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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Heather and Mike are in the kitchen at the country house: Heather is preparing dinner while Mike sits at the table, reading the newspaper. Heather asks where Tim is, but Mike says he doesn't know. He adds that the boy has been pretty quiet since he and Heather got home. Heather comments that he was pretty upset when they left Beryl's - she thinks he would have preferred to stay with Leigh. Mike muses that she is his sister - he guesses Tim is lost without her. Heather remarks that what the boy really needs is to make a few new friends, and Mike agrees that she's right - or take up a sport or something. At that moment, the back door opens and Tim walks in. Mike says to him that they wondered where he was, and Tim explains that he just went for a walk. He sits down and Mike continues that, now that Leigh has gone, he hopes Tim doesn't get too bored around there on his own. Tim replies that he should find something to do. Mike asks him what he used to do at home in his spare time, and Tim explains that he used to play hockey on some weekends - their local club were District Champions. Mike asks him if he was any good, and Tim smiles that he was selected for the State a couple of times! Mike exclaims in amazement, "You played for Queensland?!" Tim replies, "Yeah - right wing. I'm pretty fast!" Mike enthusiastically tells him that he should take it up again - he's sure one of the local teams would love to have him! Tim laughs that he'd have to get fit first - he hasn't trained since last season. Mike tells him, "I could put you on a training programme. Jeff was a runner." Tim asks, "Who's Jeff?" but before Mike can answer, David comes in through the back door, calling, "Something smells good!" Mike asks him if he had a good trip, and he replies that it was so-so. He then asks how dinner's going, and Heather tells him that it shouldn't be long. Changing the subject, David asks how everyone is, and Heather replies that they're fine. David then asks, "Where's Beryl?" Heather, suddenly becoming more hesitant, explains, "Er, we had a few problems with possums - they were in the shed. One of them nearly bit the baby - and Leigh wasn't coping too well anyway so Beryl offered to look after him - and they've all moved back to Albert Park." David, looking surprised, asks, "Didn't you try and stop her?" Mike tells him that they didn't think he'd mind - they both wanted to go. David, though, snaps, "Who in the hell does she think she is?" Heather points out that she was only trying to help, but David snaps, "I don't give a damn what she was trying to do. She should have spoken to me first." He opens the back door again and Mike asks him where he's going. David retorts that he's going to hose the truck down and then he's going to see Beryl. He heads out. Mike, looking puzzled, asks rhetorically, "What's got into him?"

At Beryl's, Beryl is standing in the lounge room, holding Shane, when the front door bangs and Leigh comes in holding the bread and milk. Beryl comments to her that she took her time, but Leigh explains that she got lost - she doesn't know her way round in the dark. She comments that Shane is still awake, and Beryl replies that he was crying and she couldn't leave him in his bassinet. Leigh tells her, "You're spoiling him," but Beryl, cuddling the child, gurgles at him, "I don't spoil you, do I, darling? No!" Leigh stands there, a smile on her face...

David comes back into the kitchen at the country house and starts washing his hands at the sink. Heather asks him if he's not going to have something to eat first, but David tells her to keep it warm for him - he has to see Beryl. Heather pleads, "Don't be too angry with her. She meant well." David retorts, "Frannie asked me to look after Leigh." Heather points out, "Beryl is her aunt." David, though, snaps, "And I'm--" He breaks off before correcting, "I'm responsible for her. Leigh and the baby should be here." He throws down the towel he's using to dry his hands and heads off to his bedroom to change, leaving Heather looking exasperated.

