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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

The 'phone rings at Fiona's and Fiona answers it. A man's voice comes on and says, "Alec Dobson." Fiona asks him eagerly if he has any news, and Dobson replies that the man Fiona asked him about: the girl is perfectly happy with the arrangement; it would be different if she wasn't, but as she is, he can't really interfere - even if Fiona is an old mate of Eddie's. Fiona says sadly that she understands. Dobson adds, "Anyway, nice to meet you." He goes to hang up, but Fiona quickly pleads, "Wait a minute. Could you tell me where she is?" Dobson warns her, "If you're thinking of talking to her yourself, I don't reckon you'll get anywhere." Fiona begs, "Please...?"

Barbara and Liz are standing at the bar at Dural, and Barbara hands Liz a glass of scotch. As she takes it, Liz muses sadly, "I was so lonely after Gordon, I suppose I was an easy mark. I can see, now, that Dan thought he was onto a good thing because I knew some wealthy people. I did love him, though - and I couldn't risk losing that for anyone - not even Wayne and Gordon. For someone as low as that..." Barbara points out that, when you love someone, you lose all sense of proportion. Gordon wanders into the room at that moment and Barbara asks him if he told Wayne what's happened. Gordon, though, hands her a sheet of paper and says, "He's gone. He left that. He says he thought it better for me if he just went." Barbara reads the note as Liz cries, "Oh no, I should have told you earlier." Gordon assures her that it's not her fault, but Liz tells him, "There's one thing I can do. Gordon, would you ring the police for me, please?" Barbara looks at her. Gordon puts his arm round her.

A while later, Liz is telling Senior Detective Willows and Detective Fritz that she was angry about what Karen said; she lost her temper and pushed her - that's all; Karen landed in the mud but she thought she was alright. Willows comments that she must have seen that Karen was hurt, but Liz retorts that it didn't even cross her mind, or she wouldn't have left her there. Willows looks at Fritz and then tells Liz, "It's consistent with what Forensics said." Liz suggests, "She must have hit her head in the fall, or something, and then collapsed after I'd gone." Willows stares at her before accepting, "Alright. You'll have to come down and make a statement." Everyone stands up, and Gordon tells Liz that his lawyer is going to act for her - he'll meet them down at the station. Liz assures Gordon that he doesn't have to come, but Gordon retorts that he does. Liz insists that he's got enough to worry about, with Wayne and everything; she'll be OK. Gordon, though, tells her that he's sure she will be, but he's coming just to make sure. Barbara tells Liz that she and Gordon will stand by her, and Liz thanks her, adding that at least she knows that when she says something like that, she means it - which is more than she can say for Dan...

The next morning, Barbara lets Dan into the house, and he strolls into the lounge room - where Gordon is packing his briefcase - and says cheerily, "Morning! Now, what's the emergency? You must have realised what a great deal my business proposition is, eh?" Gordon, though, glares at him and snaps, "What the hell took you so long? I left a message on your answering machine last night to get in contact urgently." Dan, looking surprised, explains, "I didn't play it back until this morning. I wouldn't keep you waiting, Gordon, you know that." Gordon tells him curtly, "The police have charged Liz with murder." Dan, looking only vaguely interested, smiles, "Liz? With what? OK - I'll bite. What's the punchline?" Barbara, looking incredulous, snarls, "Do you honestly think we would joke about a thing like that?" Dan, his smile quickly disappearing, comments that it's a mistake, then: Liz wouldn't kill anyone. Gordon tells him curtly, "It wasn't intentional - but unfortunately, that doesn't alter the facts. Now come on, I'm on my way to see her." Dan comments, "Well, there's no point in my going." Gordon stares at him angrily and snaps, "My God, you're supposed to be in love with the girl." Dan excuses, "Well, yeah, but it seems like I didn't know her as well as I thought. I mean, murder? Too heavy for me." Gordon growls, "The girl has just spent the night in the Watch House because it was too late to arrange bail - and that after hours of being questioned by the police while I waited around to give her what comfort I could because you couldn't be contacted. Now you're here, you say it's too heavy for you." Dan, though, asks, "What do you expect? She obviously didn't spare any thoughts for my feelings when she got herself into this." Gordon retorts, "And you didn't spare any thoughts for her feelings when you took Caroline out last night." As Dan looks at him in surprise, he explains, "She was there when you got home; she heard you at the door." He adds, "Frankly, if it was up to me, I wouldn't let you within miles." Dan smiles nervously and asks, "Well, what are we arguing about, then?" Gordon growls, "Because if she wants you there, you are going to be there - and with any luck, she'll tell you to go to hell. But I mean to see she has the choice." Dan laughs that Gordon can't make him go if he doesn't want to, but Gordon suddenly grabs his jacket and threatens, "You are going, and if she wants your help, you're going to give it to her - or I'll see that that little business deal that you're trying so desperately to flog will be blacklisted in every Boardroom in the country." With that, he pushes Dan towards the front door, leaving Barbara looking shocked.

