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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

A short time later, David is on the 'phone, telling the person at the other end that he thinks Patricia needs him; can he call them back as soon as he gets in? He adds, "Thanks," and hangs up. He then turns to Patricia, who's sitting at the kitchen table, and tells her that Ross isn't there, so he left a message on the answering machine. He sits down with her and tells her to listen: it might have been someone trying to get onto a friend called Margaret. Patricia cries that she said she was her sister. David points out that that's impossible, and Patricia cries that she knows, but she heard it; either someone is trying to scare her or they're trying to convince her that she's going mad - she knows it sounds far-fetched, but there's no other explanation. She asks him if he doesn't believe her. David asks who it could be. Patricia suggests that it could be Irene, but David tells her that if Irene wanted to have a go at her, she'd come right out in the open. Patricia then suggests Heather, and she says to David not to tell her that Heather isn't capable of it. David insists that Heather wouldn't. Patricia asks why not - Heather has hated her ever since she told her that her son was a murderer; she's probably trying to get her own back. David, though, says she's too decent. Patricia suddenly snaps that she sees: Irene is too upfront and Heather is too decent; well somebody made that call. David tells her that she imagined it - that's the only explanation; Margaret is dead. Patricia stands up and snaps that she just can't win, can she? - she loses if they drive her crazy and she loses if they don't - and he thinks she's a candidate for the funny farm. David stands up as well and insists that that isn't true - he'll never give up on her; he loves her. Patricia suddenly hugs him and cries, "David..." She adds sadly that she just wishes those people would leave them alone...

Karen is trying to tidy up the lounge room at the Fisher house, stepping over things gingerly as she does so. The door suddenly opens and Alan walks in, saying as he does so that while he was-- He breaks off as he sees the mess. Karen explains that she had a visitor - someone who didn't like her business methods. Looking shocked, Alan asks her if they hit her. Karen nods and replies that it's a pity he didn't have a ringside seat, as he always said she needed a good smack in the mouth. Alan starts helping her to tidy up. As he does so, Karen comments that you wouldn't think one man could do so much damage. Alan asks who it was, but Karen doesn't answer. Alan points out that she'll have to lay charges, but she snaps, "No." Looking surprised, Alan asks why not. Karen retorts that she doesn't think it's a good idea - and he's not to argue, as she's had enough for one day. She picks up one of the smashed pictures and looks at it sadly. Alan tells her to go and get cleaned up and he'll clear up the mess. Karen ignores this, though, instead saying she bought the picture she's holding when she first left home - it's worthless, but she'll miss it. Alan comments that it's a pity it wasn't a Picasso; she could have collected on the insurance and been rid of him for good. Looking annoyed, Karen cries at him that he never lets up, does he? She storms out.

Mitch is with Fiona in her flat, and he comments that Terry wouldn't shoot though without telling him. Fiona, though, retorts that it's because of him that Terry left. Mitch tells her to come off it. Fiona goes on that Terry didn't give her many details, but she got the distinct impression that he had to drag Mitch out of some sort of trouble. Mitch asks, "Where is he?" Fiona retorts that Terry told her not to tell him. Mitch growls that he's not going until she does, but Fiona warns him not to try to throw his weight around. Mitch insists that he's just asking for a chance to square things with Terry, but Fiona tells him that he's not going to get it; Terry is better off without him, and that's the way things are going to stay. Mitch walks off, angrily. Fiona shuts the door behind him, looking worried.

At the Fisher house, Alan is on the 'phone talking to Fay, and he tells her that he'll drop in on the insurance office tomorrow. Karen walks into the room, wearing her dressing down and followed by Jill. As Alan hangs up, she asks him if the police have got any hope of recovering the jewellery. Alan replies that they haven't got much hope - they reckon the guys that did it were real pros. Looking surprised, Karen asks what makes them think that. Alan explains that it's the scam they were working: it takes a lot of knowhow and planning to break into a house, photograph the jewellery, get copies made, fence the stuff-- Karen suddenly interrupts him, a look of bemusement on her face, and says, "Copies?" Alan replies that that's right: when they broke in, they left paste copies of the real thing; didn't Fay tell her? Karen explains that she didn't give her a chance. Alan goes on that if they hadn't set off a back-up alarm and left the safe open, nobody would be any the wiser. Jill comments that, gee, you can be lucky sometimes, can't you? Karen suddenly bursts out laughing and agrees that, yes, you can! Alan, looking surprised, asks what's so funny. Karen tells him that she's sorry - it's a private joke. She walks out of the room, still laughing in delight. When she's gone, Jill remarks to Alan that it looks like it's all finally caught up with her. Alan, looking thoughtful, comments to Jill that she knows the sort of people Karen deals with; who does she think would come in and wreck the place? Jill tells him that she's been trying to think since she got home, but the sort of men Karen knows aren't the types to go around smashing up houses. Alan points out that obviously one is - and it's funny that she wouldn't call the police. Jill suggests that if Karen doesn't know who it was, maybe she doesn't think there's much point. Alan, though, retorts that she knows alright, but for some reason, she's not telling.

