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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

When Amanda sees the look on Kevin's face, she 'innocently' says, "Didn't you know?" She adds that she's so sorry. Trying to come to terms with what he's been told, Kevin says, "And Phillipe told you all this?" Amanda says he did; that's why she didn't think. Kevin says he should have known. The two of them sit down, and Amanda says she wishes she hadn't gone and put her foot in it. Kevin, though, says it was about time he woke up. Amanda suggests that maybe it's not true, but Kevin says, "Come on..." Amanda, though, says she means it: he knows what Frenchmen are like: lots of talk and not always much action. Kevin says that's not what he's heard; he should have known as soon as that oily creep turned up that there was something between them. He adds that he guesses he just didn't want to believe it. Amanda asks him if he ever said anything to Lynn, and Kevin says he did, but she just said there was nothing to it - and he was stupid enough to believe her. He stands up and angrily says, "What a fool I've been." He adds that it was right under his nose. Amanda tells him that he can't be sure it's still happening, but Kevin replies that of course it is; why else would Phillipe come all the way to Australia and live in the same house as them? Amanda suggests to Kevin that maybe he should watch Phillipe for a while, and make sure of his facts before saying anything. Kevin, though, says, "No. I'm going to go home and have it out with him right now." He storms off, but out in the hall, Stephen and Gordon are coming downstairs, and Stephen, who's carrying a file, tells Kevin that he's been looking for him. He asks him to come into the study, as there are a few things he wants to go over with him. Kevin just stands there, and Stephen asks him if he's coming. He reluctantly follows. Amanda walks and stands in the lounge room doorway, smiling to herself, smugly...

At The Terrace, Lynn is pouring some tea as Beryl comes in and remarks to her that Phillipe has got cracking early; he's started the interviews already. She suddenly stops in her tracks as she sees who's sitting at the table: Alice Parker. Lynn tells Beryl that she's sorry - she forgot to tell her that Alice would be there this morning. Alice explains to Beryl that she came to see her yesterday, but she'd gone home. Lynn offers Beryl some tea, but Beryl says she'll get it. Lynn tells them that she'll leave them to it, as she has some ironing to put away. She heads off upstairs, leaving Alice to remark to Beryl that her daughter-in-law is a lovely girl. Beryl agrees and pours the tea. Alice nervously tells her that she felt she had to come and talk to her; she hopes she doesn't mind. Beryl smiles, but looks slightly agitated. Alice continues, saying that David has been very good to her and her family, and she wanted to apologise if it's caused any trouble. Beryl says it's alright. Alice says she doesn't know what she'd have done without him, actually; he was so good when her husband... Beryl assures her that David told her what's been going on. Alice says she knows there have been problems when David's helped Tony before, but she's also sure he's the reason Tony's stayed out of trouble. Beryl tells her that David is very fond of Tony. Alice replies that Beryl is a very fortunate woman, having a husband like that. Beryl says she knows. Alice says she'd hate to think she - they - were making things hard for her. Beryl assures her that that's all sorted out now. Alice tells her that Tony said she'd understand, and wouldn't mind the time David's spent on them. Beryl says it would be a bit unfair if she did; of course she doesn't mind.

