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    Written by: Rod Weaver   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

In the kitchen at the country house, David is telling Mike and Heather that there's nothing he can do about it: he's a bit short on cash and the renovations will just have to wait. Mike comments that it's a pity - the place is starting to look good. He then goes on that, still, he and Heather might be able to help: once the insurance fixes up their house, they're going to put the place on the market, and they thought they might invest the money they get from that in a small business. David asks what sort of business he's talking about, and Mike replies, "A market garden." Heather chips in that she and Mike have both got green thumbs. David admits that it's worth a try, and he asks where he fits in. Mike explains that, if it's OK by him, they'd like to lease some of his land. Looking thoughtful, David replies that it's a good idea, but they can't: with Pat's case coming up, he'll probably have to sell the place to pay her legal fees; he's sorry. Mike tells him not to be - it's just a thought; there are other places to rent. To everyone's surprise, Katie suddenly walks in through the back door, carrying a suitcase. Heather asks her what she's doing there, and Katie cries, "Beryl threw me out of the house." Looking shocked, Mike asks, "Why?" Katie replies that Alan came over for lunch and Beryl walked in and saw him give her a thankyou kiss; it was nothing, but Beryl just went crazy and she threw him out and told her to pack her bags; she wants him and Heather out, as well. Mike murmurs, "She what?"

The 'phone rings at Beryl's and Beryl answers it. STD pips sound and Fiona comes on. Beryl comments, "Fiona. It's you." Looking surprised, Fiona comments that she sounds relieved; who was she expecting? Beryl haltingly replies, "No one..." She then asks Fiona how she is, and Fiona tells her, "Not too bad. A bit down, actually..." Beryl asks what's wrong. Fiona tells her that she didn't give her a chance to say much when she 'phoned the other night, but since Beryl has been away, she's become involved with someone - only she's not too sure anymore... she needs time to think things through. She goes on that she doesn't want to impose but does Beryl think she could cope with a house guest for a while? Beryl smiles and assures her, "Course I could." Fiona asks her if she's sure. Beryl replies that having a friend around at the moment is exactly what she needs. Fiona thanks her and says she'll book a flight first thing in the morning. Beryl says, "Bye," and Fiona hangs up.

At the country house, David tells the O'Briens that he's hanged if he knows what's got into Beryl - but they can stay with him until they find somewhere else. Mike tells him they doesn't want to put anyone out, but David assures him that they won't be: it's a week until Pat is out of hospital and there's plenty of room there. Heather asks Katie if she's sure she's told them everything. Katie insists that of course she has; if Heather doesn't believe her, she can just wait until she goes to collect their things. Heather remarks that Beryl is obviously pretty upset about something. David suggests that it could be the baby: she was pretty short-tempered when she was having Kevin. Mike asks if it could have something to do with Jim; if he's up in Queensland, that could be it. Heather points out that there's only one way to find out, and she asks Mike for the car keys. Mike hands them over and Heather heads out.

A short time later, Beryl and Heather walk into the lounge room at Beryl's, and Beryl tells Heather that she's sorry if she upset her, but this is her house and she has certain standards. Heather assures her that she understands and that she's not upset. She adds that she and Mike are grateful that Beryl let them stay as long as she has. Beryl goes on that it's just that Katie always seemed to be such a decent girl; it's the last thing she ever expected. Looking surprised, Heather asks if they're talking about more than just a friendly kiss between Katie and Alan. Beryl comments that Katie didn't tell her... Heather replies that she told her her side. Beryl explains that she found Katie and Alan in her bedroom - nothing much had happened, but it was about to; she may be old-fashioned-- Heather interrupts her and, looking disappointed, assures her that she isn't old-fashioned; she's just disappointed that Katie didn't tell her the truth. She goes and sits down, and Beryl tells her not to be too hard on her daughter - she gave her a rough enough time. Heather, though, tells her not to apologise - she did the right thing. Beryl sits down next to her and points out that she didn't do the right thing as far as saying that she and Mike should clear out of her house.. Heather tells her to forget it - David offered to let them stay with him until they find somewhere else to rent. Beryl, looking relieved, says that's good. She then goes on that it's just that she's been under a lot of pressure lately. Heather gently asks, "Jim?" Beryl sighs that it's all over; she didn't ring to tell Heather because she couldn't face all the questions on the 'phone, but when she got back to find Katie with Alan...; she didn't realise how much she'd come to care for Jim until they were away, and she thought he felt the same; when she lashed out at Katie, she was really lashing out at Jim. She adds that she supposes Heather was included because she's family. Heather assures her that she understands. Suddenly looking upset, Beryl mutters that she's so sorry, and she stands up and heads to her bedroom.

