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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Dee puts her glasses on and starts reading from a prepared script. "Now firstly, Barbara, and that of course includes Gordon: neither of you has ever been interested in my money, so you're not getting any. Not that you need it, anyway. Barbara, I'm leaving you my jewellery, which I'd like passed on to your daughters when the time comes." Dee pauses before moving on: "Right - Stephen, you're next. Stomach churning a bit, I should imagine. I think you proved that you're quite capable of looking after yourself, so I don't see the need to leave you anything. You've had all the money in the world to play with while I've been alive, and as you managed to go through your father's inheritance so quickly..." Stephen looks at Patricia as Dee continues, "...I don't really think you have much chance of contesting my will - not that you would; good taste would surely prevail. I thought, for sentimental reasons, you and Patricia might like to have my portrait." Patricia looks bemused! Dee says, "Now, Amanda, I'm sure you're there, with your new husband now, I imagine." Wayne puts his arm round Amanda and smiles. Dee announces, "You'll be pleased to know I've kept my word: you'll receive half of my assets plus the house here in Melbourne and the apartment in Sydney - on condition, of course, that you give birth to a son, fathered by Wayne Morrell, within twelve months. I've made sure there's enough money in the meantime to keep you both comfortable, and when your son's born, you'll get the rest. I suppose you're all wondering what happens if they don't have a son? Their share goes to charity." Everyone looks at each other in astonishment. Dee continues, "The remainder of my estate goes to two people; they will share the other half of my assets. Also, along with Wayne, they will each take a third share in my business interests. The first is one of the most honest people I've ever met, and for that alone, Beryl Palmer should be rewarded." Beryl looks shocked and says "I don't understand!" Patricia snaps "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." There's muttering from the other people in the room, but this is stopped by Mr. Pritchard, who, having paused the video, asks if they can proceed quietly, as there isn't much more to go. He restarts the tape. Dee continues, "I bet that caused a bit of a to-do! You deserve it Beryl; look after yourself, my dear." Beryl raises her eyebrows." Dee says, "The last person to benefit from the estate - the other person to share, as with Beryl Palmer, a third of the business and half my other assets - is someone who has shown, through her life, extraordinary devotion to her parents - something which I find admirable. She's also had great misfortune, and, hopefully, this will help her get back on her feet. You'll be delighted to know, Patricia, I'm sure, that the person is your sister, Margaret Dunne." Patricia looks at the TV furiously.

Later, at the Palmers', Beryl is saying she got out of there as soon as the tape had finished - she'd never been so embarrassed in all her life. Kevin says he'd loved to have seen the look on Patricia's face! He adds that he's sorry Wayne got anything, though, as he didn't deserve it. Beryl worriedly says she was thinking Barbara and Stephen should have got the lot; they were entitled to it. David says it's obvious the old girl knew what she was on about. Kevin tells his mother that he doesn't know why she's so down in the mouth - she's rich, and if anyone should have it, why not her? Beryl just looks worried. David asks her if she's got any idea how Dee knew Margaret, but Beryl says she hasn't got a clue - unless Wayne told her, and she doubts that. She continues that it's obvious Dee included Margaret to get back at Patricia; the same goes for her. David remarks that it's a pretty off way of getting at someone. Beryl says she agrees, and she adds that she can imagine what's going on back at the house at the moment. David laughs.

In the hall at Toorak, Stephen thanks Mr. Pritchard, for his time. Mr. Pritchard says he's sorry the day didn't turn out better for them. Patricia joins them and says the day's not over yet - they'll be contesting, of course: the will is so obviously unfair; no court would uphold it. Mr. Pritchard tells her that he thinks their chances are remote, but Patricia snaps that it's quite obvious Dee wasn't of sound mind. Mr. Pritchard, though, replies that Dee foresaw the possibilities and had a psychiatric test two days before her death; it proved her to be completely sane. Looking annoyed, Patricia says there must be another way; they'll find it. Mr. Pritchard says it's their choice if they want to go ahead, but he thinks their chances are slim. He adds that, still, it's their money - if they want to spend it on a court case, they can do so. He goes. Patricia says to Stephen that there must be something they can do.

