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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

The next morning, Gordon is on the 'phone to a police officer, and he tells him that they can't tell him anymore than they already have. He adds that, if he thinks of anything, he'll let him know. He hangs up and Barbara asks what they want now - she thought they'd answered all their questions last night. Gordon tells her that they've come up with a new theory: they're not sure Helen's death was an accident. Barbara, looking surprised, says, "Suicide?" Gordon tells her that they're not saying it is, but it's something they have to look into. Barbara says that's terrible. She then starts to cry that if only she hadn't invited them... Gordon comforts her and tells her that blaming herself is silly. Barbara sobs that she knows, but the worst thing is that when they pulled Helen out of the pool, Andy insisted that he could still feel a pulse - and there wasn't one; he was crying that 'she's still alive... she's still alive' and she died, and she didn't even apologise for the way she treated her... Gordon tenderly suggests to her that she go back to bed, but Barbara insists that she's got to go and see Andy. Gordon tells her that she'll only upset herself more, but Barbara retorts that the poor boy needs somebody. She then asks him if he's seen the newspaper. Gordon says he has. Barbara snaps that it didn't take them long to get their hands on the story. Gordon points out that they wouldn't have printed it if the police hadn't given them the details. Barbara reluctantly says she supposes not. She goes off to get changed. The newspaper lies on the coffee table, the headline to the story reading: 'Woman drowns in pool'.

Andy is standing in the lounge room in the Green house, looking at a photo of himself holding a guitar. There's writing on the photo: 'Mum, watch out for Hot Wax. Andy.'. He puts the photo down and then picks up a bottle of pills from the table. He looks at the label and then throws them down onto a nearby chair. He starts wandering around the empty house, and eventually sits down, looking lost and upset.

Barbara leaves Dural via the front door and heads down the driveway towards her car. She's looking in her handbag for the keys when two men suddenly come out of nowhere. One of them says, "Excuse me." The other one has a camera and he takes a photo of her. Barbara asks what they're doing. The reporter asks if they can ask a few questions, adding that it won't take much time. Barbara angrily snaps at them to get out. The reporter ignores this and asks her if she wishes to comment about the drowing. Barbara furiously repeats that she told them to get out. She adds that the story's already in the newspapers. The reporter tells her that that's old news - there have been a few developments since then. Barbara snaps that it's none of their damn business. She starts crying. As she does so, Gordon comes charging out of the house and asks what's going on. Barbara cries at him to get them out of there. Gordon turns to the two men and threatens that if they're not out of there in one minute, he'll have them charged with trespassing. They ignore this, and the reporter asks Gordon how well he knew the deceased. Gordon snaps that he's calling the police, and he turns to head back to the house. The two men from the paper quickly back off, and Gordon tells Barbara to come inside. Barbara cries that she has to see Andy, but Gordon tells her that she's in no fit state to see anyone. The two reporters go back to their car, which is parked further down the drive. They look back at the house, and the photographer smiles.

Amanda comes into Toorak, and Wayne asks if the jeweller reckoned he could fix the clock. Amanda replies that he said Wayne can have it back in about a week. She hands him the jeweller's card, and then tells him that there's something else, too: the jeweller took the back off the clock to see if he could spot the trouble, and he found something. She hands Wayne a pile of envelopes and remarks that it looks as if they're been in a fire or something. She asks if he's got any idea how they got there. Wayne looks at them and says they must have been there for quite a while. He opens one and starts reading the letter inside. A distant look suddenly crosses his face, and Amanda asks what it is. Wayne tells her that he'll talk to her later. He gets up and goes out.

A while later, Wayne is sitting out on the verandah, reading a letter, when Beryl comes along and says, "Morning." She asks him if he's enjoying the sun, but he doesn't really respond. She sits down next to him and reminds him that they were going to go through her portfolio of shares this morning - at about 9:30am. Wayne distantly asks if it's that already, and Beryl replies that it's a bit after that, actually. Wayne just says, "Oh..." Beryl asks who the letter's from, and Wayne tells her that it's from his father - they're letters written to his mother before he was born. Beryl asks if they were living apart, but Wayne explains that Gordon was overseas on a business trip. Beryl tells him that she'll leave him to read them. She asks if Amanda is in, and Wayne says she is. Beryl says she'll go and talk to her.