Charlie is carrying a stuffed toy dog that looks like Isabella along the corridor at the hospital where Patricia is being treated. She's followed by a middle-aged man and woman who are carrying a pile of wrapped gifts. Charlie stops outside the door to Patricia's room, introduces herself to the police officer standing there and explains that Mrs. Palmer is expecting her. The policeman tells her that she can go in, but - indicating the man and woman with her - they'll have to wait outside. Looking surprised, Charlie starts unloading the gifts from the man and woman and piling them up in the policeman's arms! A nurse comes along and Charlie hands her some of the presents as well. The nurse snaps, "I'm not a hall porter," but Charlie retorts that they're important for the patient's peace of mind. She then adds that, besides, the fees the place charges... Leaving a bemused-looking policeman and nurse standing in the corridor, she opens the door to Patricia's room, heads in and exclaims, "Daarrrrrling!" Patricia, who's sitting up in bed, looks delighted to see her, and she replies, "Charlie!" Charlie tells her that she looks wonderful - considering! Patricia muses that she's not sure how to take that! She then asks Charlie how she is, and Charlie replies that she's on top of the world. She goes on that she would have been there sooner, only Roger Carlyle arranged a little diversion via Perth. The policeman suddenly walks in, still loaded down with the gifts, and Charlie indicates to him where to put them. He starts placing them carefully on the bed. The nurse comes in and does likewise. Charlie takes some money out of her purse and holds it for the nurse, explaining that it's a little something for her trouble! The nurse just glares at her and walks out. When she's gone, Patricia comments to Charlie that she shouldn't have done that, as the nurse is going to make life hell for her, now! She then asks what's in all the boxes. Charlie explains that they're just a few creature comforts. Patricia smiles, "Everything except champagne!" Charlie laughs and comments that Patricia doesn't think she's forgotten that, does she?! She then undoes a zip in the toy dog's front, reaches into the gap that's appeared and lifts out a bottle! Patricia smiles and tells her that she's a Godsend - the best tonic a girl could have!

Ross is sitting with Barbara in the lounge room at Toorak. He puts his cup of coffee down on the table and comments that it was delicious, but he really has to go. Barbara, looking disappointed, says, "So soon?" Ross explains that he still has patients to see. Barbara stands up and says to him that, before he does go... She heads over to the desk drawer and takes out a cheque. She then hands it to him and tells him that she's sorry it took so long, but there was a problem at the bank. Ross asks, "What can I say?" Andy comes in as Barbara tells Ross that he doesn't have to say anything - he should just use it to pay his debts. Andy mutters that he hopes he's not interrupting anything. Barbara retorts that she doesn't think so - they have nothing to hide. Ross agrees that they have nothing at all to hide. He then tells Andy that he's delighted he's there, as he can bear witness to the fact that he intends to pay back every cent of the money. Barbara assures him that she never had any doubts that he wouldn't. Ross gives her a kiss and tells her that he'll 'phone her later. He then goes. As the front door bangs, Andy mutters to Barbara that she doesn't expect to see her money again, does she? Barbara snaps that, yes, she does - not that it's any of his business. Andy growls that Ross is a conman. Barbara angrily asks him how he knows that. Andy retorts that if she just stopped to think-- Barbara interrupts him and snaps that she has - and she has no reason to doubt that he's a man of his word. She goes on angrily that it's about time a lot of other people realised that round there, and she storms out of the room.

