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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A short time later, in the reception area, Robin tells Patricia that he'll be relying on her advice for a lot of the details. Patricia laughs that he won't rely on her too heavily, she hopes! Robin, though, replies seriously that she's the one with the local knowledge. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and after the receptionist has answered it, she calls over to Robin and says it's for him. Robin takes it and a man called Len Phillips comes on. Robin says, "Who?" Phillips explains that he's calling about the interview that Mrs. Bartlett arranged. Robin says he thought it had been cancelled. Phillips replies that that's news to him. Robin curtly tells him that it's been cancelled now - Mrs. Bartlett had no authority to organise it in the first place. He hangs up and walks back over to Patricia, who asks if Charlie has been making trouble. Robin says it's nothing - Charlie must have forgotten to cancel the interview. Patricia remarks that he's not too keen on being centre stage, is he? Robin retorts that he's not the one being promoted - it's Lisa and her designs that are important. As he says this, Margaret suddenly comes in and, upon spotting Patricia, angrily asks her what she's doing there. Patricia ignores the rudeness and introduces Margaret to Robin. Robin tells Margaret that he's pleased to meet her. Margaret just snaps at Patricia, "Well?" Quickly spotting the tension, Robin says he'll make himself scarce, and he leaves them to it. When he's gone, Patricia tells Margaret that her being there has got nothing to do with her; she's there to work. Margaret incredulously says, "You?!" She then adds that Patricia is only there to make trouble. Patricia tauntingly asks Margaret why she's so worried, but Margaret doesn't answer this and just tells Patricia to go away and leave her alone. Patricia then comments that Margaret is worried. She slyly adds that she thought Margaret had everything under control. Margaret snaps that no one in their right mind can relax with Patricia around. Patricia suggests that they just agree to stay out of each other's hair - she'll do her job and Margaret can do... whatever she's doing, and everything will be alright. Margaret storms out. Robin, who's on the verandah, watches her and then heads back inside. He immediately comments to Patricia that she doesn't seem to be flavour of the month around there; she warned him about her ex-husband, but not about her sister! Patricia admits that it wasn't exactly a warm welcome. Robin says he hopes her family problems won't cause problems with her work. Patricia assures him that they won't. She then suggests to him that she take him over to meet Fiona; there's an old friend of hers staying with her. Robin humourously remarks that she does have friends round there, then! Patricia continues that his name is David Palmer - he was talking to Margaret when they arrived. She tells Robin that while he's chatting to Fiona, she can talk to David - it'll be nice to see how he is.

At Woombai a short time later, Patricia is sitting next to Robin as he tells Fiona that a fashion show takes weeks to put together. Fiona remarks that she's surprised he doesn't need more staff. Robin explains that Patricia has lots of local knowledge - she'll have the job of liaising with Fiona's people about accommodation to make sure things run smoothly. Upon hearing this, Fiona looks annoyed and snaps, "Let's hope it's a success..." Changing the subject, she offers coffee, and Robin accepts, but Patricia says she'll go and see David. She leaves the others and goes and knocks on David's bedroom door. She opens it and gently says, "Hello, David." A look of suprise appears on David's face as she asks him if he's up to visitors. He replies that he supposes so. Patricia goes to shut the door, but David tells her to leave it open. She asks him how he's coming on, and he tells her that he's a bit better each day. He asks her what she's doing there, and she explains that she's working! David asks her what she's doing, and she replies that she's the PR Assistant for the fashion launch. David comments that he never thought he'd see the day that she'd go out and find a job. Patricia tells him that she has to keep a roof over her head somehow; she assumes he knows she and Stephen are separated? She then tells him that it's good to see him on the mend. She adds that it was him she saw out with Margaret? David confirms that it was. Fiona suddenly comes in and asks David if he's alright. Patricia assures her that she won't tire him out. Fiona asks Patricia if she shouldn't be giving Robin a hand. Patricia retorts that she deals with people; he deals with the numbers. Fiona sighs, and goes. Patricia comments to David that Fiona enjoys keeing a close eye on him! David replies that, between her and Margaret, she's lucky she didn't need a pass to come in to see him! Patricia comments that Margaret has taken on nursing duties, has she? David says, "Yeah!" Patricia remarks that she thought her sister was there on holiday. David replies that she just seems to want to spend her time waiting on him and taking him for walks. Patricia looks thoughtful.

