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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

The 'phone rings at Toorak, and Jill answers it in the lounge room. STD pips sound and then Irene comes on and says it's her. Jill asks her how she is, and she replies that she's fine. She asks if David's there, but Jill explains that he's staying at Beryl's. She adds that they're all a bit worried about Kevin: when he got back from the Middle East, he had a hearing problem, but it could be psychological - a way of not having to talk about what he's been through. She then asks Irene if she wants the number at Albert Park, but Irene declines, adding that she just wanted to let David know that Todd came round for lunch today. Jill asks how it went. Irene just replies, "Not the way I wanted." Jill says she's sorry, but Irene tells her that there's no use is crying over spilt milk. Jill tells her that she'll let David know she called. Irene says she'll get in touch with him when he hasn't got so much on his plate. She hangs up, looking upset.

David is at the O'Briens'. Noticing the plates on the living room table, he tells them that he's sorry to interrupt, but he thought they'd have finished lunch by now. Mike assures him that it's alright. David explains that he and Beryl were wondering if they've heard anything more about Jeff. Mike replies that they haven't yet, no. David asks if the police haven't heard anything. Mike replies that they haven't heard a thing; Jeff is probably just one in a hundred kids who's run away - all they can do is keep their fingers crossed that he's OK and keep on looking. Luke chips in that the fact that Jeff has got Titus with him won't make things easy - especially if he wants to hitch a ride. David comments that a truckie would probably give him a lift, especially seeing as he's on crutches. Luke asks him if he could ask his mates, and see if one of them picked Jeff up, or heard something. David points out that there are a hell of a lot of truckies - but it's worth a try, he supposes. Heather thanks him, gratefully. She then asks how Kevin is. David replies that he's alright. He turns to Katie and suggests that, if she's not doing anything later, why doesn't she pop over? He adds that he's sure Kevin and Lynn would appreciate someone their own age around for a while - it'll do Kevin some good. Katie says, "Sure!" David then tells them that he'll let them get back to their roast - it smells good! Mike smiles and remarks that his wife isn't a bad cook! Katie goes to see David out. Heather distantly says to Mike that she wonders what Jeff is having for lunch. Mike tells her that they'll find him. Heather says she just doesn't understand why he hasn't at least 'phoned her.

Jeff is still in the shed with the person who's hiding him: Tony Parker. Tony comments to him that it couldn't have been easy, with the crutches and the dog. Jeff retorts that he managed OK - he hitched a ride down with a couple of blokes in a van; it all worked out alright. Tony tells him that he's lucky. Jeff goes on that no one will ever think of looking for him down there. Tony points out that he can't be too sure: Jeff's old man is pretty cluey and it won't be long before he twigs where Jeff could be. Jeff, though, tells him that there's no way that will happen - he doubts his father will even remember Tony's name; it's not as if they kept in touch. Tony tells him that he hopes not for his sake. He then asks what happened anyway - why did he take off? Jeff tells him that it's a long story. Tony replies that he's listening.

At the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Amanda snaps at Todd that Irene is a very nice lady and he made her feel rotten; Todd snaps back that she saw him as he really is, and if she doesn't like it, that's too bad. Amanda angrily tells him that he knew he was making a fool of himself, and he kept on doing it. Todd retorts that he had one too many; so what? - he had to do something to get through lunch. He then continues, "Anyway, why does it matter?" Amanda tells him that Irene's his mother, that's why: the whole reason for the meal was to try and get to know each other. Todd asks what the point was - she didn't want him; she wanted the three-year-old kid she had years ago. Amanda snaps at him not to be ridiculous. Todd snaps back that Irene said as much. Amanda retorts that it was only because he was making an idiot of himself; the way he carried on today, she doesn't think anyone would want to-- Todd suddenly wraps his arm round his chest and clutches his side, apparently in pain. Looking anxious, Amanda breaks off from what she was saying and asks him if he's alright. He replies that he isn't really. Amanda curtly retorts that she's not surprised, the amount of wine he had. Todd ignores this and tells her that he'll be back in a minute. He dashes off to the bathroom.

