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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Lynn tells Kevin that he's wrong - he's really, really wrong. Kevin snaps at her to come on: maybe his hearing is wrecked, but there's nothing wrong with his eyes. Lynn pleads with him to give her a chance to explain, but Kevin retorts that he gave her a chance to explain before, when she went to Paris; the next thing he knows, she's running round with dear Philippe. Lynn cries that that's not fair. The kitchen doors suddenly open and David comes out and asks what's going on, adding that they've got visitors there. Lynn tells him that Kevin thinks there's something going on between her and Andy. Kevin snaps that he doesn't 'think' - he knows. Lynn stares at him and then storms off. David says to his son, "Listen--" Kevin, though, retorts that he's not interested; he doesn't want to talk about it. David ignores this. He tells his son that he knows he's going through a rough patch, but making the people around him feel lousy isn't going to help. Kevin angrily asks what he's supposed to say: 'It's alright Lynn, I don't mind you having your little flings behind my back while I'm nearly getting my head shot off?' David points out that he could let her explain. Kevin snaps that she'd really tell him the truth, too. David tells him that she would if he gave her half a chance - but seeing as he won't, he'll tell him, and he's is going to sit down and listen.

In the kitchen, Andy stands up and says he knew it was a mistake to come - he'd better go and talk to Kevin and straighten things out. Beryl, though, tells him to leave it. Andy insists that he should be in there, sticking up for Lynn. Beryl, though, tells him that it'll only make it worse - Kevin isn't himself at the moment; the best person to talk to him is his father. Jill chips in that Beryl is right: it's not going to do Lynn any good to see him and Kevin shouting at each other, is it? Andy reluctantly admits that he supposes not.

In the lounge room, Kevin looks shocked and says he doesn't believe it: Lynn wouldn't want to kill herself. David tells him to believe it - she came very close; she was upset and confused, but when she made the decision to go on living, it was him and Davey that she was thinking of, not herself. Kevin asks why she didn't get in touch with him, then - he could have come home straight away. David explains that, by the time they found out about it, she'd already been through the worst of it, so there was no point getting him all worked up about it. Kevin snaps that he is her husband. David retorts that he wouldn't have thought so by the way he's carrying on. Kevin, a look of realisation on his face, snaps that, of course: she still had Andy to see her through it. David tells him that Lynn and Andy have never been anything more than good friends, and he asks his son why he's so set on thinking something else. He goes on that he can't figure Kevin's attitude: when Andy was in trouble and Lynn came back to help him, he didn't object - Lynn kept saying how understanding he was; what happened to change his mind? Kevin suggests that maybe he's just not so trusting these days. David comments that that's a pity, because Lynn told him that nothing happened between her and Andy and he believes her. He adds that he knows he's the last person to be offering advice on marriage problems, but for what it's worth, he thinks Kevin ought to be giving Lynn a very big apology. Kevin retorts that he can't - everything's changed. David, looking surprised, asks, "What's changed?" Kevin, though, says he can't talk about it. David asks why not. He adds that, if something's happened to change everything, he'd say Lynn deserves to know what it is. Kevin tells him that he doesn't understand. David retorts that he's not letting him. Kevin suddenly stands up and David asks him where he's going. He explains that he wants to be by himself for a while. He heads out into the hallway and picks up his coat. David follows him and tells him that he's not in a state to be going anywhere. Kevin retorts that he needs to think and he can't do it there. David ask how long he'll be, and he adds that, if he wants to go somewhere-- Kevin interrupts him and tells him to just leave him alone - and tell Andy that he'll phone him tomorrow with that apology David reckons he owes him. He heads out and David shuts the door behind him. He then walks back into the kitchen, and Beryl asks what's happening. David mutters, "Don't ask me." Beryl asks where Kevin and Lynn are. David explains that Lynn is in her room, and he suggests that Beryl had better go and see how she is. Beryl asks where Kevin is. David replies that he's gone out. He goes on that he tried to talk sense into him, but he wouldn't listen. Beryl asks him why he didn't try and stop him. David impatiently asks how, adding that Kevin isn't a kid anymore - he can't just pick him up and put him in his room. He then continues that, besides, being by himself might give him a chance to think things out. Beryl asks what he'll do if he loses his hearing again. David says he hopes he's got enough sense to come home if he does. Andy chips in that he'd better be going. He adds that he's sorry about all this. Beryl assures him that it's not his fault. David suggests to Beryl that she'd better go and see Lynn. Beryl replies that she will, but she doesn't understand it: what are these things that Kevin has to think about? David retorts, "You tell me." He adds that something's bothering him, that's for sure - and he's got a feeling that it's a lot more than Andy and Lynn; a lot more.

