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    Written by: Billie Morton    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Fiona, looking shocked, says, "God... I don't believe it." Enid suddenly realises that Fiona didn't know. She tells her that the Hamilton boy said he'd told her; she begged him not to, but he'd said Fiona had a right. She asks "Why did he lie?" Fiona, recovering her composure, explains that he had his reasons - the same as he had for making her think her son was living in Perth. Enid says she doesn't understand. She asks Fiona if she's saying she knew Terry was alive all along. Fiona shakes her head and says no - until quite recently, she thought her son was dead. Enid asks where that leaves her now that Fiona knows. Fiona tells her not to worry - she doesn't want anything to do with him; she's only sorry she ever laid eyes on him - he disgusts her. Enid angrily tells Fiona that she can't say that - she doesn't know him. She says he's been a good son, and she and Warren love him. Fiona calms down and says she can see that. She tells Enid that she doesn't want to upset her any more by talking about it. She says Enid came there thinking she was going to take Terry away from them, but if it puts her mind at rest, as far as she's concerned, her son died all those years ago. She then asks to be excused, and Enid goes. Tears well-up in Fiona's eyes, and she sits down. Gordon comes in and says he's spoken to the men and they're sticking to their guns. Fiona picks up the two photos she has of her baby and sobs, "Please, Gordon, not now. I have just had one hell of a shock."

At Toorak, Patricia takes a bottle of scotch out of the drinks cabinet, and Stephen remarks that he could do with one of those. Patricia asks what's up with Amanda, and Stephen replies that it's a case of the 'Rob Keegan blues'. Patricia says she'll snap out of it, but Stephen says she's pretty down. Patricia tells him that so is Wayne - she's never seen him so low; this is just the break they need. Surprised by his wife's attitude, Stephen points out that Wayne has had the stuffing knocked out of him, but Patricia tells him that she and Wayne had a good long chat, and Wayne doesn't want to rely on Gordon for money. Stephen says he still doesn't think it's the right time to bring it up. Patricia, though, says there couldn't be a more perfect time. Stephen asks what they'll do if he refuses, as what they're talking about is not exactly legal. Patricia tells Stephen to believe her - Wayne will jump at it. Stephen gives in, but tells Patricia to let him handle it.

At Woombai, Gordon is looking at the baby photos and says he can't believe it: Terry Hansen is Fiona's son? Fiona replies that, ever since she heard Scott was alive, she's lain awake at night thinking about him, trying to imagine what he'd be like; finding him was most important thing in the world; now, all she wants to do is forget he exists. Gordon says he can understand it now he knows what Terry did to Jill, but Fiona's still bound to bump into him. Fiona replies that she won't if she can help it. Gordon says that if there's anything he can do... Fiona tells him that he's a good friend; she's only sorry that, now it's all come out, he's going to be hurt, too. When Gordon looks quizzical, she continues that there's no point in her pretending that she's ever had any time for Wayne, but she never realised just how evil he really is. Gordon says he doesn't understand. Fiona explains that, somehow, Wayne discovered that Terry was her son, and he set to work on her: he got hold of the baby photos and used them to send her off on a wild good chase to Perth; he tricked her into thinking that's where Scott was. Gordon asks why Wayne would do that, and Fiona replies that he wanted her out of the way so that he could endear himself to Jill. She adds that, now, he's blackmailing her for pretty much the same reason. Gordon says "Blackmail?" He tells Fiona that he knows Wayne's no saint, but that's a very serious accusation. Fiona agrees that it is - and adds that she's afraid it's only the half of it...

At Toorak, Wayne listens as Stephen says he doesn't want an answer straight away. He tells Wayne to sleep on it, and they'll talk about it in a few days. Wayne pauses a few sconds and then says, "It's a very generous offer. The answer is no." Patricia and Stephen look at one another in surprise. Patricia angrily tells Wayne that she doesn't understand him: one minute he's telling her how desperate he is to be independent, but then here he is, passing up the perfect opportunity. Wayne, though, replies that he's tired - he's sick of the plotting, the scheming and all the double-dealing. He tells them to look where it got him with Jill; all he wants is a quiet life - no complications. Patricia tells him that he's upset at the moment - it's perfectly understandable - but if he turns down what they're offering, he's going to kick himself later. Stephen chips in that all they're asking for is Wayne's help in forming a dummy company - just a signature on a few of pieces of paper - it's money for jam. Wayne says it may be, but he doesn't think so - he's afraid they're going to have to find someone else. He walks out. Patricia and Stephen look annoyed.

