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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Beryl is talking to Gordon on the 'phone in the lounge room at her house, but she says to him that she doesn't know. She adds that she'd like to help, but is he sure that's the right way to go about it? Gordon tells her that it's the only way he can think of that might work. Andy is pacing the floor in the lounge room at Dural as Gordon goes on that he'll make sure she doesn't lose by it. Beryl, though, assures him that that doesn't worry her. She then suggests that surely he can talk to Barbara, but Gordon explains that she won't listen to anyone; Newman has the wool well and truly pulled over her eyes - that's why they've got to prove to her what sort of man he really is. Beryl muses, "Yes, yes, of course." Gordon tells her that he realises that what he's suggested might not work, but it's worth the risk if Barbara comes to her senses. Beryl pauses and then says, "Alright. I'll do it. And I'll try and make her realise how silly she was leaving you." Gordon quickly tells her that he'd rather she didn't; he just wants her to let Barbara see that she's willing to give her some sort of moral support. Beryl muses, "If that's what you want." She then adds that, if this plan of his does work, Barbara might end up hating them - people sometimes don't like to be told the truth. Gordon replies that he knows, but he'd rather Barbara was angry at them than ripped off by Newman. Beryl says she'll let him know how she gets on. Gordon tells her that he's very grateful, and they hang up. At Dural, Gordon tells Andy and Amanda, "All we can do now is wait..."

The next morning, Leigh walks out of the front door at Charlie's and picks up the newspaper lying on the ground. She looks at her surroundings and smiles, before heading back inside. Charlie is sitting in the lounge room, a glass of orange juice in her hand, and Leigh excitedly exclaims, "It's a fabulous day!" Charlie explains that she was thinking of taking Isabella for a nice long walk. Leigh quickly says she'll take her, but Charlie indignantly retorts that the dog wouldn't feel safe with a stranger, and she starts fussing over the animal. Leigh, changing the subject, tells Charlie that her place is a lot better than the dump that David lives in. Charlie muses, "I think David's place is quite, er, quaint..." and Leigh declares, "Exactly!" Charlie holds out a titbit to Isabella and says, "Here, darling!" Leigh quickly runs over to the dog, picks her up and says she'll feed her. Charlie hurriedly grabs the dog back and snaps that she doesn't like strangers feeding her. She then asks Leigh haughtily when she's going to start looking for a job. Leigh retorts that she thought she had one: doing with Patricia wants her to. Charlie points out that she's not going to be able to bring down Karen Fox in a day, and she asks Leigh if she's supposed to keep her until she does. Leigh retorts that Patricia told her that she'd asked Charlie to look after her. Charlie tells her, "Yes, but I still think a job would be good for you." Leigh, though, snaps, "No thanks. No one's going to make me punch a time clock." She quickly continues, "But don't worry: you'll get back any money you spend on me when I get the money from Patricia." Charlie comments to her that she's very confident but she backed off from Ross Newman at a rate of knots. Leigh suddenly demands to know, "Why don't you like me?" Charlie, though, explains that it's not that she dislikes her; it's just that she's so calculating - she hates to think what she's going to end up like. Leigh retorts, "Probably like Patricia. That's what she seemed to think." Charlie goes on that money is so important to Leigh - but it doesn't necessarily buy happiness. Leigh snaps at her, "How the hell would you know? Do you know what it's like to go without? Your parents had money... All your husbands... How could you understand what it's like to have nothing?" Charlie tells her that she's right: she's never been short of money, but that doesn't make everything easy: one of her husbands died and two of them left her; money doesn't stop you hurting, or being lonely. Leigh, though, insists that it has to help. She adds that she's not going to make the mistake of falling in love; that's where Patricia went wrong. She adds, "I'm young, I'm smart and I'm pretty. And I'm going to use that to get what I want out of life. No matter how I have to do it." She walks out of the room, leaving Charlie looking worried.