In her apartment, Irene is packing some old clothes into a bag marked 'Salvation Army'. She suddenly picks up the holster from the cowboy outfit that Todd wore when he was young. She stares at it and then puts it in the bag, followed by the rest of the outfit. She looks upset.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda is sitting on the couch, and she calls to Todd to ask him if he's alright. He comes back out from the bathroom, still clutching his side, and tells her that he needs a doctor. Amanda gets up and walks over to him. As she does so, he suddenly suffers a near-collapse, and she catches him. She helps him into an armchair and tells him that she'll call an ambulance. Todd, though, tells her to just get on to his doctor - his name and number are on a card in his wallet; he'll come. Amanda points out that he mightn't be able to, as it's Sunday. Todd assures her that he'll come. He hands her his wallet and tells her to hurry. Amanda finds the card and runs to the 'phone.

Tony tells Jeff that he should call his parents just to let them know that he's alright. Jeff insists that there's no way: if he got his mum or Katie, they'd only try and talk him into going home, and if he got his dad, they'd just end up having another row. Tony points out to him that he's made it pretty rough on himself - being on crutches and having Titus there; it's going to be a bit hard to try and hide both of them. Jeff snaps that he couldn't leave Titus behind. Tony asks him what he's going to do, but Jeff replies that he doesn't know. Tony tells him that he can't stay locked up there forever. Jeff says he might look for a job in Lorne, but Tony tells him that he's got Buckley's - there aren't too many jobs round there, especially for guys on crutches. Jeff snaps that all he wants is a place to hide out for a couple of days, while he decides what to do, OK? Tony mutters, "Yeah." He then says he'll see what he can do about getting Jeff some food without his mum knowing. He adds that they'll have to be careful, because if she finds out, there's no way she won't ring his folks. Jeff turns to his dog and says, "We'll be OK, won't we, Titus." Tony says he'd better go, as his mum will be wondering where he's got to - he's supposed to be driving her to his Aunty's place. Jeff asks him if he can get him some painkillers, as his leg is hurting pretty bad. Tony replies that he doesn't think they've got any. Jeff tells him that he's alright at the moment - he's still got a couple left - but they won't last him through the night. Tony says he'll see what he can find. He goes.

Katie and Luke are at the Palmers', and Beryl asks Katie if she's sure she wouldn't like a cup of tea. Katie replies that she's sure - she's afraid she'll have to be going soon, anyway. Beryl tells her and Luke that it's nice of them to drop in. Luke turns to Kevin and asks what it's really like in the Middle East. In reply, Kevin curtly asks him why he doesn't turn on the news and find out. Luke explains that he didn't necessarily mean-- Kevin interrupts and snaps that he knows what Luke meant and he doesn't want to talk about it. Luke says he's sorry. Changing the subject, Katie brightly tells Lynn that she got a call from Andy the other day; she didn't even know he was in Melbourne. She adds that it was great to hear from him - he's such a nice guy. Looking wary, Lynn glances over at Kevin before agreeing that, yes, he is. She quickly goes on that she thinks she might put the kettle on, and she gets up and heads into the kitchen. Kevin, looking suspicious, says he'll give her a hand. He follows her into the kitchen and closes the door behind him. In the lounge room, Beryl suggests to Katie and she and Luke might as well have one too, now that Lynn is making it. In the kitchen, Kevin comments to Lynn that that's the first time Andy has been mentioned since he's been back; he'd like to meet him - why doesn't she invite him over for dinner tonight? Lynn, a look of worry on her face, asks what's so special about Andy. Kevin points out that she flew halfway round the world to help him and she did speak about him in most of her letters; just because he's home doesn't mean she has to stop seeing her friends. Lynn smiles in relief and says she supposes not. Kevin then adds, "Unless there's some reason why you don't want me to meet him?" He adds that she was completely honest with him about what their friendship was like, wasn't she...? Lynn nervously replies that of course she was. She adds that she'll ring him later and see if he wants to come over. She looks worried.

A doctor is standing over Todd at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda tells him that she's pleased he got there so quickly. She adds that she didn't think she'd get him at all, being Sunday. The doctor asks her if she can leave them alone for a few minutes, and Amanda heads off to the kitchen. When they're alone, the doctor says to Todd that he presumes the young lady doesn't know the facts. Todd's expression causes him to continue, "I thought not." He then tells Todd that he knows what brought the attack on, doesn't he: he can't mix alcohol with the tablets he's on. Todd indignantly retorts that he's had the odd drink before and been alright. The doctor points out that it was more than just the 'odd drink' this time, wasn't it. He goes on that Todd is lucky he didn't drive, or he could have had an accident and killed himself. Todd snaps that it might have been the best way - it would have solved everything. The doctor tells him that that's a terrible attitude, and he adds that he thought Todd was more of a fighter. Todd snaps at him to cut the pep talk. He goes on that nobody knows what it's like, and he asks the doctor how it feels, messing about with all those treatments when he knows it's not going to make a difference. He bitterly adds, "I'm dying, and there's nothing anybody can do about it."