John is pacing the lounge room floor at the Palmers', and Fiona tells him to sit down! She adds that Lisa will be there in plenty of time. John thanks her for paying his airfare back to Woombai, and Fiona says it's a pleasure. John asserts that he means it - he'll make it up and do some of Terry's jobs to pay her back. Fiona tells him not be so silly; she wants him to come back there because she wants to do something for Terry - he did get hurt on her property; the very least she can do is make sure he has his friends round him - that's why she's so glad John found Lisa. John remarks that it was a bit of luck really, and Fiona agrees with him. She asks what Lisa's like: still a country girl at heart? John, though, says he doesn't know, although he quickly adds that she's very pretty, and talented, too; she designs clothes for manufacturers. Fiona laughs, "Oh, I see..." She asks if she's nice, and John says she's terrific - really easy to talk to, fun to be with, "...really good, you know?" Fiona says it's no wonder Terry fell in love with her! There's a knock at the front door, and John goes to get it. Lisa comes in, and John introduces her to Fiona. Fiona tells her that she's very pleased to meet her. Lisa says she hopes she's not late, but Fiona assures her she isn't, as the taxi hasn't turned up yet. She adds that she really appreciates Lisa coming to see Terry; from what she hears, she's very important to him. Lisa says they used to mean quite a lot to each other once, but it was a long time ago; if she can help him, though, she's pleased to. Fiona, surprised at this response, says it's very kind, anyway. Lisa quickly says she didn't mean to sound patronising - it's just that she hasn't seen him since she was 17. Fiona says she understands. A car horn sounds outside, and John says it'll be the taxi. Fiona tells them they mustn't keep the man waiting, and they pick up their bags and go. John closes the front door, looking thoughtful, but also happy, as he does so.

At Toorak, Patricia remarks to Charlie about her staying on, and Charlie replies that of course she is; it would be ungracious not to - Dee did invite her. Patricia asks her if she has any idea why Dee changed her tune, but Charlie says she has none at all, although she adds that Dee is far too much a lady to let a little 'disagreement' like that go too far. Patricia tells Charlie not to believe it: Dee's the type to hang onto grudges. She then says she thinks Charlie has Barbara to thank for the about-face. She adds that she'd give anything to know how those two made it up after their little outburst. Charlie agrees that it was quite a bombshell: 'Who killed poor daddy?' The 'phone starts ringing, and Charlie heads off upstairs, leaving Patricia to answer the call. The caller turns out to be for Charlie, though; Patricia tells her that it's a man, and Charlie says she should hope so! She comes back down to take the call, and Patricia heads off into another room, where she bumps into Stephen, who's just coming out with a tray of tea things. Patricia asks him if he can spare a minute. Stephen, who makes it clear that he has work to do, says the meter's running. Patricia says, "Stephen, exactly how did your father die?" Stephen, looking taken aback, replies, "I beg your pardon?" Patricia tells him that Amanda said something yesterday about him being very ill towards the end. Stephen says he was. Patricia continues that there seems to be some kind of mystery about it, and she asks if he didn't just die of old-age. Stephen replies that, no, he didn't. He puts the tea tray down on the table and explains that his father seemed to lose the will to live; the last couple of years, he just wasted away. Patricia asks why, and Stephen tells her that it's the same reason he and Barbara turned their backs on their mother in the first place. He adds that he'd almost forgotten - they hated her so much. He then explains that his father found out that Dee was being unfaithful to him; everyone else had known for ages - it always seems to be the way; when he did find out, he couldn't handle it; he was shattered - totally; rather than apologise, Dee seemed to delight in flaunting her lovers in front of him; Barbara, too, for that matter. Patricia asks why Barbara, but Stephen says, "Who knows?" He continues that finding out about Dee seemed to affect her almost as much as their father. Patricia looks thoughtful, and says, "I see..." Stephen says he doesn't know if you can die of a broken heart, but his father did. He then says to Patricia that he hopes she's not thinking of stirring up trouble. Patricia says she isn't; she was just wondering, that's all. Stephen says it's specially important now that Dee and Barbara seem to have had some sort of reconciliation. Patricia looks at him earnestly and says she promises - she won't say anything.

