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    Written by: Rod Weaver   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Beryl is lying at the bottom of an old mine-shaft, not moving. Her eyes are closed. David carries on chopping the tree, but he looks at his watch and decides to take a rest. He starts heading back towards the house, picking up his shirt from where it's resting on a branch as he does so. In the shaft, Beryl beings to come round, and she manages to raise herself into a sitting position. She then stands up, groaning in pain all the while and holding her back to ease the weight of her baby. She starts calling for David.

David passes the mine-shaft as he heads back to the house, but he doesn't look at it, and so doesn't notice the broken slats of wood. He approaches the house, but pauses as he suddenly appears to think he can hear someone calling, "David! Help me!" The calling stops, though, so he heads inside, where he begins to tidy up the mess in the kitchen, clearing away old newspapers and beer bottles. He pauses as he stands by the sink and wipes his brow. He then goes to the 'fridge and takes out three cans of beer.

In the mine-shaft, Beryl cries, "David! Help me! David!" She sighs heavily as there's no response.

At Dural, a car pulls away and heads down the driveway. Inside, in the lounge room, Gordon is with Wayne and he comments to him that he's surprised he cancelled his honeymoon. He asks why the change of plan and Wayne sourly replies, "Too many things to worry about." They walk over and join Karen, Jill and Alan, and Gordon asks his son, "What have you got to worry about?" Wayne retorts that they just decided not to go, and he walks off. Karen quickly tells Gordon that it was her decision, she's afraid: now that Alan is there, she decided that she'd rather stay and help him settle into the flat. Alan assures her that she doesn't have to worry about him, but Karen explains that she does have to keep her eye on the other companies as well; there are a few headaches there - but he's the main for them not going. Alan muses that he doesn't know whether to feel guilty or grateful! He then thanks Gordon for putting him up, and Gordon assures him that they're pleased to have him. Karen tells Alan that he should get some rest, as he's been up and about all afternoon. Jill chips in that Karen is right, and she adds that she'll help him unpack. Alan smiles that he's being mothered on all sides! With the help of Jill, he hobbles off. Left alone with Gordon, Karen comments that he's going to have a full house, but Gordon assures her that he doesn't mind - the house needs plenty of people. Karen suggests that maybe they should get Alan a housekeeper - housework isn't her style and she's still going to be pretty busy with the company. Gordon agrees that that might be a good idea, and he says he'll ring around a few of the agencies on Monday. Charlie and Leigh join them and Charlie comments that she's always the last to leave! Gordon tells her that she doesn't have to go yet, but Charlie replies that she thinks she and Leigh should be making tracks. Leigh thanks Gordon for a lovely afternoon and Gordon tells her that he was glad she could come. He adds that he'll see them out and he and Leigh head to the door. Charlie lingers and says to Karen, "Congratulations, Mrs. Hamilton." Karen thanks her.

Fiona is sitting in her flat, looking through the book that Wal Mackay wrote, when the 'phone starts ringing. She goes and answers it and looks surprised when Karen comes on. She comments to her sourly that she would have thought she'd be off somewhere exotic with her new husband by now. From the bar at Dural - as Wayne stands behind her, drinking - Karen replies that she only wishes they were, but they've too much on at the moment and they'll have to delay it for a while. She then explains that the reason she's ringing is to thank Fiona for arranging the telegram this afternoon. Fiona asks, "What telegram?" and Karen replies, "From Mitch. Wayne and I thought he must have asked you to send it." Fiona, though, tells her that it had nothing to do with her; she hasn't heard of Mitch for months. Karen comments that it must have been someone else, and she apologises for bothering her. Fiona replies that it's alright. She then asks Karen if she'd mind telling Gordon that she'll be coming back there shortly: something has come up and she'd like to have his advice. Karen says she'll tell him and they hang up. At Dural, Karen muses, "Well, it wasn't Fiona..." Wayne slurs that it must have been; who else could-- Karen interrupts him and says she hasn't the faintest idea, but the woman's telling the truth, she's sure of it. Wayne slurs that whoever it was, she can bet it won't end there: someone knows what's happening and they're out to blackmail them. Karen points out that they don't know that - not for sure. She adds that, anyway, all they can do is sit tight and not worry. Looking shocked, Wayne mutters, "I killed the guy." Karen tells him that it was an accident; he should stop punishing himself. Wayne, though, cries that he can't help it: for three months he's been trying to blot it out of his mind and it won't go away. He suddenly walks over to the bar and lifts up the 'phone index. Karen asks him what he's doing and he retorts that he's doing what he should have done the day Mitch died: giving the police the full story. He starts dialling. Karen stands there, looking worried.

