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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Leigh comes out of the kitchen door at the country house just as Tim is heading towards her. He hands her something in a paper bag and she says, "Oh, you got it. Good." Tim, looking puzzled, says he doesn't see how instant tanning lotion is going to convince Beryl that Jamie's not her kid. Leigh asks him if he wants to have Mike and Heather adopt Jamie or not, and Tim replies, "Yeah..." Leigh tells him, "Then go and offer to take him for a walk. We need to get him out of the house for a while." Tim asks suspiciously, "You're not going to hurt him, are you?", but Leigh assures him, "Of course not. Stop worrying - it's harmless. You gave me the idea when you talked about getting a tan out of a bottle." Tim comments that he still doesn't see how it's going to help, but Leigh assures him, "You will. Now go and get Jamie." Tim heads inside, leaving Leigh looking pleased with herself.

Gary is standing outside the Morrell apartment. He knocks on the door several times, but there's no answer, so he sighs heavily and walks off in annoyance.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara tells Stephen that she's sorry: she has no great faith in Wayne, either, but she has to agree with Gordon: why on earth should he be trying to rob the company? - he's a Director; he has money in it; it doesn't make sense. Stephen insists that he knows that, but someone's-- Barbara interrupts him to add, "And he loves Gordon. Now, whatever else we may think, we can't deny that." Stephen sighs that he supposes it's possible that the story he gave to Katie is true, but he still thinks it needs checking. Barbara murmurs, "Well..." Stephen goes on, "You don't really think I'm accusing him out of spite, do you?" Barbara tells him, "No. I think it's a matter of jumping to conclusions, that's all." Stephen insists that he'd still like to challenge Wayne about it, but Barbara replies, "I'd rather you didn't - not today, anyway. He has to see the psychiatrist and, regardless of whether you're right or not, it would upset him - and, more importantly, it would upset Gordon. Now, can't it wait until Monday? I mean, it's not as if you can do anything over the weekend anyway." Stephen comments that it depends on what he's up to. At that moment, there's a noise at the front door and Stephen looks round and watches as Gary walks into the hallway. Gordon joins his 'son' by the door and tells him that he was beginning to wonder where he was - he'll have to hurry to keep that appointment. Gary says he's sorry. Barbara and Stephen head out to the door, Stephen glaring at Gary as he walks past him. He then leaves and Barbara closes the front door. Gary mutters, "I suppose it'll be a while before we're mates again." Barbara, though, tells him, "It's not his fault, Wayne. Stephen's not a vindictive person." Gary mutters, "No?" Gordon suggests to 'Wayne' that they'd better hurry. As Gary stands there looking uncomfortable, Barbara smiles, "They're not going to hold you down and torture you, you know!" Gordon assures his 'son' that he'll be fine. Barbara heads off to get her bag.

A while later, Gordon, Barbara and Gary arrive back home and as they head into the lounge room, Gary says he might have a snooze before dinner - he feels like he's been put through a wringer. He heads off upstairs. Barbara and Gordon walk over to the bar and Barbara comments, "Well that was an interesting exercise, wasn't it?" Gordon, beginning to pour some drinks, agrees, "Yes." Barbara goes on that the psychiatrist seemed a bit thrown. Gordon, though, points out that he's sure he's had more difficult cases. Barbara insists, "Yeah, but it was surprising, wasn't it? - the way he thought that Wayne hadn't retained any habits or likes and dislikes." Gordon remarks that, obviously, it's very serious. Barbara asks, "You don't suppose he could be pretending that he's lost his memory, do you?" Gordon stares at her and retorts, "I knew you were leading up to that. You believe Stephen, don't you? You think he's robbing--" Barbara holds up her hands and pleads, "Please don't get upset. All I'm saying is it might be worth checking." Gordon demands, "How? By asking him?" Barbara suggests that he speak to Katie, but Gordon retorts that he's not going to let Wayne's friends think he distrusts him. Barbara suggests that he talk to the accountant, then - he could go through the computer records without anybody being the wiser, and it would put Gordon's mind at rest. Gordon, though, snaps, "My mind's already at rest." Barbara persists, "Then what harm can it do? I mean, Peter's a good enough friend for him to go through it quietly for you, isn't he?" Gordon retorts, "Yes, of course." Barbara goes on, "Then it wouldn't be any sort of official inquiry. And after all, he is the accountant." Gordon continues to stare at her, and she tells him, "Look, I'm sorry. I have to be honest with you: whether Stephen is right or not, I keep telling you, I just feel very strangely about Wayne. Now, I can't explain it, but things don't seem right." Gordon demands, "Like what?" Barbara, though, tells him, "Well, I don't know. It's just this feeling I've got. I know it's silly." Gordon retorts, "Yes, it is." He takes a sip from his drink and then pauses before conceding, "Oh, alright, I'll call Peter first thing Monday morning." Barbara asks if he can't check it over the weekend. Gordon retorts, "Yes he can, but I have no intention of ruining the man's spare time over something that's a waste of time anyway."

