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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia and David are in Patricia's bedroom at Toorak; Patricia is packing David's bag. She tells him that she's put in a complete change of clothes. She then ask him if he's got a toothbrush, and he replies that he has. She goes on that he should do something with his hair, but David indignantly retorts that there's nothing wrong with it. He adds that, if she's not careful, he'll put oil on it and slick it back to how it was in the '60s! Patricia smiles and tells him that anything would be an improvement! David laughs. Patricia then tells him that he's all packed. David gives her a hug and they kiss. David looks into her eyes, intently, but Patricia suddenly laughs, and he asks what the matter is. Patricia asks him if he realises that they're finally engaged and he's promptly taking off with another woman for a couple of days! David points out that he has to earn a crust - and Irene is just a mate who's copped a rough deal; he wouldn't be pretty mean if he wasn't there to help her. Patricia explains that she's just a bit jealous, but David tells her not to be - she's the women he's going to marry. Patricia asks if him if she can start making plans while he's away. David smiles and comments that she doesn't like sitting still, does she! Patricia asks why they don't set the date. David asks when she had in mind. Patricia replies, "As soon as possible!" David laughs and they kiss.

A short time later, the two of them come downstairs. Patricia calls to Charlie that David is going now, and Charlie joins them from the lounge room. Patricia asks David if he'll ring tonight, and he tells her that he promises. Charlie, a broad smile on her face, comments, "Don't you two look a pair." Patricia replies that they ought to - they've just set a date. Charlie exclaims that that's wonderful, and she asks when it is. David tells her that it's a month today. Charlie smiles and says that's good. She adds that she doesn't believe in long engagements; none of hers ever worked! She kisses them both and David then heads out to pick up Irene. Patricia wishes him a good trip as he leaves. Once the door is shut, Charlie remarks to Patricia, "Four weeks, eh? Talk about a dash to the altar!" Patricia explains that it's her insurance against Irene breaking up their engagement. Charlie says, "She wouldn't, would she?" Patricia replies that she's very determined, believe her.

Beryl opens the front door at the Palmers' to find Heather standing there. She tells Beryl that she's sorry for barging in so early. Beryl assures her that she doesn't mind - as long as Heather doesn't mind her wearing her dressing gown! Heather explains that she was just wondering if Beryl would like a lift to the laying of the foundation stone at the Children's Home. Beryl replies that that would be lovely. Heather tells her that she'll pick her up at half past ten. Beryl replies that that suits her. Looking at the expression on Beryl's face, Heather asks her if she feels OK. Beryl explains that it's just a headache - it's nothing a cup of tea won't fix. Leanne suddenly comes into the room and asks Heather if Jeff has gone to school yet. Heather replies that he hadn't a minute ago. Leanne thanks her and goes. Beryl explains to Heather that Leanne is moving into a house with some of her new friends; she supposes she wants to tell Jeff about it. Looking surprised, Heather asks when she decided that. Beryl explains that it was over the weekend - but she doesn't think the girl put much thought into it; she just hopes she knows what she's doing...

Next door, Jeff lets Leanne in and tells her that she'd better make it quick as he's got to be at school in twenty minutes. Leanne explains that she wants to ask a favour. Jeff, raising his voice, angrily asks what happened to the favour she was going to do him: the big plan to get him off the grog; he hasn't seen her since. Leanne, looking slightly guilty, tells him that it wouldn't have worked: she talked to some of her friends and they said the only way to stop it is to give up completely; if he could do that... Jeff retorts that, as it happens, he has - no thanks to her. Leanne says she's sorry. She then adds that, anyway, she's glad he's over it; it doesn't make her feel so bad about leaving. Jeff looks shocked, and she quickly adds that it won't be for a few days. Jeff asks her where she's going. Leanne replies that it's not far - three of them are renting a house. Jeff comments that it should be good. Leanne says she hopes so. She then goes on that she was wondering if she could take Susie - that's the favour she came to ask. Jeff snaps that she was given to him. Leanne points out that she's been looking after her, but Jeff retorts that that doesn't give her the right to think she's hers. Leanne snaps that she was just asking. Jeff retorts that the answer is 'no'. Leanne points out that he didn't want to know about Susie a couple of weeks ago. Jeff curtly points out that he was still getting over Titus; Susie was given to him and she's his. Leanne tells him that he's just dirty because she hasn't been around to baby him lately. Jeff angrily snaps that she can think what she likes. Leanne retorts that he's a big sook; that's what she thinks. She storms off.