There's a knock on the door at Beryl's as she's clearing away Shane's things in the lounge room. There's another knock before she gets a chance to answer it, but when she finally opens the door, David walks straight in past her, grunting, "Hello, Beryl," in the process. Beryl, looking surprised, remarks that she wasn't expecting him. David heads into the lounge room and demands, "Where's Leigh?" Beryl explains that she's gone to bed. David snaps, "Can you get her and the baby here? I'm taking them back." Beryl asks what the matter is, but David retorts that there's nothing the matter - Leigh and Shane are coming back to the farm. Beryl mutters that Shane can't go back there - it wouldn't be safe. David growls that he'll make it safe for him. He then adds, "I didn't think you wanted anything to do with him." Beryl retorts, "I don't want to see him hurt, and there's plenty of room here now the decorators have finished." David, though, shakes his head and tells her, "No, they're coming back with me. Anyway, you don't even like Leigh." Beryl retorts that she can put up with her for the baby's sake. David comments sourly that that's a chance of heart, but Beryl retorts, "No more than you wanting her back." David tells her that he told Leigh's mother that he'd look after Leigh and that's exactly what he's going to do. Beryl asks, "And what about the baby? She doesn't even know how to look after him." David retorts, "They're my responsibility." Beryl snaps, "Someone has to teach her," but David ignores this and growls, "Are you going to get her or shall I?" Beryl asks curtly, "Why is she suddenly so important to you?" David blurts out, "Because she's my daughter." Beryl stares at him in shock, and David explains, "Frannie told me about her when she brought Shane." Beryl asks if Leigh knows, but David mutters, "No." Beryl goes on that he'll have to tell her. David turns away, but Beryl points out that Leigh has the right to know. She adds that he knows how Leigh feels about George; knowing that he's the real father might help. David murmurs, "Yeah, I guess you're right..."

A short time later, Leigh is sitting in the lounge room with David, listening as he says, "I had to tell you. I hope you don't think any--" Leigh suddenly stands up and snaps, "Shut up. You're not my father. He's dead. You're making it all up." David tells her that he wishes he was. Leigh cries, "Mum loved dad. She'd never have gone behind his back." David explains, "They'd had a big row - they even called off the wedding. I'd broken up with Patricia... it shouldn't have happened; we've always regretted it." He pauses before continuing, "Your mother and Ray patched things up a couple of days later and the wedding went ahead. When you came along, Frannie was the only one that knew." He puts his hands on Leigh's shoulders, comfortingly, but Leigh pulls away and snaps, "She had to marry Ray, didn't she, because you ran out on her." David asks, "What?" Leigh rants, "You got her pregnant and then ran out - same as happened to me." David insists, "I didn't even know she was pregnant," but Leigh retorts, "I don't believe you." David tells her that it's the truth. He then continues, "Anyway, now you know: I'm your father." Leigh, though, shakes her head and, tears beginning to fall down her cheeks, cries, "Oh no you're not. Ray was the one who brought me up. He was my real father." With that, she storms off back to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Beryl comes out from the kitchen and says quietly, "I, um heard. You did the right thing, David. She had to know." David just murmurs, "Maybe." Beryl tells him, "Just give her time. She'll come round."

The next morning, Leigh is sitting at the kitchen table, staring into space, when Beryl comes in from the hallway. Leigh immediately stands up to go and attend to Shane, but Beryl says it's alright - she'll do it. She then comments, "You look terrible. Couldn't you sleep?" Leigh doesn't answer, and so Beryl prompts, "David?" Leigh just retorts that she doesn't want to talk about it. Beryl picks up Shane's bottle and goes to head out of the room again, but as she does so, Leigh says, "I've been thinking." Beryl stops in her tracks as the girl goes on, "If David's my father, that would make Robert my brother, wouldn't it?" Beryl nods, "Half-brother. Why?" Leigh says quietly, "Just wondering, that's all. Can't get used to the idea." Beryl tells her, "Leigh, you know how I feel about losing Robert. I'd rather you didn't mention it again." She walks out, leaving Leigh standing there, looking vaguely guilty.

In Sydney, Caroline has dialled a number on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment. Stephen answers it and Caroline tells him that it's her. Stephen asks curtly what she wants, and Caroline explains that she was wondering if he'd like to come over and have lunch with her and Amanda today. Stephen probes, "Just the two of you?" Caroline assures him, "Of course!" Stephen goes on suspiciously, "You're not inviting one of your boyfriends this time?" Caroline smiles, "Surely you're not still angry about Dan, are you?" but Stephen retorts tetchily, "I'm not going to be made a fool of again, Caroline." Caroline tells him, "It'll be just us three." Amanda appears behind her as Stephen asks, "What do you want to see me about?" Caroline explains that she was wondering if they could have another little chat about business. Stephen gives in and says, "Alright. What time?" Caroline suggests midday and Stephen tells her that he'll see her then. They both hang up. At the Morrell apartment, Amanda asks her mother, "Was that dad?" Caroline goes and sits down at the table, explaining as she does so, "He's coming over for lunch today." Amanda stares at her, and she adds, "Purely business." Amanda looks at her suspiciously and says, "I hope you're not leading him on..." Caroline replies 'innocently', "I'm sorry, Amanda, I..." Amanda clarifies, "You know I'd like to see the two of you get back together... but I don't want dad to get hurt." Caroline asks her, "Why would I want to hurt him...?"