Beryl has arrived at Toorak, and Barbara shows her into the lounge room. She offers her a cup of tea, but Beryl declines, explaining that she just popped in to see how Barbara is. Barbara assures her that she's fine. She then comments that Beryl is out bright and early, but Beryl points out that it must be after 11am. Barbara looks at her watch and cries in surprise, "Heavens, where has the morning gone?" Beryl, looking concerned, asks her if she's alright, as she seems a little vague. Barbara explains that she's been taking a few tranquillisers - just for her nerves - ever since that dreadful day at David's. Beryl warns her that it's best not to get too dependent on them, and Barbara assures her that she doesn't intend to. She then suggests that they stop talking about that, and she asks Beryl what she's been doing. Beryl replies that she's been doing pretty much the same as usual: working at the Children's Home, although - and she indicates her bump - she doesn't get there as often as she used to! Barbara says she's been doing pretty much the same: she's donated some money to the Cardiovascular Research Programme; it's a very worthwhile cause. Beryl, looking thoughtful, suggests that perhaps she could get involved. She adds that, now that the new wing of the Children's Home is completed, she is looking for another project. Barbara looks pleased, but an expression of doubt quickly replaces that, and she tells Beryl that she ought to warn her that Ross Newman is involved. Beryl queries, "Who?" Barbara asks her if she hasn't heard about him. Beryl replies that she hasn't, and she asks if she should have. Barbara explains that it's just that Patricia has been making some rather nasty accusations against him and a lot of people believe them. Beryl comments, "Well, if Patricia doesn't like Mr. Newman, that sounds a pretty good recommendation to me!" Barbara suggests that they talk about it over a cup of tea, and she adds that Beryl did say she wanted one, didn't she? Beryl reminds her that, no, she's fine, really. Barbara remarks that she is in a bit of a daze. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Barbara comments that that should be Ross now: he said he was coming over this morning and she's sure he'll be delighted that Beryl wants to donate some money. She gets up and walks to the door and she opens it and lets Ross in. He asks her, "How's my favourite girl?" and he gives her a kiss. Barbara assures him that she's fine. She then goes on that they have a visitor: they were just talking about him and she thinks Beryl is quite keen to donate some money to the project. Ross smiles and says, "Good!" The two of them head into the lounge room and Barbara introduces Ross to Beryl. Ross tells Beryl that she must come out to the clinic and see exactly the kind of work they do. Beryl, though, assures him that that won't be necessary - Barbara's judgement is good enough for her. Barbara smiles in delight as Beryl adds, "In fact, why waste time? Why don't I make out a cheque for you right now?"

A while later, Beryl is back home, talking to Gordon on the 'phone. He tells her - talking from the 'phone on the bar at Dural, as Andy and Amanda watch, and with a look of worry on his face - that he doesn't think she should have made the cheque out for that much. Beryl explains that she wanted to make it big enough to tempt him - and hopefully, she'll get it back; but if she doesn't, the project is a worthy cause. Gordon asks when they'll know if that's where it ends up, and Beryl explains that it'll be sometime later today; Ross said he'd hand the cheque over to the Treasurer this afternoon. Gordon then asks how Barbara seemed. Beryl replies that she was alright. She quickly adds that, well, she was a bit vague: she's taking tranquillisers because of that dreadful day at the party. Gordon, looking surprised, comments that it's not like Barbara to need tranquillisers, but Beryl points out that she has had a pretty rough time lately. Gordon agrees that that's true. He then asks Beryl to let him know when she hears about the cheque, and Beryl says she will. They hang up. Gordon immediately tells Andy and Amanda that they'll know later today if Ross has put the cheque into the foundation. Amanda points out that it won't really prove anything if he hasn't; it could take a few days. Gordon muses, "Yes... and if he has, it means we've got nowhere." Andy sighs and says the money won't go anywhere near the Research Foundation; it'll go right into Newman's pocket - he's ripping off Mrs. H. and he'll rip off Beryl too. Amanda points out that at least something is being done about it now, and Andy muses that he supposes so. He then announces that he's heading back to the boarding house to unpack his gear, and he asks Amanda if she's coming. Amanda, though, replies that she thinks she'll stay - she'd like to see Wayne. Looking annoyed, Andy asks why. Amanda tells him that Wayne saved her life; she can hardly hold a grudge after something like that. Andy mutters that he guesses so, and he goes. Gordon suggests to Amanda that maybe she can do something to help snap Wayne out of his depression; he doesn't know what's wrong with him - he won't talk to him about it - but something's obviously worrying him. He goes and sits down on the couch, and Amanda asks him how things are going with the company. Gordon explains that Wayne has come to rely pretty heavily on Karen, which is a bit of a surprise; a while ago, he didn't want anything to do with the woman and now he spends most of his time with her. Amanda says she'll see what she can find out. She adds that, when she saw Wayne in Melbourne, she thought something was wrong; after what he did for her then, she'd like to be able to help him now.

