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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

A while later, Patricia is standing in a 'phone box, dialling a number. STD pips sound and Charlie then comes on. Patricia immediately tells her to listen - this is really important: something terrible has been happening and-- She's suddenly interrupted, though, by Charlie asking her in surprise if that's her and where she's calling from, as she thought they weren't supposed to be-- Patricia interrupts her and orders her to just listen: she'll probably get a 'phone call from David soon telling her that she's going crazy; but it's just not true - somebody is trying to send her crazy so that they can send her back in the sanatorium. Sounding surprised, Charlie tells her to slow down, as she can hardly make head or tail of what she's saying; now, who is in a sanatorium? Patricia impatiently replies that nobody is yet; that's where they're trying to put her. Charlie innocently asks why, as there's nothing wrong with her, is there? Patricia retorts that of course there isn't - but everybody is trying to make out that there is. She tells Charlie to believe her: she's not crazy, but she needs her help because she has absolutely no intention of going back into that sanatorium.

In Sunbury, David and Mike arrive back at the country house and Mike comments that his car isn't there; Heather must have gone. He adds that he doesn't know why; how is he supposed to get home? David suggests that maybe she had another run-in with Patricia. At that moment, Heather runs out of the house and Mike asks her what's going on; where's the car? Heather cries that Patricia must have taken it. Looking shocked, David asks where she's gone. Heather tells him that she has no idea; she was working out the back and she went to check on her, but she'd gone; she thought she was asleep. David, looking concerned, asks how she got past the police. Heather says she doesn't know. Mike asks him if he'll tell the police that she's gone, adding that it's a condition of bail that the police know where she is. David just stands there, looking worried.

At the Fisher house, Jill is standing in the lounge room looking at a file of papers, her back to the door. Alan comes in and Jill starts to say that she wasn't expecting-- She turns to look at him and breaks off as she notices the condition of his face. She asks what happened, and Alan grimly asks her if she'd believe he walked into a door. Jill retorts, "Not unless it was made of solid steel!" She then asks if it was Mitch. Alan replies that he wishes he could say that she should see Mitch too, but he can't. Jill comments to Alan that he came out second best, did he? Alan tells her that it was a case of brawn triumphing over brains. He adds that he doesn't mind in a way, though, as it cleared the air between him and Karen. Looking surprised, Jill asks how, but all Alan tells her is, "It just cleared the air..." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Jill goes to get it. She says, "Hi!" to the person there and then escorts Wayne into the lounge room. He asks if Karen is in, as he's got some papers for her. Jill replies that she isn't, but she can take them for her. She then introduces Wayne to Alan. Wayne holds out his hand, but Alan ignores it, instead musing that he wondered when he was going to meet his mother's ex - "Or her latest ex, I suppose I should say..." Wayne growls at him that he can say what he likes. He tells Jill that he'll see her later, and he turns to leave, but Alan calls after him not to go - he can run a message for him. Handing Wayne a file, he explains that Karen wants it delivered to Gordon, and he sarcastically asks Wayne if he thinks he can manage that. Wayne growls that he's not the company courier. Alan retorts that you never know your luck in the big city - he soon might be... Wayne glares at him and snaps that he wishes he knew who did the job on Alan's face, as he'd like to shake his hand.

At Dural, Katie is in the lounge room with Gordon and she asks him if he's there anything else she can get him. Gordon assures her that he's fine. Wayne comes in and Gordon comments that he's back early. Wayne explains that he had to deliver Karen's last-ditch attempt to keep control of the company. He puts the file down on the bar and tells his father that he's supposed to read it, for what it's worth. He then turns to Katie and asks her if she's looking after the boss OK. Katie laughs that she's killing him with kindness, she suspects! Wayne turns back to Gordon and tells him that he finally got round to meeting Karen's offspring, Alan Brandon. Gordon asks what he's like, and Wayne replies that he's as bad as his mother - it proves that the apple never falls far from the tree. Gordon then asks him if he can pass him the folder. Looking surprised, Wayne asks why. Gordon explains that he'd like to read it. Wayne asks what the point would be if he wants Karen out of the company. Gordon curtly insists that he'd still like to read it. Wayne tells him that it'll be a waste of time - he'll be doing the job next week. Gordon impatiently says, "Wayne, can I have the folder - please?" Wayne reluctantly picks it up from the bar.

