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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona is dialling a number on the 'phone in her apartment. As it starts ringing, there's a knock on the apartment door, and when the call isn't answered, Fiona hangs up and goes to see who her visitor is. She opens the door and finds Barbara and Gordon standing there. Barbara says she hopes Fiona doesn't mind them dropping by, and Fiona assures her that of course she doesn't. Barbara explains that they just wanted to give her the good news: Gordon has had a first-class report from the doctor. Fiona exclaims that that's wonderful. Gordon explains that he's allowed to take more exercise and to take more of an interest in the business - which he's looking forward to. Fiona smiles and says, "I bet!" Changing the subject, Barbara comments to Fiona that it must be wonderful to be in a place of her own. Fiona admits that she was beginning to think it was never going to happen! Barbara looks round and tells her that it's nice. Fiona thanks her. She then tells her and Gordon that she's been trying to get hold of them for most of the afternoon; did they know that Todd has died? Looking shocked, Gordon replies, "No." Fiona explains that Amanda got the news at about lunchtime. Barbara asks how she's taking it. Fiona replies that she was in a terrible state when she came there; she wanted to talk to Irene but she's in Melbourne. Barbara turns to Gordon and tells him that she thinks they should go there. Fiona chips in that she should warn them: they're liable to run into Mitch. Looking surprised, Barbara asks if he's with Amanda. Fiona explains that they'd arranged a date before she got the news. Barbara asks if he didn't have the tact to back out. Fiona replies that he thought he could help. Barbara, making her way to the door, says she'll tell Fiona how it goes later on. Fiona opens the door and her visitors leave. Fiona looks worried.

At the Morrell apartment, Mitch is looking at the photos on the coffee table of Todd and Amanda. Amanda comes back into the room and he asks her if she's feeling better now. She nods. He then goes on that he reckons she needs a drink. Amanda warns, "Mitch..." Mitch quickly suggests that a glass of water would probably be better. Amanda gently tells him that she knows he's trying to help and he's been very good, but she'd rather be by herself. Mitch assures her that there's no need to feel embarrassed; it's OK: he knows what she's going through - he's been there himself; what he remembers most is being all alone - as if no one could give a damn. He bitterly adds, "The truth was, nobody could have given a damn." Amanda asks what happened. Mitch explains that he was in jail for killing a bloke: he'd been at a bar with his girlfriend - Sharon - and this guy tried to chat her up, and he told him to get lost, but he kept on at her; he took a swing at the guy and the next thing he knew it was an all-out brawl; his temper got the better of him... he kept hitting him and-- He breaks off before saying, "Eleven years I got." He goes on that most of his friends didn't have anything to do with him after that - but Sharon kept writing to him and coming to see him; he always knew she'd be there when he got out. Amanda says, "She wasn't?" Mitch agrees, "No - she died in a car accident." Amanda, looking sympathetic, says, "Mitch..." Mitch goes on that, when they told him... the screw just told him and put him back in his cell - he didn't even say he was sorry; that night, all he wanted was someone to be there, that's all - so he understands... if she wants him to go, he will... but if she'd like him to stay... Amanda tells him that she'd like him to stay.

Fiona is taking a bag of carrots out of the cupboard in her kitchen when Katie gets in and calls to her. Fiona calls back to her and Katie comes in and joins her. She asks Fiona if she's made dinner yet. Fiona replies that she hasn't, and Katie tells her that that's good, as she's being wined and dined tonight. She then goes on that there's something she wanted to ask Fiona, too: is there still a bedsit free? Fiona replies that she thinks there is. Katie asks her if she can hang onto it for her: now that she's signed a new deal, she'd like to make Sydney her base for a few months. Fiona asks her what her parents will think, but Katie assures her that they'll understand; she'll ring them tomorrow and explain. Fiona then says she presumes it's Wayne that Katie is going out with tonight. Katie says, "Yes." Fiona asks her whether it wouldn't be him that's making her want to stay in Sydney, rather than computer games. Katie stares at her, and she goes on, "You know he's married?" Katie assures her that he's told her all about Amanda. Fiona growls, "I bet." Katie insists that he has - and they're separated; their marriage is over. Fiona asks her if she's ever asked herself why; the man is no good. Katie retorts that other people may think so, but she doesn't - and she intends to see as much of him as she likes. Fiona looks worried.