At Toorak, Barbara hands Ross a drink, and he tells her that he'll have it and then he must be going. He then asks her to go on about what she was saying about Beryl Palmer. Barbara replies that she thinks she's told him everything. Ross prompts that Barbara mentioned that Beryl hadn't heard any of those stories about him. Barbara agrees, "Apparently not. Not that she'd believe anything Patricia had to say, anyway." Ross comments that she is a friend of Gordon's, though...? Barbara agrees, "Yes." Ross asks, "And what about Andy?" Barbara replies that he stayed with the Palmers for a little while at one stage. Ross sips his drink and muses, "I see..." Barbara assures him that now that Beryl has met him, she's sure she wouldn't give any credence to anything they had to say. Ross just shakes his head and says, "No..."

The 'phone rings in Fiona's flat as she's busy cleaning, and she goes and answers it. Leigh comes on, introduces herself and tells Fiona that she doesn't know her, but she's David's niece. Fiona replies that she's heard about her. Leigh goes on that she understands that David is staying with Fiona, and she asks if she may speak with him. Fiona explains that he's asleep at the moment - he's exhausted after the long drive and she really doesn't want to wake him up. Leigh says she sees, and she asks Fiona if she can get him to ring her at Charlie Bartlett's. Fiona says she'll do that. Leigh then asks, "He is alright?" Fiona retorts that he's totally worn out; all he needs is lots of peace and quiet and she's trying to see that he gets it. Leigh tells her that that's very good of her; she knows how much David thinks of her, and she hopes she gets to meet her soon. Fiona says she'll sure they'll meet somewhere along the line. She adds that she'll get David to call when he's up to it, and she hangs up. Leigh hangs up at Charlie's, looking thoughtful.

A short time later, Leigh is walking outside, when she suddenly pauses and then starts running over to where an injured cat is lying by the side of the road. She bends down next to it and comforts, "Oh you poor thing. What happened: did you get hit by a car?" She then runs out into the middle of the driveway and flags down a car that is approaching. It pulls to a halt and Wayne - the driver - asks if something is wrong. Leigh explains that there's a cat which she thinks has been hit by a car; it's still breathing, but can he get it to a vet? Wayne says, "Let's see what we can do," and he gets out of his car and walks over to the side of the driveway. As he bends down next to the animal, he comments to Leigh that he doesn't think he's seen her around before. Leigh ignores this, instead crying pitifully, "Do you think he can be saved?" Wayne murmurs that he's sorry, not now. Leigh cries that it was breathing - she saw it. Wayne asks her if it was hers, but Leigh shakes her head and explains that she just hates to see animals hurt. She goes on angrily, "How can someone do that? Hit an animal and just leave it there?" Wayne suggests to her that she come back to the house and have a quiet drink; she'll feel better. Leigh asks him if he lives round there, and Wayne explains that it's just up the road. They stand up, walk over to Wayne's car, get in and Wayne starts the engine and drives off.