A few moments later, Karen has her hand over the telephone receiver and she tells Wayne, "You're not making that call." Wayne growls that he's made up his mind, but Karen retorts that he's not going to solve anything by telling the police. Wayne snaps that at least he might be able to sleep tonight. Karen tells him not to be stupid: if anyone's trying to blackmail them, they haven't got a hope; they've got an alibi, remember?: Amanda said she saw Mitch the day after he was killed. Wayne points out that Amanda wasn't 100% sure it was him, but Karen points out that she wants to believe it, so it won't be difficult to convince her. Wayne asks, "What if you don't?" Karen, though, tells him that, with the guilt Amanda is feeling about Mitch, it'll be easy. Wayne snaps that he'd just be a damn sight happier if everything was out in the open. Karen growls, "Oh is that so? Well tell me: would you rather feel guilty here or in prison, facing a manslaughter charge?" Wayne stares at her, and she asks, "Well?" Wayne looks down and replaces the telephone receiver. He tells Karen, "I still don't like it." Karen replies, "Believe me. It's for the best. Everything will be fine..."

The front door opens at Charlie's and Charlie and Leigh walk into the hallway. As they do so, Charlie tells Leigh that she doesn't think the telegram was a good idea. Leigh, though, retorts that she thought it was brilliant, and she asks Charlie if she didn't see the way Wayne squirmed when it was read out. Charlie snaps that that's what she means: Leigh can do what she likes to Karen, but she doesn't think Patricia would have liked Wayne getting hurt. Leigh mutters that she can't help it if Wayne gets caught in the crossfire; she's only following Patricia's orders. Charlie growls, "A little too strictly for my liking." She heads into the lounge room and Leigh follows her and snaps, "You're too soft, that's your problem. Anyway, it's Mitch I have to chase up now, and if I can find out what his story is, it should be all I need." Charlie tells her that she'll be lucky to track him down; he hasn't been around for months. Leigh points out that someone must know where he is, but Charlie replies that she doubts it: Amanda broke his heart when she wouldn't have anything to do with him, so he's probably joined the Foreign Legion or something! Leigh comments, "Then I'll just have to keep digging with Wayne and Karen." Charlie warns her that they'll get suspicious if she hangs around too much. Leigh, though, tells her, "Not if I have a good reason. And I think I've got one..."

Beryl is standing in the mine-shaft, yelling out, "Help! Please help! Help!" She suddenly becomes aware of a dog growling and running around on the ground above, and she cries out, "Help me, somebody, help me!" She puts her hand to her bump.

A drunk David staggers out of the country house and yells at the dog, "Keep it down." He looks round and then throws an empty beer can that he's holding, yelling at the dog, "Quiet. Useless mongrel..." He rips open another can.

Karen opens the front door at Dural to find Leigh standing on the step, and she tells her to come in. She then asks her if she forgot something. Leigh, though, replies, "No, I came to apply for the housekeeper's job." She adds that she heard Karen talking to Mr. Hamilton about it. Karen comments to her that she's quick off the mark; all they decided was to call a few agencies. She invites Leigh to come through and they'll talk about it, and they head into the lounge room. Gordon is in there and Karen tells him that they have their first applicant for the housekeeping position. Looking surprised, Gordon queries, "Leigh? Don't tell me you're up for the job?" Leigh asks, "Why not?" and Gordon explains that he didn't think housework would appeal to her. Leigh replies that it doesn't, but she needs something to tide her over until she decides what she really wants to do - and they've all been so kind to her that she's sure she'll enjoy helping out. Karen warns her that she'll have her work cut out, as it's a big house, but Leigh muses, "Rather be busy than bored!" Karen looks at Gordon and then tells Leigh that it looks like she's got herself a job! She asks her if she can start straight away, and Leigh enthusiastically replies, "Sure!" Karen tells her that she can help the caterers clean up the wedding mess, then, and they'll sort out the other details later. Leigh thanks her and heads over to the bar. Gordon and Karen leave the room. Out in the hallway, Gordon remarks to Karen, "She seems keen enough. I hope she does work out." Karen agrees, "Me too. She's nice kid - I'd like to see her do well." In the lounge room, Leigh smiles to herself...