In the lounge room, Charlie is telling Dee and Barbara that, of course, she had to put the poor dear straight: Charlie is her nickname, and no, there isn't a Mr. Bartlett! Barbara asks when the photo goes in the paper, and Charlie says it's next Sunday. She adds, "Isn't it fantastic? There's little me in the social pages, arm-in-arm with the celebrated Dee Morrell!" Barbara remarks that it's quite a feather in Charlie's cap! Charlie says, "Wait until I tell Patricia - she'll be positively green!" She waltzes out, and Barbara laughs. She comments to Dee that at least it brought Charlie back to life, adding that it was really nice of her to arrange it. Dee tells Barbara that it was her idea - and she thought she owed Charlie something after last night. She looks at her watch and remarks on the time. She asks Barbara to get her pills from the hall. In the hall, Charlie is telling Patricia that it's wonderful - the best surprise she ever had. She adds that it makes the morning perfect - she's meeting the most gorgeous man for lunch! Barbara comes out into the hall and picks up the pills. Charlie looks at her watch and realises she has to fly. She goes upstairs. Alone with Barbara, Patricia says, "Very chummy with mummy, all-of-a-sudden, aren't we." Barbara just says, "Yes," and returns to Dee.

Lynn, Amanda and Phillipe are in the kitchen at The Terrace, and Lynn asks Phillipe if there's anything in particular he wants to see. Phillipe tells Lynn to choose, but Lynn says she's seen all the good ones. Phillipe says there must be something, but Lynn says, "Not really." She suggests that maybe they should leave it tonight, but Amanda quickly says, "You can't." Not wanting to give herself away, she quickly adds that she's already rearranged her evening so she can babysit. Phillipe says that if Lynn doesn't think there's anything worth seeing... Amanda says that of course there is, and she tells Lynn that a few hours at the flicks will do her good. She picks up the newspaper and points to a film, saying Lynn hasn't seen that one. Lynn uncertainly says, "No..." and Phillipe asks if she doesn't like horror movies. Lynn laughs and says, "Sometimes..." Amanda points out that it's only the five o'clock show - a monster won't get her on the way home! Lynn agrees. She tells Phillipe that she has to see about a job in the city at 4pm, and she'll see him outside the theatre before they go in. She goes. Amanda smiles to herself...

Patricia is laying the dinner table at Toorak when Barbara comes in and, seeing the number of knives and forks laid out, asks her if she's not laying a place for Stephen and Gordon. Patricia says no - they've got an appointment in town. Barbara says that's fine, and she tells Patricia that she may as well lay a place just for herself; she and Dee are eating in the living room. She goes to walk out, but Patricia says, "Why did you tell your father about Dee's affairs?" Barbara stops in her tracks. She slowly turns round and angrily says, "How dare you?" Patricia 'innocently' says she just thought she'd fit the pieces together. She adds, "You've never told a soul, have you?" Barbara snaps that Patricia is unbelievable. Patricia replies, "So much for your reputation for being so up-front. Your guilty secret is out at last. Oh, what's everybody going to think?" Barbara replies that Gordon's opinion is the only one that matters to her, and he, at least, understands, so if Patricia's trying to get at her, she's wasting her time. Patricia says "Think so?" Barbara storms out.

In the lounge room, Dee agitatedly says, "How could she have found out?" Barbara says she doesn't know, but Patricia's not stupid - she's probably just been digging around with Stephen and worked the rest out for herself. Dee says she hopes Barbara doesn't think she... but Barbara quickly snaps, "Of course not." She adds that she just wishes Dee had never brought up the whole sordid business in the first place - and for Patricia to know, of all people... Dee says she's sorry - it's all her fault. Barbara says it can't be helped; they can't do anything about it now. Dee says it does throw a dampner on things for them - they were just starting to get on so well... Barbara tells her mother, "Never mind." She adds that she'd rather Patricia didn't know about it, but it doesn't make any difference between them. Dee asks her if she's sure, and Barbara smiles at her. Dee says it makes her very happy. Barbara says, "Me, too," but she adds that she can't stay there now - not with 'that woman' in the house. She tells Dee that as soon as Gordon has finished his business, she'll have to go back to Sydney. Dee says she understands, although, of course, she wishes Barbara woudn't. Barbara tells her mother that she's very welcome to come and stay; in fact, she hopes she will. Dee thanks her, but then says, "One more thing Patricia has to pay for: forcing my daughter out of my house..."