David carries Heather and Mike's cases into the kitchen at the country house and asks if that's the lot. Heather replies that Katie is bringing the last one. David comments that he can't understand Beryl not letting them stay on. Heather explains that she did offer, but she's still terribly upset; it's best if they stay there. Mike remarks that it's a pity about Beryl and Jim, but he can't say he's surprised - it's pretty much par for the course for his brother. He and David head out to take the cases to the bedroom. Katie comes in through the back door, carrying a case, and goes to follow them, but Heather gently says, "Katie..." Katie mutters that she's got to put the case away. Heather, though, points out that there's plenty of time for that; she wants to talk to her. Katie puts the case down reluctantly. Heather then suggests to her that she wasn't completely honest with them, was she? Katie snaps that she bets Beryl made it sound a lot worse than it really was; she was almost hysterical. Heather tells her that Beryl was quite calm when she spoke to her. Katie cries that she didn't do anything wrong. Heather, though, replies that it's not a question of right or wrong; it's about being honest with yourself. She tells Katie that she knows she's upset about Wayne, but throwing herself at Alan... Katie retorts that she didn't throw herself at him... She then pauses before continuing that she didn't want to, honestly; she just wanted to prove she was a woman. Heather gently tells her that when the right man comes along, he'll know she's a woman and she won't have to compromise herself to prove it. She gives Katie a loving hug.

Patricia and Charlie are sipping champagne in Patricia's hospital room. Patricia comments that it's ironic: all the time and effort Irene put in to trying to convince David to marry her and not her, and she goes and saves her life. Charlie replies, "Thank God she did." She then mutters that Ross Newman calls himself a doctor... he was so charming when he came up to Sydney looking for her. Patricia suggests, "Never judge a book..." Charlie goes on that, as for Roger Carlyle... Patricia suggests that they don't talk about him anymore, but Charlie ignores her, continuing that there's no justice in the world if the two of them don't end up in prison. Patricia warns, "Charlie..." Charlie goes on, though, that she doesn't believe in the death penalty, but if you think of what those two did-- Patricia interrupts her and tells her that she's trying not to think about it, but she's making it very difficult. Charlie, looking surprised, says she's sorry; she's just so angry... She then suggests that she'd better take a walk to calm down - and she'll take Nurse Briggs a glass of champagne, as it might sweeten the old sourpuss up a bit! Patricia laughs! Out in the corridor, Nurse Briggs is standing with Ross and she asks him if she should put a patient on solids. Ross tells her not to do that for another twelve hours. Charlie comes out of Patricia's room and, not noticing Ross standing there, holds out a glass of champagne to Nurse Briggs and explains that she thought she'd tempt her. Nurse Briggs glares at her and snaps, "Not while I'm on duty." She storms off. A smile on his face, Ross says to Charlie, "How nice to see you again." Charlie turns to stare at him and she then throws the champagne she's holding in his face, snapping as she does so, "That's all I've got to say to you!" The policeman outside Patricia's room stands there, laughing! Charlie heads back into the room, where Nurse Briggs is administering a tablet to Patricia. Charlie snaps at her to ask what it is. Nurse Briggs retorts that it's a painkiller. Charlie asks her sharply how they know it isn't something else. Nurse Briggs snaps, "Because I say so." Patricia interjects, telling Charlie that it's alright - she's had them before. Nurse Briggs glares at Charlie and tells her that she wishes this was a public hospital, because if it was, visiting hours would be over and Charlie would have to leave. She storms out of the room. Patricia, noticing the empty glass in Charlie's hand, smiles and comments, "I don't think the champagne worked on Nurse Briggs!" Charlie replies that she isn't the one who ended up with it...