A while later, Leigh opens the front door to Fiona. Fiona comments to her that they've got her working, have they? but Leigh explains that it's all part of her duties; she's the new housekeeper. Fiona just mutters, "Good for you," and she asks if Gordon is about. Leigh heads into the lounge room to get him. Fiona stands in the hallway, holding a copy of Wal Mackay's book. The door to the study suddenly opens and Wayne emerges. He growls at Fiona, "I suppose you've come to gloat." Fiona, looking surprised, asks, "About what?" Wayne retorts, "The telegram." Leigh stands in the lounge room, listening in delight as Fiona snaps that as she told Karen-- Wayne interrupts her and growls that he doesn't care what she told Karen; out of all the guests this afternoon, she's the only one Mitch knew well enough to trust. Fiona snaps at him that before he goes off half-cocked, he'd better tell her what this is all about. Karen comes downstairs as Wayne retorts that he's not an idiot; that telegram came from someone at the wedding, and if she didn't send it, who did? Fiona tells him curtly that she hasn't seen or heard from Mitch in many months, and if she had sent that telegram, she would have been more than delighted to admit it. Wayne snaps, "That's a pile of bull and you know--" Karen reaches the bottom of the stares and warns, "Wayne..." She then tells Fiona that she's sorry; as she can tell, they're both a bit edgy about Mitch at the moment: there were some pretty ugly scenes before he left, and he did attack Wayne, so they're not very comfortable at the thought that he might come back. Fiona says sternly that, personally, she doesn't think he ever will, but be that as it may, she had nothing whatsoever to do with that telegram. Karen assures her that of course she didn't; she's sorry it came up again. She then asks Fiona if Gordon knows she's there. Fiona explains that Leigh has gone to find him. Karen comments that Leigh mustn't realise that he's upstairs, and she invites Fiona to go and wait in the sitting room while she goes and tells him. Leigh makes a hasty exit from the lounge room, escaping into the kitchen. Fiona walks into the room, closing the doors behind her. In the hallway, Karen snaps at Wayne, "Don't you have any brains? You'll sink us both if you don't get your act together; you're behaving like a five-year-old." Wayne growls at her to save it - he's not interested. Karen warns him that he'd better get interested, then, or he'll end up ruining himself. Wayne glares at her and threatens, "You listen to me. Our marriage made you my wife, not my keeper. Don't forget it." He storms off and Karen sighs heavily.

Jill and Alan are walking in the grounds outside, and Jill muses that she'd better go and say goodbye to Gordon. She adds that she wishes she didn't have to leave. Alan comments that there's no rush, is there? but Jill replies that she doesn't want Fiona to think she's forgetting her responsibilities. Alan asks if Fiona is being difficult, but Jill assures him that she's been terrific: it was really good of her to put her and Fee up after Nat threw Karen and everyone else out of the house. She then asks Alan if he likes the flat, and he replies that it seems OK. Jill tells him cheerfully that they'll be able to see a lot more of each other now that she'll be working there. Alan suddenly stops hobbling along and says, "Jill, it'll mean a lot to me to have you close by, but let's not push things too hard." He goes to hobble off again before pausing and continuing, "I've said goodbye to a lot of my ways, but I still need room to breathe. It's going to take time to adjust." Jill assures him that she understands, adding that the last thing she wants to be is a millstone. Alan smiles and assures her that there's no chance of that - they'll still get plenty of time to themselves. Jill laughs that she hopes so!

Gordon is running downstairs inside when Jill comes in through the front door and tells him that he's just the man she wanted to see. Gordon holds up his hands and asks what he's done now! Jill assures him that it's nothing - she just wanted to thank him for such a lovely afternoon. At that moment, Leigh comes out of the lounge room and tells Gordon that Mrs. Thompson is there to see him. Gordon thanks her. He then asks Jill if she and Leigh have met, and Jill tells him that they had a great old chat this afternoon. Gordon tells her that she can expect a lot more of them, as Leigh is their new housekeeper. Jill congratulates Leigh, and Leigh thanks her. Gordon then heads into the lounge room. Alone with Leigh, Jill tells her that, as she's going to be around, she thinks she ought to warn her about Alan. Leigh comments that that sounds ominous, but Jill quickly assures her that it's nothing like that; he can be pretty touchy at times, though. Gordon goes and sits down next to Fiona in the lounge room. She tells him that she's sorry to worry him on such a busy day but it's got to the stage where she can't even think straight; she's so confused that she doesn't know which way to turn. Gordon suggests that she start at the beginning and they'll see where they go from there. In the hallway, Leigh says to Jill, "Well, thanks for letting me know. I'll try to keep out of his way." Jill quickly asks her not to do that; just don't make a big deal of his injuries or treat him differently to anyone else. Leigh says she'll remember. Jill tells her that she'll be keeping Karen happy, too, if she does the right thing by him; they've become very close over the last few months. Looking thoughtful, Leigh muses, "Right..." She then assures Jill that she'll make sure Alan is well looked after without being obvious about it. Jill thanks her and walks off.