At the country house, David is on the 'phone to the police, and he asks the Sergeant that he's speaking to if he'll let them know if anything else comes up. He then hangs up. Mike asks, "Nothing?" David replies, "No." He then curses, "Where the hell is she?" Mike asks if there's someone she could have gone to. David tells him that she probably got so freaked out about the thought of going back to the sanatorium again that she panicked and had to get away. Heather asks him if he thinks so. David replies that it's the only thing that makes sense to him. Heather comments in a worried tone of voice that it makes her look pretty silly - it's what she accused Patricia of wanting: if she could prove some sort of insanity, it would be a way of getting off Luke's murder charge, and going into a sanatorium would certainly be pretty convincing to a jury. Mike points out that she was pretty upset when she said that. Heather explains that she just feels bad about it now. David tells her to forget it. Heather goes on that it must have been the intruder that killed Luke; it's possible: someone breaks in to rob the place and Luke catches him... you certainly read about that sort of thing happening. Mike, looking uncertain, agrees, "Yeah..." He then assures the others that the cops will find Patricia; they're not to worry. David, though, asks where they start - she could be anywhere. Mike points out that the police are on the lookout for his car; when they find that, it's a lead. David says he supposes so. He then goes on that she couldn't have got far - she hasn't got any money. He suddenly suggests that Charlie might know where she's gone: Pat could have been in touch with her - they're pretty thick with each other. Mike tells him to give her a call. David says he will.

A short time later, Charlie tells David that she's sorry, but as far as she knows, Patricia is still in Melbourne. David asks if she hasn't called, and Charlie replies, "Not a peep." She then adds that that shouldn't surprise anyone, as she and Patricia aren't speaking, remember? David says he knows - he just thought there might have been a chance. Charlie tells him that the police must have thought so too, as they called half an hour ago. David comments that the car Patricia borrowed was found at Tullamarine and they know she bought a ticket for Sydney... Charlie says she sees; that explains why-- David interrupts her before she can get any further, though, explaining that he'll have to go as a car has just pulled up outside. He asks Charlie if she'll let him know if Pat gets in touch with her, and Charlie assures her that the moment she hears anything, she'll call straight away. David thanks her and they both hang up. In Sydney, Charlie turns to Patricia, who's standing behind her in Charlie's lounge room, and moans that she hates it when she makes her lie - especially to someone like David. Patricia tells her to believe her - she doesn't like it any more than Charlie does, but what choice does she have? She adds that she's very grateful for Charlie's help; if she hadn't been there... Charlie smiles at her reassuringly and asks what friends are for if they can't lie for you occasionally. They hug each other.

Irene walks into the country house with David, who is telling her that she didn't have to come all the way out there. Irene assures that she had nothing else on this afternoon - and anyway, he sounded a bit worried when he called. David explains that he just needs someone to talk to. Irene asks if Mike wasn't understanding. David tells her that he was OK, but he's not the same as her. Irene smiles and comments that she didn't think he would be, somehow! She then suggests that they have a cuppa and she'll keep him company until they hear some news about Patricia.

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Charlie hands Patricia a cup of coffee and asks her how she's feeling now. Patricia replies that she's better than she's felt for days, actually. Charlie smiles and says, "Good!" Patricia then takes out her bottle of tablets and says she'd better take one of the them, she supposes. Looking surprised, Charlie asks why, and Patricia explains that she needs them. Charlie, though, reminds her that she just said she was feeling better than she has for days. She tells Patricia to forget the tablet and see how she goes without it. Looking worried, Patricia explains that Ross say they keep her calm. Charlie, though, points out that they haven't been working very well, have they? Patricia agrees, "True..." Suddenly looking thoughtful, she then goes on that, come to think of it, some of the worst hallucinations happened just after she'd taken a tablet or had an injection; maybe she's allergic to one of them - or both? Charlie, looking surprised, remarks that she thought Patricia said it was a person driving her crazy, not an allergy; didn't she hear Margaret on the 'phone? Patricia agrees that that's right, so it had to be somebody; but she saw Margaret - or thought she did; maybe she was just imagining the whole thing; what if it was all in her mind? Charlie, noticing Patricia becoming agitated, tells her to calm down and drink her coffee. Looking thoughtful, she then goes on that, when Patricia saw Margaret, she thought there was something wrong with her eyes... things were a bit blurry. Patricia agrees, "Yeah." Charlie asks, "Like you were drugged?" Patricia tells her that that's right. She then suggests that maybe it was Irene's tonic all along - but it can't have been because she stopped taking it and these things kept happening. Charlie comments that Ross was with her when she saw Margaret, but he said there was no one there... Patricia cries that she must be going crazy. Charlie, though, tells her, "Unless that's what Ross wants you to think..." Looking surprised, Patricia asks why he'd want to do that. Charlie says she hasn't got the faintest - but it seems to her that he's the one's who's got all the opportunities. Patricia tells her that that can't be right, but Charlie, warming to her subject, asks who else fits the theory: no one - unless Patricia is going crazy, and she doesn't believe that for a second. She asks if Ross could have anything to do with Roger Carlyle, but Patricia says she doesn't know. She then adds, though, that if Charlie's right, he must have - but God only knows why. Charlie tells her that she should go back to Melbourne and tell everyone what Ross has been up to. Patricia, though, points out that she's not sure Ross is up to anything - and anyway, she wants to think this all out clearly and she can't do that when she's got all these drugs in her system; she'll just have to lay low until she's got her wits about her and then make a move. Charlie assures her that she's welcome to stay there; she knows she's safe with her. Patricia smiles at her, gratefully.