A while later, Katie is at the Fisher house, but Jill tells her that Wayne isn't quite ready yet - he's in the study, on the 'phone, talking to a business contact. Katie admits that she's a bit early anyway. Looking at the pile of files on the table, she comments, "Busy day?" Jill explains that the boss is due back tomorrow and she's going to scream blue murder if they haven't got everything done. Katie remarks that she sounds like a bit of a dragon. Jill replies that she isn't really - she's going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment: her stepson just died. Katie comments that she can't blame her, then. Jill adds that she was very fond of Todd; she feels sorry for her - and Amanda. Looking surprised, Katie asks what Amanda has got to do with it. Jill explains that she was living with Todd when he went away. Katie says she can't understand how some people are so down on Wayne, in that case - they can hardly blame him for his marriage break-up if Amanda went off to live with some other guy. Jill retorts that it isn't like that: Wayne and Amanda's marriage was well and truly on the rocks before Todd turned up - and it was Wayne's fault. Katie sourly says she always thought it took two to break up a marriage. Jill tells her that there's a lot she doesn't understand: Wayne can be nice as pie most of the time, but when it suits him, he can be really nasty. Katie retorts that he's always been very pleasant to her. At that moment, Wayne comes into the room, and taking in Katie's appearance, he asks how the stunner is: ready to paint the town red after dinner? Katie smiles and replies that she is as long as he promises to help. Wayne puts an arm round her and says, "Try and stop me!"

Amanda and Mitch are sitting at the dining table at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda comments to Mitch that he's not a bad cook; does he know that? Mitch, though, points out that it's a bit hard to go wrong with toasted sandwiches! There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Mitch asks if he should tell them to go. Amanda replies that he should - the last thing she feels like is visitors. There's another knock, and as Mitch gets up to answer it, he snaps, "Keep your pants on." He opens the door to find Barbara standing there. She curtly says, "Hello, Mitch. I'd like to see Amanda." Mitch retorts that she's not up to seeing anyone. Barbara snaps that she's Amanda's aunt. Mitch snaps that he doesn't care who she is - Amanda doesn't want to see her. Amanda, though, suddenly calls out that it's alright, and so Barbara walks into the apartment, leaving Mitch standing by the door, looking annoyed. He eventually shuts the door and joins Amanda and Barbara back at the table. Barbara sits down and tells Amanda that she came over as soon as she heard; she's so sorry. Amanda says it's alright. Barbara asks her why she doesn't come back to Dural with her. Amanda murmurs, "No." Barbara tells her that she can't stay there on her own. Amanda, though, explains that it's where Todd used to live - she wants to stay there. She suddenly gets up and runs off. Mitch immediately asks Barbara why she had to come and stick her nose in - he was doing alright keeping Amanda's mind off Todd until she turned up; the last thing Amanda needs is to be upset all over again. Barbara curtly retorts that Amanda is her niece and this is a family matter. Mitch points out that she wasn't there when Amanda needed her. Barbara retorts that she is now - and she appreciates him staying with her niece until she arrived, but there's no need to take up any more of his time. Mitch, a look of fury on his face, gets up and walks to the door. He then pauses, turns back to Barbara, and, pointing at her threateningly, warns, "You just look after her, that's all."

The next morning, Barbara is on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, talking to Gordon, and she tells him that they'll see him later on. She hangs up and rejoins Andy at the breakfast table. He tells her that it will be good for Amanda to get away from everything and stay with her and Mr. Hamilton for a while. Barbara glumly comments that it took her the whole night to persuade Amanda; that's why she's still there - and even then, Amanda only agreed because Stephen is coming down from Woombai; he's flying out to the States tomorrow. Andy, looking angry with himself, says he should have been there when the call came through about Todd. Barbara, though, points out that he wasn't to know - although she does admit that it would have been good if he had been around: he might have encouraged Mitch to mind his own business. Andy asks what Mitch was doing there. Barbara replies that he was giving Amanda support - or so Amanda imagines; she supposes he thought he was doing the right thing. She goes on that he was very pleasant when he came over to the house, but there's just something about him... Andy explains that he's had a few run-ins with him, too; he doesn't think Mitch should be hanging round Amanda so much there. Barbara agrees that neither does she. She goes on that, if Mitch comes looking for her, Andy should do his best to put him off. Andy says he will. At that moment, Amanda joins them from her bedroom, and Barbara asks her how she is this morning. She replies that she's a bit better than she was last night. Barbara offers her some breakfast. Amanda, still looking upset, just replies that coffee will be fine.