In the lounge room, Gordon tells Barbara to try not to let it get to her - after the funeral, they can hightail it back to Sydney and leave the whole sordid mess behind them. Barbara says she'd rather stay in a hotel tonight, and Gordon indicates that he's happy with this. He asks if the house is starting to get her down, but Barbara says it's not just that. Gordon tells her that, if it's Stephen she's worried about, then she shouldn't be - he really couldn't have expected much more. Barbara, though, says it's more than that: she just feels they lost Amanda for good, today; no matter what she does or says, she's headed for disaster. Gordon says he doesn't think it'll take her long to realise what she's let herself in for - he can't see her putting up with Wayne for too long. Barbara angrily asks why Amanda had to get involved with him in the first place. Gordon replies, "I guess because she's a greedy little girl."

In Amanda's quarters, Wayne pours two glasses of champagne and happily says to Amanda that he can't believe they got that much. Amanda appears disinterested, though. Wayne asks if she expected them to score as much as that, but Amanda just mumbles that Dee kept her word. Wayne says it's more than that, and he asks Amanda if she realises they got most of it. Seeing the expression on her face, he then asks her if she's not happy. Amanda says she guesses so, but she still can't get over the whole will - it's very strange what Dee's done. Wayne tells Amanda that she's just feeling a bit guilty, but there's nothing to feel guilty about; she sacrificed a lot to get this far, and now she's got everything she ever wanted; the main thing is she's free, and that must make her happy? Amanda still looks unhappy, but she says she feels relieved. She then smiles and says, "Yeah, of course I'm happy. There's no reason why I shouldn't be." The expression on her face suggests she doesn't really believe this...

In the lounge room, Patricia is pouring a drink, and she says she just doesn't believe it - it's important. Stephen says the solictor's right - it would be futile to contest it; it would be throwing money away. Patricia tells him that he's entitled to something. Stephen asks her if she can't just accept it, but Patricia snaps, "No, I can't." Stephen says he can't see why not - after all, she agreed to be cut off from Dee completely; they'd have nothing more to do with her or her money - so why so upset? Patricia snaps that the old cow shouldn't be allowed to get away with it - how dare she leave all that money to Beryl Palmer and Margaret? Stephen says the only reason she did it was to create trouble between them - and it seems as if Patricia's proving her right. Patricia says she doesn't care. She then suggests that they can talk Beryl into signing her money over to him, as she'll be feeling guilty; she knows she will. Stephen retorts that if Dee wanted Beryl Palmer to have it, let her have it; forget the money. Patricia, though, says, "I'm damned if I will." She adds that all that money should be Stephen's - every solitary cent - and asks if he's not going to fight for what's his. Stephen snaps that he's said what he thinks: he's not going to change his mind. Patricia picks up her bag and walks out. Stephen follows her to the front door and asks where the hell she thinks she's going. Patricia says, "Out. To the Palmers'. You may be too weak to fight, but I'm not." She goes.

