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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A short time later, Barbara slams the packet of hash down onto the table in the living room and demands, "How do you explain that?" As Ross looks on, Andy retorts that it's not his. Barbara snaps that that's funny because it was found in his van. Andy stares at her and mutters "What?" Barbara snaps that he heard. Andy snaps back that he didn't put it there. Barbara shouts at him not to lie to her, but Andy insists that he isn't. Barbara demands to know how long he's been dealing in hash, but Andy retorts that he's never seen the stuff before and he's not dealing in anything. Barbara tells him curtly that Ross heard him calling someone about a deal the day of the bomb blast and now she has the evidence; it's pretty conclusive, doesn't he think? Andy growls that he doesn't remember much about that day, but if he did call anyone, it wouldn't have had anything to do with drugs. Turning to Ross, he adds, "You couldn't have heard it right, 'mate'." Barbara snaps at him that there's nothing wrong with Ross's hearing and it's obvious that he's been using the disco as a cover-up. Andy retorts that he hasn't. He goes on angrily that she knows he wouldn't get mixed up in that sort of thing, and he asks her why she's suddenly prepared to believe Ross over him. Holding up the foil packet, Barbara snaps, "Because the evidence is there." Ross interjects to suggest that they both calm down and talk about it quietly. Andy growls that he didn't put any hash in his van; somebody must have planted it there. He turns to Ross, who asks, "Who?" Andy retorts, "I reckon I'm looking at it." Ross asks 'innocently', "Now why would I want to frame you?" Andy suggests, "Because you'd like to get rid of me?" Barbara snaps that that's ridiculous; Ross is giving him the benefit of the doubt; she's the one that knows what's going on and she's very disappointed; she thought at least he'd have the guts to own up to it. Andy doesn't respond, instead heading for the doorway. Barbara snaps at him, "Where do you think you're going?" Andy turns and tells her not to worry - he'll be back.

Leigh is playing with Patch the dog in the grounds at the country house. He runs towards a sign painted 'Danger - Keep Clear' and she quickly tells him to come away. Andy suddenly calls, "Hey, Leigh!" and walks over to her. Indicating the sign, she explains that the boards are starting to rot and she thought Patch might fall down the shaft. Andy asks whose dog Patch is and Leigh replies that he belongs to the people next door, but he spends most of his time there, rather than at home. Andy comments that he'd say she's won herself a friend! Leigh smiles that he's great company - but not as good as him; it was a great party last night. Andy replies, "Yeah, well that's what I came here to talk to you about."

In the lounge room at Toorak, Ross tells Barbara that Andy is a nice-enough kid; the thing is, he thinks he's easily led. He then asks her if she didn't say that Andy was involved in some religious cult. Barbara, who's sitting with a cup of tea, looks down guiltily. Ross tells her, "There you are. Somebody's obviously told him about the drugs scene and he's decided to cash in." Barbara says to him that she wasn't jumping to conclusions, was she? - she'd feel awful if he was telling the truth. Ross assures her that of course she wasn't; all she's got to do is look at the facts: Andy had to crawl out of a hospital bed to make that gig last night; why would be bother? Barbara stares at him and he continues, "Because he had to pick up the dope." Barbara murmurs sadly, "Right. There's no other explanation. Obviously, he's just too afraid to admit it..."

David walks from the hallway into the kitchen at the country house, holding a bag and followed by Charlie. She tells him that she thinks it's foolish: he's been working very hard and he's hardly been sleeping; he's in no condition to drive to Sydney. David mutters at her that he's been there a million times - and anyway, the truck knows the way. He adds that, besides, he wants to get away from the house for a while; it brings back too many memories. Charlie shrugs and says she agrees, but wouldn't it be easier to fly back with her, tonight? She adds that she'll pay, if that's what's worrying him. David thanks her, but explains that it's not the money; he needs to drive - it's a working trip. Charlie says she still thinks he shouldn't be going. David retorts that, well, he is, so she can quit her nagging. The back door suddenly opens and Andy and Leigh come in. Charlie immediately asks how the party was, and Andy replies that it was great! Charlie laughs that she thought so, as Leigh hasn't stopped smiling all morning! David says he'd better get going, and he tells Leigh that he'll see her when he gets back. Leigh wishes him a good trip and he and Charlie head out towards the front door. Alone with Leigh, Andy reminds her that she helped him pack up the van. Leigh agrees, "Yeah, and it wasn't there then." Andy asks her if she's sure, and she assures him, "No, it wasn't in the back of your van last night." Andy mutters, "Good. I just want to get my facts right." Leigh asks him if he thinks he knows who planted it. Andy tells her, "Ross Newman." Leigh asks why he'd do that, and Andy explains that it would be to get him offside with Barbara. He goes on that he and Ross had a row on the day of the bomb blast and he found out something about Ross, but he can't remember what; Ross can, though, and it's got him scared. Leigh insists that he must be able to remember a little bit, but Andy retorts, "Not a thing. I keep trying but it just won't come." Leigh asks if it's to do with Mrs. Hamilton, but Andy tells her that he doesn't know; he really doesn't. Suddenly appearing to make a decision, he goes on that if Ross gets away with making him look like a drug pusher, anything he says afterwards is just going to sound like sour grapes, so he's going to set things straight now. He heads out towards the front door. Leigh calls, "Andy?" Andy tells her that he's sorry, but it's important; he'll see her later. Leigh looks worried.

