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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The next morning, at the kitchen table at the O'Briens', Mike offers Jeff another cup of tea, but he declines. Mike then says to his son that Heather told him about the bottle; it's a good sign that Jeff had forgotten about it. He asks him what he reckons about taking himself off to school from now on, and not having to come home for lunch. Suddenly looking delighted, Jeff exclaims that that's great! Mike adds, though, that he still thinks they should watch the money a bit so that he doesn't get tempted; Heather will make him lunch, but he'll have the money to buy something at the canteen. Jeff remarks that at least he won't feel like such an idiot. Mike says that's good, and he gets up and goes off to finish getting ready for work. As soon as he's gone, Jeff opens his school bag and takes out an exercise book and pen and walks into the lounge room. Mike's briefcase is lying on the table and Jeff cautiously opens it and takes out the file lying on top. He's startled, though, when Mike suddenly calls to Heather to ask if she's seen his tie. Jeff quickly puts the file back, but Mike doesn't come into the room, so he takes it out again. He then starts looking at the top pages and writing down some figures.

David is sitting in Irene's apartment, eating breakfast, when there's a knock at the door. He goes to answer it and finds Patricia standing there. She smiles and says, "Morning!" David invites her in and offers her some breakfast, but she declines. The two of them sit down and David tells her that he's sorry he couldn't make dinner last night, but Irene really needed someone with her. Patricia points out that, of all people, she should understand that he's the best person to lean on. She then goes on that she's decided what she's going to do: because he made her see sense yesterday over Karen Fox, she's heading straight back to Melbourne and is going to work with Mike on making up that lost account. David smiles and replies that that's great. Patricia asks him if he'll be able to take her, then. His face suddenly dropping, David tells her that he hadn't planned on going back so soon; Irene needs someone around for a while. Patricia retorts that she's sure Irene's got lots of friends. David starts to say that he would-- Patricia interrupts, though, and tells him that she'd feel so much happier if he'd take her. David points out that she doesn't need him: she'd be working for most of the day and she'd have Charlie at night. Patricia asserts that she needs him. David, looking worried, murmurs that he supposes Irene is back to her old self... He then tells Patricia that, alright, he'll return to Melbourne - but she flies back; the drive back will make her too tired to get straight back to work; he'll pick up a haul and be back tonight. Patricia smiles at him, gratefully, and tells him that it means a lot to her.

There's a knock on the front door of the Morrell apartment. Andy, wearing his night clothes, opens it. He doesn't recognise the man standing there - Mitch - and asks him what he can do for him. Mitch, looking surprised to find Andy opening the door, asks if Amanda is home, but Andy replies that she's still asleep. He asks if there's a message. Mitch retorts that he'd like to see her. Andy tells him that she's had a bad time sleeping; he'll tell her he called. He asks what the name is, and Mitch tells him that it's 'Bob Mitchell'. Andy tells him to come round sometime this afternoon, and he shuts the door.

At Irene's apartment, David is talking on the 'phone, and he tells the person at the other end that he'll be round a bit after nine o'clock. Irene come out from her bedroom and stares at him as he continues that he'll be back in Melbourne tonight and he'll deliver it first thing in the morning. He then hangs up and comments to her that she probably heard that: he's sorry he's got to cut his visit short; he'd planned on staying longer, but that's the way it goes when you're running a business. Irene assures him that she understands. David then turns to Patricia and suggests that she'd better get a move on or she won't make her flight. Patricia assures him that there's no panic. Irene glares at her. She then tells David that, actually, his going back to Melbourne today coincides with a plan she has. David says, "Yeah?" Irene goes on that, now that Fiona is around to lend a hand, she thought she'd take a few days off; how does he feel about a passenger? Upon hearing this, Patricia glares at her, furiously. Irene adds that the change of scenery will do her good. David tells her that he'll be glad to have her along - and she'll have to stay with them, of course. Patricia quickly chips in that she doesn't know if that's such a good idea - it's hardly relaxing at their place, what with the business, and Charlie is an acquired taste. Irene, though, tells David not to worry about her - she's more than happy to book into a motel; and it'll give her a bit more freedom - she can entertain who she likes without putting anybody out. David says, "Right!" He then suggests to Patricia again that she should get a move on. Patricia heads off, looking annoyed. Irene smiles broadly!

