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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis


A number of cars are parked in the driveway at Dural. A female voice is saying, "So bless these two persons as they pledge their lives to each other. That their love may ever more grow to give a true reflection of your love for us all." Inside, in the lounge room, Wayne and Karen are standing in front of a marriage celebrant as a number of friends and family look on. The celebrant continues, "Grant, Lord, that this ring be a token and constant sign of the pledge of love and faithfulness which these two persons make to each other. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen." Karen hands the bouquet that she's holding to Jill, who is standing next to her. Wayne then slips a finger onto Karen's finger and vows, "Karen, with this ring, I wed you. With all that I am and all that I have, I honour you. In the name of God, Amen." Karen, looking down at her hand, vows, "Wayne, I accept this ring in token of our marriage. May God enable us to grow and love together." A number of guests are seated behind them. Charlie is seated next to Leigh and she whispers to the girl that Gordon still isn't happy. Gordon is sitting next to Fiona, staring at the floor. Leigh comments to Charlie that Gordon is probably wondering the same as she is: why the hell is Wayne marrying Karen?

A car pulls up outside and the driver gets out. He walks round to the other side of the vehicle and opens the door at the rear. A pair of crutches is placed onto the ground and a man then climbs out of the car: it's Alan.

Inside, the celebrant is saying, "Before God, and in the presence of us all, by solemn consent and promise, by the giving and receiving of a ring, and by the joining of hands, Wayne and Karen have now accepted each other in marriage. I declare Wayne and Karen to be husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Karen turns to Wayne. Wayne just stares ahead, looking as if he's miles away, and the celebrant has to tell him, "Mr. Hamilton, you may kiss your wife now!" There's a ripple of laughter! Wayne pushes back Karen's veil gently and he kisses her. There's smattering of applause and Charlie declares that she loves weddings! Out in the hallway, the front door shuts and Alan hobbles in. In the lounge room, Charlie kisses Wayne, wishes him all the best and tells him to remember that she's godmother to the first child! She then congratulates Karen as well. Fiona is next in line, but after congratulating Wayne, she just mutters a curt, "Karen," at the bride. Charlie wanders over to Leigh and growls that she wishes she didn't have to congratulate Karen too. Leigh murmurs that she wonders how Karen forced Wayne into it. Charlie comments that she is attractive, she supposes. She adds that it's all her second husband had going for him, and it's enough... for a while. Leigh, though, muses that there's more to it than that. Elsewhere in the room, Fiona tells Gordon that he's going to have to push his way through if he wants to talk to the happy couple, but Gordon retorts that he'll wait. Fiona remarks to him that he doesn't like Karen, does he? Gordon replies, "Neither does Wayne, particularly. That's the trouble." Alan suddenly hobbles into the room and heads for the happy couple. Karen suddenly notices him and runs towards him, a look of delight on her face. She gives him a tight hug and exclaims that she didn't know he was walking! Alan explains that it's a wedding present, and he congratulates her. Karen gives him another hug as Jill looks on. Leigh asks Charlie, "Who's the cripple?" and Charlie explains that it's Karen's son. She adds that the poor darling has been in hospital for months; she heard he wouldn't walk again. Leigh mutters, "Call that walking?" Charlie chastises her, but Leigh points out that she doesn't even know him; why should she go ape over him getting up on crutches? Karen walks past with Alan, and Leigh adds that she wishes she could wipe that smile off her face; there's no money until she does. Charlie points out to her that there's no guarantee that she'll get it whatever happens; Patricia hasn't answered her last five letters. Leigh asserts that she'll be in touch, and she adds that she'd better be - the effort she's put in for her. She walks off.

In Sunbury, the country house has started to fall into a state of disrepair, and there's rubbish strewn around everywhere in the grounds. Mike and Heather pull up in their car, get out and look round in shock. Mike comments, "David's let this place go to the pack." Heather suggests that maybe they shouldn't disturb him, but Mike points out that they're there now. Heather reminds him that David hasn't bothered to contact them since they moved out, but Mike retorts that if he doesn't want to see them, he can tell them to get lost. Heather sighs and says she wonders if he's let himself go as much. Mike muses that he couldn't be much worse than when they left; he never thought he'd be the kind of guy who'd drop his bundle. They head inside.

