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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona opens the front door at Beryl's to find Barney standing on the step. Looking surprised, she asks him how he knew she was there. Barney explains that he went to her flat and there were two women there. Fiona chips in, "Bunty and Thel." Barney goes on that they told him where she was. He then continues that they can't leave things as they are; he had to see her again - he knows she probably doesn't think there's much point, but can't they talk? Fiona reluctantly invites him in, looking upset as she does so. They head into the lounge room, and Barney asks Fiona if she's alone. Fiona explains that Beryl does volunteer work at the Children's Home, so she'll be out all day. Barney tells Fiona that he was frightened she'd slam the door in his face. Fiona assures him sadly that she knew he'd be in touch... She pauses before continuing that, to be honest, the reason she left Sydney was that she didn't know what to do - but now he's come this far, the very least they can do is find out where they stand with each other...

In the lounge room at the country house, Mike is lifting up the couch with help from Heather, but he suddenly loses his grip and falls over! Heather bursts out laughing! Charlie waltzes into the room and asks if everything is under control. Heather smiles that it is now! Charlie then walks over to where a female caterer is standing by a table and asks how things are with her. The caterer replies that there are no problems so far. Charlie muses that hopefully there won't be any. She then asks where those two nice-looking young men are who were there earlier. The caterer explains that they only do deliveries - she and Mavis do all the work; but she wouldn't call Fred and Bert 'nice-looking' - they've both got big beer guts on them! Charlie, looking surprised, tells her that the two she saw didn't - they were very fit-looking specimens, she thought! The caterer mutters at Charlie that she's welcome to them and she walks off haughtily. Charlie looks at David, who says he'll take the wheelchair in to Pat. Charlie quickly tells him to hang on, as she's been dying for a ride! A broad smile on her face, she dashes over and sits down in the chair. She then asks how you get it to work, and she places her hand on the joystick. David, though, tells her to hang on, as they should save the batteries. He then starts pushing the chair manually, and Charlie looks delighted as he wheels her out of the room!

In the kitchen, Heather asks one of the caterers how things are going. The caterer replies that everything will be ready in plenty of time. She and her colleague then head back out to the lounge room. Heather turns to Katie, who's helping to prepare some food on one of the counters, and asks her if she's worried about seeing Wayne again. She adds that Katie needn't stay - she could go to a movie. Katie indignantly retorts that she's not going to give Wayne the satisfaction of thinking that she's not going to face him - and she's not going to make it look like she can't find a friend, either: she's going to ring Alan Brandon and ask him. Looking worried, Heather asks her if she should, as she said he wasn't very friendly the last time she called him. Katie, though, asks what she could have expected after what happened at Beryl's. She adds that she'd still like to invite him, and Heather reluctantly says, "Alright..." She looks worried.

At Beryl's, Barney tells Fiona that he's still the same man she cared about. Fiona cries that they were just innocent people - women and children. Barney points out that she read what he wrote; she knows how it happened. Fiona retorts that, yes, he'd been hounded for months by the Viet Cong and he'd seen a lot of his mates killed in an ambush, but that's still doesn't excuse what happened. Barney assures her that he's not trying to excuse it; he's trying to explain it: when the Captain saw the glint of metal, he opened fire; they all panicked and joined in; they felt that if they didn't shoot first, they'd get shot; they only realised when it was all over that they were peasants. Fiona mutters that, so, they walked away and left them to die. Barney retorts that his Captain ordered them to. Fiona goes on that he didn't report it; he didn't even send medical help. Barney explains that he was scared of being court martialled. Fiona growls that, all his talk about Vietnam being the best years of his life... Barney replies that, in many ways, they were: they weren't proud of what happened, but there was nothing they could do about it; he couldn't say anything, so he got the idea of writing it all down, hoping that, by getting it out of his system, maybe he could forget about it. Fiona, looking astonished, asks what on earth made him think that writing it down would make it go away. Barney explains that he was thinking of getting it published now that it's all come to the surface again - he's going to write to the other men and tell them what he's going to do; he'll tell them that he'll change their names; he thought that if he brought it out in public, he might find it easier to live with. Fiona points out that he'll get thrown out of the army and he'll lose his pension. Barney assures her that he's prepared to face that. He then explains that what he can't face is the thought of losing her; he's not trying to justify what happened, but if she cares for him enough, can't she forgive him? Fiona, looking worried, says she doesn't know. Barney tells her that what he's really asking is: can she love him in spite of what happened? Fiona replies that she'll have to know him a lot longer before she can answer that. Barney comments that she felt she'd known him long enough to say she'd marry him. Fiona tells him that she was wrong. She adds that she's not saying 'no'; she's just asking him to give her a little more time. Barney asks her if she feels there's still a chance. Fiona replies, "Perhaps..." She then tells him that she's got to go to a party this afternoon and she asks him if he'd like to come along. Barney smiles in relief and replies that he'd be honoured.

