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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beryl is standing in the kitchen at her house when she hears the front door bang, and she calls out, "I'm in here, Fiona. How was the party?" There's no response, though, and so, looking concerned, she heads out into the lounge room. Fiona is standing there, her back to the kitchen. Beryl notices the charred state of Fiona's clothes and comments, "What on earth...?" She approaches Fiona slowly. After a few seconds, Fiona murmurs sadly, "Barney's dead..."

At the hospital, a nurse wheels a trolley round the corner of the corridor, past where Barbara is standing on her own. Ross suddenly comes along the corridor from the other direction and, looking relieved to see him, Barbara thanks him for coming. Ross explains that he came as soon as he got the call. He asks her if she's alright, and she replies that she's just got a few scratches. Ross asks, "The others?" Barbara, beginning to break into tears, cries, "Barney's dead. And Amanda severed an artery in her arm and I didn't know what to do..." She goes on shakily that Wayne was the only one who kept his head; he saved Amanda's life... and she doesn't know about Andy... he's got head injuries; he'd only just walked in the door and the bomb went off; she didn't even say 'hello' to him properly... Ross soothingly tells her that they've got a great team of doctors there at the hospital - everyone will be alright. A nurse comes out of a nearby room and Barbara asks how Andy is. The nurse replies that he's alright: he's still unconscious but he came through the operation. Ross says to her that he doesn't suppose they can see him? The nurse agrees that they can't see him until he comes round - and then only for a few minutes. Ross asks how long it will be until he comes round, adding that they don't want to rush things. The nurse tells him that it shouldn't be too long; she'll let them know. She walks off. Barbara, looking upset, asks what the nurse meant, as she said the operation was successful. Ross helps her to sit down and he then explains that head injuries are a little touchy; they won't know how Andy is until he wakes up. He goes on that he understands that Barbara wants to see him as soon as possible, but it could be a little upsetting - he might not be able to talk, and if he can, he might gabble on about all sorts of ridiculous things. Barbara insists that she still wants to see him. Ross warns her, "Just as long as you're prepared..." Barbara sniffs.

Wayne is talking on a payphone and he tells the person at the other end to let him know when she's arriving and either he or Jill will pick her up from the airport. He hangs up. Jill joins him and asks if that was Karen that he was talking to. Wayne explains that he finally got her at Gordy's. Jill asks if she's coming down, and Wayne replies that she's catching the first available flight. He adds that Gordy is coming with her. He then asks if there's any more news on Alan. Jill, looking upset, cries that if he was going to be alright, you'd think they'd tell her... Wayne gives her a comforting hug.

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Beryl says to Fiona that if it was Roger Carlyle, the man must be demented; it's bad enough that he's gone after Patricia, but to think nothing of those other people... Fiona curtly asks why he should - no one has any proof that he was involved. Beryl growls that the police had better find some evidence against him, then, before he-- She breaks off, but Fiona completes sadly, "Kills anyone else..." Beryl tells her that she's been very hard on herself - it's no use bottling everything up. Fiona sadly replies that she can't cry - not yet. She goes on that Barney will never get his diaries published now, and he did so want that...; he wasn't proud of what he did in Vietnam, but at least he had the courage to want to tell the truth about what really happened... She pauses for a few seconds and then suddenly declares, "Wal could do it!" Beryl stares at her, and she goes on, "If I gave him the diaries, he'd have to, I'm sure." Looking bemused, Beryl asks her who Wal is. Fiona explains that she's talking about a journalist: he used to live in the boarding house in Manly before he came down to Melbourne; he could get them published. She stands up, suddenly looking excited, and walks over to the 'phone. Looking worried, Beryl suggests to her that she should have a lie down, as she's had a terrible shock. Fiona, though, says she knows that, but she's fine. She adds that it's a wonder she didn't think of him before - he'd be perfect for the job. Beryl stands there, looking worried.