Barbara is clearing away the tea things when Ross comes into the lounge room and asks her if she minds if he uses the 'phone. Barbara assures him that of course she doesn't, and Ross explains that he has to 'phone the hospital. He then takes some pieces of paper out of his pocket and hands one to Barbara, explaining that he's sorry that it's a bit crumpled; he should have given it to her earlier. Barbara asks what it is, and Ross explains that it's her receipt for her donation to the Research Foundation. Barbara thanks him and smiles that she'd better put it away before she loses it! She picks up the tray of tea things and leaves the room, while Ross walks over to the 'phone. He doesn't notice Andy coming in the front door as he starts dialling. Andy goes and stands in the lounge room doorway as Ross asks for, "Extension 871, please." As he stares at Ross, Andy suddenly murmurs, "I remember now. That's where you were standing before." Ross spins round to look at him as Andy goes on, "You were talking to Roger about trying to kill Patricia."

A few moments later, Ross has hung up and he comments sourly that Andy seems to have got his memory back at a most convenient time... Andy snaps that it's true, though, isn't it? At that moment, Barbara comes back in and demands to know what's going on. Ross explains that Andy appears to have suddenly remembered a conversation he's supposed to have had on the day of the bomb blast. Andy turns to Barbara and explains that he remembers Ross talking to Roger Carlyle about arranging to kill Patricia. Barbara growls, "Oh God, not that tired old story again." Andy insists that it's true, but Barbara tells him not to make things worse for himself. She goes on that she's sick and tired of the way he tries to paint Ross as the villain; she's very lucky she didn't call the police to him this morning. Ross quickly says he doesn't think they need take it that far, but Barbara snaps, "Don't worry, I'm not going to. But I want him out of here. There's no way I'm going to live with a drug pusher." Andy stares at her incredulously, and he asks, "What?" Barbara retorts that he heard her: he can pack his bags and leave. Andy snaps that, firstly, this is not her house-- Barbara interrupts him and, pointing to the door, yells angrily, "Out. Out now." Andy glares at her and tells her that she's wrong about the dope - like she's been wrong before. He then asks her if she remembers Lynn and him; she was so quick to think the worst of that, too. He goes on bitterly that Ross has has got her conned and he only hopes she wakes up before it's too late. Barbara doesn't look at him, and he walks off.

At Prince Henry's hospital, a nurse is practising physiotherapy on one of Alan's legs, and she asks him if it's helping. He just mutters, "A little. It's hard to tell." The door to the room suddenly opens and Jill comes in. Alan immediately snaps at her, "Don't you ever knock?" Jill replies that she's sorry - she didn't realise. Alan tells her to come back in about ten minutes; they should be through by then. Jill leaves the room. Out in the corridor, Karen comes along and asks, "How is he?" Jill suggests that she shouldn't go in there for a while as Alan is having physio and she doesn't think he likes anyone watching. Karen comments that that's understandable. Jill then says to her that she thought she was going back to Sydney. Karen explains that she's been putting it off so that she can spend a bit more time with Alan, but she has to go back tonight because Wayne is worried about Gordon; she doesn't want to leave Alan, but... Jill assures her, "Don't worry. I'm here." Karen smiles at her, gratefully.