Alan is sitting outside, his crutches by his side, a large stick in his hand which he's scraping around in the dirt. Leigh walks over and joins him, saying, "Hi! All alone and no one to talk to?" Alan retorts, "Yeah, and I'd like to keep it that way, thanks." Leigh comments that that's not very nice, but Alan tells her that he's really not in the mood for conversation. Leigh explains that she wanted to thank him. Alan mutters, "For what?" Leigh replies, "Saving the day. Let's face it: most of the guests were pretty dreary. You weren't, though." Alan asks her suspiciously how she figures that out, and Leigh tells him that she found him interesting; she wanted to know more about him - find out what was behind those big, dark eyes. Alan, a glint appearing in his eyes, comments that she's pretty upfront, isn't she? Leigh retorts that she says what's on her mind. Alan asks her if she's going to be around there much. Leigh replies, "Every day. I'm the new housekeeper." Alan looks at her appreciatively and remarks that he wouldn't have thought that was her style. Leigh replies knowingly, "It isn't. But it helps if some parts of the house are more fun to clean than others..." She then adds that she'd better go; she'll see him around. Alan sits there and watches her walk off, a look of intrigue on his face.

Inside, in the lounge room, Fiona is telling Gordon that she thought it would be all so cut-and-dried - she knows how much Barney wanted the book published; but now, she can see how many people would be hurt. Gordon suggests to her that perhaps her Colonel Bainbridge is overreacting, but Fiona replies that he's not: she's read the diaries and he comes out of it very badly. She goes on that it's not just the Colonel - his wife and children will suffer too. Gordon says he understands the problem but all he can offer is sympathy; she knew the options when she went ahead with it. Fiona muses that she knows: "By publishing, I'm doing what Barney wanted more than anything else in the world. And in a way, I'm doing something for all those innocent people who died in Vietnam. But does that justify hurting others who are still alive?"

In Sunbury, Patch the dog is lying at the top of the mine-shaft Beryl is sitting at the bottom, panting. She suddenly cries out in pain and clutches her bump as she appears to begin to go into labour. She cries, "Someone help me. Please."

David comes out of the country house, a can in his hand, and overhears faint cries. He unsteadily makes his way over to the mine-shaft and bends down over it. Patch moves out of the way. David calls down drunkenly, "Beryl? What are you doing down there?" Beryl calls back that she's alright but she's worried about the baby; he'll have to get some help quickly. David asks her if she's sure she's alright. Beryl calls back, "Yes. Now get some help - please." David slurringly tells her to keep calm; he'll get a rope to get her out. He pushes himself upright.

A few minutes later, David is holding a long rope, but Patch has grabbed the end of it in his mouth, and David has to yank it away from him. He staggers back over to the mine-shaft, sits down on the edge and calls down, "I'll have you out in a jiffy, love." Beryl calls back to ask if he shouldn't get someone to give him a hand, but David slurs, "No worries. All you've got to do is put this rope on and I'll pull you straight out." Beryl asks him if he shouldn't call the Rescue Squad or something, just in case, but David slurs that he can't: the 'phone's been cut off. A look of anguish crosses Beryl's face. At the top of the shaft, David ties part of the rope into a knot as he adds that, anyway, the rescue blokes will take too long. Having tied the knot, he leans over edge of the shaft and lowers the rope down. Beryl grabs it and David tells her to slip the loop he's made under her arm. Beryl stands there, looking worried.