Andy is lying in bed in a room at the hospital, a bandage around his head. A nurse walks into the room, followed by Barbara and Ross, and she tells them that Andy has only just regained consciousness, so they can only have a few minutes. Barbara thanks her quietly and she goes. Barbara then turns to the bed and gently calls, "Andy..." There's no response, so she repeats, "Andy?" Andy's eyes flicker and he then comes-to and says a muffled, "Hi," as he stares at her. He also looks at Ross. Barbara asks him how he's feeling. He murmurs, "Terrible." Barbara then asks him if he remembers what happened. Andy quietly says he's not sure. Barbara explains that there was an explosion: the police said it was a bomb meant for Patricia. She asks him if he remembers the wheelchair at the party, but he shakes his head and says he doesn't remember anything; he just remembers going to bed last night and waking up there. Ross smiles, looking relieved. Barbara tells Andy to relax- he's going to be fine...

A few moments later, Barbara and Ross leave Andy's room and head back out to the corridor. Barbara, looking worried, says she's grateful she had that warning earlier - Andy has forgotten a whole day. Ross tells her that he thinks Andy is rather lucky if the only lasting effect is the lost of the memory of one day. Barbara asks him if he thinks Andy will ever remember, but Ross tells her that he probably won't. He adds that it's probably quite a good thing that he doesn't... Jill joins them and asks how Andy is. Barbara explains that he's so-so, but he's still a bit dazed. Jill comments, "So is Amanda." She then turns to Ross and asks if he's the doctor. Ross replies that he's a doctor, and he introduces himself. Jill recalls that she's heard about him. She then asks him if he could find out how Alan is; she's tried, but no one is saying anything. Ross points out that Alan isn't his patient, but Jill pleads, "Please..." She adds that he's in intensive care, but no one will tell her how he is. Ross gives in and says he'll try, but he can't promise. He and Jill walk off together and Barbara heads in the opposite direction.

Wayne is in Amanda's hospital room. She's lying in bed, looking groggy, and he strokes her face gently as she murmurs that she didn't know if she should run or not... Wayne soothingly assures her that it's alright. Amanda suddenly mutters quietly, "Damn Mitch..." Wayne gently tells her that Mitch isn't there, remember - but she thought she saw him last Tuesday, back in Sydney... Amanda murmurs, "Yeah... wrong car..." Wayne asks her what she means by 'wrong car'. Amanda begins to drift off again, but Wayne persists, "Amanda..." He then asks her if Mitch saw her, but Amanda murmurs that she doesn't know... The door suddenly opens and Barbara walks in and asks how her niece is. Wayne replies that she's very groggy. Barbara comments that she will be, after the anaesthetic. She then tells Amanda that she'll be alright; she'll pull through.

Jill and Katie are sitting out in the corridor when Ross comes along. Jill leaps up from her seat and ask how Alan is. Ross replies that he's still unconscious; he'll be in intensive care for quite a while. Jill, looking worried, asks what's wrong and how bad it is. Ross says he's afraid he can't say - the doctors want to talk to Alan's relatives first. Katie cries that it's serious, isn't it. Ross admits that, yes, it is - but honestly, they're not sure. Katie cries that they have to tell her something - Alan is her friend. Jill suddenly snaps, "Some friend." She goes on angrily that Alan would be fine if Katie hadn't taken him to that party. She adds that she bets Katie only did it to make Wayne jealous. Katie cries that that's not true. Jill goes on that she doesn't know why Katie didn't stick with Wayne in the first place - then they'd all be happy. She storms off. Katie cries that it's not her fault... she didn't invite him just because Wayne was coming... she likes Alan... he's a friend... Ross sympathetically invites her to come to his office and he'll make her a cup of coffee.

That evening, Ross is in the lounge room at Toorak, with Barbara, and she tells him that she's glad he was able to help Katie. She then adds sadly that she just wishes she'd been there when Fiona... She breaks off before adding that she must see her tomorrow - and she's got to go and see Amanda and Andy. Ross gently tells her to calm down. He goes on that he knows she's concerned about everyone, but he's concerned about her; Andy and Amanda are in good hands; trust him... Barbara admits that she supposes she is a bit worked-up. Ross tells her that he'll get her a sedative, but Barbara insists that she'll be fine. Ross tells her that it'll help, and he stands up and says he'll be back in a tick. As Barbara sits there, glumly, he adds that he knows it was tragic about Barney Adams, but if there's any bright side at all, it's that it could have been a lot worse. Barbara sourly comments that it was bad enough. Ross walks out of the room.

