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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Gary walks slowly outside. As he passes Wayne's open-topped car, which is parked near the front door, he looks at it and then dumps his bag in the back. He gets into the driver's seat and puts the belt on, a smile on his face...

Inside, in the lounge room, Wayne demands, "Will someone tell me what's going on?" Stephen retorts, "I suppose you're going to try to weasel out of it by pretending you've lost your memory again." Wayne stares at him and tells him, "I haven't lost my memory. I picked up an old newspaper yesterday and read about Liz killing Karen so I thought I'd come back--" Stephen suddenly interrupts and says to his brother-in-law, "You going to call the police, Gordon? Maybe they can get some straight answers out of him." Gordon, though, replies quietly that there's no proof yet. Stephen snaps, "Come on, what more do you need?" but Gordon insists that they'll wait until they find out who owns the account the money was transferred to. Wayne looks at Stephen, a puzzled expression on his face.

Andy is in Fiona's flat at the boarding house. He opens the front door to find Helena standing on the step, and she walks in, commenting as she does so that she thought he was out. Andy explains that he's just babysitting Fee for a while. He then adds that he thought Helena was with Nikos and her aunt, but Helena tells him that Nikos is out and his aunt is asleep; she left a note saying she'd be back later. Andy points out that when Nikos finds she's gone he'll come straight over to the boarding house. Helena, though, insists that he won't be back for hours. She adds that she could make lunch for Andy, and Andy smiles, "OK!" Helena goes and sits down and picks up Fee, commenting as she does so, "Isn't she lovely! I hope you and I have a little girl. I'd like a big family." The smile suddenly disappearing from his face, Andy mutters, "Is that all you can think about? Cooked meals and having children?" Helena retorts, "No," and Andy quickly tells her that he's sorry - it's just that the girls he knows aren't very domesticated. Helena asks if he means girls like Amanda, and Andy nods, "I suppose so." Helena tells him, "I asked Jill about her. You used to live with her, didn't you?" Andy agrees, "Yeah, I lived at her place. We were just friends." He then asks, "You're not jealous of Amanda, are you?" Helena looks down, guiltily. Andy goes on sharply, "Look, you act as though we're married - and even when we are, I'm still going to choose my own friends." Looking worried, Helena puts Fee down and suggests that perhaps she'd better go. Andy, though, quickly tells her not to, adding that he's just a bit uptight - Nikos sent him some wedding invitations. Helena stares at him and Andy asks if she didn't know about them. He goes on that Nikos had them printed up, and he doesn't like being pushed. Helena looks at him and says sadly, "You don't really want to marry me, do you, Andy?" Andy insists, "I don't want to rush into it. We hardly know each other." Helena assures him, "We don't have to," but Andy asks her how she'd face her parents if they didn't get married. Helena tells him that she'd think of something. Andy suggests, "Say if we went away for a while... for a few weeks... away from everyone who's trying to interfere...?" Helena smiles that that would be wonderful! Andy tells her that it would at least give them a chance to see if they really could make a go of it. Helena smiles happily as she hugs him. He still looks worried, though.

Charlie and Katie have joined the others in the lounge room at Dural, and Katie snaps at Wayne, "You can't just deny it." Charlie adds, "You certainly can't. I saw what was going on." Wayne cries at them, "I wasn't even here," but Stephen snaps at him not to be ridiculous. Barbara adds that he may as well admit it. Wayne growls, "For God's sake. I come back to tell you some good news and I get treated like some sort of criminal." Stephen retorts, "You are a criminal." Gordon chips in calmly and tells Charlie and Katie that he thinks it best if they go home and the rest of them wait until they hear from the accountant. Katie glares at Wayne, "I don't know how you can do it, just stand there and... you really are low, Wayne." With that, she and Charlie storm out.