Ross is at the country house, and as David escorts him into the kitchen, he tells David that he came as soon as he got his message. David thanks him but adds that there's nothing much they can do until they find her. Ross says he realises that. Suddenly noticing Irene sitting at the kitchen table, he says hello to her, before turning back to David and saying he must know how important it is that they find Patricia; after this little escapade, he can surely see how desperately she needs therapy. Irene suddenly chips in that she doesn't agree: Patricia was smart enough to use Heather's hat and sunglasses to fool the policemen into thinking it was Heather who was leaving and she managed to get a 'plane ticket to Sydney using Heather's credit card...; as far as she's concerned, Patricia is as sane as she is. Ross snaps at her that she obviously doesn't know anything about mental illness, then, because if she did, she'd realise that people incapable of leading a normal life can show extreme cunning when they are trying to escape from those who care; he wishes people who don't know what they're talking about would keep their uninformed ideas to themselves. Irene looks at him in surprise, and Ross quickly adds that he's sorry if he sounded rude but he's had a long day and he's very worried about Patricia. He then turns to David and asks him if he has any idea at all who Patricia could have visited in Sydney. David replies that the only person he could think of is Charlie, but he's checked and she's not with her. Ross asks if there's nobody else. David tells him, "No." Ross then announces that he's got to fly up to Sydney today on a medical conference; if David gives him Charlie's address, he'll go and see her - she might be able to give him a clue as to where Patricia is. Irene looks at him suspiciously.

Gordon is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, reading the file from Karen. Wayne walks in and says to him that Katie said he wanted to see him. Gordon replies that that's right: he's been reading Karen's proposals and they make a lot of sense. Looking surprised, Wayne growls, "Which means?" Gordon tells him that he's afraid they have no other option but to accept them. As a look of shock crosses his face, Wayne insists that of course there are other options - he's supposed to take over. Gordon assures him that he doesn't like it any more than Wayne does, but he does have a reason: using Alan's money, Karen has come up with excellent ideas to get the company back on its feet once and for all. Wayne asks him how he can even consider working with Karen, knowing the business methods she uses. He then raises the subject of her track record and points out that the company has gone even further downhill since she's been running it. Gordon, though, says he thinks they have to make allowances: when Karen took control, she found herself in an all-out war with Patricia; and as far as track records go, Wayne lost two big accounts when he took over for a couple of weeks. He goes on that, if the situation wasn't quite so desperate, he might be able to put Wayne in control, but the main thing is that Karen has access to large amounts of money and Wayne doesn't, and that is what the company needs at the moment; he's sorry, but Karen is the way he has to go. Wayne, an expression of unhappiness and annoyance on his face, suddenly snaps at Gordon that he's done everything he can think of to be a decent son to him - trying to earn his trust and confidence - but it's all been a waste of time, hasn't it? - he'll always be the bottom of the heap as far as Gordon is concerned. He storms out. Gordon sits there, looking worried.

Out in the hallway, Katie tells Wayne that he shouldn't take it personally, but Wayne asks angrily how he's supposed to take it; Gordy's his father but he just doesn't act like it. Katie says she's sure Gordon didn't set out deliberately to hurt him - it's a business decision. Wayne, though, growls that it's one that's put Karen right back on top. Katie points out that it's done now; he should forget about it - and it might be better for everyone, in the long run - obviously his father thinks so. Wayne retorts that it's a pity Gordon doesn't think about him for once in his life. He then picks up his car keys from the telephone table and suggests they get out of there. He heads out, leaving Katie standing in the hallway, looking worried. She sighs heavily.