At the Fisher house, Wayne is sitting at the table, working on some figures. Jill comments to him that she's glad they don't have to depend on taxis anymore; they could have done with a courier weeks ago. Wayne grumbles that he doesn't know why they have to hire someone who's just out of the clink. Jill snaps at him to give the guy a go. Wayne, though, mutters that he can't see him lasting when Karen gets back. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Jill comments that that will be him now. She goes to answer it, leaving Wayne at the table. At the door, Jill and Mitch introduce themselves to each other and then head into the lounge room. Jill introduces Wayne to Mitch. Wayne just brusquely asks him how he is. Mitch, not responding, looks at Jill and tells her that Terry told him a lot about her; he's looking forward to working for them. He then asks them what they want him to do. Wayne says, "You sound keen. Or are you just trying to impress?" Mitch snaps that he doesn't have to impress anyone. Wayne retorts that that's right - he should just do what he's paid to do. He then gets up and walks out of the room. Mitch immediately growls at Jill, "Who does he think he is?" Jill tells him that he's one of his new bosses - but his bark is much worse than his bite. Mitch growls that he doesn't like smart alecks. Jill comments that he blows up very easily. Mitch, calming down, replies that he's sorry - he's feeling a bit crook about something else: he called in to see Amanda today and some jumped-up young bloke wouldn't let him in the door. Jill tells him that that would be Andy. Mitch asks her if she knows him, adding that he didn't know Amanda lived with a guy. Jill explains that they're just friends. Mitch, though, snaps that a girl and bloke living together usually means something's going on. Jill retorts that she'd say he was wrong - and it's their business.

Irene and Fiona are walking down the driveway at the boarding house, and Irene reminds Fiona not to forget about the rubbish. Fiona laughs and tells her to stop worrying - she looked after a place of her own for donkey's years! She then adds that the main thing is that Irene has a good rest - and she can't think of a better way of doing it. She goes on that, as there seems little hope of David ever getting back with Beryl again, she can't think of anyone more suited to him; the thought of Patricia getting her hooks into him again really turns her stomach over. Irene assures her that Patricia will have a fight on her hands if she tries; she was quite happy to stay one of David's mates - for a while, anyway - but when she realised Patricia was after him, she decided she should be honest about her feelings; she's damn sure she could make him happier than Patricia could. David suddenly comes out through the front door and joins them, commenting as he does so, "Trust the women to be ready first!" Irene smiles and replies that it shows how keen she is!

Mitch joins Jill in the Fisher house, and she tells him that she was just about to stop for lunch. Mitch tells her that he's finished the city run, and so she suggests that he take his break too. Mitch says he thinks he'll grab a sandwich and go to the park. He then asks Jill if she has a pen and paper so that he can write to Terry and let him know how he's going. As Jill gets them, he adds that Terry will be tickled pink that he's working with her. Looking wary, Jill tells him that, so as not to cause any embarrassment later, she thinks he should know that she's just finished writing a note to Terry herself, telling him that she can't marry him. Mitch growls, "What?" He then angrily asks her if she knows what that's going to do to him. Jill points out that he's got to find out sometime. Mitch growls that it's only thinking about her and Fee that keeps him going in there; now he's not even going to have that. Jill tells him that she doesn't think it's any of his business. Mitch snaps that Terry is his mate. He screws up the sheet of paper, throws down the pen and storms off.

At Toorak, Charlie is sitting in the lounge room, listening to some music on a personal stereo, when Luke comes in. A smile on her face, she takes off the headphones and tells him that he's a nice diversion, as she's been trying very hard but she simply can't stomach that music; her new boyfriend gave it to her, but she'd rather have a good old-fashioned love song any day. Luke, looking bemused, just says "Right!" The front door suddenly opens and Patricia comes in. Looking surprised, Charlie asks her what she's doing back, and she asks where David is, adding, "Don't say it's fallen apart." Patricia, though, tells her that she doesn't have time to chat - she's got business to attend to; they'll have lunch together. Turning to Luke, she asks him if he can wait there a minute as she just wants a private word with Mike. She leaves them, and Charlie says she wonders what has happened. She then tells Luke to join her on the couch and see what he thinks of the music; he might be able to explain it to her!