Irene is standing in front of a roadside café, a couple of bags resting on the ground next to her. She suddenly spots David's truck coming along the road and she picks up the bags and puts them over her shoulders. David pulls in next to her and she opens the passenger-side door and climbs in. David asks her if she's been waiting long. Irene replies that she hasn't. Looking at one of the bags she's holding, David asks what's in it. Irene, though, tells him to keep his hands off; he'll find out when they're on the road! They pull away.

A few moments later, as they drive along, Irene asks David how he's been. David replies that he's good. He then goes on that he's got some news for her. Irene smiles and says, "Let me guess: Charlie has got laryngitis!" They both laugh, but then David, looking more serious, explains that he and Pat have set a date. Irene smiles and says, "Good for you." David, looking slightly surprised, asks her if it doesn't worry her. Irene assures him that, if he's happy, she's happy. David thanks her. Irene turns and looks out of her window, an expression of disappointment on her face...

At Toorak, Patricia is on the 'phone in the hallway, and she asks to speak to Roger Carlyle. The woman at the other end, though, tells her that he's out at the moment. Patricia explains that it's her, and she asks the woman to tell Roger that she called, adding that it's about his son. Charlie comes out into the hallway and joins her. She's all dressed up, with an expensive-looking hat on her head. She comments that she thought Patricia wasn't talking to Roger Carlyle. Patricia replies that it's a bit of fence-mending - and it won't hurt to tell him how his son is doing. She then points out to Charlie that they're going to the Children's Home, not the Melbourne Cup! Charlie, though, retorts that Patricia knows she hates being underdressed - you never know who you might meet! Patricia says she doubts there'll be anyone there that Charlie will be interested in - but she can't wait to tell Beryl that she's engaged to her ex-husband...

A while later, Charlie and Patricia arrive at the Children's Home. As a number of people dressed soberly pass them, Charlie remarks that she must stick out like a sore thumb. Patricia agrees that the hat is a bit over the top! Charlie indignantly tells her that it's French! Patricia suggests that it might look better in Paris! Elsewhere in the grounds, Beryl and Heather are walking towards the main building when Beryl suddenly exclaims that that can't be Patricia in front of them. Heather, looking equally surprised, says she didn't know Patricia was coming. Beryl growls that she'd love to know how she wangled an invitation.

Patricia comments to Charlie, "There's Beryl." Heather and Beryl walk over to them, and Beryl immediately says to Patricia that she can't say she's not surprised, but it's nice to see her taking an interest in the Home. Heather asks Patricia if she's staying for the picnic after the ceremony, but Patricia smiles and replies, "And leave Mike to do all the work? You wouldn't thank me if I did!" Heather smiles and agrees that that's true! Charlie stares at Beryl and asks her if she's alright, as she's looking a little pale. Beryl retorts that she's fine - just a little fluey, maybe. Patricia comments that she hopes she'll be alright in about four weeks' time. Charlie glances at her slyly as Beryl asks why: what's on? Patricia smiles and replies, "The wedding. David and I are getting married." As a look of shock crosses Beryl's face, she adds, "I'd be very upset if you missed it." She then tells the two women that she'll see them inside. Beryl looks at Heather.

In Sydney, Amanda is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment. Andy joins her and comments that she's been sitting there for hours. Amanda retorts that it's comfortable. Andy asks her if she wants to help him with a disco; he's got a High School dance on this afternoon. Amanda, though, declines. Andy persists that she's got to do something; she hasn't left the apartment for nearly two days; why doesn't she ring up Jill and go out for dinner? Amanda, looking annoyed, warns, "Andy..." Andy, though, asks her what Todd would think if he knew she'd been sitting around moping all day. He goes on that no one expects her to be the life of the party, but she's got to make an attempt to get out and about again; he had to when his mum died. Amanda snaps at him not to talk about Todd as though he's-- Andy quickly replies that he's sorry. He tells her to go and ring Jill and she'll feel a lot better.