Fiona is pacing the floor of her flat at the boarding house, staring at the 'phone. Andy tells her that staring at it won't make it ring, but Fiona sighs that she just wishes there was something she could do. Andy points out that they've done all they can - if Jill wants Fee back badly enough, she'll come back. Fiona just nods, sadly. Andy then announces that he'd better be off. Fiona thanks him for dropping in. Andy asks her if she'll let him know how things go, and Fiona assures him that she will. Andy then cajoles, "She'll be OK." Fiona sighs, "I'm just worried I might have pushed her too far - instead of getting her back, I might have driven her right away." She looks down, sadly.

Jill is sitting in an armchair at her apartment, looking fed-up. She's wearing smart clothes, rather than one of the skimpy outfits she wears when she's working. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she answers it to find Frank Dwyer standing there. He asks cheerily, "How's things?" Jill just sighs, "Alright." Frank asks, "Any tips last night?" and Jill tells him, "Yeah, a few - they all seemed pretty happy." She goes to her handbag and takes out a wad of notes, saying, "Sixty - forty," as she counts out their respective shares. As she hands it over, she asks Frank if he wants to check it, but Frank assures her, "I trust you." He looks at the size of the wad in his hand and comments, "Not bad." He then peels off a couple of notes and tells Jill, "Here, get yourself a new dress." Jill thanks him, looking pleased. Changing the subject, Frank asks her how she likes her apartment, and she tells him that it's great. Frank then goes on that he supposes it's a long time since she's seen money like that - she ought to go out and enjoy it; that's what it's for. He adds that she should go out and buy something for that kid of hers - "Er... what's her name?" Jill sighs, "Fee." Frank replies, "Yeah, that's it. Nice-looking toddler."

Fiona opens the front door of her apartment and looks shocked to find Jill standing there. Jill tells her tersely, "I've come to get Fee." Fiona, though, retorts, "I told you: I'm not going to let you have her." Jill snaps, "She's my baby. You can't stop me." She goes to walk in, but Fiona blocks her way and growls, "I meant what I said on the 'phone: I'll go for custody." Jill replies lightly, "But I've got a new apartment. Fee can have her own room. I can take care of her." Fiona, though, retorts, "You can't even take care of yourself." Jill stares at her and cries, "You've got no right to keep her. I'm her mother." Fiona, though, snaps, "You're a whore. What do you think would happen to her if she were brought up by you?" Jill tries to barge past again, crying, "I want my daughter," but Fiona blocks the way and growls, "Over my dead body. I am not going to let you drag her down into the gutter." Jill sobs, "I love her," but Fiona retorts, "Then leave her alone. In twenty years' time she'll be selling herself on street corners. Is that what you want?" Jill cries, "Stop it." Fiona demands, "Is it?" Jill cries, "No." She then breaks down in Fiona's arms.

A few minutes later, Jill is standing in Fiona's flat as Fiona carries Fee out of one of the bedrooms. Jill takes her daughter, looking relieved, a broad smile on her face. Fiona asks her if she's feeling better now, and Jill kisses Fee and tells her, "I've missed you."

