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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The person who's answered the door is Tony Parker, who, looking surprised, says, "G'day, Mrs. Palmer." Beryl, recovering her composure, says she thought he was away at the rodeo. Tony replies that he was; he got back last night. He quickly steps out into the stairwell area and shuts the apartment door behind him, before asking Beryl what she's doing there. She explains that David's been acting strangely - she wanted to know why, and found this address in his wallet. Tony remarks that he told David he should have told her. Beryl sighs and asks what's going on. Tony replies that it's his mum: she's been having a few hassles and Dave's been helping her out; she's kind of worried he'll get into trouble for helping. He asks Beryl if they could go to hers and talk, but Beryl says she doesn't know. Tony continues that there's a lot to explain, and he doesn't want his mum to hear; she's just inside. Beryl agrees, but says David won't be too happy when he finds out she came there. Tony points out that he has to find out sooner or later. Beryl says yes - she supposes he does...

A while later, in the lounge room at the Palmers', David asks Beryl why she didn't come out and ask, instead of sneaking around. Beryl says, "Huh! You're a great one to talk about sneaking around." David explains that he didn't want to worry her: Tony called him about it after they got back from their skiing holiday, after she'd said about how happy she was that everything was getting back to normal; he didn't want her to have any new trouble. Beryl sourly remarks that it didn't work... Tony tells them not to argue. Beryl suggests that they'd better sort out what they're going to do, sensibly. David looks at Tony and asks which one of them should tell her. Tony decides it'll be him, and he tells Beryl that it's his mum and dad: he got a call from his mum while he was at the rodeo; it had to be urgent or she wouldn't have rung; she had bit of a blow-up with his Dad, and his little brother, Dennis, has ended up in a boys' home. He adds that his mother always thought Dennis would be the one to make something of himself. He continues that his Dad thought it was a big joke, so his mum upped and left him; his Dad then started to get real nasty; his Mum went to her sister's place first, but his Dad followed her and bashed his mum up; she got a flat - where she is now - but his Dad's been there a few times, scaring her; that's why he called Dave - he thought he might be able to keep eye on his Mum until he got back from the rodeo. He adds that it was a pity he had to leave - he was enjoying it. Beryl listens to all this and then asks David if he's met Tony's Dad - she asks Tony his father's name, and is told it's Joe. David says he hasn't, yet - Joe Parker drove past one day when he was there and he saw him, which scared him off. He adds that at least he's doing some good. Beryl decides to make some coffee, and she asks David to give her a hand in the kitchen. David, though, tells Beryl that whatever she's got to say, it involves Tony. Beryl says not everything she has to say does... She asks Tony if he understands, and Tony says, "Sure." He adds that he'll get off now, and he tells Beryl that he didn't mean to cause trouble. Beryl bluntly tells him that of course he didn't. She and David go into the kitchen and shut the doors. David says he'd like to settle this without an argument, and Beryl agrees. David asks her how she found out about Alice. As Beryl fills the kettle, she explains that he hasn't been behaving exactly normally lately, and she found a card with the name and address on it - by accident. She tells David that she doesn't want to argue, so he's not to start imagining things. David wonders what she started imagining, but Beryl tells him that he can't blame her: a strange woman's name in his wallet and him sneaking off. David says that, after Pat, she should know better than that. Beryl points out that it looked bad, but then says that the main thing is, what are they going to do? She adds that she's worried, and David asks why. Beryl replies that it couldn't have happened at a worse time - he knows how Kevin feels about Tony. David snaps that he's not letting a woman go unprotected because he has a sour kid for a son. Beryl starts to say that Kevin's only like that because... but David interrupts and snaps that he's only like that because he's a pain in the neck. He adds that he's not putting Kevin first, family or not. Beryl asks what about himself - Joe Parker seems to be dangerous. David says he wouldn't be much of a man if he ran away from a scrap. Beryl looks exasperated, and she sighs. She then says she can feel for Alice Parker, but she'd rather see David a sensible coward than a hero in a hospital. David, though, says he's sorry but he's made up his mind: he's going to help her.

