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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Jill, Fiona and John are having dinner at Woombai, and John says it tastes good. Fiona comments that it ought to, seeing as it's been ready since 7pm! John explains that he was unloading the truck, and Jill sides with him, pointing out that at least he's making some money for David. Tony suddenly comes in and says sorry for being late. Fiona comments that she must be a running a hotel, the hours she serves meals! Tony explains that he was talking to Shelley. There's a collective knowing 'Ooo' from the others! John remarks that he thought her old man put Tony off limits. Tony replies that Shelley told him that she was going to hockey practice! Fiona says she'll get his dinner, and she leaves the room. Tony says he'll just check in on Dave. When they're alone, Jill tells John that a lot has happened since he's been on the road: Lisa is due there tomorrow - she's decided to launch her fashion collection there. John, looking shocked, says, "You're kidding!" Jill remarks that she thought he'd be happy to see her. John says sure he will be - when he's getting somewhere. Jill says she thought the problem was more personal than that - from what he told her, it would help if he and Terry made up. John asks her how she works that out. Jill replies that it's something to do with growing up. John starts to snap that a mongrel like that-- He's interrupted, though, by Fiona coming back in with Tony's dinner. As she puts it down, she asks Jill if she's told John about Lisa. Jill replies that she just told him. Fiona realises that that was what the shouting was about. She then suggests to Jill that she turn in, as she's got a big day tomorrow with all those interviews. John asks what interviews she's talking about, and Jill explains that Stephen is looking for an assistant. John asks her why she didn't tell him. Jill asks him if he's interested. John replies that damn right he is - it would make a big difference if Lisa found out that he was helping run the place. Jill remarks that he's really wrapped up in Lisa.

In David's room, Tony indignantly says Shel is expecting him to turn up in his rodeo gear. Margaret suggests he wear a tee-shirt, jeans and boots, and David reminds him that he's going to school, not a fancy dress party! Tony gives in! David then asks him the name of his head teacher. Tony says he doesn't know, and he asks why the question. David explains that he wants to talk to the bloke. Margaret points out that he's not in a fit state to do that; she'll go with Tony. Tony snaps that he doesn't want anybody going with him - the kids will reckon he's a sook! David, though, tells him that his mother isn't there, so it's up to him to make sure he gets off to a good start. Tony growls that he won't have a reputation left! Margaret replies that she's sure he'll survive! Fiona calls out that dinner is ready, and Tony leaves the room. David laughs, "Oh, that kid...!" Margaret says they can't blame him - he doesn't want to lose face in front of Shelley. David asks her if she's on Tony's side. Margaret says he's in love! David says it's puppy love. Margaret replies that it's real to him, and no one should spoil it.

In the living room, Fiona puts a tray down on the table in front of Tony and asks him if he's washed up. He looks sheepsish and gets up and goes to the bathroom! As he does so, Terry comes in, and Fiona asks him if he's finished for the night. Terry says he has, but he adds that the word is that they'll be working overtime all week trying to get things ready for the fashion show. He starts rubbing his eyes, and Fiona asks what's wrong. Terry explains that he's got grit in them. Fiona smiles and asks him what she's going to do with him! Terry retorts, "Give me up as a bad job?!" Fiona assures him that he's got his good points - and she reckons he should go for that job with Stephen. Terry says she's got to be joking - him pushing a pen? Fiona tells him that it would be a step-up for him - and he'll be looking after the property with Stephen away. Terry says he'd rather let someone else have the headaches, but Fiona asks what happened to all those plans he had when Lisa was around. Terry says he doesn't know. Fiona continues that, one day, the right girl will come along and he'll want to have something behind him. Terry comments that she really wants him to go for this job. Fiona tells him that she wants him to get on. At that moment, John comes in and calls out for Tony. He suddenly spots Terry, and they greet each other curtly. Terry leaves, saying he'll see Fiona tomorrow. When he's gone, Fiona remarks to John that her ears must be playing up, as she thought she actually heard him say something to Terry! She then adds that at least something's going right - she tried to talk Terry into going for the job with Stephen, but he doesn't have an ambitious bone in his body. John curtly comments that Terry isn't cut out for office work. Fiona glares at him.