A while later, the doctor has gone. Todd tells Amanda that he's OK, but Amanda comments that he doesn't look it. Todd assures her that, once the injection works, he'll be alright and ready for a night out on the town. He asks how she feels about a picnic on the steps of the Opera House - with champagne, of course. Amanda, though, snaps that it's not something to joke about - she thought he was going to die. Todd flippantly points out that he didn't, did he? He assures her that, honestly, there's nothing to worry about - that's the way he always looks after a few drinks. Amanda tells him that he might think it's something to laugh about, but the doctor doesn't, or he wouldn't have got there only twenty minutes after she 'phoned. She adds that, what's more, specialists don't normally make house calls. Todd remarks that it's just as well it wasn't Irene who rang for someone, then, or he would have ended up with a herbalist! Amanda snaps that she doesn't think that's very funny, either. Todd says he's sorry. Amanda tells him that that's what he should have said to his mother. Todd gives in and admits that, OK, he carried on like a jerk, but there's nothing he can do about it now except forget it - so how about that picnic? Amanda angrily rants that that's his answer to everything: forget it and go out and have a good time. Todd asks, "Why not?" Amanda snaps that it's because, sooner or later, he's got to face up to his responsibilities. Todd retorts that he doesn't want to face up to any responsibilities; now, is she going to come out and have a good time or not? Amanda snaps, "No thanks." Todd retorts that that's fine - he'll find someone else, then. He walks to the door. As he does so, Amanda calls that there's one thing: that was his mother that he hurt today, and him going out for a good time isn't going to make her feel better. Todd ignores this and just mutters, "See you later." He goes.

Katie and Luke are standing with Beryl and Lynn by the Palmers' front door. Katie smiles and says she and Luke will never see the movie if they don't go now! The two of them walk off and Beryl and Lynn head back inside. In the lounge room, Kevin is sitting on the couch, starting into space. Beryl touches his shoulder and he looks round at her. She tells him that he looks like he could do with a good lie down. Kevin agrees that he thinks he will - he feels a bit tired. He then turns to Lynn and tells her not to forget to ring Andy. He goes. Lynn looks at a shocked Beryl and explains that Kevin wants her to invite Andy for tea tonight. Beryl incredulously says, "You're not going to?" Lynn, though, asks what else she can do - Kevin made a point of saying he wants to meet him. Beryl asks her if she didn't try to talk him out of it. Lynn asks how - Kevin won't let her get through to him at all. Beryl comments that she thought he was starting to relax a bit. Lynn replies that he is with her and Mr. Palmer - but he's still funny with her, and she doesn't think meeting Andy is going to help, either. Beryl grimly says she hopes Kevin isn't going to make trouble for Andy. Lynn agrees, "So do I." She goes to the 'phone.

Todd knocks on the front door of Irene's apartment, looking nervous. Irene opens the door and looks surprised to see him there. He remarks that he expects he's the last guy she expected to see. He then goes on that he's come to apologise; is a guy who's made a fool of himself allowed to say 'sorry'? Irene replies that it depends on how he says it.