That evening, Charlie is at the country house with David and Heather, and she tells David earnestly that it's so easy: bribe a nurse - or any hospital worker, for that matter - and it's all over for Patricia; Ross Newman still has the run of the place and God knows who else does. David, looking worried, says to her that she hasn't gone into any of this with Pat, has she? Charlie indignantly assures him that of course she hasn't - the poor darling has got enough to worry about. David says he'll have to get her home as soon as possible - if the hospital lets them. Heather chips in that she doesn't think they'll have much of a problem - Patricia will need a wheelchair, but they can hire one of those, and she and Mike can make themselves scarce. David tells her that he doesn't feel too good about that. Heather assures him that if it was up to her, she'd stay and nurse Patricia; she's said some terrible things to Patricia about Jeff's death, but now that she's had time to think, she was obviously wrong - and with everything else Patricia has been through...; all she feels is sympathy for her. David thanks her and tells her he knows it'll mean a lot to Pat, too. He then suggests that he have a talk to her about her and Mike staying there; with the trial coming up, she'll need as much support as she can get. Charlie suddenly declares, "Let's have a party!" David and Heather stare at her, and she goes on that it's the best way she knows of cheering someone up; David can invite all his friends - after all, he and Patricia haven't had a proper wedding celebration yet. David agrees, "No..." He pauses and then tells Charlie that he thinks she's got a good idea there! Heather, looking dubious, says she hates to be a wet blanket, but do they think many of David's friends will come to a party for Patricia? - she doesn't get on too well with most of them. David assures her that there won't be a problem if he talks to them. He adds that they'll have to come - for Pat's sake.

Fiona has arrived at Beryl's, and she and Beryl head into the kitchen. As they do so, Beryl chatters that she thought she'd spend some money on the house - it could certainly do with some smartening up. She invites Fiona to sit down and she then goes on that she thought she could buy a new 'fridge. She adds that Fiona can come with her, to give her her opinion. Fiona just murmurs, "Yes..." Sitting at the table, she buries her head in her hands, looking distraught. Beryl potters around and doesn't notice, instead going on about the colour scheme: she doesn't know whether to play it safe or go for something more adventurous... She finally notices Fiona, and she stops in her tracks and gently goes and holds her. She asks what the matter is. Fiona cries that she doesn't know what to do... everything's fallen apart...

Patricia goes, "Beep!" as she guides her new motorised wheelchair into the kitchen at the country house and presses the button that sounds the horn! She then spins the chair round in the middle of the floor and Charlie laughs as David exclaims, "Watch out Ben Hur!" Patricia, a broad smile on her face, asks if she'll ever learn to drive it properly, and David laughs that, a few hours of practice and she'll be doing wheelies in the front yard! Charlie smiles and says she'd like to see that! Patricia ruefully replies that she wouldn't! Charlie points out that it's better than putting up with that awful Nurse Briggs. She adds that Patricia is home - and it was David's idea, as he was missing her terribly. Patricia suddenly asks if they have to have the party. Looking surprised, David tells her, "Of course." Patricia asks, "Why?" David tells her that it's time she started mixing with people again: Fiona, Amanda, Wayne... they're all coming. Charlie adds, "Andy, Barbara..." Looking shocked, Patricia snaps, "Barbara?" Charlie explains that she thinks she only accepted because she heard that David had invited Gordon; she thinks Barbara wanted to show Gordon that she can get on just fine without him. David adds that it turned out that Gordon can't come, but he sends his best wishes. Patricia tells David that all these people are his friends, not hers; most of them can't stand a bar of her. David explains that they want to show their support; they know she's been through a rough spot and they want to show their support. Patricia mutters that she doubts it; she thinks he's scared that he made a mistake by marrying her and he's going to throw this party to prove his friends haven't deserted him. David suggests tautly that if that's what she thinks, she must be wondering why he went to all the trouble of trying to find her when she disappeared. He then assures her, "You come first every time, Pat. You should know that." Patricia meekly says she's sorry - it's just that, after all she's been through, she's worried that all these people are going to come and gloat. David assures her that they won't. Patricia smiles at him lovingly and says it's good to be home.

