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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Stephen is in Wayne's room at the hospital. Wayne is lying in bed, awake. Stephen tells him apologetically that if he'd stopped to listen, none of this would have happened. Wayne, though assures him that it's not his fault - from what he saw, the guy was a dead ringer. Stephen muses, "Well, if there's anything I can do..." At that moment, Gordon comes in and asks how the patient is this morning. Wayne replies that he's getting there. Stephen tells Gordon that he's just been explaining how Evans conned them - and what a fool he was for not realising it. Gordon points out that they've all been fooled. Wayne tells them that he doesn't blame anyone; he's just glad they finally know who's who! Gordon, though, says, "Actually, there is still one little mystery: a young lady has turned up, claiming to be your fiancée." Wayne, looking surprised, exclaims, "Julie! Is she here?" Gordon replies that she's outside and he asks if he should get her. Wayne smiles, "Please!" and Gordon heads out to the corridor. Stephen says to the patient that he supposes he should offer congratulations. Gordon comes back in with Julie, who has a smile on her face. She says a warm, "Hi, Wayne," and sits down on his bed. Wayne comments that he wasn't expecting her for a few days, but she explains that she came early. She then asks him how he is, and he smiles that he'll survive. Gordon suggests to Stephen that they pop back later, and the two men leave the room. Wayne smiles at Julie and tells her that he's glad she's there - he couldn't think of anyone he'd rather see. Julie kisses him tenderly.

A short time later, Stephen is sitting with Gordon and Barbara out in the corridor, and Gordon comments that Wayne was obviously very thrilled to see Julie. Barbara retorts that he can't blame her - she's a very attractive girl; she doesn't think Julie is the type to go spinning stories or taking advantage of anyone - unlike Gary Evans... Stephen asks, "When did all this happen?" Gordon explains that it was while Wayne was away - they met a few weeks ago. Barbara adds, "Julie was a waitress in a restaurant, Wayne went in there two or three times and that was that, apparently. She arrived on the doorstep this morning." Stephen comments that Wayne was pretty quick off the mark, but Gordon points out, "Well, after Karen, I'm not surprised he looked for somebody younger." Barbara adds grimly, "After Karen, I would suppose he'd look for someone more sensible." She then suggests that they hope things work out better than they did with Katie. Gordon comments that they seem happy enough at the moment; maybe it will.

In his hospital bed, Wayne is explaining to Julie, "When she saw me and thought I was Evans, she panicked and pulled the trigger. Lucky for me she's a terrible shot!" Julie, though, points out worriedly, "She's not too bad..." Wayne admits, "True." He then goes on that he supposes Gordy and Barbara wondered who she was for a while, and Julie retorts, "Yeah..." She then asks, "Why didn't you tell them about us?" Wayne, though, explains that he didn't get the chance; as soon as he walked in the door, he had people throwing accusations at him left, right and centre. Julie asks, "About the money?" Wayne just nods and tells her, "I can understand why you're pretty upset." He then reaches out his hand and strokes her cheek, saying, "No more long face. I told you, it's all been sorted out now." Julie, though, tells him glumly, "It's not that. When I turned up at that mansion of yours, it was just so big I thought I had the wrong place at first. I felt like a stray cat!" Wayne smiles, "Well, from now on, it's as much your home as mine. 'Til we get our own, that is." Julie looks down and asks, "Why didn't you tell me your parents were so rich?" Wayne explains that he didn't think it was important. He asks, "Is it?" Julie, still looking worried, just says, "I don't suppose so..."