Karen has arrived at the hospital, and she walks down the corridor at a pace until she finds Wayne. She immediately asks him where Alan is, and Wayne indicates a nearby door. He adds that no one is allowed in, though. Karen asks him if the doctors have told him anything, but Wayne replies that they keep saying they want to talk to Alan's family first. He adds that someone should be out soon. He then says, "Karen..." The two of them go and sit down and he continues that he knows it's not the right time, but he needs to talk to her about something: Amanda-- Karen suddenly interrupts him, though, and mutters, "Not now." She goes on that she doesn't want him to start on something else; the most important thing at the moment is her son.

At Toorak, Ross tells Barbara that Barney didn't actually die from his injuries - bad as they were; his heart just gave out - it was probably weak to start with, and then having to cope with massive internal injuries and an operation... He goes on that, actually, it's something he's been researching: cardiovascular stress during operations - especially bypass operations. Barbara comments that it sounds very worthwhile. Ross agrees that it should help a lot of people - Gordon, for instance: two heart attacks already and his chances of surviving a major operation would be a lot better if they had some answers. Barbara asks him how they're making out. Ross replies that they're getting there slowly - although of course, research cuts haven't helped... Barbara tells him that if it's a question of money-- She's interrupted by a knock at the door and she goes to answer it, leaving Ross sitting there looking frustrated. He mutters, "Damn." Barbara opens the door to find Gordon standing there. She looks surprised as he explains that Wayne told him what happened and he thought-- He breaks off as Ross suddenly appears in the doorway to the lounge room.

A few moments later, Gordon is explaining to Barbara that he flew down with Karen and is on his way to see Amanda, but he wondered how she was. Barbara assures him that she's fine - just a few scratches; nothing to worry about. She leads him into the lounge room and adds that it was very nice of him to drop in, though. Gordon tells her that he's sorry if he disturbed her. Ross asks him if he can offer him a drink, but Gordon ignores him, suggesting to Barbara instead that he should have 'phoned first. Looking annoyed, Barbara snaps at him that Ross asked him a question. Gordon lightly asks, "Did he?" Barbara snaps at him the he knows he did. Gordon retorts that he also knows what kind of man Ross is and Barbara knows what he tried to do to Patricia. Barbara snaps at him that if he's referring to those ridiculous stories that Patricia has been spreading, she doesn't want to think about them. Gordon curtly tells her to wake up to herself: the man is a conman and a gambler. Ross indignantly interjects, "Excuse me," but Gordon snaps at him to shut up, get out of the house and leave his wife alone. Barbara, looking surprised, snaps, "Your wife? That's a laugh - we haven't been married for months. And if you believe Patricia's paranoid ravings, you're obviously more gullible than I thought. Ross is a very caring man and I'll spend as much time with him as I want." Gordon reluctantly says that, alright, if she won't listen to reason... He turns and goes. Ross thanks Barbara. Barbara starts crying, and Ross comments that she still cares about Gordon. Barbara cries that it's not enough. Ross asks what the answer is, but Barbara cries that she doesn't know; she didn't want it to end in divorce, but the way they're going... she doesn't think she has any other choice...

Karen is pacing the corridor at the hospital. Jill joins her and asks her if she's seen the doctors yet. Karen replies that Wayne has just gone to find out what the hold-up is. Jill comments that there shouldn't be a hold-up; if it's bad news, they should tell her. Karen asks her how the other two are, and Jill replies that they're fine: Amanda looked worse that she actually was - she cut one of her arteries, but it wasn't serious. She then adds that she thanks goodness that Mitch doesn't know what happened, or he'd be down there like a shot; they wouldn't be able to keep him away from her. A slight look of worry crosses Karen's face, but she comments that no one has seen Mitch to be able to tell him, have they? Jill agrees that they haven't yet - but he's still in town, because Amanda saw him. Karen quickly asks if she spoke to him, but Jill replies that she didn't; she just saw him in a car- at least, that's what she told Wayne... Karen looks more worried.