Fiona emerges from an elevator in a block of flats and heads towards a front door. She knocks on it and a bearded man opens it. He mutters, "Yeah?" Fiona explains, "I'm here to see Jill O'Donnel." The man mutters, "You wouldn't be Fiona Thomas, would you?" Fiona corrects, "'Thompson', yes. May I see her, please?" The man tells her, "Frank got the word from Alex you'd probably show up. That's why I'm here: to tell you to rack off." Fiona retorts, "I'm not leaving until I've seen her," but the man warns, "Don't make me laugh, lady. If I have to open this door again, you'd better be ready to fall down a lot of steps." With that, he heads back inside and closes the door in Fiona's face. Inside the flat, he goes and sits down in an armchair and picks up a magazine. Jill emerges from one of the other rooms and the man tells her, "Well, that was easy. Don't see her being much trouble." Jill says to him, "She didn't have a baby with her, did she?" The man tells her, "No." Jill looks only partially relieved. She walks over to her handbag and takes out a heart-shaped object: it's a photo frame, with a picture of Fee in it. She stares at the image of her daughter and then stuffs the frame back into her bag, looking upset as she does so.

A while later, Andy is sitting in Fiona's flat, strumming his guitar, as Fiona carries Fee out of one of the bedrooms. She asks Andy if the girl was any trouble, but Andy just replies that she woke up a bit but was just happy to know there was someone there. Fiona puts Fee in her highchair and smiles that she's such a lovely child - she just doesn't know how Jill could walk away and leave her; if only she could have talked to her... Andy suggests that that bloke can't be with Jill all the time, can he? but Fiona replies, "As long as Frank's willing to pay, he can... From what I've seen of the apartment, he's sparing no expense." Andy comments that there has to be some way to get past him. Fiona sighs that she wishes there was - if they don't find a way soon, it's going to be too late. She adds that she's seen it happen with other girls: the pimps they work for get them hooked onto drugs, and then they can't leave even if they want to. Andy insists, "Jill wouldn't get onto drugs," but Fiona retorts, "Not of her own free will - but the way those people work, free will doesn't even come into it. We've just got to find a way to get in to see her." Andy, who's staring into space, suddenly says, "I've thought of something."

Sometime later, there's a knock on the door of Jill's new apartment and the heavy opens it and says, "Yeah?" Andy is standing there, dressed in a smart suit, and he tells the man, "My name's Johnson. I made a booking for 11am." The man, taking out a notepad, asks, "Who'd you make it with?" Andy tells him, "Er... Frank. I don't know the other name." The heavy looks through the pages of his pad and then concludes, "Yeah, right, here you are. Go on in - I'll leave you to it." Andy heads inside and the heavy calls to Jill, "Mr. Johnson's here." Jill calls back from the bedroom that she won't be a minute and she invites 'Mr. Johnson' to help himself to a drink. Andy just stands there, looking around the apartment and sighing heavily. Jill suddenly emerges from the room, wearing a bright silver top and matching pants. Her hair is neatly styled and long earrings are dangling from her ears. As she stares at Andy in shock, she demands, "How did you get in?" Andy retorts, "Like everyone else does: by appointment." Jill tells him, "Well, whatever you've come to say, don't bother. I wish you and Fiona would leave me alone." Andy asks her, "What makes you think I've come to say anything?" but Jill retorts, "I've heard all the arguments. My mind's made up. Now will you please leave or do I have to call Reg?" Andy, reaching into one of his pockets, quickly tells her that there's no need for that. He takes out a wad of notes and adds, "I'll go - as soon as I get what I'm paying for." Jill looks at him in shock and demands, "What?" Andy retorts, "You heard. As far as I'm concerned, this is a business arrangement - and it's costing me a lot of money. So how about we get started?" Jill stares at him.