Margaret and John are out walking. Margaret snaps that Patricia says she's up there to work - but she bets she's up to no good. She suggests to John that he have a word with Fiona - she'll send her packing. John, though, asks why bother. Margaret retorts that it's so that she won't upset David. John says he doesn't think she can do that, anymore. He then adds that it's not his problem. Margaret growls that she doesn't trust her, but John tells her that he thinks she's making a mountain out of a molehill; he suggests that she just stay out of Patricia's way. Margaret gives up and says he's right; it's just that she's been so happy since she's been there - the thought that Patricia might spoil it makes her upset; but she has no reason at all to suspect that she came out there to cause trouble.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Wayne is telling Beryl that the golden rule is to never spend capital. Beryl asks how else she'll make money, and Wayne explains that there's the interest: you invest the capital, earn interest and make use of that. Kevin suddenly comes in, and Wayne says a curt, "Yes?" Kevin says he's sorry if they're busy, but he just popped in to say goodbye. Beryl asks him where he's off to, and Kevin explains that he and Lynn are having dinner with Nelson and Cathy. He leaves them to it. Out in the hallway, Amanda joins Kevin and, seeing the smile on his face, asks what the joke is. Kevin replies that it's Wayne and his mother. Amanda asks what he means. Kevin explains that Wayne is teaching Beryl all about the world of high finance! Amanda laughs and asks if Wayne is tearing his hair out! Kevin says it's his own fault for offering! There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Amanda goes to answer it. Lynn is standing on the doorstep, and the two women look at each other awkwardly. Lynn bluntly says she's come to get Kevin; she sees him standing in the hallway and asks if he's finished. Kevin says he has. Amanda looks at Lynn and says she doesn't know how to say this - sorry doesn't seem to fit - but she doesn't have any excuse for trying to split her and Kevin up. Kevin points out that it's over, and there's no point bringing it up again. Amanda, though, explains that she just likes to think that they could forget about it. Lynn quietly says there's no reason that they can't be civil to each other. Amanda says that's good. Kevin and Lynn go and she shuts the door behind them, smiling as she does so. She then heads into the lounge room, where Beryl is asking Wayne if it doesn't mean that she'll have to wait a full year before she can give the money to charity. Wayne snaps that she hasn't been listening - it's only the capital she can't touch; she can have the interest paid out every month or even every week if she likes. Beryl repeats that she can't touch the capital, and Wayne confirms that that's it - not unless it's in the form of bonds or shares. Beryl says she'll have to wait twelve months for the interest then. Wayne tells her that she won't with bonds; with shares she would. Beryl asks Wayne what he thinks is the best investment - shares or bonds? Wayne replies that bonds are safer - but if there's an upturn in the ecomonmy and shares start to turn up... He suddenly stops what he's saying and tells Beryl that he and Amanda are booked into a restaurant; why don't they talk again after she comes back from Woombai? Beryl replies that she's not going to Woombai, now. Wayne's face drops as Beryl continues that Kevin and Lynn are going up to say goodbye to David, and she'll go up with them. Wayne comments that he thought she was going up to nurse David. Beryl replies that Fiona will make sure he's looked after. Wayne smiles, but looks annoyed.

In his bedroom at Woombai, David tells Patricia that he thought it would be the end of it when Doug paid Margaret back for the truck. Patricia asks if she's still trying to ease her conscience, and David replies that she could be, but it seemed like she really wanted to help - Fiona had enough on her plate and Beryl was stuck in Melbourne, so Margaret took over; she's doing a good job, too. Patricia tenderly tells David that he really is a forgiving man. She then asks him if he remembers the last time they were there together, and David asks if she means at the waterhole. Patricia says she does, and the continues that it meant a lot to her - knowing he wasn't bitter towards her. David replies that he hasn't got the time or energy to hold grudges. At that moment, Margaret comes in and says she's got the evening paper. She stops in her tracks as she sees Patricia standing there, but then tells her that David looks tired, so maybe she should leave. Patricia wryly comments that it seems is though everyone there is trying to give her the elbow! She then tells David that it's good to see him again, and she adds that she'll pop in before she goes. She leaves. Margaret tells David that he's making a big mistake seeing her again - she'll only upset him. Standing outside the door, Patricia overhears this.

