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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At Irene's apartment, Katie thanks Irene for the meal. Irene assures her that she's always welcome there. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Irene asks Katie if she's expecting anyone. Katie replies that she isn't. Irene answers the door to find Wayne standing there, and she bluntly asks him what he wants. Wayne replies that he'd like to speak to Katie, if she's in. Irene invites him in. Katie joins them and tells Wayne that she was going to ring him tomorrow. Wayne explains that he thought he'd see if she was free for dinner - he can welcome her to Sydney. Irene curtly tells him that they've just eaten. Katie tells him that he could stay for a chat, though; they could toast a couple of sandwiches. Wayne replies that he'd better not - he doesn't want to put Irene out. He then adds, though, that if Katie really feels like a chat, they could go out. Katie looks at Irene and asks her if she minds if she goes. Irene assures her that it doesn't worry her. Katie tells her that she'll see her, then, and she thanks her again for dinner. She and Wayne then head out, leaving Irene looking thoughtful.

A while later, Wayne and Katie are sitting in a coffee shop, and as a waitress serves them with cups of coffee, Katie excitedly says she didn't realise the Bridge was so big. Wayne smiles and tells her that everything's big in Sydney. He then goes on that she was saying things are a bit hectic in Melbourne... Katie replies that that's putting it mildly: she feels really rotten coming up there in some ways, but her mum and dad's arguing was really getting to her, and it's not as if she could have helped Jeff... A flicker of guilt crosses Wayne's face before he tells her that she's certainly looking a lot brighter than when he last saw her. He asks her if she's done something to her hair, but she replies that she's only washed it - although she was thinking of lightening it a shade, as she wants to make it more sophisticated; more 'Sydney'. Wayne smiles and says, "Look out, Sydney!"

Beryl and Heather are sitting at the living room table at the O'Briens'. Heather hands Jeff a cup of coffee and asks him to take it to his father, in the bedroom. She adds that he'll probably want a biscuit to go with it; they're in the kitchen. Jeff goes. Heather pours Beryl a cup of coffee and tells her that she would offer her a port to go with it, but they're all doing without at the moment. Beryl assures her that she understands. She then thanks Heather for having her over for dinner, explaining that it's quiet at home with Fiona having gone back to Sydney. Heather asks her whether Leanne doesn't keep her on her toes. Beryl replies that she hardly sees her - the girl spends most of her time with friends from work. Heather says, "Good for her." In the kitchen, Jeff takes out some biscuits and puts the tin back on top of the 'fridge. He then looks round, nervously, before reaching down by the side of the fridge and taking out his bottle of scotch from where it's hidden. He unscrews the bottle and takes a gulp, hearing Heather and Beryl laughing loudly in the living room as he does so. He then puts the bottle back, picks up the cup of coffee and the biscuits and goes to walk out. He suddenly pauses, though, and goes and takes a chocolate mint out of a box on the worktop. He then heads out.

At the dinner table at Dural, Mitch tells Gordon, Barbara, Fiona and Amanda that the first thing he has to do is line up a job. Amanda asks him what sort of work he wants, and he replies that he'll do anything, really - he can't be choosy in his position. Fiona, looking surprised, reminds him that he's a trained mechanic. Mitch, though, growls that a lot of good it'll do him: a grease monkey with a diploma from Her Majesty's Prison. Fiona assures him that Terry tells her that he's a very good mechanic; he won't get any knockbacks when he tells people that he's willing to work for them. Mitch, though, asks what happens when people see his record - she can't tell him that that won't make a difference. Gordon chips in that if he passes muster with Terry, that's OK by them. Amanda tells Mitch to drop in and say hello if he's job hunting near her place. Looking delighted at the invitation, Mitch says he will. Barbara stands up and starts clearing the table. Amanda asks her if she needs a hand. Mitch quickly interjects and says, "Let me," but Barbara immediately asks him what he's doing. He replies that he's pulling his weight. Barbara tells him that guests of hers don't work. Mitch ignores this, though, and, holding a pile of dishes, asks where the sink is. Barbara replies that it's a dishwasher - and it's in the kitchen! The two of them walk off. When they've gone, Fiona comments that he's certainly trying. Amanda adds that he's eager to get work, too. Gordon says he hopes someone does give him a chance.