As they approach the kitchen door, Mike calls, "Dave?" He knocks and calls out that it's him and Heather. There's no answer, though, and so he pushes the back door open. Heather warns him that he can't just-- Mike interrupts, though, and points out that they used to live there. They go in and discover the kitchen in a state, with dirty crockery and cutlery strewn around and empty beer cans and food tins lying on the counters. Mike sniffs and comments that it smells like a ruddy tip. Heather agrees that it's disgusting. They head out into the hallway, which is cluttered up with bits of wood and more rubbish. Mike continues to call for David. Heather remarks that she feels bad about leaving, now, but Mike reminds her that David asked them to. They walk into the lounge room. David is asleep on the couch, looking unkempt. Mike cries, "Oh no. Look at him."

A few minutes later, Mike, Heather and David walk into the kitchen, Mike explaining as they do so that he suggested to Heather that they take a drive out there; it gets pretty cramped in the caravan, even though it's just the two of them. He adds that Katie is flatting with a girlfriend now. David, slurring his words slightly, tells Heather to put the kettle on if she likes. He then adds that he's sorry there are no clean cups. Looking dubious, Heather says it's alright - they stopped for coffee at a little roadside place. Looking through a drawer, David slurs that he had a few truckie mates around last night and got a bit down when they left; he knocked himself out. He takes a bottle of pills out of the drawer. Mike asks him if he hasn't got his licence back yet, and David slurs that no, he hasn't; it'll be another month. He adds that he's lucky he didn't lose it for long - he nearly killed a woman and a baby... Mike just mutters sympathetically, "Yeah..." David then asks him and Heather how they're doing, and Mike replies that they're not bad. He goes on that he hasn't had much luck with work, actually; that's why they stayed on in the caravan: it's cheaper. David asked if they sold the old house, and Mike replies that they did, but they didn't get what they expected for it; it seems the market's pretty bad. There's silence, which Heather breaks by saying sadly that they'll never forget the fire, but they can talk about Jeff's death now, without... She breaks off. David mutters, "Time helps." He and Mike both go to start talking at the same time, but they break off and Mike tells David to go first. David slurs, "The house is a bit of a mess. You know, I've been sort of busy lately... this and that. Even when you're not working, things catch up on you. It doesn't take much for the house to get..." Mike agrees quietly, "Yeah..." David starts to clear away the table and adds that they caught him on a bad day, that's all.

A while later, Mike and Heather are at Beryl's, and as Heather pours some tea, Mike tells Beryl that, finally, it got so embarrassing that they had to leave. Heather adds that the worst part was that David kept apologising all the time; he knows how much he's let himself go - it's awful; they were such good friends, but them being there just made him uncomfortable. Mike goes on that they felt so guilty about not going over sooner; that's why they've come there: because it made them realise how they've let all their friendships slip. Beryl assures them that that's alright - she's had plenty to keep her occupied; it hasn't exactly been an easy pregnancy, but it's worth it, though. Mike says he wishes they'd kept in touch, but being out in the caravan park and not on the 'phone... it's such a long way out. Beryl nods. Mike continues that they didn't hear any news of her in Jim's letters, either - he said she never wrote back to him. Beryl explains that there didn't seem much point. Heather says she thinks Jim was hoping she'd calm down a bit about him and Leigh. Beryl replies that she has; she just doesn't want him in her life anymore; she'll have her baby soon, and that will make her happy, and she'll also have her charity work. Heather asks carefully, "And, er, David?" Beryl retorts, "He's Patricia's husband."

At the wedding reception at Dural, Leigh walks over to Fiona and Jill and hands them some plates of food. Jill tells her that she shouldn't have bothered, but Leigh explains that her mother always taught her to make sure everyone else was eating before she did; she used to go to a lot of church socials that had this sort of spread. She asks to be excused and she walks off. Jill immediately comments to Fiona, "She's a very nice girl," but Fiona, looking thoughtful, agrees, "Mmm, like a piece of chocolate cake with marzipan icing. I wonder who she's trying to fool." Jill points out to her that Beryl might have been wrong, and she adds that Wayne and Gordon have taken to her - she spends quite a lot of time there. Fiona just muses, "Intuition..." Jill asks Fiona to excuse her, as she wants to have a word with Alan. She wanders off. Fiona walks over to the bar, and Gordon joins her and tells her to make out that they're talking business, as Charlie is driving him crazy! Fiona smiles and replies that he's almost an eligible divorcee; she thinks today has given Charlie ideas! Gordon tells her that Charlie has had those ideas for a while; living near her is like living near an obstacle course! Fiona laughs! She then asks him if he's heard from Barbara, but Gordon sadly replies, "Only through the lawyers..." He quickly brightens up and says that Wayne talked to him before about him having a long face and he promised he'd try and buck up - so change of subject, eh? Fiona accepts, "Fine!" She then asks what news there is of Andy and Amanda. Gordon replies that they enjoyed Europe - they're back in London with Irene; they should be home soon. Wayne's best man suddenly walks past them and Fiona calls out, "Mr. King?" Greg King stops and Fiona says to him, "Tell me, Greg. Whatever happened to those tours to Woombai that you were going to organise?" Greg stands there, looking shifty! Elsewhere in the room, Karen walks towards Leigh, who hands her a plate of food. Karen comments to her that she's been busy, and Leigh explains that she and Wayne have been so good to her; it's nice to pay it back. She adds that she'll pop upstairs if Karen likes, and lay out her going-away things for her. Karen thanks her and Leigh walks off.