Jill picks up a file in the lounge room at the Fisher house and looks at it. She then puts it into an envelope. Mitch is standing next to her, staring at her, and she asks him to hold it. She holds it out and Mitch snatches it. Jill impatiently asks if it isn't time they held a truce - they do have to work together. Mitch retorts that he can't help that. Jill tells him that he's not making things very easy. Mitch snaps that he's not trying to. Jill points out that they're both on trial there, and they can't afford to put a foot wrong; he should wait 'til he meets Karen - she's not an easy boss. Suddenly looking interested, Mitch comments to Jill that he didn't know she was on trial too. Jill explains that she only started a few weeks before he did - that's what she's saying: they should stick together. Mitch, though, retorts that it wouldn't sit right: he's been taught to stick by his mates, and considering what she did to Terry, he's not going to let up. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Jill, handing him another envelope, tells him to seal both of them. Mitch takes the second envelope and, with his back to her, quietly takes the two sets of files out of the envelopes they're in and swaps them over. On the 'phone, Jill asks Amanda what she can do for her. Amanda explains that Andy has been at her to get out of the apartment, and she was wondering what Jill is doing tonight. Jill replies that she's sorry, but the way things are moving there, she'll be working 'til all hours; she'll have to put her off. Amanda tells her not to worry about it. Jill suggests that maybe they could do something later in the week. The two women hang up. Wayne comes into the room at the Fisher house and asks Jill who that was calling. Jill explains that it was Amanda, looking for someone to go out with tonight. Wayne asks what happened to Andy. Jill replies that he's working she supposes - and Amanda and Andy are only friends. With his back still to Jill, Mitch seals the envelopes. Wayne asks Jill if the tenders have gone out yet, and she explains that Mitch is just about to take them. Wayne curtly suggests that he'd better get going, then. Mitch tells them that he'll see them when he gets back. He goes.

Amanda opens the door at the Morrell apartment to find Mitch standing there. He explains that it's his lunch hour and he thought he'd say 'g'day'; he hopes she doesn't mind. Amanda assures him that of course she doesn't, and she invites him in. Mitch asks her if she got his message. Amanda asks if he means about his job, and adds, "Yes." Mitch tells her that she's the one who deserves the thanks. Amanda points out that she only had a word to Gordon, but Mitch tells her that he wouldn't have got anywhere without it. Amanda assures him that she just speeded things up a bit. Mitch tells her that a man would feel rotten if he couldn't say thanks properly; he really appreciates what she's done for him - and he thought a good way of letting her know that would be to shout her dinner tonight. Looking wary, Amanda says, "Mitch..." Mitch quickly assures her that there are no strings; they'll just go out as cobbers. He adds that he hasn't taken a girl out to dinner for eleven years. Amanda gives in and says she'll go, but she adds that that they'll go Dutch, OK? Mitch, looking annoyed, says, "Come on..." Amanda tells him that he can buy her a drink if it'll make him happy, but those are the terms. Mitch says, "OK," and goes on that he'll pick her up at about 6:30pm. He goes. Andy comes out from his bedroom and asks Amanda who the visitor was. Amanda explains that it was Bob Mitchell - they're having dinner tonight. Seeing the expression on Andy's face, she reminds him that he was the one who told her to get out and about. Andy retorts that he meant with friends. Amanda snaps that Mitch is a friend. Andy retorts, "And an ex-crim." Amanda asks, "So?" Andy explains that he doesn't trust him, that's all. Amanda retorts that she does - and he's been very nice to her.

At the Fisher house, Jill hands Wayne a piece of paper and asks him if he'll need those figures, but he replies that he won't. He then tells her that, if Katie calls, tell her he'll ring her back. Noticing the expression on Jill's face as he says this, he asks if anything is wrong. Jill replies that he does know how Katie feels about him, doesn't he? Wayne asks if that's a warning. Jill retorts that she doesn't want to see Katie get hurt; she's had a hard enough time getting over Terry. Wayne curtly replies that he's helping Katie with business contacts and they also happen to enjoy each other's company; if that's breaking a law, tell him about it, otherwise, keep her opinions to herself. Jill retorts that Katie is a nice girl; she wouldn't like to see her stuck in the middle when Karen gets back. Wayne points out that Karen isn't back yet, so she should stop worrying.

Amanda is sitting, reading, in the lounge room at the Morrell apartment. Andy tells her that he's going, and she says, "OK." He goes on that, if he doesn't see her when he gets in, he'll catch her tomorrow morning. He then adds, "Amanda..." Amanda turns and looks at him. Andy tells her that, about tonight: be careful, eh? Amanda points out that it's not as if it's a real date. She then tells him to go or he'll be late for the school dance. He goes. Amanda returns to her book, but the 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she gets up and goes and answers it at the bar. Karen comes on and explains that she's ringing from Switzerland. Amanda, looking surprised, says, "Where?" Karen repeats, "Switzerland." She then explains that Todd was staying there. Amanda asks her how she found out; where is he now? Is he still there? There's silence at the other end, and Amanda says, "Karen?" Karen hesitates before saying quietly that she's sorry: Todd died an hour ago. She goes on that she doesn't know what else she can say - she's flying home as soon as she can. She asks Amanda if she'll be alright. Amanda just slowly removes the 'phone from her ear, looking devastated.