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Heather opens the 'fridge door, but hears a rattling sound as she does so. She asks what that was, but Jeff, suddenly looking nervous, asks what what was. Heather replies, "That noise." Jeff says he didn't hear anything. Heather, reaching around the 'fridge, tells him that it sounded like something-- She breaks off as she retrieves the bottle from its hiding place. She glares at Jeff, but he tells her that it isn't what she thinks. Heather ignores this and asks him who gave him the money. Jeff insists that he'd forgotten it was there; it's old - honestly, he hasn't touched a drop in weeks. Looking worried, Heather asks if that's the truth. Jeff retorts that of course it is. He then takes the bottle and adds that he'll prove it to her. He unscrews the cap and then pours the scotch down the sink. Heather asks him if there are any other bottles hidden round the house. Jeff just says, "No." Heather accepts this and tells him that she's sorry she jumped to conclusions. She then takes the bottle and adds that she'd better throw it away. She heads outside, leaving Jeff looking annoyed.

It's early the next morning, and David has pulled his truck up by the side of a country road. Patricia is sitting by a small fire, a jacket wrapped around her shoulders to keep her warm. David asks her if she's tired, but she tells him that she had a couple of hours' sleep just before Albury. David tells her that they should be in Sydney at about 10am. Patricia asks if they're in any hurry. David, looking bemused, replies that he thought she wanted to get there as soon as possible. Patricia explains that she's enjoying it now that it's light. She then goes on that she hasn't driven from Melbourne to Sydney since they hitched a ride when she was pregnant with the twins. David exclaims, "You're kidding!" Patricia continues that it was twenty-odd years ago; she'd forgotten how lovely the country was - you never see much from a 'plane. David smiles and comments that they must have been mad to hitch 600 miles. Patricia replies that, no, they were young and in love. She smiles back at him, happily.

Irene is packing some beers into the 'fridge in her kitchen, and Fiona asks her if she's planning a big day. Irene smiles and explains that she's just laying down a few cold ones for David. Fiona remarks that she's looking forward to having him there, isn't she. Irene replies that she always enjoys visitors, but nobody can brighten her day up like old CB. Changing the subject, she asks if Mitch wants a lift to the station. Fiona, though, replies that he's gone already. Irene says she hopes he's lucky with a job. Katie comes in and says she'll be off. Fiona asks her where she's going in such a hurry, and she replies that she's meeting Wayne. Suddenly looking shocked, Fiona says, "Not Morrell?" Katie explains that he's the guy who's giving her the contacts in the computer industry; he's nice, too. She adds that she'll see them later and she goes, leaving a worried-looking Fiona calling after her, "Wait a minute--"

There's a knock on the door at the Morrell apartment. Amanda comes out of her bedroom, wearing her dressing gown, and opens it to find Mitch standing there. She exclaims, "Mitch! What a surprise!" She invites him in, and he says he hopes he didn't wake her. Amanda explains that she was just being a lazy bones. Mitch then takes some slightly squashed flowers out from behind his back and tells her that he brought them for her - although they're a bit kicked around as he dropped them on the way! Amanda assures him that they're lovely. Mitch explains that they're for last night: she was good to him and he wants to say thanks. Amanda tells him to stay for coffee. Mitch goes and sits down and Amanda closes the door.

Katie walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, and as she does so, Wayne tells her that he's lined up two interviews so far. Katie says she hopes it didn't take too much time. Wayne assures her that it was no trouble. Jill comes into the room and tells Wayne that she has some documents for him to sign; the taxi will be there soon. Wayne takes the papers and starts signing them. As he does so, Jill goes on that she thinks they should invest in a courier, as it's costing them a fortune using taxis all the time. Wayne tells her that, OK, he'll see if Gordy knows anyone who might like to take it on. A car horn suddenly hoots outside, and Wayne says that will be the taxi now. He heads outside with the documents, leaving Katie and Jill alone, both looking rather awkward. After a few seconds, Katie tells Jill that she's glad Jill went to see Terry; she never did say 'thankyou'. Jill replies that she supposes Katie knows that Terry asked her to marry him? Katie replies that she can't say it didn't hurt; if Jill is going to-- Jill quickly interrupts and assures her that she's not going to marry him. Katie asks why. Jill explains that she couldn't: it's all very well for them to say they both love Fee, but it's hardly enough to keep a marriage together; she respects Terry, but she could never marry him. Seeing the expression on Katie's face, Jill says she thought she'd be pleased - she knows how Katie feels about him. Katie, though, asks what the point is when he doesn't feel the same way - but she's getting over it; coming to Sydney was a good move. Wayne comes back in and asks her if she's ready to go. She smiles and says, "Yeah." Wayne tells her to get her bag and he'll give her a lift to her first appointment. Katie exclaims, "Wow! My own chauffeur!" They go.