Fiona and Beryl are sitting with Wal Mackay, a journalist, in Beryl's lounge room, and Fiona asks him if he thinks he'll be able to make a story out of it. Wal replies that he may be able to - but he'll have to read right through the diaries first. He asks if he can take them home, and Fiona tells him that of course he can. She adds that he'll be careful, won't he? Wal asks her humorously if she's ever known him not to be! Fiona laughs that he never used to be. She then turns to Beryl and explains that, when she first knew Wal, he was a war correspondent, spending most of his time in these out-of-the-way places; every time he came back to Sydney, he'd live like there was no tomorrow! Beryl smiles that he was a bit of a hellraiser, was he? Wal replies that he doesn't know about that, but he's calmed down these days: he sits behind a desk editing other blokes' copy. He then suggests that Barney must have been some guy - he bets no one else had the guts to write it all down. Fiona sadly agrees that he was some man. Wal comments that it's funny how someone can be like that: a real tough digger in one sense but pretty sensitive inside. He then tells Fiona that he'll give her a call sometime tomorrow. He stands up, shakes Beryl's hand and says he'll see himself out. Fiona thanks him for coming round and he goes. Fiona stands there, looking worried. Beryl remarks that he seemed like a nice man. Fiona doesn't respond, though, and Beryl asks her if she's OK. Fiona comes back to earth and explains that she was just thinking: all of them have done things they're not proud of... but at least Barney had the strength and the honesty to tell her; God knows there were things about her that she never told him... Beryl points out that she wouldn't have had the time. Tears welling in her eyes, Fiona cries, "Oh I miss him, Beryl..." Beryl comforts her and gently says, "Come on..." Fiona breaks down in tears...

Wayne and Jill are sitting in the corridor at the hospital, and Jill mutters that she doesn't think she can stand it much longer. Wayne assures her that Karen will be out soon. Jill, though, snaps that she could be with the doctors for hours - especially if they let her talk to Alan. She then suddenly realises that she must look a mess. Wayne says he reckons they all do, but Jill says she supposes she'd better go and freshen up in case they do let her see Alan. She stands up and walks off. Almost as soon as she's gone, Karen comes round the corner of the corridor behind her and joins Wayne. He asks her how Alan is. Karen replies that she's not sure - he's still unconscious, and that means it's taking them longer to get the results than they thought. Wayne asks her if it's worth staying. Karen tells him that she's going to go to her motel and come back in the morning. She then asks where Jill is, and Wayne explains that she's freshening up. Changing the subject, he continues that, when Karen has got a few seconds, there's something he has to tell her: Amanda says she saw Mitch... Karen replies that Jill told her; it's a lucky break for them. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her how she figures that. Karen explains that if the police ever find the body, they'll want to know when Mitch was last seen alive; Amanda will say she saw him on the Tuesday, which puts them in the clear because they've both got alibis for the rest of the week. Wayne, looking dubious, points out that, yeah, but if Amanda says she saw Mitch on Tuesday... Karen quickly points out that it obviously wasn't him - it must have been a lookalike; it couldn't have been him, could it? Wayne says he guesses not. Karen tells him that there's nothing to worry about - no one is ever going to find out what really happened.

The next morning, Ross wanders into the lounge room at Toorak. Barbara is already in there, and she asks him how the guest room was; did he sleep well? Ross replies that he did, and he asks her how she slept. Barbara tells him that she was a bit restless. Ross comments that he thought she might have been; he should have given her another sedative. Barbara explains that she couldn't stop thinking about everything that happened: the bomb... Gordon... she even remembers what he told her about the heart research he's doing. Looking vaguely pleased, Ross remarks that that's a strange thing to remember. Barbara suggests that it must have seemed important. She then adds that she was serious when she suggested donating money; is there any way he can give her some information about it? Ross replies that of course there is - give him a couple of days and he'll get her one of the brochures. He adds that it's a very worthwhile cause. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara goes to answer it. Katie comes on, and she explains that she's calling because she wanted to thank Dr. Newman for taking the time to talk to her yesterday and she wondered if Barbara had his number. Barbara smiles and replies that the man himself is there. She then turns to Ross and tells him that it's Katie O'Brien. Ross walks over to the desk and takes the handset. He then asks Katie how she's feeling, and she replies that she's better; she wanted to thank him for looking after her yesterday. Ross assures her that that's all pert of the service; he knows how hard it can be. He then goes on that he supposes she'll be round the hospital quite a bit over the next few weeks. Katie says she supposes so. Ross tells her that she knows where his office is - if she needs anything explained or she's feeling down, come and see him and he'll do what he can. Katie thanks him gratefully, and Ross says 'bye' and hangs up. He then goes and sits down and comments to Barbara that Katie is a nice girl. Barbara agrees that, yes, she is.