A while later, Amanda is at Fiona's apartment at the boarding house, and Fiona tells her that of course Irene isn't in her flat - she's in Melbourne. Amanda snaps that she wants to know why Irene didn't tell her where Todd was staying. Fiona suggests that she probably didn't know, but Amanda retorts that she must have; who else would have told Karen? - certainly not Todd. Fiona says she's sure Irene had a very good reason-- Amanda interrupts and yells, "Where in Melbourne is she?" Fiona, though, retorts that she has no idea. She then suggests that she could ring David and maybe he-- Amanda walks over to the 'phone and goes to dial, but Fiona quickly stops her and says she'll do it. She suggests to Amanda that she sit down and take things easy. Amanda snaps that she wants to find out where Irene is. Fiona warns her that shouting isn't going to do any good. Amanda reluctantly sits down and Fiona sighs heavily.

The 'phone is ringing at Toorak as Patricia and Charlie arrive home. Patricia answers it in the hall, STD pips sound and Fiona then comes on. Patricia curtly says, "How nice to speak to you." Fiona ignores this and asks to speak to David. Patricia retorts that she's afraid he's away on a job - he'll be away for a couple of days. She asks if there's anything she can do. Fiona explains that she wanted to get in touch with Irene; would Patricia know where she is? Patricia replies, "Yes and no." Sounding annoyed, Fiona snaps that she hasn't got time to play games: Irene's son has just died. Suddenly looking slightly shocked, Patricia comments that that's sad. Fiona agrees, "Very. Now where can I find her?" Patricia, though, tells her that she doesn't think she can: she's driving round with David. Fiona suggests that surely they must stop somewhere overnight? Patricia tells her that it could be any one of a hundred places; David just keeps going until he's tired. Fiona yells at her to come on; surely she knows where to find him in an emergency? Patricia retorts that she doesn't. She asks if there's anything else. Fiona retorts that there isn't, and she curtly thanks Patricia for her help and hangs up. At Toorak, Charlie asks Patricia what Fiona wanted. Patricia replies that she wanted to talk to Irene. She goes on in exasperation that Fiona has given her the perfect excuse to get Irene away from David, and she doesn't even know there they are...

Leanne is watching television at the Palmers' when Beryl and Heather arrive home. She asks how it went, but Beryl just replies, "As well as can be expected." Leanne comments that she doesn't sound too thrilled. Beryl explains that she's just not at her best today. Leanne asks her if she'd like something to eat, as she's going to make some more sandwiches. Beryl asks what sort they are, and Leanne replies that they're hundreds and thousands and vegemite! Beryl says she's not really hungry! Heather offers her a cup of tea, but Beryl says she thinks she'll sit down for a while. Leanne heads into the kitchen. In the lounge room, Heather comments to Beryl that she doesn't look very well at all; maybe she ought to see a doctor? Beryl replies that she is - tomorrow morning. She adds that it's probably nothing serious - just some sort of virus; it's best to be on the safe side, though. In the kitchen, Leanne overhears as Beryl goes on that Patricia certainly didn't help her feel better. Heather says she never thought she could be so nasty. Beryl tells her that she hasn't known her as long as she has - and she knows she's conned David into marrying her. She continues that she can understand how he fell for her: they've always had a love-hate thing going, and he felt lonely after Margaret died; Patricia would have made sure it looked like they needed each other. She adds that the sad thing is that there's no point her talking to him because it would look like sour grapes. Heather suggests that there must be something she can do. Beryl sadly replies that all she can do is be very, very sorry that they didn't make things work when they had the chance. Leanne looks thoughtful.

