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    Written by: Anthony Wheeler    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Sometime later, Charlie and Katie wander into Charlie's lounge room, Charlie commenting as they do so, "Poor Stephen. How could Caroline do that to him? And Wayne? What on earth is he up to? Nobody told me that he and Caroline were a twosome. And yesterday, he definitely gave me the impression that there was something between the two of you." Katie sits down and looks at the floor as Charlie continues, "Oh, but of course, there was another reason for that, wasn't there?" She then asks suspiciously, "Katie, what's going on?" Katie turns to her and replies, "Nothing." Charlie, though, retorts, "Not according to Larry. He said that, whatever you're using the computer for, it's nothing to do with researching games. Something to do with Wayne and the business, isn't it?" Katie, giving in, sighs, "Sit down. I think I'd better explain the whole thing..."

Gordon is seeing out the final guests at Dural while Gary stands in the hallway, looking uncomfortable. Gordon closes the door and then turns to him and demands, "Now, what the hell's going on? I don't know what you and Caroline think you're up to..." Gary retorts that he didn't know she was going to say anything. Gordon asks, "Then you're not getting married? It's a joke?" Gary replies, "No. I mean yes. No. I love Caroline, but I didn't think I stood a chance against Stephen." Gordon snaps, "You're a fool. After Karen, I thought you would have had more sense than to get involved with another older woman." Gary snaps, "It's my life." Gordon asks if no one else matters, but Gary goes on, "It's not my fault if I won out on Stephen." Gordon tells him, "No, maybe not. But if I was Stephen, I wouldn't have walked out on you and Caroline the way he did; I would have knocked your stupid heads together." With that, he storms into the lounge room. Gary follows him. In the lounge room, Barbara is ranting at Caroline, "I will never forgive you, Caroline. How dare you use our house and our friends to carry out your stupid vendetta against Stephen?" Caroline replies calmly, "I'm sorry if I spoilt your--" Barbara, though, interrupts her and snaps, "Sorry my foot. You planned the whole thing just to get back at Stephen." Caroline retorts angrily, "And why not? You know very well the way he treated me when we were married." Barbara snaps, "That was a long time ago. You told me you'd forgotten all that." Caroline shakes her head and retorts, "It hasn't been forgotten. Not by me. Anyway, I don't want want to talk about it." Barbara snaps, "That's fine by me. I want nothing more to do with you." Gordon warns Caroline, "Your behaviour was unforgivable." Caroline, though, points out, "I'm still a Director of the company. You need my money." Barbara glares at her and growls, "Stephen was right: you have changed." Caroline tells her, "Everybody always walked all over me in the old days." Barbara retorts, "I was very fond of you." Caroline insists, "I never meant to hurt you - or Gordon," but Barbara snaps, "Well you have. And you've humiliated Stephen. I hope you're very proud of yourself. She then turns to Gary and goes on, "And as for you, I wouldn't have expected any more." Gordon, though, chips in, "Wayne had nothing to do with it - it caught him off-guard as much as anybody else." Looking confused, Barbara snaps, "Well what the hell is going on? I mean are you or aren't you engaged?" Gary looks at Caroline and, with a hint of a smile on his face, replies, "Yeah. We're engaged."

Stephen is pouring himself a drink at the bar in the Morrell apartment when the front door opens. Amanda comes in and asks him if he's alright. Stephen doesn't respond. Amanda goes on that she hoped she'd find him there as she wouldn't have known where else to look for him. Stephen muses, "Any one of a dozen bars." He then assures her, "Don't worry - I'm not going to wipe myself out. This is just something to calm my nerves before I pack my bags - again." He goes and sits down and Amanda tells him, "I'm sorry. I should have warned you. I had a feeling she was up to something. I suppose I just didn't want to believe she could be so vindictive." Stephen murmurs, "I hadn't realised how much she hated me. Still... she wanted to pay me back... I suppose she's done it." Amanda growls, "She'll be sorry. You can't treat people like she does and get away with it." Stephen, though, murmurs, "There's a not a lot we can do. I'm not sure I really want to." Amanda goes on, "She's obviously been having an affair with Wayne. I didn't think he'd fall for something like that, though. I thought he'd changed. Huh. I should have known better."