In the kitchen at Beryl's, Fiona haltingly explains that it happened while they were on patrol: a lot of Barney's mates had already been killed in an ambush and those left were making their way back to camp when suddenly they came across some villagers - women and children, mainly; someone suddenly shouted and someone else thought they saw a gun and it ended in a massacre. Beryl sympathetically points out that everyone knows dreadful things happened in the war. Fiona, though, sadly says, "But for the man you're about to marry to be part of it..." She then explains that Barney wrote it all down in some diaries. She goes on that he said it would help to ease his conscience; he wants to get them published and he gave them to her first to read, hoping that it wouldn't change anything between them... She suddenly cries, "Oh, Beryl, it has." Beryl gently tells her that she knows what she means: you think you know someone and you come to love and trust them and they let you down. Fiona cries that she would have married Barney; they would have been so happy - but the blasted diary...

It's nighttime, and in the kitchen at the country house, Heather suggests to Charlie that it's going to be a bit of a squeeze with everyone, but she thinks they'll manage. Patricia suddenly wheels herself in and asks if there's anything she can do. Heather tells her that she thinks they're just about ready. She then asks Patricia if she's getting the hang of the wheelchair, and Patricia smiles, "Almost!" She adds, though, that she keep banging into tables and walls and things! There's a silence, which Patricia breaks by commenting to Heather that she's sorry - it's a bit awkward. Heather agrees, "Yes..." Patricia assures her that she's very grateful for the help she's giving. Heather replies that it's the least she could do; she knows it must have been a dreadful strain for Patricia to be charged for something she didn't do. She goes on that she knows Patricia didn't kill Luke - and she knows she didn't mean it when she accused Jeff of doing it. Patricia quietly says, "Thankyou." Heather adds that, personally, she thinks it was an intruder out to rob the place and Luke disturbed him. She asks Patricia if she agrees, and Patricia gives her a half-smile as she replies blankly, "Yes." Heather looks relieved, and she says she'd better tell the others to wash-up for dinner. She heads out to the hallway. As soon as she's gone, Charlie asks Patricia since when she's thought Luke was murdered by an intruder. Patricia retorts that she doesn't; she knows Jeff did it - and when she sees her solicitor tomorrow, she's going to tell him, too; she knows it'll upset Heather - and David, too - but if dragging his name through the mud means she doesn't go to jail... Charlie asks her what she'll do if it doesn't work. Patricia replies that she's still not going to go to jail. Looking surprised, Charlie asks her how she'll get out of it. Patricia doesn't answer, though, instead just musing that she thinks it's time she got ready for dinner... She wheels herself out of the room.



Patricia is standing up in the kitchen at the country house, using a walking stick for support. Charlie is with her and she warns her that she still doesn't think she should be walking on that knee yet. Patricia, though, points out to Charlie that she's not her doctor: he said that three days out of the hospital, she should try walking for short periods. Charlie tells her not to overdo it. She then asks her if she'll be alright for the party this afternoon. Patricia replies that that's the least of her worries. Charlie tells her to try not to think of that other business. Patricia snaps that her solicitor told her there's no chance of her getting off on a murder charge and Charlie tells her not to think about it... She goes on angrily that he wants her to plead guilty to manslaughter so that she'll only get five years. Charlie asks her if all her suspicions about Jeff won't make any difference. Patricia explains that her solicitor said that trying to blame a kid who was killed in a fire will just put the jury offside - especially as they don't have any proof that he did it. Changing the subject, she goes on more calmly that a little bit more walking and that will be enough for the day. Charlie suddenly reminds her that she never got round to telling her what she meant when she said she wouldn't go to prison no matter what happened. Patricia muses, "No, I didn't, did I?!" She then calls to David, who calls back to her to hang on a sec. Patricia asks Charlie if she can make herself scarce for a minute - because if she goes through with what she's got in mind, David will be the one most affected...

David is lifting up the television in the lounge room to move it in readiness for the party. Two men suddenly come in, carrying a couple of boxes. They're wearing uniforms with 'Ambrose Caterers' printed on the back. David tells them that he'll give them a hand in a minute, but one of the men assures him that they'll be right. David asks him if he's sure, and the man replies that it's what they're paid to do. David tells him that if they need a hand with anything, give him a yell. He walks out. The first man immediately snaps at the other one that they should get the switch done and get the hell out of there. He goes to put the box down, but the second man almost drops it, and the first man snaps at him to for God's sake be careful. The second man retorts that he's sorry - it slipped. The two of them start undoing the bigger of the two boxes, and they open the lid, but quickly shut it again as Charlie waltzes in and questions, "No problems so far?" The first man quickly assures her that they're managing. Charlie tells him that that's good. She then asks them if David has told them where she wants the tables. The first man replies that he has, and he tells Charlie to just leave it to them. The second man tells her not to let them hold her up, but Charlie assures her that they're not - she'd like to help. She smiles at them.