Helena and Andy are sitting with Fiona in Fiona's flat, and Andy is telling Fiona that he and Helena have decided to go away for a while, adding that they'd like to be on their own; see if a marriage could work. Fiona comments that it sounds like an idea... She then adds that there's no way Nikos will let Helena go. Andy, though, explains that he won't be able to do much about it - they're going to have lunch and then leave as soon as they pick up the van. Fiona murmurs, "I see." She then goes on, "I certainly agree you need to get to know each other a little more." Fee suddenly starts crying in one of the bedrooms and Andy tells Fiona that she was tired so he put her down; she probably wants to play again. He gets up to see to her, leaving Fiona alone with Helena. She says to the girl, "You lied when you said you'd slept with Andy, didn't you?" Helena nods and explains that it was the only way they could stay together. She adds that she knows it was bad; she's sorry. She goes on that they can't take it back now; no one would believe her. Fiona mutters, "No, I don't suppose they would." She then continues, "Seeing as how nothing has happened between you, I don't think it should until you're both very sure - and you're going to have to tell Nikos; you can't just disappear again. You have to call him from somewhere along the way." Helena assures her, "We will. Thankyou for understanding."

Gary is sitting in a bar, a pint of beer and a sandwich in front of him. He stubs out a cigarette that he's smoking, looking annoyed. He's wearing an earring again. Dennis suddenly walks over and sits down opposite him, and Gary snaps, "About time." Dennis tells him that he's sorry for keeping him waiting - he had to change the ticket so they can go tonight. Gary just swigs from his beer, not responding. Dennis goes on that he knew it would all blow up if Gary stayed there too long - but he got out; that's the main thing. Gary mutters that he won't be able to get his hands on the Hamilton money - they'll soon close down on that. Dennis points out that he's got the money from the house sale, though, and he asks, "You didn't give the girl her half, did you?" Gary mutters, "Amanda? No." Dennis tells him, "Have to be careful tonight, Gazza. The cops might be watching the airport." Taking out another cigarette, Gary mutters, "We'll get past them. We've got to get another ticket first." Dennis stares at him and asks, "Who for?" Gary retorts, "I'm not going anywhere without Caroline." Dennis, looking shocked, asks how the hell he's going to get her to come along. Lighting the cigarette, Gary retorts, "No sweat. She's in love with me." Dennis, looking shocked, repeats, "She's in love with you?" Gary snaps, "If I can't get the Hamilton money, I'll get Caroline's, OK?"

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural with Barbara, a tired-looking Gordon and Stephen. He snaps, "Look, how long is this going on before I find out what the hell you're all accusing me of?" Stephen retorts, "You know what you've done." Wayne, though, snaps, "I haven't got a clue. I have been driving since midnight to get here." Stephen mutters, "Oh, you drove, did you?" Wayne retorts, "Yes, in my car. It's a big thing with four wheels on it." Stephen goes on, "Then I suppose it's parked outside?" Wayne retorts, "Well it's not in the hall." He then demands, "Do you want to see it?" He stands up and Stephen tells him, "Alright, Houdini, you show it to me." The two of them head out. In the house, the 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gordon gets up to answer it.

As Wayne and Stephen step out onto the driveway, Wayne snaps at Stephen that he doesn't know how else Stephen thinks he got there. Stephen retorts that what he doesn't know is what Wayne is trying to prove. Wayne suddenly stops in his tracks as he discovers his car is gone. He mutters, "Odd." Stephen asks, "What is?"

On the 'phone inside, Gordon says quietly, "Thankyou, Peter. I'll get back to you shortly." He hangs up slowly as Stephen and Wayne come back in. Stephen tells them, "It wasn't there, of course," but Wayne insists, Someone's stolen it." Gordon turns to his son and tells him, "The money was transferred into an account which you opened last Wednesday." Wayne stares at him and retorts, "I wasn't here last Wednesday." Gordon retorts, "Peter just called." Stephen adds, "I thought you'd have more sense than to open it in your own name," and Barbara growls, "Bank accounts are very difficult to open without identification. I didn't think even you would do that. Not to your father." Wayne stares at Gordon and asks, "What the hell's going on round here?" Stephen asks Gordon if he's going to call the police now. Gordon, though, says, "No. I'm not prepared to press charges. He can't get his hands on the money now." Stephen cries, "You're not going to let him get away with it?" Gordon, though, retorts, "It won't help the company if this gets out and it certainly won't do the accountants any good. Also, Katie would get dragged into it and could be charged as an accomplice." Glaring at Wayne, he adds, "I hope you're pleased with yourself. I'd come to trust you totally. I thought..." He then snaps, "Oh get out, Wayne." Wayne, looking shocked, cries, "Dad, I..." Gordon, though, snaps, "Just go. Now."