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda tells Mitch that he shouldn't have spent his money on her. Mitch, though replies that he couldn't think of anyone else to spend it on. Amanda points out that there's Fiona - she's putting a roof over his head. Mitch, though, says he reckons she's only helping him because Terry asked her to; Amanda doesn't owe him a thing, but she's still been nice to him. Changing the subject, he says he'd better get moving to the job shop. Amanda tells him to give her a call to let her know how he gets on. Mitch replies that she's on; he'll be seeing her. They shake hands and Mitch goes. After she's closed the door, Amanda walks over to the 'phone and dials a number. At Dural, Gordon is sitting in the lounge room, reading, when the 'phone starts ringing. He gets up and answers it at the bar, and Amanda comes on and tells him that it's her. Sounding delighted, Gordon asks her what he can do for her. Amanda explains that she's been thinking about Mitch: he's a nice guy and she thinks he deserves a break; she was wondering whether Gordon could find him a job in the company. Gordon tells her that he's been thinking over the same question, but he's afraid there aren't any openings at the moment; he'll let her know, though, if anything comes up. Amanda says she'll keep her fingers crossed. They say 'bye' and hang up. There's suddenly a knock on the front door at Dural, and Gordon walks out into the hallway to answer it. He looks shocked when he finds Patricia and David standing there. Patricia asks him if he's not going to invite them in. She adds that they've driven all the way up in David's truck; she's dying for a drink. Gordon says, "Of course," and he points them to the lounge room. As the three of them head in there, Patricia asks where Barbara is. Gordon replies that she's at the golf club - she works there part-time. He walks to the bar and goes on that he doesn't imagine she's there to discuss Barbara. Patricia admits, "No..." She then explains that she wants to discuss their ridiculous business feud. Quickly changing tack, she asks David if he wants a beer, and David says he will if there's a spare one. Patricia asks Gordon if he's got two beers, and Gordon, looking down behind the bar, says he has. He then goes on that Patricia knows Karen is away for a few days, doesn't she? Patricia replies that she didn't, but it suits her. Gordon says that, if they're going to discuss business... Patricia tells him that they'll manage - and she came to see him, rather than Karen. Gordon says that, alright, she wants to discuss their company war? Patricia tells him that she knows she's partly responsible for starting it, but she thinks it's silly to continue it - if they give each other some elbow room, they can both make good profits. Gordon assures her that she doesn't need to tell him that. Patricia explains that she needs someone to tell Karen; if he can convince her that she's sincere, she'll probably be reasonable. Gordon retorts that if she's sincere, he's sure Karen will be reasonable. Patricia takes her drink and says "Here's to better and friendlier times, then."

A while later, Irene is cleaning the steps at the front of the boarding house when she suddenly hears a voice saying, "Now I know what you get up to when I'm not around!" Irene looks round and a smile of delight crosses her face as she finds David standing there. She gets up and hugs him, telling him as she does so that she expected him ages ago. David explains that they stopped off at Gordon's for a while. He then introduces Patricia and, her face falling, Irene tells her that it's nice to meet her. David asks her if she has room for one more, and Irene replies that of course she does. David then asks her how she's been - has she heard from Todd? Irene replies, "Not yet." Changing the subject, she tells him that Fiona is in her flat, going through some accounts - she'll fix him and Patricia up with a cup of tea and she'll see them in a few minutes. She walks off with her bucket. Patricia, looking worried, says to David that if Fiona is in there, she-- David interrupts her and tells her that she's not backing out: it's up to her to show Fiona how much she's changed. They head inside.