In the study, Mike tells Patricia that he didn't expect her back for a couple of days. Patricia, ignoring this, asks if Luke knew the final figures on their tender for the Wilson account. Mike replies that he didn't know the actual figures, although he did know what the proposal was based around. Patricia explains that, when she was in Sydney, she saw Wayne, and he was gloating about the fact that they had inside information on the Wilson account; there were only two people who knew those figures: her and him. Mike says he's damned if he knows how it happened; Wayne must have been bluffing her. Patricia, though, replies that he wasn't - she knows him too well. Mike goes on that he only had the file there at the office or at home - there's no way Wayne could have possibly-- He suddenly stops what he's saying, and Patricia asks, "What?" Mike, looking worried, tells her that the day the file went missing: Wayne was at his house - Katie told him. He cries, "God..." Patricia comments that at least they know how it happened, so it won't happen again. Mike assures her that she can count on that. Patricia tells him that she's sorry she jumped down his throat. Mike, though, assures her that he would have done the same thing. Patricia tells him that there's been a lot of pressure since they got things going, and there's going to be a lot more; she'd like to start backing off a bit, but it means putting more on his shoulders. Mike assures her that he can handle that. Patricia replies that that may be true, but it hardly seems fair; she thinks they should give Luke more responsibility: how about they put him in charge of the Sydney accounts and leave him to handle Melbourne? Looking surprised, Mike just says that he supposes Luke has been handling things OK. Patricia replies that that's what she thought. She then says she'll go and tell him. She walks out, leaving Mike looking annoyed.

In the lounge room, Luke exclaims that that's great - he won't let her down. Patricia replies that she's sure he won't. She goes on that Mike is very capable but he has something that Mike doesn't. Luke says, "Killer instinct?" Patricia replies that he could put it that way: he was right when he said it was the only way to deal with someone like Karen Fox. Luke asks her if that's how she would like him to operate. Patricia replies that he should just give them a good fight. Luke tells her that he'll certainly do that. He thanks her for the opportunity and heads off to get into it. As he leaves the room, Charlie comes in and comments to Patricia that he looks very pleased with himself. Patricia explains that she's just promoted him: he and Mike have equal responsibilities. Charlie asks what that means. Patricia replies that it won't take Luke long to follow in his father's footsteps; she's sure he won't be quite as ruthless, but he'll do whatever is needed to fix Karen Fox; she'll just sit back and let him fire the bullet and David will be none the wiser. Charlie says she's sure Patricia knows what she's doing... She then suggests that Patricia tell her what happened in Sydney: are she and David a twosome or not? Patricia ruefully replies, "Not exactly."

Jill is on the 'phone at the Fisher house when Wayne comes into the room. She tells him that the call is for him, adding that it sounds like a junior from an office. Wayne takes the 'phone and asks her to get the Simpson figures from the study. Jill leaves the room. Wayne then says 'hello' to the person on the 'phone. Jeff comes on, and Wayne tells him that he thought it might be him. He asks him what he's got, but Jeff - who has his exercise book in his hand - replies that he hasn't been able to get the papers yet. Wayne growls that if he doesn't get the information, he doesn't get paid. Jeff insists that he will get it. Wayne snaps at him that he wants the figures by midday tomorrow or the deal is off. He hangs up, abruptly. Jeff rips a page out of his exercise book and screws it up. He then picks up the 'phone handset again and starts dialling a number. The 'phone rings in the study at Toorak. Luke answers it and Jeff comes on and says he's in strife; Luke has got to help him.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia tells Charlie that there Irene is: on the damn truck with David, making goo goo eyes at him all the way back to Melbourne. Sounding astonished, Charlie asks her what she's going to do. At that moment, though, Luke comes in and announces that he just has to pop out - he'll grab some lunch; he won't be late. He goes. Charlie tells Patricia that she's going to have to make sure she latches onto David the moment he arrives; they can't have that Irene woman spending a moment longer with him. Patricia says she knows; that's why she's going to have to do something tonight that makes him feel committed to her; she doesn't know how, but she'll have to find a way...