Fiona is sitting at the table in her flat, writing out a receipt for Mitch's rent. As she does this, she asks Mitch why he gave up his job with Karen anyway. Mitch just retorts - with a slur to his voice - that he'd had it. Fiona comments that he went out and celebrated by getting drunk. Mitch slurs that there's no law against having a few drinks, is there? Fiona ignores this, instead asking him what he's going to do for a job now. Mitch asks what it is to her. He then goes on and asks if she's scared that he'll bludge and get behind with the rent. Fiona warns him that he's very lucky she's letting him stay there in the first place. Mitch, though, growls, "Lucky? That's a laugh. When have I ever had any luck? Everything I touch turns sour: I find the girl I want and some rich kid gets in the way." Fiona points out to him that Alan would never have come between him and Amanda if he'd had the slightest thing going for him. Mitch angrily tells her that the system's all wrong when Alan Brandon gets the lot and he has to scrape for a living; you risk your life for your country and what do you get in return? - eleven years in stinking prison. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Mitch says he'd better go. Fiona, though, tells him to stay where he is, as he needs at least a gallon of black coffee to sober him up. She opens the door. Two men are standing there and one of them asks her if she's Mrs. Fiona Thompson. Fiona replies that she is. The man tells her that they'd like to ask her a few questions about a robbery in the Dural area this afternoon. He asks if they can come in. Mitch looks worried.

At the Fisher house, Karen dials a number on the 'phone. At Dural, Katie is in the lounge room and she walks over to answer the ringing 'phone on the bar. Karen comes on and says she thought she might still be there. She continues, "Nice party, was it?" Katie retorts, "Yes, thankyou." Karen says that's good. She then goes on that, to cap off a wonderful day, she's got some news for Katie and her boyfriend. Katie impatiently retorts that whatever it is, they're not interested. Karen smiles nastily and asks, "Not even if it means you lose your bargaining power?" She then explains that there's been a robbery at the Brandon house: the thieves left in rather a hurry, which put the police onto their little scheme: robbing people and leaving them with paste copies of their jewellery. She continues that it's rather proved a perfect out for her, hasn't it? Katie, looking annoyed, tells her, "Until we tell the police you ripped off Fay Brandon's jewellery ages ago." Karen, though, retorts that it's too late - the police think the robbery took place yesterday, not years ago; she's calling the shots again now, so Katie can tell Wayne that, from tomorrow, she's going to make his life hell. Katie slams the 'phone down in annoyance.

At her flat, Fiona tells the two detectives that she really doesn't see how she she can help them. The first detective asks her if she was at a party at the home of a Mr. Gordon Hamilton. Fiona confirms that that's correct. The detective tells her that she can check an alibi for them, then: a witness saw the robber drive off - the car was going too fast for the witness to get a good look at the bloke, but he was able to tell them the make and model of the vehicle. Mitch, who's in the kitchen, listening, looks worried. The detective goes on that they ran a computer check and it came up with a list of possible vehicles: one of them belongs to a Mr. Barney Adams . Fiona, looking shocked, asks if they think Barney Adams did this. The second detective replies that it's possible - the house in question isn't far from the Hamiltons'; Mr. Adams could easily have left the party, done the job and been back before anyone knew he was gone. Fiona tells them, "Except for one small thing: he wasn't out of my sight for more than five minutes the entire time." The first detective tells her that that's what Mr. Adams claims; is she absolutely sure? Fiona insists that she's positive - but they don't have to take her word for it. She calls to Mitch. Mitch, still looking wary, joins her in the lounge room and innocently says, "Yeah?" Fiona explains to the detectives that Mitch was at the party too - he'll verify what she was saying. She turns to Mitch and fills him in that the policemen seem to think Barney left Charlie's party to do a robbery. Mitch tells the two men that there's no way - he was there every second. Fiona adds that she can give them the names of some of the other guests-- The first detective, though, declines the offer. He then continues that it looks like they can cross Mr. Adams off their list. He thanks Fiona for her co-operation. Fiona assures him, "Any time," and she goes to see the two of them out, leaving Mitch looking thoughtful.

