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    Written by: Gregg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Stephen and Barbara are just coming round the corner of the corridor outside when the shot rings out, and Barbara looks at her brother in shock and cries, "My God, what was that?" The two of them run into the apartment, where Caroline is still pointing the gun at the doorway. Barbara notices Wayne lying on the floor and she bends over him and cries, "He's been shot." Caroline just mouths, "He came back..." Stephen stares at her. Barbara asks her brother to get something to mop up the bleeding, and he runs off to the bathroom. Some neighbours appear in the doorway and one of them, a man, asks what happened. Barbara turns to Caroline and asks her to put the gun down before then asking the neighbour to get an ambulance - quickly. He runs off. Amanda comes back in and cries, "Oh no," in shock when she sees Wayne lying there. Barbara assures her that it's alright - he's still alive. Stephen comes back in with a towel and says they'd better move fast. Amanda asks if there's anything she can do, but Barbara tells her that it's alright. As Barbara and Stephen fuss over Wayne, Amanda suddenly says, "Hey, he was wearing different clothes." Barbara asks her what she means and Amanda explains that he had jeans on before. Stephen comments that he must have changed, but Amanda points out that she'd only been gone a minute. Barbara snaps, "There weren't two of them, were there?" She and Stephen look at Caroline, who murmurs, "He hit me and went out. I scratched his face." Barbara and Stephen look down at him. There's no blood there. Barbara then pulls open the top of Wayne's shirt and looks at his arm. There's no tattoo there. She then cries, "Oh my God, there are two of them." Caroline looks shocked.

Andy and Helena are sitting in Fiona's flat at the boarding house when Fiona comes in and tells them that Nikos must have gone; she can't see him downstairs. Andy and Helena both thank her, but Fiona retorts that she didn't enjoy lying - it goes against the grain. She adds, though, that she supposes she has to go through with it. She then tells them that she wants them to go to Woombai; she won't tell Nikos, but she'll feel a lot happier if she knows Helena is with someone she can trust. Andy explains to Helena that Woombai is in the country; she'll love it. He then stands up and says he'll pack a bag; the van should be ready to pick up by now. Helena, looking worried, says, "But my clothes - they are at the hotel." Andy tells her that they'll buy some on the way - his shout. Fiona warns them that she doesn't want them to think out-of-sight is out-of-mind; Nikos will be there when they get back. She tells them to both be very careful, and Andy assures her that they will. With that, he and Helena head out, leaving Fiona sighing in worry.

Amanda and Barbara are walking along the corridor at the local hospital, Barbara commenting as they do so that it's no wonder Wayne was so confused. Amanda asks who the other guy was, but Barbara asks, "Who knows?" She then asks what she's going to tell Gordon, as it's been one shock after another. At that moment, a surgeon joins them and Amanda asks how Wayne is. The surgeon replies that he's going into surgery now. Barbara asks how serious it it, and the surgeon tells her that the bullet is lodged under Wayne's heart. He adds, though, that if the operation is successful, Wayne shouldn't take long to recover; it's tricky, though, and he can't promise anything. He walks off and Amanda asks Barbara if she's going to call Gordon. Barbara says she thinks she'd better go home first and see how he is before she says anything. She adds, "If there's any news..." Amanda assures her that she'll let her know. Barbara walks off.

Caroline is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, talking to a detective, as Stephen paces the room. She's saying, "He hit me. Said he wanted to kill me, and left. When he came back, I thought--" The detective points out that it was a different man-- Caroline points out, "But I didn't know--" The detective interrupts and adds, "You couldn't have given him a chance to say much." Stephen suddenly snaps, "For heaven's sake, she thought he was going to kill her." Another detective comes in through the front door and tells his colleague that the gun isn't registered in Australia. Caroline explains that it was bought in Europe; she's got a German licence for it. Stephen snaps at the two detectives, "It was obviously a case of mistaken identity. She shot him in self-defence. The bloke who defrauded Gordon Hamilton's company - the real criminal - has probably skipped the country by now." The first detective tells him, "We've alerted airport security, Mr. Morrell." He then turns back to Caroline and tells her that he's afraid that she'll have to come to the station and they can sort things out there. He hands the pistol - in an protective bag - to his colleague and asks him to check with Interpol. The second detective heads out again. Stephen puts a calming hand on Caroline's shoulder and asks her if she's OK. She smiles weakly, "Thanks." Stephen goes on that he'll get in touch with Gordon's lawyer and they'll meet her at the station. Caroline, though, insists that he doesn't have to. She then stares into his eyes and asks, "How can you care?" Stephen just replies quietly, "Come on... I'll see you out to the car."