That evening, David, Leigh, Tim, Heather and Mike are having dinner in the kitchen at the country house. A baby suddenly starts crying, and Heather comments that it sounds like Jamie. She adds that he must need changing. Leigh quickly says she'll do it, and she dashes out of the room. Looking worried, Tim says he'll check on Shane, and he follows his sister out into the hallway. He stops her and asks, "How are we going to stop Heather from seeing what's happened to Jamie?" Leigh replies, "It probably won't show up until the morning; we'll just have to make sure we keep an eye on him 'til then." Tim points out that Heather will want to see him some time, but Leigh retorts that they'll worry about that when it happens. She then adds that she'd better shut 'Jamie' up before Heather comes out, and she heads off to the bedroom. Tim returns to the kitchen, where Heather is saying to Mike, "I'm glad Leigh offered to do that. The more I see him, the more I want to keep him." Mike, looking concerned, warns her that she shouldn't get too attached. David suddenly announces to Mike and Heather that he'll have to leave them on their own tonight - he's going out this evening. Heather, looking surprised, says, "Oh, alright."

Beryl is sitting on her couch, looking bored. The TV is on, but she gets up and switches it off. Someone suddenly knocks at the door and she goes and opens it to find David standing there. He says a polite, "G'day," but Beryl demands, "What do you want?" David tells her that he wants to have a talk to her, but Beryl retorts that, unless it's about helping her get Robert back, he's wasting his time. David just asks if he can come in, and Beryl steps aside. They head into the lounge room and Beryl asks, "Well?" David explains, "I thought you should know that Mike and Heather have decided not to go ahead and foster Jamie - because of you." Beryl cries, "Thank goodness for that." David, though, goes on, "Frankly, I think it's a damn shame. There's no way you're going to end up having him, and all it's doing is stopping a child from having parents who'll look after him and love him as their own." Beryl retorts, "That's a fine way to feel about your own son," but David insists, "I don't believe he is my son, I really don't. I can't see what makes you so certain. Oh, sure, he looks a bit like Robert to you, but you haven't seen him for over a month. And they did find his dummy and stuff in Gloria's car. I mean, mightn't it just be a coincidence?" Beryl, though, snaps, "No. It is him. I'm sure of it." David points out that she can't be absolutely 100% sure. He adds, "Look, if you're wrong, what's it going to do to Heather and Mike - and to Jamie? Like I said, it'll be a damn shame." Beryl stares at him, looking upset.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Gary answers it at the bar, saying, "Hamilton residence." At the other end of the line, Wayne, looking surprised, asks, "Is Gordon Hamilton there, please?" Gary asks who's calling, and Wayne replies, "It's Wayne. Who's this?" Gary, looking startled, quickly explains, "I'm looking after the house for them. Gordon and Barbara have gone overseas." Wayne, looking surprised, queries, "Overseas? When did they go?" Gary replies, "A couple of weeks ago - for Gordon's health." He then quickly adds, "Look, sorry, there's someone at the front door. I'll have to go." He hangs up. Wayne looks at the public 'phone he's using in surprise. At Dural, Barbara comes into the lounge room and asks Gary who that was. Gary tells her that it was no one; a wrong number. Looking at the expression on his face, Barbara asks him if he's alright, but Gary tells her that the session with the shrink has got to him, that's all. Barbara comments, "Wayne, I know it's hard, but surely you want to remember things, don't you?" Gary assures her, "Yeah, of course." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing again, and Barbara picks it up. Gary looks on nervously. It's Fiona, calling, though, and Gary looks relieved as Barbara tells her that it's nice to hear from her. Fiona explains that she was just wondering how she is after yesterday. Barbara admits, "Stunned!" There's a knock on the door of Fiona's flat, and Jill goes to get it as Fiona comments that Caroline certainly pulled one out of the hat. Jill lets Andy in, and Fiona asks Barbara how Stephen is. Barbara replies, "Very embarrassed." Fiona sympathises, "I bet he was." She then asks if she can cut the call short, as a visitor has just arrived. Barbara tells her that she'll talk to her later, and Fiona replies that she'll call her tomorrow. She then hangs up. Jill tells Fee that it's time for bed, and the two of them leave the room. Fiona comments to Andy that he looks exhausted, and he explains that he's been doing a lot of thinking. Fiona asks, "And?" Andy shakes his head and sighs, "I don't know." He then asks Fiona what she reckons. Fiona tells him, "It's a big decision, Andy. When you sign those papers, you're making a vow. You're committing yourself to one person." She then asks, "How do you think I felt with Barney? I was ready to devote my life to him, and then, after I'd read those diaries, I thought for a while there that my love simply wasn't strong enough to override the way I felt - and that's the important part: you must have so much love for the other person that absolutely nothing else matters. It's the only way a marriage will work." She tells Andy, "You have to ask yourself - and Helena - whether you both have that love." Andy stares at her, looking worried.