A few minutes later, Charlie opens her front door to find Wayne standing on the step. She snaps, "What do you want?" Wayne retorts that he has to see Katie. Charlie tells him curtly that she's had enough, but Wayne, barging past her, retorts, "I'm sorry, Charlie, I have to know what's going on." He heads into the lounge room, where Katie is sitting on the couch. She stands up as he demands, "Why did you lie, Katie?" Katie retorts, "Me? You were the one trying to rip the company off." Wayne goes on angrily, "When? What am I supposed to have done? People keep talking about you and me and computers and I haven't even been here." Charlie snaps, "Stop it, Wayne, no one's going to believe you. The truth known, you probably didn't even lose your memory." Wayne stares at her and retorts, "Of course I didn't. What's this about me losing my memory? The only reason I stayed away was because I thought they wanted me for Karen's murder." Katie cries, "Oh, Wayne..." Charlie snaps at him, "Will you go home?" but Wayne insists, "If you could just explain step-by-step--" Katie, though, interrupts and cries, "Oh, just go away." Charlie threatens, "Either you leave or I call the police," but Wayne insists, "I've got to find someone who can tell me what the hell's been going on." Charlie suggests curtly, "Maybe Caroline will still have time for you?" Wayne stares at her and repeats incredulously, "Caroline...?"

Barbara is standing behind the bar at Dural. She picks up a bottle containing Gordon's heart pills and then lifts out a full ashtray. She places it on top of the bar and mutters, "He's still smoking." Gordon, sitting on the couch with Stephen, asks, "What?" Barbara explains, "Wayne." As she then goes to join her husband and brother, she goes on that the whole thing has been very strange since he got back. Gordon points out that he lost his memory, and Barbara says she knows, but the cigarettes... the tattoo... the way the psychiatrist said it was strange he hadn't remembered any likes and dislikes... Gordon asks her what she's getting at, but she sighs in frustration that she doesn't know. She goes on, "And then this morning, Wayne claiming he hadn't been here for a month..." Stephen snaps, "Course he was here." Barbara, though, retorts, "Or someone else." Gordon, looking surprised, asks sharply, "What?" and Stephen asks, "What do you mean, someone else?" Barbara pauses and then suggests, "What if the person who was here wasn't Wayne?" She sits down, and Stephen asks if she's suggesting it's some kind of imposter. Barbara points out that it's been known to happen. Gordon tells her not to be ridiculous. Barbara, though, goes on, "I know the whole thing's a bit far-fetched, but it's one way to make sense of it all." She stares at the two men and sighs heavily.

Gary knocks on the door of Caroline's apartment, but there's no answer. Dennis is standing next to him and tells him that it's obvious there's no one at home. He adds that she could be out for the whole day, and he suggests they get to the airport. Gary, though, growls, "I told you: I'm not leaving without her." Dennis warns, "Fair go. What if the cops turn up to talk to her about you?" Gary insists angrily, "We're waiting here." Dennis mutters, "That's stupid. If we don't--" Gary suddenly interrupts, though, and snaps, "Shut up. You can rack off it you want to, but you won't get a cent of the money." Dennis tells him that they should at least try and keep out of sight and Gary agrees more calmly, "OK - but we wait for her, no matter how long it takes." He walks off.

Katie is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, looking worried. Charlie comes into the room and comments to the girl that she hardly ate any lunch. Katie explains that she's not hungry. She then sighs that she can't keep that money that Wayne gave her; she'll have to ask her mum and dad to return it. Charlie asks, "Why don't you let me lend it to you?" but Katie tells her, "I'd rather not. I don't know what's going to happen with my work from now on." She then asks, "Could you dial the 'phone for me?" Charlie assures her, "Of course, darling." She picks up the handset and starts pressing buttons on the receiver. As she does so, she tells Katie that she should tell her parents about her co-ordination problem, too. Katie, though, replies that she doesn't want to give them anything more to worry about. Charlie points out that they'll have to know eventually, but Katie insists, "Not if I get better." Charlie, though, tells her that that's just it: she doesn't know for sure... The 'phone at the other end starts ringing, STD pips sound and Heather then comes on. Charlie hands the 'phone to Katie, who says, "Mum?"