Barbara - who's all dressed up - opens the front door at Toorak to find Ross standing on the step. Looking surprised, she tells him that she wasn't expecting him. Ross replies that he's sorry, but he was at a bit of a loose end and he thought that maybe they could go somewhere - but he sees she already has a date. Barbara explains that she has to go to a very dreary party; she didn't say anything to him because it's for Patricia. Ross remarks that she's still going, though. Barbara replies that she's going to put in an appearance for David's sake, but she's not intending to stay - so if he wants to wait, maybe they can do something afterwards? Ross agrees, "OK!" Barbara smiles and tells him that she shouldn't be long - a couple of hours at the most; he can watch an old movie on tele - one that she'd remember and he wouldn't! Ross smiles but warns, "Barbara..." Barbara quickly assures him that it's alright - she's not worried about it! Ross tells her that she's a sensible lady. Looking surprised, Barbara comments that she was hoping for something a little bit more than that. Ross teases that he's saving that for later... Barbara smiles at him and then says she'd better go; she'll see him when she gets back. She heads for the front door. Out in the hallway, Andy is running downstairs and Barbara asks him if he's ready. Andy replies that he's still waiting on a call about tonight - he might wait a bit longer. Barbara tells him that Ross is inside - he's going to wait until she gets back. Andy remarks that that's fair enough. He then warns her to try not to have a fight with Patricia. Barbara smiles grimly and assures him that she'll try and keep the peace - and if Patricia says something nasty, she'll just have to bite her tongue. She goes. Andy heads into the lounge room and Ross, looking surprised, comments that he didn't know he was still there. Andy explains that he's waiting on a call. He suddenly notices that Ross is watching horse racing on the TV, and he comments that Ross is still keen on the gee-gees, eh? Ross retorts that it's just something to pass the time...

Katie marches up to the back door of the country house, followed by Alan, who tells her to slow down, as it's not a race. Katie stops and replies that she's sorry - she always walks fast. She turns to face him and Alan asks her why she's so uptight. Katie indignantly replies that she's not uptight. Alan retorts that she is - she's round up like a spring. Katie repeats that she's not, and she then kisses him. Alan kisses her back more passionately, but Katie pulls away after a couple of seconds. Alan remarks that it's a pity things didn't work out the other day - she really turns him on. Katie thanks him. Alan then suggests that they skip the party and go off by themselves. Looking dubious, Katie tells him that they can't, and she asks how she'd explain it to her mum and dad. Alan asks her if she has to. Katie points out that they're expecting them. Alan suddenly mutters that he's starting to think she's just a little tease, and he suggests that maybe they shouldn't see each other after all. He goes to walk away, but Katie quickly pleads, "Please? Please stay for the party." Alan turns back and replies, "Only if you come to my motel with me, after." Katie nods. Alan walks up to her, a smile on his face, and kisses her.

Inside, David pushes Patricia - in her wheelchair - into the lounge room, and she comments to him that it's much better with him pushing, as at least she doesn't bump the furniture! David points out that it saves the battery. Looking round at the tables laid out with food, Patricia remarks that everyone has been working very hard. David agrees that there's plenty of food there, for sure! Charlie chips in that there's enough to feed an army! David asks Patricia where she'd like to go. Patricia indicates a chair leaning against one of the side walls and asks him to help her to it. David does so and Charlie says she'll put the wheelchair over to one side in case Patricia needs it later. Patricia curtly assures her that she won't; she'll be fine. She then quickly adds that she's sorry - she's just a bit nervous about meeting all those people who hate her. David assures her that they don't hate her anymore - they wouldn't be coming, otherwise. Charlie adds that it's going to be a marvellous party, so they should enjoy themselves and forget all about the trial and that dreadful Roger Carlyle. She sits down in the wheelchair...