Beryl is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, looking at a magazine as Shane rests on her lap. Leigh wanders in from the hallway and tells her that she has to talk to her. Beryl asks if it's about David, but Leigh replies, "No, there's something else." Before she can get any further, though, there's a knock at the door, and Beryl tells her, "Just a minute." She stands up and hands Shane to her mother. She then goes and answers the door to find Heather standing there. She invites her in, but Heather explains that she's not staying - she just found some of Shane's things on the line and thought they might need them. Beryl tells her that she shouldn't have gone out of her way, but Heather assures her that it isn't far. She says a cheery, "Morning," to Leigh, but Leigh just mutters, "Hello." Heather then hands the bag of clothes to Beryl and says she'd better be getting back - they're a bit short-staffed at the moment; she had to slip out during the tea break. Beryl asks, "How are things at the Home?" and Heather sighs, "In stir at the moment. A young girl left her baby in the office last night." Beryl asks if anyone saw her. Leigh starts listening with interest as Heather replies, "Well, Diane was there. She thinks she must have been an unmarried mother. She went to get the papers and when she came back, the girl was gone." Beryl asks why anyone would do that, and Heather tells her that she must have been desperate. Beryl comments that she'll be in trouble when the police find her. Leigh quickly asks, "Why?" and Heather explains that they always have to call the police in these cases. She adds that she just feels sorry for the girl. With that, she leaves. Beryl returns to Leigh and asks her, "What were you saying?" Leigh, looking miles away, replies, "Huh?" Beryl reminds her, "You wanted to talk to me about something." Leigh, though, tells her, "Oh. It doesn't matter now..."

Tim is running quickly along a stretch of grass in the grounds at the country house. Mike is timing him, and as Tim reaches the point where he's standing, Mike comments to the boy that he doesn't look too unfit! Tim, though, pants that he's lost a bit, he reckons. He goes to take off his jogging pants, but Mike tells him that he'd better leave them on - he's got some stretching to do yet. Tim points out that it's a bit hot, isn't it? and Mike agrees that, yeah, it is, but he'd still better leave them on just in case - just until after he's finished the session. He then adds that Tim does know how to stretch, doesn't he? Tim bends down and starts stretching the muscles in his legs, explaining that he used to do a lot of it in hockey. As he does the exercises, Mike asks him, "How do you feel about running a 5 - 4 - 3 today? Nothing flash - just say a 65-second quarter pace - just to get the cobwebs out. Hmm?" Tim asks if he'll get a break in-between, and Mike tells him that he can walk around the oval. He asks how that sounds, but Tim replies dubiously that he doesn't know - he hasn't run for a while; can't they just do some light work? - some sprints, maybe; he'll run the quarter mile next week. Mike tells him, "Sure." Tim adds that he'll have to ease into it, he reckons, and Mike sighs that he's right - he's just a bit keen, he guesses. He then asks Tim if he's got any spikes, but Tim replies that he hasn't. Mike tells him that he'll fix him up, then - he'll get him some lightweight runners. He adds that you need running spikes for grass; you can't run properly in what Tim's wearing at the moment. Tim, looking intrigued, asks him, "Did you used to be a runner?" Mike replies, "No, not me." Tim goes on that he seems to know a lot about it - he must have coached before. Mike just says hesitantly, "I've... I've been involved..."

A few minutes later, the two of them are heading towards the back door of the house, and Mike is telling Tim that he's got to lean forward more in the sprints and bring his knees right up high and pump his arms. Tim tells him, "Sure - I normally have a hockey stick in my hand, remember?" Mike muses enthusiastically, "Yeah, I know, I know, but you want to think about running, because you've got a lot of potential." David suddenly comes round the corner and joins them. He asks how it went, and Mike smiles at Tim, "Well, I'm not a bad coach, am I?!" David laughs, "Carl Lewis, watch out!" He then asks if lunch is nearly ready. Mike's smile suddenly disappears as he realises, "The rice! I left it on!" He dashes inside, leaving Tim alone with David. David comments to his nephew that he and Mike seem to be hitting it off alright, and Tim muses, "He's not a bad guy. He's a bit keen on running, though." David tells him, "He's got good reasons. Has he told you about his son?" Tim, looking surprised, replies, "No. I didn't know he had one. Where is he?" David sighs, "I suppose someone should tell--" Before he can get any further, though, Mike calls out from inside, "Hey, Tim, give us a hand in here, will you?" Tim calls back, "OK," and he tells David that he'd better see what Mike wants. He heads inside, and Mike holds out a saucepan to him and sighs, "Look at that..." Tim laughs, "You reckon it's cooked yet?!" Mike tells him, "You see to the stove and I'll try and save the sauce!" He heads over to the sink. As he does so, Tim says, "Hey, you never told me you had a son. Is he at boarding school or something?" Mike turns to look at him and replies quietly, "No, he died - a couple of months ago." Tim, suddenly looking shocked, says he's sorry - he didn't-- Mike assures him that it's alright - he wasn't to know. He goes on that it's still not easy to talk about - a day doesn't go by when he doesn't think about it, though. Tim tells him, "Yeah. I feel the same way about Dad." Mike puts a comforting hand on Tim's shoulder and suggests that they get the mess cleared up.