Kevin takes a tray of coffees into the lounge room, and Amanda remarks to him that it's his last day. Kevin cheerfully says, "Yeah!" He adds that they're going up to Woombai tomorrow to see David. Amanda continues the sentence, saying that then they're off to London. Kevin says he can't wait! Beryl comes in, explaining that the front door was open. Amanda says that was Wayne - he's out the front. Beryl replies that she's been talking to him - he's in rather a serious mood. Amanda asks if it's the letters, and Beryl says it is - the ones that Gordon sent to Wayne's mum. Kevin sourly remarks, "Trust Wayne to be reading something he shouldn't." Amanda, though, snaps at him that he doesn't let up on Wayne, does he? Kevin retorts that that's because he knows what he's like. Beryl chips in that no one is all good or all bad - and from what she's seen of him, he'll really do something for people he cares about. Kevin comments that as long as there's something in it for him. Beryl tells him that he can't say Wayne has ever done anything wrong by Rosie or Susan. Kevin asks what about Jill. Beryl says she's sure he only did it because he loved he girl. Kevin tells her to believe what she likes, and he storms off to the study. Amanda gets up and says she's going to see if Wayne is alright.

Wayne is outside reading one of the letters from his father. It says:

My darling Nancy - just two more weeks and I'll be home; you can't imagine how much I'm missing you. What a time for a business trip to come up! I received the letter you wrote last Sunday and was pleased to hear a good report from the doctor. I've been thinking about names for the baby: what about Elizabeth if it's a girl; Wayne if it's a boy? I know you're convinced it's going to be a boy! I hope so, too.

Wayne's reading is interrupted by Amanda coming out and asking if he's OK. Wayne distantly tells her that he's fine. Amanda comments that Beryl said the letter was from Gordon to his wife. Wayne, looking slightly shellshocked, quietly says it's really strange reading them - seeing your parents as two people in love; he never knew his mother - she died when he was born; now he feels like he's starting to get to know her... Amanda asks him if he's thought any more about how the letters ended up in the clock, or how they got burnt. Wayne just replies that it's a mystery to him. He looks down again and reads a few more words. He suddenly cries out, "No... Dad..." Amanda asks what's wrong. She then quickly apologises for being a sticky-beak and says she'll see him inside.

The reporter and photographer are round by the swimming pool at Dural, and the photographer takes several shots of the scene of the drowning. Gordon suddenly comes over and angrily snaps that he told them to get off the property. The reporter retorts that there's nothing wrong with a few photographs. Gordon snaps that he wasn't joking about calling the police. The reporter tells him that he doesn't see why he and his wife are so aggro. Gordon snaps that it's called an 'invasion of privacy'. The reporter retorts that some people might call it 'having something to hide'. Gordon angrily yells at him to get out before he flattens him. The reporter threatens that if Gordon lays a finger on him, he could be on a charge. Gordon snaps that he's willing to risk that. The two men back off and head back down the driveway.

Barbara is standing at the door of the Green house, and she asks Andy if she can come in. Andy lets her. She says to him that she thought he might like some company. Andy asks her if she's OK. Barbara says to him that he blames her for his mother's death. Andy pauses and then says he doesn't. Barbara points out that he had to stop and think about it. Andy tells her that he did try and convince himself that it was her fault - but the truth is that he's the one to blame. Barbara tenderly says, "Andy..." Andy continues that his mother didn't want to go to Dural last night, but he made her. Barbara tells him that he was only doing what he thought was best. She then asks about funeral arrangements, but Andy says he hasn't made any yet. Barbara tells him that she can take care of them, but Andy says no. Barbara tells him that it won't help, pushing people away. Andy retorts that no one ever wanted to help his mother before. He starts to break down as he asks Barbara why she and her friends had to come and mess everything up; his mother wouldn't be dead if they'd all just stayed away; he tried to save her... he tried... but she wouldn't start breathing again... Barbara sits down next to him and holds him as he starts crying...