Andy is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at Toorak, and he thanks the person on the other end for the address. In the lounge room, Ross is still watching television. Andy hangs up the 'phone and calls to Ross that he'll be off. Ross calls back, "Bye." Andy opens the front door and heads outside, but before he shuts the door, he appears to remember something and he heads back inside and runs upstairs, banging the door shut behind him. Assuming he's alone, Ross looks around the lounge room and then wanders over to the desk, where he lifts up the telephone receiver and starts dialling. After a few seconds, the 'phone at the other end rings, STD pips sound and Roger Carlyle comes on. Ross says it's him. Sounding surprised, Roger comments that didn't expect to be hearing from him. Ross curtly says he'd like his money: so far, he's done everything that Roger asked for and he hasn't been paid. Roger points out that he's alive, isn't he? Ross retorts that that's only because he had all their conversations taped; if he gave them to the police, Roger would spend the rest of his life in jail. Roger curtly replies that he imagines Ross would be right there beside him - they're just as incriminating to him. Ross snaps angrily that, look, he needs the money - he's just lost a fortune. Roger suggests that he's had a run of bad luck. Ross retorts that it's not his fault - he could have killed Patricia on the operating table, but there were people watching him. Roger tells him that that's his problem - Patricia is still alive, so as far as he's concerned, he doesn't owe Ross a cent. Ross snaps that he could still get her. Roger, though, retorts that it's too late - he's made other arrangements. He then adds that, if Ross bothers him again, he'll make arrangements for him - and for his lawyer friend with the tapes... He adds a curt, "Good day," and hangs up. Ross does likewise, looking worried. He sighs heavily and then turns to go and sit down - to find Andy standing in the doorway, glaring at him.

A few moments later, Andy snaps at Ross that there's no point denying it - he heard every word. Ross tells him that he misunderstood, but Andy growls at him to come off it; he's not an idiot: Ross just said he tried to kill Patricia - and he's gambled away all the money that Barbara lent him, to, hasn't he? He goes on that, well, he isn't going to get one more cent out of her; once he tells her what sort of person-- Ross suddenly grabs Andy's arm and warns him not to say anything. Andy pulls himself away and angrily retorts, "Like hell I won't." He then snaps at Ross that he's had it; what he heard mightn't stand up in court, but Mrs. Hamilton won't want one more thing to do with him. He goes to walk out and Ross follows him to the door, persisting that they could make a deal. Andy snaps that he just heard what sort of deals Ross makes. Ross tells him that they can go 50/50 in anything Barbara gives him. He grabs Andy again, but Andy suddenly lashes out and punches him in the stomach, causing Ross to bend over double. Andy growls at him that he should have flattened him altogether, and he storms out.