The next morning, a car is driving along a road. It then pulls in to the side of the road and Ross gets out of the driver's seat. A young blonde woman gets out of the passenger side. Ross tells her that they'll be passing there at exactly 9:25am - she has to be in position by then. The woman assures him that she will be. Ross goes on that she won't have long to do her stuff - the police will be right behind him and if they see her-- The woman interrupts him and snaps that he doesn't have to spell it out. Ross murmurs, "Right." The woman then asks when she gets her money. Ross takes some bags out of the trunk of the car and tells her that she'll get it this afternoon. The women says to him that she does get paid whether this woman buys her act or not? Ross assures her that she'll buy it. The woman says she doesn't see why he needs her to get this woman certified - she must be loony already. Ross, though, replies that she isn't yet - but if she thinks she's seen her sister, it might just drive her over the edge...

A while later, Ross is at the country house and, in the kitchen, he gives Patricia an injection and tells her that it should relax her for her visit to the psychologist. Patricia comments that she could have done with this to help her relax last night. Ross tells her that he's sorry he couldn't get over - it was rather late when he finished surgery. He then goes on that, however, there is some good news. He takes out the photo of Margaret in its leather wallet and hands it to Patricia, explaining that one of the nurses found it. Patricia, looking surprised, asks how it got to the hospital. Ross suggests that she must have dropped it there, but Patricia cries that, no, she didn't - it was stolen; she knows it was. David warns her not to upset herself - she's got to look her best when she see Dr. Ingrams.

Ross is driving his car along the same road he was driving along a little earlier. He's being followed by the policemen who are protecting Patricia. She is sitting in the passenger seat, but she puts her hands over her eyes, and Ross, looking concerned, asks if the glare is too much for her. Patricia agrees, "Just a little." Ross pulls down her sun visor. Patricia then looks down - the photo of Margaret is resting on her lap. As she stares at it, it goes in and out of focus. Ross looks at the police car in his wingmirror and then puts his foot down, so that he starts pulling away from it. Patricia shakes her head and tells him that she can't seem to focus. Ross tells her that she needs to get some air - nerves can play some very funny tricks on you when you're too anxious about things; he'll pull over; she should just take a few deep breaths and try and relax. He pulls into the side of the road. The woman he was with earlier is standing there, wearing a blue dress and hat and looking very similar to Margaret. Patricia suddenly spots her and whispers in shock, "Margaret... Margaret..." She opens the door and gets out of the car. Suddenly looking worried, Ross calls after her to ask her where she's going. Patricia goes and stands a few feet away from 'Margaret'. Ross joins her and Patricia tells him, "It's my sister, Margaret." Staring straight at the woman, Ross tells Patricia that there's nobody there. 'Margaret' suddenly turns and starts to walk away. Patricia cries after her, "Don't go..." Ross gently tells her that there was never anybody there. The police car finally catches up with Ross's parked car, by which time 'Margaret' is completely out of sight. Patricia whispers to Ross, "I'm not going mad. Please believe me. I'm not going mad." Ross calmly assures her, "It's alright. It's alright..."

A while later, Patricia is sitting, staring into space in the kitchen at the country house. Ross tells David to believe him - he wishes there was another way, but Dr. Ingrams is right, and Patricia admitted it: she desperately needs therapy and she can only get that in a sanatorium. David sighs that he wishes he'd gone with her now. Ross assures him that it wouldn't have made any difference - he only has to look at her: she's retreating into her own little world and she's fantasising about hearing and seeing Margaret because she wants her in that world with her. David mutters that he wouldn't know anything about that - but he'd hate to see her shut up with a bunch of loonies. Ross assures him that she won't be anywhere near any of the hopeless cases; the place they've arranged for her is very, very pleasant. David, looking worried, says that if that's what she wants... He then asks how long she'll have to be there for. Ross replies that it's hard to say - it could be a while. There's suddenly a knock on the kitchen door and Mike asks if he can come in. David, though, says he'll come out. Turning back to Ross, he tells him not to go for a second. Ross says he won't - he's got arrangements to finalise. David heads outside. Ross puts his hands on Patricia's shoulders and he gently asks her if she's OK. Patricia murmurs, "Mmm... it's just difficult to concentrate, that's all." Ross tells her to just rest - don't fight it.