At Woombai, John serves tea to Lisa, and remarks that she looks miles away. Lisa says she's sorry; she was taking a trip down memory lane. John asks if it's the first time she's visited Woombai since she left, and Lisa says it is. She tells him that she's been remembering things she hadn't even thought about for six years. John asks, "Like what?" and Lisa says she remembers going down to the local football field to watch Terry and her older brother play; she hated the game, but she'd run along those sidelines, cheering like crazy!; she always had a bit of a thing for Terry, she supposes, although she guesses she was just another annoying kid hanging around the local football hero!; then, one day, she grew up, and Terry noticed she was a woman... John nods, and Lisa continues that Terry was her first boyfriend - the 'big affair'! John sits there, trying to pretend he's not unhappy at hearing all this. He suggests they drink up, as it's time they got going. Lisa says, "Already?" John explains that Fiona will have seen the Hansens by now, and told them they're there. Lisa says it's going to feel so strange, and John asks her if she's referring to seeing Terry again. Lisa says she is, but adds that that's what she's there for. John nods.

Enid Hansen is sitting on Terry's bed, while Fiona is silently standing against the wall of his room. Terry, who still has bandages over his eyes, says, in amazement, "Lisa? Lisa Cook?" Enid nods and smiles excitedly. She says, "Isn't it wonderful?!" Terry, though, says he doesn't understand. Enid tells him that it's an amazing coincidence, really: it seems John's sister-in-law knew her, and that's how John met her; they got to talking about Woombai and Terry and, well, she's there. Terry asks if she means Lisa's in the room, but Enid assures him that she isn't - John will be in later and Lisa will come with him then. Terry sighs, and Enid asks what's wrong. Terry replies that he's glad John's there, but he doesn't want Lisa to see him - not like he is. Enid says, "Terry..." but Terry says, "No - I'd just as soon as she didn't." Enid looks upset and points out that Lisa has come an awfully long way. Terry tells Enid that she should have checked with him first. Enid, upset, says she's sorry - she thought it would make a nice surprise, that's all. Fiona reaches out and holds her arm in sympathy. Enid looks at her, and Fiona nods. Terry suddenly says, "OK," but he adds that it's been so long - they won't know what to say to each other. Enid assures him that once they get to talking, it'll be fine. She then says she'd better be going, but she adds that she'll pop back later with fresh pyjamas. She says goodbye and goes. Out in the corridor, she says to Fiona that she thought she did the right thing, and he wasn't even pleased. Fiona smiles and tells Enid that most people think they're going to feel uncomfortable with friends they haven't seen for a long time - Terry, more so, because of the accident. She adds that she'll wait there until Lisa and John arrive, to make sure Lisa is very careful with him. Enid thanks her and goes. Fiona looks upset. She sits down in a chair outside the room.

A while later, Fiona is looking at her watch when John and Lisa walk along the corridor. Fiona says she thought they'd be there before, but John reminds her that she told them to give her and Enid time to break the news, first. Fiona says she knows, but there's a small problem. Lisa asks what's wrong, and Fiona explains that Terry is a little bit nervous about her seeing him the way he is. Lisa, looking concerned, says she doesn't want to upset him; she only came up there to help cheer him up. Fiona says she knows, and she's sure he's glad she came, but - and she asks Lisa not to take this the wrong way - she realises this isn't nearly as important to her as it is to Terry. She asks Lisa to be very careful with him, and Lisa says that of course she will. John chips in that Lisa will be alright; he's the one likely to make the bad jokes! Lisa tells him that now he's really making her nervous! John tells her that he'll help her break the ice. The two of them go into Terry's room, leaving Fiona looking worried. In the room, John jokes that he hears Terry's been giving himself a hard time! Terry looks pleased that John's there, and he awkwardly holds out his left hand - the right one still bandaged - and jokes that he was going to say it's good to see him! John remarks that, from what they tell him, it won't be long until he's able to. Terry says you never know when the quacks are telling the truth, but John says he reckons they're right this time - he can't see them keeping Terry down for long! Terry says, "Yeah..." He then says his ma reckoned John bumped into an old friend of his. John says it's funny, that, Lynn knowing Lisa. Trying to determine whether Lisa's in the room, Terry says, "Um, Lisa's not..." Lisa says, "Hello, Terry," and she walks and sits on his bed, and takes his hand. Terry says it's been a while, and Lisa says it certainly has. Terry asks her how she's been - is she rich and famous yet?! Lisa says, "Not exactly!" John looks regretful as he listens to this. Terry sighs, and says it must be funny coming back. Lisa says there are lots of good things about the country; she's glad she came to see him. Terry pats her arm and says, "Me too." John watches, unhappily.