Andy walks into the lounge room at Toorak. Ross is standing up while Barbara is sitting reading a magazine. She doesn't look at Andy as he tells her that he'll flog the van and the disco equipment as quick as he can; she'll get back every cent she lent him to set it up. Still not looking at him, Barbara snaps, "Fine. Goodbye." Ross tells Andy tautly that he's sorry it came to this; it's probably for the best, though. Andy growls at him, "You hypocrite; you can't wait to see the back of me. I'm just sorry Mrs. H. can't see that she's losing all her friends through being mixed up with you." He storms out of the house. Ross sits down and comments to Barbara, "Well, that's over." Barbara says sadly, "He's right, you know - I am losing all my friends: first Gordon, then Irene... now Andy." Ross points out that he's still there; he hasn't walked out on her. Barbara smiles, "No, thank God." Ross goes on that he'd like to be able to stay with her but he has to get back to the hospital, and he asks her if she's sure she'll be alright. Barbara assures him that she'll be fine. Ross tells her to take another tablet if she thinks she needs one, but Barbara insists that she won't. Ross stands up, puts his hand comfortingly on her shoulder and says, "See how you feel." He goes.

A short while later, Ross is with Katie in the open air somewhere, and she hugs him tightly as he hands her a necklace. She tells him excitedly, "It's beautiful!" Ross tells her put it on, but Katie asks him to do it, and she lifts up her hair as he walks round behind her to fasten it. He asks her if she likes it, and Katie smiles, "Are you kidding?!" Ross explains that he wanted to get her something that would always remind her of him. He walks back round to face her, and she then tells him sadly, "I'll only be able to wear it when I'm with you. If mum and dad see it, they'll start asking questions. I already have to make up stories about when we're out together..." Ross comments that it's not a very good arrangement, but Katie tells him that she doesn't mind - he's worth telling a few white lies for. They hug...

At the hospital, Alan is sitting up in bed and Jill walks into the room as a nurse asks him if he'd like some fresh water. He declines. The nurse suggests a glass of orange juice, but Alan snaps that he's not thirsty. Jill laughs that she doesn't believe it: he's just said 'no' to a nurse twice in the last thirty seconds; he must really be feeling sick! The nurse smiles and remarks that he's one for the girls, is he? Jill replies, "Usually!" Alan angrily asks Jill when she's going to face facts: his life is finished; no girl is going to want him now. The nurse tells him that he should be thankful: he's a lot better off than some people with his sort of injuries; at least he can still get married and have kids. She walks out. Alan immediately snaps at Jill, "That's easy for her to say; she's not crippled; who'd go into a marriage with a guy like me?" Jill tells him, "I would." Alan stares at her.

David is driving his truck along the road. He's having trouble keeping his eyes open, and his head starts drooping as he begins to fall asleep...

Charlie is with Andy and Leigh in the lounge room at the country house and she comments that she's worried about David: he said he'd ring when he stopped for a rest; it's not like him. Leigh assures her, "He will." She then goes on that, right now, she thinks it's important to see what they can do for Andy. Andy, though, insists that he'll be right: once he gets to Sydney, he'll flog the van and pay Barbara back. Leigh asks him if he has somewhere to stay, and Andy explains that Fiona said she'd put him up; he gave her a call and she's got a spare room. Charlie asks him if he didn't want to ask Gordon, and Andy replies that he didn't think that would be such a good idea. He adds that he'll go and see him of, course, and tell him what's happening; he's probably the only one who can help Mrs. H. now. Charlie says she thinks Barbara deserves to stew; throwing him out of somebody else's house... Andy insists that it's not her fault: she's being led by Ross - he's the one who's dangerous: Ross set him up and he knows he's trying to kill Patricia. A thoughtful look suddenly crosses Leigh's face as Charlie comments, "Patricia was very lucky..." Andy suggests that he'd better push off, as he wants to get as much daylight as he can. Charlie tells him that she'll see him in Sydney. Andy tells Leigh that he'll give her a call when he gets there, and he goes. Charlie says to Leigh that she did try to warn her: Ross is a very nasty man, and doing what Patricia wants is not going to be easy. Leigh just retorts, "I'll manage. Somehow..."

At the hospital, Jill tells Alan that she meant what she said: why shouldn't they get married? Alan retorts that it's a crazy idea, that's why. Jill insists that she's serious, but Alan snaps that so is he; it would never work. Jill says to him that it's Fee, isn't it? She then goes on that she can work something out; she's sure if she asked properly this time Fiona would mind her for a few weeks, until they got settled. Alan snaps at her that that's a terrific attitude for a mother to have: dump the kid whenever you feel like it. He goes on bitterly that she's just like Karen: the two of them make a good pair. Jill cries that she didn't mean it like that; she'd never give Fee away. Alan mutters, "Only for a few weeks at at time, eh?!" Jill cries at him that he's twisting everything she says; they've got a future - she knows they have. Alan snaps that he's not interested in marrying her; in fact, he'd prefer it if she kept away. He asks, "Is that clear?" Jill stares at him and then turns and runs out. When she's gone, Alan lifts up his pillow and throws it on the floor in frustration.