Amanda arrives back at the Morrell apartment. As she puts the key in the door, Gary and Dennis walk up behind her and Gary says a curt, "Hello, Amanda." Amanda turns to face him and demands, "What are you doing here?" Gary explains gruffly that he's looking for Caroline, but Amanda retorts, "She said she'd be out all day. I assumed you'd be with her." She then stares at him and asks in surprise, "How long have you been wearing an earring?" Gary mutters, "A couple of days." He then tells her, "We'll wait until Caroline gets back." Amanda, though, opening the door, retorts, "Not in here you won't." She walks into the apartment and goes to shut the door, but Gary pushes it back open and she stumbles backwards, dropping the bag she's holding. She cries, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Gary retorts, "We are waiting for Caroline."

A few moments later, Amanda is picking up the contents of her shopping bag as Dennis stands by the bookcase. She snaps, "I don't know what's got into you, Wayne, but you'd better not start trying to push me around." Dennis tells her that he'll give her a hand with the bag, but Amanda snaps, "Who are you?" Dennis replies, "Mate of Gazza's." Amanda looks at him in surprise and asks, "Who?" As Gary comes back into the room, Dennis indicates him and murmurs, "His." Amanda stands up and demands of Gary, "What are you doing?" Gary retorts, "Making sure you aren't lying." Amanda snaps, "Why on earth would I lie? She isn't here." Gary asks curtly when she'll be back, but Amanda tells him, "I don't know. We're not talking much at the moment." She then goes on, "I think you're crazy for going along with her. She won't stick with you--" Gary suddenly interrupts and, pulling Amanda towards him, snaps, "Shut up. I reckon you'd better make a few 'phone calls. See if you can find her." He pushes her towards the bar as Dennis looks on in concern.

Helena, Andy and Fiona are having lunch in Fiona's flat, and Fiona tells Helena that it's delicious. Helena thanks her and adds that at least Andy knows her cooking won't poison him! Changing the subject, Fiona asks Andy when he said his van would be ready, but Andy replies that it won't be for a couple more hours or so. He adds that he wants to get the disco equipment in it before they leave - he might be able to pick up a few jobs along the way. Helena tells him that, when they come back, she can make a proper Greek meal! Fiona smiles that it seems like it'll be something to look forward to! There's suddenly a knock on the door, and the smiles on Helena's and Andy's faces quickly disappear. Fiona, though, standing up, tells them that Mrs. Longhurst said she'd pop her rent in sometime this afternoon. She goes to answer the door, but finds Nikos standing there. He immediately demands, "Is Helena here?" Fiona, putting on a puzzled expression, repeats, "Helena?" Nikos explains, "She's not at the hotel. I thought she must be with Andy, but there is no answer at his home and his van is not outside." Fiona, looking hesitant, tells him, "As a matter of fact, you've just missed them. They've gone away. They--" She breaks off as Nikos demands, "Gone? Where?" Fiona tells him that they didn't say - they said they wanted to get to know each other a little better without any interference. She adds that they both assured her that nothing would-- Nikos interrupts and growls, "How can you believe that when it already has?" Fiona glares at him and asks him if it's ever occurred to him that Helena may have lied about sleeping with Andy. Nikos retorts that Helena would never lie about such a thing, but Fiona tells him, "Well, she has admitted to me that she did." She then goes on that, if Helena and Andy are going to marry, it has to be because they want to, not because he or her parents forced them into it. Nikos asks, "You will show me they have gone?" Fiona quickly points out, "You said yourself Andy's van is not here," and she adds, "Helena said she would call you from somewhere along the way." Nikos tells her, "Very well. I accept your word." Fiona thanks him. Nikos goes on, "When she calls, I may be able to talk her into coming back." Fiona asks him why he doesn't just let them go. Nikos, though, retorts, "Things are not done that way." Fiona tells him, "They are in Australia". With that, Nikos walks off, leaving Fiona looking worried. She heads back into the flat. Andy and Helena are no longer at the table, but Fiona calls out to them that it's alright - he's gone - and the two of them emerge from the kitchen. Helena sighs that, when she heard Nikos' voice, her heart nearly stopped. Fiona explains that she told him that they'd already left, but she thinks he's still suspicious; he's liable to keep his eye on the place for a while. Helena cries to Andy that Nikos mustn't stop them from going. Andy insists, "He won't."

