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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

As he lies there, Todd suddenly laughs. He then tells Wayne that that might make sense to him, but he doesn't owe him a thing. Wayne snaps at him that it would have served him right if he'd left him there. Todd grimly retorts that he might have done him a favour. He gets to his feet and tells Wayne to get lost, adding that he's wet and cold and has had as much of Wayne as he can take. Wayne, though, growls that he'll leave when he's ready. Todd bemusedly asks if they're going to start fighting again. Wayne ignores this and just growls that Amanda needs her head read, going round with a joker like Todd. Todd retorts, "Bit of a step down from the model husband, eh?" Wayne snaps that at least he wants to be around her: Todd will get what he wants and then move onto the next one; Amanda will probably be lumbered with his kid, more fool her. Looking surprised, Todd comments that Wayne is jumping the gun a bit, isn't he? - Amanda and he love each other, but having a kid is the last thing on their minds. He then adds that he's freezing to death, so he'll see Wayne later - if he's unlucky. Wayne smiles nastily and tells Todd that he thinks he and Amanda should compare notes: she wants a baby - she told him; she's keen as mustard, too. As Todd's face drops, Wayne goes on that he didn't think he'd be too pleased, so he should back off. He walks off, leaving Todd looking bemused.

A while later, Todd is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, wearing his dressing gown, and he tells Amanda that he thinks he's starting to unthaw! Amanda snaps that she could kill Wayne. Todd, smiling, asks her if she can believe that it's the first fight he's ever had; when it started, all he could think of was 'how the hell do I do it?!' He then adds that at least he can say he had one fight in his life! Amanda, though, tells him that she wishes he wouldn't say things like that. Todd replies that if he can't joke about it, who can? Amanda gives up, and she takes his wet clothes out to put them in the washing machine. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Todd answers it to find Irene standing there. Looking at him in his dressing gown, she immediately looks worried and she asks him if he's having a bad day. Todd explains that he's just got a few problems - but it's not what she's thinking. Amanda calls out to ask who it is, and Irene calls back that it's just her - a social call. She then asks Todd what the problem is. Todd asks if she knows that Amanda wants to have a baby. Irene replies that she's not surprised. She asks if it worries him, and Todd tells her that of course it does - he might peg out and leave her with a kid to raise on her own. Irene asks him if he's thought about it from Amanda's side: she loves him, and, although she doesn't suppose the girl has thought it through properly, she'd say she wants to be left with something of him when he's gone. She adds that she knows it makes Todd concerned for her, but she'd never have to look after it on her own. She suggests to him that he make the decision with Amanda. Todd says he'll think about it.

At the Fisher house, Wayne is sitting at the table, wearing a red dressing gown, and Jill laughs as she hands him some papers. Wayne asks what's up, and Jill tells him that the dressing gown may suit Mr. Fisher but not him! Wayne comments that at least it will keep him warn until his clothes are dry. Changing the subject, Jill says that maybe it's none of her business, but is he sure he knows what she's doing with Karen? Wayne tells her that she's right: it is none of her business. Jill, though, persists, and she asks what happens when he's had enough of her. Wayne replies that they'll become just business partners. Jill asks what he'll do if that doesn't suit her. She adds that Karen is rapt in him. Wayne assures her that it's all just a physical thing - they both know that. Jill, though, tells him that she's seen the way Karen looks at him; the way she is when Amanda is mentioned: she gets jealous: he's a good-looking guy who's 15 years younger than she is, and they work well together; that's a good combination to a woman like her. Wayne retorts that Karen loves Nat Fisher - he's just a fling on the side. Jill tells him that it may have started that way, but if he drops out now, Karen will put the screws on. Mrs. Atkins suddenly comes in and tells Wayne that his clothes are dry. Wayne smiles in relief at the interruption. As he goes to walk out of the room to get changed, he tells Jill that it suits him for now; they should just leave it at that.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda gives Todd a kiss and tells him that she'll see him at about 6pm. Todd explains that he might be a bit late, as he wants to make up the lost time. He goes. Irene sits down on the couch, takes out her knitting and tells Amanda that she's itching to get on with Todd's jumper - although she's not sure about the colour now. Amanda assures her that the pink is fine! She then goes on that she doesn't mean to seem rude, but there's something she has to do. Irene says she's sorry - she'll be off. Amanda assures her that she can stay; she won't be long. Irene asks her where she's going. Amanda replies that she's going to see Wayne - it's time he kept out of her life for good, and she's going to make sure he does.