John is sitting with Lisa Cook in the dining area at The Terrace. Lynn tells them that she'll make another pot of tea, but Lisa says that's alright; she was just saying to John that she's got to get going, as she has sketches to deliver. Lynn says she supposes everybody says it, but she loves Lisa's designs. Lisa laughs and says everybody does say it, but she loves to hear it! John tells her that he's sorry she has to go rushing off - he wishes he could change her mind about Terry. Lisa reminds him of what she said when she got there: Terry and she were close, but that was six years ago; she's a different person now, and she imagines he is, too; she doesn't see the point in rushing up there to be with him. She then realises that, with Terry injured, that sounds pretty heartless. John says it does in a way, but she has her own life to lead. Lisa says that's right. She then tells Lynn that it's been nice meeting her, and that maybe they'll work together one day. John gets up to see Lisa to her car, leaving Lynn to start clearing up. Outside, Lisa says she'd heard about The Terrace - some of her friends have been there. John says it's good food, and Lisa says she'd like to eat there sometime. John tells her to let him know when and he'll make sure she gets royal treatment! Lisa walks to her car door and says,"How about tomorrow?" John asks what about it, and Lisa tells him to make a booking for her, tomorrow, for two. John says he might make sure he's around himself, in case she changes her mind about Terry. Lisa, though, tells him there's no 'might' about it - he's got to be there. She adds that the booking's for two isn't it?; her and John...? She asks if one o'clock suits him. John smiles and says one o'clock is fine. Lisa says that's good - she's looking forward to it. John smiles as she gets in the car.

At Toorak, Charlie says she's absolutely mortified - it's so rude of her; after all, she is a houseguest. She adds that she knows Dee is Stephen's mother, but it really is very rude of her. Stephen says, "You're telling me!" Charlie, who's holding a list of the party guests, says she could certainly bring a lot more sparkle to the night than Fiona Thompson or Beryl Palmer; she can't imagine her being too scintillating! Patricia chips in that Beryl was a last minute addition; she starts working there tomorrow. Charlie says the whole things's perverse, and she asks what she's done to upset Dee. She adds that there are so many old names on the list; she's sure she could have made the social pages - they'd be green back home if they could see her listed with that lot! She rhetorically asks Patricia if she can see the look on Jane Davies' face! Patricia, who's pouring a drink, doesn't say anything. Charlie looks down the rest of the list and then suddenly says she thinks she might just have the answer. She gives the list to Patricia, who asks her what she's up to. Charlie just replies that no one could ever say she gives up easily! She goes, and Patricia remarks to Stephen that she doesn't know why Charlie's bothering; she'd give anything not to be there. She hands him a drink, and he wonders out loud why Dee did leave Charlie off the list, adding that it's a bit pointed. Patricia says Charlie is her friend; with Gordon and Barbara and Fiona and - not to mention - Beryl Palmer, it's hardly her fan club! Stephen says he'll be there. Patricia kisses him and tells him that she loves him. Stephen replies that he loves her, too.

Dee, in bed, clutches her chest, in pain. She leans over and takes a pill from her bedside table. Amanda comes in and, seeing what's happening, worriedly asks her grandmother if she's alright. Dee says it's just a twinge - nothing to worry about. Amanda asks her if she's sure, and Dee tells her to stop fussing. Amanda sits down on the edge of the bed. Dee lies there, breathing deeply. Amanda looks concerned, but Dee soon seems to recover. Amanda tells her that she's been doing too much for someone who's just had a heart attack. Dee replies that it's just angina, and she wouldn't have much of a life if she took to bed for good because of an odd heart flutter. Amanda says it was more than a flutter, and she thinks they should cancel the party. Dee, though, says no: you only turn 65 once and she's going to do it in style. Amanda points out that, apart from that, Aunty Barbara's going to be there... Dee tells Amanda not to play Miss. Know-all with her, but Amanda replies that her grandmother can't tell her it's not important. Dee snaps that of course it's important, but that's not the only thing that's important; Barbara is just a part of it.