The next morning, in the kitchen at the country house, David and Mike are sitting at the table while Heather and Leigh clear up after breakfast. Tim comes in with a bowl of eggs and, looking at how small they are, comments that they're not much of an effort, but they're laying. By the sink, Leigh tells Heather that she was thinking: perhaps she and Tim could look after Shane and Jamie this morning - they could put them in their strollers and take them for a walk. Heather, though, smiles, "Oh, love, you've done enough as it is. Jamie's hardly been out of your sight since yesterday - and I think we'd like a bit of time with him before we give him up." Leigh, looking annoyed, points out that it's such a nice day. Mike says to his wife, "Honey, don't forget - the less we see of him...?" Heather, giving in, sighs, "Alright. It's just hard, that's all." She then tells a relieved Leigh, "You two go off."

A while later, Tim is at Beryl's, and as the two of them head from the front door to the lounge room, Beryl is holding Robert and cuddling him closely. Tim explains, "I thought that if there's the slightest chance that it is yours, I reckon you should have him." Beryl asks suspiciously, "Leigh didn't put you up to it, did she?" Tim, though, insists that of course she didn't; he brought 'Jamie' there himself. The two of them sit down, Beryl saying as they do so, "I do appreciate it, but I do want to have him here with me legally. I can't do it any other way." Tim tells her that the others reckon she doesn't stand a chance, but Beryl laughs incredulously, "Oh do they?" Tim asks if he's done something wrong, adding that he thought she was positive the baby was hers. Beryl assures him, "Of course I am. I just don't know how I'm going to prove it in court." Tim suggests, "The birth mark would help, wouldn't it?" Beryl stares at him in surprise and says, "Birth mark? What birth mark? He doesn't have a birth mark." Tim, though, tells her, "Yes he does." He pulls away some of the blanket that Robert is wrapped in and points out a mark at the top of the baby's left arm made by the tanning lotion. Beryl, looking shocked, cries, "That's impossible. It's impossible..."

A few moments later, Beryl is standing up, holding Robert to her closely. Tim comments, "But you said you were positive..." Beryl insists, "I am." Tim asks her if she wouldn't have noticed it before, and Beryl retorts that of course she would. Tim suggests that maybe they come later sometimes, but Beryl points out, "No, Tim, it's a birth mark." She adds desperately, "I'm sure it's Robert. It has to be..." Tim suggests, "Maybe Uncle David's right: he said it looked a lot like him, but he reckoned it wasn't..." He pauses before continuing, "What I mean is, the birth mark sort of proves it, doesn't it?" Beryl says sadly, "I don't know, Tim, I just don't know." Tim suggests quietly, "Maybe I'd better take him back..." Beryl stands there for several seconds, still clutching Robert to her, before handing him over sadly. As he takes the child, Tim says, "I suppose you won't be going through with the court case now?" Beryl just looks away. Tim murmurs, "Sorry," and adds that he'd better go. He heads off, leaving Beryl looking upset.

A while later, Tim is holding Robert and Leigh is holding Shane as they head towards the back door at the country house. Leigh exclaims triumphantly, "It worked. I knew it would." Tim, though, says he wouldn't be too sure: Beryl was really confused but she didn't say she'd drop the court case. Leigh points out that they'll just have to hope that she will. Tim, looking worried, muses that she was really upset. Leigh, though, points out, "Look, Tim, if the O'Briens can adopt Jamie, then everything's worked out well. And you're forgetting one thing: it's not Beryl's baby; she only thinks it is. He'll be better off with Mike and Heather, you know that." Tim sighs, "At least this way he'll have and a mum and a dad, eh?" Leigh tells him that that's right, and they head inside.