At the Fisher house, Jill is on the 'phone, talking to Gordon, and she thanks him and says she'll tell Karen as soon as she gets back. She hangs up as Alan comes into the room, and he asks her what she's going to tell Karen. Jill replies, "That's she's back in charge of the company." She then explains that that was Gordon on the 'phone - he's accepted Karen's proposal. Alan smiles in delight and exclaims that that's great! Jill agrees that Karen has worked really hard for it, but Alan asks her who's talking about Karen; he's thinking more about her being able to keep her job. Looking surprised, Jill tells him not to say he's not happy for Karen too. Alan, though, retorts that she's barking up the wrong tree there. Jill pleads with him to give his mother a go, as she's alright. Alan, though, replies that it's not that simple; he just wishes it was... Quickly cheering up again, he tells Jill that, still, he should look on the bright side: he's just made his first major investment and he feels like going out tonight and celebrating. Jill smiles in delight and says she thinks that's a great idea! She then asks him where he's thinking about going, as she knows a great restaurant in Bondai. Alan tells her that he thinks he'll let Amanda decide - she usually has a pretty good idea about where she wants to go. Jill's face drops.

At Charlie's, Patricia announces that the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks Charlie is right about Ross. Charlie assures her that she wouldn't blame her for being surprised; who would ever suspect a doctor? There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Charlie says she'll get it. She tells Patricia to stay out of sight, and she heads off to one of the bedrooms. Charlie goes to the door and opens it to find a man standing there. She asks him if she can help him. The man is Ross, and he introduces himself and explains that he's Patricia doctor. He continues that he believes Patricia is a friend of hers. Charlie agrees that that's right. Ross asks if he can come in, and Charlie agrees. Ross walks into the lounge room, explaining as he does so that he had to come up to Sydney for a medical conference and he promised David that he'd pop in and see her just in case Patricia had been in contact. Charlie tells him that she still hasn't heard from her. Suddenly realising that there are two coffee mugs on the table, and that Patricia's pills are also on there, she quickly adds that, as a matter of fact, she was just telling a friend what a terrible business it all is; she just left, and she hasn't had a chance to clear away the coffee cups. Ross assures her that it doesn't matter, but as he does so, Charlie picks up the coffee pot and the two mugs and puts them down on the tray on the coffee table so that they're shielding the tablets from Ross' sight. Ross asks her if he could have ten minutes of her time, just in case Patricia does get in touch, as he thinks Charlie should know how to approach her. Charlie assures him hesitatingly, "Of course..." Ross, looking at her suspiciously, asks if anything is wrong. Charlie quickly assures him, "Nothing. Why should there be?"

Jill is standing in the lounge room at the Fisher house, staring at a file grim-faced as Alan escorts Amanda into the room. Amanda is saying to Alan that the other guy obviously won! Alan muses that, yes he did, so can they forget the funny lines, as he's heard enough for one day! Amanda says she's sorry. She then tells him to grab his jacket and they'll get going. Alan leaves the room. Amanda walks over to Jill and asks her how she's been. She just mutters, "Alright." Amanda asks her if Karen is keeping her busy. Jill just says, "Yeah." Sensing the hostility, Amanda asks if she's said something wrong. Jill asks her if she realises that Alan is making a complete idiot out of her. Looking surprised, Amanda retorts that, no, she doesn't. Jill tells her that Alan is pretending to be as much like Todd as he can, just so that she'll go out with him. Amanda, looking surprised, asks why he'd do that. Jill explains that it's to get back at Mitch - he knows Mitch is still in love with her and this is Alan's way of making him jealous. Amanda snaps that that's ridiculous. Jill, though, asks her if she thinks so. She adds that Alan can't stand Mitch; Mitch was the one who busted his face, remember? Amanda retorts that she doesn't know what's going on between Alan and Mitch, but it seems to her that if anyone is jealous, it's Jill. Jill snaps at her that she's got to be kidding. At that moment, Alan comes back in and asks Amanda if she's ready. Amanda tells him, "Whenever you are." Alan turns to Jill and says he'll see her in the morning. He and Amanda head out, leaving Jill looking annoyed with herself.

At Charlie's, Charlie asks Ross what he'll have to drink, and he asks for a scotch and soda. Charlie tells him that it's coming up, and she goes and starts pouring some scotch into a glass. As she does so, she asks him if this is his first time in Sydney, but he explains that he comes up quite regularly, actually. Charlie asks, "How regularly?" Ross replies that it's about twice a month. A sudden devious look on her face, Charlie asks him if he could help her with the soda siphon, as it appears to be stuck. Ross walks over to her. As he does so, Charlie pushes the lever on the siphon, and just as Ross is standing in front of her, it squirts soda water all over him! Putting on a mock look of horror, she cries that she's dreadfully sorry - she's awfully clumsy sometimes. Ross assures her that it was an accident; it's fine. Charlie cries that it's on his lovely suit, but Ross repeats that it really is fine. Charlie walks over to the tray of coffee things, surreptitiously picks up a napkin and the tablets, puts the tablets in her pocket and takes the napkin over to Ross and starts wiping his suit and shirt with it, telling him as she does so that if she doesn't wipe it straight away, it could leave a stain. She then goes on that she'll get a towel from the bathroom. Ross assures her that it really isn't that bad, but Charlie tells him that she absolutely insists. Ross stands there looking pained!