Gordon is sitting with Katie in the lounge room at Dural. He's holding a cheque, but he tells Katie that he can't take it - Wayne used his own money, not the company's. Katie explains that that she wasn't helping Wayne for the money - but if she keeps it, it'll worry her. Gordon tells her that he'll get her a receipt. Katie assures him that there's no need for that, but Gordon replies that he thinks he should. He adds that at least it'll prove she doesn't have the money if Wayne ever wants to know. Katie smiles at him, gratefully.

Outside, Barbara shuts the door of her car and walks slowly up to the front door of the house. She heads inside to find Katie pouring herself a cup of coffee in the lounge room. She asks where Gordon is, and Katie explains that he's in the study, getting a receipt; she's giving Wayne's money back. Barbara walks behind the bar and Katie asks her what she's after. Barbara explains that she's just looking for-- She then breaks off as she finds what she wants. She's holding Gordon's bottle of pills and she puts a couple of them in his cup of coffee. Katie asks what they're for, and Barbara explains that they're to keep him calm. She adds, "I'm afraid I have some very bad news for him - and for you."

A short time later, Gordon is back in the lounge room, and as he sips his coffee, he comments that it tastes funny. He gets up and walks over to the bar, where he pours himself a glass of water. Barbara asks him how he's feeling and he tells her that he's alright; he's handling it; he thinks he's finally learning to relax. Barbara pats the place next to her on the couch and asks him if he'll come and sit down. He does as he's asked, saying as he does so, "Well, what is it?" As Katie sits there listening as well, Barbara explains, "It's about Wayne. I've just come from the hospital." Gordon stares at her and she goes on, "Well, the whole thing... well, he, um..." She then suggests, "I think I'd better start from the beginning."

Charlie is potting up a plant in her lounge room when the 'phone starts ringing. She answers it and Heather comes on. She asks Charlie if she can talk to her about Katie, adding that she's not there, is she? Charlie replies, "Not at the moment." Heather goes on that she doesn't want to be a nuisance, but the last time she called, something seemed wrong. Charlie, looking worried, just says, "Oh..." Heather continues that it seemed as if she was hiding something, and she asks Charlie if she knows if she was. Looking hesitant, Charlie explains, "She didn't want to tell you, but ever since that brute of a thief knocked her out, she's had a few problems. Nothing serious - mainly lack of co-ordination." Heather comments that she didn't say anything. Charlie tells her, "No, she didn't want to worry you, but the thing is, she couldn't type into her computer terminal." Heather realises, "That must have been why she needed her money back. If she hasn't been able to work..." Charlie agrees hesitantly, "Yes, well..." Picking up on the tone, Heather asks if there's anything else. Charlie admits, "Rather a lot, unfortunately." In the kitchen at the country house, Heather looks worried.

In Fiona's flat, Jill calls to Fiona from the kitchen to ask her if she wants chocolate, adding that she got it from the Turkish place. Fiona, though, looking worried, declines. Jill comes out and joins her and tells her that she doesn't know what she's missing! Realising how serious Fiona is looking, she asks, "When did they leave?" Fiona replies that it was an hour or so ago, maybe." Jill comments that it's a pity she wasn't there, as she could have got a lift: she's decided she will go and see Terry. A smile appearing on her face again, Fiona exclaims that that's wonderful - he's going to be tickled pink! She adds that she'll go and ring him and see if they can come and pick her up, but Jill quickly points out that there's plenty of time yet - and he'll still be at work, anyway! Fiona laughs, "I do get carried away a bit at times, don't I!" Jill, though, assures her that it's just nice to see her smiling about something. Fiona says she just doesn't know what to do about Andy and Helena and Nikos... Jill tells her that there's no use worrying about it - she'll just have to see what happens. She then tells her to have a chocolate, and Fiona takes one!