Gary is back at the Morrell apartment. The door is open this time, and Caroline smiles at him as he walks in. He asks her if she's alone, and Caroline replies, "Yes. Amanda left at 8am. I think she's trying to avoid me." She then offers him coffee or something to eat, but Gary mutters that he'll be right. The two of them go and sit down. As they do so, Caroline tells Gary that she's glad he's forgotten this business about going away. Gary, though, retorts, "I haven't. It's even more urgent now. Pack your bags and come with me." Caroline points out, "I told you: I can't leave." Gary, though, snaps, "I haven't get time to be arguing." Caroline suddenly stares at him and asks why it is she gets the impression that he's running away from something. Gary just says, "Last chance. You coming?" Caroline insists, "I can't." Gary stands up and mutters, "I see. Made quite a fool of myself, haven't I?" He adds, "Goodbye, Caroline," and heads off, leaving Caroline looking puzzled.

A short time later, the 'phone rings at Dural, and Barbara answers it at the bar. Caroline comes on and says it's her. Barbara snaps dismissively, "Who?" Caroline goes on, "I know the problems I've caused you and I'm very sorry. That's why I think you ought to know about Wayne." Barbara demands impatiently, "What about Wayne?" Caroline explains, "He's talking about going away, and I think he means for good. I know what effect that'll have on Gordon." Barbara, suddenly interested, asks if he said why he was going, and Caroline replies, "I get the feeling he's running away from something." Barbara mutters, "I see. Well, thankyou very much for calling, Caroline." With that, she hangs up abruptly. Gordon suddenly wanders into the lounge room and, having overheard the end of the conversation, asks, "What did she want?" Barbara tells him, "Apparently, Wayne's decided to go away - for good. Now I know you don't think he's done anything wrong, but you have to face it. I think he's scared the whole thing is going to blow up in his face." Gordon points out, "Maybe he doesn't want to marry her?" but Barbara retorts, "Darling, he could have said 'no'. He doesn't have to run away." Gordon insists, "She has put him in one hell of a position," but Barbara requests forcefully, "Would you please ring the accountant? Now, if I am wrong, it won't matter, but if I'm right... Darling, please." Gordon gives in and sighs, "Very well, if it satisfies you. But we're going to look pretty silly when it turns out to be nothing." He picks up the 'phone and starts dialling."

Andy hangs up the 'phone at Fiona's apartment and tells her that Nikos wants him to set a date for the wedding so Helena's parents can book their ticket. He asks angrily, "Who does he think he is?" Fiona replies, "Look, I know you're under a lot of pressure, but you've got to try and understand his point of view. He is a very proud man, and regardless of what you think, I'm sure that he cares about Helena; at least, he's trying to protect her." Andy sighs, "OK, I can understand that, but that doesn't make it any easier on me." With that, he announces that he's going for a jog and he heads out, leaving Fiona looking worried.

At Dural, Gordon is talking on the 'phone to the accountant, saying to him, "I'm terribly sorry to ask you on a weekend, Peter." Peter, though, assures him, "Don't be silly, Gordon. What are friends for? Besides, if there is anything wrong, I need to know as quickly as possible." Gordon tells him, "I must admit that I was reluctant at first, but Barbara talked me into it." There are suddenly noises out by the front door, and Barbara quickly heads out there. Gary is just coming in, and she smiles that it's a lovely morning. Gary just mutters, "Yeah, lovely." Barbara asks if anything's wrong and Gary explains, "Just a pain in the gut. Suppose I should have taken something for it." Barbara comments, "Something you ate, no doubt?" Gary mutters, "Yeah, probably," and he walks off. Barbara stares after him, suspiciously.