Just outside, David thanks Mike - and Heather, who's there as well - for coming over. Heather, who's wearing a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses and carrying a shopping bag, assures him that it's the least they could do. She adds that when Mike 'phoned and told her what had happened, she felt so ashamed of herself. Mike tells David that he and Heather know how much Patricia still thinks of her sister; no way in the world would she go and make up stories about her coming back from the dead. Heather chips in that she'd like to apologise for the things she said the other day - she still can't forgive Patricia for a lot of things she's said and done, but he's a friend. Mike suggests to Heather that she stick around and make them some lunch and he'll drop her home this afternoon. He asks David if that will be alright, and David replies that sure it will - Patricia will need all the support she can get right now, and he can only hope, in time, that Heather will feel more relaxed with her. Heather murmurs, "We'll see."

Inside, Patricia snaps at Ross that she knows what she said, but she's changed her mind. Ross insists that he wants her-- Patricia interrupts him and retorts that she doesn't want to go; she wants to stay there. David comes back in from outside and Patricia immediately pleads with him that she doesn't have to go to the sanatorium, does she? David looks at Ross and then tells her, "Not if you don't want to." Ross sighs and agrees that, alright, they'll put it off for a while - but she needs some rest. He tips a couple of tablets onto his hand, hands them to her and tells her to take them. Patricia points out that he's already got her on tablets, and Ross replies that he knows, but this is just something a little extra to make her sleep. Patricia takes them and goes to the sink, where she runs a glass of water. As she does this, David comments to Ross that that seemed to fix it. Ross, though, asks him if he thinks so. He doesn't notice Patricia pushing the tablets through the plug hole in the sink and then pretending to swallow them as he goes on that she's not well and she's not going to get better just because she's getting a little rest and quiet; she needs proper treatment. As Patricia finishes 'swallowing' the tablets, he asks her how she'd like to lie down for a bit. Patricia looks at David and says she's sorry she's such a trial. David assures her that all he wants is for her to get well. Patricia heads out to her bedroom. When she's gone, David asks Ross if he wants to stay for a cuppa, but Ross declines, explaining that he's got a lot to do before now and 4:30pm. He then hands David a sheet of paper and tells him that he needs him to sign it. David, looking surprised, asks what it is. Ross tells him that, as Patricia's husband, he needs his authorisation in order to commit her. David stares at him in shock, and Ross goes on that he's sorry he's got to do this, but if Patricia won't co-operate-- David interrupts and snaps at him that he's got to be joking - if she doesn't want to go, that's it as far as he's concerned. Ross, though, asks him what the alternative is - let her stay there and get worse by the minute? He reminds David that he's read Dr. Ingrams' report; what more does he want? David cries that Patricia wouldn't ever trust him again if he had her locked up. Ross tells him that she won't get any better if she stays there. He then reminds David that he's her husband - he's supposed to love her. He goes on, "For God's sake, be man enough to do what has to be done." He hands David a pen and pushes the sheet of paper towards him on the table. David looks at him and then reluctantly signs it. He then throws the pen down on the table. Ross stands there, a faint smile on his face...

At the Fisher house, Jill comes off the 'phone as Alan walks into the lounge room. He's wearing a tracksuit, and Jill asks him if he's been to the gym again, adding that he really is a fitness fanatic. Alan explains that he's into boxing - he's got an ex-champ coaching him. Karen comes in and sourly remarks that it's a pity he wasn't around last night - he'd have ended up with two black eyes and some broken bones. Alan growls that any guy who's gutless enough to hit a women wouldn't give him much competition, but Karen retorts that she wouldn't bet on it. Changing the subject, she asks Jill if there are any letters for her to sign. Jill replies that there are heaps, and she hands Karen a folder. She then goes on that Mitch hasn't shown up; she's been trying to ring him but he's just not answering. Karen quickly says she's sorry; she meant to tell her: Mitch packed in his job last night. Jill, looking surprised, exclaims, "Oh!" She then adds that it's good riddance to him, if you ask her - she never did feel safe with him around. Karen agrees that she certainly did make a boo-boo when she hired him. She then tells Jill that she's turned out alright, though; in fact, she's earned herself a break - remind her to give her a few days off. She walks off, leaving Jill smiling happily. She comments to Alan that she never expected Karen to be in such a good mood. Alan, though, is clearly thinking about other things, and he mutters that he can't understand how he didn't see it: the day Karen gets attacked, Mitch quits - and who else is going to go around smashing up the place? - no one. Jill, looking concerned, says to him that he's not going to front Mitch, is he? Alan retorts that damn right he is - it's about time someone taught him a lesson. He storms out. Jill calls to Karen in concern.