Heather, Mike and Tim are walking in the grounds at the country house, and Tim smiles as he indicates the shed they're passing and exclaims, "This is great - I've never had a place of my own before!" Mike laughs that he wouldn't exactly call it a 'place', but Tim insists that it's beaut! He adds that he wouldn't want to put his Uncle David to too much trouble, but he said he was going to paint it after he got back from his trucking job. Heather explains that David has been wanting to clean it out since he moved there - Tim is just the excuse he needed! Tim smiles and says he'll get the stuff out, and he runs inside the old building. Heather turns to Mike and comments that he and Tim seem to have hit it off. Mike replies that he's a good kid - he wants to help with the market garden, too. Heather sighs, "You know who he reminds me of... when he gets that 'lost' look...?" Mike tells her, "Yeah - well, most kids get that, sometimes." Tim suddenly yells out from inside the barn and Heather and Mike turn to find out what's wrong. Tim runs out and asks Mike, "Did you see them go?" Mike asks, "What?" Tim explains, "The possums." Mike asks where they came from, and Tim tells him, "Up in the rafters - they must have woken up while I was checking the timber." Heather mutters that they're awful things - she hates them. Mike agrees that they'll make a mess of the market garden, too - they'll mess-up the tomatoes. Heather tells him that he and Tim can clean out the shed by themselves; she's not going in there! She heads off, leaving Mike to comment to Tim that he thought a bushie like him could handle a couple of possums with one hand tied behind his back! Tim explains that giant cane toads are his speciality!

In Sydney, Jill tells Andy, "You know I can't. We're friends." Andy, though, retorts, "Oh, that's OK - I'm not asking for a discount. Let's go." Jill tells him, "I know you're not serious. You're doing this to make some kind of point." Andy mutters, "Yeah, whatever you reckon." He suddenly grabs her and tries to kiss her, but Jill pushes him away and cries, "No, stop it. Just take your money and go." Andy snaps, "I don't want my money. I want what I paid for." Jill stares at him and then growls, "Alright." She starts ripping off her top as Andy watches. As she strips, he snaps at her, "Yeah, you would, wouldn't you? You'd really go through with it." Jill retorts, "Yes, if that's what you want. If you're trying to make me feel cheap, you're too late: my first client did that job for you - and all the others since." Andy demands, "Then why are you doing it?" Jill growls, "Because I have to. Now, do you want it or not?" Andy snaps, "For heaven's sake, you know I don't. I want you to come back with me." Jill, though, cries, "Look, get out, Andy. I'm not waiting for some knight in shining armour to come and rescue me. I'm doing what I want to do: it's high-time you and Fiona realised that." Andy walks over to the door, reluctantly, before pausing, turning back to Jill and saying, "You know, I hope you've given it some hard thought, to what you're doing to Fee. Maybe Fiona can look after her now, but she won't be around forever - and you won't be able to get her back. She'll have to grow-up making it on her own and never even knowing her mother - so if you're looking for reasons to hate yourself, that's one more you can add to your list." With that, he storms out, leaving Jill looking worried.

