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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Kevin tells Nikki that he can't say how much he loved Sharon. Nikki sits down next to him to comfort him as he stares sadly down at the ground. He doesn't notice Lynn come in. Nikki warns, "Kevin..." Kevin tells her that he's OK. He then suddenly looks up and notices Lynn standing there. He immediately gets up and runs out of the room. Nikki tells Lynn that she doesn't know what happened: one minute he was fine and the next, he just went to pieces. Lynn follows Kevin to their room. Kevin is sitting on the bed, but when Lynn comes in, he tells her to go away. Lynn asks if they shouldn't talk. Kevin, though, tells her, "No." He adds, "Just go away - please." Lynn points out that she's supposed to be his wife. Kevin ignores this and snaps again, "Just go." Lynn reluctantly tells him that she'll come back when he's feeling better. She leaves the room.

Out in the hallway, Nikki has answered the front door. Andy is standing there, and she tells him that Lynn is there but she doesn't know if now is the right time to-- Lynn suddenly comes out of the bedroom. Nikki explains to her that she wasn't going to answer it, but-- Andy interrupts and asks Lynn what's going on. They head into the lounge room and Lynn explains that it's Kevin: things are worse than when she 'phoned him the other day. Nikki chips in that she feels it's partly her fault, asking him over to talk to her parents. Lynn points out that it's done now - there's nothing they can do about it. She suggests that maybe it would be best if Nikki took the music box back. Nikki picks the box up and says she's sorry - really. Lynn nods and Nikki goes. Lynn then turns to Andy and tells him that she's glad he's there. Andy puts his arm round her, comfortingly.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda puts a plate laden with food down on the living room table, for lunch. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she goes and answers it at the bar. Todd comes on and asks her when they're going to kiss and make up. Amanda ignores this and asks him how he is. Todd retorts that he's fine, but adds that she didn't answer his question. Amanda says, "So?" Todd tells her not to give him a hard time or she'll be sorry when she reads about it. Amanda asks him, "Read about what?" Todd explains that he means the windsurfer playing chicken with a hydrofoil - because that's what he'll do if she won't say she'll see him again. Amanda, looking bemused, asks if that's a threat or a promise. Todd tells her that he's serious: if he doesn't hear from her in half an hour, she's to make sure she buys an afternoon paper. He hangs up and Amanda looks at her watch. It's 12:50pm. She calmly walks back over to the table and sits down.

A short while later, Amanda wanders into the lounge room, browsing a magazine as she does so. There's a thoughtful look on her face. She sits down and looks at her watch again. It's 1:20pm. She suddenly stands up, goes over to to the 'phone on the bar and dials a number. At the other end, a woman answers and says, "Fisher residence. Good afternoon." Amanda asks to speak to Todd, but the woman says she's afraid he's not there. Amanda asks her if she knows where he is - she's a friend of his. The woman replies that he did mention something about going out to the harbour. Amanda thanks her and hangs up. Beginning to look worried, she picks up her bag and runs out of the apartment. As she opens the door, she finds Todd waiting for her in the corridor! He calmly asks her where she's off to. Amanda, looking shocked, chides, "Todd..." Todd tells her that he's disappointed, really: it took her half an hour to decide that he might have been serious. Amanda ignores this and snaps, "Inside. Now. Before I--" Todd smiles and asks, "Before you what?" Amanda, looking annoyed, snaps, "Nothing." Todd points out that he might be interested. Amanda retorts that she knew he was having her on - she didn't think he was ready to die just yet. Todd grimly replies, "No, not just yet..."