At the Fishers', Jill asks Mitch how he likes living at the boarding house. Mitch just grunts that it's OK. Jill asks if that's all. Mitch curtly asks her what she expects him to say; he wouldn't live there if he didn't like it. Jill snaps, "Talk about getting out of the wrong side of bed. What's wrong with you?" Mitch snaps that it's nothing. Wayne comes into the room and tells Mitch that he's got a rush job for him - the tender for the Barlow account: they can't risk losing it by waiting any longer. Jill goes to get an envelope for it. Wayne tells Mitch not to waste any time getting it to Barlow. Mitch angrily asks him what he thought he was going to do: go via the Blue Mountains or something? Wayne mutters that he wouldn't be surprised. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne picks it up and snaps, "Wayne Morrell." Katie comes on and lightly comments that someone's in a bad mood, aren't they! Wayne, calming down, explains that he's just a bit snowed under, that's all. Katie tells him to take a break: she could come round and they could have lunch together. Wayne, though, replies that it's a bit difficult: his boss will be back at any time; he wouldn't like her and Karen running into each other. Katie asks why not. Wayne explains that, the thing is, he and Karen have been having an affair; it's all over as far as he's concerned, but she doesn't think so; if she saw him with Katie, she might get a bit nasty. Katie says she sees. Wayne goes on that he'll try and get away for dinner; he'll explain it then. He hangs up. Jill comes back in and asks Mitch if he knows where Lockwood Street is. Mitch retorts that he can look it up in the directory. He walks over to the table, on top of which is a street map lying open, and he looks up the road. As he does so, he glances round to see Wayne and Jill talking to each other. He then picks up a pen and adds a '1' in front of the building number that Jill has written on the envelope.

Gordon is sitting out by the pool at Dural. Barbara joins him and comments, "That's the life!" She then asks if Stephen has arrived, but Gordon tells her that he won't be there for an hour or two yet. He asks where Amanda is, and Barbara replies that she's inside - finding out if she's pregnant or not. As Gordon looks puzzled, she goes on that Amanda made her stop at a chemist's on the way back and buy a self-test kit. Gordon remarks that she's a bit anxious, isn't she? Barbara replies that she's just desperate to have Todd's baby - not that she agrees with that. Gordon comments that it's going to be hard for her whichever way it goes. Barbara grimly says she doesn't know what to do. Amanda suddenly wanders out of the house, looking downcast, and announces that it was negative. Barbara just says, "Oh." Amanda adds that the test could be wrong. Barbara tells her that sometimes they are, but most of the time they're right. Amanda says she'll just have to wait and see, won't she. She wanders off again, and Gordon comments to Barbara, "She's depressed." Barbara, looking worried, says she hopes Stephen can pull her out of it.

At the Fisher house, Wayne comments to Jill that she's got a lot of files in front of her, Jill explains that she's trying to get up-to-date before Karen gets back. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing. Wayne answers it and Mitch comes on. Wayne angrily asks him where the hell he's got to, as it doesn't take two hours to drive to Chatswood and back. Mitch explains that he's still trying to find 110 Lockwood Street - no one seems to know where it is. Wayne snaps, "It's 10, idiot." Mitch angrily warns him to watch who he calls an idiot; he's only going by what's on the envelope. Wayne retorts that he doesn't care what's on the envelope; Mitch should get it to number 10, and if they lose the account because of his stupidity, there'll be hell to pay. Mitch angrily retorts that not with him there won't - he didn't write the address. Wayne slams the 'phone down, walks over to Jill and asks her where she got the address from. Jill replies that it was from Barlow's file: 10 Lockwood Street. Wayne snaps that she put 110. Jill retorts that she didn't. Wayne asks who did, then. Jill tells him that she doesn't know, but it certainly wasn't her. Wayne angrily tells her that it's the second mistake she's made in two days - she's probably lost them two accounts now. Jill suggests that it could be Mitch. Wayne asks her what she's talking about. Jill points out that he knows Mitch doesn't like her; he could have changed the address to make it look like it was her fault. Wayne snaps at her not to be ridiculous: she mustn't have had her mind on the job. Jill retorts that she has; she didn't put the wrong address on that blasted envelope. Unheard by either of them, Karen suddenly comes into the room. She muses, "Well, well, well... good to see everything running smoothly."