Baby Shane is crying in the kitchen at the country house. Leigh is preparing his milk, but she snaps at him, "Alright, alright, it'll be ready in a minute." Beryl and Heather wander in from the hallway, Beryl saying to Heather that she can remember having possums in their ceiling when she was a kid. Heather comments, "Dirty things - they can be quite dangerous." Beryl agrees, "Yes, and they'll bite if they're cornered - and they've got very sharp claws." Leigh turns to Beryl and tells her that they're almost out of milk. Heather says she'll pick some up on the way back from the Children's Home - she has to go into work this afternoon. Beryl asks her if she'd mind popping into her house to see how it's coming along, and Heather agrees, "Sure." Beryl thanks her, adding that they should be almost ready. Heather says she'd better start getting ready, and she goes to head off to her bedroom. However, she then suddenly appears to remember something, and she tells Leigh that, while she thinks of it, she'd better keep the fly-screen door on the caravan closed until Mike gets rid of the possums. She heads off to her room, leaving Leigh and Shane alone with Beryl. Leigh goes to put Shane's bottle in his mouth, but Beryl watches her and cries anxiously, "You haven't tested that." Leigh asks 'innocently', "Sorry?" Beryl explains curtly that you test it for temperature first, otherwise you're likely to burn his mouth. Leigh cries, "Sorry, I didn't know. I want to learn. I want to be a good mother. I'm just glad that you're around to help me look after him properly." Beryl suggests that it might be an idea if she feeds him, and she takes Shane from his mother. As she does so, Leigh says to her, "Well, if you don't mind. It would make Shane happy - he seems to really like you." She hands Beryl the bottle of milk, a smile on her face which Beryl doesn't notice...

Gloria approaches the front door at Beryl's, carrying Robert in his bassinet, but she pauses and looks through the lounge room window. A workman suddenly comes out through the door and asks, "Are you looking for someone?" Gloria turns to him and asks if Mrs. Palmer is home, but the workman explains that she's staying with friends; she'll be gone until he's finished the redecorating. Gloria asks when that will be, and the workman replies that he's nearly through - he supposes Beryl could move in tonight, if she wanted to. He then asks if he can give her a message, but Gloria tells him that she'll come back; it's not important. She goes to walk off, but suddenly looks faint, and the workman asks her if she's alright. Gloria just mutters that she's fine, thanks, and she heads back down the path.

Liz walks into the lounge room at Dural and sighs, "What a nightmare." Dan and Gordon follow her as she adds, "I can't tell you how great it is to be back in a friendly house." Liz sits down as Gordon points out that at least the police are keeping it pretty much under wraps, otherwise she'd have the media hounding her on top of everything else. Liz murmurs, "Yeah, small mercies. I suppose I should be grateful for those, at any rate." Gordon says he'll go and find Barbara and see what the chances are of some lunch. He leaves Liz alone in the lounge room with Dan, who comments, "Bit of a mess, eh?" Gordon heads out into the hallway, closing the lounge room doors behind him. Barbara is standing at the bottom of the stairs, and she asks, "How did it go?" Gordon explains, "We got bail. She's with Dan, in the living room." Barbara muses that she didn't tell him to go to hell, then? and Gordon replies, "Not yet - but things are pretty tense. I don't think it'll be long." In the lounge room, Dan paces the floor as he says to Liz, "Look. What happened last night was part of the business deal." Liz glares at him as she snaps, "Dan, how stupid do you think I am? I was there. I heard you making a complete fool of yourself over Caroline." Dan insists, "Only because I thought it was what she wanted. Once I had a signature, I'd have dropped her like a shot." Liz snaps, "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Dan insists, "I was doing it for us. If the deal had gone through, it would have done a lot for my career, which would have made things better for our future." Liz, though, growls, "We don't have a future. You were pretending we did so you could meet people like Gordon and Caroline. You don't want me. You want anyone who'll help you get along." She pauses before adding, "Go away, Dan. We'll both be better off." Dan just says lightly, "Well. Good luck with everything," and he walks off, leaving Liz looking upset.