Kevin walks into the lounge room at Toorak and tells his mother that he's just had Dee's solicitor on the 'phone: probate has been cleared on her estate and Beryl gets a cheque in her account in the next couple of days! Beryl says it's finally happened! Kevin tells her that she's rich! Wayne comes in and Beryl tells him that they've just had good news. Kevin explains that the money has come through from Dee's estate. Wayne just says, "Good." Beryl enthusiastically says they'll really have to start working on her investment portfolio now. Wayne says, "Yes..." He then adds that he can't do anything right now as he has to go away for a few days - they can talk about it when he gets back. He turns to Kevin and tells him that there's no point him hanging around - he might as well head off now. He leaves the lounge room and starts to head upstairs. As he does so, Amanda is coming down and she asks if she heard him say he was going away. Wayne replies that he's going to to Sydney - to see Gordon about the letters.

At Woombai, Tony is putting food into an esky when Terry comes in. He asks if Fiona's around, and Tony says she's in the kitchen. Terry asks him if he's not meant to be at school. Tony explains that it's sports day - he told the teacher he was crook, and he gave him the day off! He adds that, anyway, he'd rather take Shelley on a picnic! Terry realises that that's what he's doing! Tony cheerfully says, "Yep!" He then says he doesn't suppose there's any chance of him borrowing Terry's car...? Terry replies, "Not in a million years!" He asks Tony what he wants it for, and Tony replies that it looks good! Terry tells him that, if he promises not to wrap it around a pole, there's a farm panel van out the back!

Standing by the van, Terry says it's not the smartest machine in the world, but it's got a good engine under the bonnet. Tony looks at it and says it's fantastic! He jumps in, starts the engine and roars off. Terry calls out after him, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" He turns to go back inside, but as he does so, he bumps into John, who's just coming out. They ignore each other, but just as he's passed Terry, John turns round and tells him that he owes him an apology for yesterday. Terry snaps at him that he can apologise until he's blue in the face, but it won't make any difference. John explains that he was uptight. He adds that they were friends once. Terry retorts that that's ancient history. John points out that, when they fight, it makes poeple unhappy - like Fiona; it might make things easier if they try to be civil to each other. Terry thinks for a moment and then agrees that it might be worth a try.

Shelley and Tony are sitting in the panel van, kissing. As the kiss becomes more passionate, Tony pulls away and suggests they go for a walk. Shelley looks at him in surprise, and he quickly tells her that he's got cramp in his leg. They get out and Tony closes the door. As they stand there, Shelley asks if him if he's ever..., " know...," with a girl. Tony indignantly tells her that of course he has. Shelley starts to say that, if he hasn't... Tony interrupts her, though, and explains that, one of these days, he's going to have to front up to her oldies, and when he does, he wants to tell them that he really likes her; he'd feel like a real louse if he was only after one thing; this is really serious for him, and he wants to do the right thing by her. Shelley looks surprised, and she remarks that he's different to most of the guys she goes out with. They kiss.

Wayne is at the airport, and he buys a paper from the newsagent. He then sits down on a nearby seat and puts the paper down next to him. He opens his briefcase, takes out the letter he was looking at earlier and continues reading it:

I know you're convinced it's going to be a boy! I hope so, too. You just watch - I'll be the original doting father: I'll take him fishing, teach him to love the land; in short, turn him into the fine young man we both know he'll be. I love you, Nancy - more so now than the day I married you, if that's possible. Having you, and a son that I can love and be proud of - that's all I can think of. I've got so much to be grateful for.

Wayne looks up, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Sometime later, Wayne turns his car to head up the driveway to Dural, and as he does so, he spots the two men at the side, and stops his car to talk to them. The reporter asks him if he's a friend of the Hamiltons. Wayne says he might be, and he asks why. The reporter shows him his card, and says he thought Wayne might know about the drowning. Wayne retorts that he only knows what he reads in the papers. The reporter asks him if that's why he's there. Wayne says, "No." He then puts his foot down and roars off up the driveway.