Out the back, Jill helps Alan sit down by the swimming pool, and he laughs as he comments that she looked like she expected him to miss the chair or something! Jill laughs back that she doesn't know how good he is on those things yet! Alan smiles that he's learning; he has to: he's going to be using them for the rest of his life. Jill asks seriously if he's not going to get any better and Alan shakes his head and explains that the doctors reckon it's a miracle he's managed this much. He muses that it's the power of prayer, and he asks Jill if she can believe that he actually said a few while he was flat on his back! He adds, "I figured, 'What the hell? If He is there, He might listen; if not, nothing lost.' I was hedging my bets. He half-listened!" Jill smiles at him and he goes on that it helped in a way; he's changed a lot: he feels closer to Karen now and he's woken up to himself, too. Jill asks how, and Alan explains that he used to be a creep; now he's a creep who can't walk properly! Jill laughs and Alan says he's sorry - he's a bit nervous; he's not used to this sincere bit. He goes on that he didn't want to see her again until he was as good as he could be; when he was having the physio, it was pretty painful sometimes and he had to switch off - and he'd think about her; it helped more than praying. He asks, "Think you can put up with having a creep around the place again?!" Jill laughs, "I'm the one who proposed, remember?!" Alan laughs and says he thinks one wedding is enough for a while! Jill smiles happily and declares, "I missed you!" They kiss.

Inside, Karen joins Wayne, who's looking through the wedding telegrams. She comments that it's nice that they got so many. Wayne explains that he tried to persuade Greg not to read them out, but he said it's a tradition of the best man. Karen remarks that she finds it hard to believe that he and Greg went to the same school; Greg is so crass. She goes on that Greg is handing around telegram forms, getting the guests to fill them in: things like: 'A spring on the inner spring, spring means offspring, next spring', that sort of thing. Wayne sourly comments that he's a laugh a minute, the old Greg... He then adds that he can lock the telegrams away in mothballs until his next wedding! Karen smiles and warns him to watch it! Wayne smiles back at her and she tells him that that's better - he looked so grim during the ceremony. Wayne asks her if she knows what he thought of. Karen shakes her head and Wayne explains, "Mitch. I don't know why. He just popped into my head about halfway through the ceremony." Neither of them notices Leigh coming downstairs and pausing to listen as Wayne continues, "I guess it's because of you: thinking of how good you've been to me; where I'd be now if you hadn't..." Karen puts a finger to his lip and tells him to try and forget about it - today, anyway. Wayne says quietly that the trouble is, he'll never forget about it; he wishes he could. Karen tells him gently, "You're my husband. And Mitch is where he can't hurt us. So come on... let's enjoy our wedding. It's the last one you'll be having!" She leads him off and Leigh walks down the rest of the stairs, looking thoughtful. In the lounge room, Charlie is talking to a male guest and his wife, saying to the man that she understands he does business with Wayne and Karen. The man confirms, "Yes," and Charlie goes on flirtatiously that it's such a relief for Gordon now that the company is back on its feet again; not that she understands all the facts and figures, but she does so admire businessmen like himself! Leigh interrupts and asks Charlie if she can have a word with her. Charlie indignantly snaps, "Not now, darling, I'm busy," but the man quickly assures Leigh that it's alright, and he suggests to his wife that they have some more food! Charlie mutters at Leigh, "Hasn't anyone ever told you it's rude to butt-in?" Leigh explains that she thinks she might be on to something, and she asks, "Who's Mitch?" Charlie queries, "Mitch?" Leigh asks who he is, adding that she thinks he's mixed-up in whatever Karen has got over Wayne. She goes on that it might just be the break she needs...