Sometime later, Todd's car pulls into the driveway at the Fisher house. He gets out and heads inside. As he does so, the 'phone rings and he answers it in the lounge room. Irene comes on and he comments that there's a coincidence as he was just going to ring her and see if he can treat her to dinner tonight! Irene explains that she was just going to ask him the same thing! Todd points out that he got in first. He adds that it's his way of saying sorry for the other day. Irene smiles and tells him that he's talked her into it. She asks where they're going, but Todd tells her that she's coming there - his call. Irene suggests that it seems a lot of trouble to go to, and so Todd asks her if she doesn't trust his cooking! Irene explains that, to tell him the truth, she doesn't think she'd be quite comfortable in the house that was her old stamping ground. Todd remarks that he thought she was the type who could handle anything. Irene smiles and replies, "Did you?!" Todd assures her that she'll be alright. Irene backs down and comments, "In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess." She asks what time she should get there, and Todd tells her to make it about 6:30pm. Irene replies that she'll see him then. Todd says, "Bye," and hangs up. As he does so, an immaculately-dressed woman comes into the room. Todd looks surprised to see her, and he exclaims, "Karen! What are you doing here?" Karen replies that she thought she heard his voice. She goes on that he looks marvellous - the break has obviously done him some good. Todd tells her that he thought she and his dad would be in Europe for months yet. Karen explains that they had to cut their holiday short: his father's in America - some lecture tour popped up that was too lucrative to turn down. Todd asks if they didn't pay for her to go as well. Karen replies that he knows how stuffy some of these Americans are - if she was was married to his father, fine, but as she's not... ; anyway, she's glad to be home - she's sick of living out of suitcases! Todd asks her how long his dad will be in America for. Karen replies that she's not sure, but if the lectures go well, they may add another couple to the schedule. She pours herself a drink. As she does so, Todd says you'd think they'd know for certain. Looking surprised, Karen asks why. Todd replies that it's too bad if he wanted do throw a 'Welcome Home' party for him. Karen assures him that, when his father gets back, they'll all go out together somewhere. She then adds that she's brought him back a present: a new set of skis! She goes on that it's too late for this season, but he can always use them next year. Todd smiles awkwardly and replies, "Yeah..."

Lynn and Andy are sitting in the front garden at the Palmers'. Lynn comments that Kevin has been in his room for ages, and she asks if she should go back in. Andy tells her that it's up to her. Lynn suggests that it might be best to leave it. Andy asks her if he can ask her something. She replies, "Sure." Andy goes on that, when the two of them realised how they felt about each other, did she ever stop caring about Kevin? Lynn quietly replies, "No." Andy asks her how she knows Kevin has stopped caring about her, then. Lynn cries that he hates her touching him; he won't even talk to her. Andy tells her that that doesn't mean he doesn't care - the guy's feeling guilty as hell, and that's probably why he's acting the way he is, not because he doesn't care. Lynn smiles gratefully but tells him that he's only trying to buck her up. Andy retorts that he's just trying to make her see that things aren't necessarily as they look. The front door suddenly bangs and they look round to see Kevin coming out. He asks Lynn if she's been getting some sun. Lynn replies that she has. She then asks him how he's feeling, and he tells her that he's OK. Andy says he'd better be pushing off, but Kevin tells him to stay. He goes on that Andy has been a good friend to Lynn, and there's nothing he's going to say that Andy can't hear. Andy looks at Lynn. Kevin tells her that it's only fair that she hears the whole truth, but for the time being, it's something he can't talk about - except for the fact that he did care a lot for Sharon. He goes on that he's sorry Lynn found out the way she did and he's going to ring Nikki too, and apologise for bringing it up in front of her. He tells Lynn that she's just going to have to be patient for a while. He heads back inside. Lynn looks at Andy.

Inside, Kevin dials a number and the 'phone at the other end rings. Nikki answers and Kevin asks her if she has a couple of minutes. She says she has, and so Kevin goes on that he just wanted to apologise for going to pieces in front of her this afternoon. Nikki assures him that it's OK. Kevin tells her that, no, it wasn't - it was the last thing he wanted to happen. He then asks her if he can see her again. Nikki asks what the point would be. Kevin explains that there are still a lot of things he wants to talk about - even if only for an hour. He asks her if she could come over. Nikki comments, "With your wife there?" Kevin explains that she'll be out this afternoon - and it's important. Nikki gives in and asks if around 5pm is OK. Kevin tells her that he'll be waiting for her. They hang up.