Caroline is looking out through the window at the Morrell apartment when Amanda startles her by asking if she can get her a coffee or something. Caroline jumps, and Amanda quickly tells her to stop worrying - Gary won't be able to get in there without being spotted by the police force. Caroline points out grimly, "They probably want him to come back - that way they'll get their arrest. Too bad if they get their timing wrong." A key suddenly turns in the front door and Caroline looks at it in panic. It's Stephen who comes in, though, and Caroline snaps, "Oh, Stephen, couldn't you knock first?" Stephen stares at her and says he's sorry. Caroline, though, tells him, "No, I'm sorry - I didn't mean to snap. I'm glad you're back." Putting his arms around his ex-wife, Stephen assures her, "The place is well-guarded. You've got nothing to worry about." Changing the subject, Amanda asks how Wayne is, and Stephen replies, "Coming along - in more ways than one. Apparently, he's engaged - a young girl from Melbourne!" Caroline exclaims that that's wonderful! Stephen goes on, "She turned up at the Hamilton house this morning. She got quite a shock to hear he was in hospital." Amanda muses that she can imagine. Caroline sits down and sighs, "It's all my fault. If only I could see him; make it up to him, somehow..." Suddenly appearing to think of something, she asks, "Could you take me over there, Stephen? It would be too much of a risk if I went on my own, but I'd be safe with you. Please?" Stephen sits down next to her and tells her, "Alright. After lunch, OK?" Caroline smiles, "Thanks."

Gordon, Barbara and Julie are all in Wayne's room at the hospital. Wayne asks Barbara if she can put Julie up in the guest room. Barbara smiles and tells him that she was just about to suggest it herself! Julie hesitantly says she has to go to Central Station - her bag's in a locker there - but Gordon tells her that they'll pick it up on the way. Julie, still looking worried, insists that she'd be happy to find a room in a hotel, but Barbara tells her that she wouldn't hear of it - and besides, the two of them have a lot to talk about - like wedding arrangements; four weeks isn't very much time to get organised! Julie murmurs, "No..." Gordon then tells Wayne that he thinks it's time they let him get some rest, and Barbara says she agrees. She then tells Julie that she'll bring her back later this afternoon. Julie thanks her. Turning to Wayne, she tells him tenderly that she'll see him later and she and Barbara head out. Alone with his son, Gordon says to Wayne, "You know what they say to me about over-doing things..." Wayne tells him that he doesn't have to worry, and Gordon murmurs, "Good. I'll see you soon." He goes to follow the others out of the room, but Wayne suddenly calls, "Dad," and Gordon turns to look at him again. Wayne asks, "Please try and make it easy for Julie. She's had a pretty tough upbringing. I think she's feeling a bit out of her depth." Gordon smiles, "You leave it to me," and he goes. Wayne closes his eyes.

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline asks if toasted sandwiches will be OK for lunch, and Stephen smiles that they're fine. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Amanda goes to answer it, but Caroline quickly gasps, "No! Don't! It could be Gary." Stephen, though, tells her to calm down - she's making them all jumpy; it could be anybody. He goes and opens the door to find a young man standing there. He asks if Mrs. Morrell is there, and Stephen says, "Yeah, sure, Joe. Come in." He then explains to Caroline and Amanda, "It's Joe - the company courier." Joe walks in and, approaching Caroline, tells her that he has a letter there for her, from Mr. Hamilton. He hands it over and Caroline asks, "Wayne?" Joe nods, "Yeah." Stephen asks, "From the hospital?" Joe, though, explains, "No - he rang me and asked me to meet him in the city." Indicating the envelope, he adds, "Just gave me that and rushed straight off. Said something about being late for a conference." Caroline opens the envelope and, looking at the contents, murmurs, "It's from Gary..."

A short time later, Joe has gone. Amanda is handing her mother a glass of scotch, telling her that it'll help her calm down. Stephen comes in through the front door and Amanda asks him, "Did you show them the letter?" Stephen replies that they're sending it over to Forensic and stepping-up security. Caroline just mutters, "As if that's going to help." Amanda asks her father what Gary said, and Stephen tells her, "Well, apparently, he knows the apartment's under surveillance. Said that's not going to stop him from..." He breaks off, but Caroline stares at him and snaps, "Well don't leave out the best part." Turning to Amanda, she goes on, "Once Wayne gets out of hospital, we won't be able to pick one from the other." Stephen tells her, "It's just a bluff to get you scared," but Caroline retorts, "Round one to Gary; I'm petrified." Stephen goes and sits down next to her as he assures her, "Darling, he has half the police force after him - he's not going to be free for long." Caroline asks, "And in the meantime?" Stephen points out, "And in the meantime, Wayne is still in hospital. There's nothing Evans can do." Amanda hands her mother the drink again and says, "Here, try this now." Caroline takes it.