A few minutes later, Leigh is sipping a drink in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon is sitting next to her on the couch and he comments, "So you're David Palmer's niece?" Leigh smiles and replies that that's right. She goes on that Charlie mentioned that they were good friends of David's so she thought she'd come across and introduce herself; she didn't realise it was his son who stopped. Gordon says he's sorry it was such an unhappy introduction; she must really love animals? Leigh nods enthusiastically and replies that she does - she thinks you can trust them more than people! She quickly adds, "You know what I mean - not that I don't trust people!" Gordon assures her that he knows what she means! Wayne and Amanda come into the room and Wayne asks Leigh if she's feeling a bit better now. Leigh replies that she is, and she adds that she's sorry she got a bit upset. Amanda says she thinks it's really good that Leigh cares; most people wouldn't have given the animal a second thought. Leigh asks what will happen to it now. Wayne pauses and Amanda looks at him before he replies, "Tell you what: how would you feel if we gave it a proper burial?" Leigh smiles at him gratefully and asks him if he'd mind. Wayne assures her that he'll take care of it. Amanda tells him that she'll come with him, and Leigh quickly adds, "So will I!" She puts down her drink and stands up. Gordon tells her to come back afterwards and they'll get to know her a little better. Leigh thanks him.

A short time later, outside, Wayne uses a shovel to finish flattening the earth over where the cat has been buried. Leigh stands there, her head bowed. Wayne and Amanda step away, and Amanda tells Wayne that it was very sweet of him. Wayne smiles, "Sweet? Me? Sure you haven't got the wrong guy?!" Amanda goes on that she knows what he did for her when she was hurt - Fiona told her; but she didn't know about it the other day when he came over. Wayne, looking surprised, queries, "And you decided to let bygones be bygones anyway?" Amanda smiles, "Yes! Just as well - I would have had to come eating humble pie, wouldn't I?!" Wayne sighs and points out that it doesn't make up for the rotten things he's done. Amanda, though, assures him that it does to her. Wayne explains that he just wanted them to be friends; he needs them at the moment. Amanda assures him that she's his friend, which leads Wayne to comment that it's ironic - their divorce comes through in a couple of months. Amanda tells him they can still be friends and she does still love him in a lot of ways - but she doesn't think they could ever make a marriage work. Neither of them notices as a green car pulls up in the driveway behind them. Wayne murmurs to Amanda, "No. Pity." Amanda agrees, "Yes. Isn't it." Wayne gives her a gentle kiss. The car window is wound down to reveal Karen as the driver, and she watches as Wayne puts his arm round Amanda and leads her back towards the house...

Inside, a few minutes later, Karen is standing at the bar with Gordon as he pours drinks. Leigh, Wayne and Amanda are all sitting in the lounge room, and Karen tells Leigh that if she hasn't been to Sydney before, she's sure she'll find it a very exciting city. Amanda chips in and tells Leigh that she'll be happy to show her around, but she can't drive at the moment. Wayne suggests that the three of them could go out somewhere tonight, and Leigh exclaims that that would be great! Karen, though, tells Wayne that she's having dinner with her tonight. Looking surprised, Wayne comments that they hadn't made any arrangements, but Karen retorts that of course they had. She adds that she hopes he's not going to stand her up. Wayne suggests that they could put it off, but Karen says she'd rather not. Leigh looks on, an expression of intrigue on her face, as Karen continues that she's already booked the restaurant and as she then 'reminds' Wayne that surely he remembers discussing it? Wayne, looking slightly annoyed, 'recalls' that he thinks he does now. He then tells Amanda and Leigh that he's sorry - he guesses he can't make it after all. Amanda suggests, "Perhaps another time?" Gordon hands Karen a drink and Karen then says, "Well, Leigh - tell us a bit more about yourself." Leigh, though, replies that there isn't much to tell, really...