There's a knock on the front door at Toorak, and Luke, who's just walking down the hallway, answers it. Charlie is standing on the step, and she asks Luke who he is. Luke introduces himself and then comments that she must be Mrs. Bartlett. Charlie agrees that that's her! Luke tells her that Patricia said she'd be coming, and he's to tell her that she can have her usual bedroom; Patricia should be back soon. Charlie says she hopes she won't be too long. Luke apologises for leaving her, explaining that he has to rush. Charlie, putting on a pout, tells him that she hates being left alone... Luke replies that David is upstairs, and he asks Charlie if she knows him. Charlie smiles broadly and replies that of course she does - she'll ferret him out! Luke tells her that it was nice meeting her, and Charlie replies, "Likewise, I'm sure!" Luke goes and Charlie calls upstairs for David. Mike suddenly comes down the hallway from the study, calling for Luke. Charlie tells him that he just missed him. She then introduces herself, and Mike does the same. Charlie says to him that she doesn't suppose he's in the mood for a little drinkie? Mike tells her that he's sorry, but he has to catch Luke before he drives off. He heads outside. David suddenly comes downstairs, and he asks Charlie how she is. Charlie tells him that she's wonderful - can't he tell?! She then adds that she's going to have a drink with him, and she won't take 'no' for an answer. She heads into the lounge room. David stands in the hallway and sighs, a look of resignation on his face!

At the Fisher house, Amanda snaps at Wayne that she doesn't even know how he's got the hide to butt-in; he's going out with a woman old enough to be his mum and he's telling her what to do. Wayne warns her to keep her voice down, but this just causes Amanda to snap even more loudly that she doesn't care. She then yells, "Whoever's there, he's a creep!" Wayne snaps at her to stop it - she's acting like a spoilt brat. Amanda snaps back at him that it was a joke him thinking that she'd take him back after what he did. Wayne angrily tells her not to bring that up again, but Amanda asks why not; if he doesn't keep out of the way, she might start telling people about it: what would Karen think if she knew her little Wayne-y was a rapist? Wayne snaps at her that if she wants him to butt-out, he will - she's just not to expect any sympathy from him when she mucks things up. Amanda retorts that she doesn't need it - not even when Todd's gone, because she'll have his baby. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her what she means by 'when Todd's gone'. Amanda, looking annoyed at herself, quickly replies that she was just carrying on. Wayne snaps that that's rubbish; where's Todd going? Amanda tells him to just forget it - it's none of his business anyway. She storms off, leaving Wayne looking thoughtful.

Back at the Morrell apartment, Amanda is sitting with Irene on the couch, and she tells her that she felt like biting her tongue off. Irene assures her that, at most, Wayne will just think Todd is going overseas or something. Amanda, though, growls that he'll put two and two together; she's sure he will. Irene points out that he doesn't have any proof; they'll just deny it. Amanda, looking worried, says that if she let the cat out of the bag, Todd will never forgive her.

Wayne is down at the beach, and he approaches Todd. Todd angrily asks him what he wants now. Wayne replies that he wants to say sorry; Amanda came to see him and she told him why she was so keen on having his baby. Todd, looking surprised, exclaims, "She told you?" Wayne explains that she wanted him to understand. Todd snaps that she had no right. Wayne retorts that he can see now why-- Todd, though, interrupts him and snaps at him to keep his sympathy; they don't like each other, so they should keep it at that. Wayne goes on that, if he understood more-- Todd interrupts and asks what else is there to understand? - he's dying; it's a pretty simple fact. Wayne looks shocked as Todd goes on that Amanda shouldn't have told anyone. He then pleads with him that he mustn't tell Karen or she'll get onto his dad. He begs with Wayne to promise him that he won't tell Karen. Wayne tells him to calm down, and he then asks him why he wants to keep it from her. Todd retorts that he just does. He asks Wayne if he won't say anything. A look of realisation crosses Wayne's face, and he says to Todd that his dad doesn't know about it, does he?; there's no way he'd be overseas if he did. Todd angrily threatens Wayne that if he tells-- Wayne interrupts him and asks him what sort of creep he thinks he is; he just came to say sorry. He then suggests that Todd come over to the house after work and they can have a proper talk. Todd insists that there's nothing to talk about. Wayne, though, says he thinks he ought to know what Todd has said to Karen and his dad so that he doesn't put his foot in it. Todd retorts that he'll think about it. Wayne tells him that he'll see him at 6pm. He adds that he thinks it's important.