Barbara, Gordon and Julie have arrived back at Dural. Gordon suggests to Barbara that she make them some lunch while he takes Julie's bag up to her room, but Barbara tells him that she'd better do that - they don't want him straining up those stairs. Gordon, though, insists that he's fine; besides - and he holds up the suitcase - Julie is a very light traveller. Julie explains apologetically that it's all she's got - waitressing doesn't pay very much... She looks down at the floor, and Gordon quickly says, "I'm sorry - I didn't mean..." He then adds that he'll be back in a minute and he heads off upstairs with the case. Indicating the lounge room, Barbara suggests to Julie that they get the weight off their feet. She adds that Julie must be exhausted after all her travelling. She then tells Julie to take a seat and tell her what she'd like for lunch. Julie says hesitantly, "I'm not really hungry, Mrs. Hamilton." Barbara quickly insists, "Call me Barbara. Please!" She invites the girl to sit down and she herself sits down on the couch next to her. She then says, "I would like to apologise for my cool reception this morning - but now we know the whole story, we'd like you to feel very much at home." Julie replies hesitantly, "Thanks... Barbara." Barbara asks her, "Tell me, where do your family live? I'd like to ring them and talk about the wedding arrangements - and naturally, we would help with the cost of the reception." Looking worried, Julie retorts, "No, I'm afraid you can't. You see, my parents are both dead; I'm the only one." Barbara, looking shocked, cries, "I'm so sorry. I didn't realise--" Julie interrupts her and assures her, "It's OK. I'm used to being on my own. I know it sort of sounds strange but I prefer it that way."

Charlie is in the kitchen at the country house, trying to light a match in order to get the wood stove going. She eventually succeeds, but then blows the flame out and cries in frustration, "Oh, no wonder they invented electricity!" She suddenly notices Tim standing in the doorway behind her, a smile on his face, and she laughs, "Oh, hello, Tim!" Tim recalls, "Charlie, isn't it?" and Charlie smiles, "That's right - we met in Ceedum!" Tim remembers that she asked him all that stuff about Leigh. Charlie assures him, "Simply trying to help, darling - and I couldn't do that without knowing a little about her, could I?!" Tim concedes, "I guess not!" Charlie then tells him that she'd offer him a cup of tea, but she's having trouble boiling the kettle. Tim walks over to the stove and starts fiddling with it. As he does so, he asks Charlie when she got in, and she tells him that it was early this morning; she thinks he'd just left for school. She then asks him what he's doing there now, and he explains that he's got a half-day - the teachers are on strike. Charlie smiles, "Aren't you the lucky one!" Tim removes a couple of medium-sized logs from the stove and explains, "I reckon you need some kindling in this!" A puzzled expression on her face, Charlie asks, "Some what?" and Tim explains, "Some small stuff. These won't catch in a million years!" He heads outside just as David and Leigh are coming in. Charlie immediately smiles at her host, "Hello, darling!" David asks her politely what she's doing there, and she explains that she thought she'd tag along with Katie and Heather. David asks if Katie is there too, and Charlie smiles that she certainly is. She then turns to Leigh - who's glaring at her - and says, "Hello, Leigh." Leigh just mutters a blunt, "Hello." David asks Charlie how long she's staying for, but Charlie tells him, "It's hard to say, actually - I've made Mike and Heather an offer." David asks, "What kind of offer?" and Charlie smiles, "I've bought their share of the market garden. You and I are partners!" A look of shock appears on David's face as Charlie waltzes over to the sink and goes on, "I'm quite looking forward to it, actually - although there are one or two things around here I've always wanted to modernise." Indicating the stove, she adds, "The first thing I want to do is replace that big lump of iron with a nice new microwave!" David, though, suddenly snaps, "Mike and Heather only had a share of a market garden. Not the house or the farm." Charlie asks innocently, "Aren't they all the same?" David retorts, "No, they're not. I think we'd better sit down and straighten a few things out..."

