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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

After thinking for a few moments, Roger says, "Alright." Patricia asks, "Alright what?" Roger replies that, alright, she wins. He starts pouring himself a drink, saying as he does so that it's probably best if he's back in Perth anyway, as there's less chance of Luke and Mike O'Brien catching on that he's involved before he wants them to. Patricia tells him that he can rationalise and pretend all he likes; Perth sounds good to her. Roger asks her if she's quite confident that she can handle Karen - now that he's softened her up. Patricia assures him that she sees no problems there - she'll come out on top sooner or later, with or without him. Roger asks her if she realises that, when he gets back to Perth, he'll have more to do than sit around in an office all day; if she wants his advice on anything, he'd be hard to locate. Suddenly looking annoyed, Patricia snaps that his advice is part of their agreement. Roger politely replies that of course it is - and he's only too happy to give it - but she can't expect him to sit on the 'phone all day; if she has any questions, she can leave them with his staff and he'll get back to her - eventually. Patricia asks him if he expects her to hold off on making major decisions until he gets around to returning her call. Roger retorts that it's either that or make them herself. Patricia snaps that, alright, she will; contrary to what he seems to think, she's not a complete incompetent. Roger says, "No?" Patricia tells him that she'll show him; he's going to get the surprise of his life. She storms out.

At the Fisher house, Karen looks annoyed. She rifles through the letters lying on the table and then picks up again the letter that Wayne typed. Jill comes in and announces that she's going now, but Karen viciously snaps at her that she's not - not until she's corrected the three spelling and punctuation mistakes in the letters she typed. Jill, looking incredulous, retorts that she's not going to make herself later for dinner than she is already just because whatever was in Wayne's letter put Karen in a rotten mood; she'll do them when she comes back. Karen snaps at her to do them now or don't bother coming back. Jill snaps back that, considering the number of letters and the time she had go do them, she doesn't think three mistakes is too bad. She then goes on that Karen knows how much she needs this job, and if she keeps it, it will be because she does it well, not because she let Karen walk all over her. She storms off. Karen looks at the letter in her hand and then picks up her bag and goes out.

A short time later, Jill is at Irene's, sitting feeding Fee. She says to Irene that she thinks Karen sees it as part of her job: muggins has to be there to take out her frustration on. Irene comments that Karen's frustrated, is she? - she takes it Jill means in the business sense? Jill replies, "In the other way too, I think!" Irene retorts that surely Jill isn't saying that Karen has found somebody that she can't wrap around her little finger? Jill tells her, "Yeah, Wayne." When Irene doesn't respond, Jill tells her that she could at least look a bit surprised - she was. Irene, though, tells her that not much about that woman surprises her. She then adds that she thinks Jill is wrong about what's upsetting her - she doesn't take her flings that seriously; and what about that other bloke that was there this afternoon? Jill replies that he was only there to make Wayne jealous. Irene tells her that the only thing that upsets Karen is business; men friends are just a side issue. Jill says she thinks it's different this time. Irene, though, tells her to wait until she's got to know Karen: she'll see a lot of men come and go; Nat tolerates it on the understanding that all the involvements are strictly casual. Jill comments that he wouldn't be too happy if he saw how Karen is about Wayne, because if he's the jealous type, he's got a lot to be jealous about.

Karen is standing in the lounge room at Dural, smoking. Andy is there with her, and he tells her that Wayne shouldn't be too long - he probably just stopped off for a drink. He then adds that he has to go soon, as he's got a job on tonight. Karen assures him that he doesn't have to wait on her account. At that moment, Wayne comes into the house. As he heads into the lounge room, Karen immediately snaps at him that he's probably the lowest, sickest excuse for a human being that she's ever met. Andy makes a quick escape! Wayne, looking bemused, replies that it's nice to see her, too! Karen ignores this and goes on that she's been accused of doing some pretty ruthless things in her time, but she'd never pull a trick as vicious as that. Wayne tells her that he's not following. Karen snaps that he knows exactly what she's talking about, but Wayne assures her that he hasn't got a clue. Karen asks him if he really thought tricking Fisher into coming back would get him off whatever emotional hook he thought she was holding him on. Wayne says, "What?" Karen goes on that it's just as well that she brought Brett to the house this afternoon; presumably that's what made him call off his sick little plan? Wayne stares at her and tells her that she's just fused her circuits. Karen suddenly lashes out and slaps him round the face. Wayne immediately slaps her back. There's silence all of a sudden, while Karen slowly sits down, her hand to her face. She then says to Wayne that if he was so determined to bring Nat back, surely he could have thought of some other way? - what he put in that letter was totally despicable. Wayne queries, "Letter?" Karen takes it out and tells him that it's got his signature on it. Wayne, realisation dawning, sits down. He then tells her that he did write it, but not for the reason she thinks. Karen, suddenly looking shocked, replies that it's lies - and if it's true, why didn't he mail it? Wayne explains that Todd doesn't want his father to know; when it came down to it... Karen cries, "God... it can't be true... please...." She tells Wayne that, if it's a trick, she forgives him." She adds, "Tell me." Wayne just looks down.