Barbara is clearing away the plates of food in the lounge room at Dural. Caroline offers to help her, but Barbara snaps, "I'd rather you left." Caroline insists, "Barbara, you know the way Stephen treated me. Surely you can understand why I--" She breaks off before continuing, "Can't we still be friends?" Barbara glares at her and growls, "You must be joking." She then suggests to Gordon that they go to bed, as he looks tired and she's exhausted. As she heads out to the hallway, she passes Gary and snaps at him, "Would you mind taking your fiancée home? She's not welcome here." With that, she and Gordon head upstairs. Gary wanders over to Caroline and says, "I want to talk to you." Caroline, ignoring that, muses, "It's funny. I always thought I'd feel good after I squared with Stephen. But I don't." Gary suggests, "Next time you're going to spring an engagement on me, tell me first, eh?" Caroline remarks, "I thought you'd be happy," and Gary tells her that he is; it's just that he'd like to know what's going on, that's all. He then adds, "Anyway, it's done now. We might as well take off." Caroline looks at him in surprise and asks, "Where?" Gary tells her, "Interstate first. And when we've got ourselves organised, overseas." Caroline, though, mutters, "I can't leave." Gary tells her, "Yes you can. We can go tomorrow. I've got enough money." Caroline, though, retorts that she just got back to Australia; she's not about to go traipsing off anywhere - and besides, she's got a great deal of money tied-up in the company; she wants to stay there and protect her investment. She suggests that they could take a holiday in a couple of months, but Gary snaps, "No - we've got to go now." Caroline stares at him and asks why it's so important. Gary quickly blusters that it isn't - it's just that things are going to be very difficult round there; no one's very happy about them being engaged. Caroline, though, tells him that they'll get used to it - but she's not leaving. Gary accuses, "I thought you loved me?" Caroline insists, "I do care for you - and maybe it will grow to something more - but I'm not going to risk losing my money. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is." Gary suddenly realises, "You never felt a thing for me. It's been a set-up right from the word 'go'." Caroline smiles, "Don't be silly..." Gary, though, glares at her and, backing away, picks up his jacket and heads out. Caroline stands there and sighs heavily.

Amanda is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment when Caroline comes in through the front door. She tells her daughter that she's not going to fight with her. She then asks where Stephen is and Amanda replies that he's staying at a motel. She adds that he's leaving for Woombai tomorrow morning. Caroline goes to head off to the bedroom, but Amanda suddenly jumps up and snaps, "How could you do it to him and me? You have lied about you and dad getting back together. Why?" Caroline walks over to the bookcase and takes out the photo of her and Stephen on the day Stephen announced he wanted a divorce. She shows it to Amanda and explains, "That was taken five years ago, on our wedding anniversary - when Stephen had just told me in front of all our friends that he was divorcing me. Tonight was something I've planned for a long time. I have never forgiven him. Now, we are even." Amanda grabs the photo and rips it up. She rants, "Couldn't you have just forgotten about it? How can you hold so much hate for so long?" Caroline stares at her and then murmurs, "I don't. Not anymore. I'm going to bed - unless you'd rather I leave." Amanda spits, "You're my mother. I can hardly throw you out, can I?" Caroline says gently, "I'm sorry if I hurt you. You and Samantha are very important to me. I don't want to lose you. I think she'll understand what I've done." Amanda retorts, "She might, but I won't. I take after you: I don't forgive easily." With that, she heads off to bed. Caroline sits down on the couch and throws down her handbag in frustration. She then buries her head in her hands.