Lynn is feeding Davey in the kitchen at The Terrace, but he refuses to eat! She suddenly hears a crashing noise out the back, and worriedly calls out, "Who is it?" Tony calls out that it's him - he tripped over the bin! Lynn opens the back door and lets him in. She asks him when he got back, and Tony says it was last night - he thought Dave would have told her by now! He comes in and gives Lynn a present for Davey. He asks how the kid's going, and Lynn says he's fine - it's just a matter of waiting to see how he is when he gets older. She sits down again with Davey and shows him the bag Tony gave her. Tony fusses over the child, and asks the young fella how he is. He tells Lynn that he felt really bad when it all happened. Lynn replies that of course he did. She opens the bag and finds a cowboy hat inside, which she puts on Davey. She says he's cute, although the hat is a bit big! Davey immediately removes it from his head! Lynn jokes that he'll be the best cowboy in the street! She then asks Tony why he came back, and Tony replies that it was due to family hassles. He puts a wad of dollar notes on the table and Lynn asks what they're for. Tony says that, if he hadn't left the window open, none of this would have happened to Davey; the least he can do is kick-in for the bill. Lynn tells him not to be silly, but Tony tells her that he wants her to have it. He asks if Kevin's there, as he'd like him to know, too; he'll be staying for a while, and he wants to get things sorted out. Lynn says Kevin's still at work, but he should be home soon. Tony asks if he can wait, and Lynn says, "Of course." Tony asks if it'll be alright with Kevin. Lynn says, "Oh yeah - should be..."

A while later, Lynn is cooking dinner while Tony, who's holding Davey, is telling her about the rodeo. The front door suddenly opens, and Lynn tells Tony to wait in the kitchen while she paves the way. She goes out into the hall and welcomes Kevin home with a kiss. She asks him how his day was, and Kevin says it was busy. He asks if he has time for a shower, as he's sticky. Lynn, though, says they have someone there. Kevin asks who and Lynn tells him that it's Tony Parker. She quickly adds that Kevin's not to get angry about him - he's been really nice: he bought a present for Davey and some money, too, for medical bills; he wouldn't take no for an answer - he's really trying to make up for what he did. Kevin angrily asks what the hell he's doing back there. Lynn replies that he has some sort of family problems; he didn't say what. Kevin snaps that, whatever it is, he can bet Tony will drag David into it. Lynn tells him not to be so sour - Tony's really trying to help. Tony comes out from the kitchen and says, "G'day, Kevin." Kevin looks at Lynn and sarcastically asks who Tony - who's wearing a cowboy hat of his own - thinks he is: Clint Eastwood?! Tony asks if Lynn's explained why he's there. Kevin says she has, but he doesn't know why Tony's wasted his time. He takes Davey and tells Tony that the best thing he can do is get back on his horse and get out of there. He then tells Lynn that he'll be ready for dinner in ten minutes. He heads upstairs. Tony calls after him that the least he can do is give him a go. Kevin snaps that he's given him a go once before, and look what happened. He tells Tony that he doesn't want him there when he comes back down. Tony looks at Lynn.

At the Palmers', Tony rants that he should have flattened him, but he didn't want to upset Lynn. He adds that Kevin sure hasn't grown a brain since he's been away, but he thinks Lynn is on his side. David, who's doing the washing-up, says she's a nice girl, and if Kevin doesn't watch himself, she'll jack up on him, too. He adds that at least Tony tried. Tony says, "Yeah..." John comes in the back door and, upon seeing Tony sitting at the table, remarks that Beryl said he was back! He asks how it's going, and Tony says it's good. David comments on John being dressed up to the nines, and John explains that he has a couple of job interviews and then he's meeting someone for lunch. He smiles broadly! Tony asks what her name is, but John says it's nothing like that - it's more business. David says "Yeah!" John goes out again, and David remarks that it looks like it's the day for getting spruced up. Tony asks who else, and David tells him that he should have seen Beryl when she left for her first day at the Morrells'! He adds that then there's him - the party tonight: he's going to feel like a real goog! Tony jokes that he'll probably look like one, too! He tells David that he never knows: he might make the social pages! David tells him not to even joke about it!

At Toorak, Charlie is looking for Patricia, who calls out that she's in the lounge room. Charlie says she has wonderful news: they can count her in tonight. Patricia asks her how she managed it, and Charlie explains that an old flame of hers was on the list - he owes her a favour! She adds that he's a dreadful old letch, but she can control him! There's a knock at the front door and Patricia asks Charlie to get it. Charlie remarks that it's probably Mrs. Mop reporting for duty. Patricia tells her not to be like that, but Charlie indignantly says, "Well, I mean... her being invited in preference to me, tonight." She opens the door and tells Beryl that she thought it might be her! She asks her if she's looking forward to her first day, and Beryl says, "Of course!" Charlie tells her that Dee's out the back, and Beryl walks off. Charlie rejoins Patricia and remarks that Beryl's a frumpy little old thing, even in her glad rags. Patricia tells Charlie that her nose is just out of joint; even she has to admit that Beryl brushes up pretty well. Charlie asks what exactly Beryl is going to be doing - apart from annoying Patricia. Patricia says she has no idea - waiting on Dee hand and foot, she supposes.