Gordon tells Fiona that it's ironic - in a sense, they've both lost their sons today. He suggests that, if Nancy had lived, maybe things would have turned out differently, but Fiona tells him not to blame himself. She says Wayne has become a very twisted young man through his own doing, not Gordon's. She adds that, when she thinks of the trouble he's caused for his own selfish reasons, she's glad he's getting a taste of his own medicine. Gordon says that, all the same, he knows how much Jill meant to him - he's very upset. Fiona angrily says, "Let him suffer." She tells Gordon that this might sound callous, but she's glad he's lost Jill and that he's finally learnt the truth about him. She adds that she and Gordon are old friends, and the last thing she would do is hurt him, but she felt he should know, and she just hopes that, for once, he's not going to let Wayne off the hook. Gordon says, "No. No I won't. I'll never forgive him for what he's done this time."

The Morrell apartment is in darkness when the front door opens and Jill and Brian come in. Jill sits down and says her shoes are murder - her feet are killing her. Brian says they'll have to do something about that, and he starts massaging them. Jill says it tickles! Brian suggests she get decent shoes instead of those silly high-heeled things, but Jill points out that she had to look nice for the immigration people. Brian tells her that she was terrific - he was the one who was nervous! Jill says the guy was really nice. Brian smiles and tells Jill to just think: a few more months and he'll be a genuine Aussie! He suggests they go out for dinner to celebrate, but Jill says she'd rather spend a quiet evening together; anyway, she wants to ring Fiona in Perth, and tell her all the news. Brian says that's fair enough. He asks Jill how she thinks she'll like living down on the south coast. Jill stands up and puts her arms round Brian. She tells him that he'll be there, so she'll love it! Brian points out that life on a construvtion site can get pretty boring, but Jill says she'll survive. She adds that she'll find out in a couple of days! Brian says he supposes so. They kiss, and Brian says, "I love you." Jill says, "I love you, too." They kiss again.

Gordon is stoking up the fire at Woombai, and Fiona comments that you wouldn't think spring had started! She tells Gordon that she'd have loved to have seen Wayne's face when Brian walked up the aisle. Gordon replies that the air could have been cut with a knife. Fiona says that, after all Wayne has been through to get Jill, there has to be a God up there. Gordon says Brian's a good lad - he's sure he and Jill will make a go of it. Fiona says she wouldn't put it past Wayne to try and break them up even now. Gordon says Jill seems to have made up her mind, but Fiona says Jill is too soft for her own good, and Wayne knows how to play on it. She stands up and says she thinks it's time she had a good long talk with her - set the record straight about him, once and for all. She goes to the 'phone, but Gordon tells her that, before she goes, he thinks she ought to settle things with the men. Fiona admits that it slipped her mind. She asks Gordon if he can talk some sense into them, but Gordon says it's not as simple as that - they simply won't accept Terry's sacking without an explanation, and there's no way they can tell them about the rape. He adds that it's the last thing they need right now, but they still have a strike on their hands. Fiona looks annoyed.

At the Hansens', Warren tells Enid that there's no point working herself up about it. Enid replies that he didn't have to stand there listening to Fiona go on about Terry. Warren says that's the end of it - they needn't have anything more to do with her. The front door slams and Terry comes in. Enid tells him that he's just in time for tea. Terry says it looks like the strike's still going on, but Warren says it's a lot of hot air, these threats, half the time. Terry says it's still on - he saw the blokes down the pub, and he tried to get them to change their mind, but they didn't want to know about it. Enid tells Terry that he's best off keeping out of it. Terry says he couldn't care less, only John and Fiona are pretty close and John's bound to end up siding with her, so he's lost a good mate. Warren assures Terry that he has nothing to worry about - John has gone back to Melbourne. He explains about John stopping in on his way and asking Terry to look him up if ever he's down there. Surprised, Terry says, "What do you know?!" He adds that he's glad he couldn't talk the men out of the strike: "Let's see Fiona Thompson try and worm her way out of this one."

The next morning, in a meeting at Woombai, Gordon tells Fiona and Alan Pascoe that they could offer to find Terry another job in town. Alan says he couldn't see that cutting any ice with the men, anymore than him acccepting the sack; the fact is that Terry is a good mechanic, and he won't have any trouble finding another job. Fiona snaps that the men are being damned unreasonable, but Alan tells her to look at it from their point of view - one man gets sacked for no good reason, so it could happen to someone else. Gordon asks if they're not even open for negotiation, and Alan says they're not - Terry's either put back on or the men go out as of now. Gordon asks Alan to wait outside. Alan thanks Fiona for breakfast and leaves the room. Gordon then tells Fiona that she heard what Alan said: they're waiting. Fiona says she doesn't know what to do - if they told them about the rape, it would be perfectly straightforward, but she can't - she gave Terry her word. Gordon says it's not just that: unless she can back up the accusation, she's asking for trouble, and Jill won't say anything. He adds that he knows how strongly Fiona feels about it, but she'll just have to put her personal feelings to one side. Fiona asks Gordon if he thinks she should back down. Gordon says she should reconsider, or they're in big trouble: the riding school is just breaking even, and with the chance to get package tours off the ground, they can't afford a strike. Fiona looks upset. She reluctantly says, "Oh, very well. Tell the men he's got his job back."