At the Parkers', the door to the shed opens. Jeff is lying - apparently asleep - on the floor. Tony bends down and asks him if he's awake. He suddenly notices that the bottle of scotch he gave Jeff earlier is lying empty on the floor, and he exclaims, "What?" Jeff suddenly comes round and slurs, "Who's that?" As recognition dawns, he then adds, "Hey, Tone, it's you! Have a drink!" Tony mutters, "Sure..." He then adds that someone got in first. Jeff looks at the bottle and slurs, "Hell..." He then looks at his dog and chides, "Titus...!" Tony snaps at him that he should have his head read. Jeff insists that he only had a little sip. Tony, though, snaps, "Just what I needed: a drunk cripple." Jeff points out that at least his leg stopped hurting - he can't feel it. He then looks down and says he supposes it's still there, isn't it?! Tony assures him that, yeah, it's still there! Jeff slurs that maybe he can get a new one - one that works. Tony tells him that his current leg will come good - he just needs to give it time. Jeff asks why his old man had to stick his bib in; he could have won - he knows he could have; now look at him: useless. Tony tells him not to get himself depressed. Jeff, though, goes on that his old man has been nothing but bad news for him; he was never there when he needed him - it was always his mum: whenever he got in trouble, there she was, ready to bail him out; she's terrific - worth ten of his old man. He continues that he bets she's off her brain with worry - he meant to call her and say he's alright. He asks Tony if he can call her now, but Tony points out, "In your state?" He tells Jeff that he should get some sleep and call his mother in the morning. Jeff slurs, "You reckon?" He then adds that, yeah, he supposes so. He lies down and slurs, "Don't worry, mum - things are alright." Tony looks worried.

In the lounge room at the O'Briens', Mike suggests to Heather that she have an early night. Heather asks what the point is, as she'll only be waiting for the 'phone to ring. Mike promises her that, if there's any news, he'll wake her straight away. Heather admits that he's probably right: she should get some sleep - as soon as she's done the dishes. Mike tells her that he'll do them. He kisses her and she goes to walk off to bed. As she does so, the 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and she rushes to get it. STD pips sound and Heather says, "Hello?" Tony comes on and says, "Mrs. O'Brien?" Heather replies that it is. Tony, who has his hand over his mouth to muffle the sound, tells her that he's just ringing to let her know that Jeff is alright. Heather, looking surprised, cries, "Thank God." She then asks where he is, and who's calling. Tony tells her that he can't say any more - it's up to Jeff if he wants to. Heather asks if he's there as well. Tony replies that he isn't - he's asleep. Heather queries, "At 7:30pm? Are you sure he's alright?" Tony tells her that he's sure. He then adds that he can't talk anymore. Heather cries at him to please not hang up. She asks when Jeff is coming home, but Tony tells her that she'll have to ask Jeff; he'll ring tomorrow. Heather asks him if he can't tell her any more, as they're very worried. Mike suddenly snatches the 'phone from her and snaps down the line that he's Jeff's father. He asks who's calling. Tony immediately hangs up. Heather grabs the 'phone back to see if there's anybody there, and when she realises there isn't, slams it down. She angrily asks Mike why he did that. Mike points out that she wasn't getting anywhere. Heather retorts that she would have if he'd given her a chance. She goes on that whoever it was was obviously a friend of Jeff's, so the last thing he'd want to do is talk to him. Mike, looking surprised, asks, "Why?" Heather snaps that he'd know how Jeff feels about him; Jeff left home to get away from him - he's not going to have his friend telling him where to find him. Realising what she's saying, she quickly adds that she didn't mean that. Mike, though, tells her that she's right: he should have let her handle it; he's sorry. Heather points out that at least they know he's alright. Mike asks her if she recognised the voice. Heather replies that it sounded hollow - as if the guy was trying to disguise it; she thinks she's heard it somewhere before, but she can't place where. Mike tells her to think. Heather retorts that she can't think straight; maybe if she stops trying, it'll come to her.