Back at the Fisher house, Wayne is sitting on the couch, looking thoughtful. Jill comes into the room and asks him if he's read the papers he's holding. Wayne, though, replies that he's been thinking. Jill hands him some more papers. Wayne then says to her that they all take it for granted her having Fee, but is it hard bringing her up by herself? Looking surprised at the question, Jill replies that it isn't easy. Wayne tells her that she's pretty tough - a lot of other girls wouldn't do as well as her. Jill asks him what's worrying him, but Wayne replies that it's nothing. He thanks her for the papers and asks her to make sure she gets the other typing done. He then adds that Karen has got Nat Fisher's address in America somewhere, and he asks her if she can find it, as he thinks he's going to need it. Jill looks puzzled.

Patricia is at Roger Carlyle's apartment in Melbourne. Roger hands her a file and tells her that that one is a definite 'yes' - they accept; the other one is a 'no'. Patricia retorts that she still thinks they should go with the second one - Karen Fox will be very keen and she thinks they should get in first. Roger curtly asks how many times he has to say 'no'. Patricia retorts that she appreciates that he's had a little more experience than she has, but that doesn't give him the right to talk to her like she's the office junior; they're partners, remember? Roger, raising his eyebrows, comments that this is a different tone from the other day. Patricia asks him what he means. Roger reminds her that he was being treated like the saviour from the west. Patricia retorts that he wasn't being so pigheaded then. She goes on that every deal they go after, Karen Fox is going to try to undercut - he's not to forget that. Roger tells her that he won't; he had dinner with Karen last night, as a matter of fact - it was was very interesting. Patricia asks him why he didn't tell her. Roger tells her that she's there to talk about the deals - and he didn't think it was relevant, anyway. Patricia snaps that anything to do with that woman is relevant: Karen is trying to ruin her. She asks what happened. Roger replies that they should just say that he gave her food for thought; she'll still give them trouble, but not quite so much. Patricia insists that she wants to know the details, but Roger tells her that none of his partners hear the details, just the results. Patricia retorts that he's saying 'so be a good little girl and make me some more money.' Roger tells her, "Us - make us - some more money. Exactly." Patricia picks up her handbag and storms off, leaving Roger looking thoughtful.

Charlie is sitting on the settee in the lounge room at Toorak while David mixes her another drink. He says to her that he'll tell her what: she can drink her martini and he'll take her bag upstairs; he's got a few things to do anyway. Charlie, looking worried, replies that she's sorry for keeping him chatting; she'll go and talk to that delightful Mike O'Brien. David warns her that he doesn't think Mike will like to be interrupted, but Charlie smiles and says, "All work and no play..." She then tells David that they never got to talk about him and Beryl breaking up; tonight, she wants to hear all about it. David tells her that she's making a pest of herself! At that moment, Patricia arrives back home, and Charlie walks out into the hallway and exclaims, "There she is!" Patricia tells her that it's good to see her, and she gives her a hug. Charlie tells her that she's missed her. David says he'll let them catch up, and he heads upstairs. The two women head back into the lounge room, and Charlie comments to Patricia, "Fancy you turning into a businesswoman!" Patricia, though, explains that she's had a rotten day. Charlie assures her that it's nothing that a good gossip won't fix up, but Patricia glumly says she wishes it was that simple: this one is going to take some very careful planning...