At the Morrell apartment, Amanda hangs up the 'phone and tells Gary, "She's not there, either. I can't think where else she'd be." Gary suggests, "Maybe she's gone across to the Hamiltons'?", but Amanda retorts, "I doubt that. Aunty Barb's not talking to her at the moment and daddy's probably there, too." Gary snaps, "There must be some other place you can think of," but Amanda snaps back, "I don't know. I'm not her keeper." She then walks over to the coffee table, picks up her handbag and growls, "I've had enough of this. I'm hungry and I'm going out to get a pizza. You two can go get lost." Gary, though, suddenly grabs her arm and, turning her to face him, threatens, "You're not going anywhere. You'll stay here until your mother gets back." Dennis warns, "Take it easy, Gaz." Amanda turns to him and asks, "Why do you call him that?" Dennis just replies, "Better do as he says." Amanda tells Gary, "I am not going to be kept prisoner in my own home." Dennis, looking worried, asks her quietly, "Look, don't push him. Please?"

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house when Mike and Heather come in from outside, Heather carrying 'Jamie'. David comments that he thought he'd been deserted! Mike goes to wash his hands at the sink, but Heather immediately snaps that she's asked him not to wash them there. Mike replies that he's sorry. Heather tells him not to wipe them on the tea towel. She puts 'Jamie' in his bassinet as Mike tells David that he's got to have a word with him about something: the greenhouse: they're not going to be able to get it - there's been some problem with the money and Katie has had to ask for it back. David, looking assures him that it can't be helped. Mike goes on, "The thing is, um, we're not going to make a decent profit from the market garden this year without the greenhouse, are we?" David muses that he'd guess not. Mike adds that they have got to think about Jamie's future... David asks him what he's trying to say and, sitting down at the table, Mike says, "Well, look, I got a letter the other day from my brother, Jim. He's got a mate in Queensland who owns a small construction company. They're looking for a manager and Jim suggested me. It would be a good job but we don't want to let you down - you see, we'd have to draw all our money out of the farm to set ourselves up in Queensland." H, sitting down as well, adds, "We'd need a decent house with Jamie." David says, "Yeah, yeah, of course." He then adds, "I suppose you want to take your money out completely?" Mike assures him that the last thing they want to do is leave him in the lurch, but David tells them that they have to do what's best for themselves; he'll manage somehow. He suggests that maybe he'll be able to find someone else who wants to buy into the farm, and Mike tells him that it would be good it he could. David looks worried, though.

Amanda is sitting next to Dennis on the couch at the Morrell apartment while Gary paces the room, squeezing an empty can of lager. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gary tells Amanda to leave it. Amanda points out, "It might be mum," and so Gary tells her, "Alright, answer it - but don't say I'm here - to anyone." Amanda walks over to the bar and picks up. Barbara comes on and says it's her. Amanda says a nervous, "Hi." Barbara tells her that Stephen and Gordon are in the study; she didn't want Gordon to hear her ringing. She goes on, "I'm afraid there's been a bit of bother: Wayne's been stealing money from the company." Amanda, looking startled, asks "What?" Gary growls at her quietly, "Is it Caroline?" but Amanda doesn't respond. Barbara goes on, "It's all a bit strange. I just thought Wayne might show up there to talk to Caroline." Amanda tells her, "He has. He's here now and he's acting very strangely--" She breaks off as, on hearing this, Gary suddenly pulls the telephone cable out of its socket and grabs her, snapping, "I told you not to tell anyone I was here." Amanda retorts, "Alright, I'm sorry." As Gary grips her arms, she adds, "You're hurting me." Gary, though, threatens, "I'll hurt you a lot more if you try a stunt like that again." He lets her go. At Dural, Barbara says on the 'phone, "Amanda?" She hangs up, looking concerned. At the Morrell apartment, Gary asks Amanda who was on the 'phone: Gordon? Amanda, though, shakes her head and says, "Barbara." Looking worried, Dennis suggests to Gary that they'd better shoot through - if the Hamiltons know he's there, they'll have the cops round there in a flash. Amanda says to Gary, "She said you stole money from the company." Gary asks, "Does she still think Wayne did it?" and Amanda, looking puzzled, replies, "Yes. You." Dennis tells Gary that they'd better get out of there. Gary, though, points out that if the Hamiltons reckon it was Wayne, Gordon won't get the cops in on them. Dennis tells him warily that they shouldn't push their luck, but Gary insists that they'll be right. Dennis, though, growls, "Like hell. I'm going whether you want to or not." He then takes out the 'plane tickets, hands one to Gary and mutters, "See you at the airport. Hope you make it." Gary snarls, "You never did have any guts, did you?" but Dennis retorts, "No, mate. Brains - that's what I've got." He goes to walk out, but Gary threatens, "Don't expect a cent from me." Dennis retorts that you can't spend it in jail. He adds, "I'll keep an eye out for you. Hope you make it." With that, he goes, leaving a worried-looking Amanda with Gary.