A few moments later, Leigh reveals to Charlie that Karen and Wayne have got some sort of secret and Mitch is mixed up in it - and whatever it is, it's big. Charlie warns Leigh that she's just so keen to get money from Patricia that she's seeing things where there's nothing. Leigh, though, mutters that she's wasted three months being nice to this boring lot, and she's not going to give up on the first good lead she gets. As Fiona passes them, Leigh quickly changes to saying that Karen's going-away clothes are so lovely. She turns to Fiona and asks her if she's seen them, but Fiona retorts that she hasn't, and she mutters, "Excuse me." She walks off, leaving Leigh to comment to Charlie, "Cow. No matter how hard I try, she still believes what Beryl told her." She sighs and adds, "I'm sure I'm right about this guy, Mitch."

Outside, by the pool, Jill is telling Alan that when Nat Fisher booted Karen out, she shifted in with Fiona. She adds that it's a pity that Nat had to be so nasty about the wedding. Alan, though, points out that she can hardly blame Nat - he and Karen had been together for a while. Jill remarks that you can't really call it a relationship - they hardly ever saw each other. Fiona wanders out to them and announces that she's off. She adds that she assumes Jill wants to stay? Jill says she does. She then asks Fiona if she can check on Fee when she gets back, and Fiona replies that of course she can - although knowing Bunty and Thel, she'd say Fee is probably as snug as a bug in a Persian rug! She then tells Alan that it's good to see him looking so well and she walks off. Alan comments to Jill that Fiona is leaving early, and Jill explains that she's going to see a man about a book they're having published.

A while later, at her flat, Fiona is holding a copy of a book entitled 'Your Own Worst Enemy', by Sergeant Barney Adams and Damien Courtney. Wal Mackay is with her, and he tells her that they've done a first run of 20,000 copies and it's going to the stores in a few weeks. Looking surprised, Fiona asks him who Damien Courtney is, and why his name isn't there. Wal tells her, "I got my cheque. That's all I wanted." Fiona muses that there's only one thing bigger than his eyes when he sees cash, and that's his ego, so come on... Wal gives in and explains that he's getting on; he doesn't need the hassles these days: he was leaned-on. Fiona queries, "Oh?" Wal explains that, a few months ago, he was well into the first draft; a couple of blokes called - very respectable, short back-and-sides; Army civvies if ever he saw it - and they suggested very nicely that he stop work on the book; that's when Damien Courtney came into being. Fiona asks, "And you told the publishers that you didn't have anything to do with this?" Wal explains that he told them the truth; they helped him invent Damien Courtney to protect himself. He adds, "It's explosive stuff, Fiona. Fiction or not, questions are going to be asked when it comes out." Fiona points out that they both knew that months ago, but Wal retorts that he hadn't been muscled then. Fiona, looking surprised, queries, "Eh?" Wal tells her that she's right: he wouldn't have given in once. Fiona remarks that, the number of times he stuck his neck out... this seems such minor league. Wal just retorts bluntly that you stop taking risks. Handing her a folder, he tells her that she's got her copy of the book and there are the diaries; he's done his bit and he hopes it puts her mind at rest about her friend. Fiona assures him, "It's what he would have wanted."

A short time later, Fiona closes the gate at the bottom of the driveway as she lets Wal out. She says to him that he won't be coming to the book launch, then? Wal replies that he won't, but he'll call and they'll get together for a drink. Fiona tells him that she understands what he did, and Wal assures her that he knew she would. Fiona tells him to take care and he walks off. As he does so, he passes a car parked at the side of the road. There's a man sitting inside and as Wal gets into his car, the man climbs out and approaches Fiona. Another man gets out the other side and joins him. The first man says, "Mrs. Thompson?" Fiona replies, "Yes?" The first man tells her, "We'd like you to come with us, please." Fiona stands there, looking surprised.

At Dural, Greg King comes downstairs, holding a bunch of blank telegrams. Leigh is in the hallway and she tells him that she was looking for him. Greg explains that he's been making sure that everyone has got one of the telegrams, and he asks Leigh if she's filled one in yet. Leigh asks what it is, and Greg explains that he's going to read them out during the speeches. He hands her one and tells her to write something funny. He then asks her what she wanted him for, and Leigh explains that there was something she was wondering about Wayne; he's his best man and she thought he might know. Greg, though, replies that, unless it's about the old days, there's no point asking him. Leigh asks him what he means, and Greg explains that he was Wayne's mate at school, but they don't keep in touch really; the last time was his other wedding; he hasn't seen him since. He then suggests that Leigh would probably get more out of Gordon and he asks to be excused, as he still has some more telegrams to give out. He walks off and Leigh screws up her telegram in annoyance. She then, though, suddenly appears to have a thought, and she unscrews the piece of paper and walks over to the hall table, where she starts writing 'Best...'