Lynn is sitting in the living room at the Palmers' when Kevin arrives back home. He comes in and asks what happened to the rest of the reception committee. Lynn explains that Jill and Andy have gone home and Beryl and David are in the kitchen so that they can talk. Kevin retorts that he doesn't want to talk; he's tired. Lynn tells him that they have to clear things up about Andy and her. Kevin replies that it doesn't matter. Lynn asks him incredulously how he can say that when he still thinks something happened between them. Kevin tells her that he doesn't think something happened; not really. Lynn, looking shocked, asks why on Earth he put her through all that before, then? Kevin replies that he guesses he just hasn't been thinking too clearly lately, that's all. Lynn tells him that his father seemed to think there's something he's not telling them, and she's starting to believe he's right. She assures him that whatever it is, she'll understand. Kevin retorts that there's nothing to understand: his dad is imagining things and so is she. Changing the subject, he asks what's on the tele. Lynn cries at him to talk to her. She bitterly goes on that that was a rotten trick that he pulled tonight: they've all been worried sick about his hearing problem and to then use it to try and spy on her and Andy... Kevin snaps that, alright, he's sorry - he is - really. Lynn tells him to tell her what's bothering him, then. Kevin, though, just switches the TV on and sits down in front of it.

In the kitchen, Beryl looks at David, who tells her not to look so worried: Kevin and Lynn will get things sorted out. Beryl grimly says she hopes so - there's not much more she can take. David says, "Come on, Curly." He adds that she needs to cheer up; Kevin's been through a bad time, but he'll snap out of it. He then adds that he is still allowed to call her that, isn't he? Beryl replies that of course he is - she just hasn't heard it for a long time... She tells him that she's glad he's there. Lynn suddenly comes in, looking upset. She cries that it's no good: she can't get through to Kevin - he's in the lounge room watching television. Beryl goes and gives her a hug and tells her not to let it upset her. David looks worried.

The next morning, Beryl, David and Lynn are in the kitchen, and Beryl asks if Kevin is having breakfast or not. Lynn replies that he's just getting dressed. David comments that he couldn't have slept very well, as he was up before he was and was moving round the house. Lynn tells him that Kevin was talking in his sleep a lot. David asks what he said, but Lynn replies that she couldn't make much of it out; it was upsetting him, though, so she had to wake him - she tried to get him to talk about it, but it was a waste of time. David remarks that Kevin his got his hospital appointment this morning, hasn't he? Lynn agrees that that's right. David says he could drive him over there, but he's got to do some local runs. Beryl chips in that she's got to take a group of kids from the Home on an outing, but she can take him over earlier. Lynn, though, assures them both that it's alright - they can get a taxi. Beryl says she supposes it's right that they stick to the usual routine; if they fuss over him, it'll put him more on edge. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Beryl goes to answer it. In the kitchen, David asks Lynn if she's bearing up. Lynn replies that she's OK - it's Kevin she's worried about. Out in the hallway, Beryl answers the door to find a young woman standing there. She tells Beryl that she's looking for Kevin Palmer and asks if is this the right house. Beryl replies that it is, and she asks the woman why she wants to see him. The woman explains that it's sort of personal. She asks if Kevin is there. Beryl tells her that he is, but he's not very well at the moment. The woman insists that it's important, and so Beryl tells her that she'd better come in. She points her to the lounge room and the woman goes in and sits down. Beryl calls to Kevin that there's someone there to see him. Lynn comes out from the kitchen, looking surprised. The woman says she's sorry to turn up so early, but she had an awful night with her parents and Kevin really is the only one who can help. She then realises that she's not making much sense, adding, "Let me explain." Kevin suddenly appears in the doorway and a look of horror crosses his face when he sees the woman sitting there. He says, "Sharon?" Lynn, looking at him in concern, asks what's wrong.

A few moments later, the woman says she's really sorry, but her name's Nikki Holland. She adds that she didn't stop to think how it would affect someone who's only know Sharon. She asks Kevin if Sharon didn't tell him that she had a twin sister. Kevin replies that she did, but she just took him by surprise - she looks exactly like Sharon. Lynn asks who Sharon is. Kevin explains that she was a girl he worked with him in El Abib. Turning back to Nikki, he tells her that he's sorry about what happened. Nikki replies that Sharon talked about him a lot - the first time she 'phoned from the Embassy after the fighting broke out, she mentioned that he was there and that they'd got talking and found out they were both from Melbourne; she said that talking to him made her feel closer to home. She goes on that, the last call they got, when things were getting really bad, Sharon told their mum that she thought she'd have gone mad if he hadn't been there to help her though it. Kevin bitterly points out that he wasn't much help when it really mattered. Nikki assures him that they appreciate what he did - and she's sorry she upset him like this; she should have called and let him know she was coming - but she's just got so much on her mind... the situation at home is hopeless: her mum and dad aren't coping at all. Kevin asks if there's anything he can do to help. Nikki explains that that's what she came to ask about: the body is being flown home, but it's not recognisable, and her mum and dad don't accept that it's Sharon; the funeral's tomorrow and they're refusing to go - they've always been a very close family and they can't face the idea that she's dead. Kevin tells her that he wishes he could say it isn't true, but he saw it happen. Nikki says she knows it's an awful thing to ask after what he's been through, but is there any chance he could come and talk to her parents? - she can't see any other way to make them accept what's happened. Lynn, looking wary, tells Nikki that Kevin isn't well enough to do that. Beryl chips in that he certainly isn't. Kevin, though, snaps that, yes, he is; he'll come with her now. Lynn tells him that he's got a hospital appointment this morning, but Kevin snaps at her to cancel it. Turning back to Nikki, he adds, "Let's go." Lynn cries, "Kevin..." Nikki tells her that she's sorry, but it really is important or she wouldn't have come. She and Kevin head out. As they stand on the doorstep, Nikki asks Kevin if he's alright. Kevin tells her that he just can't get over how much she looks like Sharon. Looking slightly concerned at hearing this, Nikki blandly says her car is just up the street.