A short time later, Fiona carries a jug of coffee into the lounge room in Irene's apartment and offers Patricia another slice of cake. Patricia declines, though, saying she'd better leave some for Irene. David comments that Irene is taking a long time, and Fiona smiles awkwardly as she says she's probably decided to do the back stairs as well; sometimes work is more preferable to pleasure - depending on the company... She glares at Patricia. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Fiona answers it. As she does so, David looks at Patricia and makes a zipping motion across his mouth, with his hand! On the 'phone, Fiona says, "She is." She then turns to Patricia and tells her that it's for her. Patricia asks who it is, but Fiona replies that she didn't recognise the voice. Patricia takes the call and after a couple of seconds, says, "Mike? Hang on... what happened?" Fiona and David head into the kitchen, and David impatiently asks Fiona why he doesn't give Pat a chance. Fiona retorts that she gets her goat. David insists that she's trying to be nice. Fiona grunts that she doesn't know which is worse: Patricia's old self or this mealy-mouthed pleasant act that she's putting on. David tells her that it's not an act. They both suddenly hear Patricia yelling at Mike that he's got to be joking... to think she actually offered that bitch the olive branch... how much did she undercut them by? In the kitchen, Fiona muses to David, "You were saying...?" Patricia tells Mike, "No - leave it to me," and she hangs up. David tells Fiona to stay in the kitchen, and he heads out to join Patricia. She immediately asks him if he can believe that: Karen Fox has swiped the Wilson account from under her nose - but she's not going to get away with it; not if she has anything to do with it. David comments, "So much for the new Pat, eh...?" Patricia replies that she's sorry - she'll calm down in a minute. She then adds that it's only business - it won't spoil the visit. David, though, tells her that it already has... Patricia says, "Oh..." She adds that she'll go to a motel, as it would be a bit of a squeeze with her there at the boarding house, anyway. David agrees that that might be an idea; he'll drive her. Patricia, though, tells him that it's alright - she'll get a cab; there's somebody she wants to see...

A short time later, Patricia is at the Fisher house, and as she and Jill head into the lounge room, she asks Jill how she's settling in. Jill replies that she's settling in well - and so is Fee. She adds that she was sick of moving around from house-to-house, city-to-city. Patricia says she supposes Jill will stay in Sydney now until Robin is better. Jill tells her that she really does appreciate her paying for his treatment. Patricia reminds her that she's not to mention it. She then adds, though, that if Jill would like to swap favours... Jill looks at her, and she goes on that she she was wondering how Karen and Wayne put their figures together for the Wilson account. Looking uncomfortable, Jill replies that company dealings are confidential - she can't tell her anything about that. Patricia points out that Karen's company has already won the account, but Jill insists that it doesn't make any difference. Wayne suddenly comes into the room, grins and says, "Hello, Patricia - I thought I heard the voice of a bad loser." He then tells Jill that he'll handle it and she gets up and leaves the room. Turning back to Patricia, Wayne tells her that Gordy rang and told him that she was in town. Patricia snaps that she's got nothing to say to him. Wayne ignores this, though, and goes on that Gordon said she wanted to call a truce - so where's the peace treaty? Patricia, trying to walk out, finds him blocking her way, and she asks him if he minds. Wayne doesn't move, instead continuing that he guesses she tore it up when she found out that they'd won the Wilson account. Patricia snaps that it's the last account they'll win from her. Wayne grins and says he wouldn't be too sure - the way he's got things set up, he knows every move she intends making. Patricia retorts that if he's got something set up, she'll bet it isn't his idea; he's just the flunky who does the footwork. Looking annoyed, Wayne snaps, "Get out." Patricia assures him that she's going, adding, "Who wants to talk to the monkey while the organ-grinder is away?" Wayne growls at her that she thinks she's smart, but they'll see: she'll be finished by the time he's through with her. Patricia walks out, leaving him looking annoyed.