A few moments later, Wayne explains that he wrote the letter to try to make Todd stop seeing Amanda; he told him that he'd send it to his father, but Todd called his bluff; he thought he threw the letter in the waste bin. Karen asks him if he really feels that strongly about Amanda that, to get her back, he'd try to blackmail someone who's dying. Wayne explains that he doesn't love her anymore - he's just being a bit dog-in-the-manger, he supposes. He tells Karen that he's sorry she found the letter; he thinks a lot of her - she's the last person he'd want to hurt. Karen asks why people have to play games. She adds that she's just as bad, turning up at the house with Brett, just trying to prove to Wayne that she doesn't need him - but she does - more than ever now. Wayne assures her that he's there. Karen tells him that Todd was like a kid brother; she can't believe it...; it just... "Oh hell." She then goes on that she can see why Todd didn't want her to know - everybody else thinks she's so damned efficient and unfeeling. Wayne muses that he wonders what gave them that idea! Karen ignores this and continues that Todd was the one who always saw through her. Wayne asks her what she'll do. Karen replies that she doesn't know - but one thing's for sure: she'd better get used to the idea or she'll never be able to cope. Wayne assures her that she'll be alright - coping is what she does best.

Later that night, Todd - wearing his dressing gown - opens the door at the Morrell apartment to find Karen standing there. Seeing the expression on her face, he asks her what's wrong. Karen tells him that she's got to talk to him. Todd asks if something has happened to his dad. Karen, though, shakes her head and tells him that he knows what it is. She then bursts into his tears and falls into his arms. She sobs that she's sorry - she swore she wasn't going to cry. Amanda comes out of the bedroom, but Todd shakes his head at her and she goes. Karen asks him if there's anything she can do, but Todd just shakes his head again. Karen goes on that Wayne said he doesn't want Fisher to know. Todd agrees, "No," as he realises that it was Wayne who told her. Karen insists that his father has to know, but Todd retorts that he'll tell him when it's too late to interfere. Karen cries that they can get him the best hospitals and the best treatment. Todd retorts that that's what he means. Karen snaps that Nat has a right to know; he has to. Todd, though, asks her to please not tell him; it's the last thing he'll ever ask her. Karen cries that that's not fair. Todd, though, asks if what is happening to him is fair; he just wants to be left alone to get what he can out of the time he has left; he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life locked in a hospital room, and that's what his dad would do to him. He asks Karen to promise him. Karen replies that if that's what he wants... They hug, and Todd thanks her.

Back at the Fisher house, Karen walks slowly into the lounge room to find Wayne sitting there. He tells her that he thought she might need some company. He asks her if she saw Todd, and she nods. She then tells him that he didn't have to come there. Wayne assures her that he's there because he wants to be. Karen takes his hand and asks him if he'll stay, as she doesn't want to be by herself - not tonight. Wayne tells her, "I'll stay." He puts his arms round her.

The next morning, at the Morrell apartment, Todd is packing his work things into a bag when Amanda comes out of the bedroom and points out that he hasn't had breakfast yet. Todd explains that he's late for work. Amanda asks him if he's alright. Todd replies that he's worn out after that heavy stuff last night. Amanda tells him that she's going to see Wayne this morning and take him apart for letting them down like that. Todd, though, tells her that it's done, and he reminds her what happened the last time she had a run-in with him: that's how he found out about him in the first place; it's best to just stay away from him and get on with their lives. Suddenly spotting some brochures lying on the coffee table, he picks them up and asks what they're for. Amanda explains that she's been planning a surprise holiday - she 'phoned the agency while he was in the shower and made a tentative booking for the weekend. Todd smiles and says, "Oh yeah?" Amanda goes on that it's a little island up near the Barrier Reef; going by the brochure, it's paradise - and there are other islands nearby, and you can windsurf from one to the other. She tells him that she wants them to have the kind of holiday they can remember for-- She breaks off before continuing, more sadly, "...forever." Todd assures her that he thinks it's a fantastic idea; at least they'll be away from people who think they know what's best for him. They kiss and he goes.