Amanda and Barbara are sitting in a corridor at the hospital as Gordon stands next to them and murmurs, "How could it happen? Not knowing my own son?" Barbara points out that no one knew it wasn't him, but Gordon insists, "I can't be much of a father, can I?" He sits down as Barbara tells him gently not to be silly. Gordon goes on, "If only I'd listened to him instead of throwing him out. I can't blame him for hating me." Barbara insists, "It is not your fault," but Gordon points out, "I didn't believe you... you kept saying something was wrong..." Amanda chips in that she's sure Wayne will understand once Gordon explains. All three of them suddenly stand up as Wayne is wheeled past on a trolley. Gordon asks the surgeon if his son is alright, and the surgeon replies that he's fine - everything went well; he'll need a close watch but they're sure he'll be OK. Amanda asks when they can go in and see him. The surgeon tells her that it'll be pretty soon, although they won't be able to talk to him as he'll be groggy for a while, and he'd like visitors kept to members of immediate family for a couple of days. With that, Gordon thanks him and he walks off. Amanda says she might go and see how her mum is. Barbara thanks her for staying and she goes. Gordon gives his wife a comforting hug.

Stephen and Caroline arrive back at the Morrell apartment. As they head inside, Stephen asks if he should cable Samantha. He adds that he thinks she ought to know. Caroline, though, says she's not sure she wants her to. Stephen puts a sympathetic hand on her shoulder, and Caroline murmurs, "I'm sorry. I'm scared." Stephen says gently that he knows. Caroline goes on, "Every time I try to... something always goes wrong." She then pleads, "Help me - please..." Stephen gives her a hug.

A few moments later, Stephen suggests to Caroline that she sit down. Caroline, though, insists that she'll be fine. She then adds that she shouldn't have... Stephen assures her that it's alright; he doesn't mind - honestly. He adds that he won't lie to her as it won't help either of them; he'll give her what support he can, particularly over the next few weeks, but... Caroline muses, "I know." Stephen suddenly notices, "You're still wearing your engagement ring." Caroline looks at it and comments, "Yes. How's that for a Freudian slip?!" She goes to take it off, but Stephen puts his hand on hers and suggests gently, "Keep it." Caroline smiles at him. The front door suddenly opens and Amanda comes in. Looking surprised, she comments to her father that she didn't think he'd still be there. Caroline explains that he just drove her back from the police station. Amanda asks how it went, and Caroline sighs, "You really want to know?" She then goes on, "Discharging a lethal weapon, malicious injury, unlawful possession of a firearm..." Amanda cries, "But it was self-defence." Stephen, though, says he doesn't think they're convinced of that, yet; all they know is that Wayne was shot as soon as he walked in; until they find the other guy... Amanda walks over to Caroline and sympathises, "Oh Mum..." Caroline asks how Wayne is, and Amanda tells her that he'll be OK; they've removed the bullet, anyway.

Gordon and Barbara are with Wayne in his room at the hospital. He's tossing his head as he lies there, asleep, and Barbara comments that he's restless. Gordon tells her that he's probably dreaming. He then puts his hand to his head and Barbara puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. Gordon says, "I know: he'll be alright. I shouldn't let myself worry, but it's hard not to. I feel... I don't know... guilty, I suppose." Barbara assures him that he has no reason to. A nurse suddenly comes in and asks, "How's our boy doing?" Barbara replies that he's still asleep, and the nurse tells her that he'll be that way for a while. Gordon remarks that he's tossing and turning a lot, and the nurse tells him that that happens sometimes. She then adds that if Gordon and Barbara want to stay, they can, but even when Wayne comes round, he'll be pretty drowsy; it might be an idea to come back tomorrow. Barbara suggests to Gordon, "Let's go." She then asks the nurse to let them know if there's any change, and she smiles, "Of course." She walks out. Gordon stands up, leans over Wayne in his hospital bed and, stroking his face, gently says, "Bye." He and Barbara then go to head out. As they do so, Wayne suddenly murmurs, "Julie?" Gordon and Barbara turn to look at him.