Irene is peeling potatoes in her kitchen. David is with her, and he says he supposes she'd rather be with Todd. Irene just replies that it's best that she's not. There's a sudden knocking at the door, and Irene goes to get it. She finds Mitch standing on the step, and he asks if Fiona is there. Irene asks if she isn't in her flat, and Mitch replies that she isn't. Irene suggests that maybe she's out shopping. She then comments that he looks happy, and he explains that he's got a job. Irene asks, "Doing what?" Mitch replies that he'll be working for Mr. Hamilton: he needed a courier - although he thinks Amanda had something to do with it. Irene smiles and tells him that he'll have to learn Sydney's streets. Mitch says he'd better run down to the newsagent's and nick a directory, then. Seeing the look on Irene's face, he quickly adds that he's joking! He goes, and Irene shuts the door and returns to the kitchen. She remarks to David that that's good news for Mitch. David asks who he is when he's at home, and Irene explains that he's a friend of Terry's who's just got out of jail; Fiona is keeping an eye on him until he gets settled. David remarks that she was more relaxed with Mitch than she is with him. Irene tells him not to be silly, but David persists and asks her if she's going to tell him what's wrong. He adds that he drove all night so that they could talk. Irene explains that she was looking forward to seeing him, but she guesses she's just to used to keeping her troubles to herself. David suddenly tells her to forget about cooking - he'll take her out somewhere where she can sit down and relax and tell him everything from the start. Irene, tears suddenly welling in her eyes, sobs, "Oh, David, I'm so scared for Todd..." David puts his arms round her, comfortingly.

At the O'Briens', Jeff is looking in all the cupboards in the lounge room, but he can't find any alcohol. He calls to his mother and asks her if she needs a hand putting the washing out, but Heather declines, saying she's just doing the last load now. Having satisfied himself that she's occupied, Jeff quietly closes the kitchen door and takes Wayne's card out of his pocket. He walks over to the 'phone and dials the number on the card, looking around nervously as he does so. The 'phone rings at the Fisher house and Wayne answers it. STD pips sound and Jeff then comes on. Wayne asks him what's up, and Jeff explains that he wants Wayne to know that he can get more information for him - if he's still interested. Wayne, looking slightly worried, tells Jeff that he knows about his problem with the booze, and he's not going to help him. Jeff, though, snaps that Wayne isn't doing him any favours; he can easily get the money for booze elsewhere. Wayne assures him that he's only thinking of him. Jeff impatiently asks him if he wants his help or not. Wayne gives in and tells him that there's a crowd called Barlow and Associates: both companies are after their account and he wouldn't mind knowing what price Patricia is offering to clinch it. He adds that he needs the figures by tomorrow afternoon. Jeff retorts that it depends whether his dad brings home the figures or not - and he can't ring Wayne if anyone is around. Wayne snaps at him that he said he'd get more information; did he mean it or not? Jeff quickly assures him that he will. He then asks how soon he can get the money. Wayne replies that he can get it as soon as he gets the goods - if he rings him tomorrow and gives him his bank account number, he'll put the money in the account up there in Sydney. Jeff tells him to make it more than last time, as the last lot didn't go very far. Wayne assures him that if he can arrange a bit more information in future, he can make it a whole lot more. Jeff tells him that he'll ring him tomorrow, and he hangs up, looking around nervously as he does so. In Sydney, Wayne hangs up, looking thoughtful. He sighs heavily.

Patricia walks up to the front door of Irene's apartment and knocks. After a few seconds, Irene opens the door and, looking annoyed to see who's standing there, asks Patricia what she wants. Patricia explains that she's picking up David - they're having dinner. Irene asks her if she didn't get the message. Patricia asks, "What message?" Irene explains that David can't make it. Patricia, looking annoyed, retorts that she's booked the table and everything. Irene says she's sorry, but David is taking her out for a meal. Patricia says she'll change her booking and then they can all go together. Irene, though, retorts that, no, they won't; she and David haven't seen each other for a long time - there are a lot of private things that they'd like to catch up on. She adds that Patricia must understand. Patricia retorts that of course she does. She then goes on that she knows what a rough trot Irene has been having lately, and actually, she'd like to save her any further heartache; she'd hate her to build up any false hopes about David. Irene asks her what she means. Patricia explains that she's seen him go through it all before: falling for a Plain Jane from the suburbs and then getting tired of her. She tells Irene that she might hang on to him for a while, but sooner or later, he'll drift away. Irene snaps, "Back to you, I suppose?" Patricia assures her that she's just trying to save her a lot of pain. Irene snaps that that's bull: all Patricia is trying to do is clear the decks for herself - and she can tell her there and now that the last person she wants to see David get mixed up with is someone like her. Patricia retorts that she doesn't think Irene has got much say in the matter. Irene, though, a determined expression on her face, growls, "We'll see. I can be very persuasive if I have to. And I will be..."


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