There's a dog collar lying on the ground. Tony is holding a shovel, and has just finished filling in a hole in the ground. He picks up the collar and suddenly notices Jeff standing behind him. He reminds Jeff that he told him that it would be better to stay away. Jeff explain that he wanted to say 'goodbye'. Tony shows him the collar and tells him that he thought he might like it. He goes to hand it over, but as he does so, he suddenly notices that Jeff is taking a bottle of scotch out of his jacket pocket. He asks him where he got that. Jeff retorts that he bought it. Tony tells him that he doesn't need it. Jeff, though, takes a swig and then retorts, "I think I do". Looking worried, Tony asks him what he's going to do now. Jeff retorts that he doesn't care - running away seems useless, so he might as well go home.

Kevin is standing by the front gate at the Palmers' when Nikki arrives. She asks him where Lynn went and he explains that she and her mum took Davey out to see an Aunt. He then tells her that it was good of her to come over. Nikki replies that she wasn't too keen at first; when everything happened, she just wanted to get out and let his wife handle it. Kevin explains that Lynn and he are having problems. He asks Nikki if she'd like to go for a walk, and she tells him, "Alright." They start walking along the pavement slowly, and as they do so, Kevin says he thinks that being stuck in El Abib by himself had a lot to do with him being so attracted to Sharon; he just feels like he should explain exactly what happened. Nikki again says, "Alright." Kevin goes on that they didn't really start getting serious until they hid out at the Embassy - the fact that they could have been killed at any moment brought matters to a head. He goes on that he thought he was coping with the fact that she was killed, but then he heard that damn music and it brought it all back. He tells Nikki that he's sorry if he scared her, the way he carried on. He adds that he likes her and doesn't want her getting the wrong idea about him. Nikki, looking worried, tells him that she's not Sharon. Kevin assures her that he knows that. Nikki asks him if he shouldn't be saying all these things to his wife. Kevin replies that he can't talk to Lynn - but he can talk to her. He asks if that's asking too much, but Nikki tells him it isn't. Kevin asks what the problem is, then, adding that he thought he was doing her a good turn by her talking to her parents this morning. Nikki tells him that he was, and she's very grateful. Kevin assures her that all he wants is for her to be his friend. Nikki smiles at him and tells him, "Alright, I'll be your friend." Kevin walks off ahead of her, leaving her looking worried.

Jeff and Tony walk up to the front door at the O'Briens'. Tony tells Jeff that he'll come in with him if he likes, and explain to the oldies where he's been. Jeff, though, replies that there's no point dragging him into it. He adds that if Tony wants to wait for a while until the explosion's over, he can come in then. Tony says, "OK!" Jeff gingerly opens the front door and heads inside. He shuts the door quietly behind him, takes the bottle of scotch out of his jacket pocket, takes a swig and puts the bottle back again. He then calls out, "Anyone home?" Katie is sitting at the living room table, working on her computer, and she calls back, in shock, "Jeff? Are you OK?" He hobbles in using his crutches and Katie immediately asks him where he's been. He replies that he's been to Lorne - he's been staying with Tony Parker. He asks where their mum and dad are. Katie tells him that they're out looking for him: they've gone to Lorne - they tracked him down at Tony's place! Jeff remarks that he have passed them on the road! Katie walks round to face him and snaps at him that their parents have been been worried sick. Jeff retorts that he hasn't exactly been having a good time himself. Katie, catching his breath as he talks, suddenly says, "Have you--?" She breaks off, though, and Jeff asks, "What?" Katie says it's nothing. She then asks him what made him decide to come home. He retorts that he couldn't think of a good enough reason to stay away any more. Looking disgusted with him, Katie says she thinks she'll go and say 'hello' to Titus - she bets at least he's glad to be home. Jeff bluntly retorts, "Titus is dead." He adds that he ate some snail bait, and by the time they got him to the vet, he was too far gone. Katie, looking shocked, remarks that he doesn't sound too upset about it. Jeff tells her that there's no reason to make a song and dance - he's gone and that's all there is to it. He then goes on that he'd better tell Tony he can come in. Katie looks shocked.