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room as Katie paces the floor. She comments, "Whoever it was fooled me, and I've known Wayne for years." Katie adds bitterly, "I don't know how I couldn't see it." Charlie suggests, "Maybe Nancy had twins?" but Katie mutters, "I must have been blind." Charlie, though, points out that he tricked everyone. Katie growls that he tricked her into being a crook. There's a suddenly frantic knocking at the front door. Katie says she knows Gordon isn't going to press charges, but she still feels pretty upset. The frantic knocking is repeated, and Charlie asks Katie to get it for her. Katie heads out into the hallway, leaving Charlie sitting on the couch, looking pleased with herself. Katie opens the front door to find Heather standing there, holding 'Jamie'! She smiles, "Hello, darling!" Katie, looking surprised but delighted, exclaims, "Mum! What are you doing here?!" Heather explains, "I spoke to Charlie today. I told her how much I was missing you. She offered to pay for my ticket to Sydney!" She then asks Katie if she's not going to ask her in and Katie quickly smiles, "Oh, come in!" She tells her mother that it's just so good to see her. She then adds that the baby must be Jamie, and Heather smiles that he's cute, isn't he! Katie tells her that she can see why she wants to keep him! The two of them head into the lounge room, and Katie gives Charlie a big hug of gratitude. Heather asks Katie if she'd like to hold Jamie, but Katie, suddenly looking worried, says she'd better not. Heather tells her that she knows what happened - and she knows about Wayne and the computer business, too. Katie turns to Charlie and mutters, "Thanks..." Heather, though, insists, "Katie, I would have found out eventually. I want to help you. Please let me." Katie gives her a grateful hug.

Stephen is talking on the 'phone on the bar at the Morrell apartment as Caroline and Amanda listen. He thanks the person for calling and then hangs up before turning to the two women. He tells them that it was Detective Clark. He then goes on that the guy who looks like Wayne, his name is Gary Evans; they picked up his offsider at the airport. Caroline asks, "And, er, Gary...?" Stephen shakes his head and admits, "Not yet. They reckon they'll have him soon, though." Amanda asks if the other guy told them much, and Stephen replies, "Everything, apparently." Amanda turns to her mother and says, "There, you see? They'll know it's not your fault now, I'm sure." Caroline, looking worried, says, "Supposing he comes back...?" but Stephen says he doesn't think he will. Caroline, though, persists that he's dangerous, and she asks Stephen if he can please stay tonight in case he does. Stephen stares at her and then says, "Alright. I'll get my things from the motel." He walks off, leaving Caroline looking scared.

Heather - still holding 'Jamie' - Katie and Charlie are sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, and Heather is telling her daughter that Mike got an offer working with Jim up in Queensland. Katie asks her if they're going, but Heather tells her that they'd like to but it would mean selling their half of the market garden. Katie asks, "Don't you want to?" Heather replies, "It doesn't really matter, but it would mean having to wait until David found a buyer." She smiles at 'Jamie', and Katie comments, "Hasn't he got big eyes!" Heather smiles, "Mmm - and getting heavy; it's nearly bedtime." An expression of interest on her face, Charlie chips in to ask, "Do you think you'll have trouble finding a buyer?" Heather tells her that they may do - they're just getting the business off the ground; it'll be a while before it starts making money. Katie suddenly says, "I wouldn't mind going to Queensland." She quickly turns to Charlie and adds, "Not that I mean that I--" Charlie, though, assures her that she understands. Katie explains that she feels she wants to get away for a while; give herself time to get better, for a start. Heather suggests, "Why don't you come back to Melbourne with me? Dad and I can look after you." She adds that that's the main reason she came up. Katie smiles and thanks her. Charlie exclaims, "Wonderful! Well, I'll come too!" Heather and Katie look at her, and she adds, "I think I can solve everyone's problems..."

The next morning, Barbara is putting on her make-up in the lounge room at Dural when Gordon comes in and asks her how she's going. She tells him that she's nearly ready, but adds that they don't have to rush, as the doctors don't want them there before 11am. Gordon, looking at his watch, mutters that he doesn't want to be late, but Barbara assures him that he won't be. Changing the subject, she asks him if he saw Charlie this morning - she left with Heather and Katie; she must be going down to Melbourne for a while. She adds that he should have seen the size of Charlie's suitcase - it was like an expedition to the South Pole! She then asks him if he slept alright, but he admits, "No, not well. I'm alright, though." He goes on, "At least he's still alive. I keep telling myself I can make it up to him." Barbara assures him that Wayne will understand. She then comments, "I wonder what Charlie did with Isabella. I suppose she took her to a kennel last night - unless she tried to smuggle her through into Melb--" She breaks off before continuing, "No, not even Charlie would do a thing like that!" There's a sudden knock at the door, and Barbara goes to get it. Gordon walks over to the bar and picks up the newspaper which is lying there.