At Fiona's, Andy tells Fiona that it's as if Jill hates herself; he could tell that; she's so determined to wreck her whole life. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Fiona gets up to answer it, sighing as she does so that she just doesn't know what else to do. She answers the 'phone and Jill comes on and says it's her. Fiona raises her eyebrows in surprise. Jill goes on, "Look, I've been thinking. There's no reason why I shouldn't visit Fee from time-to-time. Would it be OK if I called-by in a couple of days?" Fiona comments that she thought Jill had decided that it would be better if she didn't, but Jill explains, "I know, but I'm really missing her. I can't keep her here, but I can't stand not seeing her at all." Fiona pauses and then says, "I'm sorry, but no. You can't have it both ways." Jill gasps, "She's my daughter. If I want to see her--" Fiona interrupts and snaps, "By your own admission, you're not a fit mother anymore. I will not have her growing up with you appearing and disappearing whenever it suits you. I want her to forget you even exist - and hopefully I can keep her from ever finding out that her mother is a whore." Jill cries that that's not fair, but Fiona insists, "It's the fairest thing for the baby, and that's all I'm interested in. Now, if you want her back, you get off the game - otherwise I'll go for custody, and under the circumstances, there's not a court in the country who won't give her to me." With that she slams the 'phone down. In her apartment, Jill hangs up slowly, looking shocked.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon tells Liz that he knows it must have been hard, but she did the right thing - really. Liz, though, replies that it wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. Gordon suggests that maybe he shouldn't have dragged Dan down there, but Liz assures him that she had to face him. She adds that Gordon isn't to worry - she doesn't need Dan; she's strong enough to get through on her own. Gordon tells her that she won't be on her own - he and Barbara are there, no matter what happens. At that moment, Barbara comes in from the hallway. She tells Gordon that she's called everyone she knows who Wayne might have gone to, but nothing. Gordon sighs that if only he would get in touch, they could tell him that he's in the clear; it's so damn frustrating. Barbara says she knows, but he should try not to get worked-up about it. She then suggests that he go and have a little nap before lunch - he was up most of the night, and he looks very tired. Gordon insists that he's fine, but Barbara asks him quietly to please not give them any more to worry about than they already have. Gordon admits that he does feel pretty worn-out. He tells Liz to help herself to anything she needs and he'll see her in a few hours. Liz tells him to take care, and he leaves the room. Barbara follows him. Liz gets up and walks over to the bar, where she picks up the telephone directory. She looks up a number and dials. After a few seconds, a woman answers, "Good morning. National Informer." Liz asks, "Could I speak to the Editor, please...?"

Leigh emerges from her caravan, wearing a light top and shorts, and goes and sits on a deckchair outside. She leaves the door wide open. She puts on her sunglasses and a pair of headphones, connected to her personal stereo, and doesn't notice a possum standing just beneath the van, chewing something. Baby Shane is lying awake in his bassinet, just inside the van... The possum heads in through the open door, but Leigh is miles away. Beryl emerges from the main house and pauses as she suddenly hears Shane start crying. She looks over at the caravan and at Leigh sitting outside, oblivious. She then runs over to the van, crying at Leigh, "The baby: something's wrong." She heads inside and finds the possum sitting in the bassinet. She picks up a cushion and uses it to flick the creature away; it goes flying out of the door. Shane lies there, crying, and Beryl picks him up and comforts that it's alright - it's gone. Leigh comes in and asks what happened. Beryl snaps, "A possum. Heather told you to keep the door shut." Leigh insists that she wasn't far away, but Beryl retorts, "Well that settles it: Shane's coming home with me. The way you treat him, he's in too much danger here."