Katie and Wayne walk into Fiona's flat, Wayne saying to Katie as they do so that she doesn't mind takeaway, does she? Katie replies, "Of course not!" Wayne explains that he didn't want to eat out where there were a lot of people; he'd rather just be with her. He asks where Fiona is, and Katie explains that she's up at Woombai - Terry landed a job managing a garage and she's gone off to celebrate with him; she won't be back until tomorrow night either, so they've got the whole place to themselves. Wayne sourly comments that Karen is really going to rub his nose in it now that she's back running the company. Katie comments that she thought she'd stopped him thinking about all that. Wayne replies that he's sorry, but he can't help it; he knows how Karen operates: she's won and he's back under her thumb again. Katie asks him if he thinks Karen will make trouble for him and for her, with them being together. Wayne tells her that she's bound to - she's still as jealous as all hell, and they don't have a hold over her now, either. Katie points out that Karen can't do anything tonight, so they should forget about her and have a good evening. Wayne distantly asks, "Why not...?"

At Charlie's, Patricia asks how she could have could been so gullible: Ross is trying to send her crazy; why else would he come there on the off-chance that she might be there? Charlie points out that he did say there was a conference - and he seemed such a nice man. Patricia warns her not to make the same mistake she did and fall for his good looks and charm. She then goes on that she'll bet her bottom dollar that there's no conference; she can't wait to have those tablets he gave her analysed. Charlie's face suddenly drops and she murmurs, "Oh dear..." Patricia looks at her sharply and asks what's wrong. Charlie explains that she flushed them down the loo. Looking shocked, Patricia snaps, "You what?" Charlie explains that when Ross came in and they were still on the table, she had the most awful job making sure he didn't see them, and when she finally did get hold of them, she thought the safest place was down the loo. Patricia cries, despairingly, "Oh Charlie... " and she nods her head onto Charlie's shoulder.

Ross is in a public telephone box, saying, "Yes, that's correct, officer. She's staying with Charlie Bartlett." He then pauses before continuing, "Well if you want my opinion, the sooner you search the Bartlett place , the sooner you will find Patricia Palmer..."

At Fiona's flat, Katie asks Wayne if he wants another spring roll, but he shakes his head. Katie tells him that she doesn't, either. Wayne growls that it was a great day, wasn't it: he was kicked in the teeth by his old man and Karen's back in control of the company. Katie says she knows it's rotten, but he should try not to let it get him down. Wayne points out that Karen is going to make life hell for him now. Katie reminds him lovingly that she's always there. Wayne stares at her and tells her, "I need you... so much..." They start kissing passionately, but Katie suddenly pulls away, and Wayne asks what's wrong. Katie assures him that it's nothing. Wayne asks her if she doesn't like him. Katie replies that of course she does - but he know how she feels about-- Wayne interrupts and asks her if they love each other. Katie tells him that he knows they do. Wayne asks if that isn't enough; he needs her - now. He starts kissing her again, but Katie pulls away and chides, "Wayne..." She then goes on that she doesn't want the first time to be like this; she doesn't want him wanting her just because he's feeling bad. Wayne stands up and snaps angrily, "Thanks for nothing." Katie cries that she's sorry. Wayne snaps at her that she's the one person he thought he could count on, but when it comes to the crunch, she's as bad as the others - all she cares about is herself. As he walks out, Katie cries, "Wayne, wait..." but it's too late: he's gone. He stands out in the corridor, looking annoyed.

At Charlie's, Patricia snaps that those tablets were the only concrete evidence she had. Charlie, looking guilty, says she sees that now. Patricia snaps at her that she flushed them down the loo. Charlie insists that she just didn't think, and Patricia agrees, "No." She then goes on that nobody is going to believe her that Ross was using them to drive her crazy - and if anybody finds her, there's no way she can avoid being committed. Charlie points out that she doesn't know that - not for certain. Patricia, though, retorts, "Oh yes I do. If they catch me, Charlie, I'm done for."


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