At the Morrell apartment, Robin says to Patricia that he hopes he didn't appear rude when he said he didn't have enough work for an extra person. Patricia repeats that she said she didn't want handouts. Robin goes to the bar to get some drinks, and as he does so, Charlie tells him that she's going to make a celebrity of him. Robin asks her what she's talking about, and Charlie explains that she's convinced the editor of 'Woman's Life' to do an article on him! Robin, looking annoyed, remarks that he thought he was doing the publicity. Charlie replies that of course he is, but if he's too modest to promote himself... Robin says no one is interested in him, and he tells her to ring back and cancel. Charlie says she's on her way out - she'll get back to her tomorrow if that's how he feels. She then remarks that it's getting late, and she asks Patricia if she's ready. Patricia stands up and tells Robin that it was nice meeting him. Robin asks Charlie if she'll call around in the morning, but Charlie curtly replies that she doesn't think she can manage it. Robin points out that they should see Lisa before they go up to Woombai. Charlie just retorts that she'll see. She and Patricia head out. Outside in the corridor, Charlie says to Patricia that she's got a good mind to fire him. In the apartment, Robin sits down and mutters, "Damn."

The next morning, Charlie arrives back at the apartment and tells Robin that they've got a disaster on their hands. Robin assures her that they'll fix it - but first, he wants to apologise for last night. Charlie tells him not to give it another thought; they haven't got time for it now, anyway. Robin continues that the point he was trying to make was that he's got a tight schedule and interviews take time and shouldn't be rushed. Charlie waves her hand dismissively and says it's alright - the big worry now is how they're going to cope without Lisa: she broke her leg waterskiing. Robin says they'll have to organise someone else. Charlie suggests that she can fill in for her; he was telling her that she has a natural flair for PR! She heads out, saying she's got to get her hair done, leaving Robin looking despairing! He goes to the 'phone and dials a number. Patricia answers and Robin tells her that, if she's still interested in getting into PR, he thinks he can swing it for her.

Later, at the apartment, Robin tells Patricia that, if she can fill in for Lisa and do a good job, he'll see that other doors open for her. Patricia asks why her, and not someone experienced. Robin explains that Charlie thinks she can fit the bill, but if Patricia changed her mind... Patricia continues the sentence, saying, "...She can't go back on her offer?" Robin asks what she thinks, and Patricia says she'd like to, but there's no way she can go to Woombai. Robin asks why not, and Patricia explains that her ex-husband manages the place - he'll think she's following him. Robin asks who cares what he thinks; he reminds Patricia that he's offering her a toehold in the PR industry. Patricia says it would be an impossible situation. Robin reminds her that she told him last night that she wanted a career so that she could be independent; now she's got her break, she seems too scared to go for it - and she didn't strike him as the sort of person who's all talk and no action. He says, "Well?" Patricia says, "Alright."

Margaret walks into David's room at Woombai and says it's all done. David asks where Tony is, and Margaret replies that he's probably disrupting someone's class! David, looking surprised, asks if they took him in straight away. Margaret tells him that Mr. Fielding, the headmaster, said he thought school would be a steadying influence on Tony after all he's been through. David asks if they know about the shooting. Margaret points out that it's a small country town! David thanks her for filling in for him. Margaret replies that she enjoys it - Mr. Fielding kept forgetting that she wasn't Tony's mother! David asks her if she got a good look at Shelley, but Margaret says she didn't. She then adds, though, that Terry said Shelley is a bit of a minx, and only likes Tony because he acts tough. David says he doesn't want Tony getting hurt. Margaret assures him that the kid will be alright. Looking upset, she adds that you can't just switch off your feelings when they're not returned...

In the reception area at the riding school, John tells Jill that he wants to be the last one Stephen sees. Jill says it'll have to be at two o'clock, and John accepts this. Terry suddenly comes in and asks Jill what he has to do to apply for the job. John looks annoyed. Jill explains that he just needs to make an appointment and Terry asks if she can fit him in during the lunch hour. Jill offers him 1:45pm. Terry accepts. The receptionist comments to him that she didn't think he'd be fronting up. Terry explains that it's more Mrs. T's idea than his; still, anything to keep the boss happy. He goes. The receptionist comments to Jill that Terry must think a lot of Fiona. Jill asks why, and the receptionst replies that he's always telling her that he'd rather be back in in Vietnam than be stuck in an office. Jill looks surprised.

Outside, John asks Terry how come he changed his mind about the job. Terry just snaps that it's a free country. John snaps that it's because Terry doesn't want him to get it. He then adds that Terry's off his tree if he thinks Stephen will give it to Terry over him. Terry retorts that if John is his only competition, he reckons he's got it home and hosed. He adds that John's still the same know-all that he was when Lisa gave him the chop; she's got too much sense to take him back -job or no job.