Barbara is standing by the table in the living room at Dural, folding napkins. She comments to Gordon, who's by the bar, that it won't be the most relaxing dinner party they've ever had. Gordon says he doesn't suppose it'll be any easier for Helen - or Andy. He adds that it's probably not too late to call it off, but Barbara says she's not going to let him down.

At the Green house, Andy tells his mother that they don't want to be late. Helen says she's not sure she wants to go - she doesn't feel well. She takes a bottle of pills out of her handbag, but Andy tells her that she doesn't need anymore, as she's had enough already. Helen says she needs something to get her through the evening. Andy, though, points out that pills don't go down too well with wine, and he takes the bottle and puts it down on the coffee table. Helen admits that he's right, and she suggests they go. She suddenly remembers that her wrap is in her bedroom, and Andy goes to get it. As soon as he's gone, she picks up the bottle of pills, pours a couple of them into her bag, and puts the bottle back down on the table. Andy comes back with the wrap and puts it round his mother. He then tells her to stop worrying about tonight: everything's going to be fine. Helen says, "Let's hope so..."

In the hallway at Dural, Andy introduces his mother to Gordon, and Gordon takes her wrap. The three of them go into the lounge room, and Barbara stands up. She and Helen exchange curt greetings, and Barbara smiles awkwardly as she tells the visitors that she's glad they could both make it. Gordon offers everyone drinks. Andy asks for a mineral water. Helen asks for a scotch - straight. Andy looks at her in concern.

John knocks on the door of David's bedroom and asks him if he'd like some company. David says a cheery, "Come in!" John goes in and turns the TV off. David tells him to sit down, and John pulls up a chair. David asks him what he's been up to, but John just replies, "Nothing special." David, though, notices the expression on his face and asks him if he's got something on his mind. John admits that he has: he's decided to leave Woombai; he thinks he'll go when Beryl gets there with Lynn and Kevin. David asks him where he'll go. John replies that maybe he'll head up north with Rob and Angie. He continues that nothing has worked out for him there - it seems as if he's screwed up his whole life, lately. David points out that everyone goes through bad patches, but John retorts that he can't settle down to a proper job, he's blown his chances with Lisa...; he doesn't think he'll ever get his act together to get her interested in him. David tells him that he knows he feels rotten, but he's got heaps of time to sort himself out; he shouldn't rush into it - sooner or later, the right break will come.

Robin comes off the 'phone in the reception area at the riding school. As he does so, Margaret wanders over and remarks that he's still at it. Robin replies that there's a lot to organise in a short time. Margaret tells him that she wants to say sorry for this afternoon - it's obvious that she and Patricia don't get on. Robin says it's none of his business. He asks to be excused, as he's got lots to do. Margaret ignores this, though, and asks him how well he knows Patricia; what made him give her the job? Robin curtly retorts that he doesn't think it's any of Margaret's business. Margaret tells him that he's given Patricia a very responsible position, and she thinks he should know about her background. Patricia appears in the doorway as Robin says to Margaret that he doesn't wish to appear rude, but he's not going to discuss one of his employess with her, whether she's her sister or not. He spots Patricia standing in the doorway; Patricia asks if she can have a few words with her sister, alone. Robin tells her to go ahead, and he walks off. Patricia remarks to Margaret that she's making a play for David Palmer and she's terrified that she's going to mess it up for her. Margaret snaps that there's nothing between David and her. Patricia retorts that she'd like there to be. She continues that David is exactly her type: decent, caring, a home and family... exactly the qualities that attracted her to Martin. Margaret snaps, "How dare you." Patricia snaps back that, for heaven's sake, she and David can ride off into the sunset for all she cares - as long as Margaret stops trying to make her life a misery. Margaret asks her sister if she's making deals now. Patricia retorts that she's giving her a choice: stay out of her way, or she will make trouble for her and David. Margaret tells Patricia that she will stay out of her way, but not because of the threat. She continues that it's not really necessary for her to try and destroy Patricia; she's going to do it all by herself. She walks off.