In Dee's room, Beryl picks up the breakfast tray, and Dee tells her that she's going to wonder what hit her when she's read out the list of what has to be done. Amanda is sitting on her bed as she looks at her list and reads, 'Remind Amanda about Phillipe." She says she did that, and Amanda agrees that she did it last night; everything's fine. Dee says she hopes his catering is as good as the food at the restaurant, and Beryl says there's no reason why it shouldn't be. Dee looks at the list again and says the first thing is to arrange for some men to come and make her room civilised again - the party may spill over, and she's sure Amanda would like to have her domain back! Amanda laughs and asks how Dee guessed! Dee says that, as soon as that's done, she wants Amanda to go and collect the costumes she's ordered so that Barbara and Fiona Thompson can choose something. Beryl asks if they won't have their own, and Dee explains that she's not giving Barbara any loophole - she knows she'll try to get out of dressing up. Beryl says she's looking forward to it - it's a chance to wear something different. Dee tells her to try and convince Barbara of that! She adds that Barbara inherited her father's stick-in-the-mud attitude. Beryl tells Dee that she won't have to worry about Fiona - she'll be in it like a shot! Dee remarks that she's a woman after her own heart! Beryl says she's keen to meet Barbara, actually; they've spoken on the 'phone, but never met face-to-face. She adds that she supposes Dee is looking forward to having her there. Dee says, "Yes, I am. It'll be interesting..."

Gordon comes downstarirs at Dural, carrying a suitcase. He calls back upstairs that they're never going to make it unless Barbara gets a move on. Barbara calls, "Coming," and she runs downstairs. Gordon says they don't want to be late meeting Fiona at the airport. Barbara says she knows; she's trying to delay the inevitable, she supposes. Gordon says he understands that, but she did let Dee talk her into it. Barbara says, "Yeah, more fool me." She puts her earrings on, and Gordon remarks that Dee can still get to her. Barbara snaps that it's ridiculous: everything she feels, everything she's ever said about having nothing more to do with her - the minute she gets near her, she has to stop herself acting like a child again. Gordon puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her not to work herself into a state. Barbara says it's hard not to; she feels so nervous, she could kill herself! Gordon says he'll be there, and Barbara tenderly says she knows. She then assertively says, "Dammit, I'm not going to let her get to me." She adds that she's going to wish her a happy birthday and do all the right things, and if she tries anything on, she'll tell her where to get off - in a very ladylike way, of course! Gordon says, "That's my girl!" He picks up the suitcase, to go.

Fiona, Gordon and Barbara arrive at Toorak, and Beryl lets them in. Fiona hugs her and tells her that it's good to see her again, and that she looks marvellous. Beryl thanks her. She asks Gordon how he is, and he says he's very well. He then introduces Barbara, and as she and Beryl shake hands, Beryl says she feels like she's shaking hands with an old friend! Barbara agrees that it's ridiculous that they took so long to meet! Beryl remarks that Barbara's nothing like she imagined - she didn't expect her to be so tall! Wayne suddenly comes downstairs, and he sourly says he wondered when Gordon and Barbara would be turning up. He adds that they're not to worry - he's just on his way out. Gordon asks why should they worry? Wayne replies that he doesn't know - he thought they might have a guilty conscience or something. Gordon asks what they've got to feel guilty about. Wayne tells him to forget it. He suggests they do a deal: he'll keep out of their way tonight, and they keep out of his. He walks out, and Gordon remarks that that's what he calls a great start to the day... Dee comes out of Amanda's room, saying she thought she heard voices. She tells the guests that it's wonderful to see them.