Wayne is at Charlie's, and he sits down next to her on the couch. She says to him that she doesn't want him to think he's not welcome there, but shouldn't he be going home? - after all, it is his wedding day. Wayne explains that that's why he's there: he needs someone to talk to. Charlie asks him if he can't talk to his wife, but Wayne replies that it's not something they can discuss. Charlie tells him that, all the same, perhaps he should try. She goes on that he's taken on a whole new set of responsibilities and obviously it's going to take a while to settle down, but he should sort it out with Karen, not her. She suggests that he go home, as Karen is probably worried about him. Wayne stares into space and muses, "Yeah, she probably is." He stands up and adds that he's sorry he's been such lousy company. Charlie, though, replies that she's only sorry that on this occasion she's not a good listener. Wayne goes. Charlie looks worried.

Leigh is walking back towards Charlie's when Wayne comes out of the house. She tells him excitedly that it was a terrific wedding, and Wayne thanks her. She then asks if he's been seeing Charlie, and Wayne explains that they had a cup of coffee. He then tells Leigh that she'd better excuse him as he has to be getting back. He starts walking off, and Leigh calls after him that she'll see him tomorrow. Wayne stops in his tracks and she explains, "When I come over to clean the house." Wayne just murmurs, "Right," and walks off.

Inside, Charlie is fussing over Isabella when Leigh comes in and announces, "I got it. I'm the Hamiltons' new housekeeper!" Charlie asks her if she's sure she won't mind the work, but Leigh replies that she couldn't care less about the work; the important thing is that she'll be right in the middle of what's going on: before long, she'll know all she needs to about Karen. Charlie warns her that Karen isn't going to hand it to her on a plate just because she works there, but Leigh says she doesn't expect her to; it will simply be a case of keeping her eyes and ears open. She goes on that Jill told her that Karen is very close to Alan, so she'll be getting to know him, too. Charlie, looking dubious, warns her to just be careful that she doesn't end up coming off second-best, but Leigh retorts confidently that she'll be alright; she knows what she's doing. Charlie stands up and starts clearing away the tea things. As she does so, Leigh comments that Wayne must have been there a while and she asks what he wanted. Charlie replies that it was nothing, really. Leigh points out that he must have talked about something, but Charlie explains that he didn't have much to say for himself at all; he was too miserable. Leigh asks, "What about?" and Charlie replies that it was the telegram, she supposes. Leigh exclaims that that's great, and she asks Charlie if she asked him why it upset him. Charlie indignantly replies, "No!" Looking annoyed, Leigh asks why not, and Charlie retorts, "Because it wasn't really any of my business." Leigh mutters, "I don't believe it. Wayne gives us the perfect opportunity to find out what we need to know and you let him off the hook. No wonder Patricia gave me the job and not you." Charlie retorts that Patricia didn't give her the job because she knows she respects people's feelings. Leigh snaps that that's great. Charlie assures her, "Just principled." Leigh goes on that, anyway, it doesn't matter - she doesn't think it'll be long before she finds out what she wants: she's had an idea that could bring Mitch back to Sydney. Charlie warns her that it'll have to be a good one, but Leigh assures her that it is. She adds that, if it works, it won't take too long to finish off the new Mrs. Hamilton...

David is leaning down into the mine-shaft as Patch runs round behind him. He calls down to Beryl that they'll give it a go, and he tells her to see if there's anything she can grab hold of on the side of the shaft. Beryl calls back that there's nothing. David asks her if she's definitely looked, and she yells, "Yes. Now get some help." David staggers into a standing position and starts taking up the tension on the rope until it's taut. He then starts pulling Beryl up, and she finds herself swinging in mid-air, spinning round and round. She calls up to him that it's useless; he'll have to get some help. David suddenly loses his grip and his balance and the rope falls down into the shaft, causing Beryl to drop back to the bottom. David falls in after her. A few moments later, Beryl asks David - who's fallen next to her - if he's alright. He stirs and groans that he thinks so. The two of them lie there and David asks Beryl how bad she is. She replies that she's alright. She then asks him what possessed him to try and get her out on his own, adding that he should have gone for help when she asked him to. David slurs that he would have managed, but that mongrel dog... Beryl suddenly snaps at him, "You're drunk, David. No wonder you couldn't get me out on your own. You should have listened to me." She suddenly cries out in pain and tells David that the contractions have started. David, looking worried, asks, "The baby? How long before--?" Beryl replies that she doesn't know - Susie and Kevin took a while; perhaps this one will too. David asks her if she'll be alright, but Beryl cries that the baby hasn't got much chance of surviving down there. David puts his arm round her, as she breaks down and sobs, "I don't want to lose my baby, David..."


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