At the dinner table at Dural, Gordon offers more wine. Andy declines, but Helen accepts. Andy suggests to her that she take it easy for a bit, but Helen snaps that she thinks she can decide whether she'd like more wine or not. Gordon suggests that she should leave it, and he puts the bottle down. He then turns to Andy and asks him if he plays billiards. Andy says he does, and the two of them head off to play. Alone with Helen, Barbara awkwardly comments that Andy is a fine young man - she's done a splendid job with him. Helen replies that it wasn't easy at times. Barbara more confidently tells Helen that she's sorry she didn't hear her out last time they met - but she thinks she's probably strong enough to, now. Helen tells Barbara that she has a right to know. She continues that she won't try to excuse herself - or Roland, either; they had a very brief affair - he was under a lot of pressure at work, Barbara was pregnant with Simon, and being pretty difficult to get on with... Barbara wryly interjects that she always did find pregnancy a bit of a bore. Helen replies that she soon found out what it was like! She then goes on that Stephen thought it was his - and if Roland had realised the truth, he would have owned up, so she had no choice; she had to leave and she had to go on deceiving Stephen. Barbara comments that Stephen said she wouldn't let him pay anything. Helen says it wouldn't have been right. She tells Barbara that Roland was a good man, and she asks her please not to think ill of him; perhaps he wasn't the saint that Barbara imagined, but there was nothing bad about him; if he'd found out about Andy and had told her, she would probably have left him, and she should think of all the good years they had after that that they might have missed. Barbara distantly says, "Yes..." She then comments that she supposes she had it a damn sight easier than Helen did. Helen replies that it's the way things work out - there's nothing you can do about. Barbara says, "No..." The talk over, Helen asks to be excused, saying she needs to get some air. She walks out, leaving Barbara looking thoughtful and upset. Helen goes out into the hallway, where she puts her handbag on the telephone table. She then takes out one of her pills and swallows it. She heads out to the back of the house and walks over to the swimming pool. She stands by the side of it, looking dazed, confused and distant. She starts walking around the edge of the pool, taking several steps, but suddenly coming to a stop.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Wayne asks Amanda if she enjoyed the evening. Amanda replies that the food she'll give a 9, and the atmosphere and service, an 8½! Wayne asks her if she didn't think much of it! Amanda assures him that she had a great night. As she looks at him, she notices that the old clock on the mantlepiece has stopped, and she asks Wayne if he didn't wind it. Wayne says he did - this afternoon. He adds that Rosie said that, if the clock ever stopped, time would stand still! He gets up to go and examine it, and as he does so, Amanda says it was his mother's, wasn't it? Wayne says it was - Rosie gave it to her on her wedding day. Having looked at it, he says it's fully wound - it needs a visit to the clock hospital! He sits back down again, and Amanda remarks that Rosie meant a lot to him. Wayne sadly replies, "All my life." He continues that, losing Jill he might get used to, but he'll never get over Rosie giving him away. On hearing this, Amanda tells him that he really is a strange bird! She continues that, sometimes, he's the absolute pits - a real pig - and then there are times like this; tonight he seems almost human. Wayne replies that there are some people he really does care about - a lot. Amanda comments that it hurts, Rosie not wanting to know him. Wayne sadly says he's only got himself to blame.

Gordon comes into the lounge room at Dural, and Barbara asks how the game's going. Gordon tells her that Andy is thrashing him! He looks around, and Barbara explains that Helen is out by the pool - she wanted some air. Gordon asks how it went, and Barbara replies that it went quite well, she thinks; she thinks she understands now why it all happened and why she wasn't told about it. Gordon says he's glad. He asks if Helen was any better, but Barbara replies that she was pretty upset when she went outside; she wanted to tell her how she felt, and that she hoped to be friends again. Gordon smiles at his wife and says, "Go and tell her - now!" Barbara smiles back and says, "I will!"

Barbara heads out to the back of the house and calls out for Helen. It's dark, and she can't see anything. She calls out Helen's name a couple of times and asks if she's still out there. There's no response. Barbara continues to look round and then her head suddenly stops moving as an expression of horror crosses her face. She's looking at the pool - there's a body floating in it.


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