A short time later, inside, Irene and Todd are sitting down and Todd is saying that he doesn't drink much, as he can't handle it too well. Irene comments, "So I noticed." Todd says he's sorry about the tablecloth - and he's sorry about the way he behaved; he guesses it was just a case of trying too much. He adds that he hopes they can still get to know each other. Irene says she's not sure if that's really a good idea. Todd suggests that perhaps if he told her a little about himself, it might help. Irene agrees, "Maybe." Todd tells her that, as she knows, he was pretty sick as a kid, which meant he missed a lot of school; it didn't worry him then because he didn't like school very much - but when he had to decide what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, he didn't have a hope in hell - you can't design yachts unless you're pretty good at mathematics, and that, unfortunately, was his worst subject - so when he left school, he had no chance of getting into the career he wanted to, and he had nothing to look forward to. He goes on that he got a few unskilled jobs - most of which he hated - mainly to keep his dad off his back. Irene grimly comments that that sounds like his father. Todd tells her that it kept him happy. He then continues that, anyway, that's when his dad's lady stepped in: she could see what was happening where his dad couldn't, and she persuaded his dad to let him take six months off to try and sort himself out and decide what he really wanted to do - she thought it would be a good idea if he just sloped around a bit and had a good time; the only problem is that sometimes it's too much of a good time. Irene points out that everyone does that every now and then. Todd says he supposes so, but what he's trying to say is that he's not really a no-hoper, but right now, he doesn't want to make any decisions about the future - he's taking each day as it comes; what happens tomorrow, happens - the only thing he seriously wants to do is get to know her. Irene, looking thoughtful, tells him that that's not going to be easy for either of them; she's not sure if the best thing wouldn't be to leave things as they are. Seeing the expression on Todd's face, she adds that she knows what he's thinking, but in the long run, it would save a lot of unhappiness for them both. Todd asks her if she thinks so. Irene says she does. She continues that he should know by now that she's someone who calls a spade a spade; she doesn't like the sort of person he's become. Todd asks, "Even after everything I just said?" Irene explains that, to be quite honest, she's not sure if he's given her a valid reason or a weak excuse. She adds that there's one thing she will say: he surprised her by coming round to apologise. Todd admits that it wasn't easy. Irene says she knows - and in her mind, it's a step in the right direction. Todd asks her if it's not worth trying to take it a step further, then. Irene admits that she supposes one more wouldn't hurt. Todd looks grateful, and he thanks her.

Jill arrives at the Palmers', carrying Fee in her bassinet, and she thanks Lynn for the invite, adding that she wasn't looking forward to spending another night at home by herself. Beryl tells her that it's nothing fancy - just cold meat and salad. Jill assures her that it sounds great to her! She asks how Kevin is, and Lynn replies that he'll be fine - she'll go and tell him that she's there. Jill tells her not to bother him on her account, but Lynn explains that he has to get up now anyway, as Andy will be there soon. She goes. Jill, looking shocked, says to Beryl, "Andy Green?" Beryl admits that, yes, he's coming to dinner too. She asks Jill if she knows about him and Lynn, and Jill explains that she heard. Beryl tells her that she'll understand why she's so nervous about him meeting Kevin - but Kevin insisted, so there was nothing Lynn could do about it. Jill comments that she can see why she was invited now: to help keep the peace! Kevin comes in and Jill gives him a hug. Lynn explains that he's not really himself at the moment - his hearing comes and goes; his ears are ringing now, so he can't hear them. Jill says she's sorry. Beryl suggests that she put Fee down for a while, and so the two of them take the baby off to one of the bedrooms. When they're gone, Lynn says to Kevin that she wonders if they've got enough mixers for drinks. Kevin sits down without answering, and Lynn, realising that she needs to write it down, tells him to hang on. There's suddenly a knock at the door, though, and she goes to get it. Kevin looks round as she leaves the room. It's Andy at the door, and he says a polite, "Evening!" to Lynn. Lynn smiles and replies, "Hi!" Andy goes on that he still doesn't think this is a good idea. Lynn admits that she doesn't, either, but they have to go through with it for Kevin's sake. In the lounge room, Kevin is listening to what is being said, and he hears Andy say that that's fair enough. Lynn says to him that she hopes it's not going to be too difficult for him. They go into the lounge room, and Andy looks shocked to see Kevin sitting there. Lynn, though, tells him not to worry, as Kevin is going through one of his not-able-to-hear periods - it's probably got something to do with knowing he's coming; things like that affect him. Kevin just sits there, staring straight ahead. He suddenly 'notices' Andy, stands up and says, "You must be Andy." The two men shake hands, and Kevin tells Andy that Lynn has told him a lot about him.