Jill knocks on the door of Andy's bedsit and a sweaty Andy opens the door. He tells her that he was just about to have a shower and Jill asks him if he's been jogging. Andy ignores this and asks her bluntly what she wants. He then quickly apologises, adding that he's got a lot on his mind. Jill holds out a giftwrapped package and explains that she ran into Nikos outside; he asked her to give it to him. Andy mutters, "I wish that guy would leave me alone." He then asks if Helena was with Nikos, but Jill replies that she wasn't. Andy comments sourly that he supposes that's one thing. Jill tells him to take care and she heads off. Andy starts opening the package. Jill heads back into Fiona's flat and smiles as sees her looking at a sheet of paper. She asks, "Reading that letter from Terry again?!" Fiona laughs, "I was just really caught-out! Although he doesn't really come right out and say it, it's obvious that he's missing little Fee." Jill agrees, "Yeah." She goes on that it's good to see him doing so well - it's about time he had a decent break. Fiona smiles, "Yeah - it's nice to think that he's settled into something." Jill suddenly says, "I thought I might go and visit him; take Fee along. Do you want to come?" Fiona replies that she'd love to, but she can't really leave the boarding house until Irene comes back. She adds, "That shouldn't be too long. Why don't you go?" Jill just murmurs that she'll think about it. Changing the subject, she tells Fiona that she met Nikos outside - he gave her a parcel for Andy. Fiona muses, "Oh. I wonder what it was.?" Jill says she doesn't know.

Andy is sitting in his bedsit, opening the parcel. It contains a box, which he opens to reveal a stack of printed invitations, reading:

'Helena and Andrew are being married on Saturday 20th April 1985 at 5:00pm and have much pleasure in inviting...'

There is then a space for the guests' names to be entered. Beneath this are details of the church where the ceremony will be held. Andy stares at the invitation in shock. He then picks up the whole box, screws up the invitations and throws the box against the wall in anger.

Beryl is in her kitchen, looking restless as she fiddles with the tag on a loaf of bread. After a few seconds, she appears to make a decision, and she heads over to the 'phone in the lounge room and starts dialling.

The O'Briens and the Palmers are playing cards in the kitchen at the country house when the 'phone starts ringing. Tim answers it and then tells David that it's for him; it's Beryl. David takes the 'phone and says, "Hello, Beryl." Beryl, looking upset, tells him, "David, I've thought about it. I realise I was wrong about the baby, so if Heather and Mike still want to adopt, I won't fight them." David exclaims, "That's great news!" Tears streaming down her face, Beryl sobs, "It's a bit hard for me to talk at the moment. Could we leave it there?" David assures her that he understands, and the two of them hang up. Beryl just stands there, in her lounge room, looking upset. In the kitchen at the country house, David turns to everyone and announces to Heather and Mike, "Beryl's changed her mind. You can go ahead and adopt, if you like." A broad smile crosses Heather's face and she smiles that that's wonderful! Mike adds that it's great news - although he still feels sorry for Beryl. David tells him, "Yes, so do I - but at least it shows that she's starting to cope with the fact that Robert died." He adds sympathetically, "Poor old Curly. She's been through the mill..." Leigh sits at the table, a sly smile on her face.

Stephen is standing behind the bar at Dural with Gordon, who has a worried look on his face. Barbara is standing to the left of the bar. Stephen says to Gordon that he's glad something's being done about it, but Gordon retorts that he's only asked the accountant to check; nothing's been proven and he doubts very much it will be. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Stephen looks at his brother-in-law. Gordon picks it up and Peter comes on and says it's him. Gordon asks, "False alarm?" Peter, though, tells him, "I'm afraid not. Someone has broken into the system and a very large transfer of money was made last night." Gordon looking shocked, asks, "How much?" Stephen looks at Barbara. Peter replies, "I don't know. We're still trying to trace it all. A hell of a lot, though." He adds that they're trying to find out who owns the accounts that the money was transferred into. Gordon murmurs, "Right. Thanks for your trouble." Peter assures him, "Thank you for being so prompt. It might have been weeks before we picked it up." He adds that he'll be in touch and he hangs up. Gordon does likewise, putting the 'phone back in its cradle slowly. Out in the hallway, Gary is coming downstairs carrying a packed suitcase when the front door suddenly opens and Wayne walks in! Gary quickly dashes back upstairs. Wayne heads slowly into the lounge room, where Gordon, Stephen and Barbara are talking heatedly. He smiles and says brightly, "Hi! Some guy on the 'phone said you'd gone overseas!" Everyone stares at him. Gordon then demands, "Have you been stealing money from the company? If you have, admit it now." Wayne stares at him and Barbara snaps, "Well, aren't you going to answer you father?" Wayne insists, "I don't know what he's talking about." Barbara, though, retorts, "For heavens sake, Wayne." Stephen adds, "Who do you think you're fooling?" Out in the hallway, Gary creeps past the lounge room silently and heads to the front door. In the lounge room, Wayne says, "Look, I only just got back--" He breaks off as Stephen suddenly grabs the lapels of his shirt, pushes him towards the bar and growls, "I ought to break your neck for the things you've done to your family."


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