At the party, which is in full swing, David ladles some punch into a couple of glasses and hands one of them to Barney. He then walks over to Patricia with the other glass and hands it to her, warning her that it's Charlie's concoction, so she should take it easy! Patricia smiles at him. David then goes on that at least everyone is talking. He suddenly turns to face the room and calls to ask for everyone's attention. The chatter stops and everyone stares at him. He tells the assembled guests that it's a pretty good spread there today, but before they start eating, he'd like to say something: he knows they've all had their differences with Pat, but it means to lot to her and to him that they're there today - so he'd like to thank them for coming. He then goes on that he thinks Pat would like to say a few words and after that, they can get stuck into it! Patricia stands up carefully and addresses the guests: "I realise that I'm, er, not on the best of terms with some people in this room, so I'm surprised and very pleased that you all came. I'd just like to say that I didn't do what I'm about to stand trial for." Wayne stares at her. She goes on, "Hopefully, I'll be able to prove that I'm innocent and go free. And if that happens, I want to make up for some of the things that I've done." Heather glances at Mike as she continues, "I love David and I want to have a good life with him. You're his friends; maybe one day you'll be my friends, too. Thankyou." She sits down and a handful of people start clapping. David tells everyone to dig in. Jill comments quietly to Wayne that she thinks Patricia really meant it. Wayne just mutters, "Yeah." Looking surprised, Jill asks him if he's alright. Wayne mutters, "Fine," and he walks off. Jill walks over to where Fiona's standing and asks her if she's alright. Fiona glares at her and growls that she supposes little Fee is still up in Sydney, is she? Jill replies that it seemed pointless to bring her all the way down there for one day. Fiona mutters that, yes - especially when all Jill wanted to do was be with Alan. She adds that he's spending quite a lot of time with Katie, isn't he? Jill stares at Katie and then looks away. Fiona mutters that she really can't see how Jill thinks he's worth neglecting a child for, and she walks off. Elsewhere in the room, David offers Patricia something to eat, but she declines, explaining that she's not really hungry at the moment. David assures her that everyone knows she meant what she said. Patricia murmurs that she hopes so - though she wouldn't blame some of them for not believing her. Wayne walks over and Patricia comments to him that he doesn't look in much of a party mood. David tells Wayne that Pat told him how he helped her; he'd like to thank him. Wayne mutters that Patricia saved his life - not that it's worth much. Looking surprised, David asks what he means by that. Wayne quickly replies that he just has a few problems. David tells him that he'll get him some punch - that'll fix it! He walks off. Wayne sits down next to Patricia and asks her how her leg is. She replies that it's coming good, but it'll be a while before she can walk properly. Wayne then comments that she was talking before as though she thought she might get off at the trial. Patricia explains that she was just being optimistic. Wayne asks her what she'll do if they decide that it was only manslaughter; that it was more-or-less accidental. Patricia grimly replies that she'll still have to go to jail. Wayne remarks that they can't send her to jail for killing someone accidentally, can they? Patricia snaps that she really doesn't want to talk about it - they're at a party. Wayne stands up and his glance falls straight on Katie. Katie glares at him and she immediately goes and walks over to Alan. She asks him how he is, and he replies that he can't complain. He adds that he's looking forward to later on, though! Katie smiles and warns him not to be so impatient! Alan, who's leaning on Patricia's armchair, tells Katie to jump in and he'll give her a ride! Katie sits down in it. Barbara walks into the room and comes face-to-face with Fiona. Barbara comments that she thought Gordon might be there; in fact, she'd steeled herself for it. Fiona explains that he decided not to come. Barbara mutters that she wishes she'd done the same. Fiona asks her how she's been, and Barbara replies that she's fine - she's seeing a very nice man. Fiona replies, "So Irene told me." Katie laughs as Alan pushes her in the wheelchair. Barbara snaps at Fiona that she can imagine what Irene said. She then turns to Katie and asks her how the computer games are coming on. Katie smiles, "Good, thanks."

Out in the kitchen, Heather is filling a bowl with potato chips when Andy barges in through the door. Heather comments that she wondered if he was coming. Andy replies that he's sorry he's late. Heather tells him that he's just in time and she invites him to go in for something to eat. Andy asks if Mrs. Hamilton is there. Heather replies that she is. She then adds that, before he heads into the party, could he give Mavis a hand with the food? Andy reluctantly walks over to the caterer.

In the lounge room, Barbara tells Barney that it's nice to meet him - she's heard a lot about him. Barney smiles and says he hopes it's nothing bad! Barbara assures him that it's all good! She wanders off and Barney walks over to Alan, who's still leaning on Patricia's wheelchair. He comments that the chairs must be a boon for people who can't get about. Alan, though, mutters that he'd rather be dead than have to use one of those. Barney sits down in it to test it for comfort! Elsewhere in the room, Wayne walks over to Amanda and tells her that he just wanted to say that he was sorry to hear what happened to her with Mitch. Amanda replies that she's alright - it was worse for Mitch. Jill joins them and asks if her she wasn't worried about Mitch after the way he dragged her off like that. Amanda, though, explains that she ended up feeling sorry for him - he's had a rotten life and meeting her didn't help much; she just wishes she could help him, but she doesn't know where he's gone to; she saw him on Tuesday afternoon, but she didn't have a chance to speak to him. A look of surprise crosses Wayne's face and he asks her, "When did you say you saw him?" Amanda repeats that it was Tuesday afternoon. She then suddenly spots Andy coming in and she walks over to him and remarks that he finally made it. Andy tells her that he'll talk to her in a minute, and he asks her if she's seen Barbara. Amanda points her out and the two of them walk over to her. Barney is still talking to Alan; his hand is very near the joystick on the right arm of the wheelchair. He points out the controls to Alan, explaining which is 'stop' and which is 'go'. Alan comments that it's no good for him, as he needs a bit of speed! Barney places his hand on the joystick as he eases himself out of the seat... There's laughter elsewhere in the room from David, Patricia and Charlie.

Out in the passageway, Heather is approaching the lounge room, carrying a bowl of chips, when there's suddenly an explosion in the lounge room. She's flung against the wall and the bowl goes flying. Smoke and dust starts spreading everywhere, and various people being to scream as the impact of what has hit them sinks in. Heather manages to right herself and she staggers into the lounge room. There's smoke everywhere. Heather places her hand on the doorframe to steady herself and then looks at it in horror as she realises there's blood on it.