The next morning, David is having breakfast in the kitchen at the country house, while Mike holds baby 'Jamie' and Leigh warms some milk on the stove. Mike laughs that 'Jamie' is a happy little fellow this morning! Heather comes in and starts to clear away the plates on the table. David says he'd better get a move on - he wants to get those irrigation pipes in this morning. Mike asks if he could have a few hours off, as he's got some business to attend to. David assures him that there are no worries - he can take as long as he likes. He then heads outside. When he's gone, Heather asks Mike, "What business?" Mike explains that he thought they might take a drive to the Children's Home - and take out the papers to adopt 'Jamie'. Heather, an excited smile appearing on her face, asks, "Not just foster him...?" Mike points out that there's no point doing things by halves - and it's been fun having the little fellow around the place; they might as well make it permanent! Heather smiles happily. Leigh chips in that she thinks it's wonderful, and she hands Mike a bottle to feed the little boy. She then heads off to give Shane his breakfast. As Mike puts the bottle in Robert's mouth, Heather tells him, "I love you." Mike smiles, "I love you, too."

Leigh heads outside, where Tim is holding Shane. As she takes her son from him, Tim comments to her that she's looking pretty happy. Leigh explains that Mike and Heather are going to adopt Jamie. Tim exclaims, "That's great! But why are you so happy about it?" Leigh replies that he's cute - and she's pleased he's going to a good home. Tim smiles that she's getting soft in her old age! Leigh muses, "Yeah. I suppose I am..."

At Beryl's, Beryl escorts a middle-aged man into the lounge room. As she does so, he tells her that he's looked into the situation very thoroughly, but, to be brutally frank, he can't see any way that she can legally get the baby. Beryl suggests that surely there's something they can do. The man asks if they can sit down, and Beryl invites him to do so. He then goes on that, unfortunately, they have no real proof that the child is hers. Beryl retorts, "I'm his mother. I know he is." The man, though, tells her that he's afraid maternal instinct is not admissible evidence. Beryl stands up again and says, "Mr. Burton. You're a solicitor. Perhaps if I do go to court, it would stir up some sort of investigation? That would at least prevent anyone from adopting Robert, wouldn't it?" Burton replies, "Yes, I suppose so - but it would be a very costly business, and I'm afraid you could well fail in the end." Beryl insists, "I don't care what it costs. I want my son back". Burton tells her, "It would help if your husband supported your claim." Beryl, though, admits, "He doesn't believe the baby is Robert, either." Burton murmurs, "Oh..." Beryl then asks, "Still, if I can convince David to at least not oppose me in court, would that help?" Burton tells her, "It might." Beryl sighs heavily.

David is in the kitchen at the country house, making a cup of tea. Mike is saying, "We'll only be able foster him until he's been made a ward of the State, but after that, they say there shouldn't be any trouble adopting him." David smiles that that's great news. Mike agrees, "I reckon!" He adds, "Still, I wouldn't want to go through it every day. I know they've got to be careful, but all those questions..." Heather - who's holding 'Jamie' - points out that it wasn't that bad, but Mike laughs, "Oh, I don't know. I thought it was a bit much when they wanted to know what footie team we barrack for!" Heather, becoming serious again, turns to David and asks, "You don't mind, David? I mean, Beryl still thinking it's Robert..." David replies gently, "She'll get over it. Honest, I'm glad for you. I'm glad for the little bloke, too. You know, if there was the slightest doubt that he's my kid, I couldn't wish for better parents than you two." Mike and Heather smile happily. Heather's face suddenly drops, though, as someone appears in the doorway. She cries, "Beryl!" Beryl stares at the baby she's holding and asks, "What's Robert doing here?"