At the Palmers', Beryl is on the 'phone, and she asks, "When did she leave?" Barbara replies that it was about ten minutes ago. Beryl says she was worried something like this would happen; she wanted to talk to her and Stephen about it, but it seems Patricia is determined to get in first. Barbara sourly says it doesn't surprise her. Beryl says she doesn't want to cause trouble for anyone, and she thinks Barbara and Stephen are entitled to their share from Dee's estate. At Toorak, Stephen is standing behind Barbara. Barbara tells Beryl that she can't say she approves of her mother using money to get at people, but she can't say she wants it, and neither does Stephen; they've discussed it and Stephen knows it would be useless to contest the will. Beryl says she feels awful, but Barbara assures her that there's no need: they're just very sorry they couldn't stop Patricia from coming to see her. She adds, "No matter what she says, neither Stephen or I blame you for anything." Beryl thanks her for saying that, and for warning her about Patricia. She hangs up and goes into the kitchen, where Kevin and David are drinking tea. She comments to David that she gathers he got the gist of all that. David says, "Yeah..." and he adds that Patricia's sticking her nose in again. Beryl says she just wishes none of it had ever happened. David points out to Beryl that she took the job there, and Beryl reluctantly says she knows. David says Pat needn't think she's going to come bursting in there, causing trouble. Kevin chips in that he agrees: she should be told where to go as soon as she gets there. Beryl sternly tells him that they won't sink to Patricia's level; she can come and say what she wants to say and then get out of there. Kevin says he'd like to see how she carries on when Beryl tells her. Beryl, though, says she thinks it would be a good idea if Kevin make himself scarce when Patricia arrives. Kevin protests, but Beryl insists, and he walks off, muttering, "Anyone would think I was a kid." Beryl calls after him that the way he's been behaving lately, that's exactly right. Kevin decides to go to Nelson's. Beryl sits down and annoyedly asks why she said that. David tells her that he agrees with her, but Kevin's had a bit of bad news today, and he guesses he's feeling edgy. Beryl looks puzzled and David explains that Wayne gave Kevin the sack. Beryl asks why, but David points out that she knows what Wayne's like - he probably got a kick out of it. Beryl says she can't see that; things are pretty hectic there at the moment - perhaps he doesn't need Kevin. David replies that, whatever the reasons are, he guesses Kevin's just feeling a bit lousy, that's all. Beryl says that's all the more reason why he shouldn't be there when Patricia arrives.

At Toorak, Amanda joins Wayne in her quarters, where he's pouring more champagne. He asks her if she's feeling a bit better. She just replies, "A bit." Wayne gives her a drink and proposes a toast to wealth, health and happiness. He adds, "Here's to you, Mrs. Morrell." Amanda replies, "And to you." They sip their drinks, and Wayne remarks that there's a hell of a lot more where that came from! Amanda says they shouldn't overdo it; they'll get bored. Wayne, though, says she'll never see the day he's bored with having money! Amanda says she had a think upstairs - about Stephen, and the fact that he and Patricia have nowhere to live. Wayne looks at his glass and says, "Bit rough on your old man, I suppose. Still, nothing we can do." Amanda, though, says she's already decided what she's going to do about it. Wayne, looking surprised that Amanda would dare to make plans behind his back, says, "Oh yeah?" Amanda replies that she's signing the Sydney apartment over to him. Wayne snaps that they could need it, but Amanda says they don't. Wayne says he'd rather stay there than be stuck in some crummy hotel when they have to go to Sydney. Amanda says that's too bad: she's already made up her mind. She tells Wayne not to be so greedy - they've already got enough; the least she can do is make sure her father's got somewhere to live. Wayne snaps that she should have talked to him first, but Amanda tells him that he's forgetting their partnership isn't equal. Wayne says, "That's news to me." Amanda points out that she's the one who has to carry the child, and if Wayne doesn't go along with what she wants, she might just have to change her mind. Wayne gives in and says he gets the message: Daddy gets a nice apartment in Sydney. Amanda says, "Good. That's one less worry for him."