Luke is at the O'Briens', and he tells an agitated Jeff that he left as soon as he could. Jeff asks him if he said anything to Mike, but Luke replies that he didn't, as Jeff told him not to. He then asks what's going on. Jeff tells him that it isn't easy. Luke points out that he didn't drag him there for nothing. Jeff then suddenly blurts out that it started out because his mum and dad were getting the same way they were in Perth: his dad was getting too tied up in business; when Wayne put it on him to get some information, he told him where to go - but he took his card... and he let him see some of his dad's papers. Luke realises, "The Wilson account." He adds that that's how Karen Fox knew about it. Jeff cries that he didn't do it for the money - he just wanted to get his mum and dad-- Luke, though, interrupts him and snaps that he knows why he did it: he wanted money for grog. Jeff yells, "No - honest." Luke retorts that he's not an idiot; how was it going to help his mum and dad?; he's still on the bottle, isn't he? Jeff cries that he tried to give it up - he really did - but he did the wrong thing by his dad and he nearly did it again today: Wayne was on the 'phone before he called him; he put him off, but he doesn't know what to do. Luke, calming him down, says, "OK, OK." Jeff asks him how he'll tell his dad. Luke, though, tells him that he's not going to; he's going to give Wayne some information - and believe him, it'll more than make up for what he's done...

The 'phone rings at the Fisher house and Wayne answers it. In Albert Park, as Luke looks on, Jeff tells Wayne that it's him - he's had a bit of luck: his dad left the file for the Barlow account at home; he can give him the figures if he likes. Wayne tells him to hang on while he gets some paper. He puts the 'phone down. At the O'Briens', Jeff tells Luke that he thinks Wayne has bought it. Luke smiles in delight.

Mitch knocks on the front door of the Morrell apartment and Andy answers it. Mitch asks if Amanda is awake yet. Andy, though, says he's sorry but he forgot to give her the message; he works pretty late hours - he runs a mobile disco - and he hadn't been asleep long when Mitch turned up earlier, so he went straight back to bed; when he work up Amanda was about to go out and he wasn't properly awake so he forgot the message until about half an hour after she'd gone. He then promises Mitch that he'll tell her as soon as she gets in. Mitch, looking annoyed, tells Andy that it's just as well for him that he believes his story. He walks off, leaving Andy looking surprised.

That evening, Patricia and Charlie are sitting in the lounge room at Toorak. Patricia impatiently asks where on earth David is, adding that he can't have stopped off overnight. Charlie points out that he could have; they never know what Irene might have talked him into. Looking annoyed, Patricia snaps that she's a big help. Charlie then suggests that he might have a flat tyre. Patricia, though, retorts that it doesn't take this long to change a tyre. Charlie asks her what she'll do when he does arrive. Patricia replies that she has to make him feel committed. Charlie says, "Get him to propose to you?" Patricia replies, "Not in so many words." Charlie then points out that it's a leap year; why doesn't she propose to him?! Patricia, looking bemused, says she doesn't think David would appreciate it, somehow! Charlie asks if she should put in a good word for her. Patricia replies that she thinks she should handle this on her own. They suddenly hear the noise of a truck pulling up outside, and Patricia exclaims, "At last." She stands up and goes to look out of the window, but then quickly sits down again. Charlie asks what's wrong, and Patricia explains that, if it is him, she doesn't want to appear too keen. Charlie asks if she should make herself scare. Patricia, though, tells her that she'll give her a nod. At that moment, David comes into the house, and Patricia asks him what happened to him. Charlie adds that he looks quite exhausted. He flops down onto the couch, next to Patricia, and explains that it was a long drive, and he had to get Irene settled into her motel; she insisted on having a drink or two, as well. He then goes on that he's tired - he'll go and fall into bed, if she doesn't mind. Patricia, though, tells him that she and Charlie have been waiting for him for ages; the least he can do is have a drink with them. David says he thinks he's had enough, but Charlie tells him to let his hair down, adding that that's always been her motto! Patricia says she'll get the drinks. She offers Charlie another one. Charlie smiles broadly and replies, "Of course!"

A while later, David is lying back on the couch. Patricia hands him a drink and tells him to have one for the road. David, who's looking quite out of it, slurs that he's had enough. He then adds that he's tired - he should go to bed. He yawns and continues that he's got to get up and deliver that load in the morning. He tries to sit up, but then suddenly closes his eyes and passes into unconsciousness. Charlie, also sounding drunk, slurs, "Oh dear..." and adds that she doesn't think he's in quite the condition Patricia intended. She suggests that Patricia is just going to have to wait until tomorrow - and quite late tomorrow, by the look of it. Patricia, though, replies, "Oh no - he's in exactly the condition I wanted him to be." Charlie says she'd better help her get him upstairs, into bed. A glint in her eye, Patricia tells her, "Mine. Not his." Charlie looks at her, and, a smile on her face, she goes on, "Tomorrow, I'll have exactly what I want..."


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