At the Hansens', Gordon tells Terry that the job's his again, if he wants it. Enid tells Terry that he's better off away from there, but Terry says it's a good job and he needs the dough. Warren tells Terry that he shouldn't have got himself all tied up with that HP in the first place. Terry asks how he was supposed to know he'd get the sack. He tells Gordon that he'll take it. Gordon adds that there's one thing he wants to make quite clear: Terry's to stay well out of Fiona's way. Terry says that suits him. Gordon suggests that Terry should get hopping, as Alan is waiting for him. Terry goes, leaving Gordon to tell Enid and Warren that Fiona hasn't changed the way she feels about Terry. He explains that she told him about the other unfortunate matter, and he can understand exactly how she feels. Warren says Fiona needn't have taken Terry back on if she didn't want to. Gordon replies that it was a business decision, not a personal one.

Fiona looks at her baby photos, sadly. She sits down and smiles briefly, but then looks miserable again. There's a knock at the door. Fiona sighs and says, "Come in, Alan." It isn't Alan who walks in, though, but Terry. Fiona quickly turns the photos over and snaps, "What are you doing here?" Terry says he wants to talk, but Fiona snaps that she thought Gordon was going to make it clear that, if he stayed on, he was to keep out of her way. Terry says he's going to. Fiona yells, "Then go. I don't want to have anything to do with you." Terry tells her that he just came to say thanks for keeping her end of the deal and not saying anything about Jill. Fiona replies that she gave him her word - there's no need for thanks. Terry says he thought he should. He adds that that's all he came to say - he knows how Fiona feels about him and he doesn't blame her; from now on, they needn't have anything more to do with each other. He goes. Fiona looks upset. She looks at the two photos again and then puts the pictures together and rips them in half. She tears them in half again and slams the pieces down onto the table.

Barbara answers the door at Dural, to find Charlie standing there. Charlie announces that she's brought a friend to see Barbara - well, two actually. Barbara looks and sees John standing nearby, holding a small dog! Barbara asks John where he came from, and John explains that Charlie saw him being dropped off down the road, and picked him up. He hands the dog to Charlie, who explains that the animal's name is Isabella. She adds, "Isn't she a darling!" She goes on to explain that a friend of hers is going overseas and couldn't take Isabella because of quarantine laws. Barbara stares at it. Charlie says Isabella has a new mummy, and Barbara sarcastically replies, "Isn't that nice for her!" She turns to John and tells him that he looks as if he could do with some breakfast. Charlie tells Barbara not to bother with coffee for her - she'll just go through to the flat and introduce Isabella to Angela, as it might cheer her up. She looks at John and tells him that it wouldn't hurt him to crack a smile, either - she's never seen anyone so miserable. She adds that he and Angela make a good pair. She walks through the hall and out the back as Barbara watches, aghast. John picks up his bag and he and Barbara go into the lounge room. Barbara asks John what he's been doing, but John says, "Nothing much." He explains that he just came to say goodbye to Angela. Barabra asks him where he's going, and John replies that he's off to Melbourne first, and then he thought he might head up-north with Rob: he 'phoned him last night and found out he's going up there to try and get his old job back. Barbara asks if Rob's going up there to live, and John says he is, as he wants a change of scenery. He adds that he doesn't blame him. Barbara asks John if he's told Angela, but he says he hasn't. Barbara smiles and says, "Good. Might just be the bombshell she needs..."

A while later, Charlie is in the lounge room at Dural, brushing Isabella and saying she thinks she's going to get awfully spoilt - sweet little thing. Barbara comments that as long as she doesn't leave her sweet little mark all over her furniture! Charlie says, "Don't be silly, darling!" Barbara asks Charlie if she wasn't leaving for Melbourne today, and Charlie says she is, but her flight doesn't leave for hours yet. Angela and John are sitting there listening to the conversation, but John looks fed up. Charlie continues that it was good of Patricia and Stephen to invite her to the charity ball. Barbara sarcastically agrees. Charlie suddenly realises that, "Someone wants to pay a little visit." She takes Isabella outside, saying as she leaves the room that they'll be back in a tick. When she's gone, Barbara says, "Not if I can help it!" She then looks at John and Angela and says, "You two have a chat. I'm going to get rid of her." She leaves the twins to it, and Angela remarks that Charlie is too much! John just says, "Yeah." He then asks Angela how she's doing, and Angela replies that she's OK. John says Barbara told him about Paul, and he asks Angela if she's upset. Angela says she isn't really. She explains that she had a funny feeling it would turn out like it has. John asks her what she means, and Angela tells him about the dream she had in which Paul was walking away with Christine and the kids; she had a strange feeling she'd be left on her own, and now it's happened. John points out that all Angela has to do is pick up the 'phone and ring Rob, and he tells her not to be stubborn. Angela, though, says she loves Rob, but she can't go running back to him now that it suits her. John says it won't hurt her to talk to him. Angela tells him that, if he must know, she did ring Rob, but she hung up when he answered. John asks why, and Angela replies that she chickened out. She says she'll maybe do it some other time, but John says there won't be another time, as Rob's clearing off, and moving up-north to live. Angela says that's it, then. John tells her that she could try and sort things out with him, and he suggests that it's worth a go. Angela says she supposes they should sort out the business - but there's no way they're going to get back together again.