Amanda is at the Fisher residence with Todd, but she tells him that she still doesn't believe he can cook! Todd enigmatically replies that she'll have to wait and see! Amanda asks what they're having: something out of a box, add water and simmer for fifteen minutes?! In reply, Todd tells that they're having Home-made Pâté for the entrée, Apricot Chicken for the main course and Strawberry and Liqueur Pancakes for dessert. Amanda, looking surprised, exclaims, "You're kidding!" and she asks him where he learnt to cook like that. Todd explains that they always had a pretty good housekeeper; when he was young, his dad wasn't always around to talk to him, so he used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen: watching... learning... Amanda tells him that she's impressed. Todd tells her to wait until she's tasted it - she'll be even more impressed! Karen suddenly comes into the room and tells Amanda that Todd's right: he's quite a dab hand at culinary art. She then introduces herself as Karen Fox. Amanda introduces herself and tells Karen that it's nice to meet her. She adds that Todd told her all about her. Karen smiles and replies that, believe half of it and it's probably somewhere near the truth! She then goes on that she's actually been hearing about Amanda too - she's the one who's brightened Todd up. Looking surprised, Amanda asks her if that's what Todd told her. Karen replies that he didn't, but she can see what's happened; it's nice to have her around. Amanda smiles and says, "Thankyou!"

In her apartment at the boarding house, Irene sighs and checks her outfit. She then feels her collar and apparently decides that she should wear something else. She heads to her bedroom.

In the living room at the Fishers', Todd points out to Amanda where the place mats and the cutlery are, and she starts laying the table. As she does so, she asks him how his father met Karen. Todd replies that he can't remember - he was only 16-or-so; something to do with business, he thinks. He adds that Karen is very independent - sometimes she needs to go off by herself and dad accepts that. Amanda asks Todd if his father has never asked Karen to marry him. Todd replies that he has, but she's not interested - she used to be married, but her husband died; now she's just happy living with dad and running her business too. He adds that she does alright - she's worth quite a bit, he gathers! He heads back to the kitchen and Karen comes out from there. She comments to Amanda that Todd is really out to impress tonight - she can't get over the change in him; he was so miserable he didn't seem to know where he was going. Amanda replies that, as much as she'd like to, she can't really claim any responsibility for the change: ever since she's known Todd, he's been living life in the fast lane. Karen tells her that she's right, actually: it probably has something to do with a suggestion she made: she could see how down he was, so she managed to talk his father into giving him a loan so that he could take six months off to sort himself out; she doesn't know if he has done that, but he's certainly a darn sight happier. Amanda suggests that maybe that's got something to do with getting to know Irene better. A look of shock crosses Karen's face, and she queries, "Irene?" Amanda explains that she's his mother. She asks Karen if she knows about her. Karen, recovering her composure, replies that, oh yes, of course... well, only as much as she's been told. Amanda tells her that it's amazing when you think about it: they hadn't seen each other for 17 years and then they suddenly discover they want to be friends. Karen grimly comments, "Isn't it..."

Kevin and Nikki walk back up the road towards the Palmer house. Kevin asks Nikki if she doesn't mind him calling her. Nikki points out that she told him it would be alright. Kevin then says it'll be dark soon, so will she be OK getting home? Nikki assures him that she can get a cab round the corner. They pass the Hardy house, and as they do so, Lynn is comes out through the gate. Nikki says, "Hello." Lynn just says, "Nikki," and walks off. Nikki tells Kevin that she'll see him, then. Kevin thanks her again and they go their separate ways.