Barbara is standing in the hallway at Dural, and as Stephen emerges from the study, she beckons to Stephen to come into the lounge room. He joins her and she tells him that she's just been on the 'phone to Amanda; she said Wayne's over there, acting very strangely, and then the 'phone went dead; she tried to ring back, but she couldn't get through. Stephen asks if Amanda said anything else. Barbara tells him, "Well no, we were only talking for a few seconds." She then suggests, "Maybe I'm panicking, but something seems very wrong." Stephen tells her, "No, I don't think you're panicking. I wouldn't put anything past Wayne at the moment. I'd better get over there." Barbara tells him that she'll come with him, and she heads into the study to make an excuse to Gordon.

Amanda is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment when there's the noise of a key turning in the front door. Gary asks her who else has got a key, but Amanda replies, "Only mum." Caroline comes in and Gary tells her menacingly that he's been waiting for her. Caroline says she hopes there isn't any more nonsense about going away, but Gary snaps, "You have to." Caroline points out that they've been through all that, and any interest she had in him is fast disappearing. She walks past him, into the apartment, but Gary grabs her arm and spins her around to face him. He warns, "You're coming with me if I have to drag you." Caroline stares at him and then pulls away. She goes over to the bar, telling him as she does so, "I suggest you calm yourself if you want to talk to me." Gary doesn't notice as she reaches into a vase which is sitting on the bar, next to a bottle of Bacardi, and puts her hand on the silver pistol which is concealed in there. He retorts that they don't have much time; they've got to get packed. Caroline, pulling out the weapon gently, smiles, "How about a little drink to steady the nerves? Then we can discuss it again." Gary runs towards her and snaps, "You're coming with me," but Caroline suddenly turns to face him and points the pistol at him. Amanda stands up in shock as Caroline warns, "You know I'll use it if I have to. And this time, there are bullets in it." Amanda tells her mother that she thinks they'd better call the police; apparently, 'Wayne' has been stealing money from the company. Caroline smiles as she realises, "So that's why you're so anxious to leave. Did you really think I was going to go on the run with you?" Gary growls, "You said you loved me." Caroline tells him, "I was very attracted to you, Wayne, but I never made any commitment." Gary snaps, "We're engaged, for God's sake," but Caroline points out, "You know why I did that." She goes on, "Oh yes, I thought that, maybe one day, a relationship could develop, but now you've made that impossible." Turning to her daughter, she adds, "Ring the police, Amanda." Amanda says she'll have to go next door, and Caroline tells her go. Amanda runs out. As soon as she's gone, Gary lunges at Caroline and starts struggling to get the pistol, growling as he does so, "I'll teach you to pull a gun on me." Caroline pulls away, though, and then lashes out at him, scratching her fingernails down the left side of Gary's face, causing lines of blood to appear. Gary puts his hand to his face and then grabs Caroline's hair with the other hand and pulls her down to the ground. He then hits her face and she drops to the floor. As she cowers there, he growls, "I ought to kill you." With that, he walks out. He turns to head down the corridor, but as he does so, he bumps into someone coming towards him: Wayne. The two of them both stop in their tracks, staring at each other in shock, Gary still with blood running down his face. After a few seconds, he runs off. Wayne just stands there and calls, "Hey!" He eventually moves again and heads into the Morrell apartment. Caroline is kneeling on the floor, and he asks her, "Caroline? What's going on? I just saw this guy out--" Caroline suddenly reaches out and picks up the pistol, which is lying nearby. Wayne stares at her in surprise and asks her what she's doing. Caroline points it at him and snaps, "Don't." Wayne starts walking towards her and points out, "It's me. Wayne." Looking terrified, Caroline suddenly fires the pistol and Wayne falls to the floor...


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