At The Terrace, Lisa raises a glass to Terry's recovery, and John says he'll drink to that! They both sip their drinks, and Lisa asks John why he keeps staring at her. John replies that she's not the ugliest woman he's ever seen! Lisa looks bemused, and she laughs, saying there's a compliment in there somewhere! She then comments that it's a lovely meal, and she asks John to tell her something about himself. John says there's not much to tell, but Lisa tells him to come on - she bets he's fascinating. John remarks that she enjoys taking the mickey out of people, but Lisa says it's just her way. She adds that she would like to know about him - she's not used to being attracted to someone so quickly. John, who's sipping his wine, looks at her in surprise! Lisa asks what's wrong with being honest?; beating around the bush never got her anywhere. John says he guesses that he's just used to... Lisa finishes the sentence, saying he's used to making the running; a very fine chauvanist attitude, that! John smiles and says, "Yeah!" Lisa laughs. She repeats that she would like to know about him. John tells her that he'll do her a deal: come to Woombai with him, and he'll tell her everything he can think of. Lisa laughs and remarks that he's not going to give up. John tells her that Terry is a mate - which makes him feel a bit lousy about being interested in her. Lisa sips her wine, and then tells John that at least he said it: that he's interested. She asks why Terry has to have anything to do with this - she left him six years ago. John says that may be so, but he'd like her to come. He asks her if she will. Lisa admits that she's designing her new collection at the moment, and she can do that anywhere. She tells John that, alright - as long as he's there, it's fine! They raise their glasses to each other.

At Toorak, Fiona puts on her costume and admires herself in the mirror, saying she's really taken back. Beryl humourously asks Fiona if she remembers the twenties well. Fiona says, "Go on with you!" She asks Dee how on earth she knew her size, and Dee replies that Beryl's been talking out of school! Fiona says the dress is really lovely - it makes what she bought look absolutely dowdy! Dee says she's glad she did the right thing, then. Barbara is walking towards the room, and as she does so, she hears Dee say she'd be furious if any of the guests arrived in street clothes; people have no sense of fun nowadays! She enters the room, stony-faced, and remarks that they all seem to be enjoying themselves. Dee explains that she and Fiona have realised they have a few friends in common from the old days. Fiona looks at Beryl and asks if she'd believe that Dee knew Bunty when Bunty was still on the boards! Beryl smiles. Fiona says it's a small world! Dee looks at Barbara and tells her that, now that Fiona's fixed up, it's time for her. She adds that she's got five for Barbara to choose from, and she holds one out, saying she loves it. Barbara looks at it and says, "I'm one of the 'no sense of fun' crowd, mother. I told you on the 'phone that I wouldn't be wearing a costume." Dee asks Barbara not to get difficult as soon as she's arrived; at least try it on. Barbara replies that there's no point - she won't be wearing it. As an air of embarrassment pervades the room, Dee tries to joke with Fiona and Beryl that Barbara always was the stubborn member of the family. Fiona and Beryl just stand there, squirming. Dee says she only turns 65 once, and she suggests that Barbara might at least put herself out a little. Barbara replies that she came there; isn't that enough?

Out in the entrance hall, Patricia is just coming in, and she asks Amanda if the guests have arrived yet. Amanda says they're out the back. She then nastily asks Patricia if it puts her on edge, having virtually everyone in the house against her. She walks off, leaving Patricia looking bemused. She suddenly hears Dee saying loudly, "For heaven's sake, stop carrying on and do as I say." Barbara snaps that she's not ten years old now; that sort of tone won't wash anymore. Dee says she's just getting over a heart attack; she mustn't be upset. Barbara haughtily tells her mother not to try that one on; if she's well enough to hold the bash this evening, she's well enough to take 'no' as an answer. Dee says it's such a petty thing to dig her heels in over. Barbara, raising her voice, asks why Dee's digging her heels in; she has to have everything her own way all the time. Fiona interjects to suggest that maybe she and Beryl should go outside, but Dee tells them to stay. Fiona opens the door to find Patricia and Amanda standing outside. Dee asks Barbara if she's getting some kick out of being stubborn; is that why she agreed to come? Barbara snaps that she came beause Dee is Gordon's business partner, and she adds that her mother knows damn well that that's the only reason. She goes to storm out, saying that, if they want her, she'll be upstairs. Dee snaps, "Don't you walk out on me - I haven't finished." Barbara replies, "Well I have." Dee says, "I'm your mother, for God's sake. It's my birthday. I don't see that that's too much to ask." Barbara yells back, "You stopped being my mother years ago - the day my father died - so don't come that one with me, either." Dee yells, "Because you've never forgiven yourself for killing him, don't you keep taking it out on me." Barbara is stony-faced as Dee continues, "His death was your fault and you know it. And that's why you can't stand being around me: because I know it too."


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