Charlie arrives back at the Morrell apartment and snaps to Robin that she was delayed at the hairdressers'. She suddenly notices Patricia standing there, and asks her why she's not out charming someone to give her a job. Patricia explains that she's got one. Charlie says that's wonderful, and she asks what it is. Patricia tells her that it's the one she offered her. Charlie looks taken aback. Patricia continues that she couldn't stop thinking about it - she rang to see if the offer was still open, but Charlie was out, so she got in touch with Robin and he told her to come straight over. Robin chips in that he was trying to work out a way that Charlie could be in two places at once. Charlie says she doesn't understand. Patricia tells her that the newspaper wants to interview her. She then continues that she'd better go home and pack a few things. Robin says he'll ring her ex to tell him that they're coming. Patricia, though, says it's probably better if they just arrive - he's too much of a gentleman to throw her off the property. Charlie says she'd forgotten about Stephen, and she asks Patricia how she'll manage. Patricia tells her not to worry - their last meeting cured her of her broken heart; he could run off with Margaret tomorrow and she wouldn't raise an eyebrow.

In the reception area at the riding school, Stephen thanks the candidate he's just seen, Bob, for coming in, but adds that he really needs someone with more experience. Bob goes, and Stephen walks over to Jill and asks who's next. Jill says it's Terry. She asks him if he hasn't had any luck so far, and he says he hasn't. Jill says it's between Terry and John, then. She looks worried.

Terry is sitting outside, looking at the newspaper, when John comes along. He nastily remarks that you learn something new every day: he didn't know Terry could read! He then tells him to quit before he shows himself up; Stephen is looking for someone who can do the job. Terry asks John how come he's applying, then. Neither of them notice as Stephen comes and stands in the doorway, listening to them. John taunts Terry that he's got a record: Junior Executive in a big engineering firm - and he knows how to run a property; so compared to him, Terry doesn't have a clue. Terry asks him why he's worried, then. He adds, though, that the word is that John resigned just in time to stop Mrs. T giving him the bullet. Stephen goes back inside as Terry says to John that if the boss has done his homework, John has got about as much chance as a snowball in hell. Inside, Stephen asks Jill to get him Alan Pascoe. Jill asks if something's wrong. Stephen tells her that Terry and John are having a slanging match, and he wants to know what it's all about. Jill replies that she can tell him: they rub each other up the wrong way. Stephen says John seemed to be the one pushing it. Jill, looking annoyed, snaps that he promised her last night that he'd make an effort with Terry. Stephen comments that his resolutions don't last very long. Jill asks if she's ruined John's chances. Stephen says she hasn't - but she has helped clarify the situation for him. Jill looks worried.

Tony and Shelley are in the playground at school, and they laugh that they've finally managed to get away from those other girls! Tony tells Shelley tenderly that he never had much time for girls; he always had a girlfriend when he didn't have anything better to do, but since he met her, he...; he thought he'd go crazy when her mum and dad said she shouldn't see him anymore. They kiss, and as they do so, several girls walk over and start laughing at them. Tony tells them to rack off. One of the girls tells Shelley that the bell has gone. Tony retorts that they'll turn up when he's good and ready! The girls walk off, and Shelley says to Tony, "You told them!" Tony laughs, "Yeah!"

In the reception area at the riding school, Stephen tells Terry that he's sorry but he really needs someone who can do paperwork. Terry laughs that he wouldn't know a balance sheet if it fell over him! He thanks Stephen for seeing him. Stephen asks Terry to tell John to come in. Jill watches as Terry goes out.

Outside, Terry tells John that it's his turn. He then adds that, before John asks, he didn't get it. John retorts that he could have told him that before he went in. Terry says he only did it to please Fiona. John snaps, "Any excuse." Terry angrily tells John that if Stephen puts him on, he's out of his head. John retorts that Stephen will put him on - and he'll get Lisa, too.

At Woombai, Terry tells Fiona that he thought about what she said and decided to give the job a go. Fiona asks what happened, and Terry explains that he dipped out. Fiona says she'll talk to Stephen, but Terry says he doesn't want anyone pulling strings for him - he's just not got it in him to make it to the big league. Fiona tells him that, if he's happy with the way he is, then so is she. Terry says that's good. He then continues that he'd better get back to work. Fiona tells him that she's really very pleased that he went after the job. Terry replies that it's the least he could do - she's done a lot for him. Fiona tenderly says, "We've come a long way, haven't we." Terry smiles and agrees that they sure have. Fiona looks happy.