A few moments later, Beryl snaps, "I'm waiting for an answer." Mike tells her, "It's not Robert. It's Jamie. And I might as well tell you now: we've arranged to adopt him." Beryl snaps, "You can't do that," but Mike retorts, "We filed the application form this morning." Beryl cries, "He's my baby." David mutters, "For God's sake, Beryl," but Beryl insists, "He is, David, and I'm going to court to prove it." Leigh wanders in as David asks, "How?" Beryl snaps, "I don't know. Whatever it takes. I was hoping that you--" David interrupts her and says, "If I thought... If I was convinced it was Robert, I would do anything to make sure we kept hold of him. But it's not." Beryl sighs, "Alright. You may be prepared to stand by and do nothing to prove it, but I'm not. If I have to fight you too, David, I will. I have had my son taken from me once before and I will not let it happen again."

At Dural, Gary runs downstairs and opens the front door. Dennis is standing there, and he says a bright, "G'day." Gary, though, glares at him and snaps, "What do you want?" Dennis tells him, "I've got our air tickets--" Before he can go any further, Gary grabs him and pulls him into the house, snapping as he does so, "Get inside before someone sees you." Dennis growls, "Watch it. What do you think you're doing?" Gary snaps, "What if Katie saw you? You're supposed to be the accountant." Dennis, though, asks, "What's the difference? It's time to shoot through." Gary tells him, "I can't go. Not yet." Dennis asks, "Why not? You made the cash transfer. You got the money from the house. What's the problem?" Gary explains that he needs more time to convince Caroline to come with him. Dennis mutters, "You're crazy," but Gary retorts, "We're safe for the weekend. They won't be able to check the account until Monday." Dennis points out, "If you stay, you've got to go and see the psychiatrist." Gary, though, whispers, "It's OK. Nobody's going to find out what I've done."

Charlie and Katie are having lunch in Charlie's lounge room. As they eat, Charlie points out to Katie that she's got access to the account; can't she see if Wayne is cooking the books? Katie, though, explains that she can only see if there have been any money transfers; she can't tell if they're legitimate or not. She adds, "I don't think Wayne would, would he?" Charlie tells her, "Don't count on it. I think we'd better have a little chat with Gordon." Katie cries, "What if we're wrong?" Charlie, though, tells her, "We'll look like two silly ladies playing detective. But if we're right..." Katie sighs that she doesn't know. Charlie tells her, "If you won't do anything about it, I will. If Wayne is doing anything underhand, he can't be allowed to get away with it."

Gary and Dennis are heading out to the pool at Dural, tinnies in their hands. Dennis asks his mate, "What sort of a nong are you? You can't get engaged." Gary, though, smiles, "Too late, mate. Already am!" Dennis points out, "But she thinks you're Wayne Hamilton. What happens when she finds out you're not?" Gary insists, "I don't know, mate. It won't make any difference." The two of them sit down on the sunloungers and Dennis tells Gary, "You're stupid, you know that? You've got a great plan sorted out here. We've got the dough; everything's set. You're going to risk it all by going off with some--" Gary interrupts him and mutters, "Shut up, Dennis, and drink your beer." Dennis snaps, "That's lovely." He then points out, "We've got to get out of here on Monday. You haven't forgotten that, have you?" Gary mutters, "Course not." Dennis asks, "What about Little Miss. Muffet?" Gary retorts, "Caroline will come with me. Once she knows how important it is to me, she won't have any doubts." Dennis mutters, "Sure..." Gary then accuses, "I reckon you're jealous! I told you how rich she is. Come Tuesday, we'll be in Europe somewhere, and I'll have all this: a pool... mansion... and the lady. That's what's eating you." Dennis looks down. Gary tells him, "Come on, admit it." Dennis looks at him and asks, "She got a sister?!"