Back inside, Beryl asks Lynn if Kevin hasn't mentioned this 'Sharon' to her before. They sit down and Lynn replies that, no, he hasn't. She adds that maybe that's why he hasn't wanted to talk about anything. David suggests that she shouldn't start jumping to conclusions, but Lynn points out that it would certainly explain the way Kevin has been acting. Beryl tells her that so would facing just seeing a friend killed. David chips in that Beryl is right: if you get close to someone in a situation like they were in, then to see them killed in front of you... Lynn cries that if that is what it is, then why is Kevin shutting them out? David tells her that it happens to a lot of people: you know your friends want to help, but you know they can't; it happened to him when Margaret died. He looks at Beryl, suddenly feeling wary. Beryl glances back at him, but just says to Lynn that she's sure Kevin is going through the same thing - but he'll get over it; they just have to be patient. Lynn reluctantly says she supposes so. She then adds that she'd better ring the hospital, and she goes to head to her room. David points out that the 'phone is in there, but Lynn explains that the card with the number on it is in her room. She leaves them. David sits down, and Beryl says to him that she hopes he wasn't embarrassed when he mentioned Margaret just now. David replies, "Not embarrassed, exactly..." Beryl says that's good.

Tony walks into the shed at the Parkers' and tells Jeff that he can't stay as he's late for school. He sits down on the floor and goes on that he's been waiting for his mum to go to work, but she's staying home with 'flu; he can't sneak any food out with her watching, so Jeff will have to go into town and get something himself. Jeff admits that he reckons he could use the fresh air. Tony comments that he didn't think Jeff would be too hungry this morning, after last night - he thought he might be suffering a bit. Jeff agrees that he is. He adds, though, that at least he felt better while it lasted. Tony suddenly blurts out that he 'phoned Jeff's mum. Looking shocked, Jeff exclaims, "What?" Tony goes on that Jeff said he wanted her to know that he's alright. Jeff tells him that he didn't want him to call; his mother will know who it is. Tony, though, assures him that she won't. He puts his hand over his mouth and explains that he talked to her like that to make his voice sound different. Jeff reluctantly admits that he supposes it's alright. Changing the subject, he goes on that he's going to look for a job today. Tony tells him that he doesn't like his chances. Jeff replies that he'll find something - and he'll meet Tony at lunch break. Tony gets up and tells him to wait there while he sees if the coast is clear. He goes to the door while Jeff tells Titus that he's sorry but he's going to have to wait there - but he'll bring him back some food. Tony calls to him to come on, and Jeff gets up on his crutches and hobbles out. Titus lies there, but after a few seconds, he stands up and walks over to where a box of snail bait is lying on the floor. He starts sniffing it...

At the O'Briens', Mike tells Heather that he's off - he's going to the grounds if she needs him. Heather, though, is miles away again, and so he calls to her, "Hey!" She comes back to reality and says she's sorry. She then explains that she was thinking about that call last night. Mike assures her that Jeff will call them when he's ready. Heather, though, asks him if he remembers that boy who was friendly with the Palmers: Tony something. Mike looks thoughtful and then says, "'Parker', wasn't it?" Heather goes on that he and Jeff got to know each other pretty well before Tony moved. Mike asks if that's who it was. Heather replies that there was something about the voice... Mike points out that they only talked to him a couple of times, and he couldn't tell her what Tony sounded like now. Heather tells him that that call last night was STD, and she seems to remember something about the Parkers moving down the coast; it would tie in with what David said about Jeff hitching a ride on the Great Ocean Road. She adds that Beryl will know for sure; she'll ask her. Mike asks her if she's not clutching at straws a bit. Heather asks what else she's got. Mike agrees that that's true, but he adds that it'll be a disappointment if nothing comes of it. Heather asks him how he can be so sure nothing will come of it. Mike replies that he doesn't think she can recognise Tony Parker's voice after all this time - especially over the 'phone; and she said it was disguised. Heather retorts, "Exactly." She then asks why anybody would bother to disguise their voice unless someone might recognise it - and who else does Jeff know down the coast? She tells Mike that she's going to Beryl's, and she asks if he's coming.