In the reception area at the riding school, John angrily tells Stephen that how he gets on with Terry shouldn't come into it. Stephen replies that there are other reasons. John says, "Such as?" Stephen replies that he had a bad report from Alan Pascoe: he told him that John can't handle the men. Jill looks sheepish as she overhears this. John snaps that that was when he was fresh out of the airforce and hung up on discipline; he could handle them now. Stephen curtly replies that he can't see Terry taking orders from him; eventually, one of them would have to go, and Terry's too good to lose. John angrily snaps that Stephen couldn't fire Terry because he's the boss's son. Stephen cooly says he thinks that remark sums up precisely why he's wrong for the job. John storms out. At the reception desk, Jill shakes her head. Stephen walks over to her and asks her how she'd feel about staying on until he finds someone. Jill says she doesn't mind. Stephen comments that she looks tired, and he suggests she have lunch. Jill says she'd like to have a word with John. Stephen remarks that he thinks she'll find that he's not in a listening mood at the moment. Jill says that's too bad.

Jill catches up with John outside and angrily asks him what's wrong with him, adding that Stephen couldn't have been fairer. John says he knows he did the wrong thing with him and Terry, but he doesn't care. Jill snaps that that's a great attitude. John says Lisa will be there any minute now. Jill asks if that's what this is all about. John replies that he knows he made the job too important, but he couldn't help himself - compared to Lisa, he's nothing; he just wanted to even things up a bit. Jill says she guesses everyone does stupid things when they're in love.

Margaret and David are out walking in the grounds at Woombai, Margaret with her arm through David's to help him steady himself. She tells him that she hates to be a spoilsport, but she thinks they'd better turn back. David, though, tells her to stop fussing - he's fighting fit! Margaret points out that he won't be running a marathon - yet! David smiles and says that's what he likes: a nurse with a sense of humour! Margaret comments that it's good to be able to joke again. David remarks that it's not like that inside, and Margaret agrees, adding that it's worse when you don't have a family - no letters... no visitors...; you feel so alone. David asks if Patricia never got in touch. Margaret says he's kidding - Patricia probably had a party the day she got locked up - she's the most vicious, conniving... She stops what she's saying and says she's sorry; it's just that, whenever she thinks of Patricia, she gets so upset. David says he shouldn't have mentioned it. Margaret tells him that they're having too good a time to spoil it by thinking about her.

Patricia and Robin pull up at Woombai, and as they get out of the car, Robin comments to Patricia that he hopes she's not going to fall apart on him. Patricia tells him, "No way." Robin suggests they get it over with. They head up to the riding school.

Stephen is sitting in the reception area when Robin and Patricia come in. Robin walks over and introduces himself. He then continues that he's afraid they've got a problem: Lisa is laid up with a broken leg. Stephen looks at Patricia warily as Robin continues that he's asked her to come and help. He heads out to fetch their bags, leaving Stephen to comment to Patricia that that's very well orchestrated - how did she manage to con her way onto the fashion launch? Patricia says she didn't. Stephen tells her that she shouldn't think that her being up there is going to make any difference to the way he feels. Patricia retorts that she's up there up to work, and nothing else - if he stays out of her way, she'll stay out of his. Stephen says that suits him fine. Patricia then adds that he should tell Margaret that she's got nothing to worry about - as far as she's concerned, her sister is welcome to him. Stephen, looking bemused, retorts that if Margaret is interested in him, she's got a very odd way of showing it: he's hardly seen her for days, so Patricia can stop being paranoid. Patricia reiterates that, like she said, she's not interested in what happens to either of then. She asks for the keys for her and Robin, and Stephen gets them.

Robin is getting the bags out of the car when Patricia comes out with the keys. She comments that she's doing well - that's two people she's conned today. Robin says it's all in a good cause. As she stands there, Patricia suddenly notices Margaret and David out walking, and she stares at them. David almost stumbles, and Margaret helps him right himself. Robin asks Patricia if she doesn't want a pair of binoculars! Patricia apologises, saying she was miles away. She continues to watch as David stumbles again. Margaret suggests to him that they go back. Robin asks Patricia what's so interesting about those two. Patricia replies that she's not sure - but she's going to find out...


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