Mike goes to sit down in the lounge room at the O'Briens'. As he does so, he remarks that he's pretty impressed with young Luke, the way he tried to help them. He adds that it was probably Luke's way of saying 'thankyou' for what they did for him when he came up from Perth - and Heather would much rather have Katie going to the movies with him than moping around the house thinking of Terry, wouldn't she? Heather, who's knitting, is miles away, and doesn't respond. Mike calls her name and she comes back to Earth. Mike, smiling, asks her how many times she's said she could knit and listen at the same time! There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and he goes to get it. David is standing there, and he announces that he's got some news for them. Mike tells him to come in. Heather stands up. David tells her and Mike that a bloke down at the depot reckons he remembers seeing a kid thumbing a ride along the Great Ocean Road - he was on crutches and had a dog with him; it was probably Jeff. He goes on that the bloke said he saw this kid being picked up in a van by a couple of punks; the only thing is, without a registration number, they haven't got much more to go on. Mike, looking puzzled, asks what Jeff would be doing heading down that way - unless Jim is there. Heather tells him that he isn't - he's up in Queensland; he 'phoned her at work the other day. Looking shocked, Mike asks why. Heather explains that it was just to let her know how he was going. She adds that, anyway, if he knew where Jeff was, he'd tell her. Mike looks back at David and thanks him for his trouble. He offers him a beer, but David says he'd better not as they've got visitors for dinner. Mike thanks him, and David says he's sorry he couldn't be more help. Mike goes to see him out. Heather sits down again, looking worried.

The shed in the garden at the Parker house is in darkness. Tony comes in and tells Jeff that he's sorry he took so long, but he couldn't get his mum away from his Aunty's! Jeff anxiously asks him if he's got the painkillers, but Tony replies that they didn't have any in the house and there aren't any shops open round there on Sundays. Jeff asks what he's going to do, as he took the last one an hour ago, and his leg is really starting to hurt. He bitterly adds that it look like he's in for a rough night. Tony, though, hands him a half-full bottle of scotch and tells him that it might help. He adds that he found it in a cupboard. He goes on that he also managed to sneak out some afternoon tea. He hands some food over, and Jeff exclaims that it's great. Tony tells him that he'll see if he can get out later to see how things are going. Jeff thanks him and Tony goes. Jeff unwraps the food and looks at the bottle of scotch. He feeds some titbits of food to Titus and then opens the scotch and takes a swig. He sighs and then gulps down some more.

In Melbourne, David leads everyone into the kitchen at the Palmers', telling them cheerfully that they can't keep the cook waiting! Beryl asks him to get the wine out for her. He asks if anyone wants a beer instead, and Andy accepts. He lifts Davey into his highchair and asks him where his bib is. Kevin looks on, suspiciously. Lynn points out the bib and Andy picks it up. Beryl says she hopes everyone likes Tomato Soup! Andy sits down next to Davey and looks at him, fondly. Beryl ask Lynn if she can get the serviettes from the lounge room. Lynn heads in there to pick them up. As soon as she's gone, Kevin asks to be excused from the table, and he gets up and follows his wife out, closing the kitchen doors behind him. He says to Lynn, "Looks like I was right." Lynn, looking surprised, says, "What?" Kevin tells her that there's nothing wrong with his hearing at the moment - he just pretended there was, so he could hear what she and Andy said to each other. Looking shocked, Lynn asks, "Why?" Kevin angrily tells her that something had been going on behind his back. Lynn retorts that he's imagining things, but Kevin snaps that no he isn't: he could tell every time they talked on the 'phone - and when he was sent to El Abib and suggested that she stayed there in Australia until he got back to London, he expected her to kick up a fuss - but there wasn't a peep out of her. Lynn points out that that wasn't her idea - they both thought the situation there was dangerous and that it wouldn't be a good place to take Davey. Kevin snaps that it was very convenient, though, wasn't it. Lynn cries that she wanted to come with him. Kevin snaps at her not to lie to him - he's seen enough today to know that he's right. Lynn says she doesn't understand: what has he seen today? - she and Andy have hardly said a thing to each other. Kevin snaps that it's not what she said - it's the way she said it - and the looks they gave each other when they thought he wasn't watching. He angrily adds that even his own kid feels more at home with Andy than with him. Lynn cries that that's not her fault. Kevin goes on that, what's more, Andy doesn't even feel embarrassed about it. Lynn asks him what he's trying to say. Kevin snaps, "You've been on together, haven't you." Lynn, looking shocked, snaps, "No." Kevin snaps back that that's bull. Lynn cries that she swears it's not true. Kevin yells at her to tell him the truth. Lynn cries that she is. Kevin snaps that she must think he's an idiot. He then adds that she's not to worry because Andy's welcome to her. He angrily tells her, "From now on, I don't want anything more to do with you."


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