Titus is lying down, his eyes closed. The box of snail bait, a couple of feet away, has been chewed...

Lynn opens the door at the Palmers' to find Heather and Mike standing there. Heather asks if Beryl or David are there, but Lynn replies that they aren't: David's on a job and Beryl's doing something with the kids from the Home; she doesn't know what time they'll be back. Heather explains that it's urgent: they need to get in touch with Tony Parker. She asks Lynn if she knows where he moved to, but Lynn tells her that she's sorry but she's got no idea. She adds that she'll tell Beryl to come in and see them as soon as she gets back. Mike asks how Kevin is. Lynn hesitatingly replies that it'll take a little time but he'll be fine. He and Heather go. Lynn shuts the door, looking worried.

Jeff and Tony walk into the shed, Tony carrying a brown paper bag. Jeff says he's not giving up until he finds something. Tony tells him to keep his voice down. Jeff glances down at Titus, lying there not moving, and comments on him being the world's greatest watchdog! Tony, though, asks him whether he'd rather have Titus asleep or barking his head off and getting his mum down there. He then goes on: about this job - if Jeff can't get something in the next couple of days, what's he going to do? Jeff insists that he'll find something. Tony points out that, if he can't, he'll have to admit that he can't get something on his own and go back. Jeff snaps that there's no way - he'd rather be sweeping the streets. Tony smiles and replies that the council has already got someone to do that, and he doesn't think he's about to retire! Jeff takes some food out of the bag that Tony's holding and tells Titus to see what he's got for him. Titus doesn't move, though. Jeff starts rubbing him, and then anxiously asks what the matter is. Tony suddenly cries, "Oh hell." He points out the packet of snail bait lying near by and Jeff cries, "Oh no..." He starts shaking Titus more violently, saying as he does so that that stuff wouldn't kill a dog would it? He then adds that he can't die. Tony tells him to stop shaking the animal, as it's not doing him any good. He adds that Titus looks pretty bad - they'd better get him straight to the vet and hope they're not too late.

Nikki and Kevin arrive back at the Palmers'. Kevin has a quick look round the house and then comments that it doesn't look like there's anyone there. Nikki tells him that she just wanted to apologise to his family again for dragging him away. Kevin, though, assures her that she hasn't dragged him anywhere. Nikki tells him that she certainly appreciated him coming over - it made all the difference to her parents, what he said about Sharon's courage... the way she helped those who were hurt... and that she died without suffering. Kevin, looking upset, explains that he only went upstairs for a minute to call home... and then the shell hit and he ran downstairs and there was nothing - just rubble; he tried to get Sharon out, but-- Nikki tells him that she knows it must have been awful - it's been rough on all of them, but at least her mum and dad can accept it now. Kevin says he's glad to help; he only wishes he could have met them under different circumstances. He then adds that it was nice of them to give him a keepsake to remember Sharon by. Nikki tells him that she saw them give him something, and she asks what it was. Kevin takes out something wrapped in tissue paper and removes the covering. Inside is a little metal case. Nikki looks at it and then tells Kevin that it was one of Sharon's favourite things when they were kids. Kevin opens it and a little tinkly version of Für Elise starts playing. Kevin sits down slowly, listening to it and looking distant. After a few seconds, Nikki asks what the matter is. Kevin tells her that it's the tune: Sharon used to hum it a lot - especially during the bombings, when things were really hairy. He snaps the case shut and then goes on that, the last time he heard it, she was humming it to a little kid - some bomb had gone off and this kid was really frightened. Out in the kitchen, Lynn comes in through the back door, having finished hanging up some washing outside. As she hears Kevin's voice, she stands still and listens. He tells Nikki that Sharon got on really well with kids. He adds that she used to say what she'd do when she had kids of her own; the shell finished all that, though.... He suddenly cries, "God, I loved her..." Lynn looks shocked.


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