David and Irene are sitting in a secluded area, having a picnic, and David comments that it's good tucker. Irene agrees that it isn't bad! David asks her what else she's got in her bag of tricks: any beer? Irene takes one out and then tells him that he can't have it because he's driving. She adds that it's warm, anyway; he'll have to wait until they can get in in the 'fridge. David points out that that could be hours. Irene, though, asks if time doesn't fly when he's with her! David agrees that she's good company. He then adds that he half expected to get an earful about Patricia. Irene, though, asks him what he takes her for: his guardian angel?! David tells her that she can't say she wasn't thinking about them getting engaged. Irene admits that she was - because it reminds her of Nat: the way it felt meeting him again; five minutes and the old zing was all there - they both felt it; it would have been the easiest thing in the world to give in, but a little voice in the back of her brain kept saying 'you'll be sorry'. She tells David that people don't change - what they are is always the same; that's why Nat and she would never have been really happy. She adds that, anyway, that's the last word she'll say on the subject; the decision has got to be his. David looks thoughtful.

Wayne walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house and says to Jill that he thought lunch was never going to end; that must have been the dullest person he's ever met! He then asks if Katie rang, but Jill replies that she didn't. She goes on that Karen did, though: Todd died. Wayne asks when. Jill tells him that it was today - a few hours ago; Karen sounded pretty upset. Wayne points out that she would be. He then goes on that he supposes she's flying straight home? Jill replies that she's catching the first flight she can get. Wayne says they'd better make sure the store is in order. Suddenly looking guilty, Jill says that, before they start, she's got a confession to make: Henderson called a while ago. Wayne says he got the quotes, didn't he? Jill replies that he got the envelope she sent with Mitch, but it looks like she put Turner's quote in instead of his. Wayne, suddenly looking annoyed, snaps, "What?" Jill goes on that she doesn't know what happened. Wayne says, "Henderson got to see our quote for Turner?" Jill replies that that's right - and he thinks they're offering Turner a better deal and he wants out. Wayne angrily snaps that she's lost them one of the biggest accounts they were going for. Jill insists that she didn't meant it - Mitch was hassling her and Amanda rang up and she must have just got mixed up. Wayne growls that there are no prizes for guessing who's going to get mixed up when Karen finds out. Jill looks annoyed.

Amanda is at the beach. She lifts Todd's surfboard off her car and starts dragging it towards the water. As she struggles with the weight, two male surfers standing nearby look at each other. One says to the other that he wonders what she thinks she's doing. The other one replies that she's having a crack at windsurfing - although he doesn't think she knows much about it. The first guy says, "Leave it to me." He walks over to Amanda, who's by the water's edge, and asks her if she needs any help. Amanda just tells him to go away. The guy asks her if she's not going to get changed first. Amanda walks into the water, fully-clothed, and cries, "Please - leave me alone." The guy walks back to his mate, who comments that he struck out, did he? The first guy tells him that the girl is a fruitcake. Amanda stands waist-deep in the water, holding the surfboard. The captain's hat that Irene gave Todd is lying on top of it. Amanda stares at it and then pushes the board off, so that it floats away. She stands there, tears streaming down her face.

Fiona is clearing the table at her apartment when Mitch joins her, dressed in a smart suit, and asks how he looks. Fiona replies that he looks really very nice. She asks who the lucky girl is, and Mitch explains that it's Amanda: he's taking her to dinner. As Fiona's face drops, he asks what's up. Fiona asks him if he's spoken to Amanda this afternoon. Mitch replies that he hasn't spoken to her since lunchtime. Fiona comments that he doesn't know, then. Mitch says, "Don't know what?" Fiona explains that it's Todd Fisher: he died: he and Amanda were living together up until a couple of weeks ago; he only left her because he knew he was dying; Amanda was very upset - she was in a terrible state when came there; maybe he'd better cancel the date tonight? Mitch, though, suggests that maybe he'd better go round and see if he can help. Fiona, looking worried, warns him that he doesn't know what he's doing. Mitch, though, retorts that he's been through it too.

Mitch is sitting in semi-darkness in the corridor outside the Morrell apartment when Amanda comes along. He stands up and says, "Hello." Amanda, though, tells him that she's sorry but she's going to have to cancel tonight. Mitch explains that Fiona told him. Amanda opens the door and then goes to shut it, but finds Mitch blocking the way. She tells him that she just said-- Mitch interrupts her and says he reckons she needs someone around. Amanda retorts that she doesn't need anybody around, so can he please leave? Mitch tells her that she has to talk. Amanda suddenly yells, "Go away. I don't want you. I want to be left alone. I want him back..." She suddenly bursts into tears again and puts her head on Mitch's shoulder. Mitch soothingly tells her that it's OK - she should let it all out. He adds, "I'm here now. I'll look after you..."


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