That evening, Beryl is back home at Albert Park. Leigh and Tim are with her, and Tim is flicking over the channels on the television. As Leigh comes in from her bedroom, he shows her the TV guide and exclaims, "Hey, will you look at this? Five channels! One's in a foreign lingo or something, but five channels!" Leigh just smiles at him. She then tells him that she's finished unpacking - the room's not bad. She asks him if he's still going into the shed, but Tim replies that he's thinking of moving into the house. He asks how Shane is, and Leigh replies that he's alright - the possum is the best thing that could have happened; Beryl was only looking for an excuse. Tim asks her what she would have done if Shane had got bitten, but Leigh retorts, "I didn't leave the door open on purpose, Tim. I don't really care, though, as long as he wasn't killed. He's a way of getting money out of Beryl, that's all." Tim, looking shocked, tells his sister, "I know you're not all that rapt in the kid, but you wouldn't want to see him hurt." Leigh, though, tells him, "I'd do whatever I have to." Tim snaps, "Bull. You can't be that desperate for money." Leigh retorts, "I'm not desperate for anything; I just know what I want. Richard ruined my whole life simply because his family had money and ours didn't, and nothing like that's ever going to happen to me again. Pretty soon, Beryl's going to want Shane so much, she'll give me anything..."

Barbara and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Liz rushes in through the front door, holding a newspaper. She asks them if they've heard from Wayne yet, but Gordon tells her that they haven't. He then asks her where she's been, as they were worried about her. Handing him the newspaper, she explains that she's been talking to the reporter all afternoon. Gordon stares at the front page. In one corner are photos of Liz and Wayne, together with the headline 'Young Woman Confesses to Dural Murder' and the sub-headline 'Previous Suspect Disappears'. Gordon looks at it in shock and exclaims, "For God's sake, why?" Barbara tells him, "Because if Wayne sees it, he'll know he's in the clear, that's why." Liz explains that it was all she could think of to do. Gordon asks in concern, "What about you? Now the news is out, the press won't give you a moment's peace." Liz, though, sitting down, tells him that, the more publicity there is, the more chance there is that Wayne will get to hear of it. She then adds that it does mean she can't stay there any longer. Barbara tells her that she may as well; wherever she goes, they'll track her down. Liz, though, replies that she doesn't want the reporters to follow her to Dural - she and Gordon are both under enough stress as it is. Gordon assures her that it's no problem - she's welcome to stay - but Liz insists that she's made up her mind. She adds that she'll be back for the trial, of course. Gordon says to her that, if she's determined to go, she must stay in touch. Liz assures him that he can count on it. Barbara chips in, "And if there's anything you need..." Liz thanks her. Barbara then comments, "Well let's just hope that wherever Wayne is, he manages to see the National Informer."

In the kitchen at her house, Beryl wipes up some cups and says to Leigh - who's holding Shane - that she'll have to pop down to the shop before it closes - they need milk and bread for breakfast. Leigh says she'll go, and Beryl thanks her. She asks her to get wholemeal bread and a litre of milk, and adds that she can't miss the shop - it's just round the corner. She hands Leigh some money, and Leigh hands her Shane. Leigh then heads out as Beryl starts fussing over the baby. Unknown to either of them, Gloria is outside, and she quietly places Robert - in his bassinet - on the front doorstep. She then bends down over the sleeping tot, places a folded piece of paper on top of him and says, "Goodbye, Robert. If only you knew how much you'd given me." She starts sobbing as she adds, "I suppose you'll grow up and remember nothing..." She then stands up, knocks on the door and walks off. Inside, Leigh calls, "I'll get it." She goes and opens the door and immediately spots the bassinet there, together with the accompanying note. She picks it up and reads:

"Mrs. Palmer, I have just found out I am very ill and will soon not be able to look after Robert properly. For however much longer I live, I will always think of him as my little boy, but now I am giving him back to you and hope you will love him as he deserves."

From the kitchen, Beryl calls out, "Who is it?" Leigh quickly pushes the front door to and tells her, "No one - just some kids, collecting." Beryl says she hopes Leigh didn't send them away empty-handed, but Leigh replies that it sounded a bit fishy to her - she thinks they were trying on a con. Beryl comments, "Isn't it awful what some of them will do to get money these days?" Leigh nods, knowingly. She then quickly adds that she'd better go, or she'll miss the shops. She heads outside. Robert is awake, and he coughs slightly as Leigh picks up the bassinet. She tells him, "No way I'm going to let you wreck everything. You're coming with me..."


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