Out in the corridor, Jill pushes through a set of double doors and almost knocks over Karen, who's coming in the opposite direction. Karen asks what the rush is. Jill, who has tears in her eyes, cries, "I'll be alright," and she runs off again.

Karen heads into Alan's room and demands to know what he's been saying to Jill. He replies, "Nothing much." Karen insists that he must have said something. Alan explains that he had to be a bit hard on her, that's all - she's in love with him and she's started thinking about marriage. Karen comments, "Never suited your plans, has it?" Alan explains that it's not that; he doesn't want Jill wasting her life on him. Karen smiles in surprise and says, "Well... thinking of other people. Hospital's done something for you!" Alan retorts that he's not getting soft or anything; he just doesn't want any pity - particularly from Jill. He then asks Karen what she's doing there, as he thought she and Wayne were on their way back to Sydney by now. Karen shrugs and says she doesn't want to leave, but... Alan tells her that he doesn't want her to stay on his account. He then adds that there is something that she could organise for him before she goes...

David is still driving his truck along the road, and still having trouble keeping his eyes open. He rubs his face with one of his hands. A white car is driving along another road. A young woman is at the steering wheel, with a little girl in the back seat. The girl cries, "Mummy, I'm hungry." The woman tells her that it's not far to go now - they'll soon be at nana's. In his truck, David's eyes close and he falls asleep. A look of horror crosses the woman's face as she suddenly spots the truck coming straight at her from a road to the right. In his truck, David comes-to again, and a look of shock crosses his face as he realises he's about to hit the car. He starts steering the truck to avoid a collision. The truck, though, clips the car, which immediately rolls over several times and spins across the road, landing on its roof. Petrol starts pouring out of the tank, onto the road. David stares at the wreckage in shock and cries, "Oh my God..."

A while later, a police officer finishes talking to a guy with a tow truck. The little girl is lying on a trolley, waiting to be put into an ambulance. The police officer asks David for his log book, and David hands it over. He then asks how the woman and the kid are, and the police officer replies that they were wearing seatbelts, so they should be OK. David murmurs, "Thank God for that." The police officer, looking through the log book, tells David that he was due for a compulsory rest two hours ago. David says he knows. The police officer asks him why he didn't take it and David explains that he didn't feel like it - he hasn't been sleeping too well lately. The police officer points out that a woman and a child were almost killed because he didn't feel like it. David mutters that he knows...; he was stupid. The police officer tells him that blokes like him shouldn't be on the road; he'll do his licence for negligent driving and he can forget about going any further this afternoon; he can either sleep in the truck or get on the radio and call one of his mates to come and pick him up. David stands there, looking upset. The police officer continues, "Do anything but drive. You'll be hearing from us." David stands there, by the wreck of the car, as the ambulance drives away, its siren blaring. He looks shocked.

In the kitchen at the country house, Charlie hangs up the 'phone and tells Leigh, "That was David. There's been an accident." Looking shocked, Leigh asks if he's alright. Charlie explains that he wasn't hurt, but he sounded very shaken. She goes on that he's a silly man; she warned him: he drove off the road or something. Leigh asks where he is now, and Charlie replies that he's in a country town somewhere, on the way to Fiona's. She adds that she'll him first thing in the morning and see if he's alright. Charlie then looks at her watch and goes on that that reminds her: she'd better hurry if she's going to catch her 'plane. Leigh stops her in her tracks and says, "Charlie, I was thinking: would you mind if I came with you?" Looking surprised, Charlie asks whatever for, adding that Leigh will be alright with the O'Briens. Leigh explains that it's not them. Charlie continues that she thought Leigh was all primed and ready to go after Ross. Leigh says she knows, but she thought she might tackle Karen first. Charlie asks, "Cold feet?" Leigh quickly assures her that that's not it at all - but why start with the hardest job first? She adds that, if she is going after Karen Fox, she has to be in Sydney - to meet the Hamiltons and to get Fiona Thompson onside; the sooner they get to know her, the sooner they'll trust her. Charlie smiles and tells Leigh that, alright, she can stay with her - but she won't be able to run after her every minute of the day; Leigh will have to look after herself. Leigh thanks her. Charlie goes on that Leigh shouldn't go thinking that Karen will be easy - in some ways, she'll be more difficult than Ross. Leigh muses, "Maybe. But it sounds like she and I have a lot in common. I'll find some way of handling her." She walks off, leaving Charlie shaking her head.