Amanda opens the door at the Morrell apartment to find Stephen standing on the step. He asks if Caroline is there, and Amanda indicates her on the couch. She then heads back to her bedroom, leaving them to it. Stephen walks into the apartment, slowly. Caroline says quietly, "I'm not in the mood for a fight," but Stephen tells her, "No, neither am I." He sits down and goes on that he's been thinking a lot about what happened yesterday and he deserved it. Caroline stares at him as he continues, "I was pretty rotten to you when we were married. Now I know how much I must have hurt you. So... eye for an eye." Caroline looks down. She then admits, "Revenge isn't as sweet as I thought it would be, if that's any help." Stephen murmurs, "No, it isn't. I just hope we can call it quits. Pity - I thought we had a real chance this time." He continues, "Still, a word of advice for what it's worth: Wayne's not the man for you. Get rid of him; you deserve better." He looks down and then stands up and, leaning over Caroline, gives her a kiss. He murmurs, "Bye, Caroline," and he goes. Caroline sits there, looking upset.

A while later, Stephen and Barbara are walking in the grounds at Dural. Barbara is telling Stephen that she can't believe how understanding he's being; she'd want to throttle Caroline if she was in his shoes. Stephen sighs, "Oh, I did for a while. Then I thought about the years we were married, when I was being a rich playboy. It must have been hell for Caroline. I don't blame her for wanting to give me a taste of my own medicine." Barbara snaps, "But she's had years to get over that. Last night was purely vindictive; there's no other word for it." They stop walking and Stephen asks his sister, "You remember how you felt when you found out Roland had been unfaithful?" Barbara looks down and Stephen goes on, "Well, Caroline found out about me lots of times. I don't think it would matter how many years had passed, I still don't think she would have forgiven me." He adds, "Wayne's the one I feel like throttling, not Caroline." Barbara suddenly puts her hand to her head and cries, "Oh no..." as she spots Charlie approaching them. Stephen tells his sister to go ahead, as he doesn't feel like Charlie at the moment. He wanders off.

A few minutes later, Barbara and Charlie head into the lounge room at Dural, where Gordon is sitting, resting. Charlie says uncertainly, "Gordon..." Gordon stands up, but Charlie doesn't say anything else. Barbara suggests to her that she just sit down and tell them what's worrying her. Charlie, though, declines the offer of a seat, saying that it won't take long; it's just that she-- She breaks off as Gary suddenly pops his head in and announces that he's going out for a while. Charlie says a curt, "Hello, Wayne." Gordon reminds 'Wayne' that he's got to be at the psychiatrist at 5pm, but Gary assures him that he won't be late. With that, he heads to the front door. As he opens it, though, he bumps into Stephen, who's just about to head inside. Stephen immediately pushes him back into the house and growls, "I think you and I should have a talk." Gary asks angrily, "What about?" Stephen retorts, "Caroline. What are you after? You don't care about her, so what are you after? Her money?" Gary smiles nastily and tells him, "You're just a bad loser. Accept it: some women just prefer younger men." Stephen grabs Gary's T-shirt and, pushing him back against the door, snaps, "You rotten--" At that moment, Barbara runs out of the lounge room and snaps at Stephen to stop it and let Wayne go. Stephen reluctantly releases his grip. Gary threatens, "You do that again, I'll flatten you," and he heads out. Barbara says curtly to her brother, "Stephen, I know how you feel about Caroline, but no more, please. We've had enough trouble here." Stephen mutters that someone should knock some sense into the boy, but Barbara retorts, "Not in our house, they won't. We've had enough." She turns to go back into the lounge room, but finds Gordon standing just behind her, with Charlie, and she asks him anxiously if he's alright. Gordon replies that he's fine; he wasn't the one about to get a punch on the chin. With that, he suggests they have a drink, and he and Barbara head back into the lounge room. Charlie walks over to Stephen and asks him if he can come over to her place as soon as possible - she's got to talk to him; it's urgent. Stephen looks puzzled.