A short time later, Alan is banging on the door of Mitch's bedsit, yelling Mitch's name, but there's no response. Fiona comes along the corridor, holding a bag of shopping, and she tells Alan that Mitch isn't there. Alan curtly asks where he is, and Fiona replies that he's job hunting. Alan asks when he'll be back, but Fiona tells him that she's got no idea. She asks him if he'd like to leave a message, but Alan declines, saying he'll have it out with Mitch later...

Outside, Alan is walking down the driveway of the boarding house when Mitch turns into it from the pavement. As he does so, Alan growls, "Well, if it isn't the big war hero." Mitch impatiently asks him what he wants. Alan sneers at him that he wonders what his old army buddies would think if they knew how he was getting his kicks these days. Mitch growls at him to watch it, but Alan snaps, "No you watch it - nobody bashes my mother." Mitch asks who said he did. Alan suddenly lunges out and punches him on the jaw. Mitch immediately growls, "Alright - you asked for it. I'm really going to enjoy this..." The two of them start fighting: Mitch punches Alan on the jaw twice and then punches him in the stomach. As Alan recovers his composure, he grabs Mitch and the two of them start grappling. Mitch then doles out several punches to Alan's face. Alan knees him in the stomach, but it doesn't have much effect, and Mitch quickly punches Alan's jaw again and knocks him over. He pulls him up and the fight continues. A car suddenly pulls in by the side of the road and Karen gets out. At the same time, Fiona comes out of the boarding house. The two women approach the men and Karen cries at them to stop it. Mitch hits Alan one more time before Karen pulls them apart and helps Alan onto the ground. Blood is streaming from his face. Mitch storms off.

A short while later, Karen and Alan are sitting in Fiona's flat, and, as she tends the wounds on his face, Karen asks Alan why he did it. Alan retorts that he decided it was time he got even with Mitch for smashing up his car. Fiona comes in from the kitchen and hands him a glass of scotch. Alan asks Karen why she came tearing after him. Karen muses that he didn't think she was going to miss out on a ringside seat, seeing him getting bashed-up, did he?! Alan mutters that he's sorry he didn't put on a better show for her. He then takes a sip of his scotch and coughs as it takes effect. Karen puts her hands on his shoulders affectionately and tells him to take it easy. Alan muses that it's a reflex action, isn't it - keeping the old defences off. Karen replies that it's force of habit. Alan tells her that they could make a go of it if they both made an effort. Karen, looking thoughtful, replies that she's willing to try if he is. Alan smiles and says, "OK."

At the country house, Patricia walks into the lounge room. As she does so, she overhears David talking in the kitchen and saying he's still not convinced he did the right thing. She then hears Heather's voice telling him that she thinks he did - Patricia is a sick woman; it's in her best interests to have treatment; she knows it couldn't have been easy to commit his own wife, but he had no choice. A look of shock crosses Patricia's face. She hears David agree, "Maybe." In the kitchen, David says he doesn't know how the hell he's going to break it to her. Changing the subject, Mike suggests to him that they could go to the timber yard now, and David agrees, "If you want." He hands Heather some chicken feed, and he and Mike head out, followed a few seconds later by Heather. When she's sure the house is empty, Patricia heads into the kitchen. She looks around and then glances down at the table. Looking thoughtful, she picks up Heather's sunglasses, hat and shopping bag.

A police car is parked a few yards from the house, and the two policemen who are keeping an eye on Patricia are sitting in the front seats. Patricia suddenly comes out of the house, wearing Heather's hat and sunglasses and carrying the bag. The overall effect is to make her look very much like Heather. In the police car, the officer in the driver's seat stares at her for a few seconds and then says, "No. Nah, it's not her. It's the other lady - the one that came up there this morning." Patricia walks over to the O'Brien car and gets into the driver's seat, looking relieved to be escaping.


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