A few moments later, Wayne is explaining that they were supposed to get the tender across to Barlow's by 1pm, but it was closer to 3pm. Jill chips in that they haven't called or anything; not yet, anyway. Wayne goes on that he was yelling at Jill because he thought she'd made a slip-up with the address, but they have a new courier; he's not very familiar with Sydney and he could have got lost; he might have changed the address to cover himself. Karen, sounding calm, points out that they haven't lost the account yet. She then tells Jill to take the rest of the day off. Seeing the look on Jill's face, she quickly assures her that it's nothing to do with the file; she just wants to be by herself. Jill makes to leave them room, but she pauses and tells Karen that she's sorry to hear about Todd. Karen thanks her and she goes. Wayne comments to Karen that he thought Nat would have come back with her - or has he stayed over for the funeral? Karen explains that the funeral won't be for a while yet - there's to be an autopsy first; Fisher is staying on for that; there's talk of negligence over the way Todd died. Looking surprised, Wayne asks what happened, but Karen replies that no one seems quite sure yet. She then says she thinks she'll rest for a bit. Wayne comments that she looks exhausted, and Karen agrees that she is. She then adds that it was awful: she's never seen Fisher so upset - trying to keep her own lip up and helping him cope at the same time wasn't easy. She tells Wayne that she's glad he's there; while she was away, she realised just how much she needed him. Wayne hugs her...

Andy opens the door at the Morrell apartment and looks annoyed to find Mitch standing there. He tells him that, if he's looking for Amanda, she's not there. Mitch growls, "Oh yeah?" Andy retorts, "Yeah." He then adds that, even if she was, she's not up to seeing her friends right now, so Mitch should stop pestering her. Mitch snaps that he only wants to help her. Andy retorts that she has her family for that. Mitch snaps that a great job they're doing - he and Amanda were getting along great last night until some aunt stuck her nose in. Andy just mutters, "Whatever you say." A look of fury in his eyes, Mitch warns him not to get smart or he'll end up with his head smacked in. Andy snaps that he's not getting smart with anyone; all he's saying is that there are enough people round there to help without Mitch getting involved. Mitch retorts that, OK, if Andy thinks he knows what's best, he'll ask Amanda - let her decide whether she wants to see him or not. Andy points out that he'll have to find her first. Mitch retorts that he'll find her; Andy shouldn't worry his pretty little head about that. He storms off.

Wayne walks into the lounge room at the Fishers' and finds Karen sitting on the couch. He comments that he thought she was going to have a rest. Karen explains that she's too wound-up to sleep. Wayne sits down next to her and she goes on that he wouldn't have believed it was the same Todd; she and Fisher arrived and she couldn't get over how quickly he'd gone downhill; he looked terrible... he had so much pain...; she just hopes Fisher doesn't push the matter any further. Wayne comments that she mentioned something about that before, but Karen quickly changes the subject and suggests that they don't talk about it anymore - she'll only get upset. She asks him if he's thought about what she said before she left, but Wayne replies that he doesn't think this is the time to talk about them. Karen, though, tells him that she loves him - and she'd like to know how he feels. Wayne puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her that she's a beautiful woman; he likes her - but he doesn't love her. Karen sadly says she knew he was going to say that. She goes on that they could work at it; the trouble is, they're both so tied-up in business, they never have a chance to get to know each other. Wayne casts his eyes away. Karen asks him if he doesn't want to give it a chance. Wayne, though, asks what the point would be; it would only be pretending, and she's the last person he wants to hurt. Karen murmurs, "Of course..." Wayne tells her that he's sorry, but she wanted to know. He walks out.

Fiona opens the front door of her apartment and looks delighted to find Jill standing there. She asks her what she's doing there, as she thought she was at work. Jill explains that she's got the afternoon off. Staring at the glum expression on the girl's face, Fiona comments that she doesn't look very happy about it. Jill tells her, "It's Mitch." Fiona asks, "What about him?" Jill explains that he's trying to get her the sack - and she'd like Fiona to tell him to lay off.