A while later, Wayne and Karen are standing in the lounge room with Greg as he starts reading, commenting that it's best to start with the worst one: 'May all your problems be little ones.' He adds that he won't say who it's from - he doesn't want to embarrass them! He then continues that Charlie told him how to say this one, and, putting on a doggy voice, he reads out a card from Isabella! There's a round of laughter! Greg picks up another telegram and, looking at it, he comments that whoever it's from didn't even try to be funny. Leigh looks on in interest as Greg reads, "Best wishes for the future. It's always good to see two of your friends get together. Mitch." The smile on Karen's face freezes and Wayne turns to glare at Greg. He grabs the telegram from him as Leigh looks on triumphantly.

Sometime later, there's a round of applause as the cake is cut. Karen, addressing all the guests, says she guesses that makes it well and truly official! She goes on that she and Wayne would just like to thank them all for coming and they hope everyone enjoys the cake. Wayne adds tautly that they're going to get changed and be back. They start to walk out, but Gordon approaches them and asks Wayne if he's alright. Wayne explains that he's just upset about that creep, Mitch, sending a telegram. Looking surprised, Gordon says he doesn't understand: it wasn't sent; it was from there at the party. Wayne mutters that it must be someone's idea of a sick joke. Gordon comments that it seemed like it upset him. Wayne doesn't respond, but just walks off. Karen lingers and tells Gordon that he knows how Wayne feels about Mitch. Neither of them notices Leigh in the background, smiling. Wayne and Karen head out into the hallway and Wayne snaps, "Someone here knows. Someone knows I killed him." Karen tells him to calm down. She adds that they don't know what it means. Wayne, though, growls, "Mitch is dead and someone here wrote a telegram from him. They must know." He then adds that they'll have to cancel the honeymoon. Karen asks him what he's talking about, and Wayne retorts that he's got to find out who wrote that telegram and why. Karen snaps, "For God's sake, what do we say?" Wayne retorts, "Think of something. I knew we'd never get away with it. I knew it." He storms off, leaving Karen looking worried.

Beryl is sitting at home, music playing in the background, looking at a photo album. Inside are photos of Lynn with Kevin, Bill marrying Susan... Beryl closes it, looking upset. She then stands up.

A middle-aged man - Colonel Bainbridge - is talking to a woman in a garden as two children play Swingball nearby. The woman says something to him quietly and he walks round to the verandah of the house, where Fiona is standing. He indicates some patio furniture and invites, "Please?" Fiona reluctantly sits down. Bainbridge sits down opposite her and tells her that he's sorry if she saw his invitation as threatening; it wasn't meant to be. Fiona asks him if those men were the ones who broke into her apartment three months ago. Bainbridge says he doesn't understand, but Fiona laughs bitterly and comments, "I bet you don't. And I suppose you don't know anything about the ones who 'talked' to Wal Mackay, either?" Bainbridge stares at her and tells her, "I have a lot to lose if your book has people asking questions." Fiona retorts that it isn't her book; it's Barney's. Bainbridge points out that she's been pushing its publication. Fiona muses, "You must have felt very safe when we got the diaries. Just as well we had a copy." Bainbridge warns her, "Whatever comes out of this is on your head, you know?" Fiona asks if that's a threat, but Bainbridge replies calmly that, no, it isn't; he means what comes out of it for his family and the families of all the other men; he loves his wife and children and he has another boy at college who worships the ground he walks on; how's he going to feel when the truth comes out? Fiona points out that the book is fiction. Bainbridge, though, reminds her that the diaries exist; it'll come out that it's based on fact and all their names are in those diaries. He snaps, "Don't think about the effect on us. Think about our families." Fiona retorts, "You think about all the people you've killed." Bainbridge asks her angrily who gave her the right to act as a one-woman jury. He adds that those people are dead and have been dead for years; his family is very much alive. Fiona sits there, looking worried.

Beryl is standing in the hallway at the country house, and she calls for David, but there's no answer. She walks round, looking shocked at the mess. She heads into the kitchen, where a fresh set of empty beer bottles have appeared. She then heads outside, still looking shocked at the mess. Holding her hand against her back, to ease the pressure from her pregnancy, she starts wandering round, looking for David.

David is outside, busy working, chopping down a tree. Beryl walks along, looking round for him. She pauses and turns, trying to identify where the sound of the axe is coming from, but she doesn't notice a wooden-slatted covering behind her, and she gasps in shock as she steps on it, her feet go straight through the wood and she falls down a shaft...


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