A while later, Jill and Katie are sitting in the corridor at the hospital. Wayne is pacing the floor; he has a bandage around his chest. Everyone's clothes are ripped and blackened. Barbara, sitting on the other side of the corridor, tells Wayne to sit down, as he's wearing a hole in the floor and that's not going to help anyone. Wayne murmurs quietly that it should have been him, not Amanda. Barbara says she's sure Amanda is going to be alright. Wayne cries that she lost so much blood, but Barbara snaps at him to just sit down. Wayne then asks if anyone saw how Andy was. Barbara retorts that she's sure he'll be OK. She then cries that she can't believe any of this; how could something like this have happened? Wayne mutters that the bomb was meant for Patricia, but she didn't get a scratch. Fiona suddenly comes round the corner and Barbara immediately stands up and says she's sorry - she should have gone down to casualty. Fiona stands there, a bandage on her arm, and assures her that it's nothing serious. She then asks how Barney is. Barbara tells her that they're operating now. Fiona nods, sadly. Jill stands up and goes and gives Fiona a hug. Fiona asks her if she's heard how Alan is. Jill shakes her head and cries, "I don't know what I'll do if he dies..." Katie stands there, staring at her.

In the operating theatre, a surgeon asks a nurse what the reading is. The nurse consults a gauge and then replies that it's 400 mil; it's just pouring out. The surgeon comments that it's going to be a battle to save this one...

In the kitchen at the country house, a doctor says he'll just check on Mrs. O'Brien, as she's still in shock. He walks off. Patricia is sitting at the table, looking shocked and upset, as David does up his shirt. She cries that there are all those people hurt and she's alright. David calmly tells her that it's just a matter of luck. Charlie, who's also there, chips in that it was the wheelchair: that's where the police say the bomb was. A detective comes in from the lounge room and asks Charlie if she saw the two men who delivered the party equipment. Charlie replies that she did. The detective goes on that they've been in touch with the catering company and they said the two men haven't returned; they're the only lead: can she give Detective Brown a complete description? Charlie replies that of course she can. She turns to Brown and the first detective turns to Patricia and tells her that he thinks it would be best if they take her into protective custody. Patricia retorts that she doesn't want to go - she wants to stay with David. David asks the detective if there isn't something else they can do to make sure Pat can't be got at. The detective sighs that they can put as many men on duty down there as possible to make sure that no one gets in unless they can prove who they are - but he thinks Patricia would be safest in custody - at least until the trial. Patricia shakes her head. The detective tells her that they can't force her. He then turns to Detective Brown and asks him how he's going. Brown thanks Charlie and indicates that he's finished. The first detective announces that they'll be in touch. David goes with him and Brown to see them out. When she's alone with Charlie, Patricia, tears beginning to well in her eyes, cries, "Oh, God..." Charlie gently assures her that it's alright, but Patricia cries, "People might die because of me." Charlie says to her that she really doesn't understand why she isn't going with the police - it would have been for the best. She goes on that she knows Patricia is worried that she might go to prison, but surely it won't come to that? - she's innocent and she'll prove it. Patricia sighs that she wishes she could be as confident; Roger Carlyle will never believe that she didn't kill Luke and he'll stop at nothing to get at her; anyone that's around her is going to be in danger and she can't live like that. Charlie comments that she doesn't see that she's got any choice. Patricia, though, tells her, "It's going to be difficult to organise, and it'll break my heart to leave David, but I need your help, Charlie - to disappear; to jump bail and disappear for good." Charlie stares at her.

At the hospital, the surgeon is still operating and he asks a nurse for a clamp, which she hands over. He looks at a gauge, which is showing zero, and snaps, "Damn." The heart monitor suddenly starts flatlining and the surgeon calls for the defibrilator...

Outside, in the corridor, Barbara, Fiona, Jill, Wayne and Katie are all still waiting. Wayne stands up from where he's sitting and goes and sits down next to Katie. He tells her gently that he's sorry about Alan - he's sure he'll be OK. Katie just looks down at the ground and murmurs that she hopes Amanda is, too. Wayne strokes her arm, tenderly. The surgeon suddenly comes along the corridor and everyone stands up in anticipation. The surgeon tells them, "I have some bad news..." Everyone stares at him, fearfully.


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