Fiona has arrived at the Morrell apartment. Jill hugs her and says it's good to see her. Fiona happily says, "You too!" Jill says she tried ringing Perth last night, but it was no wonder she couldn't get hold of her! Brian joins them and Fiona calmly says to him, "Hello, Brian!" Jill asks Fiona if she's not even surprised he's there, as she was going to break the news when she rang. Fiona tells Jill to believe her when she says there's not much she doesn't already know. She adds that, unfortunately, there's a few things Jill should know - and she's afraid they might come as quite a shock. They both look at Brian.

A while later, Jill angrily says, "All those lies about Beth being my mother. He's sick." Brian holds her hand as she says she can't believe she nearly married him. Brian points out that he told her Wayne was a nasty bit of work, but she wouldn't listen. He adds that he's glad someone's finally got her to take notice. Fiona explains that the story about Beth wasn't all Wayne was up to; he wanted her out of the way to have a clear field with Jill, so he invented the story about Scott being in Perth. Jill says Wayne let Fiona think Scott was still alive. Fiona replies, "Oh, he's still alive. But he's not in Perth - he's at Woombai: Terry Hansen's my son." Jill looks at Brian in horror. Fiona says it came as quite a shock to her, too. Brian says, "That's not all, Fiona. Jill's pregnant." Jill adds, "It's Terry's. I'm carrying your grandchild."

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne pours himself a scotch. Barbara comes in and says she thought she heard Gordon moving around. She adds that she thought he'd be back from Woombai by now, as he's been rather anxious to talk to his son. Wayne disinterestedly says, "Really?" Barbara asks him if he has any idea what it's about, but Wayne replies, "I wouldn't have a clue." He sips his drink.

Fiona tells Jill and Brian that she knows just the man: the best obstetrician in McQuarry Street. She adds that they can try making an appointment in the morning, before they leave. Jill asks where they're going, and Fiona says they can go to Woombai - they're going to have to have somewhere to live - plus she could do with the company right now. She says she can't tell them what it means to her - her own flesh and blood. Jill and Brian look at each other, uneasily. Fiona says she's going to be there to see him grow up; she might not like the father, but she's going to be one of those proud old grannies who bores the pants off everyone! Endeavouring to change the subject, Brian suggests they eat, or else the spaghetti will boil away. Fiona says she'll rush out and get a bottle of champers. Jill points out that they shouldn't be wetting the baby's head before it's even born, but Fiona says she's not - this is to celebrate the fact that she's going to be a grandmother! She heads for the door, excitedly saying, "Oh, wow!" She goes. Jill looks at Brian and says she's never seen Fiona so happy; how is she going to tell her that they're going away? Brian says it won't be easy - all they can do is be as gentle as possible.

Barbara runs down the stairs at Dural. Gordon is just coming in, and Babara hugs him, saying she was worried about him, as he's so late. Gordon just asks if Wayne's in, and Barbara points to the lounge room and says he's inside. Gordon storms in and says to Wayne, who's sitting on the settee, holding his drink, "I want you out of the house tonight." Wayne asks why - what's he done? Gordon angrily tells him that they shouldn't waste each other's time - Fiona's told him everything. Taken by surprise, Wayne sarcastically says he doesn't know what Gordon's talking about, but if Fiona told him, it must be true. Gordon tells his son not to try and bluff his way out of it - he knows all about Wayne's little games: Beth, Terry... He snaps that, from now on, he wants nothing more to do with Wayne professionally or otherwise. Wayne angrily snaps that Gordon really knows how to put the boot in when a bloke's down. Gordon stands there and says, "Just go." Wayne stands up and snaps, "You can't chuck me out. You owe me." Gordon replies, "I owe you nothing. My only regret is it's taken me all these years to realise it. People would have been saved a lot of heartache if you had died seventeen years ago."


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