enid asks Warren what he thinks, but Warren says he doesn't know. Enid asks if Fiona has spilt the beans to Terry, but Warren says he doesn't think so - Terry couldn't keep that to himself if he tried. He suggests that it's more likely that the fact she knows she's his mum has got too much for her. Enid agrees that it would be hard, having him around; she doesn't think she could hold out too long. She worries that Fiona will tell him, even if she has sacked him, and says she might go and see her, and try and talk her out of it.

At Toorak, Stephen tells Wayne that it was a good afternoon's work. Patricia joins them in the hall, and Wayne goes into the lounge room. Patricia asks Stephen how it went, and Stephen replies that they got a lot of work done. Patricia says she means... Stephen says he didn't have time to test the water, as they had legitimate business to attend to. Patricia tells her husband to leave it to her - she knows how to handle him. Stephen warns her to be careful, but Patricia says she knows what she's doing. Stephen says Amanda wants to have a chat, and he wanders off to talk to her. Patricia goes into the lounge room, where she tells Wayne that she could see how depressed he was when he arrived. Wayne says, "Could you?" Patricia sits down. She tells Wayne that she understands what he's been through, and she knows it's not very nice. She adds that she's realised she's been very unfair to him lately, and she wants to apologise. She asks if they can call it quits, and be friends, adding that they're too alike not to be. Wayne says he can hardly refuse, as he doesn't have many friends left. Patricia asks what about Gordon, but Wayne says he puts up with him because he gives him a job and somewhere to live. Patricia remarks that she thought things were going well between them, but Wayne tells her that they aren't anymore. Patricia says it sounds as if things are a bit awkward for him at the moment, then. Wayne says, "I'm getting by," but Patricia continues that, all the same, it would be nice for him to have his own little bankroll, so he could do what he likes when he likes. Wayne says he'd have to agree with that. Patricia smiles and says, "Just have to hope things change, won't we..."

In the grounds at Woombai, Enid Hansen introduces herself to Fiona, and she asks for a word. Fiona, though, says she's sorry, but nothing Enid could say will make any difference. Enid tells Fiona that it was hard enough to come in the first place, and she's not leaving until she's had her say. Fiona agrees to listen, but says it won't do any good. She invites her in.

Inside, Fiona says she doesn't think it's the right time to offer a cup of tea, and Enid agrees. She tells Fiona that she understands how she feels, and she doesn't blame her for not wanting Terry around. Fiona replies that they agree on that much. Enid says she only came to ask that what they both know doesn't go any further. Fiona says she's already promised Terry that she won't repeat it - and she always keeps her promise. Looking puzzled, Enid says she doesn't understand. Fiona explains that Jill won't say anything and nor will she. Enid says she's not talking about Terry and what happened with the girl. She tells Fiona, "You must know it would break my heart. Please - don't ever tell him he's your son." Fiona looks shocked.


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