Patricia has arrived at the Palmers', and, as she's led from the hall into the lounge room, she's saying to David and Beryl that they know how difficult it is for her to come there. Beryl sarcastically says it must be awful. Patricia says she hasn't come to talk about herself - nor to ask any favours - but she feels she can talk to them about Stephen. She tells Beryl that she knows Stephen is a very straightforward sort of man - he didn't approve of her coming there - but she felt that Beryl would understand that he's one of three people who really should have been beneficiaries. She adds that as much as she and Barbara don't see eye-to-eye, she thought Barbara should have had her share as well. Having listened to this, Beryl snaps, "Why don't you come straight out with it, Patricia? You're here to ask me to hand back the money, right?" Patricia looks surprised, but admits that Beryl's correct. Beryl tells her that she does agree with her on one thing: Stephen should certainly have got a share - and if he'd asked her himself, she'd have been more than happy to hand the money over; however, Barbara 'phoned about half an hour ago to warn her that Patricia was on her way, and she told her that Stephen's not interested in the money, so she can only assume Patricia is interested in it for herself, and if that's the case, she may as well leave right now, because she's not going to get a brass razoo from her. Patricia stands there looking taken aback, and then snaps, "Oh you think you're very clever, don't you. Well I wouldn't get too used to the idea of being rich - you may never see the money by the time I've taken you through court." David interjects that he thinks Patricia has said enough, and that it's time she left. Patricia walks to the door, telling Beryl that she can take that simpering Miss Goody-Two-Shoes look off her face; they all know the way Beryl worked it. Seeing the look on Beryl's face, she continues that Beryl knows what she's talking about: grovelling and fussing over Dee; making sure she'd be thought of when the time came. She snaps that Beryl's as bad as the rest of them. Looking around the living room, she then adds that it's just a pity she hasn't got the taste to know how to spend the money properly. She goes. Beryl looks at David in astonishment.

Gordon, Barbara and Stephen in the lounge room at Toorak. Barbara invites Stephen to join them for a meal, but Stephen says he's not hungry; he'd rather not leave until he hears from Patricia. Barbara says she understands. As she and Gordon head out, Barbara says she hopes everything's alright with Patricia. Amanda comes into the room and Barbara tells her that she and Gordon are going out to dinner. They leave. Amanda remarks to Stephen that it hasn't been a good day. Stephen agrees that it hasn't been the best. Amanda says she's sorry that things turned out the way they did with Dee. Stephen replies that it's her money - hers to do what she wanted with it. Amanda says, "But leaving it to Beryl Palmer and Margaret Whatsername... nobody leaves money to strangers." Stephen suggests that perhaps Dee didn't regard them as strangers. Amanda sits down and says she feels pretty rotten about herself, too. Stephen says it's her family, but Amanda tells him he knows what she means: not because of what she got, but because the others got so much. She then tells him that she'd like him to have the Sydney apartment. Stephen tells her not to be silly, but Amanda says she'd feel so much happier. Stephen says, "Less guilty..." Amanda insists that she really wants him to have it, but Stephen says he can't, considering what she did to inherit it. He tells her that he and Patricia will stay on there until they sort something out, but that's all. He then tells Amanda that he's worried about her, but adds that he supposes it's too late now she's married. He warns her to be very careful with Wayne. Amanda says she will be - she got herself into it, and she has no other choice but to finish it.

Beryl and David are watching TV, but Beryl looks miles away. David nudges her and tells her to come back to the land of the living! Beryl stirs, and David asks her if she's worrying about Patricia. Beryl says she isn't really, but she can't get what she said off her mind, though - other people must be thinking the same: that she tried to get in with Dee to get her hands on the money. David says, "To hell with other people," and he adds that the most important thing is that she thinks it isn't true. He then suggests that perhaps they should do what they were going to do in the first place: give the whole lot away. Beryl looks at him and says no! She asks why should she? - she'll do what Dee never seemed to do: use it for the right reasons; she'll keep the money and do good with it, for a change. David puts his arm round her and smiles.