At the Fisher house, Wayne is sitting in the living room with a typewriter in front of him. A sheet of paper is loaded, and he's typed the words 'Dear Dr. Fisher'. Jill suddenly comes into the room and he looks round at her. Seeing him sitting at the typewriter, Jill tells him that she can do that for him, but he retorts that it's personal. He asks her if she hasn't got something else she can do, and Jill agrees that she has. Karen suddenly comes in, and Wayne immediately rips the sheet of paper out of the typewriter. A young man follows Karen in, and she tells Wayne and Jill that she'd like them to meet Brett Coleman. She introduces the two of them and Wayne shakes Brett's hand. Karen explains that they can't stay long as they're going for a drive along the Northern Beaches, but she wanted them to meet him as she's thinking of taking him on; there are a lot of Wayne's duties that he could easily take over. Looking shocked, Wayne asks her what she means. Karen tells him that she's started to feel that he's spending too much time there; she'd rather have him out in the field - Brett will be able to liaise between them. Brett chips in that that's if he gets the job. He adds that, from what Karen has been saying, it sounds quite interesting. Wayne agrees, "It has its moments..." Turning to Brett, Karen tells him that she won't take up any more of his time; this was only meant as an introduction. She asks him if he's ready, and he smiles and replies, "Whenever you are." Karen then tells Wayne to make sure everything is done when she gets back so that she can look at it straight away, as she and Brett are off to dinner at 7pm. Looking annoyed, Wayne asks her if he can have a quick word. Karen tells him that it will have to be a quick one. Brett and Jill leave the room, and Wayne asks Karen what's going on. Karen retorts that she thought she explained very clearly. Wayne tells her that they don't need another employee - unless she's not happy with the way he's handling things - and he can't see pretty-boy doing much better. Karen smiles at him and replies, "But then you're not a woman, are you?" She goes to walk out, but Wayne calls after her to ask if they're talking business or bedroom. Karen tells him, "Perhaps a little bit of both..." She goes and Jill comes back in. Wayne instantly asks her what brought that on. Jill explains that it's the oldest trick in the book: she's making him jealous. Wayne retorts that Karen is too professional for that, but Jill tells him that, when you're a woman in love, you don't give two hoots for being professional - even a woman like Karen. She then reminds him that she did warn him...

Irene is sitting at the living room table with Amanda at the Morrell apartment, and she asks her if she can give her a hand with the dishes. Amanda, though, says she think she can manage to stack the dishwasher! Todd suddenly comes in and Amanda, looking surprised, asks him what he's doing home. She then notices the expression on his face and asks what's wrong. Todd curtly retorts that he's leaving - and she can thank her big mouth for it. Amanda looks shocked.

Patricia walks into the study at Toorak. Mike is sitting behind the desk, and he asks her if she saw her friend Charlie. Patricia smiles and says she's just had her ear bashed! She adds that Charlie is a sweetie, but she can talk! Changing the subject, Mike hands her a file and tells her that there's the contract, if she wants to look at it. Patricia takes it. She then says to him that she ran into an old contact today and she was telling her some very interesting things about Luke - well, more about his father, actually; 'Roger', isn't it? Mike replies that that's right. Patricia comments that he sounds like quite a tyrant. Mike retorts that he can think of a few choicer words for some of the things he's been up to. Patricia says, "Such as?" Mike replies that it's not business stuff, actually - it's more personal: Heather was his housekeeper for a year; that bloke is a mongrel. Patricia looks thoughtful.

A few moments later, Patricia is walking down the hallway towards the front door when Charlie stops her and tells her that she's got some photos of Jean-Paul. Patricia, though, tells her, "Not now." She then adds that she may have the answer to her problem, and she heads out.

Todd and Amanda are sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, cuddling. Amanda suggests to him that he'd better call Irene, as she was pretty worried when she left. Todd tells her that he should have known she would never say anything; what an idiot he was, letting Wayne con him. Amanda retorts that Wayne is an expert. Todd says he can't understand how she ever fell for him. Amanda, looking distant, replies that he was different then; no - not different... she just supposed she could stop him from doing all the bad things. Todd says he wishes she still could; he bets Wayne has told Karen already. Amanda, though, tells him that Karen would have come over there by now if he had. She then suggests that maybe Wayne is waiting. Todd asks, "What for?" Amanda replies, "To talk to you." Todd says he can't see why - not if he wants to cause trouble. Amanda suggests to him that perhaps he should go over there now and get it over and done with. Looking thoughtful, Todd says, "Yes..." Amanda asks him what he'll do if Wayne did tell Karen. Todd replies that he doesn't know; he really doesn't. He then asks her if she knows why he got so cross. Amanda shakes her head. Todd explains that it's because he loves her so much; the thought that she would deliberately say something made him think she didn't understand him at all; it made him feel pretty lousy. Amanda assures him that she'd never do anything to hurt him - not deliberately. Todd says he knows, and they kiss. He then comments that she really wants a baby, doesn't she. Amanda replies that it means everything to her. Todd tells her that, if that's what she wants, he wants it too. They hug, and Amanda smiles broadly.