Later that afternoon, Charlie is polishing the plants in her lounge room. Leigh is with her, and Charlie comments, "Karen and Wayne? I don't think so; why?" Leigh insists that there's something between them; it seems to her like Karen has almost got some sort of hold over him. Charlie asks her how she knows, but Leigh replies that she doesn't; not for sure - it's just a feeling: the way she made him come into line and do what she wanted. Charlie says she knows Karen has been after Wayne for ages, but the only reason he had anything to do with her was because of the business; she can't imagine what sort of hold she'd have over him. She suggests to Leigh that she must be imagining things. Leigh just muses, "Maybe..." She then goes on that Wayne is really nice, isn't he? Charlie agrees that, yes, he is - but he can be a real monster at times. Looking surprised, Leigh comments that he didn't seem like that today; the way he was with Amanda, she doesn't understand why they don't get back together. A broad smile crosses Charlie's face and she exclaims, "Maybe they will. How romantic!" Leigh, looking dubious, says she doesn't think Karen will let him, but Charlie tells her that she's just jumping to conclusions. Leigh points out that Charlie said herself that Karen is crazy about him... Charlie agrees, "Yes..." Leigh goes on that that's her weakness, then; something she can work on: if she can just find out the hold she has over him... Charlie warns her that Karen is a very smart lady; she's not going to let a slip of a girl like Leigh know her secrets. Leigh, though, retorts that Patricia would want her to, wouldn't she? - and she'd expect Charlie to help. Charlie sighs that sometimes she wonders why she ever let Patricia talk her into these things. Leigh suddenly snaps, "It really suits you to think I'm just a little bitch, doesn't it? Makes it easier on your conscience about helping me get back at Patricia's enemies." Charlie glares at her and retorts that she's doing it because Patricia is a friend of hers; Leigh is doing it for money and there's a world of difference; she certainly doesn't enjoy it. Leigh asks who says she does? She then goes on that it's the only way she knows to get what she wants - and besides, Patricia suggested it, not her; and if she's being paid to get Karen Fox, she'll do it.

Fiona knocks on the door of Andy's bedsit at the boarding house. He opens the door and steps out into the corridor. Fiona asks him if he's settling in alright and he replies that he's fine. Fiona goes on that she's been invited out for afternoon tea, and Andy exclaims, "Good for you!" Fiona, though, says she's not so sure: she's been invited by Colonel Bainbridge... Andy recalls that he was the guy who was hassling her about the diaries, and Fiona muses that that's probably why he's asked her out; she wouldn't be at all surprised if he didn't want to offer her money or something not to have the books written - but he'll get very short shrift! They both laugh! Fiona then asks Andy if he'd mind keeping his eye on David, and Andy assures her that he'll take care of him. A car horn suddenly hoots outside and Fiona comments that that's probably her taxi now; she shouldn't be too long. Andy tells her to stick to her guns with Bainbridge, and Fiona assures him that she sure will! She walks off.

Outside, a few minutes later, the taxi pulls away with Fiona riding inside. A white van is parked at the side of the road, and a man wearing blue overalls takes a bag out of the side and closes the door. He then walks round to the back of the vehicle, hands the bag to another man, also dressed in blue overalls, and comments, "There she goes." The second man adds, "Right on time. Let's go." They walk off.

A few moments later, the two men are walking along the corridor at the boarding house and they stop and knock on Fiona's door. There's no answer and so the second man nods to the first man, who sets to work picking the lock. He soon gains access and the two of them head inside. The second man warns the first one to make sure he puts anything he moves back in place. The first man assures him that she won't even know they've been there - until she misses the diaries. They start looking round in the lounge room, bending down to cupboards and checking shelves. The first man starts checking the other rooms, but he quickly joins his colleague and tells him that there's a guy asleep in one of the bedrooms. The second man mutters, "Hell. Keep looking, quick." The second man bends down to a cupboard and finds some books inside. He lifts them out, opens the top one and exclaims, "Got them!" He then puts them in the bag that his colleague is holding. The first man says, "Come on, let's get out of here..."

The two men have just left Fiona's flat, closing the door behind them, when Andy comes out of his bedsit and notices the two of them standing in the corridor. He tells them that the landlady's out at the moment and he asks if he can help them. The second man explains that they've just realised that they've come to the wrong address; they should be further up the street. The first man says to his colleague, "What was it, Fred? Big white house?" Andy asks if they mean No. 39, and the second man tells him that that's right. He and his colleague walk off and Andy heads towards Fiona's.