A while later, Stephen is pacing the floor of Charlie's lounge room as Katie and Charlie sit and look at him. He comments, "So, if what you say is true, the sooner we get the accounts checked, the better." Katie sighs that she can't believe Wayne would rip off the company; he's one of the major shareholders, and he must know what it would do to his father. Stephen mutters, "Never stopped him before." Charlie tells Katie that Stephen is right: they must call in the accountants. Katie says, "Suppose they're the ones cooking the books?" but Stephen retorts that they can't be - the company's been doing the books for years. Katie insists, "If they are up to something, we'd be tipping them off." Stephen concludes, "Then Gordon will have to call in the auditors." Looking worried, Charlie sighs, "The poor man is under a lot of strain at the moment. That's why I didn't tell him this afternoon." Stephen tells her that he doesn't see any way out of it - they simply have to tell him.

Heather is sitting in the kitchen at the country house, feeding 'Jamie', when Tim bounces in and announces that he's starving! He goes to the 'fridge, asking as he does so, "How's Jamie." Heather just mutters, "Fine." Tim asks what's up and Heather explains that Beryl came round: she's still insisting that Jamie's her baby. Tim asks, "So what? You're adopting him." Heather explains, "She's threatened to take it to court." Tim tells her, "Let her - you'll win." Heather, though, replies that that's not the point - she just doesn't see how they can adopt while Beryl is so upset - it would be cruel. Tim asks, "What about Jamie? If Aunty Beryl's got herself uptight about it, that's her problem. You can't let her stop you." Heather sighs, "I don't know what to do..."

Leigh is sitting outside, reading, when Tim comes out and joins her. She tells him cheerfully that she thought she'd get some fresh air while Shane is sleeping. She adds that she hopes they get a few more days of sunshine - she's trying to get a tan. Tim mutters, "There's no way you'd get a tan unless it's out of a bottle." Leigh comments, "You're cheerful!" Tim mutters, "It's unfair." Leigh asks, "What is?" and Tim explains, "Heather reckons they're not going to adopt Jamie now because Aunty Beryl's got herself in a stink about it." Leigh, looking slightly worried, says she knows Beryl came there and kicked up a bit of a fuss, but she didn't think the O'Briens would give in to her. She asks, "What's wrong with the woman?" Tim mutters, "She says he looks just like Robert. I don't know how she can tell - they all look the same to me." He then adds, "It's just a pity there's nothing different about Jamie that could prove he's not Robert: ginger hair or squint eyes or something." Leigh, suddenly looking very thoughtful, murmurs, "Yeah, it is a pity..."

Gordon is staring at Stephen in the lounge room at Dural, and he asks him incredulously, "Why on earth would I want to organise a company audit on a Saturday afternoon?" Stephen just replies, "Because it's important." Gordon asks why and Stephen tells him, "It appears that--" He pauses before continuing, "We think someone has been using the accountant's computer to siphon off money belonging to the company." Gordon looks at Barbara in surprise. Gordon asks what gives him that idea. Stephen tells him that it's just a suspicion at this stage; they're not absolutely certain-- Gordon interrupts and asks, "Do you know who's behind it?" Stephen tells him, "Again, we're not sure, but--" Gordon interrupts and says in disbelief, "You're not suggesting it's Wayne?" Stephen admits, "Yes, I'm afraid so." Gordon stands up and snaps, "That is ridiculous. I've never heard anything so stupid in all my life. I know you're angry about what happened last night, but getting back at Wayne by suggesting he's a thief--" Stephen retorts, "I'm not trying to get back at him," but Gordon goes on, "Well it sounds very much like it to me. Every time anything goes wrong, Wayne gets the blame. Well, I will not have it." Barbara, looking concerned, walks over to him and pleads with him not to upset himself. Gordon, though, continues, "We all know what he's been through - for God's sake, the boy's seeing a psychiatrist this afternoon." He suddenly clutches his hand to his chest, and Barbara snaps, "Now that is enough from both of you." She tells her husband, "You'd better come and lie down and when Wayne gets back you can talk to him." Stephen insists, "Barbara, he has to listen to us," but Barbara retorts, "No, I said that is enough, Stephen." With that, she leads Gordon off upstairs, leaving Stephen looking worried.


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