Tim is walking along outside, some bits of wood in his hand. Leigh approaches him and demands, "Did you know she was coming down?" Tim asks, "Who?" and Leigh retorts, "Charlie. She's a nosy, pompous old bag." Tim points out that she won't be there for long, but Leigh asks, "Didn't she tell you? She's invested in the market garden. By the sounds of it, she'll be here for ever - that is, until she gets tired of it. Personally, I couldn't think of anything worse." Tim, though, retorts, "She's not that bad. Anyway, what would Dave do if he's got no one to help him with the garden? He'd have to sell-up, and you know where that leaves us. I want to stay here, Leigh, Charlie or no Charlie." Leigh reluctantly concedes, "Alright." Tim pleads, "Don't give her a hard time, OK?" Leigh tells him pointedly, "I wouldn't dream of it..." She walks off, leaving Tim looking concerned.

Beryl is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at her house. She's saying, "But I want to help the kids. I feel it's the least I can do after all the trouble I've caused." Diane Bull, at the other end, tells her, "Mr. Wilkins understands that, Beryl." Beryl points out that she admitted she was wrong about Jamie. Diane says, "I know. I tried to tell him but I'm afraid he wouldn't agree." Beryl mutters, "Well, that looks like the end of it, then." Diane says she's sorry, and Beryl thanks her for trying. Diane adds that she'd better go and she hangs up. As Beryl does likewise, there's a sudden frantic knocking on her front door. She goes to answer it, but there's then suddenly more knocking at the back door. She calls to the person out the front, "Just a minute." She heads out to the kitchen, opens the back door and finds Leanne standing there! She's holding a packed suitcase and she asks if she can come in. Beryl assures her, "Of course." The girl walks in and puts her case on the kitchen table, saying as she does so that she's sorry she didn't keep in touch - she meant to, but things kept happening. Beryl smiles that she's forgiven! Looking at the suitcase, she then asks, "You doing some travelling?" Leanne explains guiltily, "Actually, I've just moved out and I was wondering if I could stay here for a while, if that's alright." There's suddenly more knocking at the front door. Leanne jumps and, running behind Beryl, she cries, "Oh God - they've found me already. You've got to say I'm not here - please..."

A couple of minutes later, Beryl is telling Leanne that it was only some boy scouts on a bottle drive. Leanne smiles nervously, "Thank heavens." Picking the suitcase up from the table and putting it on the floor, Beryl asks her who was she expecting, adding that if she's in some kind of trouble... Leanne sits down and insists, "No, I'm not - really." Beryl points out, "Leanne... first you sneak around to the back door, then you nearly jump out of your skin when someone knocks on the front door." Leanne, looking down at the table, explains, "I moved out of the flat a while back and I went into a house with a whole bunch of kids. They said it would be fun but it was awful. When I told them I was leaving, they reckoned I was copping out." Beryl tells her, "You had every right to leave if you wanted to," but Leanne sighs, "Yeah, but they got nasty about it. I ended up having to sneak out this morning before anyone was up." Beryl asks her, "What made them think you were copping out?" Leanne says nervously, "You know - the rent and that..." Beryl asks, "You owe them money?" Leanne replies, "No, I... they reckoned it was difficult to get someone to take the room over." Beryl tells her, "Well, if that's the sort of people they are, you're better off here." She then asks Leanne if she's working. Leanne admits, "No, but I'll pay board, though." Beryl, though, assures her, "No you won't - not until you get a job. It'll be good to have the company." She then offers the girl some lunch and Leanne thanks her. As she stands up, Beryl doesn't notice the worried expression on her face...

Caroline and Stephen are standing in Wayne's room at the hospital and Caroline is telling Wayne that that she's sorry; she can't think of anything else to say. Wayne assures her, "Don't worry about it. The biggest shock was being told we were engaged - how was I supposed to explain that to my real fiancée?!" Stephen asks Wayne if he's heard how Julie is settling in, as she seemed rather shy about meeting everyone this morning. Wayne explains that she's a bit intimidated by their money and all the trappings. He adds, "Still, Gordy and Barbara will make sure she's alright. I would just have liked to have been there when she turned up, that's all." Caroline smiles, "Well, she certainly won't be without a friend - at least, not when I'm around." Wayne assures her that he's not trying to make her feel guilty, but Caroline insists, "I want to help - for both of you." A nurse suddenly walks into the room and tells Wayne that there's a Julie Webb to see him. Wayne smiles, "Bring her in!" The nurse points out, "Doctor did say you shouldn't have any more visitors today," but Stephen explains, "We're just leaving," and Wayne pleads, "Come on, be a sport," and so the nurse smiles, "OK, just one more." She leaves the room again. Caroline asks Stephen if he minds if she has a quick word with Julie before they go - just a sort of woman-to-woman introduction. Stephen tells her to go ahead, and Caroline tells Wayne that she won't keep her too long. Wayne smiles, "Better not!" and she goes. Alone with Stephen, Wayne says quietly, "I know she means well, but I wish she'd stop feeling so guilty about the shooting." Stephen, though, explains that it's not just that: Evans sent her a death threat, and she's convinced he means it, too. Wayne looks shocked.