In the kitchen, Patricia is telling David that even if the prosecution agrees to the manslaughter charge, she's still going to get five years. David curtly tells her to stop going on, as she'll work herself up into a state. Patricia cries that she's worried. David tells her that he knows - but she's not in jail yet and it's best not to spend a lot of time thinking about it. Patricia suddenly asks, "David? How much do you love me?" David looks at her in surprise and asks what sort of question that is. Patricia replies that it's a fairly straightforward one, she would have thought. David tells her that he loved her enough to marry her, didn't he? Patricia then asks him if, if it looked certain that she was going to be found guilty, would he come overseas with her? David, looking puzzled, says he doesn't know what she's getting at. Patricia explains that she means going overseas so that she wouldn't have to go to jail; they could set themselves up with new identities and go somewhere they wouldn't find-- David interrupts her and snaps that she's not thinking straight. Patricia persists, explaining that Charlie would lend them the money. David points out that she can't evade the police for ever. Patricia tells him that some people have. David reminds her that she hasn't even been found guilty yet - and she's not going to be; she's innocent and they're going to prove it.

In the lounge room, Charlie tells the two 'caterers' that that seems to be it. One of the men finishes laying out some plates on a side table and he then tells Charlie that they'll clean up before they go. Charlie comments that there doesn't seem to be much to clean up; they were very tidy. Looking annoyed, one of the men asks her what time her guests are due. Charlie replies that it's not until about 12:30pm. She then glances at her watch and exclaims, "Oh, look at the time." She asks the two men if they'll excuse her while she goes and gets ready. She leaves them. One of the men heads out to the passage to check the coast is clear and he then rejoins his colleague and they start opening the boxes they brought. As they do so, they glance at Patricia's wheelchair, which is sitting in the middle of the room, and one of the men remarks, "Ugly looking things, wheelchairs, aren't they?" The other man smiles and replies that it'll look a lot more ugly by the time it's all through. They lift some components out of one of the boxes and start unscrewing the wheelchair. They then place some of their new parts in place of the existing parts, and one of the men comments nastily, "Tell you what, mate. I'm glad it's her and not me." The other man snaps at him to shut up. The first man lifts out the arm that contains the chair's mechanics and replaces it with an identical looking arm. The two of them screw the bits back into place. As they do so, one of the men warns his colleague to watch the joystick, as that's what sets the whole thing off. Having finished their job, one of the men smiles as he indicates the wheelchair and says, "Switch this thing on and it's goodbye world..." The two of them quickly pack the original parts into the two boxes, pick them up and go...

In the kitchen, Patricia comments to David that he's not going to let her talk him into it, is he? David retorts that it's a stupid idea. Patricia asks, "What if I go to jail?" but David assures her that she won't. Patricia cries that he can't be sure of that. She then goes on that she's safe with him there, because she's got police protection, but the minute she goes to jail, she's going to be history: Roger Carlyle is bound to have somebody working for him in there. David tuts. Patricia snaps at him irritatedly not to think it doesn't go on, and she asks him how many prisoners he's read about who've been murdered while serving their sentence. David assures her that if the worst comes to the worst, they'll talk about it. Patricia asks him if he means he'll come overseas with her. David, though, points out that he just said they'll talk about it. Looking relieved, Patricia murmurs, "Alright." Changing the subject, David tells her that he thinks she should have a rest before the party. He helps her up from where she's sitting at the table, assuring her as he does so that it's going to be alright; after all she's been through, things have got to get better - and the party is just going to be the start. He adds, "I reckon it's going to be a day we'll always remember." He kisses her and she smiles at him lovingly.


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