Karen is pouring herself a drink in the lounge room at the Fisher house when Mitch suddenly walks in. Looking surprised, Karen asks him if he usually walks into people's houses without knocking. Mitch retorts that, when he works for them, he does. He asks her who she is, and Karen introduces herself, adding that she happens to live there. Mitch tells her that he didn't realise. He then introduces himself and explains that he's the new courier. Karen says, "I see." Mitch goes on that he was going to knock off, but he thought he'd drop back to see if there were any urgent deliveries. Karen says she'll ask Wayne. Before she can walk off, Mitch stops her and asks her if Wayne or Jill told her anything about him. Karen replies, "Not much." Mitch comments that it's probably just as well, as he's the sort of bloke who likes to speak up for himself. Looking intrigued, Karen tells him that she's listening. Mitch explains that he's just got out of jail - but he's a good worker and he won't give her any trouble; he just wants a chance to prove himself. Karen listens and then says she understands there was some problem delivering an envelope earlier. Mitch retorts that that wasn't his fault: the envelope was addressed wrongly; if she doesn't believe him, she can check with Barlow's office - it was Jill's mistake, honest. Karen, looking thoughtful, says she can see no reason why he should lie about the matter. Mitch assures her that he isn't. Karen tells him that, in that case, he can keep the job. She walks off to tell Wayne that he's there. Mitch stands there, looking annoyed.

Fiona and Jill are sitting at the table in Fiona's apartment, and Fiona asks Jill if she's saying that she thinks Mitch deliberately changed the address on the envelope. Jill replies that, yes, she does - to make her look bad. She adds that he was probably behind yesterday's mix-up as well, and she explains about the files in the two envelopes being switched. Fiona smiles and comments that Mitch has certainly been busy! Jill, looking incredulous, asks Fiona if she doesn't believe her; he's honestly out to get her: he thinks she double-crossed Terry by not marrying him and now she has to pay for it. Fiona asks her if she doesn't think she's making one very big mistake, but Jill retorts, "No." Fiona asks her if she couldn't have been the one who addressed the envelope incorrectly. Jill admits that it's possible, but adds that it's highly unlikely. She then asks Fiona whose side she's on anyway. Fiona tells her not to get upset: if she was 100% certain that Mitch was in the wrong, she'd turf him out in five minutes flat, but he's just come out of jail and neither of them are sure that he's the one in the wrong - so they've got to give him the benefit of the doubt. Jill snaps that she's supposed to just sit and cop it, is she? Fiona assures her that, no she isn't; she promises she'll keep an eye on him; if he gets up to any tricks, she'll know about it - but she cannot risk the chance of doing him an injustice. Jill looks annoyed.

Wayne and Mitch are in the lounge room at the Fisher house, and Wayne curtly says to Mitch that he doesn't know if he can trust him to deliver the morning paper after the mess-up he made today. Mitch angrily growls at Wayne to just tell him if there are any more deliveries. Wayne retorts, "When I'm good and ready." He then goes on that Mitch is gutless, too, trying to put the blame onto Jill. Mitch snaps that she was the one who made the mistake. Wayne snaps back that that's bull; the more he thinks about it, the more he realises that Jill is too professional to do something like that; why doesn't Mitch just admit it: he got lost and spent two hours trying to work out north from south. A look of fury in his eyes, Mitch snaps at Wane to call the Barlows and ask them what address is on the envelope; that's what he told Mrs. Fox to do and she believed his story. Wayne retorts that he doesn't care: Mitch is a a troublemaker. He adds that he knew it was a mistake taking on one of Amanda's charity cases; as far as he's concerned, Mitch can finish up today. Mitch suddenly grabs Wayne's arm and snaps, "Like hell I will." He goes on furiously that Wayne has treated him like dirt since the moment he walked in there, and no one does that. Wayne pulls away his arm and yells at him to just get out; he'll send the money they owe round to Fiona's. Mitch suddenly lashes out and punches Wayne on the chin. He falls backwards and drops to the ground, but Mitch hauls him up and, holding him from behind, wraps his right arm round Wayne's throat. As Wayne begins to struggle to breathe, Karen walks in and, seeing what's happening, yells at Mitch to get off him. Mitch yells that he deserves it. Karen struggles with him, crying, "Get off him, you lunatic," and manages to pull his arm away. Wayne growls that they should have left Mitch in jail. Mitch snaps that Wayne has got no right to fire him. Karen tells him that he has - and so has she; no one who works for her behaves like that; he can get out. Mitch angrily takes the keys to the car out of his pocket and throws them at Wayne. He goes to walk off but then pauses, turns and, looking at Karen, but indicating Wayne, tells her that he doesn't know why she sticks up for that mongrel. He goes on that Wayne has been having a great old time while she's been away: he heard them on the 'phone this morning. Looking at Wayne, he adds, "What's her name: 'Katie'?" Wayne glares at him. Mitch goes on that he can't blame Wayne - she's a good-looking young piece. Looking again at Karen, he adds, "Better than being stuck with a sour-faced old bag like you." He then storms off, leaving Wayne looking at Karen in concern.


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