Jill walks into the living room at the Fisher house, where Karen and Wayne are working, and tells Karen that she has the mail - which includes a letter for Todd from America. Wayne instantly looks at Karen and tells her that it's nothing to get worked up over. Jill asks Karen what she'd like her to do. Karen snaps at her to get the files from the study, adding, "Do I have to make every decision for you?" Jill goes. Wayne warns Karen to take it easy, but Karen retorts that she can't think straight: Todd's dying and she's just sitting there. Wayne points out that there's nothing she can do, but Karen cries that she won't accept that; there has to be some way she can help him.

Patricia is on the 'phone in the study at the Toorak, and she angrily asks the woman at the other end what she means when she says he's not there; this is urgent. The woman replies that she's sorry, but Mr. Carlyle didn't arrive back from Melbourne until late last night, and he hasn't come in yet; perhaps she can have him call her when he does? Patricia, though, snaps that that isn't necessary - she'll call back. She hangs up. Mike comes in and asks her if she's still reading the file. Patricia retorts that she is. Mike warns her that he'll need an answer fairly soon, but Patricia snaps that he'll get an answer when she's ready; there's too much at stake to make a snap decision. Mike points out that she has had the file for a couple of hours. Patricia snaps, "So?" Mike tells her that if they don't move quickly, they could lose out altogether. Patricia snaps that she doesn't see why she has to make all the decisions round there, anyway - she's paying him a fortune as company manager, so maybe he should start earning it and show a bit of initiative. Mike points out that the last time he showed a little initiative, she jumped down his throat; she'd better make up her mind what she wants from him, because he's getting sick and tired of not knowing - or maybe she doesn't want him around at all? Patricia retorts that she wouldn't have hired him otherwise - she's just on edge at the moment; he'll have a decision as quickly as she can.

A short time later, Patricia walks into the lounge room. David is sitting on the settee, and noticing her expression, he asks if something's wrong. Patricia replies that it's just a small business hassle; well - a fairly large business hassle. She explains that she's just had a bit of a run-in with Mike. David asks what the fairly large hassle is. Patricia tells him that she thinks she's bitten off more than she can chew with this business. David points out that she's bound to have a few low spots when she's starting something from scratch; it's nothing she can't handle - he reckons she could put it all together with one hand behind her back! Unnoticed by either of them, Charlie has suddenly appeared in the doorway, and she smiles as she listens to the conversation. Patricia tells David that he hasn't quite convinced her, but he's made her feel better. Charlie steps out into the hallway, still listening as Patricia tells David that it's good having him around. David replies that it's good being around. Patricia smiles and says that if she's going to keep him thinking like that, she'd better get him some lunch! David points out to her that there she goes: what other woman could run a business and a home at the same time?! Patricia gets up and walks out of the room. Charlie quickly makes as if she's just coming downstairs, and she remarks that Patricia looks like the cat that swallowed the cream. She asks if something nice has happened, and Patricia explains that she's just been reminded what a wonderful friend David is. Charlie smiles and says, "Darling... from what I can see, it's a lot more than friendship between David and you, whether you realise it or not." Patricia smiles and says, "Oh, get out!" Charlie goes, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful.

Karen is at the Morrell apartment with Amanda, and she tells her that she has to help her: Todd has to be talked into getting treatment. Amanda, though, replies that she couldn't make him change his mind even if she wanted to. She adds that Todd is right: maybe he could gain a bit more time by going into hospital, but what sort of time would it be?; she'd feel the same if she was him. Karen asks her how she'd feel if he died the day before they found a cure. Amanda replies that she'd feel pretty bad - but she'd feel even worse if she talked him into giving up the last weeks of his life and they didn't find a cure. She tells Karen that she's sorry - she loves Todd as much as she does, and she'd give anything to keep him, but she has to go with what he wants, and Karen would do the same if she really cared about him. Karen insists that she wants to help him; someone has to. Amanda says she's sorry: she can help in any other way. Karen picks up her bag and tells Amanda that, if she changes her mind, she knows where she can find her. Amanda, though, assures her that she won't change her mind. Karen goes.

Karen returns to the Fisher house, and as she joins Wayne, she snaps that Amanda is a fool. Wayne points out that he did tell her that she wouldn't go along with it. He then suggests that she put it out of her mind for a while, but she retorts that it's Todd's life they're talking about; the best doctors in the country... the best equipment... all are his for the asking and he wants to turn his back on them. Wayne tells her that, in the interests of getting her co-operation again, he did have a thought while she was out, but she won't like it. Karen says, "Try me." Wayne goes on that there's one person who has more chance than anyone of talking him around: his mother. Karen snaps, "No." Wayne comments that that's fair enough. Karen asks him why Todd would listen to Irene more than he'd listen to her; he's only known her a few months. Wayne replies that he obviously thinks a lot of her and he gets the feeling that he'd listen to her. Karen tells him that it's out of the question - she wouldn't ask Irene Fisher for a favour if her life depended on it.