Amanda is looking at a magazine in her quarters. She yawns and says she might go to bed now. Wayne, who's sitting in a chair nearby, says that's a good idea - they can get an early night; he'll move some of his things into her bedroom. Amanda, though, quickly asks if he thinks that's a good idea. Wayne stops, and Amanda continues that, the night before the funeral, it might look as if they're being disrespectful; it feels that way to her, anyhow. Wayne says it doesn't to him. Amanda says that, besides, she doesn't like the idea of Patricia and Stephen knowing they spent the night together. Wayne laughs and tells Amanda that he expected her to be a bit nervous - it being the honeymoon night and all that - but if she's so worried about the others finding out, they can stay there, in her quarters, for the night. Amanda suddenly says that perhaps she mightn't go to bed quite yet - she might read for a while; after all, it is early. Wayne looks annoyed and then smiles. He takes her magazine and says, "Going to bed now - together." Amanda tells him that she really would rather he left, but Wayne snaps that it doesn't much matter what she would 'rather'. Amanda says she supposes she can always find somewhere else to sleep, and she goes to walk off. Wayne, though, grabs her and tells her to listen to him. He bitterly says, "You are my wife, and you're going to act like it. Understood?" Amanda tells him to let go of her arm, but Wayne repeats, "Understood?" Amanda cries out, "No." Wayne nastily says, "Yes..."

At the Palmers', Beryl closes the 'fridge and hears a noise. Kevin comes in. Beryl asks to talk to him, adding that she was just making a hot milk drink for her and David - they're having an early night. Kevin remarks that he didn't think they'd be able to sleep with all the excitement of getting the money. Beryl tells Kevin that David told her about him losing his job. She adds that he doesn't need to look so down-in-the-dumps - now she's got the money, she can back him in a small business. Kevin asks, "Like what?" but Beryl says she doesn't know - a newsagency, or something like that. Kevin says he doesn't want a newsagency; he liked what he was doing. Beryl points out that the job's not there anymore, but Kevin tells her that of course it is; Wayne just didn't want him around anymore. He then suggests to Beryl that she could get it back for him - she's equal partners with him in the company now; just tell him. Beryl says she doesn't think that's the right way to go about it. Kevin says he wants his old job back - maybe one day he can get out on his own, but he still has a lot he has to learn. Beryl pauses and then says she'll talk to Wayne; see what she can do. Kevin thanks her. Beryl asks him if he's spoken to Lynn; told her about the inheritance. Kevin says he hasn't. Beryl points out that she's part of the family - she should know. Kevin says there's plenty of time - he'll tell her about it later. He goes to bed, leaving Beryl looking worried.

Patricia arrives back at Toorak and goes into the lounge room, where Stephen is waiting for her. She pours herself a drink as Stephen says, "Evening." He asks her why she's so late getting home. Patricia, who's drunk, slurs that, after she left the Palmers', she decided to pay a visit to the prison, to see Margaret - but she refused to see her. "My criminal sister - my rich criminal sister - refused to see me." Stephen sympathetically says it must have been very hard, but Patricia says no - it was downright degrading; she was humiliated - she couldn't have felt worse if she'd been stuck in that place herself. Stephen looks at her in concern. Patricia continues that it was nothing compared to the complete fool she made of herself at the Palmers' - the boring Palmers'. "In front of boring Beryl and boring David." She rants at Stephen: "Your boring sister, Barbara, has rung boring Beryl to warn her that I was coming. And boring Beryl actually admitted that she would have signed the money over to you if you'd gone begging for it. So, my darling, you could have been worth a fortune. Courtesy of boring Beryl." Stephen snaps, "Shut up, Patricia. Not another word." He then tells her that tomorrow she'll be civil to everybody at the funeral - including Beryl Palmer. Patricia looks at him in astonishment. She slurs, "You expect me to go to her funeral, knowing what I thought about the woman? I'm a lot of things, Stephen, but I'm not a hypocrite." Stephen tells her that she's going - and immediately it's over, they're flying home. Patricia slurs that they haven't got a home. Stephen says they're together - it should be enough. Patricia slurs, "Oh, isn't that touching." Stephen angrily tells her that if she's capable of listening to any type of common sense, they have a chance to be two perfectly normal people, hopefully, with a bit of self respect; but if they go Patricia's way, he thinks they'll lose what little of that they have left. He says, "You either accept that or you don't. And if you don't, well..."


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