Inside the house, Barbara tells Gordon that Andy was trying to be so brave, but he wasn't doing a very good job of it. She continues that it's funny the way she feels about him now - he started to cry and she put her arm around him; he was so like Roland; it felt as if she was comforting Wendy or Simon - just a feeling she had... There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Gordon goes to get it. He opens the door and looks surprised to see Wayne standing there. He starts to snap that he thought he told him-- Wayne, though, calmly says there's something he needs to talk to him about; it's personal. When Gordon doesn't respond, Wayne pleads, "Please..." Gordon tells him to make it quick. They head into the lounge room, where Barbara angrily asks what he's doing there. Gordon tells her that he's not staying. He then turns to his son and says, "Well?" Looking at Barbara, Wayne says it's fairly private. Gordon tells him that there's nothing he can't say in front of her. He adds that, if it's about last night... Wayne says it's not that; the clock that Rosie gave Nancy for her wedding present - she gave it to him; it went in for repairs, and when the jeweller took the back off, he found some letters - letters that Gordon wrote to Nancy. He holds them out and Gordon looks at them.

At the Palmers', Lynn asks Kevin if the taxi company said how long they were going to be. Kevin says they'll be a few minutes, and he suggests that she go and get Davey from next door. Lynn heads off, saying she won't be a tick. Alone with Kevin, Beryl says she wishes he'd let her call David and let him know that they'd be coming a day early. Kevin explains that he wants it to be a surprise. He then adds that he's lucky Wayne let him finish up a day early. Beryl asks him if he still thinks Wayne is the world's worst. Kevin says, "Mum..." Beryl tells him that he can have his opinion and she can have hers. They head outside, and as Beryl closes the door, Kevin says he doesn't think Victor and Muriel are too pleased about them going to London - but you don't get anywhere if you don't take the chances when they come along. He tells his mother that they'll miss her and David - it just hit him how far away they'll be. Beryl assures him that she's not giving all her money away, so she and David will be able to come over and visit them! Kevin hugs her and tells her that they'd better!

At Dural, Gordon is reading the letters. Wayne says that, the thing he doesn't understand is how they got in the clock in the first place - and how they got burnt. He asks Gordon if he's got any ideas, but Gordon just retorts that there's not any point, is there. Wayne replies that of course there is - Gordon knew Nancy; he didn't; those letters... he finally feels that he's got to know something about her - and about Gordon; how he and Nancy... what they wanted for each other: a home, family... he must have loved her a lot. Gordon says he did. Wayne continues that it all makes sense to him now - he's starting to understand how Gordon must have felt when she... died having him; Gordon must have fallen apart; of course he wanted someone to blame. He tells Gordon that, what he's trying to say is that he knows they never got on, but now that they understand, maybe they can... at least, he wants to try again. Gordon curtly remarks that Wayne obviously read all the letters. Wayne says, "Yes." Gordon continues that he must therefore understand what a mockery he's made of all his hopes for him. Looking shocked, Wayne cries, "Dad..." Gordon snaps that it's too late for them. Wayne asks why; he understands. Gordon repeats that Wayne heard him. Wayne starts to say that he came there hoping... Barbara asks, "For what? That Gordon would forgive you for every rotten damn thing you've done to him?" Wayne angrily snaps that it cuts both ways - but he wouldn't expect her to understand that. He continues, "Boy, have I made a fool of myself." He picks up the letters from the coffee table and walks out, snapping as he does so that Gordon is right - it is too late for them.

He heads outside, throws his briefcase into his car, through the window, gets in, starts the engine and roars off down the driveway. At the end of the driveway, the two reporters are still standing and waiting. The cameraman says to his colleague that it's getting late - they should be making tracks soon. They suddenly become aware of a car heading straight towards them, and the reporter pushes the photographer out of the way as Wayne shoots straight past them. A few yards further on, he slams on his brakes and reverses back to talk to them. He cheerily says, "Sorry about that!" He asks if they're still after info. on Helen Green, and the reporter says, "Yeah." He asks Wayne if he knows something. Wayne nastily replies, "Oh yeah, I can give you a story - it's a beauty..."


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