Julie is sitting out in the corridor. She stands up as Caroline says to her, "It's nice to meet you." Julie says, "You too." Caroline goes on, "I suppose by now you've heard that it was I who, um..." Julie responds, "I heard it was an accident..." Caroline tells her, "Oh yes, it was, but if it weren't for me, he would have been around to help you when you arrived." Julie just looks down at the ground. After a moment, Caroline continues, "Wayne's told me about your, er..." She pauses before explaining, "What I meant to say is, if you ever want a friend or you want some advice about anything, let me know." Julie asks suspiciously, "Wayne apologised for me, did he?" Caroline, though, quickly assures her, "No, it was nothing like that. It was just that I've been in exactly the same situation. I fell very much in love with a man who was, well, less well-off than I was, and he could never forget it. That was the end - for both of us. I'd hate to see that happening to you and Wayne." Julie just stares at her, nervously. At that moment, Stephen emerges from Wayne's room and says to Julie, "Hello again." Julie just murmurs, "Hello," and heads towards the door through which Stephen has just exited. Caroline calls, "Don't forget, I'm only a 'phone call away." Julie stops and looks at her and then heads into the room. In there, she asks Wayne, "Are you feeling better?" Wayne smiles, "Now you're here, yeah." Julie kisses him and then explains, "Barbara brought me over. She's gone off to buy some things to brighten up my room." Wayne smiles, "Getting the royal treatment, eh?" Julie nods, "Yeah," and adds, "Your parents have been wonderful." She then goes on, "I just met Caroline outside. She's very glamorous, isn't she." Wayne insists, "She wants to make you feel at home, too." Julie murmurs, "Yeah, s'pose..." Wayne, sensing the note of worry in her voice, asks gently, "What?" Julie sighs, "Well, how will I know they don't all think I'm not good enough for you? They're probably just being nice for your sake." Wayne, though, tells her softly, "Don't be silly." Julie goes on, "What about you? You're used to going out with models and socialites and I'm just a waitress." Wayne assures her, "Julie, you're not just a waitress. You're a very beautiful lady. You're completely honest with me. I never got on that well with models and socialites." Julie smiles nervously and says, "Shouldn't let the money thing get to me, should I?" Wayne shakes his head and tells her, "What we have is much too special to let bits of paper spoil it, right?" Julie smiles, "Yeah."

Tim, David and Leigh are finishing lunch in the kitchen at the country house, while Charlie does some clearing away. David thanks her for the eats, but Charlie assures him that it's nothing compared with what they'll be having once the microwave's in! David, though, mutters, "Wouldn't hold my breath." He then tells Tim that if he's got no more school for the rest of the day, he can give him a hand out in the garden. The two of them head out. When they've gone, Leigh indicates the plates still on the table and says to Charlie, "I'll finish, if you like." Charlie mutters, "Fine," and she returns to the sink. After a moment, Leigh says to her, "David's not going to let you get a microwave, you know?" Charlie, though, retorts, "We'll see. I think I'll be able to talk him--" She breaks off as she suddenly discovers a frog in the saucepan she's holding, and she yells out and drops the pan in the sink! She cries, "Oh my goodness, how did that get in there?" Leigh asks, "What is it?" and Charlie snaps, "A frog. It nearly scared the life out of me." Leigh asks, "Are you alright?" Charlie suddenly stares at her suspiciously and Leigh asks, "What's the matter?" As she 'realises' what Charlie is implying, she goes on, "Now, don't look at me. We get frogs in here all the time." Charlie mutters, "And I suppose this one just happened to hop in there by itself - and put the lid back on?" Leigh says 'innocently', "Well, I put the lid on, but I don't remember seeing anything." Charlie growls, "You certainly haven't changed, have you, Leigh?" Leigh retorts, "As far as I'm concerned, you'd save everyone a lot of hassles if you just invest your money and go back where you belong - where there aren't any creepy crawlies." Charlie, though, snaps, "Don't think you can bully me this time, young lady. I came down here to give David my full support and it's going to take more than you to stop me."