Baby Shane is laying on the table in the living room at Beryl's. Leigh is changing him as Beryl stands next to her and watches. Beryl is saying that looking at Shane reminds her of the little baby left at the Children's Home; she just couldn't understand how any mother could do that. Leigh points out cheerily that at least he'll be well cared for, but Beryl tells her, "Yes, but it's not the same as the child's own mother. You spend a day at the Home and you'll know what I mean." Leigh questions lightly, "Been there, have you?" Beryl replies, "Yes - I used to do volunteer work there, for a while. I haven't had much time lately, but if they're as short-staffed as Heather says, I could give them a couple of days a week." Leigh quickly says she's sure they could manage without her, but Beryl tells her that they're always looking for an extra pair of hands. Leigh persists, "But I thought having Shane here would keep you busy enough." Beryl points out, "Shane is your baby, Leigh, not mine." Leigh blusters, "I know, but I need you here to help me look after him." Beryl retorts, "You're going to have to learn to look after him by yourself sooner or later - I can't be around all the time." Leigh mutters, "I thought you liked looking after him." Beryl tells her, "I do, but I can't afford to become too attached." As Leigh picks up Shane, now wearing a clean nappy, Beryl adds, "You don't realise how lucky you are. He's a lovely little boy." Leigh mutters that they all look alike, don't they? Beryl tells her, "Men say that, but I don't know of one mother who wouldn't recognise her own baby." Leigh stands there and sighs.

Stephen is sitting with Caroline on the couch at the Morrell apartment. He comments, "Amanda rushed off in a hurry. I get the feeling she wanted to leave us on our own. Not that I mind..." Caroline smiles that it'll give them a chance to talk about a bit of business, but Stephen tells her, "That's not exactly what I mean." He pauses before continuing, "I've been thinking about us - starting over again. I'd like to try." Caroline looks at him in surprise. He goes on, "I realise it's an awkward time to say it - I have to go back to Woombai for a few days, soon - and it probably sounds funny after the way I've been carrying-on, but I mean it." Caroline asks, "What changed your mind?" Stephen explains, "When I came over here the other night and Dan was here, I wanted to throw him down the stairs. I wouldn't be so jealous if I didn't want you back." He moves closer to her, and she muses, "No, I don't suppose you would. I'm glad you were, though." They move in to start kissing, but the front door suddenly opens and Amanda walks in. Seeing what's going on on the couch, she smiles, "Oh, sorry. Am I interrupting?!" Stephen tells her curtly that they thought she'd gone. Amanda explains that there was some mail she thought she'd bring up before she left. She hands Stephen a letter, saying, "There's one for the both of you from Samantha," and she then hands Caroline a letter, adding, "And one for you." She wishes them a nice lunch and heads out again. Stephen offers his ex-wife, "Drink?" Caroline smiles that she'd love one. Stephen recalls, "Scotch and water. No ice." Caroline smiles, "You remembered!" and Stephen tells her, "Of course!" He gets up and goes to the bar as Caroline opens her letter. As he pours the drinks, he tells her that he very nearly didn't come over there today; it's silly - pride, he supposes. Caroline starts reading the latter, and her face drops. Stephen, though, doesn't notice as he goes on, "After the other night, I didn't know what to think. Anyway, it looks like I made the right decision." He returns to the couch with the drinks and, holding out the glass to Caroline, says, "There you go." Caroline, still reading the letter, reaches out with her left hand to take the glass, but she isn't concentrating, and as Stephen lets go of it, it falls to the floor. Caroline looks up, suddenly coming back to reality, and gasps that it's so clumsy of her. Stephen asks her if she's alright, and she quickly replies that she's fine. She adds that she'll get something to clear up the drink, but Stephen insists that he'll do it. Caroline returns to reading the letter.