Karen and Wayne are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Karen is saying that Jill has been driving her crazy trying to get her to tell her where Alan is. Wayne asks, "Have you?" but Karen replies that of course she hasn't; she thinks he's done the right thing - she only hopes Jill will think so too, before long. Wayne sourly remarks that it won't matter whether she does or not, will it?; she'll have it her way. Karen insists that she just thought she was doing the right thing. Wayne stands up and mutters that he's heard that before. He walks over to the bar, where Gordon is talking on the 'phone to Beryl. He thanks her again and comments that it's just bad luck, that's all. He then hangs up and tells Wayne, "The Treasurer of the Foundation just rang and thanked Beryl for her donation." Wayne remarks that Newman is on the level, then, but Gordon says he thinks he's just too clever for them; they'll never be able to convince Barbara that he's a conman now - he's got her well and truly in his pocket. Picking up two drinks that he's just poured, Wayne walks back over to Karen, glaring at her as he agrees, "Yeah, it's pretty rough when a person gets a hold over someone like that..."

Andy is with Amanda in the kitchen at Fiona's flat, and she asks him if Fiona told him about the letter they got from Irene. Andy replies, "Nope!" Amanda goes on that Irene made her feel like she should go back to Europe again. Andy comments that he hasn't even been there! Amanda suddenly suggests that they should go! Andy points out that it would cost a bit, but Amanda assures him that there are plenty of ways of doing it on the cheap. Looking thoughtful, Andy comments that he made a fair bit of money out of the disco; maybe they could go? Amanda smiles and says it would be fantastic if he could. Looking delighted, she then asks him if he's serious. Andy insists, "Yes," and so Amanda exclaims that that's great; she'll get some brochures and they'll join the jetset yet! Fiona suddenly comes in from the lounge room, looking puzzled, and she says she's sure she left those diaries in the cupboard over there. Amanda asks her if she can't find them and Fiona shakes her head. She then asks if David could have them, but Andy points out that he's still asleep, and he doesn't reckon he'd feel like reading. Fiona agrees, "No..." She starts to murmur that they couldn't have been stolen...; that's silly... Andy asks, "What?" Fiona explains that she was going to say that they couldn't be stolen, could they?; somebody couldn't have come in while she'd been out. Andy looks thoughtful as Amanda suggests to Fiona that she must have put them somewhere else. Andy them says that, come to think of it, he did see a couple of men dressed as repairmen walking down the corridor; they said they had the wrong address. Fiona laughs bitterly, "And you believed them?" Andy replies that he did at the time, but come to think about it, it would be pretty hard to get the address mixed up - it's on the front gate. Fiona sighs and comments that it's no wonder the Colonel invited her out this afternoon; while he was making pleasant conversation, two of his 'friends came in and stole the diaries. Amanda suggests that she'd better call the police, and Fiona heads out back into the lounge room. However, she then pauses and comes back in, saying, "No. No. Let the Colonel think he's stopped the book from being written." Andy asks, "Hasn't he?" Fiona shakes her head and explains, "The journalist who has written the book has got a photostat copy of the diaries. Let Colonel Bainbridge sit back feeling really smug; he's got one hell of a shock in store in a couple of months' time..."

At Dural, Wayne closes the lounge room doors, leaving himself alone with Karen. He immediately asks her sternly what the idea was of the business earlier, about them having agreed to have dinner tonight. Karen asks 'innocently', "What about it?" Wayne sits down and points out that they hadn't made any arrangements; she just didn't want him to go out with Amanda, did she? Karen admits that, alright, she didn't - she can see that he still cares about her, but what's the point? - nothing can come of it. Wayne points out that they can friends. Karen, though, muses that he says that now, but once they started seeing one other again, it wouldn't be long before he wanted to stop the divorce going through. Wayne looks at her and demands, "What if we did?" Karen stands up and goes and sits down next to him. She then asks him what sort of life he'd have with Amanda, knowing that he'd killed someone she cared about; it would always be hanging over his head and it would destroy any sort of relationship he could ever have with the girl. Wayne retorts, "So I have to live in your pocket from now on?" Karen gently assures him that of course he doesn't - but there's no one else who can understand him like she does. She asks him, "Don't you see? What happened with Mitch has bound us closer together. That's something we can never share with anyone else. We need each other." She leans towards him and adds softly, "For better... or worse..."


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