At Beryl's, Wal throw the diaries down onto the living room table and declares, "Dynamite!" He then goes on that, when he started reading them properly, he couldn't put them down; there are things in there that the public has a right to know. Fiona asks him if he'll get them published and Wal assures her, "Hell yeah!" He then adds that they'll need reworking, but he'll make sure they get into print. Looking worried, Fiona says Barney knew he'd have to change the names... Wal tells her that they'll have to do more than that - they'd be sued off the face of the earth if they don't. Fiona asks him what he's going to have to do: fictionalise it? Wal replies that he will, pretty much. He continues that it's better that she knows what she's getting into before they start: even with the names changed, the army people are still going to know who they're talking about - some of those blokes are pretty high-up now, and are going to do their level best to stop them. Fiona, looking surprised, asks how they can do that when they don't even know what they're doing. Wal explains that they'll find out - he'll have to go to Canberra to check a few army records, and they'll soon get wind of what's going on once he starts snooping. He continues that he wants to go ahead because he thinks it's important, but if Fiona doesn't want to face the hassles, she should just say so. Beryl looks at Fiona and tells her that it's her decision; if she thinks that's what Barney wanted... Fiona declares, "It is. We'll publish."

Karen is walking along the hospital corridor with a doctor, and she asks him if the results are back yet. Wayne is following just behind them. They stop, and the doctor tells Karen that they came back about half an hour ago. Karen asks, "And?" The doctor suggests they talk in his office, but Karen pleads, "Please... will my son be alright?" The doctor tells her that Alan suffered severe damage to his lower spine; they were testing to see if it's permanent and he's afraid it is. He explains, "Alan's a paraplegic. He's paralysed from the waist down." Karen stands there, looking shocked. The doctor goes on that Alan doesn't know yet - they thought she might-- Karen interrupts him and assures him, "Yes." The doctor then suggests that she might want to come and talk to him afterwards. Karen, looking shaky, thanks him, and he walks off. Wayne immediately tells her that she should have let the doctor tell Alan, but Karen cries, "No way. I have to do it." Wayne gives her a comforting hug.

At Beryl's, Fiona paces the floor of the lounge room as Beryl talks on the 'phone to Rosie. She tells her, "Sorry, Rosie, it really isn't convenient at the moment." In Queensland, Rosie, looking disappointed, replies that it's just that Leigh insists on going to Melbourne. She adds that she knows Leigh asked Beryl about it when Beryl was up there. Beryl explains that she said she'd think about it and the answer is 'no'. Rosie says she doesn't know what she should do now - Leigh is a sweet child, but she's only young and she wouldn't like to see her on her own in a big city. Beryl mutters that she's sure she'd manage. Rosie agrees that she might, but that doesn't stop her worrying - Leigh being Doug's granddaughter, she feels responsible. Beryl retorts that she's sorry, but as she said, there's no way she can see her way clear to having the girl at the moment. She then tells Rosie that she has to go, as she has a lot of housework to do this afternoon. Rosie, looking disappointed, says, "Thankyou anyway," and hangs up. Beryl does likewise, and Fiona immediately asks her what that was about. Beryl starts to explain that Rosie wanted her to-- She then breaks off and says it doesn't matter. Fiona comments, "Fair enough." Beryl suddenly mutters, "That girl is nothing but a-- Rosie wants me to welcome her into my house with open arms, but it is just not on." Looking surprised, Fiona asks Beryl if she remembers telling her yesterday that it was no good to bottle things up. She then goes on that, so far, Beryl hasn't told anyone what really happened in Queensland. She tells her, "For your own good, I think it's about high time you did..."


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