Beryl is doing some baking in her kitchen. Leanne is helping her, and Beryl asks her, "What happened to that party job you had?" Leanne explains that she gave it up - it was boring. She adds that Beryl doesn't have to worry - she'll get another one as soon as she can. Beryl tells her, "I'm sure you will." She then adds, "I wish you'd relax - you've been on edge ever since you got here." Leanne says she's sorry. Beryl smiles, "At least you got rid of that weird punk hairstyle!" The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and a look of concern crosses Leanne's face as Beryl answers it. She tells the person at the other end, "Yes she is. I'll get her for you." However, the 'phone suddenly goes dead and Beryl says, "Hello? Hello?" a couple of times before hanging up. She heads back into the kitchen, where Leanne asks, "Who was it?" Beryl replies, "Er, someone for you. They hung up." Leanne asks, "Boy or a girl?" and Beryl tells her, "A girl. Why?" Leanne, looking panicky, cries, "Tracy. Now they know where I am." Beryl tells her, "Leanne, if they're so worried about the rent, I'll pay them." Leanne, though, quickly assures her, "No, no, it's OK - I'm just a little nervous about facing them again, that's all..." Beryl looks concerned.

David and Charlie are sitting at the table in the kitchen at the country house as Leigh stands by the stove with baby Shane, listening. David asks Charlie if she knows what she's letting herself in for - setting up a market garden is a lot of hard yakka. Charlie smiles that she knows and she's looking forward to the challenge - and besides, it's something Patricia would have wanted. David concedes, "Alright." He then goes on, "I don't mind you staying here, but I think we should clear the air about a few things. I want the final say on how the money's spent. No offence, Charlie, but I can't see it wasted on a microwave when we haven't had a chance to look at a greenhouse or a sprinkler system." Tim suddenly comes in and puts a box down on the table as Charlie concedes, "You're the expert, darling." Tim asks, "Smoko ready?" but David points out, "You've not long ago had lunch!" Tim reminds him, "I've been working hard, haven't I?" and Charlie adds, "He's a growing lad, David!" Tim smiles that he's glad someone understands. David picks up the box and asks what's in there. Tim explains that they're slaters - he had to collect them for a nature assignment. He then asks if he can finish off the sweet in the 'fridge. David comments, "We haven't got much say in it, have we?!"

That night, in the lounge room at Dural, Barbara hands Julie a cup of coffee and comments that she's sure the girl has a lot of friends who'd like to come up for the wedding. Julie murmurs, "A couple, maybe," and Barbara tells her that they're very welcome to stay - they have plenty of rooms in the house, not to mention the flat. Julie, looking worried, says, "Thanks, but I don't really care for the big weddings. I reckon they're a bit impersonal." Barbara smiles, "Fine. And to tell you the truth, I agree." Gordon suddenly walks into the room and says, "Julie, I meant to tell you before: your father called when you were out." He sits down as Barbara says in surprise, "Father?" Gordon explains, "Yes, he sounds like a nice bloke. We had quite a nice long chat." Barbara tells him that it must be some sort of joke, but Gordon laughs, "I hope not!" He adds, "I asked him to stay. He said he'd be here in a few days." Julie, looking nervous, mutters, "I'm sorry, I've got a headache. I think I'll go to bed," and she dashes out of the room. Gordon asks Barbara, "What's going on?" Barbara tells him, "I'm not 100% sure myself - except that earlier on she told me that both her parents were dead." Gordon looks at her in surprise.

Beryl's house is in darkness when a shadow suddenly appears out the front and someone opens the lounge room window and climbs in. They have a torch and are wearing black. They bend down by the shelves by the window and apparently start looking for something. Beryl suddenly emerges from her room and says, "Is that you, Le--?" She gasps in shock as she turns the light on and finds the intruder there. The person runs out, leaving Beryl standing there in horror.


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