Amanda and Karen are preparing the serviettes at the Fishers', and as they do so, Amanda tells Karen that Irene is the down-to-earth type - although she can be loads of fun. She adds that she's sure Karen is going to like her. Karen grimly agrees that she's sure she will... She then reminds Amanda that she said Irene runs a boarding house in Portland Street. Amanda agrees, "Mmm." Karen comments that it's funny: she's been down there a lot and never noticed a boarding house; what number is it? Amanda replies that it's number 35. Karen smiles and says she's still none-the-wiser! Changing the subject, Amanda says she wonders how Todd is going in the kitchen. Karen replies that he'd not doing too badly, judging by the smells! Todd comes in back in and Karen declares that here he is: the master himself! Todd smiles and says he's glad she recognises him! Karen then announces that she has to go out for a while, as she's got some business to attend to. Todd says she will be back for dinner, won't she? Karen points out that she'd never live it down if she kept him waiting! She goes, and Amanda comments to Todd that she's a nice lady. Todd replies that she can be alright when she wants to be - but it doesn't pay to get on the wrong side of her...

Lynn is standing in the lounge room at the Palmer house, apparently psyching herself up. She sighs heavily. The front door then bangs and Kevin comes in. He asks Lynn if Davey is with her mum. Lynn doesn't answer this, though, instead saying they're going to have to talk. Kevin retorts, "Not now--" Lynn, though, snaps, "Yes, now." She goes on that she's sick to death of the way he's carrying on - she's tried to be patient, but she can't take any more of his damned excuses. She snaps that he can talk to his mother and father and he can go behind her back and talk to Nikki, who he hadn't even met before today, so why not her? Kevin replies that he just can't. Lynn snaps that that's not an answer. She goes on that she's his wife; she loves him; please - can't he just talk to her? Kevin replies that he feels so terrible about it - it would be easier if she and Andy had had an affair. Lynn tells him that she's not angry about what happened between him and Sharon; OK, he had an affair, but she had an affair with Philippe; they both made mistakes - can't they just leave it at that and start again? Kevin walks over to her and gives her a hug. Lynn gratefully hugs him back, but looks worried.

Irene comes out of her bedroom, having changed her outfit, and picks up her bag. She's about to head out when there's suddenly a knock at the door. She looks at her watch in annoyance and goes to answer it. Karen is standing there, and she says she's looking for Irene Fisher. Irene tells her that that's her, and she asks what she can do for her. Karen replies, "Give me five minutes." Irene says that, if she wants to rent a room-- Karen, though, interrupts her and tells her that it's about Todd. She asks if she can come in. Irene civilly indicates to her to enter, and she closes the door. Karen stands in the middle of the lounge room and says to Irene that she understands she's having dinner with Todd tonight. Irene replies that that's right. Karen tells her that it might he better if she didn't; she's sure Fisher-- She breaks off and adds that Irene probably called him 'Nat', but she prefers 'Fisher'. She then continues that she's sure he would take a dim view of the fact that Irene has been seeing Todd while he's overseas. Irene asks Karen who the hell she is, and how come she knows so much about her private life. Karen says she's sorry - she should have introduced herself. She does just that and adds that she's been living with Fisher for four years. Irene grimly remarks that she looks like Nat's type. She quickly adds, "Sorry: Fisher's type." Karen ignores this and goes on that she won't stay, but Irene will have to call Todd and say she can't make it. Irene snaps, "The hell I can't." She angrily goes on that nobody is keeping her away from her son, and if Karen tries, she promises she'll come off second best. Karen threatens that she wouldn't be too sure of that. Irene retorts that she would. She asks Karen why she wants her to stay away from Todd. Karen tells her that she just thinks he'd be better off without her. Irene retorts that she's sorry to disappoint her, but she's going to be around for as long as Todd wants her. She then asks Karen to excuse her, as she has a dinner party to go to. She adds that she'd offer Karen a lift, but she can't imagine what they'd find to talk about. Karen smiles nastily and warns Irene that she's fighting a losing battle if she thinks she's going to get anywhere with Todd. Irene snaps that she thinks she should make one thing very clear: when she fights a battle, she wins, and nobody is keeping her away from her son - least of all a tarted-up girlfriend of her ex-husband. She then angrily asks, "Can I show you the door?"


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