Mike is washing his hands at the sink in the kitchen at the country house when Heather suddenly calls from outside, "We're home, darling!" He curses, "Oh damn!" and quickly turns off the tap and picks up a towel. Heather - holding 'Jamie' - Katie and Charlie walk in, and Mike tells his wife that he didn't expect her back until this afternoon. He tells Katie that he's glad she's back, and he acknowledges Charlie as well. Heather stares at the state of the sink and smiles that, while the cat's away, she sees... Mike quickly explains that there were some clothes in the laundry...! Katie gives him a hug and tells him that she's missed him. Mike assures her that he's missed her, too. Charlie asks where David is, and Mike explains that he's taken Leigh somewhere - shopping, he thinks. He then asks Charlie if she's staying for a visit, but Heather tells him that it's more than that. Charlie explains, "I'm buying you out of the market garden, lock, stock and barrel!" Mike stares at her in shock as she goes on, "I rather like the idea of being part of the landed gentry for a while - although I see no reason for remaining too rustic: a proper stove would have to be acquired, and a dishwasher..." With that, she adds that she'll just pop her case in the spare room, and she heads out to the hallway. Mike smiles that he hopes David doesn't mind...!

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon is reading a newspaper article headlined 'Police Investigate Shooting'. The front door bangs shut and he calls out, "Who was it?" Barbara comes back in with the two detectives who were at the Morrell apartment. The first one introduces himself as Senior Detective Clark and the second one introduces himself as Detective Parsons. Gordon stares at them and, looking lost, says, "I'm sorry..." Clark explains that they just came round to warn him about his son's double - a guy named Gary Evans. Parson adds that they're trying to track him down, so if he shows up or gets in contact at all... Gordon assures them, "Yes, of course." Clark tells him, "Normally, they don't, but with Evans you can't tell - he's been in and out of the Bay like a yo-yo; game as Ned Kelly." Gordon looks down at the floor. Clark adds, "Chances are, he won't, but I thought I should warn you just the same." Gordon thanks him. Clark goes on, "Anyway, don't worry too much. Just keep in mind there's a guy out there who can sign your son's signature and looks exactly like him. We'll let you know when we catch him." Parsons then tells Gordon that they're sorry about the bit in the paper - they don't know where they get it from. Barbara comments that at least no names are mentioned. With that, she heads to the door to see the two detectives out. Gordon leans on the bar, looking worried.

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen gives Caroline a gentle kiss on the forehead. Caroline asks him if he has to go, but Stephen explains that he promised Gordon and Barbara that he'd meet them at the hospital. He adds that it'll only be for an hour or so. He goes to walk out, but Caroline cries, "Oh, Stephen..." Stephen points out that Amanda said she'd stay; nothing's going to happen. With that, he walks to the door and heads out. Caroline sits down on the couch, looking worried. Amanda joins her and Caroline tells her, "I know you want to see Wayne too." Amanda, though, assures her that it's alright - she'll go this afternoon. Caroline goes on, "I didn't mean to shoot anyone. It just sort of happened... Amanda insists that it's alright. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and Amanda looks at it warily. Caroline quickly stands up and says she'll go, adding that it's probably the police. She heads over to the bar and answers the call. Gary comes on - calling from the bar he was sitting in earlier - and says menacingly, "G'day, slut. I gather you tried to shoot me." Caroline, looking at Amanda, exclaims, "Wayne! I mean--" Gary tells her, "The name's Gary. It looks like Wayne should have stayed in the bush - the paper doesn't name any names, but it isn't hard to guess. You shot him, didn't you?" Caroline insists, "It was an accident," but Gary snaps, "Like hell. You thought he was me." Caroline retorts, "No," but Gary goes on, "I felt a lot for you. You blew everything. I can't get near any of that now." Caroline insists, "It wasn't like that," but Gary threatens, "No one uses me and gets away with it." With that, he slams the 'phone down in its cradle. Caroline hangs up at the Morrell apartment, looking worried.

Barbara and Gordon are walking towards the front door at Dural, about to head out. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Gordon opens it to find a young red-headed woman standing there. She says, "Mr. Hamilton"? Gordon replies, "Yes." The girl tells him, "I'm Julie Webb." Barbara retorts, "Well congratulations, but we are in a hurry. Do you mind?" Julie, looking bemused, asks, "Is Wayne home?" Barbara snaps, "No." Gordon explains, "We're on our way to see him. Can we tell him you called?" Julie asks, "Where is he? Could I come with you?" Barbara tells her curtly, "He's in the hospital. Now, who are you and what do you want?" Julie turns to face her and says more sharply, "I'm Julie Webb - Wayne's fiancée. Hasn't he told you?" Gordon looks at Barbara in shock.


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