Kevin returns to The Terrace and Amanda asks him what he's doing home. Kevin tells her that her father let him off early; he made him work through his lunch break, though. Amanda tells him that Lynn's not there - she's gone into town. Kevin says never mind that - he'll have plenty to say when she gets back. Phillipe comes downstairs and remarks on Kevin being back early. Kevin snaps, "You disappointed?" Phillipe says no, and asks why should he be? Kevin says, "I wonder..." Phillipe asks him if he had a hard day. He looks at his watch and then says he's off to the movies, but he's late already; Lynn will be wondering where he is. He says, "Au revoir," and goes to the front door. Amanda looks at Kevin, who incredulously says, "They're going to the movies together?" Amanda tells him that she thought Lynn had a modelling job. She adds that she's really sorry...

John is sitting outside the hospital room when Enid Hansen comes along. She asks him if Fiona spoke to him before, and John replies that she left just before he and Lisa went in. Enid says she bets Terry was pleased to see him, and John nods. Enid then asks how Terry was with Lisa, and John says he was fine; she still in there with him. Enid says that's good. At that moment, Lisa comes out and says hello to, and kisses, Enid. Enid tells her that she's so pleased she could come, and Lisa says she is, too. Enid remarks that she's certainly grown into lovely young lady - a bit on the skinny side, though! She adds that they'll have to do something about that, and she tells Lisa to come round and have some decent country food. Lisa thanks her. John says they should be making tracks, and Lisa explains to Enid that they promised Fiona they wouldn't be late. Enid says she won't hold them up any longer. Lisa tells her that it's been good to see her. Enid asks Lisa if she will come round, and Lisa says of course she will. Enid goes into Terry's room, and John tells Lisa that he thinks Enid sees her and Terry as a twosome. Lisa gloomily says she knows. She adds that she's going to be disappointed... They go.

As they arrive back at Woombai, John calls out, "Fiona, you home?" There's no answer, though, and John says to Lisa that Fiona's probably seeing how the guests are getting on. Lisa goes and sits down on the couch, while John sorts through the mail he picked up on the way in. Having done this, he takes his jacket off and asks Lisa if she's OK. Lisa says there's just so much going on inside her head; it gets to you, after a while. John comments that he thought she was a bit quiet on the way home. He sits down next to her and looks at her intently. Lisa says the day's been like some kind of dream - seing Terry, the town... all the old sights and smells... and that music - that was so wierd - she never ever listens to country music anymore, but when she listened to Terry's radio at the hospital... John laughs and says Terry's crazy about it! Lisa laughs as well, and says that, as long as she's known him, he's always had it blaring wherever he is! She then says it's sad, seeing him laid up like that; he was always so active - a real tearaway, always hanging around on bikes and horses and anything that moved. John assures her that he hasn't changed! He stares at her as she says that seeing Terry's mum again was strange, too. John says Enid is OK, and Lisa says sure she is; she just reminds her of all those country attitudes. She turns to look at John and says, "You don't think I might have become a bit stuck-up since I've been away, do you?" They gaze into each other's eyes, and John says it's nothing to be ashamed of it you want something different. He adds that he thinks she's terrific! He also points out that she wouldn't even have bothered coming back if she was all that high-and-mighty. He laughs, and Lisa smiles at him. She tells him, "I only came because of you, remember?" They slowly move towards each other and start kissing passionately...


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