At the Fisher house, Wayne packs the typewriter away and starts heading out of the room to put it back on Jill's desk. Todd suddenly comes into the room, though, and Wayne remarks that he's early. Todd explains that he couldn't concentrate at work. Wayne puts the typewriter back down on the table, looking down at an envelope lying there as he does so. It's addressed to 'Dr. Nathan Fisher, West-Hollywood Plaza Hotel, 1012 Shoreham Drive, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A 90069'. He puts the typewriter next to it and then tells Todd that Jill is out the back, so they can talk. Todd retorts that he knows Wayne conned the truth out of him - he went and saw Amanda. Wayne tells him that it doesn't make that much difference. Todd asks him if he's told Karen. Wayne replies that he hasn't. Todd asks why. Wayne explains that he thought about it and decided to handle it in a different way. He goes on that, believe it or not, he feels sorry for him - it's a lousy thing to happen to anyone. Todd snaps, "Bull." Wayne, though, insists that he means it. He then adds, though, that someone has to protect Amanda: one of her problems is that she's a sucker for a lost cause. Todd says, "Like you?" Wayne admits that he guesses so: when she took up with him, he was a real down-and-outer - but at least he could offer her a future; what can Todd give her? - a few months and a baby that she'll be lumbered with after he's gone; it may be romantic to her now, but after it happens...? He tells Todd that he doesn't know why he wants to keep his father out of it, but the only way he's going to do it is by leaving Amanda - otherwise, he'll send this letter. He picks up the envelope. He adds that Amanda will thank him in the long run. Todd, looking angry, tells him that Amanda hates his guts - she'll never thank him for a thing. He then goes on that he made himself a promise on the way over there: he decided that whatever deal Wayne put to him, the answer would be 'no'; he wants to die respecting himself, not knowing that he knuckled under to a creep like him; whatever happens, he'll manage somehow. Wayne tells him that he's bluffing. He adds that it's all in the letter: he's told Nat that his son is dying and that he'd better get back. Todd retorts that Wayne might be kidding himself that he's doing it for Amanda, but the real reason is that he can't handle the fact that she wants his baby and she didn't want Wayne's. He tells Wayne that he can do what he likes with the letter, and he walks out. Wayne stands there, looking annoyed. After a few seconds, he screws up the letter and drops it in the bin. He doesn't notice that it misses the bin and falls on the floor. He then picks up the typewriter and heads out.

Later that evening, Karen arrives back at the Fisher house and calls for Wayne and Jill, but there's no answer. After a few seconds, though, Jill comes in and asks Karen if she had a nice drive. Karen replies that it was very pleasant. She asks if the papers are ready, and Jill replies that they're on the table. Karen walks over to it, asking as she does so where Wayne is. Jill replies that he's been pretty uptight all afternoon, and he left early. Karen suddenly notices an crumpled letter, addressed to Nat in America, resting against the vase in the middle of the table, and she asks what it is. Jill explains that she found it on the floor; she thinks it's Wayne's. Karen starts opening the envelope. Jill tells her that she doesn't think she should, but Karen snaps at her that it's none of her business. She starts reading the letter inside and then mutters, "My God..." Jill asks what's wrong. Karen just replies in shock, "He's lying..."

Roger opens the door to his apartment to find Patricia standing there. She hands him a file and tells him to read it, adding that she thinks he'll be fascinated. She goes on that she's just spent the last few hours with Heather O'Brien; it makes very interesting reading, really - especially the bit about the 16-year-old girl who tried to commit suicide because of him. She continues that it's amazing the little bits of information that housekeepers pick up - but he's not to blame Heather: she thought they were just having a casual chat about how terrible Luke's father was. She then tells Roger that he can keep the file - it's a copy. She walks in, sits down and goes on, "Unless you'd like the other copies to start circulating, I suggest we get something straight: I may have your advice; I may have your backing - but I'm the power in this company, so I think it would be a very good idea if you went back to Perth and let me get on with it. Don't you?" Roger glares at her. Patricia smiles back at him!


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