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Fiona hangs up the 'phone and Amanda asks, "When's he getting here?" Fiona replies that it'll be in a couple of hours or so - another truckie is giving him a lift. Amanda comments, "Poor David. How would you feel...?" Fiona replies, "Pretty bad, I'd imagine." Amanda goes on that she was going to go out tonight, but if Fiona would rather she stay home... Fiona, though, assures her that she'll be alright, and she tells Amanda to go - that is if she's alright. She asks her how her arm is, and Amanda insists that she's fine. She adds that she was only in hospital for a few days - it was just a scratch. Fiona points out that it was deep enough to cut an artery - and if it hadn't been for Wayne, she'd have bled to death. Looking surprised, Amanda asks what he had to do with it. Fiona explains that he was the one that stopped the bleeding; he was the first one to help her after the explosion. Amanda, looking thoughtful, comments that she didn't know; she just thought-- She breaks off, before adding, "Thank God I agreed to be friends again..."

Jill walks into Alan's room at Prince Henry's hospital. It's empty and the bed has been stripped. Jill turns back to the door and finds Karen standing there. She cries, "Alan's gone." Karen explains gently that he asked her to move him to a private hospital. Jill smiles in relief and remarks that she started to panic for a moment there. She asks which hospital he's at, adding that she's got some fruit for him. Karen replies that she's sorry, but he asked her not to tell anyone - especially her. She adds that she knows how Jill must be feeling, but she does think it's the best thing-- Jill interrupts her and cries, "But I love him. He needs me. He mightn't realise it now, but he will soon. Please tell me where he is, Karen." Karen tells her that it's no good. They step out into the corridor and sit go and down, and Karen explains to Jill that Alan is frightened: frightened of falling in love with her; he doesn't think he can handle it. She goes on that it's the same with her; Alan feels that if he shows any sort of affection, he'll leave himself wide open, and he's not ready to risk being hurt; all Jill can do is leave him alone for a while and maybe he'll come to her - but there are no guarantees. Jill sits there, looking hurt and shocked.

David has arrived at Fiona's flat, and she hands him a brandy, which he sips. She asks, "Is that better?" David murmurs, "I smashed into a car... nearly killed two people... one was only a kid... the copper looked at me like I was the lowest mongrel on Earth. And he was right... it was all my fault." He takes another sip of his brandy, before continuing, "If those two people had died... I don't think I could ever live with myself again..." Fiona tells him gently that that's something he has to be very grateful for. David murmurs, "What would I do if you weren't here, cobber?" Fiona comforts him as he goes on that Beryl used to be around when he needed someone to talk to; now they haven't got two words to say to each other; Margaret died... and Pat left him... He laughs bitterly and cries, "Oh God... I don't know what's happening anymore..."

The next morning, at Toorak, Barbara walks into the lounge room. She sits down, looking tired, and she buries her head in her hands. She then stares at the bottle of sleeping pills lying on the dresser, and she stands up, goes and unscrews the lid and takes two tablets.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural. Andy is standing on the step with Amanda and he tells Gordon that he has to talk to him. Gordon invites the two of them in. As they head into the lounge room, Amanda tells Gordon that it really is important; Andy filled her in on the way over - they've got to do something. Gordon asks, "About what?" The three of them sit down and Andy explains that it's sort of a long story, but Ross Newman planted some hash in his van and made sure Barbara found out about it; of course, it was his word against Ross's and of course Barbara believed Ross and accused him of pushing drugs. Amanda chips in, "Which is just plain ridiculous; I mean Andy would never--" Gordon interrupts and says he knows that. He tells Andy to go on. Andy continues that he's been slowly getting his memory back and yesterday he remembered overhearing Ross on the day of the bomb blast talking to Roger Carlyle about killing Patricia, so he went straight to Barbara, but all she did was kick him out. He tells Gordon, "You've got to get her away from him." Gordon shakes his head and says it's no use him talking to her. Andy asks why not, and Gordon explains that she won't listen. Andy retorts that they might have split up but he's still her husband; he can't just stand by and do nothing. Amanda tells Gordon that someone has got to make Barbara see how bad this guy is. Gordon pauses and then leans forward, looking thoughtful. He declares, "Alright. Let's give our Dr. Newman some rope. With a bit of help, he might just hang himself..."


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