Mike walks into the study at Toorak, but when he sees Patricia sitting there, he says he'll come back. Patricia, though, stops him and says she was just thinking about something Charlie said - she comes out with the most extraordinary ideas sometimes! She then realises that Mike wants his decision on the Nicholson tender, and she tells him to just give her a minute to make a 'phone call. Mike, though, announces that he's already landed it. Patricia, looking surprised, says, "What?" Mike reminds her that she said to use his initiative, so he did - and he got the contract! Patricia smiles broadly and says that's fantastic. She congratulates him, and Mike says he hopes he did the right thing for a change. Patricia tells him that of course he did, and she asks how many times she has to apologise. She then adds that she's got some more good news for him: she's decided to lease a company car - it's about time he started to drive around in something a little more in line with his Executive status. Looking wary, Mike suggests they hold off the perks until they're both happy that he's proved himself, but Patricia assures him that he just has. She adds that the car arrives this afternoon. She then hands him a file and says it's the Wilson account: she was thinking of going for it but she'd like him to have a look and see what he thinks. Mike tells her that he's pretty flat out this afternoon; he'll take it home and look at it tonight. Patricia replies that that's alright, but it's for his eyes only; if they decide to move, she doesn't want anybody knowing their estimates.

Charlie is sitting next to David in the lounge room, and she says that she can't tell him how relieved she was when she heard that he'd moved in with Patricia after poor Margaret passed away; whatever problems the two of them have had over the years, there's a bond between them that's just... She then smiles and adds, "You know what I mean." Patricia walks into the room and immediately asks why it is that, whenever she lets Charlie out of her sight, her ears start tingling! Charlie tells her not to be silly! She then suggests that they could all go out to dinner tonight to celebrate David's decree nisi coming through; he's a free man again. David, though, says he thinks he'll have a quiet night at home. Charlie insists that she won't hear of it - the two of them are going to be her guests. David looks at Pat and tells her that he'll go if she wants to; right now, though, he's going to work on his truck. He gets up and goes. Patricia warns, "Charlie, stop it." Charlie makes a face at her, and so she goes on that she's serious: David might be free on paper but he needs time to get used to it. Charlie stands up and replies that she knows what Patricia is worrying about. Patricia retorts that she's not worrying about anything. Charlie, though, goes on that she's worried she'll frighten him off. She adds that Patricia can rely on her to be subtle. Patricia, looking incredulous, says "Charlie, you're unbelievable!" Charlie smiles and replies, "One does one's best!"

At the Fisher house, Wayne offers Karen another coffee, but Karen tells him that she's alright. She starts pacing the room and then goes and sits down. Wayne says he supposes they should get back to work. He takes some papers out of his briefcase and tells Karen that he was flicking through them last night and he thinks they should go for them; they're a bit risky, but you don't get anywhere without taking a few risks. Karen is miles away, though, and she says, "Sorry?" Wayne repeats that you don't get anywhere without taking a few risks. Karen listens and then tells him that she's decided he's right: if she wants to help Todd, she has to swallow her pride; she doesn't have any other choice.

Irene opens the door to her apartment at the boarding house to find Karen standing there. Before she can say anything, Karen tells her that she doesn't like this any more than she does, but there's something she has to talk about - it's about Todd. Irene assures her that she's listening. Karen walks into the apartment, turns to face Irene and tells her that there's no way to soften it: Todd is dying and he's got it into his head that he won't accept any treatment; she wants Irene's help to make him see how stupid that is. Irene closes the door and retorts that he's not a kid anymore - he knows what he wants. Realisation dawns, and Karen exclaims that Irene knew. Irene admits, "Yes." Karen goes on that Irene hasn't done anything to see he gets treatment. Irene retorts that they talked and they agreed that it's his decision. Karen snaps at her that she's his mother; doesn't she care what happens to him? Irene snaps back that of course she cares - but the least they can do is respect his right to spend whatever time he has left the way he wants to. Karen, looking frustrated, snaps that there's only one thing left to do - it means breaking her word to Todd, but there's no alternative: she'll have to call his father; the moment he knows, he'll come home and put a stop to Todd's nonsense. Irene warns Karen that she should give that idea a lot more thought. Karen, though, snaps that she's given it as much as she needs. Irene tells her that if Nat comes back, he'll put a stop to more than one kind of nonsense. Karen stares at her, and Irene asks her what he'll think about her and Wayne. Karen retorts that she and Fisher have an understanding. Irene tells her that, from what she hears, that covers short-term flings only; there's no way Nat would tolerate Wayne if he found out there was anything remotely serious - and she'd make sure he did find out. Karen glares at her. Irene tells her that decisions are never quite as simple as you'd like them to be - and she had better give this one a lot of thought...


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