A few minutes later, Stephen sits down again and asks, "Was it bad news?" Caroline looks at him, and he prompts, "The letter?" Caroline quickly replies that it was nothing at all. Stephen insists that it must have been something, but Caroline retorts, "It was nothing. I told you." She stands up, looking annoyed, and then apologises, saying she didn't mean to snap. Stephen assures her that it's OK. Caroline explains that the letter was just from someone she hadn't heard from for a long time. Stephen stands up and announces that he'd better be leaving - he has to meet Gordon this afternoon. Caroline asks him when he's off to Woombai, and he tells her, "Tomorrow morning." He adds, "I'd ask you along, but there doesn't seem much point - we wouldn't get any time together." Caroline, putting her arms round him, tells him, "I was hoping you'd spend some more time with Amanda and me. Couldn't they spare you for just a couple more days...?" She then moves in and they start kissing passionately...

Andy and Fiona are walking along the corridor at the apartment block where Jill is living. Fiona puts the key in the lock of Jill's front door and opens it. Frank Dwyer is standing inside, and he snaps at Fiona, "I've been waiting for you. Where is she?" Fiona ignores him and tells Andy, "You go and get Jill's things out of the bedroom. I'll start in here." Dwyer repeats, "I said: where is she?" Fiona snaps, "You ever go near Jill again, you're finished at the Cross." Dwyer sneers, "Are you threatening me?" Fiona retorts, "You ask Alex Dobson." Dwyer snaps, "He hasn't said anything." Fiona, though, assures him, "Oh, he will. Jill wants out." Dwyer warns, "My girls don't run out on me," but Fiona tells him, "Jill is." Dwyer protests, "I order--" but Fiona interrupts and snaps, "Now, you listen to me. I'm warning you, sonny. I worked for Eddie Wallace when you were still in short pants and I've still got a lot of friends round here - and if anything happens to us or to Jill, your life won't be worth two cents." Dwyer glares at her and then storms out, leaving Fiona standing there, looking furious." Andy comments to her, "That was some performance. You really had him bluffed." Fiona, though, tells him, "I meant every word of it."

Caroline and Stephen are still kissing at the Morrell apartment, but Stephen eventually pulls away and says he'd better go, as Gordon is expecting him. Caroline replies quietly, "You will be able to stay for a few days more, won't you?" Stephen tells her that it's so busy at Woombai at the moment, but Caroline pleads, "Oh please..." Stephen promises, "I'll try." They kiss again and Caroline then says quietly, "Bye." Stephen smiles, "See you," and he walks out. Outside, Amanda is just coming along the corridor, and she asks her father - with a smile on her face - "How was lunch?" Stephen smiles back, "Memorable." Amanda comments that he looks very pleased with himself. Stephen explains that he has some good news: he and Caroline are thinking of getting back together again. Inside the apartment, the 'phone starts ringing. Caroline has a worried look on her face as she goes to answer it. She pauses before eventually picking up and saying, "Caroline Morrell." A man's voice demands, "Get my letter?" Caroline asks, "Who is this?" but the man just laughs and tells her, "I'm onto you, lady." Caroline retorts that she thinks he's got the wrong number, but the voice tells her, "No I haven't. I've got your address, too, and I'll be seeing you." Caroline stands there, looking worried. Out in the corridor, Stephen is telling Amanda, "We've both changed - a lot calmer than we were. I think we could be good for each other now." Amanda looks miles away, though, and Stephen asks her what the matter is, as he thought she'd be pleased. Amanda explains that it's all happening so quickly. Stephen comments, "But you want us to get back together again, don't you?" Amanda tells him, "Yes, but-- Oh I don't know. I just don't think you should rush into anything. Stephen tells her gently, "Don't worry. It'll work out." Inside the apartment, Caroline sits down on the couch, holding a folded pink towel. She unwraps it to reveal a small silver pistol inside. She sighs as she picks it up and looks at it...


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